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Force Edge and Pistol Walkthrough by BSchlenther

Version: 1.02 | Updated: 04/22/02


(c)2002 Bernhard(Oak)Schlenther

Version 1.02
Date: 04/15/2002

***** CONTENT *****

- Intro
- Why
- Characters
- Combat training
- The walkthrough
- Websites
- Credits
- Greetings
- Disclaimer

***** INTRO *****

The idea of this guide is to help you complete the game using only the Force 
Edge and the pistols, starting a new game from scratch. Yes people, no Alastor
no Ifrit, no grenadelauncher, only your trusty pistols and your favourite 
momento from your father.(Unfortunately you will be using the Needlegun and 
Sparda, because the game does not let you play it any other way). 
Of course this means that you will miss a few blue orb pieces floating in the
air somewhere, but that is not going to keep you from reaching your goal.

***** WHY *****

I wanted to do a guide on DMC, but I didn't know what. So I went looking, 
and found that no one has created a walkthrough like this, so I decided to
do it.

What you will get by completing the game only with the FE and the EI.

- Complete and utter satisfaction(There is nothing like laughing at a boss
  after kicking his ass with your puny Force Edge)
- It will greatly increase your skills
- You will be intimately aquainted with the enemy's attack patterns
- I guess it gives you some bragging rights


- Dante

You are him, he is god, he is devil, he is human, and he is also the most 
kickass character ever created in a video game! He has NO temper at all, 
except if it concerns his mother or father. He is a dab hand at a sword, 
and is quite capable of taking on multiple enemies only with his pistols 
and sword. Oh and he can take swords through his heart and shrug it off as
if it was a mosquito bite. He likes pizza and swords, not much else is known
about him.

- Trish

A weird woman, dressed in strange fashions. She does not walk through doors,
she just drives through them with her bike. Her hobbies are to throw things
(swords,bikes,etc), and to marvel at Dante's strength. Oh, and then there is
the small matter that she looks like Dante's mother.

- Vergil

Dante's ugly brother. Armour plated and carrying a huge sword, he likes to 
challenge Dante to some sword fighting. Looks good with horns, looks bad 
without his helmet. Low resistance to magical pendants. Not much else to say
about him.

- Mundus

The big bad Three-eyed that is pissed off at being sealed off for so long.
To lazy to run around trying to stop Dante, he let's his underlings do the
job. They fail of course so he kills them off. He likes to show off his 
incredible powers(meteor showers, lava dragons, etc) and he also likes to 
change the scenery when he feels creative.


- Force Edge

Before this game is over, you will LOVE this weapon! But for you to be 
effective with this weapon, you will have to know all it's combos by heart.
One important thing to remember is that the FE does not have the range the 
Alastor has. So if you are used to the Alastor take some time to get 
accustomed to the range of the FE.

Legend: -  a small pause
        =  double the small pause
        b  back on the stick
        +  Press both buttons together   

High Time - R1 + b + o (HT)

            Useless on it's own, this move can be invaluable when combined 
            with other moves. It is important to know that it can also lift 
            enemies directly behind you.

Combo 1   - o,o,o

            Your basic three slash combo
            Pretty ineffective, but because it is fast, you can be quicker 
            out of harms way.

Combo 1H  - o,o,(HT)

            The above combo, but the last slash has been replaced by a High 
            Time. Slower than the one above, but the HT makes it more useful.

Combo 2   - o,o-o,o,o

            Two slashes horizontally followed by two diagonal up slashes and 
            then a slash down. THIS IS YOUR SECOND MOST IMPORTANT COMBO. 
            It is fast enough to land all the hits on the enemy, and you 
            have enough time to evade any retaliatory strikes.

Combo 2H  - o,o-o,o,(HT)

            The above combo, but the last slash is replaced with a HT
            (High Time).THIS IS YOUR MOST IMPORTANT COMBO. This combo can
            be used anywhere, even in the middle of a mass of enemies. It 
            has all the advantages that the above combo has, and combines
            them with the advantages of HT.

Combo 3   - o,o=o,o,o,o,o,o,o,o

            Two horizontal slashes followed by multiple stabs.
            Nice damage, but unfortunately it is slow to stop and most 
            enemies block the last hit and retaliate, and if you are not 
            fast enough, you will be hit. Not only that, but because the 
            last stab is the most damaging, if it is blocked, it negates
            the advantage of the best damage totally.	
Combo 3H  - o,o=o,o,o,o,o,o,(HT)

            The above combo but the last stab is replaced by a HT
            This is better than the above combo, but if the last hit is 
            blocked, the HT is cancelled, which makes the whole attack 
            useless. The only thing you can do then is to jump back.

- Ebony and Ivory

Not much to say about them. R1 and x to shoot. Jumping, and then shooting
while falling back to the ground can be useful at times.


Before trying this I suggest that you have at least completed hard mode, 
and completed the game quite a few times.

Now let's start.

Select NEW GAME, DANTE and the NORMAL difficulty setting...

You are sitting there with your feet up, eating pizza and answering phone 
calls. Trish arrives and drives your door in. You of course think this is 
quite normal and tell her that the bathroom is in the back. She throws a 
tantrum, and starts throwing things(swords, bikes). You blow up the bike 
and forget about the sword in your chest. Trish then confides in you and 
tells you she needs your help. You readily agree and off you go. 

Arriving at the island, she jumps off and you are left alone...

** MISSION -1 **

This is good training ground, so practise your combos and make sure you get 
the combo you want every time. If you had enough, go pick up the yellow and
blue orbs and proceed to the "door?" at the far end of the path.

** MISSION 1 **

It is quite important that you get a high ranking (preferably S-rank) in the
next few missions, if you succeed in getting the special bonus, so much the
better. You are going to need all your red orbs to buy blue orbs. Once you
have bought all the blue orbs possible, start buying purple orbs. Yes, I 
can hear you screaming "Cheeaaater!!!!!!" but alas it is not so. You are 
going to need the DT symbols for the first two fights with Mundus. Buy 
enough purple orbs for your liking, after which you can buy Stinger for 
the battle with Mundus.

You start the mission with the "door?" closing behind you. Run and double 
jump up and get the blue orb. Go and get the red orbs on top of the 
horserider'd weapon. By doing this you have enough red orbs to immediately
open the door. Enter the door get the orbs, enter the next door and climb 
the stairs. Get the blue orb in the room, return and get the key. Your first
battle. It should be quite easy, use your combo2 and combo2H to dispose of 
them. Try not to get hit. Run all the way back and enter the other door in
the hall. Get the orb and go down to the chamber. Kill all the enemies, and
try to gather all the orbs while you are at it. Go back up, kill the rest 
and finish the mission.

** MISSION 2 **

Go get the orbs in the time statue room, run to the other end of the hallway,
run past Alastor (oh the pain, the unbearable pain :P ), and enter the room. 
Grab the key, leave the shotgun and exit. Run to the courtyard, and jump up 
to the door and enter. Kill everything inside, jump down the hole and pick up
the staff. Try and exit the door and three Sin scissors appear. Now sin
scissors are quite a pain, but at least they do not really hurt you. You can
kill them by either jumping up and coming down with the downward slash onto
their masks (repeat a few times and they should die).You can also double jump
off of the Sin scissors for more damage, but this may be harder to do. 
Another way of killing them is by using the pistols. When they attack, slash
their scissors to the side, run to the left a bit and then fire with your 
pistols. It is possible to kill them with one shot if at the right distance.
When you have defeated them, head to the exit. Pick up Alastor and open the
door with the staff.Change back to the FE.

** MISSION 3 **

Buy blue orbs. Run to the door, press x. The movie will destroy the lock.
Continue and go to the tablet and press x. DO NOT pick up the red orbs. 
Go back, get zapped and kill the sargassos. Jump back into the water and 
go get the blue orb at the tablet. Return to the door, and get the red orbs 
above the door.Unfortunatlely you cannot get the orb on the piece of rock 
in the air. Enter the door and go get the Pride of the Lion.


Your first boss. Phantom is pretty easy, but it may still happen that you 
have to reset and try again until you do not get hit anymore.

- Attacks
Phantom has a variety of attacks at his disposal.
THE JUMP     - This is probably the attack he does the most. He stops, 
               waits a while, and then launches himself into the air. Run 
               and then jump as he gets near to evade it.
THE CLAWS    - He walks towards you, and when he gets near he swipes at you.
               Wait for him, and when you see him starting to swipe, jump 
               towards him and onto his back.

TAILSWIPE    - Pretty unpredictable, he uses this if you are at his side
               or behind him, and sometimes when you are infront of him. Try 
               jumping to evade it. Most often it will not hit you anyway 
               if you kept moving.

FIREBALL     - He stops, charges up and then releases a fireball directly at
               you. You can either shoot his face till the ball explodes in 
               his face, or you can just roll to the side to evade it. 
               Another option is to hit the ball back at him with your sword, 
               but this takes quite some skill, and is somehow not 100% 

LAVA PILLARS - He stops, dips his head into the ground and six lava pillars
               come out of the ground in succesion at your current position.
               Two pillars will come out quickly behind each other, and then 
               a small pause and then another two, and another pause followed
               by two pillars. Run in small circles to evade them, while 
               running towards him. Once you know the last pillars will miss,
               you can start shooting his mouth.

Phantom's big weakpoint is his back. Jump onto his back slash, but you can only
land on his back if his tail is extended. If he is in a difficult position, 
just jump and come down with a downward slash on his back. If he jumps, use
the above evasive technique and then jump onto his back. When he uses the 
claws,it is your best chance to jump onto his back, because you have lots of 
time to align yourself. You can use HT on him after he has executed the claw
attack and he will be stunned. Repeat this and he will pause, giving you 
time to stick a long combo into his back.
With the lava pillars, just wait till the miss and shoot his mouth in his 
recovery period. You can also move yourself towards him during the attack,
and use a sword combo on him once you are sure the last two pillars will miss.
You can hit his fireballs back, or just shoot him till they explode in his face. 

Once you have killed him off and he melts through the floor, go through the 
door to end the mission.

** MISSION 4 **

Turn around and do Secret Mission 2. Come back out, and run along the 
corridor. Phantom will soon turn up and try to kill you. Exit through 
the double doors. Re-enter and go finish Secret Mission 3. Go back to the
courtyard and slash the statue to release the shadow. 

There is only one way you are going to fight shadows through out this 
game. Walk around while holding R1 to keep Dante locked to the shadow.
DO NOT shoot him. The shadow will stalk around and execute his piercing 
attack. Wait for when he does and jump to land on his spike.
For this to work, you will need to be at a medium distance to him si that
all of your shots will hit. Immediately start pounding him with bullets. 
If you are fast enough, he will turn red and chase after you. He will
make a sound when he is about to chomp on you, if you hear it, turn 
around and run towards him and then jump over him. Do this until he 
explodes. This is the quickest and safest way to kill shadows. 
But you have a problem when it comes to multiple shadows. When you are 
standing on one shadows spike, Dante will nearly always shoot another 
shadow. To fix this you can jump towards the shadow shooting out his spike, 
so that you land nearest him, but this does not always work. I can only 
suggest a combination of trying to kill via the spike, and shooting him 
until he reveals his core and then slashing it. There just is no easy way 
out with them. In short- go crazy with your slashes and concentrate on the
one that has his core revealed. Once defeated, go back to the airplane room,
kill all the enemies and do Secret Mission 4. This is incredibly diffcult 
any way you look at it. Try and try again until you make it. If you cannot
do it, just go on, you will just have one blue orb piece less.

Once you have finished it continue, get the blade and use it in the room with
the mirror. Pick up the melancholy soul and your reflection turns evil and 
walks out of the mirror. The reflection turns into brother Nelo Angelo, and 
he wants to challenge Dante to a little sparring match. Dante readily aggrees,
and you immediately follow him out. If you leave the red orbs on the bed, you 
will get the special bonus very easily in the next mission. Once outside,jump 
up and onto the second level. From here jump to the left and land on the ledge
where you can get the red orbs and an untouchable. Unfortunately you cannot 
get the blue orb in the tower. Jump down while enjoying the view and you will 
trigger a cool cutscene, where Nelo shows off and then jumps down to join you. 


Your first fight with Nelo is very easy. I will only talk about those attacks 
that are important to know about. When the battle starts, run up to him so 
that you will hit his back and throw out a combo2. He will most probably 
teleport after that. Run towards him and jump over him to avoid his attacks. 
Once you land behind him, either throw out a combo2 or 3. If he does not 
teleport, the same principle applies, jump over him, land and attack. Watch out
for his backstep combo, it can hurt really bad. If he sees you coming, he will 
sometimes backstep and then throw a high time followed by a deadly downslash. 
Sometimes if he teleports far from you, he will think he's funny and start 
shooting his blue plasma balls. Just dodge them, run up to him and give him a 
good beating. If you see you are too late and will be hit by his attack, try 
attacking yourself. Most probably your swords will hit mid-air, blocking each 
other. When this happens he will either continue with his onslaught, but you 
have enough time to escape his hits, or he will slump into his 'tired pose'. 
When he enters this pose, hit him with a combo3. Play with him to your hearts
content, poke him here, annoy him there. You can create your own style with

After he loses a substantial part of his life bar, he will teleport to next
higher level. Follow him and repeat. Sometimes when you are infront of him
he will pull back his sword and charge up a stab which is unblockable and 
uninteruptable, so if you see him doing that, run away from him. After 
sustaining enough damage, he will again teleport to the next higher level.

Again follow him, destroy him and you will trigger a cutscene. He is pissed
off that Dante won the sparring match so he uses lowly tactics to lure Dante
into a punch battle. Dante gets beaten to a pulp of course(you try blocking 
someone hitting you with a full suit of armour), but Dante retains the 
psychological advantage - his magical pendant!!! YES, Dante's magical pendant
quickly sends out good vibes that disturb nelo's evil brain waves and sends 
him flying off. Blasted sore loser!!

End of Mission.

** MISSION 5 **

Kill the shadow in the usual way, pick up the orbs and run to the door. Enter,
grab the orbs on the bed and continue. Jump down and go to the door. If you 
didn't get hit, and were fast enough, you should have the special bonus of 
2000 orbs.

** MISSION 6 **

Grab the blue orb and continue to the room with the key. Kill all the enemies
once you have picked up the key and go back outside. Kill all of the enemies 
here and make a stop at the red orb statue. Continue through the door and 
confront the death scissors. This is not as difficult as you might think. 
Wait till he attacks, avoid it and jump slash his mask. You can also throw
out a double jump for more damage. This will make him mad and he will start
his flying charge attacks. Hold R1 to track his movement and when you hear 
his charging sound roll to the side a bit later. He will do this three times
after which he will return to his normal posture. Once you have hit his mask
he will again get mad and do the charging attack. Repeat the whole process 
until he dies.

** MISSION 7 **

Run and pick up the green orbs. Ignore Phantom charging after you and exit 
through the door. Go and do Secret Mission 5. I HATE this secret mission! 
Once you have completed it, exit and kill the Sin scythes. Use the 
same strategy of the Sin scissors to destroy them. Use the walls to your 
advantage, jumping off them for the down slash on the Sin scythes masks.
Try shooting inbetween all your rolls and attacks. They can be quite 
annoying, these scythes, but try to kill them fast. Once defeated,
run and kill the enemies in the tower. Hit the dial, ride to the top and 
complete the mission.

** MISSION 8 **

Run along the corridor jump across, and enter Mission 8. Grab the orbs, and
go get some fresh air. Ah yes, the second and final battle with Phantom looms!
Go to the metal gate and activate the cutscene. Phantom again tries to 
intimidate Dante, but Dante does not even blink when Phantom's tail crashes 
into the earth infront of him. Phantom thinks he is cool, and has let someone 
throw some fuel over his claws which he has set alight with his insides. 
Unfortunately for him this gives him no advantage whatsoever. 


- New Attacks 

METEOR SHOWER - Phantom stops and starts charging a fireball on his back. He 
                releases it and down comes a meteor shower. Roll to the side 
                to evade each of the falling rocks. After he executes this 
                attack he is very weak, so you can go ahead and slash him.

- Phantom should lose some weight

It takes far too long too kill Phantom by conventional means, so we will just
use the glass in the middle of the arena to kill him. At the start of the fight,
run to the middle of the glass. His first jump will land him on the glass.
By again running towards the glass, his second jump will also land on the 
glass. He decides to chase you around with his claws, meteor showers, and some 
tailswipes. Evade all of them and shoot his face with EI to tease him. After a 
while he will try jumping again, show him his mistake by luring him to the glass
and after a few more jumps he will fall though, and be impaled by our friend 
the horse rider. He is quite sturdily built and not even lava tarnishes his 
stoney splendour. Too bad for Phantom.

IF you really want to kick Phantom with combat, you can use the same strategy
as explained before. When he does the meteor shower attack, jump on his back
during his weak state and unleash a sword combo for best damage.

The metal gate opens and you can continue. Pick up all the red orbs on the 
statues and grab the blue orb and trident. Jump down the hole and let down the 
drawbridge. Jump down the hole and insert the trident in the socket. Run down 
and grab the blue orb piece in the water.

** MISSION 9 **

Run and pick up the red orbs on the three pillars that are not broken and the
devil star behind the stone plate. Continue down the stairs and enter the door,
and meet some Blades bent on exterminating you.

The rule with Blades is this: One, easy pickings. Two, still easily handled.
Three, they will give you quite some trouble. Above three, deadly if not careful. 

To fight Blades, hit the nearest one with any combo that includes a HT, and 
repeat slashing until interrupted. Know the sounds of the Blades; if they growl,
they are going in for an attack, most probably a jumping cross-slash. If you 
hear the sound, stop the combo and backflip or roll to evade the incoming attack.
Just be ready to repeat if another one follows. If you have many Blades 
clustered together, try to slash all of them at the same time with a combo2H,
if you are lucky, the HT will lift many if not all of them into the air. Just
beware if one breaks free of your attack, he will most definately attack you 
from the side. A Blade will often jump out of your HT, uncoiling his body to jump
backward out of the air and land on his feet. Blades also have a shield with 
which they can block your attacks, but they seldom do generally. If this should
happen, just do a backflip and start attacking. In this first fight the Blades 
also like to dive into the ground and charge to your position. This is harmless, 
and just prevents you from hitting them with fire. If you are close to Blades,
beware of their attack that is similar to a HT. They lift you into the air and 
slash at you. The more Blades there are in close vicinity, the more slashes. The 
Blades weakpoint is actually his back, but with the FE this makes little 
difference, and it is quite a problem to turn their backs anyway. If their back 
is turned to you, do take advantage of it and start with a HT. Sometimes Blades 
will feel it is necessary to shoot you from a distance. Learn to recognize the 
sound and evade the shots.

I suggest killing off the three Blades for practice. You are going to need it 
later. Once you have finished them off, go get the holy water, the devil star, 
the blue orb piece and Ifrit. Upon returning to the area, Griffon will appear 
for a chat. Insulted by Dante's rudeness, he comes down to teach Dante some 
manners. You can either fight him using the pistols, or just run on, using 
Ifrit to open the door.

IF you choose to fight him, quickly jump to the strategy explained in
Mission 15, although this fight can be won by basically only shooting
him with your pistols while evading his attacks. Easy, but time consuming

In the little forest, you meet your first Fetish. Fetishes are really easy, 
just use HT, and follow with a combo3H. Repeat till enemy is dead. Kill all 
the enemies and pick up the holy water, the red orbs and the green orb. 
Continue through the door, destroy the red orb statue and pick up the devil 
star. Leave the enemies be and buy open the door.

** MISSION 10 **

Run and jump onto the first 'gate' to get the red orbs. Continue and kill
off the all the enemies. Follow the floating light to the correct path and
defeat the Sin Scythes. Go to the stone tablet to collect more red orbs. 
Continue along the path and destroy the Blades. Once you have finished them,
go and kill the Kyklops. Use the same strategy you used on Phantom to kill 
the Kyklops. One should still be sleeping in the back of the level, so go and
kill the first one and awaken the second one to a bad dream. There are two 
green orbs here so there should be no problem, also go pick up the holy water
and finish the level.

** MISSION 11 **

Turn around and complete Secret Mission 6. Go and kill the Death Scythe.
A battle with a Death Scythe is mostly a long affair. The best way to kill 
them is to just stand in on place and wait. The Death Scythe will cirle you 
and then swoop in for a hit. When he does, just jump up(or use the double jump)
and come down on his head with a slash. If you shoot while he is circling, you
can attract his attention. Repeat and after a while he will get 
mad and summon two extra scythes. Try not to get hit when he throws them at 
you. Repeat the above strategy and he will die.

Go and collect the devil star and the blue orb piece. Jump down into the 
well for a battle that pits you against a lot of Blades. Roll to evade the
Blades attack, and then kill him with any HT combo. Go and slash open the 
wall to release more Blades. Go crazy and watch out for their HT style attack.
Do not jump, their jumping cross-slash attack will also hit you in the air. If 
you kill them all, you earn yourself a blue orb piece. Go get the Sign of 
Chastity and leave the well. Ignore the blades when coming out, they are not
worth the effort. Enter the lower door and put the Sign of Chastity into it's
socket to earn the Chalice. Brother Nelo appears for a visit and a rematch.


This battle is actually easier than the previous one due to the confined 
space. Once he teleports, check if he starts with a plasma shot or a sword
combo. If he starts with a plasma shot, run towards him and jump over him.
Once there us either combo2 or 3 to stab him in the back. He will stagger 
further along, so run up to him and repeat. He will teleport again 
and you can repeat the whole process. If he starts with a sword combo 
after a teleport, evade his attacks and wait till he is finished to run 
up to him and give him some blade action. If he blocks, jump over him and 
stab him in the back. After a while he will teleport again. He will use his
plasma shot the most after teleporting, so the battle is quite easy. If you 
do get into trouble, there are two green orbs that you can use to replenish
your health.

Once he is finished, he will fall over and fly off again. Dante it seems 
did not need to use his magical pendant this time. Put the chalice into it's
socket to open the door.

** MISSION 12 **

Either kill or run past the enemies and destroy the red orb statue. Jump 
into the water, and enter the ship. Get the untouchable in the crate to 
your right. Continue up and leave the water. Go up, kill the two Blades 
and pick up the Needlegun. Go to the deck and try to open the doors.
Dispose of the Death Scythe that appears and enter the door.


- Attacks (Please note that I will call his electricity attacks zaps,
  for reasons of simplicity)

KITE	- Griffon attaches a kite to you that always sweeps at you. It 
          will pick you up and drop you the first time, after that it 
          will just hurt you for minimal damage. More of an annoyance 
          really, evade it by rolling to the side right before it hits.
          Can be killed.

ZAPS    - Griffon has a variety of zaps. At the start he likes to shoot
          a horizontal zap which is easily evaded by jumping over it. 
          Sometimes he also throws out a ball of eletricity that will 
          shoot out two zaps at angle which will converge on Dante, jump
          to the side to avoid them.

CHARGE  - He sits on deck and collects electricity in his body, which
          he will release in a bundle of slow moving downward zaps that 
          have light tracking ability. Roll to the side when they get near
          to evade them.

For this battle, leave the part where you are and jump down to the lower 
deck beneath you. Griffon starts the battle with fly by's which gives you
a chance to shoot him, if you are not busy shooting his annoying kite. After
a while he has has enough flying and lands on deck. He lands with quite an impact,
which destabalizes Dante a little. To avoid this, jump when you hear Griffon 
screech. Continue shooting him. He will start his Charge zap, and when you see
it coming roll to the side and continue shooting him. He will repeat his charge
zap three times, after which he will fly up and try to stun Dante with his 
landing. Repeat the whole thing until he flies away with a shower of zaps. These
zaps are totally random, but try not to get hit by them.

Go and end the mission.

** MISSION 13 **

Very easy mission, and also an opportunity to get the Special Bonus with your
S-Rank. Take the Staff of Hermes, and swim through the hole. Kill the two Blades
and go get the blue orb piece, while killing the other Blades. Continue to the 
other side, kill the last two Blades and finish the mission.

Once you have finished the mission, go back to complete the Secret Mission 7.
Get the blue orb piece in the pool of water afterwards, and pick up the holy 

** MISSION 14 **

Nothing new here, so just go and hit the skeleton arm switch(someone explain to
me how an arm can look like a switch?), and don't get impaled by the little 
spikes coming out of the floor. Go up and pick up the holy water in the pool
beneath the waterfall, drink in the scenery before leaving. Ignore the enemies,
destroy the red orb statue and pick up the blue orb piece. Exit by buying open 
the door. Ignore the enemies and pick up the devil star and the red orbs. Leave
the area.

** MISSION 15 **
Go back to do Secret Mission 8, if you feel like it. You can also leave it for 
Mission 16 if you want a Special Bonus there. Personally I hate fighting
three shadows in a tiny little corridor. I really don't know why actually, 
I usually go full out to kill easy enemies ;p Anyway, ignore the Kyklops and 
enter the blue door. Slash open the wall, pick up the blue orb and the holy 
water, ignore the Fetishes and enter the door. Ignore the Sin Scythes and go get 
the lances. Go back outside and enter the red door, kill the Blades and get 
the blue orb piece on the Nightmare platform. Leave the Nightmare beta. 
Go put the lances into the door and it will open. Inside the colliseum, ride
up the strange light teleporters and go get the blue orb piece. You can heal
yourself here before you start the fight with the green orbs lying around.


I love this battle, even if it is just because of the environmental effects.
Just look at the rain and the moisture swirling in the air! The rain even 
splashes off the two, if not as good as in MGS2. 

- New Attacks

CHARGE         - Griffon pushes his head forward and charges you, while
                 sweeping his head from  side to side. Jump towards and
                 double jump off him, so that you are in the air behind him. 

CHARGE + ZAPS  - Griffon pushes his head forward and charges you, but he
                 stops infront of you and starts to shoot out zaps that
                 converge on you. Hard to dodge, if you see that he doesn't
                 sweep his head from side to side, try running at an angle of
                 about 45 degrees to him to get away. You cannot jump at 
                 him because you will be hurt by some force field he extends
                 around him. Because you are also stunned when this happens,
                 you will most likely also be hit by his zaps.

ZAPS           - Griffon has a variety of zaps that he will use when he is
                 in the air. They are mostly converging beams that travel 
                 horizontally, combined with horizontal zaps travelling 
                 towards you. They are all easily avoided.

ZAP COMBO      - Once on the ground, he may use the zap combo. A horizontal
                 zap flies towards quickly followed by a ball coming directly
                 at you, again followed by a horizontal zap. Sometimes he will
                 throw in the converging beams for good measure. 

ZAP CURTAIN    - Griffon will stop and discharge a curtain of vertical zaps
                 coming towards you with speed. If you see one of the zaps 
                 will hit you, roll to the side right before it hits, this 
                 will avoid rolling into the one next to it, for it will 
                 have passed once you reach its line.

JUMP + ZAPS    - Griffon will jump into the air, but before coming down he 
                 will shoot down a bunch of zaps preceeding his landing. 
                 His landing will once again be a high impact landing which 
                 will stun Dante. To avoid the attack, run to the side and 
                 jump when he comes down.

Griffon will start on the ground, so just shoot him, while dodging his zaps and
charges. After a while he will fly into the air and continue his zaps. Continue
shooting him, and if you hear that you are not hitting him anymore, jump to gain
extra height. You can also double jump on walls to get your desired height so 
that you can hit him. When he has sustained enough damage, he will fall down 
and rip off his wing. Gather the red orbs and continue shooting him while 
dodging all of his attacks. He will also use his CHARGE ZAP from his second 
battle. This time you have alot of time and space, so just roll to the side 
when it is really near and continue shooting. Griffon may fall down if you have
dealt him too much damage, but just keep shooting him. If he does the CHARGE 
attack, double jump off him and come down firing at his back(feet actually).

Once he is finished, watch the cool movie, and pick up the orbs. Finish
the mission.

** MISSION 16 **

Pick up the blue orb piece and go back to the castle, ignoring the enemies
on your way. Enter the castle to some cool new music, and pick up the two
blue orb pieces. The one may be difficult to reach, but it can be done by
climbing to the first level, and jumping to and off one of the pillars 
supporting the second level. Slash the shield and a Plasma will kill our 
friend the horse rider. Take revenge by pelting him with your pistols while
dodging his pathetic attacks. By shooting him, he will stay in his flying form,
from which he cannot multiply when he should actually be dying. Once he falls
to the floor pick up the orbs and continue through the now open door. Slash
the Plasma twice to stall him while you jump up onto the plane. Start 
shooting from here and he will turn into his flying form. Kill him, get 
the blue orb in the hallway and the big red orb near the hole where Alastor
blew the glass away.


Nightmare is a great big puddle of goo, which only takes on form if there
is sufficient light. To do this, slash the shields on the walls to give light.
Every area you fight Nightmare there will be shields on the wall for this

- Attacks

BIG CORE BLAST   - Nightmare pushes his core to his neck, and starts gathering
                   energy for a big core blast out of his front. To avoid, run
                   to his side and jump onto his neck.

SWALLOW	         - Part of Nigtmare's goo separates and swallows Dante into 
                   an underworld. You have to defeat all the Sargassos and 
                   Phantom to get back out. You will however receive a green
                   orb for your troubles, and when you come back out, it will 
                   take off a quarter of Nightmare's health. To avoid, just 
                   jump if you see the goo closing around you. 

TENTACLE         - Nightmare reveals his core at the back, and shoots out a
                   tentacle to hit Dante. he will shoot out the tentacle three
                   times in a row, but if you manage to hit his tentacle, he 
                   will be stunned for quite a while and you will have a chance
                   to hit his core. 

MISSILES         - Nightmare reveals his core at the back and shoots out
                   goo missiles that can track astoundingly well. Their 
                   tracking can however be disturbed by shooting the core
                   and the missiles will turn against the core if you hit

WORMS            - When Nightmare is a puddle of goo, he sends out worms,
                   which explode into spikes. They will either jump and
                   explode, or they will attach themselves to Dante and 
                   after a while they will fall off and explode.

BULLETS	         - Nightmare very often extends little globes that shoot
                   out small bullets at Dante, but the tracking is pretty
                   weak. Jumping back and forth avoids them quite nicely.

You can only hurt Nightmare by hitting his core. The only way to reach it
however is to either hit his tentacle or dodging his big core blast. I 
suggest the latter. Once you have activated the light, keep around his front.
He will most definately go and charge up his big core blast, so run to his 
side and jump on to his neck. Aim your jump carefully, and immediately start 
hitting the core with the combo2. Once the core disappears, jump down. and 
again keep running around his front. He will often try to do his missile attack,
but just shoot the core while dodging the incoming missiles. I suggest you 
let Nightmare swallow you in each of the fights with him. It hurts him big time!
If he swallows you just slash the Sargassos to pieces and Phantom is just a 
Phantom 2 with less health. Upon reaching the surface again, continue the
onslaught on his neck core until he dies.

Go back and complete Secret Mission 9 and 10. Exit onto the broken bridge
pick up your transformed orbs(Hundred a piece!). Jump into the left picture
(I love saying that;) after you have used the Staff or Hermes.

** MISSION 17 **

Run back and activate Secret Mission 11. For it to activate, you have to
jump across the broken pieces of the bridge to the other end(very annoying).
Jump back into the picture after you have completed the mission. Continue
up and jump into the other picture. Pause the game and go swallow an energy
drink. You are going to need it cause this next battle is INSANE. Frosts
are cool looking (geddit, 'cool looking'??? oh nevermind....) enemies with
lots and LOTS of health, speed and a big does of damage. They are the perfect
killing machines, except if you can exploit their weakness; fire hurts them 
BAD. So, pull out your FE and sprinkle some fuel on it, pull out your lighter
and... ugh damn. The lighter won't work, so I guess you will have to settle
for your regular FE. 

For you to win this battle, single one out, and kill him no matter what. 
Keep him occupied and do not let him heal himself. Try to target their 
cause this will occupy them with turning around. Use combo1H and combo2H,
while trying to dodge the attacks of the other Frost. Once you are all set,
try to open the door and a movie will activate. Roll to evade the 
attacks that commence right after the movie, and kill the two Frosts. 
Always stay close to them, if you are too far way, they will shoot out a
chain of spikes out of the floor that track really well. Frosts also have
a shooting attack that they use very often, but it is very easy to dodge. 
Frosts teleporter is also easy to see, and only hurts you when you
are directly in the way. Beware of their jumping spikes attack, it is very
damaging. Also watch out for their jump that lets them get out of your HT 

Once you have achieved the feat of killing them, clap yourself on the
shoulder, but you are not out of the woods yet. If you die at Nelo, you
will have to repeat the torture. Continue and ignore the enemies. Kill the
dragon by hitting his fireballs back at him. Get the blue orb piece and
the mercury. Exit and open the door. It seems Nelo has waited for you, 
and he takes off his helmet after a one sided conversation.


If the last two fights were really easy, this one is twice as tough.

- New attacks

BLADES       - Nelo hovers in the air and summons a great variety of
               swords that attack you in many different attack patterns.
               Not always easy to dodge, but do your best. A few of them
               can be destroyed when they are still near Nelo by firing
               your pistols. You can also shoot Nelo when he is in the 
               air, and you get the time. If he nears the end of his life,
               he will also start shooting plasma shots while in the air.
               Also use the walls to evade his attacks while getting close
               to him. This will casue him to drop to the ground.

This last Nelo battle is quite tough mainly due to the fact that he has 
incredibly long range with his sword. This makes the whole battle with him
more dangerous than before. If you stay close to him during most of the fight,
he will be less prone to hovering in the air and using his blade attack. 
You essentially use the same strategy as with the last battle, but with a few
changes. You have to do powerful jumps to evade his attacks, but your aim
must be correct so that you land near enough to interrupt him with a combo2
to the side or back. If things get out of hand, get away as fast as you can.
Your best chance is when he once again starts shooting his plasma shots.
Run forward and jump over him. Once here, you can pull off multiple combo2s 
by chasing after him. I do not recommend combo3, cause he has a tendancy 
to block the last stab. You can sometimes throw in a jump-slash in the hope
that you will block his attack, and put him into his 'tired pose' for a free
combo2. Use the walls to your advantage by jumping off them to get behind him,
just remember that Nelo has lightning turning speed, so if you do not attack
him soon after landing, he WILL hit you for big damage.

After he's dead, you receive the second part of the pendant for the full
amulet. This supposedly allows the bearer entry into the underworld.

** MISSION 18 **

The full amulet changes your FE into the wonderful Sparda, although you
still have the FE in your inventory, so sorry Sparda, but this is a FE 
guide. After you have changed back to the Force Edge step onto the teleporter.
Continue down and jump into the water picture. Collect all the red orbs and 
the blue orb piece and kill the Sin Scissors. Get the blue orb piece in the
tower and pick up the philisopher's egg. Enter the door to the courtyard. 
Outside, double jump up the wall to the door in the left corner. Go get the 
blue orb piece and go back to the courtyard. Put the egg in the basket
and Nightmare appears again(strange how a big puddle of goo can appear out 
of nowhere). 


- New attacks

BOOMERANG       - This is quite a mighty boomerang that can hurt you badly.
                  Nightmare loses a part of his back, and it starts spinning
                  while circling Nightmare. The best way to handle this is
                  to jump onto the stairs(it cannot hit you there) and start 
                  blasting it's core with your pistols. It can be hit back
                  if you choose to, and this leaves the core open for slashes.

SWALLOW	        - This time there will be a Griffon in the underworld, 
                  so just treat him like a more harmless Griffon. 

Use the same strategy as you used on the first Nightmare and you will do fine.
Watch out for the boomerang attack, and do as said above and shoot at his core.
There is not much else you can do without getting hurt. It is possible to hit
the boomerang, and it will disappear, leaving the core exposed, but this is
hard to do and leaves you vulnerable. Again, over the course of the battle
let him swallow you, and cause him big damage while coming out. 

When he is defeated the egg has suddenly transformed, so go pick it up to
finish the mission.

** MISSION 19 **

Enter the teleporter and go to the broken bridge. Jump into the right
picture and pick up the blue orb piece and the untouchable on the bed. Go 
to the mirror and enter the mirror world. Double jump up and go get the blue
orb piece. Fall down and start the cutscene. 

Nobodies are small creatures that
can turn into big creatures and have lots of health. They are not quite as 
dangerous as Frosts, and they cannot heal themselves, but they are bad enough. 
Again single one of the three out and continue attacking.If the Nobodies are
in their small state, they can be easily fought by throwing out a HT to 
their front. This stuns them into a rearing position.
Once this happens, you can happily throw in another a combo2H. Do this long
anough and they will transform to their bigger state. This is the time that
they become dangerous. Once the one you are attacking turns big, get away 
and shoot its mask from afar. Make sure it does not get too close, cause
its jump attack has great range. After enough damage, the mask will break,
and they will once again turn into their smaller size. Chase it down and 
continue slashing it with combo1H. Sometimes they dodge your attacks
by sidestepping, do a jump slash to hit them again and continue at them. Once
one dies, repeat with the others. Beware of the rolling eyeball that the big
Nobodies like to put out. 

After you have defeated them, backtrack to the broken bridge and get across
any way you like. Enter the chapel, drop through the pond and open the gate
to the underworld.

** MISSION 20 **

Go and slash open the film of flesh covering the door. Avoid the Frosts and
enter the other door. Trish lies on the floor and shouts for help. Of course
the camera angle hides her legs so that we cannot see what happened to them,
which is in fact nothing. Dante seemingly has the same camera angle and runs
to rescue her, which was quite a bad idea. 


Nightmare appears and is hellbent on taking revenge. Be prepared for a
LONG fight.

- New attacks

BERSERKER STAGE - When Nightmare is near to dying, he gets another boost
                  of health and goes into a not too pleasant stage. 
                  He falls flat, and the core hovers above, while 
                  shooting out tracking rays. Avoid these by jumping back
                  and forth. Unfortunately he also throws out the worms 
                  and the missiles. Avoid the worms and missiles by shooting 
                  and dodging them.

SWALLOW         - When you are swallowed, you meet Nelo Angelo in his second
                  form down there.

This is a long battle, because all of your attacks really only do minimal
damage. Fortunately the area you fight in is pretty clear of obstacles.
Again, only attack his neck core, so lure him into doing his big core blast.
Go ahead and use the combo3 on his core. Dodge his bullets by jumping back 
and forth. This also gives him easier lock on so that he starts charging his
core blast. Make sure you avoid his tentacle jab, cause he will use it
often. Evade his boomerang by walking backwards against the wall and shooting
his core. After a long time you will have knocked his health bar down 
considerably, without losing nearly any health. At this time, Trish butts 
in, and start zapping you from the one side. Take the battle to the opposite
side of Trish, to lessen the chance of being hit(Note that Trish's attacks
are actually stunning attacks rather than damage attacks). Continue the 
onslaught until his life hits zero... and he gets a quarter of his lifebar
back. Now he will enter his beserker stage. He will switch between the attacks
featured in the attack section, and rest periods. Avoid his attacks until he
enters rest period, and start pounding his core with combo2H. You can also try
shooting the core while avoiding the attacks, but this can be dangerous, 
especially if Dante switches his aim to the worms, and not the core. Repeat
this until he dies. You may need to use your vital star during this berserker

** MISSION 21 **

Pick up the holy water and enter Secret mission 12. Pick up the blue orb,
kill the Nobody and leave the Secret Mission(you do not need the bangle of time).
If you really want to, you can of course go and complete the mission. Probably
a good experience for you fight extra Nobodies and Frosts.
Go and destroy the lock near the door. Go back and through the now open
door,along the tunnel, destroying the Nobodies(try not to lose to much health
here) along the way and enter the door at the end. Kill the Plasmas with your
pistols and do the climb. Once at the top, enter the door, jump the gap and
slash at the shield on the wall. Jump down and enter the big door to Mundus's

** MISSION 22 **

Walk to the big statue and activate the cutscene. After they talk for a bit
and Dante is impaled on three spikes(pretty painful stuff), Trish sacrifices
herself and the battle begins.


In these two fights, you can only use the Sparda, and it suddenly also has
DT capabilities. It also has Stinger, Air Hike and Roundtrip if you bought
them for Alastor. Mundus's attacks are very straight forward actually, 
and mostly you can immediately see what to do to avoid them. This is why
I will not go into total detail with his attacks.


Dante transforms into some winged demon, and the battle takes places in

- Attacks

LASER           - Mundus charges and releases a big laser that, depending
                  on your position will either cut horizontally or vertically.
                  Avoid by flying where it will not hit you.

METEORS	        - He throws a shower of meteors at you, easily avoided.

ASTEROIDS       - He throws a field of asteroids at you, can be shot to pieces,
                  or just avoided.

SPIKES          - He summons spikes that fly towards you, easily dodged.

GLOBES + SPIKES - He summons globes around him that shoot out small spikes.
                  Very easily avoided.

LIGHTNING       - Streaks of lightning come towards you. Fly to the left
                  or right to avoid.

In this battle you are both flying, you chasing him down. Dodge all that comes
at you, and when you get close, he will summon a ring of globes that create
a shield around him. You have to destroy the shield to hit him, but the best 
way to hurt him is to get DT, and when you have above three symbols full, 
press L1 to release a dragon that hurts him quite bad. Try not to get hit 
too much during this battle because you are going to need your health for
the next. Shoot him until you have enough DT to send off a dragon, and shoot

When his life hits zero, Dante will be impaled again(this is becoming a habit!)
and crashes down to hell(or someplace). Mundus follows and the battle commences.


- New attacks

DRAGON              - Mundus summons a dragon that flies out of the ground at
                      Dante's feet. Run to the side to avoid.

GLOBES + BULLETS    - Mundus summons globes that shoot out bullets. 
                      Harder to dodge, but still possible by moving around.

HEALTH DRAGON	    - He summons a dragon that shoots out slow moving fireballs.
                      If you kill it you will get a green orb, and lot of health
                      will be restored.

BIG SHOT            - Mundus bends to the front and absorbs all the globes.
                      Shortly afterwards he releases a multiple giant shots 
                      that hurt REALLY bad. This shot is hard to avoid, so I
                      recommend entering devil time and hitting the shots back
                      to him. 

FIST 	            - Mundus will often use his fists to smash the rocks and other
                      things(like Dante, if he gets the chance).

This battle is fought in a sea of lava, with one fixed platform which I will call
the eternal platform, and many other summoned by Mundus. The quickest way to fight
him on normal I have realised is to just jump from platfrom to platform until 
your right next to him. Once there, activate DT and use your combo2 until all 
your DT is used up. You will take a little damage from the globes that shoot out
bullets, but you will knock off much more of his lifebar, so it is worth it. 
When you are out of DT, return to your eternal platform, and destroy the globes
hanging around there(those that do not shoot) to get DT. If you see him start the
big shot, get back to your eternal platform and get ready to hit it back. Sometimes
Mundus will think he is funny and smash all of the platforms he has summoned, 
including the one you are using to slash at him. Note that the lava cannot kill 
you but it will reduce your health to one point. Beware of the Meteor attacks, 
they also hurt real bad. 

** MISSION 23 **

This mission really sucks for this guide. You see a cutscene, and you see Dante
drop the Sparda and so he also drops the FE!!!!! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH
Use whatever you like for the next part and use your DT to finish off the enemies.
There is a time limit, so start running. Run across the heart and enter the door.
Ignore the Frost and enter the other door. Kill the two Nobodies and continue. 
Go up to the cathedral and back to the corridor. Kill the Blades and enter the
airplane room. 

Watch the cutscene. 

Taunt to get DT, and use it to kill him.

After the soppy cutscene, it is plane flying time. Fly through the cave and shoot
all the stone pillars in your way to bits. Escape to freedom under the blue sky.

Watch the last cutscene and look at the sword forms Dante and Trish throw out
while the credits roll!

** END **

And so you have done it!! You have completed the game using only the FE and 
the EI!! If you played the game as I did, you did not use any Holy Waters,
Devil Stars, Vital Stars or Untouchables during the whole course of the game!!!
I think you will never have any problems with Blades or Frosts again
once you are done here, and you have earned yourself some bragging rights.

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great advice on many situations in the game. Your help is greatly
Thanx to Capcom for creating this incredible game.
Thanx to everyone reading this walkthrough.
Thanx to myself for creating this walkthrough. ;)

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