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S-Rank FAQ/Walkthrough by JCombs

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 01/02/02


Devil May Cry Normal S-Rank FAQ 
 Version 2.0  
 Written by John Combs 


-= Basic Outline =- [ Just for Kicks ]

I.   Intro

II.  S-Rank Walkthrough

III. Boss Strategy

IV.  Results Chart

V.   Miscellany

VI.  Final Words

I. Intro [ Important Stuff ]

You may wonder why I made this FAQ. I put this together simply because nobody 
else has done anything like it yet. I can remember playing through Devil May 
Cry the second time trying to get the best ranks possible. I looked at various 
Walkthroughs for assistance, and I was surprised to find that nobody had 
thought of explaining how to get an S-Rank for all the missions. Sure, there 
were charts, but they weren't incredibly helpful. It's one thing to know what 
to do, and it's another thing to know HOW to do it. That's basically why I'm 
here. This FAQ will go in-depth and tell you how to get an S-Rank on EVERY 
Normal mission, including the time, orbs, and Secret Missions to shoot for. 
I'll even tell you what stuff you absolutely need to buy. 

This FAQ applies to the Normal difficulty of the U.S. version of Devil May 
Cry. I'm writing this FAQ with the assumption that you already know the 
gameplay basics, have beaten the game at least once, and you're an obsessed 
freak who wants to improve your rank on every mission for whatever reason. 
I'm not throwing in an explanation of weapons, items, abilities, or other 
things you should already know. I'm not here to waste your time, but to present 
solid strategy. I do include Boss Strategies because the way you perform 
against them effects your rating.

This FAQ documents what _I_ did to get an S-Rank on every mission. I'm not 
saying that my way is the only way or the best way, even...I'm just explaining 
what works for me. If you have any discrepancies, send me an e-mail. Read 
Miscellany for additional information.

II. S-Rank  Walkthrough [ It Begins ]

-= Mission 1 =- [ Evil Puppets and You ]

You can take your sweet old time during the very first part of the game. The 
amount of time you take before the mission officially starts does NOT affect 
your rank at all. Don't even bother grabbing the yellow orb next to the statue 
on the left-- you won't need it. Ever. As soon as Dante runs under the small 
bridge and just past it, perform a kick jump off it so that you land in the 
small tower. Jump straight up to grab the blue orb piece. Then run inside 
the castle.

Now the real mission begins. Grab all the red orbs scattered throughout the 
Great Hall as quickly as possible. With a bit of luck, you can jump onto the 
rider statue's axe to grab a convenient 100 hidden red orbs. Make sure to 
get the blue orb piece by jumping off the dead-end section of the staircase 
and performing a kick jump onto the landing. Exchange your 45 orbs, go into 
the next room, and slash the suits of armor which yield 5 red orbs and a blue 
one. Once you're in the adjacent room, smash the two tables and collect the 
orbs. Head up the staircase and enter the door on Dante's right. Jump into 
the pool on his left and get the blue orb. Your life capacity should increase 
by a small percentage. 

In the next room, smash the weapon holder next to the Marionette and then 
smash the other weapon holder on the right wall halfway down the room. The 
camera will focus on the hole in the ceiling as if you haven't noticed it 
yet. Go through it to the floor above. You will see a Bloody Mari holding 
a key. Press [X] to take it. Try to turn around and run, and you'll be treated 
to a happy little cutscene, which I tend to skip by pressing [SELECT]. The 
red marionette will be joined by a festive green one. I know you're just 
itching to kill both, but you have better things to do now. 

Run like a madman all the way back to the Great Hall and go through the bluish 
door. Jump onto the airplane in this room. A blue orb rests on the right wing. 
Once you grab it, stand directly over the propeller and press [triangle]. 
You land right on top of the propeller and collect forty red orbs. Take the 
funky elevator down to the arena. 

This is where the fun begins. There's a fairly easy way to handle all the 
puppets in the room. The ones that fall from the ceiling? Just pull off the 
same sword combo again and again-- tap [O] twice, pause briefly, then press 
[O] three more times. Works like a charm. After those Marionettes are finished, 
the three compartments will open, revealing more of our old pals. Head to 
one of the side alcoves and perform the same sword combo. Repeat, repeat, 
repeat. Try to pick 'em apart one by one. If it sounds like one is about to 
throw blades at you, use common sense-- jump or roll. 

If you're lucky, none of the puppets will be carrying around a shotgun (which 
is plain disturbing). Better yet, perhaps none of them will be a Bloody Mari. 
If one is wearing red clothes, save it for last. They are the hardest to kill 
and can parry your regular sword attacks. The best thing you can do here is 
knock the puppet skyward and pump it full of bullets until it's dead, then 
move on.

Head back upstairs. Looks like Dante has some more work to do. Just use that 
sword combo that I mentioned above like crazy. They'll drop like flies. 
There's a Bloody Mari among the puppets-- save it for last, knock it in the 
air, and blast it. Head for the exit.

This is one of the hardest levels to achieve an S-Rank on. It requires both 
speed and efficiency with little room for errors. The time to shoot for is 
5:24, you need 244 orbs, and you should only receive minor damage (about 10%).

-= Mission 2 =- [ Meet the Death Judge ]

Don't buy anything before this mission. When it begins, head for the Time 
room near you. Break the two tables to reveal some red orbs as well as the 
only blue orb in the mission. Run all the way to the end of the hall. Ignore 
any puppets that fall from the ceiling. Go through the whole Alastor 
experience, then go into the library. Hit the table nearest you to collect 
some red orbs. Jump onto the walkway above, collect the key in the painting, 
grab the Shotgun, then travel to the courtyard with the fountain. You'll see 
some Marionettes lying around-- cut up two of them to get a head start on 
your new Devil Trigger. Then enter the room on the second floor, slash the 
puppets like crazy (it's obviously a good idea to initiate Devil Time), and 
hit the statue to reveal the hidden passage. Grab the Staff of Judgment, go 
through the now-available secret passage, then head for the exit.

You'll see a cutscene showing some Sin Scissors when Dante tries to open the 
door. Equip your shotgun if you already haven't, then give 'em two or three 
generous blasts to the face. They go down pretty easily. Exit the room. Kill 
the baby spiders if you feel the urge, then hand the Death god his plaything. 
The mission is now over. 

The key to this mission is *not losing any health* at all. This may take a 
couple of tries, but it's quite feasible. Just avoid most of the Marionettes 
and use the Devil Trigger when you have a chance. You need to complete the 
mission in 3:52 and collect 183 red orbs. 

-= Mission 3 =- [ Fight a &%#@ Huge Spider ]

Before the mission actually begins, indulge yourself. Buy Air Raid, Stinger1, 
and a purple orb. All of these are vital to getting an S-Rank. You should 
have more than enough orbs to buy them.

As soon as the mission starts, run to the door on your right. You might be 
scratching your head and wondering why you shouldn't waltz up to the altar, 
but the same thing will happen if you try to go right out the door, plus you'll 
save a bit of time. Once you're on the bridge, equip the shotgun and go Devil 
if your Trigger is available (you can run much faster this way). Collect 
the red orbs on the end of the bridge, read the nice little tablet, then try 
to head back.

Once the bridge collapses and you're on the ocean floor, head toward the 
middle of the clearing. Some Sargassos will pop up. The quickest way to deal 
with them is a Shotgun blast, then Stinger. Make a nice little circle around 
the area doing that, and they shouldn't give you much trouble. Once you're 
up on the bridge again, turn around and go back to get the blue orb in front 
of the tablet. I suggest you use Air Raid and fly over there. Once you have 
it, go ahead and purposely jump in the water. Why? We need to fill up that 
Devil Trigger. Kill all the enemies, go back to the bridge, yadda yadda. 
Before you enter the Cathedral, jump on the ledge above the door. You will 
be treated to many red orbs. Then face away from the door and perform a 
Stinger...you should land on a floating ledge with a blue orb piece on it. 
Now go inside.

You ought to know the drill here. As soon as Phantom pops up, go Devil and 
Air Raid him like there's no tomorrow. After Phantom is dead, you need to 
make a decision: either head for the exit, or go for the first Secret Mission. 
I prefer to go for the Secret Mission because it's another quarter blue orb 
in the pocket. However, it's a pain in the butt. If you screw up, you may 
have to start the mission all over again and defeat Phantom once more. You 
can still get an S-Rank either way. If you skip the secret mission, you need 
to finish in 4:23 and grab 592 red orbs. Otherwise, you can finish in 5:43 
and gain 652 orbs. Try to limit damage to 15-20%.

-= Mission 4 =- [ Kill a bunch of Baby Spiders...and Nelo ]

You don't need to buy anything before this mission. As soon as it begins, 
equip the handguns and run back inside the Cathedral. Beat the Secret Mission 
there, using the Devil Trigger if possible. Leave as soon as the objective 
is complete. When you try to run past the door leading to the courtyard, 
Phantom will appear for another round. However, you have better things to 
do, so hit the door ASAP. Then go back inside. Phantom gone, problem solved. 
You can be greedy and use Air Raid to kill him if you want, but I chose not 
to. Go to the Time room at the end of the hall and complete another Secret 
Mission. When that's said and done, head for the courtyard. 

You see the fountain? Try to land right on top of it. Run to the edge of the 
ring of steps around it and jump. About 40 red orbs will fall from the sky. 
Press [X] near the lion statue, then hit it three times to conjure a Shadow. 
Roll away from him ASAP, then shoot him with your handguns. Once his orb is 
revealed, use Stinger until he turns red. Be extra cautious and continue to 
shoot until he explodes. 

Note that you can go on another thrilling Secret Mission escapade after 
killing the Shadow if you so desire. It involves fighting three Shadows at 
once, and you WILL be abused. I choose to skip this mainly because of the 
time and damage factor. Trust me, it's really not worth it. Instead, head 

Once you're inside, run up the stairs on your left. To take the Death Sentence, 
perform a kick jump onto ledge it rests on. Don't waste your time with any 
of the Marionettes here. Once you're inside the comfy bedroom, plunge the 
sword into the statue. You'll see a happy cutscene. Before you head outside, 
jump on top of the bed and take the 40 hidden red orbs. It's important that 
you do this AFTER the cutscene because you'll receive more of them this way. 
Then pay a little visit to the Time god. Purchase a purple orb and go outside.

When you're outside, make a 180o turn and perform a kick jump off the wall. 
You'll be on a higher floor now. See that blue orb in the small tower to Dante's 
left? It's time to get it. However, you need to do a kick jump off the large 
tower across from the smaller one. It's difficult to see it well from that 
camera angle, but it's there. Once you're on top, you will be blessed with 
a multitude of red orbs. Then perform Air Raid and fly to the smaller tower 
(don't forget to nab the Untouchable on the larger tower). If you couldn't 
successfully jump to the larger tower, the Boss fight will begin. Go ahead 
and fight Nelo Angelo because you can get the blue orb in the next mission 
anyway. Nelo Angelo really is a pushover, and you should get past him with 
no trouble. Read the Boss Strategy section for details. Try to complete the 
mission in 5:51 and grab 344 red orbs.
There are plenty of hidden red orbs, so time is your primary concern.


-= Mission 5 =- [ Get Rid of the Melancholy Thing ] 

This is probably the easiest mission in the game. You can totally screw up 
and still get an S-Rank, which is exactly what I did. Dodge the Shadow ASAP, 
then take care of him. Nab that blue orb in the tower if you couldn't in the 
previous mission. Don't worry, you have plenty of time. Once you go back 
inside, jump down to the area at the bottom. Press [X] while you stand in 
front of the lion door. Mission over. Surprisingly, you can take nearly three 
minutes, lose most of your health, and still pull off an S-Rank . I managed 
to collect 117 red orbs because I jumped onto the large tower in order to 
procure the blue orb piece.

-= Mission 6 =- [ Sewer Time is a Happy Time ]

This is another easy mission. Run to the alcove your right and jump to grab 
the blue orb. Before going into the Pipe Room, head through the small passage 
leading to the orb statue. Hit it until it breaks. Then equip the Shotgun 
and head into the Pipe Room. After you get the key, you'll see a cutscene 
where all sorts of Beelzebubs crawl out from the woodwork. Hit the Devil 
Trigger and Air Raid or fire the shotgun like there's no tomorrow. Then head 
to the bluish door at the end of the main tunnel and exit.

Run to the end of this passage and you'll meet an unexpected visitor. Shoot 
the Death Scissors in the face with the Shotgun, perform Air Raid, and dodge 
his Corkscrew Flying Scissors Attack. Beat the mission in 4:14, collect 255 
red orbs, and try not to lose more than 20% health.

-= Mission 7 =- [ Run Away! ]

This mission is very easy, but there's a couple of things you can do to make 
it harder as well as increase your red orb count. Buy a purple orb before 
the mission begins. When Dante heads down the sewer path, his old pal will 
show up. You *could* run like a little girl again, but it's much more 
profitable to fight this time. Go Devil and Air Raid. Phantom will croak 
before you know it. Grab the red orbs and leave. 

Now it's time for a Super Happy Secret Mission. This one is a pain in the 
butt (small wonder), and it may require some resetting. But, I suppose, since 
you've already skipped Secret Mission number 4, you can go ahead and skip 
this one too because there's no way you could get full health until you play 
through the game again. So, do whatever. I was fortunately able to beat this 
one on the first try. 

After that's taken care of, you're practically home free. Rid yourself of 
the annoying Sin Scissors by using the mighty Shotgun. As soon as you exit, 
take the elevator to the top. Ignore the bugs. Mission complete. This is one 
of the few missions where you can get mauled and still be in good shape. It 
took me 3:07 to beat it, and I salvaged 705 red orbs. Try not to lose more 
than 40-50% of your life.

-= Mission 8 =- [ Kill Phantom...Again. ]

Fun times. Buy 3 blue orbs before the mission begins. Grab the two huge red 
orbs in the weird room with the wacky music and head outside. Once you try 
to leave through the opening, Phantom will show up for the fortieth time. 
This fight with Phantom is a bit different, so read the Boss Strategy section. 
Your Devil Gauge will fill to capacity once he dies, which is a good thing. 

Once that unfortunate incident is over, go through the opening. You'll see 
a whole area below you, but don't jump down just yet. Instead, perform a 
Stinger...you should land right on top of the blue orb. You *could* jump onto 
one of the horses to get it, but the Stinger method is more reliable. To find 
some more hidden red orbs, jump on top of the left horse's head. Grab the 
Trident, then go to the right side of the area and jump on the small stand. 
Red orbs will come from the sky. Now go down below.

Go through the whole bridge lowering process and make sure to pick up the 
Grenade Launcher. It MIGHT come in handy later. Now all you need to do is 
put the Trident in its rightful place, then run like crazy (while in Devil 
mode) to the exit. Before you leave, remember to jump into the pool on the 
right for a blue orb piece. Complete this stage in 2:48, gain 565 red orbs, 
and try not to get maimed by Phantom. An S-Rank is your reward.

-= Mission 9 =- [ Curiously Strong ]
Run straight ahead until you encounter the tombstone area. You can jump on 
the first and third pillars on the left and right to grab some hidden red 
orbs. Go ahead and get the Devil Star lying behind the tall tombstone in the 

Once you leave this area, you will be greeted by three Blades. Arm your 
Grenadegun if you haven't already. Shoot like a madman until your Devil 
Trigger is up an running, then Air Raid them to death. Head to the path on 
Dante's left. Hit the tombstone to reveal a blue orb piece. Go into the 

Go to Dante's left and nab the Devil Star resting on the platform. You may 
be wondering why I'm telling you to store up on these Devil Stars. Just shut 
up for now. You'll thank me later...

Anyway, jump on those oh-so-tricky floating platforms to obtain Ifrit. Then 
head outside. Looks like Griffon is waiting for you. Just leave him be and 
head for the door. Punch the side of the door without a fire, and the door 
will open. You'll have to dodge a couple of Griffon's lightning attacks. If 
you want to be greedy again, hit Griffon with a flurry of grenades and Air 
Raid. It's your choice.

Now you're in a quiet wooded area. Head for the door. Uh-oh! (Mock surprise) 
Looks like you have company. Equip yourself with Alastor, then introduce 
everyone to the Grenadegun. Perform Air Raid to wipe out the puppets. There's 
a tree stump near the exit you can jump on to grab some convenient orbs. (You 
can also jump on a high ledge against the right wall to find more, but that's 
not necessary.) Once you're in the next area, go to Dante's right. Jump onto 
the higher platform, then destroy the orb statue. Run to the other end of 
the area and smash the tombstone. The Devil Star is yours. Find the door and 
trade in a psychotic 200 red orbs to complete the mission. 

The key here is to not lose any life whatsoever. This isn't too difficult, 
however, because our good friend Air Raid handles enemies at a safe distance. 
You need to finish in 5:41 and collect 536 orbs (way more if you stayed and 
fought Griffon).

-= Mission 10 =- [ Psychedelic White Light ]

This level is easy. The important thing here is to pay attention to the white 
light. If you lose track of it, you may have to start at the beginning, and 
everybody will laugh at you.

First of all, be sure to get the hidden red orbs to the right of the first 
pair of wooden beams. Then run right in the middle of the Marionette parade. 
Use the Grenadegun against them. Follow the light to the exit. After that, 
Sin Scythes. Use the Grenadegun on them. Follow the light to the exit. Then 
we have Blades next. Use your Devil Trigger and kill them with Air Raid. Follow 
the light to the exit. Now you'll face a couple of Kyklops (Or is it "Kyklopes"? 
Dunno.), and the white light is no longer around to pester you. Anywho, hit 
the one nearest you with the Grenadegun. Use Air Raid whenever possible. After 
the first one dies, your Gauge will be restored. Hot-Diggity! Go over to the 
second Kyklops and use Air Raid against it. The end. Beat the mission in 2:56, 
gain 443 red orbs. I lost about 5% health.

-= Mission 11 =- [ Nelo's Return ]

This level is also surprisingly easy. Before the mission begins, purchase 
Inferno for Ifrit. This is hands-down the strongest attack in the game. When 
the mission actually begins, head back the way you came and complete the 
Secret Mission.

Throughout the level, you need to ignore the Death Scythe. Sure, it's annoying, 
but you can manage just fine without killing it. Head to Dante's left and 
jump onto the platform and lower yourself in order to obtain the blue orb 
piece. Once that's done, head directly into the well while dodging the black 
whirlpools that Death Scythe shoots.

As soon as Dante sets foot inside the well, he will be ambushed by a Blade. 
Teach it who's boss by shooting it with the Grenadegun and then using Stinger. 
Once he's taken care of, switch to Ifrit, smash the wall, and immediately 
use Inferno on the unsuspecting foes. Grab the blue orb piece after killing 
all the Blades.

Head to the surface and grab the Sign of Chastity. Be sure to equip the Shotgun 
and jump on the platform above where the Sign of Chastity rests. Fire a blast 
through the window, and 200 red orbs will appear out of nowhere. (I know, 
it's random, but it works.) Leave that area, dodge the new Blades in the well, 
and go through the double doors on the other side of the level.

This next fight with Nelo is a bit more difficult, but you can handle it 
without too much strain (thanks to Inferno). Equip the Grenadegun and go to 
town on Nelo, making sure to dodge his dash attacks. Use Inferno religiously. 
Take care of the chalice and exit. Mission over. Try to beat this level in 
4:37 and gain a massive 913 red orbs. I lost about 15% health.

-= Mission 12 =- [ Tickle Me (Saint) Elmo ]

This level can be pretty annoying. Run past the Marionettes. Once you see 
the pirate ship, head to Dante's left and slash at the red orb statue. Then 
jump into the water. 

There are a few things you can do now. Head to the upper part of the ship 
and grab the NeedleGun. There's a Devil Star in the chest behind it. You 
can then kill the two Blades if you feel like it. Then you can head to the 
water below, kill the swimming Blade, and grab the Untouchable amid the 
wreckage. Or, you could just do like me and avoid the two Blades, grab the 
NeedleGun and Devil Star, and head directly to the deck of the ship. Whatever 
floats your boat (hyuk, hyuk). 

There are a couple of things you should do before engaging in a brawl with 
the Death Scythe, who is anal retentive as usual, might I add. On the right 
side of the second level of the mast nearest you, hidden red orbs will appear. 
There are also more hidden red orbs on the right side of the second floor 
of the second mast. 

Then jump up to the top of the mast nearest the bow of the ship. Head to Dante's 
left (assuming he's facing the bow), and 40 red orbs will magically appear. 
Then Stinger onto the bow of the ship. You'll get a blue orb piece for your 
trouble. Go to the other end of the ship again-- using Stinger from high places 
is the quickest way--then equip the Shotgun and Alastor. Press [X] at the 
door with the two crossed swords, and a Death Scythe will appear. Use Air 
Raid (or Inferno) to weaken him, then switch to Ifrit and use Shotgun blasts 
and jump kicks to finish him off.  

Now it's time to fight Griffon, which is the biggest laugh I've had all day. 
Switch to Alastor. Your Devil Gauge will be replenished after the Death Scythe 
battle, so use Air Raid again and again and again. And...that's basically 
it. Wow. Complete the mission in 3:51, collect 721 red orbs, and try not to 
lose more than 20% of your health.

-= Mission 13 =- [ This is funny...but not "ha ha" funny. ]

This has got to be the easiest level in the game besides Mission 5. Start 
off by grabbing the Staff of Hermes. After the ship fills with water, swim 
through the vent opening. Proceed to kill the two Blades in the next room. 
Then head for the opening at the bottom of the ship next to the chest where 
you found the NeedleGun. There's a blue orb piece in that room. Swim as fast 
as you can and avoid the Blades. Swim to the exit of the room where you 
previously shot down the Blades. In the next room, go ahead and kill at least 
one of the enemies, then exit. That's the end. Beat it in 1:35, collect 99 
orbs, and keep damage at a minimum (which shouldn't be too difficult).

-= Mission 14 =- [ Dazed and Confused ]

This Mission is a bit more involved than the past ones. Jump out of the water, 
head to the right side of the room, and jump into the small pool there. The 
blue piece is yours. It would be a good idea to try out the secret mission 
back in the Captain's Cabin. The actual mission hasn't officially started 
yet, so everything you do now doesn't count against you. After completing 
the Secret Mission, ignore all of the Marionettes lying around and go for 
the exit.

In the spike area, take the shield from the skeleton. Make sure Alastor is 
equipped, then go Devil and run past the spikes, taking notice of their 
pattern on the floor. Head to the elevator and go up. Time to get a blue orb 
as well as some red ones. You need to find a way to get on top of the dome 
platform above. Kick jump off the left pillar to do this. Then Stinger to 
the ledge jutting out of the cliff far away. Get the red orbs there, then 
jump up to the next highest ledge. Then go to the very end of the platform 
and perform a Stinger. You should land practically right on top of the blue 
orb piece. Now exit this area.

In the next area, there will be a random enemy. Consider yourself lucky if 
you see two small Blades and a freakin' huge one. Otherwise, you'll have to 
contend with a Death Scythe (DAAHH!!). If you see the latter, just dodge him 
as much as possible. Cross the bridge and hack away at the red orb statue. 
Also, collect the blue piece on the lower ledge near there. If you see Blades, 
kill them with either Inferno or Air Raid. Trade in your red orbs, then 

The next area is remarkably easy to get by, but it can be time-consuming. 
That's OK, however, because there are plenty of red orbs to be collected. 
Run to the staircase. See the narrow path to the right of it? Jump into that 
area, and red orbs will appear from thin air. There should be plenty of 
Marionettes to battle by now. Make sure Alastor is equipped, then use the 
Grenadegun and Air Raid to take care of them all. Grab the Devil Star on the 
ledge to the left if you want. Observe the plant in the next room just for 
fun, then collect all the red orbs lying around. The mission ends when you 
unseal the door. Beat this stage in 4:15, snag 366 red orbs (a lot more if 
you fought Blades), and take no more than 10% damage.

-= Mission 15 =- [ Wheel of Destiny, Turn Turn Turn ]

Buy a purple orb before this mission. Why? Because I said so.

You may have read about the Secret Mission you can find on this level, but 
I'll flat-out tell you that it's not worth the trouble. It involves killing 
three Shadows, and it really is a messy business, so...no. Just--no.

Instead, kill the Blades near you with Air Raid. Run toward the Red Shield 
Emblem and enter. Kill the Fetishes with Air Raid, go into the hidden room, 
collect stuff. Then go through the bluish door. This is where you get the 
pair of lances. Dodge the spikes, lower the two platforms, and kill the two 
Blades waiting for you. Get a blue orb piece buy performing a kick jump off 
one of the walls and then jumping underneath the platform that has the lances. 
It sounds confusing, yes, but take my word for it.

Then head to the Blue Shield Area. There's another "hidden" room behind a 
cracked wall here. Kill the Fetishes first, then collect the loot. Inside 
you'll find a blue orb and something that looks like a small container. Chop 
it with your sword, and you will be rewarded with a BUNCH of red orbs (a 
thousand, I think). Skip getting the Nightmare-beta--you and I both know it's 
worthless. Unlock the door with the two lances and enter. 

Take the mystic elevator to the top part of the Coliseum. Get the blue orb 
piece, then jump to the bottom and press [X] near the funny-looking blue 
emblem. Griffon is much more challenging this time, so check out the Boss 
Strategy section. I beat this mission in 8:52, racked up an impressive 2043 
red orbs, and kept damage down to about 15 or 20%.

-= Mission 16 =- [ Dancin' in the Dark ]

OK, now you'll get to face Nightmare, the biggest pain in the butt since Death 
Scythe/Scissors. Buy Kick 13 Level 1 before the mission begins. When the 
mission starts, you can snag a *whole* blue orb slightly to the left before 
jumping onto the elevator. Nifty. 

Right after you exit the Coliseum, go back inside. Time for a Secret Mission. 
This one's not so hard, but it takes some practice. After that's over, go 
Devil and run like mad to the bridge. Put the time piece there, then cross 
it and go inside. Looks like you're now in some twisted alternate world. Smash 
the armor suits to reveal red orbs. Get the blue orb next to the platform 
with the odd-looking emblem in the Great Hall. Fight the Plasma with Ifrit 
equipped, get the blue orb above the horse's head by using the Devil Gauge 
and flying, then exit. 

Hit the Plasma in the next room until he splits into three. Then use the Devil 
Trigger and go Inferno on 'em. You'll pick up an easy 180+ orbs this way. 
Get the last blue orb piece by jumping under the freaky statue's head. Run 
into the Time room and chop up the tables to reveal some red orbs.

Shoot the Marionettes in the hallway with the Grenadegun...not to collect 
orbs, but to fill up your Devil Trigger. You'll need it. Break the armor 
throughout the hallway, then go to the Cathedral. Hit the funny emblem thing 
with Ifrit equipped until it all lights up. Then examine the strange puddle. 
Nightmare will pop up an cause you to crap your pants, so it looks like you 
need some sweet revenge. Read the Boss Strategy section for further 
directions. Once Nightmare is toast, go outside, use Air Raid to travel across 
the broken bridge, and play around with the Staff of Hermes. Beat the mission 
in 7:20, gather 1,560 red orbs, and keep damage low, as usual.

-= Mission 17 =- [ One Winged Angel ]

Buy a purple orb before the mission begins. Why? Time for another Secret 
Mission! I know you're thrilled. This one is actually much easier than people 
make it out to be. You don't need to use the wacky, unpredictable black 
whirlpools that Death Scythe throws to reach the blue orb piece. Remember 
when you reached the blue orb piece in mission 3? Just jump to the highest 
point of the ledge above the Cathedral door. Initiate the Devil Trigger. Jump 
up. At the peak of your jump, press [R1] and simply fly toward the blue orb 
piece. No problem. If you fall in the water on your way back, that's fine. 
Just take care of the Sargassos in the usual manner and begin the mission. 

Looks like you can jump through the painting and teleport. Swanky. Head to 
the staircase and run upstairs. On your way to the top, there's a room with 
a Marionette lying around. Kill him, smash a bunch of stuff, collect orbs, 
go. Looks like you can teleport to another area from the room at the top of 
the staircase. Equip Ifrit and the Grenadegun, head for the door, and a couple 
of Frosts jump outta nowhere. But hey, that's OK--you came prepared. Shoot 
them until the Devil Trigger is ready, then unleash Inferno. Mmm, that's good 
cookin'! Run inside.

Once you're inside, find some Marionettes and shoot enough of them to fill 
your Gauge substantially. Killing a Fetish would be nice. Then head back 
outside. Why? Well, it's time to be greedy, of course! The Frosts are just 
standing around doing nothing when you go out there this time. Hit the Devil 
Trigger and use Inferno on the one closer to you. I know, it seems unfair, 
but they deserved it. Head back inside. 

Go to the other end of the hall, shoot some Marionettes to get your Trigger 
back up to par, hit the suits of armor, and deal with the dinosaur skeleton. 
Once he's gone, play around with the mechanisms there, then jump up to the 
upper floor on the right side of the room. There's an outside area where you 
can get a blue orb piece--just jump up in the air, and it's yours. I performed 
Air Raid and flew over to the Quicksilver, but you can use the platforms if 
you want. 

Now it's time to finish off Nelo Angelo. Make sure Ifrit and the Grenadegun 
are equipped before entering the room where he lurks. You should beat this 
mission in 6:54 (secret mission included), find 595 red orbs, and lose no 
more than 15% health.

-= Mission 18 =- [ Eggs Over-Easy ]

You see, that's a joke, because it has a double meaning...you have to find 
an egg, and the level isn't that hard...funny...yeah.

Moving right along, this mission is pretty forgiving, meaning that you can 
screw around, make a few mistakes, and still end up in good shape. You start 
out by discovering the power of the Perfect Amulet. You now have a 
super-enhanced sword, plus you can enter the Underworld. I know that your 
new sword looks all nice and pretty with its long reach and brute strength, 
but you really need to equip Ifrit now. 

Enter the other painting, swim around, make sure to get the blue orb in last 
room on the left with only one barrel. In the next room, you have the pleasure 
of fighting some Sin Scissors. Make short work of all three by shooting them 
in the face. Now it's time to head to dry land...or not. Hit the emblem in 
the next area so that the room fills with water. Swim up and just to the right 
of the emblem. There's a small platform sticking out. Swim onto it, and a 
blue orb will be yours. You'll need to hit the emblem again, then swim to 
the top and grab the egg. Head outside. 

Looks like Nightmare wants to fight again. You were only trying to cook your 
egg, for cryin' out loud! The nerve!! Anyway, go ahead and hit the funny emblem 
thing before putting your egg in the fire. That'll give you a head start. 
Use the tactics in the Boss Strategy section to beat him. Finish the mission 
in 6:44 and collect 1146 red orbs. You can lose about 35% health and still 
manage to procure the coveted S-Rank.


-= Mission 19 =- [ Highway to Hell ]

OK, let's go. This mission isn't too challenging. Your main concern here is 
to gather the remaining blue orbs available at this point. When the mission 
begins, go into the room on the second floor just to Dante's left by performing 
a kick jump off the wall. This area has some red orbs and a blue orb piece. 
Now run all the way back to the broken bridge area. Jump into the painting 
of the bedroom.

There are a couple of goodies waiting for you here. Take Untouchable on top 
of the bed and grab the blue orb to the right of the bed. Go through the mirror 
into Wacky Land, a magical place where anything can happen. Right. Pick up 
the Philosopher's Stone (which brings me painful memories of Harry Potter). 
Nobodies will show up, laughing like retards the whole time. I hope you have 
kept Ifrit and the Grenadegun equipped, since you'll need both. Use Inferno 
once or twice, then finish them all off with grenades. You need to make sure 
you conserve a decent part of your Trigger Gauge. Why? You'll soon find out. 

When the Nobodies are finished exploding and you have access to the exit, 
make your way up to the top platform. This is going to be a lot like mission 
4 when you fought with Nelo Angelo the first time. First, switch to Alastor 
and fly over to the blue orb floating near the large tower. Land on the walkway 
opposite the exit. Run back all the way around, then kick jump onto the top 
of the large tower. Air Raid over to the small tower for the very last orb 

Now you're home free. Run into the Cathedral, examine the puddle, and enter 
the Underworld. Put the stone in its proper place and jump to the depths below. 
Complete this level in 4:26, gain 405 red orbs, and keep damage at a minimum 
(there's a good chance you can finish without being hurt at all).

-= Mission 20 =- [ He's Baaack... ]

Buy three blue orbs from the Time god. The whole mission is all about smoking 
Nightmare. If your Devil Gauge is low like mine, shoot the two Frosts until 
you fix that problem (you don't have to kill them, just fill up the gauge). 
Then head inside to fight Nightmare. Beat him in 3:51 and rack up 505 orbs. 
Try not to lose more than 1/3 of your life. 

-= Mission 21 =- [ It's Alive ]

This mission is all about speed. You may be itching to complete the Secret 
Mission here and acquire the Time Bangle, but it is a tremendous waste of 
time in my opinion. Instead, grab the holy water next to the barricaded door 
and go through the green double doors. Open the barricaded entrance by hitting 
the artery at the far end of the room. Run inside with Ifrit and Grenadegun 
in hand. 

Shoot the grabby-feely things on the side of the wall with a couple of grenades, 
then run on through. You should find a Nobody up ahead. Go Devil, hit it with 
Inferno once, go back to your regular form, then hit Nobody with punches or 
grenades until it ceases to exist. Run up ahead and use the same strategy 
on the next Nobody. When it bites the dust, fight off some more touchy-feely 
things and run up to the last Nobody. Kill it, then make your escape.

The next area is pretty basic. Shoot the two Plasmas (in bat form this time) 
with your Grenadegun and collect the red orbs they drop, even if they land 
in the lava. Hit the emblems, jump onto the platforms, start the heart, exit, 
you're done. Finish this one in 4:37 and gather 675 red orbs. Keep damage 
minimal (about 5%).

-= Mission 22 =- [ Mundus Mania ]

If you have the available resources, you need to buy a purple orb. There is 
a reason why I'm telling you to buy the last one right now. Walk up to the 
huge statue, have a friendly conversation with Mundus, then trash his 
worthless @$$.


-= Mission 23 =- [ Run Away! Again!! ]

It's time to get the heck outta here. Rush back up to the surface ASAP. Ignore 
the Frosts you see in the Time room. In the next room, kill the Nobodies with 
Inferno. Nab the Untouchable off to the side before heading out the door. 
Once you enter the Cathedral, there will be a throng of Marionettes lying 
around (stoned out of their mind, no less). Laugh at them a few times, then 
leave through the door to the right. Once you're in the hall, perform a kick 
jump so that you jump under the chandelier. Sounds confusing, yes, but it 
yields some hidden red orbs. A couple of Blades will attack Dante (the fools). 
Use the Grenadegun and either Air Raid or Inferno to shut them up. Head into 
the airplane room, and you're almost done...

As far as the flight simulator is concerned, shoot those pointy things 
(stalactites/stalagmites) and try your very best to NOT go down in flames. 
You can do it!! When the mission is over, you'll see a few cinemas. After 
that, if you got an S-Rank, you'll be treated to a happy picture declaring 
that you are the King of Hell. Mwahaha!! Looks like Mundus has been demoted 
to the rank of "Girl Scout of Hell."

III. Boss Strategy [ The Big Ones ]

This big spider is relatively hard for the first boss, but killing him is 
a snap if you know what you're doing. Start off the fight by nailing him with 
Air Raid. After your Gauge runs out, shoot him once with the Shotgun, then 
hit him in the mouth with Stinger, then jump back immediately to dodge his 
counterattack. Keep on repeating that until the Devil Gauge is ready. Then 
go back to the Air Raid strategy. When he looks about ready to shoot a fireball, 
hide behind a pillar or roll like crazy. Simply run around to avoid the columns 
of lava that shoot up from the ground. Just use common sense here.
This fight is actually harder, not only because Phantom is more resistant 
to Air Raid, but there's nothing to hide behind. Use basically the same 
strategy mentioned above, only try to jump on his back and slash like mad. 
He tends to jump around a lot more this time, so get out of the way. He shoots 
multiple fireballs and uses his scorpion tail to do some damage this time 
around. When in doubt, shove Stinger down his throat and top it off with a 
nice Air Raid session.
This big bird is a wimp when you face him on the Ghost Ship. Arm the Grenadegun 
and Alastor, then go Devil and use Air Raid until Dante is blue in the face. 
Griffon should land on the ship close to you when your Gauge is empty. Use 
the Grenadegun or just slash at him with your sword until the Devil Gauge 
is ready to go again. Finish him off with Air Raid. Don't worry about the 
bird hologram thing that follows you around. You'll probably end up 
destroying it with Air Raid or gunning it down with a grenade.
There's a different game plan now. Equip the Shotgun, go Devil, and use Air 
Raid. After taking about 25-30% damage, Griffon will fly up near the top of 
the building and stay out of reach pretty much. You should be able to hit 
him with the Shotgun. If not, use the Grenadegun. All it takes is one or two 
hits, and he'll come crashing to the bottom. From now on, he'll stay on the 
ground most of the time. Whip out the Shotgun, stand right under him, and 
go to town. The Devil Gauge fills up quickly this way. If you want to be 
cautious like me, use Air Rid until he's dead. If you're in a big hurry, switch 
to Ifrit and use Inferno. Sometimes he'll fly up in the air, pause, then land 
suddenly while shooting lightning everywhere. Dodge this cheap trick. Easy, 
Nelo's just a big, huggable teddy bear at this point in the game. He'll drop 
his guard and taunt you as soon as the fight begins, so use the Devil Trigger 
(if available) and punish him. Don't do anything fancy here-- Air Raid won't 
work too well. Just hit the [O] button repeatedly when in Devil mode. Once 
the gauge runs dry, change your strategy. Now you'll need to be a bit more 
defensive. Avoid his sword attacks and energy blast by jumping and then 
pressing [O] so that you slash him from behind. This will throw him 
off-balance. Then you should use the Shotgun and Stinger. Shoot him once, 
Stinger, retreat, repeat, all day long. When the gauge is filled again, hack 
and slash like nobody's business. Just keep an eye as to where he teleports!
The dark angel is considerably harder this time around. He has a few new 
techniques, but he's still very much beatable. This time through you need 
the Grenadegun and Ifrit equipped. Use Inferno on him when you see an opening. 
Once the Trigger is gone, shoot, roll, shoot, roll. When you roll directly 
after firing the Grenadegun, it greatly reduces the recoil time. If Nelo 
happens to teleport onto the bumpy platform above, that is a good thing. He's 
a sitting duck up there, as you will soon find out. Jump kicks work pretty 
well against him, but be warned: Nelo can sometimes block you and then 
I'm happy to be rid of this jerk because he has a bad habit of improving his 
abilities between fights. He's hella strong this time, so avoid his sword 
combos like the plague. Ifrit is your pal once again, just like in the previous 
battle. If you're trying to hit him with Inferno while he's swinging away 
with his sword, be sure to land behind or to the side of him. Watch to see 
if he's charging up to shoot an energy blast. If so, hit him with everything 
you've got. When the Trigger is gone, shoot and roll like you've done so many 
times. If you want to be cautious, shooting him with the Grenadegun while 
in Devil form works moderately well. 

Nelo's moves are a bit trickier, of course, so be on the lookout. Sometimes 
he'll perform High Time like Dante, then punctuate that move with an Ifrit 
jump kick. Get away from him when he starts pulling off that crap. If you're 
quick enough in killing him, he may not use some of his more annoying tactics 
altogether. He can surround his body with swords or launch them at you...in 
either case, jump and roll around until they all miss. Then shoot him. He 
might even go to the back part of the room near the throne, suspend himself 
in midair, and shoot you with energy blasts. You need to avoid these by rolling, 
of course. Shoot him whenever possible.
This monster isn't all that bad the first time around, but he becomes annoying 
very quickly. First thing's first: once you enter the Cathedral, be sure to 
have the Grenadegun and Ifrit ready to go. Hit the funny emblem thing until 
it lights up, and THEN examine the puddle. This will save you the time of 
having to do that after Nightmare is already shooting at you. Dodge his 
initial flurry of fire by running circles around him. Once he stops shooting, 
that's a sure sign that he's about to reveal his orb. Go Devil and perform 
Inferno right on top of it. You could use Air Raid if you want to be extra 
cautious, but I find Inferno to work better overall. Once Nightmare conceals 
his orb, drop down right next to him and allow yourself to be swallowed. 

Once you're inside Twisted Alternate Reality Land, equip Alastor and the 
Shotgun. Shoot and kill each Sargasso one by one, then the chief Sargasso 
will come flying at you. Kill him, then brace yourself-- Phantom's spirit 
will be poised to attack. Fortunately, he's incredibly weak now. You should 
have your Trigger built up substantially, so let lose with Air Raid. 

After you emerge to the surface, a good chunk of Nightmare's life will be 
knocked off. Now it's time to really get to work. Hit the emblem until it 
lights up all the way. Dodge the machine gun fire, wait for the orb to show 
up, then perform Inferno without mercy. If Nightmare is not finished by this 
second onslaught, take the Grenadegun and shoot, roll, and shoot until the 
gauge is full again. Hit Nightmare with Inferno until he dies.
This green blob has changed very little since the last time Dante saw him. 
Use the same strategy as before. When you're in Twisted Alternate Reality 
Land this time, you'll face Griffon. Switch to Alastor and Air Raid for the 
best results. Dante will run out of Trigger eventually, but shoot Griffon 
with grenades to build it back up quickly. Air Raid him a few more times, 
and that should be enough to stop him. 

Be sure to recognize the attack that Nightmare is going to use when he shows 
Dante his orb. Sometimes he'll shoot out homing missiles. Now would be a great 
time to use Inferno. If that's not available, you won't be able to stand up 
very well to Nightmare's homing devices. Just run and dodge them if necessary. 
Otherwise, you need to stay fairly close to Nightmare when he reveals his 
orb. Hit the orb and shoot it like mad, even if your Devil Trigger isn't 
powered up. The reason you should stay near Nightmare is that he can thrust 
out a jagged "arm" or, worse still, shoot a big ol' energy beam at you. It's 
not fun to be caught in the way of this blast. Just jump on top of him to 
avoid most of his shenanigans. 
Dante's finally gonna put this giant booger in his place. The strategy for 
this fight is very different than before, so listen up. Fight him with Alastor 
and Grenadegun equipped. Hit the emblem thing a bunch of times, causing him 
to solidify and reveal his orb. Hit it repeatedly with Air Raid. You should 
be able to take a respectable chunk out of his life before he regresses to 
a big puddle. Let Nightmare swallow you at this time. You should be familiar 
with Twisted Alternate Reality Land by now. Kill the Sargassos as quickly 
as you can manage. After you destroy the last one, Nelo Angelo will pop up. 
Switch over to Ifrit and use Inferno to kill him for the last time. Your Devil 
Gauge will be filled to its maximum now. Switch back to Alastor before going 
up to meet Nightmare. Nightmare is pretty pissed by now, but so are you. Use 
the same strategies that have gotten you this far-- run, gun, and Air Raid. 

When Nightmare's life bar is almost completely gone, Trish will show up and 
talk trash to you. Dante would really like to pimp-slap her at this juncture, 
but he has a bigger problem at the moment. Keep using Alastor to nail Nightmare. 
Try to dodge his flurry of desperate attacks, such as the energy beams that 
shoot out from the orb and the annoying boomerang attack. You *could* use 
Inferno to win this match, but that puts Dante at more risk. Alastor is 
generally better to use, not only because it puts Dante safely above most 
immediate danger, but the Devil Gauge will last longer.
First of all, do not take Mundus lightly. He has plenty of annoying trick 
up his sleeve, and you'll have to fight him several times to learn all of 
his quirks and patterns. For the time being, I hope you were able to buy that 
last purple orb. As you should already know, you need to use the Devil Trigger 
here in order to really damage Mundus. If you have a full gauge from the get-go, 
that gives you a tremendous advantage. Press [L1] to release a huge dragon 
(!?!) that will injure Mundus. He'll lose about a third of his health, so 
things are looking up for Dante. 

Now you just need to dodge Mundus' various projectiles until you can get close 
enough to do some more major damage. He may throw asteroids or giant rocks, 
he may shoot lightning, he might launch a bunch of those little reddish lasers 
at you. In all cases, *make a constant sweeping motion from side to side* 
while shooting at him. Surprisingly, most of the crap he slings at you will 
miss! He may suddenly surround himself with a strange ring of white light. 
When he does, get ready to dodge the huge laser he shoots. Try to destroy 
the four big spheres with the Japanese symbol. This has a two-fold purpose-- 
it builds up your Devil Gauge slightly, plus it removes Mundus' defense shield. 
Hit Mundus in the chest when the shield disappears. In general, shoot like 
crazy and use the Devil Trigger whenever possible.
It looks like there's no rest for Dante this time. Luckily, your Devil Gauge 
is filled to capacity now. Immediately engage it and fire projectiles at 
Mundus with the [] button. It would be a really good thing for you to equip 
the Grenadegun. Once the Devil Gauge runs out, shoot, roll, shoot, roll. If 
you see a large sphere with a Japanese symbol, shoot it or hit it with your 

Mundus has some more nasty tricks, but they can all be avoided with some effort. 
Sometimes little spheres will pop up and fire lasers at you. Shoot them or 
roll out of the way. Mundus may summon white balls of energy that circle around 
him. After a pause, he'll fire them at you. It's imperative that you detect 
which way the first one is curving toward you. Why? If it is coming from an 
angle that would hit Dante's left side, you need to roll RIGHT immediately. 
You should be able to dodge all the blasts this way. Trust me, you don't want 
to be hit by them. Mundus will sometimes throw a sharp blade that sticks up 
from the ground. Simply roll out of the way. 

When you've knocked off about 30% of Mundus' vitality AND your Devil Gauge 
is nearly full, jump on a floating ledge near you, then onto another ahead 
of it. You should be standing pretty close to Mundus right now. Stand your 
ground and hit him with sword combos while the Devil Trigger is on. I prefer 
hitting him twice, pausing, then hitting him with a bunch of stabs that end 
in a quasi-Stinger. If you're lucky, he won't even think to destroy the 
platform you're standing on. If he does, get outta the lava ASAP. Then jump 
onto the platform where you started off and hit him with projectiles again. 
If he summons up a Lava Dragon, try to kill it on the spot. It coughs up a 
much-needed green orb when it dies. Shooting Mundus is an easy way to kill 
him, but slashing him is much quicker. Take your pick.

Ah, what would a great Capcom horror title be without that last unexpected 
visit from the chief villain? Fortunately, Mundus is little more than a 
weakling. He looks like a wreck and begs, "Daaante...come baaaack...fear 
meeee...please?" Dante, who knows better, retorts, "Umm,letmethinkNO!" and 
lays the smack down once again.

Right. Just switch to Alastor and stick to the old tried-and-true game plan. 
Shoot, shoot, Devil Trigger, Air Raid, laugh maniacally. After Dante pretty 
much kills Mundus, Trish shows up to offer her support. 

So, the truth comes out...Trish WASN'T dead!!! Big surprise there. Dante will 
automatically equip the handguns. Fire at Mundus with reckless abandon until 
the Devil Trigger is able to work. Initiate the Devil Trigger, fire a shot, 
say one last witty quip before blowing away Mundus, then laugh at his feeble, 
empty threats as he disappears into who-knows-where.

IV. My Results [ Things to Do ]

This obviously isn't the Ultra Official Chart that shows the parameters of 
the S-Rank, but these results more or less reflect the ones you should get 
by following my FAQ. I know you may have seen other FAQs that have an S-Rank  
chart, but I've found a few holes in some of the suggested numbers (there's 
no way I should've gotten an S on Mission 5 with the type of numbers I put 
up). They may be completely true, but there's more than one way to get an 
S-Rank , as you should know by now. My chart also gives you an indication 
of the damage percentage, so there.

| Mission | Elapsed Time | Red Orbs | Damage % |
|  1      |   5:24       |  244     |  10      |
|  2      |   3:52       |  183     |   0      |
|  3*     |   5:43       |  652     |  25      |
|  4*     |   5:51       |  344     |  10-15   |
|  5      |   2:51       |  117     |  70      |
|  6      |   4:14       |  255     |  15-20   |
|  7*     |   3:07       |  705     |  40      |
|  8      |   2:48       |  565     |  30      |
|  9      |   5:41       |  536     |   0      |
|  10     |   2:56       |  443     |   5      |
|  11*    |   4:37       |  913     |  15      |
|  12     |   3:51       |  727     |  20      |
|  13     |   1:35       |  99      |   5      |
|  14*    |   4:15       |  366     |  10      |
|  15     |   8:52       | 2043     |  15      |
|  16*    |   7:20       | 1560     |  10      |
|  17*    |   6:54       |  595     |  15      |
|  18     |   6:44       | 1146     |  30      |
|  19     |   4:26       |  405     |  5-10    |
|  20     |   3:51       |  505     |  35      |
|  21     |   4:37       |  675     |   5      |
|  22     |   4:12       |   0      |  50      |
|  23     |   5:09       |  476     |  10      |

* Denotes completion of a Secret Mission (two are beaten in Mission 4)

V. Miscellany [ Results, Comments, etc. ]

Throughout the game, you must not use *any* items. If you do, that throws 
off the ranking scale. Besides, you really shouldn't have to use Devil Stars, 
Holy Water, etc.

The only abilities you absolutely need to buy are as follows: Stinger Level 
1, Air Raid, Kick 13 Level 1, Inferno. People have suggested that Rolling 
Blaze is also necessary, but I'm the one with an FAQ here, and I know that 
you can manage just fine without it. Any purchases besides these (such as 
Rolling Blaze) is totally up to you, but you may not own enough red orbs to 
buy the blue and purple orbs that I recommended. Shop wisely... 

There are a couple of excellent places to "Level Up" if you don't care about 
your rank and just want to buy everything possible. During Mission 16, if 
you travel to the airplane room, you'll encounter a Plasma. Equip Ifrit and 
either the Shotgun or Grenadegun. Beat the crap out of Plasma until he splits 
up. Then use Inferno to wipe out all three at once. Then head out either of 
the doors. Immediately enter the airplane room again. Another Plasma will 
be there. You can do this whole process infinitely. You'll collect somewhere 
around 180 red orbs for killing three Plasmas.

The second (and even better) place to level up occurs in Mission 19. This 
is when you enter the weird mirror world, take the Philosopher's Stone, then 
fight the Nobody trio. Make quick work of them using Inferno and the 
Grenadegun, collect the red orbs, exit, then turn around and enter the area 
again. There will be more Nobodies, and you would do well by killing them 
all again. Just like with the Plasma(s), you can repeat this as many times 
as you see fit. You collect 350+ red orbs from defeating three Nobodies.

It could be quite feasible to beat some of the Secret Missions that I avoided 
and still pull off an S. If you can do it, I tip my hat to you (Freak!!). 
I'm not suggesting that it's impossible to do this, but I think a few of the 
Secret Missions are a waste of time. If you want to tromp around and kill 
multiple Shadows, feel free to do so. 

VI. Final Words [ Obligatory Stuff ]

'' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' ''
This FAQ is copyright 2001 by John Combs. Devil May Cry belongs to Capcom, 
which does not endorse this FAQ. You may distribute this FAQ as long as nothing 
is altered, you have received my consent, and I am given full credit. 
*http://www.neoseeker.com* has permission to freely host any and all of my 
'' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' ''

Many thanks to:
JL Lee, for writing a top-notch blue orb piece guide as well as a Secret 
Mission guide. Thanks for finding and documenting all the orbs and secrets 
when I was too lazy to do it.

Capcom, for making one of the best PlayStation 2 games as of yet. How about 
a sequel, eh??

In Flames, for being there when I was typing this thing. Black metal lives...

What's to come??......

I was planning on making a Hard difficulty S-Rank Walkthrough, and I have 
already accomplished that. As for a Q&A section, time will tell.

As you may have read, my e-mail address is johncombs@integrityonline30.com. 
Send any major corrections or relevant questions to me. I should have covered 
everything pretty well, but I might've missed something. Look for updates.

Until next time,

John "The Ragin Saiya-jin" Combs

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