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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Croco

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 11/11/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

        ###      ####                                                   ##
       ###     #   ###                                                  ##
      ###      #    ###                                ###              ####
      ###     ##     ###                        #    ##  ##      #####     ##
      ##     ##       ###                      ##    ##  ##    ####  ####  ##
     #      ##        ###    ###     #     #         ##  ##         ###### ##
           ##         ###  ##  ##   ##    ##   ##    ##  ##        ########
          ###        ###  ##  ##    ##    ###  ##    ##  ##        ### #####
         ###        ###    ####    # ##  ##  ####      ##    #    ###   ###
         ##       ####   ##   ##  #  ## ##      ##    ## ## #     ###  ####
       #############  ####     ###    ###        #####    ##      ##  #####
    ####                                             ########      #  ### ##
               #       #                           ###      ##        ##   ##
              ##      ##                         ###        ##       ##    ##
             ###     ###                        ###        ##       ##     ##
            ## ##   # ##                       ###        ##       ##      ##
           ##  ##  ## ##                      ###         #       ##       #
          ##    ## #  ##      ##             ###
         ###     ##    ##   #   #  #    #   ####                ####   #    #
        ###            ##  ##  ## ##   ##   #####              #   #  ##   ##
      ####             ###  ### ## ## ##     #####            #   #  # ## ##
    #####               #####       ###        #####        ##     ##   ###
                                   ##           ############           ##
                                  ##                                  ##
                                ##                                  ##
                            ~A FAQ/Walkthrough Created By: Croco~
    This document is Copyright 2001 by Croco. Reproduction of this document in part
    or in whole without the author's consent is strictly forbidden. If the reader
    wishes to use the FAQ for their personal and private use only, then a copy may
    be made.
    This Extensive FAQ/Walkthrough Capcom's Devil May Cry Includes the Following
         * A precise walkthrough detailing how to conquer each mission, including
           where to find special items and points of interest.
         * Guides on how to find and accomplish the secret missions.
         * Tips for defeating the bosses.
         * An extensive enemy guide, complete with strategies for defeating them
           and detailed information.
         * Guides to the items, special attacks, and other moves.
         * More! Let's rock, baby.
    Contact Me: croco64@yahoo.com (See Part 5, Section 3 for details)
    This FAQ/Walkthrough for Devil May Cry is currently in Version 1.3, Created
    November 11th, 2001 by Croco.
    Version 1.3 - Created 11/11/01
    Welcome to the newest version of this FAQ, brought to you today because I
    didn't have to work tonight. Peachy. This is the standard update size, with two
    new Missions (6 and 7) as well as updates to all the other sections. My Secret
    Missions walkthrough has been temporarily postponed, unfortunately, but I
    should get back to working on it with new missions within the next couple
    updates. That's all for now.
    Version 1.2 - Created 11/6/01
    This is the first regular update for this FAQ. Expect about this much added for
    each future update. November is also here, marking the start of the holiday
    season, which is prime time for gaming. Mmm... turkey and Metal Gear Solid 2.
    What a nice month. Anyway, this update includes the walkthroughs for Missions 4
    and 5, as well as Secret Mission 3. All the other incomplete sections have been
    updated with new information.
    Version 1.1 - Created 10/31/01
    The first version of my FAQ was little messed up in design when it arrived at
    the site, but now all the errors have been fixed. Also, I've included the start
    of the Blue Orb Fragment Guide. Just a minor update.
    Version 1.0 - Created 10/30/01
    Today marks Day One of my foray into the world of Devil May Cry FAQs. I'm not a
    huge fan of the Resident Evil series, but Devil May Cry has won me over by
    fixing many of the problems I had with ol' RE. As the incredible writer I am, I
    couldn't resist this opportunity to make a new FAQ. So here we go. Version 1.0
    includes so far in the walkthrough Missions 1-3 and Secret Mission 1, and the
    corresponding parts in the other sections.
    UPDATE NOTICE: New to Version 1.2 of the FAQ are Missions 4 and 5, as well as
    Secret Mission 3. Many other incomplete sections have been updated as well.
    NEXT UPDATE: Expected 11/17/01
    I. Part 1: Introduction
       1. Introduction
       3. Story
    II. Part 2: Walkthroughs
       1. Game Walkthrough
          - Opening Area: Outside Path
          - Mission 1: Curse of the Bloody Puppets
          - Mission 2: Judge of Death
          - Mission 3: Destroyer of Ardor
          - Mission 4: Black Knight
          - Mission 5: Guiding of the Soul
          - Mission 6: Evil of the Waterways
          - Mission 7: Holding the Key of Ardor
       2. Secret Missions Walkthrough
          - Secret Mission 1: Critical Hit
          - Secret Mission 2: Phantom Baby
          - Secret Mission 3: Phantom Baby II
    III. Part 3: Basics & Lists
       1. Controls
       2. Gameplay Basics
       3. Power Up Shop List*
       4. Enemy Guide*
    IV. Part 4: Guides & Indexes
       1. Actions Guide
         a. Normal Actions
         b. Alastor Actions*
         c. Ifrit Actions**
       2. Weapons Guide
         a. Devil Arms*
         b. Guns*
       3. Items Guide*
       4. Blue Orb Fragment Index*
       5. Rankings Guide
    V. Part 5: Miscellaneous
       1. Frequently Asked Questions
       2. Additional Tips
       3. Contact Info
       4. Credits/Other
       5. Closing Statement
    *: This symbol indicates that this section has been started on, but is
    currently under completion. Expect more in future updates.
    **: This symbol indicates that this section has not been started on at all.
    When it will be started on is usually based on the order it is found on the
    Table of Contents.
     : No Marks indicate the section has been completed.
    |  _________________________________________________________________________  |
    | |  ____                                                             ____  | |
    | | / __ \       =============== INTRODUCTION ===============        / __ \ | |
    | |/ /  \ \_________________________________________________________/ /  \ \| |
    |   /    \___________________________________________________________/    \   |
    \  /                                                                       \  /
     \/                                                                         \/
                      =============== INTRODUCTION ===============
         Resident Evil is a series every gamer has heard about, if not played to
    death. Pioneering the survival horror genre, Resident Evil's main focus was to
    scare the pants off of the player while providing an entertaining gaming
    experience. While it was all in all successful at this task, many players were
    left with several key complaints. The game lacked action, as it tried to force
    the player to avoid enemies rather than fight them. Other complaints, such as
    poor control and camera angles were also addressed. Throughout the four games
    Resident Evil has spanned so far, little has been done to fix these problems.
         About three years ago, Shinji Mikami, the producer of Devil May Cry, set
    out on the task to forge Resident Evil 4. Mikami addressed the complaints of
    the Resident Evil series, and it wasn't long before he realized that the game
    he was creating was very different from Capcom's beloved series. He decided
    that this game should be its own, unique property, and thus it transformed into
    Devil May Cry.
         Throughout its development, Mikami has focused on making an action-packed
    title. To do this he emphasized smooth controls, an incredible fighting system,
    cool enemies, and beautiful environments. After years of work, Devil May Cry
    was completed. Mikami has definitely accomplished what he set out to do.
                        =============== COMMENTS ===============
         Myself, I'm not a huge fan of the Resident Evil series. The clumsy
    controls and lack of combat really didn't make me latch onto the series like so
    many others have. When I heard that Devil May Cry would supposedly remedy all
    of these problems, I was rather excited. Playing the demo when I rented Code
    Veronica X (which, ironically, I played more than Veronica itself), I found the
    game to be quite pleasing... but was it good enough to buy?
         October 18th rolled around, and a day later, I went out and purchased
    Devil May Cry after hearing some good things about it. When I started to play
    it, I was pretty happy with what I had bought. Devil May Cry is probably my
    favorite PS2 game thus far.
         It's been a while since I've written a new FAQ, and I've been eager to
    give it another go. I've been constantly improving upon myself, and I think I'm
    getting closer and closer to the quality level I want to be at. This Devil May
    Cry FAQ is another step in the process.
         The main change in this FAQ from my others is the arrangement of the
    sections. Previously, I placed the Walkthrough after basic information about
    the game. Starting in this FAQ, I've switched things around and made the
    Walkthrough Part 2, only preceded by the Introduction. I've chosen to do so for
    two reasons. First, the Walkthrough is what readers want to see most, and
    having it closer to the top makes it easier to find. Second, the basic info
    sections aren't as important and sometimes contain minor spoilers the reader
    will have to dodge around. So, the rearrangement has been made and it'll
    probably stay this way.
         Well, enough chit-chat, time to get down to business. What you're about to
    read is perhaps the best work of art ever to grace mankind. Or maybe the second
                          =============== STORY ===============
         Devil May Cry isn't driven by Story elements, but Dante does need a reason
    to travel to this demonic island to kick some ass. This is a direct excerpt
    from the Devil May Cry Instruction Manual.
    " /___\ ccording to legend, 2000 years ago while snow was falling on a clear,
     /  _  \  freezing night on Earth, a fierce devil prince was born deep in the
    |  | |  | darkest pit of the netherworld.
    |__| |__|
       He grew rapidly. Within a short time he gained his full powers and took over
       the Devil Throne. His first act as ruler of all devils was to declare
       himself emperor of the Devil Kingdom. His next feat was an invasion of the
       human world. His plan was to conquer it and rule over both the lower and the
       upper realms.
       But a powerful devil-knight known as Sparda took pity on humans for their
       brief, transient lives. In fierce battles he defeated all the Devil ruler's
       armies and finally imprisoned the emperor himself in a sealed vault.
       Having achieved victory, Sparda abandoned the Devil Kingdom to live in the
       human world. He married a human woman and soon fathered a half devil, half
       human son.
       But beware, mankind. After 2000 years, the cursed Devil Emperor will be
       released and will return to invade the human world once again.
       Sparda's son must be our protector!"
    |  _________________________________________________________________________  |
    | |  ____                                                             ____  | |
    | | / __ \       =============== WALKTHROUGHS ===============        / __ \ | |
    | |/ /  \ \_________________________________________________________/ /  \ \| |
    |   /    \___________________________________________________________/    \   |
    \  /                                                                       \  /
     \/                                                                         \/
         Looking for help through the game? Look no further. The Walkthroughs
    section of this FAQ lists strategies and explanations for the Missions and
    Secret Missions in this game. This includes how to use key objects, where to
    find hidden items, and how to beat the bosses.
               =============== GAME WALKTHROUGH (NORMAL MODE) ===============
    This Walkthrough was compiled playing the game on the Normal difficulty level.
    However, this walkthrough should be helpful and accurate for the other
    difficulties as well. If deemed necessary, I will create walkthroughs for other
    difficulty levels at later times.
    This Walkthrough is not written with speed in mind, but rather simply how to
    complete the levels the easiest way possible while getting all of the items.
    If the directions tell you to CHECK something, press the X button near the
    object to do so.
    ============= OPENING AREA: OUTSIDE PATH ============
    After the introductory sequence, the game puts you down on the outskirts of
    Mallet Island. The ruins of an old castle lie ahead, and rubble is strewn along
    the path.
    Take a brief moment to get down the controls and test out the Normal Actions
    you know (check your inventory screen or the Actions section in this FAQ).
    After a quick test of everything, start heading down the path. Within no time
    at all you'll find a strong yellow glow verberating near a statue on the left
    side of the path. Go over and pick up the YELLOW ORB, which will give you
    another continue.
    As you go further down the path, you'll see a bridge overhead. Kick Jump up to
    the bridge and head over to the left to find a BLUE ORB FRAGMENT. Jump back
    down and head by the remaining part of the path into the castle.
        /\                                                                    /\
       /  \__________________________________________________________________/  \
      / /\____________________________________________________________________/\ \
     / /      ========== MISSION 1: CURSE OF THE BLOODY PUPPETS ==========      \ \
     \ \  ____________________________________________________________________  / /
      \ \/ __________________________________________________________________ \/ /
       \  /                                                                  \  /
        \/                                                                    \/
    Target Time: 6:00                       Target Red Orbs: 400
    Level Length: Medium                    Level Difficulty: Easy
    No. Blue Orb Pieces: 4                  Entrance to Secret Mission: No
    Items Found: Rusty Key
    Enemies: Marionette, Bloody Mari
    Boss: None
    ===== CASTLE LOBBY =====
    When you enter the castle, you'll be inside a large room with several stories.
    There's a staircase and a monstrous statue of a horseman in the center. On the
    far side is a door protected by red spirits. To get past it, you will need to
    collect 45 Red Orbs.
    The first group of Red Orbs is on the ground level near the horseman statue.
    After collecting them climb the stairs to the right and go around the room to
    the other side, where you will find a statue of the god of time. Jump on it and
    go down the right path to find more Red Orbs, then backtrack and go down the
    left path. At the end, drop down to the lower level and collect the red orbs
    You will now have enough red orbs to open the door, but before leaving, go over
    to below the left staircase. Because it is broken, you can't reach the part of
    the second level above by walking. Instead, Kick Jump off the wall to find a
    BLUE ORB FRAGMENT on the upper level. Now head through the door using your red
    ===== CASTLE TOWER =====
    The next room you enter will be blue in color. On the wall are four suits of
    armor that you can destroy to find a BLUE ORB FRAGMENT and some Red Orbs. Head
    through the door on the side and up the stairs in the next room. You'll come to
    a room full of rubble and a puppet. Smash the clutter behind the puppet to find
    some Red Orbs, then go through the nearby door. Inside the blue-toned room,
    jump into the pool of water on the left to find a BLUE ORB FRAGMENT. There's
    nothing else you can do in this room for now, so head back out to the room with
    the puppet.
    If you look at the ceiling in this room, you'll see there's a hole. Jump up on
    the box below the hole and then leap up into the opening above. You'll emerge
    inside a small library. Another puppet is holding a RUSTY KEY. Take it. As you
    walk away, the puppet will come to life, and another will drop from above. Kill
    the two Marionettes, then drop back down the hole. The puppet down here before
    will have become a Marionette, and more will arrive shortly. Defeat them, then
    head back down the stairs and into the lobby (the room with the horseman
    In the lobby is a door near the one that leads to the castle tower (the door
    appears to have mummy-like creatures on it). Inside the center of the next room
    is a biplane. Kick Jump off the wall to the right of the plane to land on the
    top wing (it's hard to do this, but keep at it and you'll eventually make it).
    Walk to the left to collect a BLUE ORB FRAGMENT. Jump back down and head to the
    back right corner of the room. On the wall you'll notice a circular symbol.
    Slash at it with your sword until all of the letters light up, activating the
    elevator to take you down to the crypt.
    In the underground crypt, you'll immediately face off against five Marionettes
    that drop from the ceiling. To fight them most effective, concentrate on
    defeating one at a time to slowly wear down their numbers. When they're all
    destroyed, six more will come out from chambers in the wall. Use the same
    strategy for conquering this group. Once they're gone, the elevator will come
    down and you can ride it back up to the room with the biplane. The puppets
    hanging form the ceiling will now come to life, and you'll have to defeat them
    before continuing. These Marionettes tend to clutter, so while you should focus
    on defeating one at a time, try to hit multiple enemies with one slice. When
    all of the Marionettes are defeated, the door on the side wall will open up. Go
    through it to complete the mission.
        /\                                                                    /\
       /  \__________________________________________________________________/  \
      / /\____________________________________________________________________/\ \
     / /            ========== MISSION 2: JUDGE OF DEATH ==========             \ \
     \ \  ____________________________________________________________________  / /
      \ \/ __________________________________________________________________ \/ /
       \  /                                                                  \  /
        \/                                                                    \/
    Target Time: 7:00                       Target Red Orbs: 450
    Level Length: Medium                    Level Difficulty: Easy
    No. Blue Orb Pieces: 1                  Entrance to Secret Mission: No
    Items Found: Rusty Key,
    Enemies: Marionette, Bloody Mari, Sin Scissors
    Boss: None
    ===== OPENING HALLWAY =====
    As you start Mission 2, you will be inside a long hallway. Right at the
    entrance are several Marionettes. Defeat them and enter the door nearby at the
    first end of the hallway. Inside the room, smash up the benches and clutter to
    collect some Red Orbs and a BLUE ORB FRAGMENT. Also in this room is a god of
    time statue where you can access the Power Up Shop.
    Head back out into the main hall and start down it. About halfway down, a large
    group of Marionettes will attack you. You can stay and collect some Red Orbs
    from them, but keep in mind that they won't stop coming out and it may be best
    to leave before you get in over your head.
    At the very end of the hallway is a statue of a woman with a sword through her.
    Check the statue and you'll acquire the ALASTOR weapon. Now head into the
    nearby door.
    ===== LIBRARY AND FOUNTAIN =====
    Entering the door near the end of the hall will take you into and expansive
    library. Smash the table on the lower level to find some Red Orbs, and the
    table on the upper level for the SHOTGUN weapon. A painting on the upper floor
    shows a picture of a grim reaper-like spirit who is holding a RUSTY KEY. Take
    the Rusty Key and head back out of the Library.
    Proceed down the hallway from the way you came. Where there were Marionettes
    before, there will still be some now. This time, however, if you can spare the
    health, stick around to finish them off. Near where the Marionettes attacked is
    a door that you can now open with the Rusty Key.
    Head into the room. In the center is a beautiful fountain, but you won't be
    able to enjoy it as a barrage of Marionettes will soon appear. Defeat as many
    as you feel you need to, then jump up the stairs in the back of the room to the
    upper level, then leap across the gaps in the floor to get to the door on the
    far side.
    The fountain area will lead into a corridor filled with more Marionettes. Make
    your way through the group to the back of the hall, where you'll notice an
    altar on the side. Hit it with your sword a few times to move it back, then
    enter the hatch underneath.
    The hatch will drop you down into a damp, dreary room overrun by plants. You'll
    be facing a large mural of the Judge of Death, who is holding the STAFF OF
    JUDGMENT. Take it from his hands and the exit will open up. Exit the room and
    you'll be in the library.
    Since there's nothing to do in the library and you have the item you need to
    leave this Mission, you'll try to head out. But as you reach the door, a spirit
    will block your path and three Sin Scissors will appear. The Sin Scissors can
    be defeated easily by performing a few downward slashes (jump into the air then
    press the sword button to slice down) right before the Sin Scissors attack.
    Just be sure to watch out for their falling scissors when they die and you'll
    be golden.
    When you head out of the library, you'll see a large group of bugs. Stepping,
    slicing, or shooting these Phantom Babies will yield Red Orbs, so pull out your
    Ebony & Ivory and blast as many as you can before they scurry away. Then finish
    the level by placing the Staff of Judgment in the Judge of Death's hands.
        /\                                                                    /\
       /  \__________________________________________________________________/  \
      / /\____________________________________________________________________/\ \
     / /          ========== MISSION 3: DESTROYER OF ARDOR ==========           \ \
     \ \  ____________________________________________________________________  / /
      \ \/ __________________________________________________________________ \/ /
       \  /                                                                  \  /
        \/                                                                    \/
    Target Time: 3:00                       Target Red Orbs: 550
    Level Length: Short                     Level Difficulty: Medium
    No. Blue Orb Pieces: 1                  Entrance to Secret Mission: Yes
    Items Found: Pride of Lion
    Enemies: Sargasso
    Boss: Phantom
    ===== THE BRIDGE =====
    The cathedral is a large hall decorated with a creepy atmosphere and plant
    life. On the altar in the center is the Pride of Lion, the item you need to
    obtain to complete the mission. But it's not as easy as just picking it up, of
    course. You must prove yourself worthy first. Check the Pride of Lion and it
    will break the sealed door at the end of the cathedral. Head through the door
    to arrive outside on a hovering bridge platform.
    Walk across the bridge, collect the Red Orbs on the far side, and check the
    center of the circular area. After reading what's there, head back in the
    direction of the cathedral. Halfway across the bridge, though, trouble will
    arise. Lightning will strike and the bridge will crumble, plunging you into the
    murky waters below. Dante isn't an ocean-dwelling creature, so he slowly loses
    health while underwater. Therefore, get a move on and get out as quickly as
    possible. Head into the circular arena, where six Sargasso (skull demons) will
    come alive and attack. They only attack when you approach them, so just get
    near one at a time and fight them one by one. The last Sargasso will drop a
    Green Orb. Head back up through the beam of light.
    You'll now be back out on the other side of the bridge. If you cross the
    floating pieces of debris (I find staying towards the left side is most
    effective), you'll find a BLUE ORB FRAGMENT on the other side, but you'll need
    to jump back into the water again to get back. When all is done, head back into
    the cathedral. Now, having passed the trial, you can snatch up the PRIDE OF
    LION. Don't think things are over yet, though...
         _____   ___   ___  ___
        / ___ \ / _ \ / __// __/=====================================
       / /__/ // // /_\ \ _\ \          ----- PHANTOM -----        ==
      /  ____ \\___//___//___/=======================================
     /  /___/ /
    Welcome to your first boss battle, but don't expect it to be easy just because
    it's your first time. Phantom is a giant entity of molten rock and magma that
    has taken the form of a creature that's a cross between a Spider and a
    Phantom has some difficult attacks. Below are tips on how to avoid them.
       1. FLAME BEAM: When you see Phantom stop moving, sometimes a bright light
        will appear near his mouth. This signals that he's about to perform a flame
        shot in about a split second. The easiest way to avoid it to run around the
        room so it misses you or to position a tree in between you two so it hits
        that. A more dangerous method is to reflect the shot back at Phantom with
        your sword, which will hurt him. Whatever the case, try not to be too close
        when this attack starts.
       2. FIRE PILLARS: If Phantom stops moving but you don't see any bright light
        near his mouth, it means the magma burst attack is coming. This will cause
        pillars of lava to shoot upward from the group where you stand. There is no
        way to counter it other than to keep running until it stops.
       3. JUMP SMASH: Sometimes Phantom will leap into the air and come crashing
        down on top of you. It's somewhat hard to dodge this attack, but it appears
        that you can jump right through Phantom as he's coming down.
       4. TAIL STING: Using his Scorpion-like tail, Phantom will try to sting you.
        Stay behind him or on his back to avoid be hit by the deadly sting.
       5. ARM SWING: If you're near Phantom's mouth, he'll swing his arms in a
        fury. At this time you need to get out of there. Don't try jumping up on
        his back, get away from him in general.
    Phantom is a tough first boss, but if you know what you're doing, he shouldn't
    be too hard. Bring a Vital Star in the battle to make tings considerably
    easier. Utilizing the Devil Trigger powers for more damaging attacks is great,
    too. Be sure to watch carefully for signs of Phantom starting to perform an
    attack. Being cautious is good.
    Phantom has two weak points: his mouth and his back. Since it's dangerous to
    dawdle near his mouth, that leaves his back as prime hacking ground. Jump up on
    it, and when you land, get in a few slices until you're forced off. Continue
    this, preferably in Devil Trigger form, until Phantom dies.
    ===== ON TO THE NEXT MISSION =====
    With Phantom defeated, you can head through the re-opened door back to the
    hallway from the previous mission and the next mission, or you can go to the
    Secret Mission 1.
        /\                                                                    /\
       /  \__________________________________________________________________/  \
      / /\____________________________________________________________________/\ \
     / /             ========== MISSION 4: BLACK KNIGHT ==========              \ \
     \ \  ____________________________________________________________________  / /
      \ \/ __________________________________________________________________ \/ /
       \  /                                                                  \  /
        \/                                                                    \/
    Target Time: 4:00                       Target Red Orbs: 550
    Level Length: Medium                    Level Difficulty: Medium
    No. Blue Orb Pieces: 0                  Entrance to Secret Mission: Yes (3)
    Items Found: Death Sentence, Melancholy Soul
    Enemies: Marionette, Bloody Mari, Sin Scissors, Phantom
    Boss: Nelo Angelo                       Mini-Boss: Shadow
    Boss Bonus: 500 Red Orbs
    Back in the same hallway you left at the end of Mission 2, it's now your goal
    to go back to the outdoor area with the fountain to use the Pride of Lion. As
    you head down the stairs, however, Phantom, the boss from Mission 3, will
    appear. Run like crazy, jumping his attacks whenever he fires. I think it's
    easiest to run all the way to the end of the hall and enter the door at the end
    (this will also give you access the Secret Mission 3).
    When you come back out, Phantom will be gone and you can walk back to the door
    leading to the fountain room (watch out for Sin Scissors, though). Head up to
    the lion statue guarded by an energy field. Use the Pride of Lion to make the
    energy field subside. Now slash the statue of the lion three times with your
    sword and be prepared for a battle.
    ===== SHOWDOWN WITH SHADOW =====
    Shadow is a dark, evil creature that appears from inside the lion statue. It
    takes the form of a wolf/lion/tiger hybrid. He is rather quick, but you can
    defeat him fairly easily if you know the right strategy.
    Here are Shadow's Attacks. He will usually stand still for a split second
    before performing them, indicating to you to prepare for them.
       1. SPIN JUMP: Shadow seems to like to use this move particularly, but it's
        the easiest to prepare for because of the long preparation time he takes.
        He will jump into the air, spin around, then come crashing down at you.
        Keep on the move while jumping to avoid it.
       2. DEATH MAW: When Shadow is on the ground, he will occasionally attack
        with a ferocious biting attack. His body will transform into a giant
        mouth with sharp teeth. This is his most damaging attack, so if you see
        him start to prepare for an attack by standing still momentarily, get out
        of his way as fast as you can.
       3. SHADOW SPIKES: Sometimes Shadow will stand still, summoning its energy
        in the form of spikes that shoot up from the ground. Like Phantom's fire
        pillar attack, keep on the move to avoid this one (though the thin spikes
        are easier to avoid).
       4. SHOT SPIKE: Shadow will also shoot a large spike horizontally at you. He
        performs this attack very quickly, and you can only hope you're moving
        while he does it so it doesn't hit you.
    There are two attacks that work particularly well against Shadow. The first is
    the Shotgun. Its blast, especially when you're close to Shadow, is quite
    powerful and will wear through Shadow quite quickly. You can also move around
    while using it, allowing you to avoid some of Shadow's attacks. Just be sure to
    stop firing when you need to dodge some of his more complicated attacks.
    Air Raid, if you've purchased it, is also a very good attack. Whenever you have
    your Devil Trigger meter full, use this attack to severely damage Shadow.
    Once Shadow takes a considerable amount of damage, he will be weakened and his
    life force, in the form of a glowing globe, will appear. Slash away at it with
    your sword to hurt him. After he turns red, he will be near death. Try to avoid
    his upcoming Death Maw attack, but whether he catches you or not, he'll be
    ===== STAIRWELL TOWER =====
    After the confrontation with Shadow, jump up above where you used the Pride of
    Lion and into the door. You will now be in a room with many stairs. Jump off
    the edge to the very bottom of the room, where a Sword Emblem waits. Smack it
    with your sword a few times, then walk onto the platform in the center of the
    area to have it take you to the very top of the tower.
    At the top, jump off the platform to the nearby ledge to acquire the DEATH
    SENTENCE, a ceremonial sword. Jump over to the stairs on the side and make your
    way up/down until you reach a pair of doors. Enter.
    You'll emerge inside a bedroom. Head over to the god of time statue to power
    up. Jump on to the top of the bed to locate a stash of Red Orbs. When you're
    ready, head over to the statue by the mirror and use the Death Sentence.
    You'll receive the Melancholy Soul, but soon after a mysterious warrior will
    appear and will summon you to fight in the ruins outside. Follow him and
    prepare for battle.
         _____   ___   ___  ___
        / ___ \ / _ \ / __// __/=====================================
       / /__/ // // /_\ \ _\ \       ----- NELO ANGELO -----       ==
      /  ____ \\___//___//___/=======================================
     /  /___/ /
    Nelo Angelo is a fierce, horned warrior whose proficiency in using a sword is
    great. He wields a gigantic sword that he uses in combination with magic to
    perform powerful attacks. His attacks are listed below.
       1. 3 SLASH COMBO: This is a strong attack from Angelo. He will start by
        slashing once, a second time, then finish off with a powerful slice. If
        he hits you with any of these hits, leap out of the way before he can
        hit you with more.
       2. ENERGY SHOT: Sometimes Angelo will pause and blue energy will grow at
        his arm. This is the sign that his energy shot will be used. You can
        dodge to shot by keeping on the move and jumping.
       3. TELEPORT: Angelo has the magical power to teleport across short
        distances in the blink of an eye. Follow the energy line he leaves as a
        trail an surprise him with an attack as he forms.
       4. POWER STAB: This attack cannot be stopped, and it is Angelo's most
        powerful. He will stab at you quickly, similar to Dante's Stinger move.
        It is very harmful, so avoid it at all costs and don't try to counter it.
    Beating Angelo takes good sword-fighting skills; you can't just hack and slash
    your way to victory. Prime times to attack are before he shoots an Energy Shot
    and right after he teleports.
    Dante is stronger than Angelo at this point, especially in Devil Trigger form.
    If you are aggressive with your attacks and get the first hit before his 3
    Slash Combo, your force will knock him back, leaving him vulnerable for attack.
    Air Raid is not particularly useful against Nelo Angelo, as he blocks it
    easily. Instead, use your Devil Trigger for more powerful sword attacks.
    When you reduce Angelo's health to 2/3, he will telport to a bridge on the far
    side of the arena. Follow him. This area is more confined, but simply use the
    same strategy.
    Knock Angelo's health down to 1/3 and he'll teleport again to a path high above
    the arena. Jump from the second battle spot up to where he is. Your strategy
    should remain the same. Defeating Angelo will trigger the end of the Mission.
        /\                                                                    /\
       /  \__________________________________________________________________/  \
      / /\____________________________________________________________________/\ \
     / /          ========== MISSION 5: GUIDING OF THE SOUL ==========          \ \
     \ \  ____________________________________________________________________  / /
      \ \/ __________________________________________________________________ \/ /
       \  /                                                                  \  /
        \/                                                                    \/
       FADES AWAY.
    Target Time: 2:00                       Target Red Orbs: 100
    Level Length: Short                     Level Difficulty: Easy
    No. Blue Orb Pieces: 1                  Entrance to Secret Mission: No
    Items Found: None
    Enemies: Marionette, Bloody Mari, Sin Scythe
    Boss: Shadow
    ===== REMATCH WITH SHADOW =====
    The level begins with you in the arena where you just fought Nelo Angelo. The
    Melancholy Soul will be activated now, and you'll have 3 minutes to take it to
    the bottom of the Stairwell Tower.
    However, it's not simply as easy as going there. As soon as the Mission starts,
    Shadow will return for another fight. Use the exact same strategies that are
    given for Mission 4. The only difference is that now you're in a more wide-open
    area, so it should be easier to dodge his attacks.
    ===== TO THE BOTTOM OF THE TOWER =====
    Shadow will eat up most of your time spent on this Mission, so hurry up before
    your time limit runs out. Head back along the path you took while following
    Nelo Angelo to new battlegrounds (up the wall on the back of the arena, around,
    and up to the front near the castle wall). If you have the Air Hike move (which
    is unlikely at this point), you can double jump up to a tower high above to
    collect a BLUE ORB FRAGMENT.
    Head into the door you entered the courtyard from by dropping down the hole in
    the final spot where you fought Nelo Angelo. Go through the bedroom and out the
    door. Some Sin Scythes will be waiting for you outside, but you can completely
    ignore them. Simply jump down the center of the tower and drop to the very
    bottom. A small door is nearby at the bottom of the staircase. Go inside to
    complete the mission.
        /\                                                                    /\
       /  \__________________________________________________________________/  \
      / /\____________________________________________________________________/\ \
     / /         ========== MISSION 6: EVIL OF THE WATERWAYS ==========         \ \
     \ \  ____________________________________________________________________  / /
      \ \/ __________________________________________________________________ \/ /
       \  /                                                                  \  /
        \/                                                                    \/
    Target Time: 3:30                       Target Red Orbs: 250
    Level Length: Short                     Level Difficulty: Easy
    No. Blue Orb Pieces: 1                  Entrance to Secret Mission: No
    Items Found: Rusty Key, Guiding Light
    Enemies: Beezlebub
    Mini-Boss: Death Scissors
    ===== INTO THE WATERWAY =====
    This mission takes place in a dreary waterway that runs underneath the castle.
    At the start, head to the left (left when facing the door) and you'll come to a
    dead end. Kick Jump off the wall to the left to cause a BLUE ORB FRAGMENT to
    fall from above. Now head back down the other way. When you enter a larger
    area, head into the door nearby.
    Head to the back of the large room and you'll see an object glowing. Stand
    directly underneath it and pick it up. It's a RUSTY KEY. Taking it, however,
    will cause a swarm of Bezzlebubs to emerge from the pipes around the room. Fend
    them off with Shotgun blasts. The ones in the air can be killed with a single
    shot, but the more dangerous land-based variety will take several shots and and
    can do some damage. When all of them are defeated, they door back out will be
    opened up. More Beezlebubs will have entered the waterway. They're easy to
    defeat and are good for collecting Red Orbs. Also, in the passage opposite the
    Rusty Key room, you'll find three Green Orbs and a Red Orb Statue.
    When you're ready, head to the back of the large passage to find the door that
    you use the Rusty Key on. Head down the waterway inside. When you near the end,
    the skull on the wall will take the form of a Death Scissors.
    Death Scissors are much more aggressive and powerful than Sin Scissors, and
    you'll also be confined into a small box during this battle. The Death Scissors
    will usually attack three different ways.
       1. SPINNING DIVE: This is the most powerful attack. The Death Scissors will
        start spinning at you with its Scissors. It will pass through the ground,
        and will come back up shortly to attack again. It will repeat diving at
        you for a short while. Keep jumping and keep on the move to avoid this
       2. SCISSORS CLOSE: This move is much like the Sin Scissors'. It's the
        basic snapping shut of the scissors, and is relatively easy to avoid.
       3. SCISSORS SWING: The Death Scissors will also sometimes swing his pair
        of scissors at you horizontally, sort of like a sword. If you're not near
        him, you'll be OK.
    In order to be successful in this battle, you must constantly keep on the move.
    The space is small, so this will be harder than normal, but if you keep running
    and jumping, the Death Scissors will have a harder time hitting you.
    You can use basically the same strategy on Death Scissors as you do on Sin
    Scissors. Using a downward sword chop (jump into the air and press O) on the
    Death Scissors' skull, especially while in Devil Trigger state, is very
    ===== THE GUIDING LIGHT =====
    Defeating the Death Scissors will allow you to continue to the end of the
    waterway, where the Guiding Light is waiting.
        /\                                                                    /\
       /  \__________________________________________________________________/  \
      / /\____________________________________________________________________/\ \
     / /       ========== MISSION 7: HOLDING THE KEY OF ARDOR ==========        \ \
     \ \  ____________________________________________________________________  / /
      \ \/ __________________________________________________________________ \/ /
       \  /                                                                  \  /
        \/                                                                    \/
    Target Time: 3:00                       Target Red Orbs: 650
    Level Length: Short                     Level Difficulty: Easy
    No. Blue Orb Pieces: 0                  Entrance to Secret Mission: Yes
    Items Found: None
    Enemies: Phantom, Beezlebub, Sin Scissors
    Boss: None
    ===== BACK OUT OF THE WATERWAY =====
    The Key of Ardor, or Guiding Light, is very powerful and will drain your
    vitality for every moment you hold onto it. Obviously, you must escape the
    waterway and make it back to the bedroom as quickly as possible and before your
    life runs out.
    >From the beginning, head back towards the door you used the Rusty Key on
    before. Right before you make it, Phantom will return again. Continue heading
    forward, jumping over his blasts. Two Green Orbs near the end will refill any
    life you may have lost due to Phantom or the key. If you'd like to collect more
    Red Orbs, you can return into the room and defeat the swarm of Beezlebubs.
    Several Green Orbs in a passageway on the wall will refill your life when
    you're done.
    Head down the large waterway passage towards the door you entered from. Right
    before you reach it, three Sin Scissors will appear. Use the normal strategy of
    downward chops (preferably while in Devil Trigger state) to defeat them. If the
    disappear into a wall, don't be aggressive and wait for them to come back out.
    Replenish your life with Green Orbs found in the passageway opposite the room
    where you found the Rusty Key. With the Sin Scissors defeated, head out the
    entrance door of the waterway.
    ===== UP TO THE BEDROOM =====
    You'll come out of the waterway at the bottom of the Stairwell tower. Defeat
    the Beezlebubs, then hit the Sword Emblem (you can skip attacking the
    Beezlebubs if you're low on health). Ride the platform to the top of the tower,
    then jump off to outside the bedroom just below. Head over to the engraving of
    the sun near the mirror and use the Guiding Light to complete the mission.
                   =============== SECRET MISSIONS ===============
    This portion of the walkthrough details how to locate and how complete each of
    the Secret Missions in the game. Strategies were based on the Normal Mode
    difficulty of the game.
    Secret Missions are found by entering remote places of the castle at certain
    times. Secret Missions usually present unusual tasks for you to complete and
    test your overall skill at the game. The reward for completing a Secret Mission
    is a Blue Orb Fragment.
        __                                                                    __
       /  \__________________________________________________________________/  \
      / /\____________________________________________________________________/\ \
     / /          ========== SECRET MISSION 1: CRITICAL HIT ==========          \ \
     \ \  ____________________________________________________________________  / /
      \ \/ __________________________________________________________________ \/ /
       \__/                                                                  \__/
    Found: Mission 3                      Difficulty: Medium
    Enemies: Sin Scissors
    ===== LOCATING =====
    The first Secret Mission is found at the end of Mission 3. Instead of heading
    out of the cathedral after defeating Phantom, head out to the crumbled bridge
    you were just at. Dive into the water to enter the secret mission.
    ===== COMPLETING =====
    Your goal in this mission is to defeat a Sin Scissors with one hit. This is
    difficult to do, and you'll have to time your attack just right. Strike right
    before the Sin Scissors begins its attack on you. Being in the Devil Trigger
    state is very helpful.
        __                                                                    __
       /  \__________________________________________________________________/  \
      / /\____________________________________________________________________/\ \
     / /          ========== SECRET MISSION 2: PHANTOM BABY ==========          \ \
     \ \  ____________________________________________________________________  / /
      \ \/ __________________________________________________________________ \/ /
       \__/                                                                  \__/
    Found: Mission 4                      Difficulty: Easy
    Enemies: None
    ===== LOCATING =====
    Right at the start of Mission 4, turn back around and reenter the cathedral.
    This will start up the second secret mission.
    ===== COMPLETING =====
    Your objective in this mission is to kill 100 Phantom Babies, the little bug
    creatures that scurry along the floor, within the 30 second time limit. There
    are three groupings of Phantom Babies, one near the entrance door, one in the
    corner on the other side of the entrance, and one near the altar. Use a
    combination of stepping on the Phantom Babies while shooting them with Ebony &
    Ivory for the most effective strategy. Don't linger in any one group for too
    long, as there are much more than 100 Phantom Babies in total.
    This mission is also an excellent way to build up your numbers of Red Orbs
    without any threat in the early stages of the game.
        __                                                                    __
       /  \__________________________________________________________________/  \
      / /\____________________________________________________________________/\ \
     / /        ========== SECRET MISSION 3: PHANTOM BABY II ==========         \ \
     \ \  ____________________________________________________________________  / /
      \ \/ __________________________________________________________________ \/ /
       \__/                                                                  \__/
    Found: Mission 4                      Difficulty: Easy
    Enemies: None
    ===== LOCATING =====
    After you begin down the hallway in Mission 4, Phantom (the magma spider) will
    attack. Race all the way to the very end of the hallway and to the door where
    the god of time (power up) statue was in Mission 2. Go inside to activate this
    Secret Mission.
    ===== COMPLETING =====
    This small room contains a bunch of Phantom Babies, and your objective is
    similar to Secret Mission 2's. You have 20 seconds to destroy 100 Phantom
    Babies, but this time it's a bit harder. If you use any weapons, many of the
    Phantom Babies will flee. So, you're stuck to trampling on the Phantom Babies
    to destroy them. Luckily, the small room and large grouping of Phantom Babies
    makes this daunting task a bit easier. It'll take some skillful walking (you'd
    better have practiced those walking skills!) to trounce enough Phantom Babies
    to accomplish your goal, but stick around the large groups and give it a few
    tries and it won't be too hard to pass.
    |  _________________________________________________________________________  |
    | |  ____                                                             ____  | |
    | | / __ \       ============== BASICS & LISTS ===============       / __ \ | |
    | |/ /  \ \_________________________________________________________/ /  \ \| |
    |   /    \___________________________________________________________/    \   |
    \  /                                                                       \  /
     \/                                                                         \/
                       =============== CONTROLS ===============
         The controls in Devil May Cry, while fitted in the roots of Resident Evil,
    are surprisingly unique. Below is how you can perform the basic actions in the
    ===== NORMAL CONTROLS =====
    - LEFT ANALOG STICK: Move Dante in the direction pressed.
    - RIGHT ANALOG STICK: Toggle between Thunder Devil and Fire Devil modes, after
       gaining the Alastor and Ifrit items.
    - X BUTTON: * Check/Read
                * Fire Gun (while R1 is held down)
                * Confirm Menu Selection
    - O BUTTON: Use Sword or Martial Arts (depending on item equipped).
                       * Cancel Menu Selection
    - SQUARE BUTTON: Same as X Button.
    - R1 BUTTON: Fighting Stance (lock on to closest enemy)
    - R2 BUTTON: Taunt
    - L1 BUTTON: Activate Devil Trigger.
    - L2 BUTTON: Display the map.
    - START BUTTON: Access inventory.
    - SELECT BUTTON: Access options menu.
    - D-PAD: Choose Menu Selections.
    - L3/R3 BUTTONS: No use.
    When underwater, the view switches to first-person. The controls will obviously
    change due to this, and below are any changes in control for Dante while
    - LEFT ANALOG STICK: Look/Turn
    - X BUTTON/SQAURE BUTTON/R1 BUTTON: Fire Needle Gun (after aquired).
    - TRIANGLE BUTTON: Swim forward.
    - O BUTTON: Changes view quickly.
                     =============== GAMEPLAY BASICS ===============
         If you're just getting into Devil May Cry or don't own the game and are
    curious about the basics of the game, this section will detail how things work.
    1. Vitality and Devil Trigger Meters
    Dante has two different meters at the top of the screen, one for vitality and
    one for the Devil Trigger. The vitality meter tells how much health Dante has
    left. It can be increased by collecting Blue Orbs. The Devil Trigger Meter
    tells how much power Dante has accumulated from attacking and taking damage.
    With it, Dante can transform into Devil Hunter Dante (see below for details)
    until it runs out. You can increase the Devil Trigger meter by gaining Purple
    2. Red Orbs
    Red Orbs are used to purchase items, new Actions, or to open up doors sealed
    with red spirits. Red Orbs can be obtained by either finding them strewn across
    the levels or by defeating enemies.
    3. Actions
    Actions are special moves that Dante can learn how to use by offering Red Orbs.
    Moves fall into two categories: Alastor and Ifrit. Alastor is based on thunder
    attacks, while Ifrit is based on fire. You must find the Alastor and Ifrit
    weapons before you can learn their respective actions.
    4. Game Progression
    The game is set up as missions. At the end of each mission, you are graded on
    how well you completed. You will get either a D, C, B, A, or S rank, the latter
    being the highest grade. These grades take in a number of factors discussed in
    the Rankings section. The higher your rank, the more Red Orbs you will get as a
    5. Devil Trigger Dante
    When your Devil Trigger meter is full, you can transform into the Devil Hunter
    Dante and have increased power, a small recovery of vitality, and the ability
    to perform special magic Actions. The type of Devil Hunter you transform into
    depends on which Devil Arm you have equipped (either Alastor or Ifrit). If you
    don't have either, you cannot transform.
                    =============== POWER UP SHOP LIST ===============
         Whenever you come across a god of time statue and in between missions,
    you'll get the chance to power up. You can purchase items or new skills with
    the Red Orbs you've saved up. Below is a list of the different things you can
    obtain, as well as their prices and descriptions.
    ===== EXTRA =====
    - DEVIL STAR -
    Red Orb Cost: 550
    Description: A crystal with magical powers. It will recover five Devil Trigger
    - VITAL STAR -
    Red Orb Cost: 480, 580, 680 (1st: 480, 2nd: 580, 3rd and Up: 680)
    Description: A rare stone that revitalizes energy.
    - HOLY WATER -
    Red Orb Cost: 700
    Description: Water of diving blessings. It holds the power to eliminate all the
       evil that's around you.
    Red Orb Cost: 1000
    Description: A shield will surround the body, protecting it from any attack for
       a certain period. You will also be in a Devil Trigger state during this
    - BLUE ORB -
    Red Orb Cost: 300, 550, 1000, 1800, 3200 (cost increases with each purchase)
    Description: Also known as the fragment of life. It has the power to increase
       your maximum limit of vitality.
    - PURPLE ORB -
    Red Orb Cost: 550, 830, 1560, 2920 (cost increases with each purchase)
    Description: It will increase the maximum number of your Devil Trigger gauges,
       thus, increasing the time you can be in a Devil Trigger state.
    - YELLOW ORB -
    Red Orb Cost: 350, 450, 550 (1st: 350, 2nd: 450, 3rd and Up: 550)
    Description: A sacred stone that brings life after death.
    ===== ALASTOR =====
    Red Orb Cost: 350
    Description: With lightning speed, plunge the sword into enemies.
    Red Orb Cost: 1400
    Description: Plunge the sword from an even further distance.
    - ROUND TRIP -
    Red Orb Cost: 1550
    Description: Throw the sword like a boomerang.
    - AIR HIKE -
    Red Orb Cost: 4000
    Description: Double jump in the air.
    - AIR RAID -
    Red Orb Cost: 750
    Description: Become airborne and be capable of performing aerial
       electrocution attacks.
    - VORTEX LEVEL 1 -
    Red Orb Cost: 1150
    Description: Damage enemies with an intense spinning body attack.
    - VORTEX LEVEL 2 -
    Red Orb Cost: 2400
    Description: Currently unavailable.
                       =============== ENEMY GUIDE ===============
         The demonic creatures that inhabit Mallet Island will stop at nothing to
    defeat Dante. Fortunately, Dante has the power to defeat these demons. Below
    are descriptions for each of the enemies. All enemy descriptions are from the
    game, which I felt handle information on defeating the enemies quite well.
    Found: Missions 1, 2, 4, 5              Difficulty: Easy
    Attacks: Crescent Blade Throw, Dagger Throw, Gun Shot, Slash Grab, War Cry
       They are low class evil spirits that borrow the bodies of puppets in order
       to exist in a physical state.
       Sometimes they use their guns to attack. Before they fire their guns, they
       have a habit of twirling their wrists that make spinning sounds.
       The daggers they throw travel in a straight direction. If you can see the
       enemy move before they attack, you should be able to avoid being hit.
       They will also throw crescent shaped blades that curve around objects that
       attack you. Keep a sharp eye and watch their movements.
       Once they catch you, they will not let go so easily as they will try to
       slash and gash at your neck. Wiggle the Left Analog Stick to shake them off.
       They will make a screeching evil war cry to immobilize those near them. If
       You become immobilized, quickly wiggle the Left Analog Stick to free
       Since they exist as physical entities, they can be destroyed by physical
       means. Use guns, swords, and other ways to destroy them into oblivion!
    Found: Missions 1, 2, 4, 5              Difficulty: Easy
    Attacks: Crescent Blade Throw, Dagger Throw, Gun Shot, Slash Grab, War Cry
       They are low class evil spirits that borrow the bodies of puppets in order
       to exist in a physical state. Their red outfit dyed with human blood somehow
       increases their evil powers.
       Sometimes they use their guns to attack. Before they fire their guns, they
       have a habit of twirling their wrists that make spinning sounds.
       The daggers they throw travel in a straight direction. If you can see the
       enemy move before they attack, you should be able to avoid being hit.
       They will also throw crescent shaped blades that curve around objects that
       attack you. Keep a sharp eye and watch their movements.
       Once they catch you, they will not let go so easily as they will try to
       slash and gash at your neck. Wiggle the Left Analog Stick to shake them off.
       They will make a screeching evil war cry to immobilize those near them. If
       You become immobilized, quickly wiggle the Left Analog Stick to free
       Since they exist as physical entities, they can be destroyed by physical
       means. Use guns, swords, and other ways to destroy them into oblivion!
    - PHANTOM -
    Found: Mission 3, 4, 7                  Difficulty: Boss (Medium)
    Attacks: Flame Beam, Fire Pillars, Jump Smash, Tail Sting, Arm Swing
       This is one of the servants of the Dark Emperor. Inside its exo-skeleton
       body there's hot molten lava. Not only is the shell hard, but it also
       protects it from magical attacks as well.
       It uses its mouth to release its magical powers. This opening is the only
       vulnerable part of the monster.
       The tail coiled on its back is a deadly weapon that will thrust its
       stinger with amazing speed. You should keep your distance to avoid being
       It can summon the dead by sticking its head into the ground, and the dead
       will awaken in the shape of fire pillars. The fire pillars strikes from
       the places where the ground lights up. Run and jump to avoid this attack.
       It can charge its evil powers and unleash fires of evil through its mouth.
       Rolling seems to work well in avoiding this attack.
       When its anger is at its peak, it'll shoot fireballs from its back like a
       volcano eruption. Concentrate and dodge this attack.
       The body's topside is also its weak point. If you want to prove yourself as
       a true Devil Hunter, close in on the enemy and attack him from above.
    Found: Mission 4                        Difficulty: Boss (Easy)
    Attacks: 3 Slash Combo, Energy Shot, Teleport, Power Stab
       The knight in dark armor is well versed in the same art of combat as
       Dante's. Everything about this knight remains a mystery.
       Light emission is always present before releasing his energy that's
       Generated by converging the surrounding energy. Be ready for it when you
       see the light.
       His strength to wield a sword of that length is extraordinary. Keeping
       distance and waiting for an opening is a wise strategy when he starts to
       swing he sword viciously. If you time your sword swing with his, you'll
       be able to block his attack creating an opening for attack.
       He uses a special displacement method to instantaneously move from one
       place to another. Determining where he'll appear next is a difficult
       thing to do. Keep calm and focus your attention on where he will appear.
       His powerful attack that is executed after he takes his upper guard stance
       is almost impossible to stop. It's unwise to go head to head with him. Use
       your speed and agility to dodge this attack.
       By determining which way the phantom blades target, they can be easily
       The phantom blades protect the knight by circling around him. Destroy the
       phantom blades and create an opening to attack.
       The pendant that the Nelo Angelo wore was the same as Dante's. It brings
       back faint memories of his youth.
    - KYKLOPS -
    Found: Mission 7                        Difficulty: Medium
    Attacks: Jump Smash, Rock Spit, Claw Swipe
       Although they appear similar to the Phantom, they are still one of the low-
       class evil spirits. However, since they take on earth and rocks as host
       elements, they have substantial durability. Contrary to their appearance,
       they have superb leaping abilities.
       By eating dirt, they form rocks in their mouths. They shoot these rocks out
       of their mouths. Try to avoid sranding in front of them whenever
       Although their armor is made from rocks, it doesn't compare to the armor of
       the Phantom. Use your Devil Hunter powers to bash the monster along with
       their armor.
    - SARGASSO -
    Found: Mission 3                        Difficulty: Easy
    Attacks: Charge, Rapid Bite
       They reside between the edges of the sea and the Underworld. They wait on
       stray wanderers and feast of them. The spirits of the victims are destined
       to wander the endless sea of the Underworld.
       They will move quickly and feast on the life form that they sense nearby.
       They will show their true self only when they attack.
    |  _________________________________________________________________________  |
    | |  ____                                                             ____  | |
    | | / __ \      ============== GUIDES & INDEXES ===============      / __ \ | |
    | |/ /  \ \_________________________________________________________/ /  \ \| |
    |   /    \___________________________________________________________/    \   |
    \  /                                                                       \  /
     \/                                                                         \/
                    =============== ACTIONS GUIDE ===============
         A very important part of Devil May Cry is the wide variety of attacks you
    can learn. The different Actions are split up into three categories: Normal,
    Alastor, and Ifrit. The most powerful actions are found in the latter two, but
    they must also be purchased using Red Orbs. This is a guide to all of the
    Actions, as well as their costs, how to perform them, and how effective they
    ===== NORMAL ACTIONS =====
    - HIGH TIME -
    Red Orb Cost: 0                        Perform: Hold R1 and Back, O
    Description: Swing the sword in an upward rising morion, bashing up enemies
       into the air.
    This is the most effective Normal Action there is, and it's available from the
    get-go. It's actually a three-part move. In the first part, you slice upward,
    causing the enemy to be knocked up into the air (to do this, Hold R1 and the
    direction of Dante's back and press O). From here you can continue the move,
    keep on repeating the first part (a good way to increase your attack rating to
    Awesome and Stylish), or take out your gun and blast the enemy in the air. The
    second part of the attack is where you jump into the air to the height of the
    enemy (continue to hold O after slicing up). If you do the second part, your
    only effective choice is to go onto the third, where you slice downward,
    crashing the enemy into the ground (let go of O while at the apex of your jump,
    then press O again). This is a very good attack for most normal enemies.
    - KICK JUMP -
    Red Orb Cost: 0                        Perform: Triangle While Near Wall/Enemy
    The Kick Jump is a helpful move that you'll be using a lot in the game. When
    you jump up into the air and are near another object at the top of your jump,
    press the jump button (Triangle) again to kick off the object (usually a wall)
    and higher into the air. It allows you to get more vertical height to your
    jumps, but not much more distance.
    - ROLL -
    Red Orb Cost: 0                        Perform: Hold R1, Left/Right + Triangle
    The Roll move is a quick way to dodge enemy attacks or to get out of the way.
    While in the fighting stance (Hold R1), press the Left Analog stick to Dante's
    left or right and tap the Triangle Button to perform the Roll.
    Red Orb Cost: 0                        Perform: L1 with 3+ Devil Trigger
    The Devil Trigger state is a very powerful form of Dante. In it, Dante will
    have increased speed, stronger attack power, and the ability to perform special
    Devil Trigger Actions. You can only use this after obtaining the Alastor sword
    and when you have three or more full symbols on your Devil Trigger Gauge
    (located below the vitality meter).
    Red Orb Cost: 0                        Perform: Jump into water
    Mid-way through the game, you will be faced with several situations that will
    take you underwater. Swimming underwater is in the first-person view to allow
    for easier controls. The controls while underwater are different, and can be
    found in the Controls section (Part III, Section 1).
    ===== ALASTOR ACTIONS =====
    Red Orb Cost: 350                      Perform: Hold R1, Press O and Forward
    Description: With lightning speed, plunge the sword into enemies.
    This is a the most basic and cheapest Alastor move you can know. When you
    perform it, you will stab your sword at enemies from a short distance. To do
    this, you must hold R1 and press O and Forward on the Left Analog Stick at the
    same time. This move is more powerful than a normal sword slice, but also takes
    more time to perform. I don't find myself using it all that often, and you
    probably won't either, but at 350 Red Orbs, it's too cheap to pass up.
    Red Orb Cost: 1400                     Perform: Hold R1, Press O and Forward
    Description: Plunge the sword from an even further distance.
    The upgrade of the Stinger attack does not change the basic form of the move;
    you will still stab the enemy forwards. However, the distance from which you
    can plunge from is greatly increased, allowing you to quickly dart across even
    large rooms to hit faraway enemies. It's not particularly helpful, so it should
    be a lower priority to purchase.
    - ROUND TRIP -
    Red Orb Cost: 1550                     Perform: Hold O
    Description: Throw the sword like a boomerang.
    Round trip is a particularly helpful move to learn. When performed, Dante will
    toss the sword, spinning out at the enemy. When it comes in contact, it will
    stay spinning/slashing the enemy for a short while before returning. You can do
    this by Holding the O button at any time. This move is somewhat powerful due to
    its long length of attack. It will also prevent most enemies from reacting
    while attacking, and can be done from a long distance so you can avoid direct
    confrontation. The main downfall is that you will be very vulnerable to other
    enemy attacks while the sword is out.
    - AIR RAID -
    Red Orb Cost: 750                      Perform: Press X/Square while Airborne
    Description: Become airborne and be capable of performing aerial electrocution
    This attack can only be performed in the Thunder Devil Trigger state. When
    you're in this mode, jump into the air and press R1 to become airborne. Now you
    can fly around, and whenever you press the X or Square buttons, a bolt of
    lightning will shoot out at the enemy. This is an incredibly useful and
    powerful attack, and is cheap as well. This should be your first move that you
    obtain, and it will serve you well throughout the game. The only downside is
    that the attack can be blocked.
    - VORTEX LEVEL 1 -
    Red Orb Cost: 1150                     Perform: Press O while Airborne
    Description: Damage enemies with an intense spinning body attack.
    The vortex move, like Air Raid, can only be performed while airborne in the
    Thunder Devil Trigger state. To do this move, jump into the air and press R1
    (while in Devil Trigger mode) and press O to perform the spinning Vortex
    attack. Dante will spin towards the enemy in a fury. It is quite powerful, and
    a good alternative to Air Raid for Devil Trigger attacks.
                     =============== WEAPONS GUIDE ===============
         In Devil May Cry, Dante will utilize the powers of both swords, guns, and
    other weapons. The Weapons Guide lists the weapons in the game, as well as
    information about them and their uses.
    ===== DEVIL ARMS =====
    - FORCE EDGE -
    Found: Start                              Power: Normal
    Description: A memento of Dante's father, Sparda.
    The Force Edge is the sword you begin the game with. It is more powerful than
    your starting guns, and therefore will be your primary weapon that you use. It
    is not particularly powerful, and does not harness to powers of magic. It's
    pretty much your basic sword, and should serve you well in the early missions.
    - ALASTOR -
    Found: Mission 2                          Power: Thunder
    Description: Give the possessor lightning speed and aerial capabilities.
    The Alastor is a sword very similar to the force edge. The main difference is
    that it uses the power of thunder to allow Dante to obtain Alastor special
    moves. It also deals out more damage and is quicker to swing. This is the best
    sword you can use in the game.
    ===== GUNS =====
    - EBONY & IVORY -
    Found: Start                              Ammo: Normal Bullets
    Description: Dante's hand-made guns.
    Ebony and Ivory are black and white pistols that you start the game out with.
    You can fire them very quickly, but the bullets they fire are incredibly weak.
    You can also move most quickly while firing these guns and can fire from the
    air. Things are better left to more powerful weapons in most situations.
    - SHOTGUN -
    Found: Mission 2                          Ammo: Shotgun Shells
    Description: A wide range gun. Very destructive at close range.
    The Shotgun is a powerful weapon found early on in the game. It can fire about
    once every second, so it's speed is much slower than that of Ebony & Ivory.
    However, it is also much more powerful, especially when you are close to the
    enemy. While you can't move quite as fast with the shotgun, you can still fire
    from the air.
                       =============== ITEMS GUIDE ===============
         This guide will describe all of the items that can appear in the Items
    subscreen, including if they're a unique or generic item and where they can be
    - RED ORB -
    Type: Generic                          Found: Missions
    Red Orb Cost: N/A
    Description: A red stone used to unlock new skills and doors. To acquire new
       skills you must offer the stones to the god of time.
    These are the most basic item. They are strewn throughout the levels in certain
    locations and also are dropped from enemies when you defeat them. They can be
    used to purchase items, skills, or to open blocked doors.
    Type: Generic                          Found: Missions
    Red Orb Cost: N/A
    Description: Also known as the fragment of life. But it's only one fourth of
       The whole piece. When it becomes whole, it will have the power to increase
       the vitality's maximum limit.
    Blue Orb Fragments are common throughout missions. You will usually receive one
    for looking in an out-of-the-way location or for performing some task. When you
    connect the four pieces together, they'll form a Blue Orb.
    - BLUE ORB -
    Type: Generic                          Found: Power Up Shop
    Red Orb Cost: 300, 550, 1000, 1800... (cost continues to increase)
    Description: Also known as the fragment of life. It has the power to increase
       your maximum limit of vitality.
    The Blue Orb is the result of either combining four Blue Orb Fragments together
    or from a purchase in the Power Up shop. The Blue Orb will extend your vitality
    bar by a small amount. Collecting one won't seem to make much difference, but
    collecting a lot certainly will.
    - YELLOW ORB -
    Type: Generic                          Found: Missions, Power Up Shop
    Red Orb Cost: 350... (cost continues to increase)
    Description: A sacred stone that brings life after death.
    Yellow Orbs serve as continues. Whenever you die, you can start from right
    before where you were before you died by using a Yellow Orb. They're quite
    handy in tough boss battles, but aren't necessary to have.
    - GREEN ORB -
    Type: Generic                          Found: Missions
    Red Orb Cost: N/A
    Description: A sacred stone that revitalizes energy as soon as you get it.
    Green Orbs are literal lifesavers. Sometimes enemies will drop these, and
    depending on their size, they will refill certain amounts of your vitality
    right then and there. Very helpful.
    - DEVIL STAR -
    Type: Generic                          Found: Missions, Power Up Shop
    Red Orb Cost: 550
    Description: A crystal with magical powers. It will recover five Devil Trigger
    The Devil Star will immediately recover up to five symbols on your Devil
    Trigger Meter. While not as important to have as a Vital Star, it's certainly a
    handy addition to your inventory, especially during difficult boss battles.
    - VITAL STAR -
    Type: Generic                          Found: Start, Power Up Shop
    Red Orb Cost: 480, 580, 680
    Description: A rare stone that revitalizes energy.
    The Vital Star, when used, will fully recover your vitality. This is a must to
    carry around and will be imperative to having in tough boss fights. The only
    drawback is that you can only carry one at a time.
    - RUSTY KEY -
    Type: Generic                          Found: Missions 1 and 2
    Red Orb Cost: N/A
    Description: The key is rusted but it should work.
    The Rusty Key is a generic key that is found a couple times in the game. It is
    used to open certain locked doors.
    - AMULET -
    Type: Unique                           Found: Start
    Description: A memento of Dante's mother. In the back is an engraving "Virgil
       and Dante."
    You start off the game with the amulet. It appears to not have any special
    benefits at first, but it's true power will be revealed later in the game.
    Type: Unique                           Found: Mission 2
    Description: A staff that shines with mysterious light.
    The Staff of Judgement is the item that the Judge of Death holds. This is the
    item you'll need to open the door to the cathedral.
    Type: Unique                           Found: Mission 3
    Description: A sign of the strong. It allows confrontation with the Lion
    This item is found inside the cathedral, and it'll definitely be some trouble
    getting it and using it.
    Type: Unique                           Found: Mission 4
    Description: A decorative sword used for rituals. It cannot be used as a
    This is a cool-looking sword found inside the stairwell tower. It is used to
    obtain the Melancholy Soul.
    Type: Unique                           Found: Mission 4
    Description: An ornament resembling a soul. When activated, it loses its
       power over time.
    This object is found in the bedroom in Mission 4. You can only complete Mission
    5 if its power is still intact after gradually decreasing.
    Type: Unique                           Found: Mission 6
    Description: A key that shines in ardor. It slowly drains the power of the
    In Mission 5, you had to take the Melancholy Soul to the designated area before
    its power runs out. In Mission 7, you have to take the Guiding Light to the
    designated area before YOUR power runs out. Every second you hold the Guiding
    Light is another second it takes away from your vitality. You'll have to move
    quickly while holding this item.
                  =============== BLUE ORB FRAGMENT INDEX ===============
         Since going through every part of the walkthrough the find the locations
    of the Blue Orb Fragments may be rather tedious, I've created this handy guide
    that tells you where you can locate them. This section is created in the form
    of a checklist, so you can copy, paste, and print to have with you to check off
    as you get the pieces.
    Located on the castle path before the first Mission, right when you arrive on
    the island. After the statue holding the Yellow Orb, you'll see a walkway above
    the path. Kick Jump up onto it and walk to the left to find this fragment.
    Found in the lobby (the first room you're in on the mission). Kick Jump off the
    wall near the remains on the stairs going left to the second floor to obtain
    this piece.
    Destroy the suits of armor in the blue-colored room that is accessed by going
    through the door requiring 45 Red Orbs to open.
    At the top of the spiral staircase in Mission 1 is a door. Enter it to go
    inside a blue-colored room. Jump into the pool of water on the left to collect
    this fragment.
    Go through the door in the lobby requiring the Rusty Key to find a room with a
    Biplane. Kick Jump off the wall to the right of the wings and land on top of
    them. Walk over to the left to find a Blue Orb Fragment.
    Right when you start the level off, head left down the hallway and into the
    door at the end. Smash the tables and clutter inside the room with your sword
    to uncover a Blue Orb Fragment.
    After falling into the water and defeating the Sargasso (skull enemies) in
    Mission 3, jump across the floating debris to the end of the bridge (stay near
    the left side). A Blue Orb Fragment will be your reward.
    This is a difficult Blue Orb to get. If you already have the costly Air Hike
    move, used it after defeating Shadow to jump to a tall tower out in the
    courtyard where a Blue Orb Fragment awaits.
    Right after Mission 6 commences, head upward (left of the door while facing it)
    to come to a dead end. Kick Jump off the wall on the left to make a Blue Orb
    Fragment drop from above.
    [  ] SECRET MISSION 10
    [  ] SECRET MISSION 11
    [  ] SECRET MISSION 12
                      =============== RANKINGS GUIDE ===============
         Wondering how you can obtain the coveted S Ranking in missions and bolster
    your Red Orb supply? The Rankings Guide will tell you exactly how the different
    Devil Hunter ranks are achieved.
    So, what are the things used to calculate your ranking? They are the time it
    takes to complete the mission (see Table 2), the number of red orbs you collect
    (see Table 3), the amount of damage you take (see Table 4), and how many items
    you use (see Table 5). The first two factors, time and number of orbs, are
    dependant on the mission. Below are the target times and target number of orbs
    for all missions.
    \         \            \               \
    |\ Mission \ Time Limit \ Orbs Required \
    | |--------------------------------------|
    | |    1    |   6:00     |      400      |
    | |---------|------------|---------------|
    | |    2    |   7:00     |      450      |
    | |---------|------------|---------------|
    | |    3    |   3:00     |      550      |
    | |---------|------------|---------------|
    | |    4    |   4:00     |      550      |
    | |---------|------------|---------------|
    | |    5    |   2:00     |      100      |
    | |---------|------------|---------------|
    | |    6    |   3:30     |      250      |
    | |---------|------------|---------------|
    | |    7    |   3:00     |      650      |
    | |---------|------------|---------------|
    | |    8    |   3:00     |      585      |
    | |---------|------------|---------------|
    | |    9    |   8:00     |     1500      |
    | |---------|------------|---------------|
    | |   10    |   4:30     |      600      |
    | |---------|------------|---------------|
    | |   11    |   5:30     |     1000      |
    | |---------|------------|---------------|
    | |   12    |   4:00     |      700      |
    | |---------|------------|---------------|
    | |   13    |   2:30     |      200      |
    | |---------|------------|---------------|
    | |   14    |   5:00     |      500      |
    | |---------|------------|---------------|
    | |   15    |  10:00     |     1400      |
    | |---------|------------|---------------|
    | |   16    |   6:00     |     1000      |
    | |---------|------------|---------------|
    | |   17    |   7:00     |      600      |
    | |---------|------------|---------------|
    | |   18    |   6:00     |      900      |
    | |---------|------------|---------------|
    | |   19    |   3:30     |      500      |
    | |---------|------------|---------------|
    | |   20    |   4:30     |      700      |
    | |---------|------------|---------------|
    | |   21    |   5:00     |      700      |
    | |---------|------------|---------------|
    | |   22    |   5:00     |        0      |
    | |---------|------------|---------------|
     \|   23    |   7:00     |      600      |
    The next table details how many points you receive for how much time you go
    over the target time. The points given will be added up for all following
    sections to get a final score (and analysis of the grade) at the end. Following
    it are the scoring tables for Red Orbs collected, damage receive, and items
    |\ Over Given Limit   \ Points \
    | |-----------------------------|
    | | 0 sec or below    | + 500   |
    | |-------------------|---------|
    | | 30 sec or below   | + 300   |
    | |-------------------|---------|
    | | 2 min or below    | + 200   |
    | |-------------------|---------|
    | | 5 min or below    | + 100   |
    | |-------------------|---------|
     \| Above 5 min       |   + 0   |
    |\ Percentage gotten   \ Points \
    | |-----------------------------|
    | | 100% or above      | + 500  |
    | |--------------------|--------|
    | | 80% or above       | + 300  |
    | |--------------------|--------|
    | | 50% or above       | + 200  |
    | |--------------------|--------|
    | | 30% or above       | + 100  |
    | |--------------------|--------|
     \| Below 30%          |   + 0  |
    \ Damage taken        \  Points\
    |\ (1000 = 1 full bar) \        \
    | |-----------------------------|
    | | 0                  | + 500  |
    | |--------------------|--------|
    | | 1 - 500            | + 300  |
    | |--------------------|--------|
    | | 501 - 1000         | + 200  |
    | |--------------------|--------|
    | | 1001 - 1500        | + 100  |
    | |--------------------|--------|
     \| Above 1500         |   + 0  |
    |\   Per Item used    \  Points \
    | |-----------------------------|
    | | Holy Water         | - 100  |
    | |--------------------|--------|
    | | Devil Star         | - 100  |
    | |--------------------|--------|
    | | Vital Star         | - 100  |
    | |--------------------|--------|
    | | Yellow Orb         | - 500  |
    | |--------------------|--------|
     \| Untouchable        | - 500  |
    The last table will determine your final grade. Add up all of your points to
    determine your grade. Depending on the mission you're on, you'll get a
    specified number of Red Orbs as your bonus.
    |\ Rank \ Points Required \           Red Orbs received          \
    | \      \                 \M1 - M8 \ M9 - 15 \ M16 - M22 \ M23   \
    |  |-----------------------|-------------------|-----------|------|
    |  |  S  | 1000 - 1500     |   800   |  1500   |  2000     | 3000 |
    |  |-----------------------|--------------------------------------|
    |  |  A  |  999 -  800     |   400   |   800   |  1000     | 2000 |
    |  |-----------------------|--------------------------------------|
    |  |  B  |  799 -  500     |   200   |   350   |   500     | 1000 |
    |  |-----------------------|--------------------------------------|
    |  |  C  |  499 -    0     |   100   |   200   |   250     |  500 |
     \ |-----------------------|--------------------------------------|
      \|  D  |  -1 and below   |    50   |   100   |   100     |  250 |
    |  _________________________________________________________________________  |
    | |  ____                                                             ____  | |
    | | / __ \       ============== MISCELLANEOUS ===============        / __ \ | |
    | |/ /  \ \_________________________________________________________/ /  \ \| |
    |   /    \___________________________________________________________/    \   |
    \  /                                                                       \  /
     \/                                                                         \/
               =============== FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ===============
         Oh, the questions I get asked. Some are intelligent, well though-out
    queries, while others are moronic dribble that earn the writer a whack on the
    noggin. This section deals with some of the smart questions that I get asked. I
    will think "Hey, I get this question a lot. Why don't I put it in some section
    with questions that are frequently asked? I'll call it Croco's Question-O-Rama
    Hut!" And here it is today. Except for the name.
    - There are currently no FAQs. Be sure to direct any of your questions in the
    game to me at the address listed in the contact info section. -
                    =============== ADDITIONAL TIPS ===============
         While the Walkthrough will help you through the game and the Battle
    Techniques will help you fight well, there are some things that fit into
    neither section but will help improve your game if you're unaware of them. Look
    no further than this section for additional tips on the game.
    1. HEALTH
    Killing enemies will oftentimes yield you health, but it doesn't seem to matter
    the difficulty of the enemy. Try to find weak or solitary enemies you can take
    out if you run low on vitality. If you come across health not from an enemy and
    don't need it, save it for later.
    When there are large groups of enemies, you'll want to take out some of them as
    quickly as possible or you could be overwhelmed. Powerful weapons or Actions
    can do this for some enemies, but others that take more hits will be more
    troublesome. To take care of them all at once, try to knock them down by
    whatever means possible. There are certain Actions that will usually knock
    enemies down.
    3. RUN DANTE, RUN!
    If you're ever in a tight spot, it's perfectly OK to run. It may save your
    tail, so high tail it out of there if you don't think you're gonna make it out
    You never know where a Blue Orb Piece or other item may be hidden. Chop away
    fragile furniture or items, wall jump to higher locations, and take a look in
    places that are out of the way. Searching will provide great results.
    I recommend having at least two save files for your game. If you have only one,
    you may face a sticky situation where it's near-impossible to get through. For
    example, say there's a tough boss battle that's almost impossible without a
    Vital Star. If you don't have the red orbs at the beginning of the level and
    there's no place to get items in the level, you're... how shall I say...
    screwed. You're better safe than sorry, so use multiple saves.
    Whenever you fight an enemy, you'll see a word appear in the upper-left corner
    of the screen. This is your style rating. From worst to best, there is Dull,
    Cool, Bravo, Awesome, and Styling. Your rating will increase as you attack more
    and more enemies successively. The higher your rating while you attack an
    enemy, the higher your style rating will be.
    Several times throughout the game you will come across mysterious statues with
    a red glow. Hack at these statues with your sword to bring down a continuous
    stream of Red Orbs until the statue breaks.
    While it may be tempting to go after the new moves from the start, you should
    focus on leveling up your basics a bit first. The first few Blue Orbs you can
    purchase will be very cheap and will immediately increase your vitality meter.
    Also, buy a purple orb or two near the start to lengthen your Devil Trigger
    period. Try to always keep a Vital Star in stock, too.
                     =============== CONTACT INFO ===============
    Have some questions about the game? Comments about my FAQ? Know something I
    left out? See info I got wrong? If there's something you need to know or say
    about my FAQ, be sure to:
    E-mail me Questions or Comments:
    Primary Address: croco64@yahoo.com
    Alternate Address: croco_x@hotmail.com
    1. Try to find what you need in the FAQ first. I've spent hours and hours
    writing all this, and for a reason, so look here to try to find the answer to
    your question(s). If the information you ask for is already in the FAQ, I will
    likely just direct you to where it is in the FAQ.
    2. Put the word "Devil May Cry" or similar phrasing as the title of your
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    3. I am very happy to have you contribute to this FAQ, and by all means send in
    what you know. However, I do not want you to send me information on any of the
    incomplete sections of the FAQ. What you send I'll probably already know.
    Instead, if I miss something or something you know of doesn't fit anywhere
    else, please send it in. Be sure to include a name or alias for the Credits
    section. If you do not, I will assume that you wish to remain anonymous (unless
    you send one at a later date).
    4. I respond to 99.9% of the e-mail I get. If yours is in the lucky .1% that
    doesn't get a response, it may be that your e-mail is dated for a past date and
    is buried in my old e-mail, you didn't send it to the right address, or your
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    5. Do not send me any spam, "chain" type e-mails, or pictures. These are
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    6. If you are the webmaster of a site and wish to use my FAQ, you must contact
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    Only the sites that I think have good quality will be granted permission. A
    quick reminder: using my FAQ without permission is illegal, and appropriate
    legal action can and will be taken if you steal this document. I do check
    around the web to see where my FAQ is.
                     =============== CREDITS/OTHER ===============
    - There are currently no Reader Credits. Contribute today and get absolutely
       nothing in return! -
    - JL Lee: For his excellent Rankings Guide and generosity for letting me use it
       in my FAQ.
    - Game Informer Magazine: I scrounged some of the information for the
       Introduction from their Devil May Cry feature. I also checked the
       Walkthrough for Secret Missions/Blue Orb Fragments I had trouble finding.
    - Devil May Cry Instruction Manual: For the story.
    - Devil May Cry Game: For the descriptions of the items, actions, weapons,
       enemies, and missions.
    - Capcom: For developing and publishing Devil May Cry. Devil May Cry is a
        trademark of Capcom Co., LTD. All rights reserved.
    - Oxi Clean: It uses the power of oxygen to get a super-deep clean!!!
                                   *   *   *
    The following sites have been given permission to use my FAQ:
         * GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com)
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         * Neoseeker (www.neoseeker.com)
    No other sites have been given permission to use this FAQ. Please contact me if
    you see this FAQ anywhere else.
    Check www.gamefaqs.com for the most recent version of this FAQ.
                                   *   *   *
       - Missions 8 and 9
       - Updated Secret Missions Walkthroughs
       - Updated Items Guide
       - Updated Enemy Guide
       - Updated Actions Guide
       - Updated Blue Orb Fragment Guide
       - Much, Much More! I gare-ahn-tee!
                   =============== CLOSING STATEMENT ===============
         Devil May Cry... I'll say what we're all thinking. What's with the name?
    Why would the Devil Cry? Why "may" he cry? Who's giving him permission? I mean,
    he's the devil, he can do whatever he wants! Ah, Devil May Cry is full of so
    many mysteries. Now get outta here.
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