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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Adrenaline SL

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 02/03/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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      "#"    ##                   #         #      #                  ##   #"
      ##     "##                 ##         ##     #                "##   ##
     ##    #   ##                #,#        ##    ##               ##    ##
     #    ##   "##               #,#        ##   ##               ##    #
     ;   ##     ##            #; #,#       #### ###              ##
         ##     "# ###  #  #     ##       # ##### #   ##        ##
        ##      ### ## ##  ## #  ##      #   ###  #  # #  #  #  "#      ##   #  #
       #        # ### # # #  ## # #  #  ##    #   # #### ## #    #  #### #  ## #
    """""######"   ###   #    ##   ##  #          ## #  #  ##     #####  # # ####
                                                          #              ##   #
            For the Playstation®2 console only           #                   #
                                                        #                   #
                      A Devil May Cry Strategy Guide and Walkthrough
                                 Written by AdrenalineSL
                              Version 2.0: February 3, 2003
                   Visit the official site: http://www.devilmaycry.com
             The very latest versions and updates can be found at GameFAQs:
    This is currently [Version 2.0] of Adrenaline's Devil May Cry Strategy Guide
    for the Playstation®2 console.
    Any questions not answered in the guide, death threats, and all things Devil
    May Cry can be sent to...there are footprints on the ceiling...What? ...Stop
    looking at me weird.
    Contact me: toiletrabbit(at)hotmail(dot)com
    ----     UPDATES     ----
    Version 1.9  | August 14, 2002
    One FINAL perusal, and one FINAL update. It's been more than six months after
    this guide's first version, and now I want to finally put it to rest. I just
    hope I won't ever have to update this guide again unless there is an error I
    need to correct, or a very good contribution I need to add. It's been very
    fun doing this. Maybe I'll even see you again in Devil May Cry 2. ^_^
    [Old updates deleted]
    Press Ctrl + F to find what you're looking for if the TOC doesn't help...
    Part I: Introduction
    Part II: Basics & Lists
      - Basic Controls
      - Playing Devil May Cry
      - Weapons
      - Normal Skills
      - Special Skills
      - Battle Techniques
    Part III: Game Walkthrough
      - Changes From the Demo
      - Part One
      - Part Two
      - Part Three
      - Part Four
      - Part Five
      - Secret Missions
    Part IV: Indices and Guides
      - Items Index
      - Enemies & Bosses Encyclopedia
      - Blue Orb Locations
      - Ranking Guide
      - Additional Red Orb Locations
    Part V: Miscellaneous
      - Secrets
      - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
    Part VI: Outro
      - Legal Junk
      - Sources
      - Credits, Plugs and Extra Junk
      - Contributor Credits
      - Closing Statement
    The walkthrough has been split into 5 parts.  Here's a quick guide that tells
    you how much each part covers.
    Part One:   Missions 1-4
    Part Two:   Missions 5-9
    Part Three: Missions 10-15
    Part Four:  Missions 16-19
    Part Five:  Missions 20-23
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       ||                 ======= Part I:  INTRODUCTION =======              ||
     _ || __________________________________________________________________ || _
     ¯(  )¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯(  )¯
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    Capcom has finally (and wisely) decided to  take a break from the  RE formula
    they have exploited for years.  Combining sublime graphics, a new, horrific-
    gothic tone, an  original storyline and  unbelievable gameplay--Devil May Cry
    rose from the ashes. So clean the table and wash your hands because Devil May
    Cry is a  frenetic feast for  your eyes.  As SegaShiro  best puts it: "It's a
    game...and that devil...he just may cry."
    If you liked Onimusha, then Capcom's  newest masterpiece will make that early
    PS2 hit seem rudimentary.  You'd enjoy every second of it, hail it as a  one-
    of-a-kind action/horror title, and you  would even think up some weird scheme
    to bribe your parents into buying some Devil May Cry threadz.
    And to get the most out of your  gaming experience, this FAQ aims to give you
    all the tips and tricks needed to achieve that. It is also all the help I (as
    the unpaid author of this guide) is capable of offering. If you try to ask
    for something that supercedes my ability, I'm sorry, please consult another
    guide. An even better idea is to confer with the people of the GameFAQs
    message boards.  If you can't find help there, you probably won't be  able to
    find help anywhere.
    This guide offers a perfect solution to your Devil May Cry needs in a span of
    5 sections. The format took a few hours worth of scrapping and minting of
    ideas.  Please  show that  you respect this guide by not doing anything dirty
    with it. *snicker* Err, anyway, moving on to more important details...
    This is a friggin' walkthrough  and as such, it WILL have spoilers splattered
    all over the damn thing. Realize that the guide itself is just an onslaught
    of Devil May Cry spoilers, that can possibly ruin the whole experience of the
    game. Please read with caution! This is your one and final warning...
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       ||               ======= Part II:  BASICS & LISTS =======             ||
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    D-Pad..................................................Move Dante/Highlighter
    Left Analog Stick......................................Move Dante/Highlighter
    Right Analog Stick...............................Switch weapons onscreen (R3)
    Circle Button................................................Sword Use/Attack
    Cross Button...................................................Action/Confirm
    Triangle Button...............................................Jump/Dodge/Roll
    Square Button..................................................Guns (with R1)
    L1 Button.......................................................Devil Trigger
    L2 Button.........................................................Map Display
    R1 Button............................................Turn Pages in Sub-Screen
    R2 Button....................................................Taunt/Lure Enemy
    SELECT Button...........................................Skip Cut-scenes/Pause
    START Button....................................................Pause/Confirm
                                Playing Devil May Cry
    Devil May Cry holds a very distinct structure to Onimusha and share many game
    play themes with the March 2001 PS2 hit. If you've played Onimusha, you'll
    know what to expect; with the controls and game play mechanics, that is. Even
    so, it'd be better that you don't wander off into the undead territory
    unprepared. That's what this  section is  for. Here I will  discuss Devil May
    Cry at its core.
    There are two ways to save in the game: Pressing SELECT and choosing the save
    command, or completing each mission properly. At the end of each mission, you
    can choose to save your game or not. On the save menu, choose the file you
    would like to start or overwrite and confirm.  Four sub-topics will appear on
    the left. It shows the mode you are currently undertaking, your game time
    after the last save, the number of saves, and stars  that indicate the number
    of Secret Missions you have completed.
    Saving via the SELECT screen  only saves  your progress (i.e.- number of  Red
    Orbs, moves and items you've already collected; not the entire mission.)
    Tasks you've already done in the  mission before completing it  will be reset
    and must be done again.
    Strewn across  the areas of the game  are distinguishably  colored orbs, each
    having an individual role in the game. It mostly has to do with powering up.
    There are 5 different types of orbs--The Red, Green, Yellow, Blue and Purple.
    Listed below are the five orbs and their purposes.
    RED ORB  -  These  are the most common, and are easily  obtained by defeating
    enemies, or breaking environmental objects. Red Orbs are used to unseal
    certain doors and used to "buy" items and abilities that help beef up Dante.
    They basically act as a  type of currency to  trade in for some demonic items
    and Dante's Ifrit/Alastor skills.
    GREEN ORB  -  When one's health wanes, this orb can be used to restore life.
    Enemies can sometimes drop this, albeit not often.
    YELLOW ORB  -  A sacred orb that  enables a continuation  after death, like a
    Life Up. Whenever Dante dies (and depending if you have any in stock), you
    can spend one Yellow Orb to continue from the last door you entered.  You can
    occasionally find  these around the castle  grounds, but purchasing them from
    Time Statues is the customary way to get a hold of one (at an exorbitant
    BLUE ORB  -  They  must be found  and gathered  from the surroundings of each
    mission. Four of these fragments combine into one.  This special orb augments
    Dante's maximum life by 10% when you receive one.
    PURPLE ORB  -  Special Orbs that increase  Dante's Devil Trigger gauge. These
    enable Dante to increase his "magic meter", thus allowing him to remain in
    his devil state for a much longer  period of time. You can  only buy these at
    Time Statues, but they cost a lot of toil and sweat.
    Otherwise known as that "weird-way-you-buy-stuff-in-DMC".  Time Statues, as I
    would like to call them, are these funny-looking statues that hold over their
    heads an hour glass. Well, they're like shops, from which you can purchase
    items and sword skills. No weapons, unfortunately. Of course, it asks for the
    "blood of monsters" in return, which is the Red Orbs.
    Orb fountains are red, glowing  sphere crystals that supply stockpiles of Red
    Orbs when ferociously struck by Dante's sword. These don't appear too often,
    and they have their limits. Once you have extracted all the orbs it can
    offer, it will shatter and be out of commission.
    Besides his hacking away at animated corpses, Dante can  also reveal his true
    form to raise some hell. The Devil Trigger is the L1 Button by default. By
    awakening the devil concealed within him, you open a door to even more
    attacks. Pave the road as clown carnage cowers in the dirt! When in devil
    form, Dante discharges swirling ribbons of blue-ish purple light from his
    body. This indicates that he is in the Devil Trigger state. While his attacks
    and speed are heightened, Dante's devil form lasts only as long as the runes
    below his life gauge are still going strong. Triggering his devil powers also
    enables Dante to slowly regain some health. As Dante continues to use his
    devil powers, the runes will begin to fade. Once they all disappear, Dante
    will automatically return to his human self, and his devil side will become
    dormant until it is called upon again.
    Once Dante obtains  the Alastor, the DT bar  will appear just  below his life
    gauge. You start with 3 in the beginning (10x more if you're playing Easy
    Automatic mode), but they can be augmented when Dante consumes Purple Orbs.
    Devil Trigger isn't something you can use at will. The runes under the life
    gauge must be "filled" to a certain point. Once all the runes are filled, or
    until you hear a chime, Dante can  transform. To refill it again, simply land
    successful attacks on the enemy. It also refills as Dante receives damage.
    Once Dante wields  the Alastor, a sword he will  be using for the majority of
    the game, and the Ifrit, flaming gauntlets that's wrapped in uh, flames, he
    will be granted new and powerful abilities. Alastor and Ifrit skills can be
    unlocked through trading Red Orbs with the Time Statue. There are also
    special Alastor  and Ifrit  skills exclusive  to Devil Trigger, which can be
    executed only when he is in devil form.
    Dante can  unearth a selected  number of weapons throughout his destined trip
    through the Romanesque castle. On the subscreen, you can scroll between Devil
    Arms (Swords) and Guns to equip Dante with weapons of your choice.
    Otherwise known as swords. Swords play the major role in attacking if you're
    up for in-your-face action. They also give birth to the Alastor abilities
    you'll learn to love and use. It makes things more  fun this way! Giddy-up!
    Found: Default
    Power: Low
    Elemental: None
    Dante starts with this. Its power is below average.  When it comes to dealing
    with enemies, your chances of victory over a myriad of clowns plummet.
    Because of its non-elemental power, it presents a big problem when battling
    enemies. All enemies are impervious to the present state of the Force Edge.
    The blade will unveil its true power later on, as Dante has yet to understand
    his father's heirloom. For now, just stick with the Alastor.
    Found: Mission 2
    Power: Moderately High
    Elemental: Lightning
    The Alastor chooses its master. That is determined  through a strange ritual,
    which you will witness in a stunning cutscene. The Alastor holds the power of
    electricity, which is good since most of the monsters in the castle are
    susceptible to lightning. Wielding the Alastor also unlocks the Alastor
    option in the Time Statue "shop", which allows you to make purchases to learn
    new sword skills. The Alastor also evokes Dante's Devil Trigger mode.
    Found: Mission 9
    Power: High
    Elemental: Fire
    Dante finds this in an airborne gazebo  that has held these flaming gauntlets
    for centuries (I assume). With the Ifrit gauntlets, you let enemies taste
    what you've been through to possess this awesome power. Ifrit emanates the
    scorching fire from hell and sends off the same heat to any of its enemies.
    While it is slow in execution, its power is enormous. The Ifrit is more
    powerful than the Alastor and *possibly* the Sparda, but correctly utilizing
    its power is no easy task. These gauntlets make new abilities that pertain to
    the power of the fire god available for purchase at the Time Statue.
    Found: Mission 18
    Power: High
    Elemental: None
    Named after Dante's father, the  legendary  dark-knight, Sparda. Dante wields
    his father's legacy after combining the lost half of the amulet to his own.
    It conjured the true form of the Force Edge, which came to be the Sparda. You
    acquire this at the beginning of Mission 18. It disables Devil Trigger, but
    its raw power makes up for this loss. Dante can use all of the Alastor skills
    so it's all peaches and cream.
    The Sparda, I discovered, isn't really a sword, but a three-fold weapon. When
    Dante slashes with it normally, it uses the first form of the blade which is,
    in fact, a sword to the casual eye. However, when Dante implements the
    Roundtrip skill, the blade changes into a huge sickle, or scythe--depends on
    your school of thought. Finally, the blade transforms into a halberd when the
    Stinger is used.
    The weapon's hilt is affixed near the center of the blade, not on one side of
    the blade. By doing this, this allows Dante to freely switch among the three
    blade forms. This is only an educated analysis, so don't take it from me.
    A good thing about the guns in Devil May Cry is that they expend ammunition
    infinitely. The Recovery Speed listed with the weapons below represents how
    quickly Dante can shoot one bullet after another. Guns are cool. Guns are
    sleek. Guns are brain-splattering weapons.
    Found: Mission 8
    Power: High
    Recovery Speed: Slow
    The grenade gun is  very  heavy and limits  Dante to ground  combat only. The
    force of a blast leaves Dante momentarily stunned and open to any attacks by
    nearby enemies. While it is very powerful, its recoil time is its main fault.
    And since it does not allow aerial combat, you would want to use this only
    when you fire from a short distance. In the later modes, this becomes the
    single most useful firearm in the game.  Just press the dodge button as you
    fire a grenade to cancel the recoil time.
    Found: Default
    Power: Low
    Recovery Speed: Fast
    Dante crafted these guns himself and  named them "Ebony & Ivory". These fast-
    slinging guns are his most trustworthy companions, with which I use to
    wreak havoc. Its recovery time is amazing since you can keep shooting with no
    pauses. They are very reliable with fast-moving enemies and in (certain)
    fights.  However, when using Ebony and Ivory, it takes longer to restore your
    DT runes, and they're not  very effective on most  enemies. It's just so cool
    to watch Dante work with them.
    Found: Mission 12
    Power: Medium-High
    Recovery Speed: Fast->Slow
    Dante finds this shiny new gun in a sunken pirate ship. It's best utilized in
    aquatic combat. It cannot be equipped or used at any time other than the
    underwater use the gun was intended for. Like the name implies it peppers the
    enemy with high-pressured needles. The needle gun is capable of rapid shots
    for a limited amount of expenditure. The Recovery Speed listed above is
    Fast -> Slow only because it can fire consecutive shots on the get-go, but it
    takes time for it to reload and fire up again.
    Found: Mission 15
    Power: High
    Recovery Speed: Medium-High
    It makes its appearance toward  the end of the game.  However, you still have
    many opportunities to put it to use, rest assured. Dante finds this weapon
    in the second chamber  explored of the  two sealed shield doors in the garden
    The Nightmare-Beta clasps onto its owner  and merges with his hand. The power
    of the blast is based on the courage of the wielder. It blasts jolts of
    electricity that can ricochet off walls and bounce around. Each shot is worth
    one slot of the Devil Trigger Gauge. Yes, shooting it once costs a whole
    slot. My theory is that it absorbs Dante's devil power and reproduces it into
    some type of electrical charge. That about explains its formation in the dark
    reaches of the underworld. Also, when wielding the weapon, you can charge it
    up and pump "DT" bullets like you do with the other guns. Here's also a
    bizarre coincidence to blow your mind: The Nightmare-Beta closely resembles a
    solidified form of Nightmare. Is that trippy or what?
    Found: Mission 2
    Power: Middle
    Recovery Speed: Slow
    The shotgun  is found in the  library  on the second  floor, covered  up by a
    study desk. This pump-action weapon spreads several shrapnel that impact the
    foes surrounding the intended target. This weapon is inappropriate for long
    distance targeting. While it is very powerful, its shortcoming is the slow
    recovery time between each shot. If you're up against enemies that require
    nimble abilities, this isn't the right gun to use in those situations. You'll
    need to jump around a lot.
                                     Normal Skills
    Normal skills are  abilities that Dante had already  inherited.  Although not
    plenty powerful, they are effective when combined with other attacks.
    Controls: Hold R1 + Back + Sword Attack
    High-Time is  what makes  Devil May Cry  so great!  Half of the cycle of this
    unique attack enables Dante to toss the enemy into the air, which unlocks new
    opportunities to perform crazy stunts and combos, like the famous slash-up
    and shoot technique DMC is well-known for. Once the enemy is in the air, you
    can use your handguns to juggle the enemy. If you hold the sword attack
    button for a little longer, Dante will follow the enemy into the air.
    Pressing the Circle button a third time allows Dante to strike down the enemy
    with a powerful downward slash.
    Controls: Jump onto a wall and jump again
    Kick Jump endows Dante  with the  ability to jump higher, provided that there
    is a wall or object there to support his second jump. As long as there's
    something there for Dante to kick off of (thus, the name Kick Jump), he can
    boost himself up another level. Use this to reach those higher levels that
    contain Blue Orb fragments, keys, weapons and all those goodies. To perform a
    kick jump, simply jump onto a wall, or object, and when Dante touches it,
    press the jump button again to make Dante kick off of it and leap higher.
    Controls: After slashing twice, hold the button down
    This is an un-named and unlisted move in the menu, but it's a really cool way
    to dice up some enemies. What Dante does is rapidly impale the enemy back and
    forth repeatedly until you release the button or until he finishes it off
    with a stinger move. It's a great asset to a combo you'd like to perfect. To
    perform this onion-chopping move, just after Dante slashes across an enemy
    twice and the sword is positioned  behind him, hold the button  down until he
    gets into the motion, then start rapidly tapping it. Then watch Dante deliver
    a flurry of stabbing attacks at his enemy like a mad chef at Bennihanas.
    Controls: While in the air, shoot
    This was something I never noticed in the demo. It was either that I couldn't
    do it, or I've never tried. Dante can suspend his fall by blasting his guns
    wildly. The force of his handguns will keep him aloft.
    Controls: Varies
    You may have already noticed this, but Dante can attack with his sword
    regularly in four different ways (without combining any Alastor skills):
    Style 1
    Tap Circle button expeditiously: Dante cross slashes the enemy twice and adds
    an overhead slash down.
    Style 2
    Tap Circle button slowly: Dante cross slashes the enemy twice and does two
    more slashes diagonally. Then finishes with a vertical slash down.
    Style 3
    Tap Circle button twice rhythmically, but pause briefly between each swing
    and then rapidly tap the Circle button: Dante cross slashes twice and then
    starts to chop the enemy with great celerity and ends it with a fierce jab in
    the abdomen. You can prolong the chopping by tapping Circle before he stabs
    the enemy.
    Style 4
    Tap the Circle button thrice rhythmically: Dante cross slashes twice and adds
    two diagonal slashes.
    Try these out and you'll notice a few differences  in the styles with which
    Dante strikes his sword, and they all depend on how much force you apply to
    the sensitive Dual Shock controller.
    [EXTRA COMBOS]  Submitted by Arnaud "HeldWin" Tihy
    Tap Circle Button twice  slowly and  hold down Circle: Dante cross  slashes
    twice and then starts to chop the enemy twice and finish with a Round Trip.
    (You have to hold down the button until Dante is in the position to use the
    Round Trip).
    You can also make him chopped 3 times before using the Round Trip:
    Tap circle three times slowly, as you would do the Style 3, but rapidly after
    you have pressed the third time Circle, hold down Circle until Dante is in
    the position to use the Round Trip.
    Controls: Varies
    With the gauntlets, Dante now has the  ability to attack  with inferno-filled
    punches and kicks. Ifrit skills are a bit different from the Alastor and
    require more competent skills to properly harness its power. Holding down the
    Circle button generates masses of fire energy in the punch or kick Dante is
    about execute. Dante can do a total of four base moves with the gauntlets. In
    order of display: A powerful jab forward, a low uppercut, a high kick up, and
    a roundhouse kick finish.
    You can charge each  attack with concentrated  energy to maximize the damage.
    You must tap the Circle button slowly and time things right. For example, tap
    the button once, pause briefly, then hold down the button to store energy.
    Dante automatically releases the stored energy. You can also just simply hold
    down the Circle button the  whole time, but it leaves Dante vulnerable to all
    kinds of attacks.
    Controls: Hold down R1 + Shoot button
    This ability was neglected to  be mentioned anywhere.  Dante can transfer the
    elemental power he is currently equipped with (Alastor or Ifrit) to his guns
    to release a hail of elemental ammo.  It's the same gun attack performed when
    Dante is in Devil Trigger state. To perform this unique attack, hold down the
    R1 + Shoot button until you see the gun discharge some elemental power.
    Once you release the button, it'll send off 3 waves  of the attack as long as
    you tap the button repeatedly. While Dante charges his guns, he is
    momentarily vulnerable to attacks. Luckily, these don't take quite as long to
    charge up as some of the other attacks Dante has.
                      Special Skills (Alastor & Ifrit Gauntlets)
    You'll need a glut of Red Orbs to unlock these abilities, so remember to keep
    up your  practice of genocide!
    The Alastor is what you'll be using for the majority  of the game.  It's much
    more powerful than Dante's default weapon, the Force Edge. The Alastor is
    filled with the elemental power of Lightning. It can do away with enemies
    quicker, and the response is much greater. The ideal weapon for a devil
    Cost: 350
    Controls: Hold R1 + Forward + Sword Attack
    Stinger will probably be the first attack you'll purchase, since it  requires
    the least amount of Red Orbs at first glance. It comes in 2 levels of
    strength, the next one being level 2.  Upon executing this move, Dante rushes
    forward with his Alastor pointed towards the enemy. He sweeps across the
    floor in one quick movement coupled with the sound of thunder or something.
    Cost: 1400
    Controls: Hold R1 + Forward + Sword Attack
    An enhanced  version of Level 1, obviously, except Dante  responds to it with
    more distance and stabs the enemy with stronger, death-defying power. I would
    recommend buying this after you've purchased Air Raid and Round Trip, in that
    Cost: 1550
    Controls: Hold the Circle (Default) button
    The Round Trip proves to  be Dante's best Alastor skill (for me, anyway).  It
    enables Dante to hurl his sword at an enemy like a boomerang and slice the
    enemy for multiple hits before returning to Dante. How long it stays out of
    your possession depends on how long you've taken to charge it. To use it, you
    must hold down the attack button and allow it to "charge". Then release it
    and watch it go. You can press the button down again to retract it at your
    will. To amplify damage, you  can use your guns  while the  Round Trip attack
    slices gleefully through an enemy's body.
    -AIR HIKE-
    Cost: 4000
    Controls: Jump again while jumping
    This technique demands a lot of Orbs for it.  In my opinion, it's useful, but
    unnecessary. Dante can manage without it. I wouldn't buy it for the life of
    me. Air Hike enables Dante to reach even greater heights his regular kick
    jump could not. Simply jump up, and while still in the air, press jump again,
    and Dante creates a red, rimmed platform and hoists himself from there to a
    greater height. The only known advantages from this is that it can help Dante
    gather hard-to-reach orbs and items.
    -AIR RAID-
    Cost: 750
    Controls: R1 + ([]) or Circle
    In Devil  Trigger mode, jump up  and press R1  with one  of the corresponding
    buttons listed above so that Dante blasts electric ribbons at his foes. It
    also enables Dante to hover in the air for the time that Devil Trigger is
    still active. This neat trick allows you to reach some isolated high ledges
    he cannot normally reach.
    Cost: 1150
    Controls: In the air, D-Pad + Circle
    In Dante's  Devil Trigger  state, jump  into the air and  direct  Dante to an
    enemy and tap the Circle button (Default). By doing this, Dante throws
    himself toward his foes like a cannonball for mega damage. Remember the
    technique about  battling enemies  in large numbers?  Well, use this skill to
    scatter them like roaches.
    Cost: 2400
    Controls: In the air, D-Pad + Circle
    Level 2 of this attack has a  much greater  impact. Dante can bounce back and
    forth for multiple hits to the enemy. When Dante glides through a single foe,
    it often cripples any surrounding enemies.
    The Ifrit gauntlets display strength greater than that of the Alastor in some
    ways. It replaces Dante's swordsmanship with some crazy martial art skills.
    Its shortcomings are that its attacks are slow and does not have the wide
    range the Alastor had. Some enemies may be susceptible to Ifrit, but some are
    impervious to it.
    Cost: 500
    Controls: R1 + Back + Circle
    The Magma Drive works like High Time with the swords. Dante connects with the
    enemy with a high uppercut, sending them into the air. At this time, like you
    would with the High Time skill, Dante can pull out his guns and juggle his
    victim in the air, followed by some other twisted combos Ifrit is capable of.
    However, it won't always be pulled off  successfully. The Magma  Drive should
    be your first Ifrit skill.
    -KICK13-LEVEL 1-
    Cost: 700
    Controls: R1 + Forward + Circle
    Kick13 is a  derivation of  the Stinger. It works the same way, except Dante
    charges forward with a low kick. It sends enemies flying if used at the right
    time. The first level of this skill isn't too effective since Dante skids a
    VERY short range (like two feet) in front of him. Level 2 is a big
    improvement and is more destructive. You ought to earn some Red Orbs just for
    the second level of this skill.
    -KICK13-LEVEL 2-
    Cost: 2100
    Controls: R1 + Forward + Circle
    Level 1 with a finishing touch. This enhanced version allows Dante to pierce
    through an enemy from a much farther distance. Simply said--it's a fire kick
    version of the Stinger.
    Cost: 3450
    Controls: Jump button
    After purchasing  this ability, Dante will be engulfed  in fiery flames every
    time he jumps with the Ifrit equipped. This isn't nearly as effective against
    enemies on the ground as it is with enemies in the air. It works especially
    well against Frosts, since fire has astounding effects against ice-based
    enemies. The Rolling Blaze serves mostly as a secondary attack and never a
    primary. Why? Because it is pretty ineffective.
    Cost: 900
    Controls: R1 + Back + Circle
    A nifty long-range attack. Fire energy is gathered in the palm of Dante's
    hands and are released to form a highly concentrated fire attack. While in
    Devil Trigger mode, press R1, move the Analog stick to Dante's back, and
    press Circle. Dante immediately acknowledges and pitches huge fire balls at
    his foes.
    Cost: 2700
    Controls: R1 + Back + Controls
    Like all Level 2 attacks, Meteor-Level 2  is obviously an enhanced version of
    the first level. This time, Dante is able to fire multiple masses at the same
    time with double the strength. I'd recommend getting this as soon as it
    becomes available. After learning Inferno, that is.
    Cost: 4850
    Controls: Jump + Movement + Circle
    The most expensive, yet the most destructive of all the available Ifrit moves
    Dante can perfect. Inferno is capable of inflicting explosive damage. In
    Devil Trigger mode and while in the air, move the analog stick and press
    Circle. Dante speeds toward the ground and plants his fist firmly into the
    solid earth. The ground will then instantly swell up in a conflagration that
    surrounds Dante and sets all enemies trapped in it ablaze. Enemies can
    receive damage continually as long as they are still caught in the raging
                                  Battle Techniques
    When you battle with monsters, you'll notice a word that appears to the right
    of the life gauge, ranging from Dull to Stylish. The words mean what they
    imply. They grade your performance with each monster.  Knowing this, will you
    still use those sissy long-range attacks with the guns.  In order to get good
    ratings, let your attacks flow smoothly. As long as the attacks run smoothly,
    you'll get a good rating.
    Dodging and jumping is your friend, other than Dante's sword and guns. You'll
    find that this comes to be extremely useful against Mundus' evil minions.
    It's not some wussy way of fighting. It'll help you more than I can (gasp!).
    You'll notice that when you sometimes swing your sword, there is a brief
    pause between the second and third slash. At this time, the enemy can quickly
    parry and counterattack. Not a good thing. Play it safe by having your finger
    ready to hit the dodge button at any time.
    While the grenade gun has a  tremendous amount  of power, it has a horrendous
    recoil time. The force of a single shot will leave Dante momentarily stunned.
    To reduce the recoil time, press the dodge button as you start to blast a
    grenade at an enemy. Doing this will allow Dante to keep moving even after he
    has fired a grenade. Since you'll (I hope) be using this against formidable
    adversaries, you must utilize this weapon properly. Using this with the Round
    trip technique works wonders.
    Once you have the  Roundtrip skill, using it  will  almost always net you the
    "Stylish!" rating on enemy performance. Not only that, but it is very
    effective when you don't want to get too close to the enemy. Combine its
    power with a firearm like the grenade gun or even the Nightmare-Beta. You can
    make ravaging duos with any firearm.
    Try equipping the Nightmare Beta and Sparda at the same time. You would think
    that because you have no Devil Trigger gauge, the Nightmare Beta would be
    useless, but this is not the case--you actually have infinite Nightmare Beta
    shots. This makes both the Sparda sword and the Nightmare Beta much more
    useful because together they're a bad-ass combination. It makes Shadows a
    piece of cake.  However, the fallback of  this combination is that the single
    projectile  only ricochets once, while when the  DT gauge  is present, it can
    ricochet several times.
       /\                                                                    /\
       )(                                                                    )(
     _(  )__________________________________________________________________(  )_
     ¯ || ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ || ¯
       ||              ======= Part III:  GAME WALKTHROUGH =======           ||
     _ || __________________________________________________________________ || _
     ¯(  )¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯(  )¯
       )(                                                                    )(
       \/                                                                    \/
    --- Changes From the Demo: ---------
    - Dante does not start with the Alastor (his sword); he acquires it shortly
      after the game begins, however.
    - Dante begins with Force Edge.
    - Red Orbs can be found within the environment.
    - Blue Orbs are now present.
    - Battle variety has been tweaked somewhat.
    - Different control placement.
    - More items to be gotten in the "shops".
    - You can fire guns in the air and jump on enemies.
    - A transformation from a maiden statue to the Judge of Death
    - The values of the items are MUCH HIGHER.
    - Boss fight with Phantom after acquiring Pride of Lion
    - More animations with appearance of Shadow and its destruction.
    - Dante is chased by the Phantom at the beginning of Mission 4.
    I hear Dante calling, and he says if you don't haul ass right now, he'll be
    sure to change the barrel in his shotgun...BOOM! Chik-chuk! Oops, too late.
    Don't say I didn't warn you.
    IMPORTANT NOTE:  Stop sending me mail about discrepancies! The walkthrough I
    have here was created playing through NORMAL Mode. Any objections mean that
    you were playing a mode other than Normal. I'll make subtle or no references
    to other modes.
    In the dark reaches of the underworld, the demon king will come to light once
    again to feed on the terror of the ensuing chaos. Many cry out in distress,
    but no one has the power to stand up to the King of Evil. No one. Alas, the
    heavens part, a lone warrior steps forward, driven by vengeance to contravene
    the lord of the dead. The fate of mankind rests on your shoulders...Now we
    begin Part One of your destined quest...
                                    (  Part One  )
    Pop in the disc and start a new game. Let's rock, baby!
    The beginning features a  narrative  introduction  to some background info on
    the events that have occurred in Devil May Cry. You can see a dark silhouette
    of what looks to be the revered Sparda. After the narration, the scene
    switches to a movie, in which a woman appears out of the night sky and peers
    over to a tavern called Devil May Cry. Inside, you find our hero kicking back
    and reveling in a day's work.  That is, until  the woman crashes  through the
    door in a motorcycle.
    A really cool fight scene commences between the two, and Trish, as we learned
    her name from the instruction manual, hires Dante for a job that involves the
    devil he has long been seeking. Our mission to save humanity begins on Mallet
    island, where Trish claims to be the gate at  which the dark lord will rip
    through from his dimension to enter theirs. Dante kicks the doors open
    supahfly style, and Trish heads along first, leaving Dante at the bottom and
    feeling rather  foolish.  Un-thoughtful customers  these days...For the first
    time, you take control of the devil hunter.
    Follow the one-way path upwards and on the way, you'll find a [YELLOW ORB] on
    a side path. Dante will also run under a low-hanging overpass he can reach by
    kick jumping. Run under the pavilion to get your first [BLUE ORB FRAGMENT].
    Then, continue up the path to the ancient castle. Your first mission begins
                 Mission Objective: Break the evil spell and open the cursed door
    o Collect the Red Orbs
    o Find the Rusty Key
    o Activate the elevator via the dial
    o Kill all Marionettes to open door
    ====== COLLECT THE RED ORBS ======
    Entering the castle, Dante whips  around to find the cavity in the wall  seal
    behind him, leaving him with the only option to explore the castle entrance
    hall. The main hall consists of 3 floors. The second floor holds a Time
    Statue, and the third floor offers a few orbs. The two doors are protected by
    an enchantment.
    There are Red Orbs lying around the main hall.  At the central stairs leading
    to the giant statue, take the right stairs since the left one has been
    destroyed. On the balcony above are some Red Orbs that cannot be reached
    unless Dante kick jumps up there. Simply jump onto the debris and jump again
    to boost him up to the top.  Take the first orb and drop down to harvest some
    On the ground floor, you'll notice a blue  object in a caged area higher  up.
    Simply hoist Dante up there using the kick jump and grab your second [BLUE
    ORB FRAGMENT]. The Time Statue on  the second floor is  temporarily unusable.
    Your goal  here is to  collect all 45 of the  Red Orbs  strewn throughout the
    area. There are some on the third floor, so make sure you get to those. Most,
    if not all, of them are casual to the eye so no need for my guidance here. A
    good tip to know is to always slash your environment. The furniture around
    the castle mysteriously let up plenty of Red Orbs.  Once you've assembled the
    45 orbs, take them to the red door to break the seal and continue to the next
    ====== FIND THE RUSTY KEY ======
    In this new room, sunder the suit of armors to unearth some more Red Orbs and
    a [BLUE ORB FRAGMENT]. The other door takes Dante to the catacombs. Head to
    the back into a spiraling staircase and head through the next opening since
    the path ahead is blocked by some debris. There's an in-animated puppet in
    this room, but you don't have to worry about it now. The room to the left
    features a three-hole mechanism, which you can't mess with just yet. You can
    find a [BLUE ORB FRAGMENT] in the left pool of water, though.
    Take a  look at the aperture in the ceiling. Climb onto the bronze object and
    boost yourself up to the upper level. Take the shimmering object from the
    still Marionette to receive the [RUSTY KEY]. As you turn to leave, the puppet
    springs to life and flings a knife filled with its love at you. Another drops
    from the ceiling to join the fun. What a coincidence! The one below also
    becomes juiced with life and approaches Dante as he drops down. Quickly do
    away with them and take the Rusty Key back to the main entrance hall. Use it
    to unlock the blue door.
    Entering the next room, you'll notice some more of these puppets hanging from
    the ceiling. Don't worry; they won't attack until later. Naturally, after the
    first encounter, you'd think you would meet some more. Your prayers have been
    answered. The wooden double doors won't budge until you have lifted its curse
    by defeating all the Marionettes. So let's get cracking!
    There's a [BLUE ORB FRAGMENT] on the left wing of the airplane.  Getting onto
    the wing takes some doing. You'll want to kick off the pillar by the door
    and direct Dante over to the wing. Do you notice Dante's moving shadow in the
    background? Details, details! Gently tap the down button to land on the
    propeller, where a deluge of huge Red Orbs will mysteriously rain from the
    ceiling. Say, the weatherman didn't warn us about this!
    In the far corner  of the  room is a  blue-lit  alcove with a pair of  armors
    blocking the way to a circular crest. Strike this crest continuously until
    it lights up. This activates the pillar Dante is on and takes him to the
    basement level of the castle. He arrives in an underground battle arena. The
    smell of blood teases the air. Things don't look so good when some malicious
    Marionettes drop from the ceiling and attack.
    Get down to business  and chop 'em up. After you've destroyed them, the gates
    open and bring forth a second wave of these maniacal assassins. Careful, now!
    Fighting too many of them at once is a little dangerous. Gingerly circle them
    and strike when you see an opportunity.
    Afterward, take the  elevator back  to  the previous room, where  you will be
    greeted by a hostile welcome party. Continue with your efforts to fend them
    off, and eventually, the madness will subside. As soon as the last clown
    falls, the once-cursed door will be exorcised, allowing you to complete your
    From now on, enemies  will start  to appear out of rimmed-hell gates from all
    over the place--the floor, the  walls and the ceiling (Da roof! Da roof is on
    fire!). Just thought I should let you know. =)
                                    Mission Objective: Open door to the Cathedral
    o Wield the legacy, Alastor
    o Find the Rusty Key
    o Get the Staff of Judgment
    o Giving to the Judge of Death
    ====== WIELD THE LEGACY, ALASTOR ======
    The next three missions should  be familiar to anyone who has played the demo
    version of the game. You'll notice a few changes, but that won't stop you
    from knowing what to do. Anyway, you arrive in a long hallway with paintings
    of war plastered on the walls. Across from the entrance is a room that
    holds a Time Statue and a [BLUE ORB FRAGMENT], found by smashing the tables
    near the statue. Other tables produce Red Orbs, which you can now exchange
    with the Time Statue for some items in return, but save them for now! Take
    the long corridor down the screen. Chances are you'll encounter some hostile
    At the top of  the stairs is a  white maiden  statue with a  sword protruding
    from its chest. You learn that it is the [ALASTOR]. Witness the amazing, but
    gory cutscene that shows how Dante comes to possess this godly weapon. Now
    that Dante is able to wield this legacy, you can unlock new Alastor
    abilities. They are available through the Time Statues. Since you are only
    this far, I'm assuming you can only learn the Stinger-Level 1. However, each
    time you leave the Study, Marionettes will crowd the corridor. You can build
    up a cache of orbs by going back and forth and staining your weapon with
    clown carnage.
    ====== FIND THE RUSTY KEY ======
    Head through the doors and into the library.  Smashing tables is fun. The one
    on the second floor yields a [SHOTGUN], which you can equip now if you want.
    You can also read small passages from books to learn more about the
    Castellans by searching the bookcases. But your purpose here is to find the
    Rusty Key, which can be taken from the painting of a grim reaper. Examine the
    painting to pocket the [RUSTY KEY].  This particular  key opens the doors you
    passed by in the rounded corridor.
    ====== GET THE STAFF OF JUDGMENT ======
    Going through the locked door brings Dante to the castle courtyard, where you
    just happen to meet a troupe of gut-spewing clowns. Since there will be a lot
    of them and many more appearing out of their hell gates, you shouldn't care
    how cool you'd want to look when chopping them asunder. Depending upon
    whether you have the patience or not, you could stick around and play kitchen
    with them, or if you're running low on  life, move up to the second floor and
    loop around to the door at the end.
    When Dante arrives on the other side of the  door, a throng of Marionettes
    will greet him with sharp knives. The door is also secured by those ghastly
    hands that attempt to reach out and grab you. In this cramped corridor, you
    should try out that shiny new shotgun to eliminate these bastards.
    After trouncing this set of evil-doers and assuming you've read the plaque on
    the gray statue, hit the ceremonial altar with the Alastor repeatedly until
    you push it back far enough or until it stops moving back to reveal a sliding
    panel in the ground. Open it and drop down.
    In the  fungi-infested room, grab the [STAFF OF JUDGMENT] from the Judge of
    Death statue in the back. The column on the other end will rotate to an
    opening, allowing you  to move on.  This will take you back to the library.
    Attempt to open the door to find that it is cursed, keeping you from  leaving
    the room. In the distance, Dante hears delirious laughter emanating from the
    grim reaper painting.  It disappears and materializes into a Sin Scissor! Two
    others appear to join the merry party. Then, they attack.
    Equip the shotgun (or handguns if you're feeling brave) to take them out with
    cold efficiency. Watch for their giant scissors, which they use to snip and
    snap maniacally at Dante's head.  Their deaths will cause the door to unseal.
    Even after they've been wiped out you're still haunted by the echoes of their
    ====== GIVING TO THE JUDGE OF DEATH ======
    As Dante enters the room, some bug creatures  on the ground make an effort to
    scurry away from him. They are harmless, but they let up some much needed Red
    Orbs. Take a look at the Judge of Death statue and insert the Staff of
    Judgment in its rightful place.  It opens the  door to the cathedral and ends
    Mission 2.
              Mission Objective: Overcome the trial and acquire the Pride of Lion
    o Overcome the trial                       BOSS: Phantom
    o Prove a hero's courage
    o First encounter
    ====== OVERCOME THE TRIAL ======
    Dante finds himself sealed in  the room...again.  Not a real big surprise. No
    worries, though because the Pride of Lion bathing in the light on the
    pedestal breaks the first seal for you. The Pride of Lion is a crest that is
    granted to the one who has proven his courage. Take the door to the Path of
    Trials.  At the other end of the bridge  is a lion epitaph that  imparts some
    knowledge about gaining the Pride of Lion.
    After reading the inscription, return the way you came. At the halfway point,
    Dante gets fiercely  struck by  lightning. The impact splits the bridge  into
    pieces, and Dante gets engulfed by the roaring waves below.
    ====== PROVE A HERO'S COURAGE ======
    Dante arrives at what seems to be some underwater ruins. Stand in the center,
    on the iridescent circle inscribed on the floor. The door shuts tightly and
    seals Dante in with several Sargassos that magically appear around him.  Just
    be sure to attack them one by one to make things easier. After the last of
    the disembodied skulls have  fallen to Dante's blade, step  into the light to
    be transported back to the surface.
    Amazingly, fractions of the bridge are drawn closely together and floating in
    mid-air! Following the event with fate, a [BLUE ORB FRAGMENT] now sits in
    front of the lion epitaph. Jump back across the bridge pieces to reach it.
    Don't worry about falling into the water. You'll just have defeat the
    Sargassos again. Then you'll be taken back to the other side of the bridge.
    Before you head back into the castle, jump onto the small ledge above, and an
    abundance of Red Orbs will bless you from the sky. Also, if you have the Air
    Raid ability, you can use it to reach an airborne bridge chunk just directly
    across from the red  orb deposit point.  By doing this, you will gain another
    ====== FIRST ENCOUNTER ======
    Back in the monastery, the Pride of Lion descends to rest on the platform. It
    can now be claimed by the devil hunter. Once you pluck the Pride of Lion from
    the altar, a giant, molten tarantula-scorpion explodes through the skylight.
    It's disappointed to have found such a small catch, but it will squash you
    like an ant, anyway. Hence, your first boss fight begins...See Enemies & Boss
    Encyclopedia for details.
    Acknowledging defeat, Phantom scampers back into his hell-hole. Go through
    the double doors to complete the mission.
         Mission Objective: Display one's strength to the Lion and open the path.
                                Acquire the "Melancholy Soul".
    o Escape from Phantom's fiery grudge     BOSS: Phantom (Optional),
    o Battle the Lion Gatekeeper                   Nelo Angelo
    o Gain the Melancholy Soul
    o The Dark Angel
    The  start of this mission begins in front of the statue, where you completed
    Mission 2. Head back down the corridor. However, you won't get far before
    Phantom comes charging from behind and attempts to run you down. You can
    choose to fight him or just run for your life! Deciding to be a man and
    facing him is total suicide, but it's possible. You'll net an extra 500 Orbs.
    Running for Dante's life is more logical.
    As you run down the hall, Phantom will be trying to sauté your head with icky
    fireball attacks. Roll to the side the split second before he releases the
    fireball. There are two places where you could hide: the courtyard (which is
    much easier) or the study room. The first choice is better if you choose not
    to battle him. As soon as you regain control of Dante, move to the
    left and kick the doors open to the courtyard. The moment he enters any other
    room, the carnage in the long corridor  will have ended. It's safe to go back
    out, but the corridor is left in shambles, no thanks to that raging nutcase.
    [PHANTOM RAMPAGE STRATEGY] Thanks to Eliot Lefebvre
    The thing is, while Phantom's difficult to beat here with conventional means,
    Air Raid does two things.  One, it does plenty of damage to Phantom with each
    shot, and two, if you place yourself right, you'll be blowing up his
    fireballs before they can hit you.  Even if you don't, he doesn't seem to
    shoot up very often, and this  method works fast  enough  that health isn't a
    huge problem.
    So, the trick. Start Mission 4, with the aforementioned items. Make sure your
    Devil Trigger is filled - you need four slots of it (although having five is
    far better, and once you can do that it'll be easier).  If you need to fill
    up, just go back into the Cathedral after the Phantom Baby secret mission and
    shoot at the Marionettes for a while. Go into the hall, get chased to the end
    of the hall by Phantom, but don't focus on shooting him - just run away.
    Well, maybe you're good enough to shoot him a couple times, I've not had
    enough practice.
    Once you're at the end of the hall and he's shooting  fireballs at you, Devil
    Trigger, jump, and start letting fly with that purple lightning as fast as
    you can.  If you're getting hit by him, just fly away from him a little.  A
    fast finger will nail him with enough lightning to send him into the ground
    pretty quickly.  Five slots of DT will mean you'll never come out of it
    through the whole battle; four will mean you'll need to mix it up with him a
    little.  By then his health will be low enough that it's not too daunting.
    (Incidentally, I find that if you jump off one of the walls as he's gathering
    the fireball in his mouth, then keep shooting him as you're coming down with
    the pistols, you'll hover over his shots almost all the time.)  But, anyways,
    Air Raid him to death, you get 500 orbs, big deal, right?
    Except he resets with the mission.  So you can save right then, choose to
    reset the game, and claim another easy victory for another 500 orbs.  And
    another.  And another.  It's so very cheap that I didn't believe it was
    supposed to work, but it does.  Air Raiding him to death takes him out so
    quickly it isn't even a challenge, and so  every few minutes you'll be making
    a huge cache of red orbs.  With a little practice, it's almost comical.  You
    can have the Air Hike early in the game, a mess of Blue Orbs and Purple
    Orbs... basically, with just a little time investment, you can power up Dante
    far beyond the levels he's supposed to have at the beginning of the game.
    It's cheap, but it works wonderfully.
    Head to the  castle courtyard  and use the  Pride of Lion to dispel  the blue
    force field. Strike the lion statue thrice to "break" it free. Underneath
    that hardened layer is a new enemy you'll learn to hate. It's a Shadow! If
    you've played the demo, you should know how to make short work of this
    sabertooth tiger from hell. When the Shadow jumps into the air, be prepared
    to leap to the side immediately  unless you enjoy dying.  For elaborations on
    how to skin this guy, see Enemies & Boss section.
    ====== GAIN THE MELANCHOLY SOUL ======
    Go through the unsealed door and enter the long staircase leading up. There's
    a single Bloody Mari, however, you must attend. Don't start climbing the
    stairs yet. Instead, dive into the hole to the very bottom. There's a blue
    door with a lion head chiseled on it and  a dial that  resembles the one from
    Mission 1.
    Don't bother going up the stairs since there's debris blocking the way. Whack
    the dial until the characters are filled, and step on the pad that emits the
    red glow. It elevates to the very top, taking Dante with it. Take the [DEATH
    SENTENCE] from the small platform and hop back to the stairs. Sweep away the
    Marionettes that crowd the double doors and enter the bedroom.
    Inside is a Castellan  bedroom adorned  with strange furnishings and objects.
    You can find a Time Statue in the back if you need to stock up on or purchase
    anything. Jumping atop the bed releases some Red Orbs. Take a look at the
    emerald statue by the mirror.  Use the Death Sentence to free the [MELANCHOLY
    SOUL] from its mouth.
    ====== THE DARK ANGEL ======
    The following  scene shows a  mysterious  devil man manifesting from Dante's
    reflection in the mirror. After a very deep conversation, the enigmatic dark
    knight departs to the balcony and bids Dante to follow him. The door begins
    to seal, so I guess you can only go one way. But before you follow suit, buy
    a Holy Water and a Vital Star if  possible. Trust me, you'll need them. Then,
    trot on over to the doors and enter the patio.
    On the balcony, jump below.  High above Dante, the devil  man makes an insane
    leap toward the ground, and a honorable duel begins. See Enemies & Boss
    section for details on how to beat him. Upon his defeat, Nelo and Dante still
    continue to fight, but in an awesome hand-to-hand combat scene, which Dante
    ends up losing. Caught in a pretty bad predicament, Dante prepares himself
    for a good beating. But Nelo goes berserk and staggers back after he sees
    Dante's amulet dangle from his neck, and is teleported back to where he came
    from by an unseen power. Thus ends Mission 4.
                                    (  Part Two  )
     Mission Objective: Go to the destination before the power of the "Melancholy
                           Soul" fades away.
    o Fend off the Shadow in haste
    o Race to the lion's den
    ====== FEND OFF THE SHADOW IN HASTE ======
    At the start of this mission, the game pops open the menu screen. It seems
    that the Melancholy Soul has self-activated. You have 3 minutes to take it to
    its destination before the effect of the Melancholy Soul becomes wasted. A
    Shadow seals the doors to the bedroom. Before Dante can leave the patio, he
    must bring this ferocious feline down. Do it quickly because you can only
    spare 40 seconds--90 seconds at the most. Once it turns red, do not let Dante
    be swallowed by the Shadow's final counterblow. It's a doozy.
    ====== RACE TO THE LION'S DEN ======
    Back in the bedroom, it will take no more than 15 seconds to reach the door,
    which is the blue lion head door you saw earlier. Leap into the abyss and
    scurry to the door. That's the end of Mission 5. Really, it is.  Short, huh?
    However, if you  were unable to  bring  the ornament  to the door before the
    time had expired, you can recharge it in the room that led to the Staff of
    Judgment back in Mission 2. Charge it on the golden statue and try again. But
    that just took away your chance to receive a S-Rank as a Devil Hunter because
    if you managed to complete it in under 2 minutes, you could have assured that
    that S-Rank.
     Mission Objective: Defeat the evil guardian and acquire the "Guiding Light".
    o Bug Extermination
    o Dead Cows with Scissors
    ====== BUG EXTERMINATION ======
    The door Dante unlocked from the  last mission leads to the castle waterways.
    The dungeon is poorly lit so you may need to strain your eyes a bit to make
    things out clearly, or you can have Dante blast his guns to illuminate the
    area for a millisecond.  Run up the screen toward  the wall. Move toward the
    crumbled alcove on the left, and a [BLUE ORB FRAGMENT] will fall from the
    ceiling. How such an old castle can produce these orbs in such odd places is
    still a mystery. Anyway, move back down and continue past the entrance.
    The left arched doorway takes you to some  Red  Orbs and a Green Orb, as well
    as an Orb Fountain that contains Red Orbs. Back on the main water path, go
    through the door on the opposite wall. Dante comes to a room full of sewer
    pipes. The only red-glowing pipe at the far end contains the [RUSTY KEY]. As
    soon as Dante picks it up, a swarm of Beelzebubs congests the room. Looks
    like anything you try to acquire isn't easy. Even the door won't budge until
    you've exterminated every last one of these hell-made bugs. They are so weak
    that they fall in one swing of the Alastor (plus a shotgun blast).
    ====== DEAD COWS WITH SCISSORS ======
    The door  at the end calls for  a  Rusty Key, which you so rightfully have in
    your possession. Moving on, the arched doorway ahead leads to a bunch of
    Green Orbs. Follow the main path up to find what appears to be 4 Blue Orb
    Fragments at the end. Unfortunately, Dante is not blessed with Lady Luck.
    They're actually beacons to uh, make sure you know where you're going. Yeah,
    that's it. Walk across it and a ghastly matter with a cow head appears from
    the cow fossil on the wall. The beacons form impenetrable barriers in which
    you must defeat the Death Scissor. Claustrophobia anyone? See the Enemies &
    Boss Index for details. Once you've lain the smack down on it, the spell that
    protects the Guiding Light will shatter. Take the [GUIDING LIGHT] to complete
    Mission 6.
    Mission Objective: Return to the bedroom before the Guiding Light absorbs all
                           of your vitality.
    o Three to Tangle
    o Open a new path
    ====== THREE TO TANGLE ======
    Mission 7 begins after Dante has just added the Guiding Light to his item
    collection. Your goal is to bring this key to the sun inscription in the
    Castellan Bedroom before the Guiding Light drains Dante's life. Slowly, but
    surely it is. Start backtracking and head back to the lion head door you came
    from. The door is protected by three Sin Scythes that will attack from
    behind. They're rather tough; just don't let them hurt Dante, or it'll
    shorten the time you have. Must I always tell you to check the Enemies & Boss
    Encyclopedia every time there is a new enemy? I guess so. See the Enemies &
    Boss Encyclopedia for details on how to scrunch up this bunch. Or you can use
    the shotgun and go trigger-happy.
    ====== OPEN A NEW PATH ======
    Strike the dial to activate  the  elevator and ride it up.  Descend back into
    the bedroom, then use the Guiding Light in the appropriate place. You end
    the mission, but you don't immediately kick into the next mission. Instead,
    there's a little intermission that allows you to take your time and complete
    some things you've neglected to do before.
    You find yourself on an overhang high above  the main entrance hall.  Jumping
    across the  gap and going through the other door initiates Mission 8, but you
    don't want to do that yet unless you're prepared.
    [PHANTOM NOTE] Thanks to Eliot Lefebvre
    At the beginning of Mission 7, if  you've killed Phantom  when he was chasing
    you down the hallway in Mission 4, he'll chase you through the sewers as
    well.  This time he's a little easier to beat, although the same strategies
    work just as well.  He'll start chasing you as you leave the chamber with the
    Guiding Light. He has not learned any new tricks since the last time, though.
    ====== [BETWEEN MISSION 7 & MISSION 8] ======
    Check the Blue Orb Locations to see if you've missed any of fragments from
    previous missions and go back to obtain them. Now is also a good time to pick
    up a nifty item and an extra fragment. Head back to the patio where you've
    fought Nelo Angelo.
    On the highest ledge directly above the patio doors, you may notice a glowing
    fragment snuggled in the small pavilion. Directly across from that, on the
    upper left, is a stone tower that's possible to reach by  kick jumping at the
    right time. Simply leap off the ledge toward the left stone tower. At the
    peak of Dante's first jump, kick the wall. If done correctly, he should land
    on top of the tower, where some Red Orbs will be relinquished. Also, pick up
    the [UNTOUCHABLE] sitting at the edge. You need to press X to pick it up.  To
    get the Blue Orb piece, simply use Air-Raid and hover over to the pavilion.
    Whatever you may still have to do, do it now since you aren't graded at this
    time. When you're ready, step through the door and begin Mission 8 properly.
            Mission Objective: Activate the mechanism and escape from the rooftop
    o Phantom Shishkabob                  BOSS: PHANTOM
    o Lower the drawbridge
    o The water source
    ====== PHANTOM SHISHKABOB ======
    Dante begins in a heated room with raging fires blazing behind lattices. Jump
    to the thin ledges on either side and head through the door. Climb up the
    ledge outside to come to a rounded rooftop. Below you is the main castle
    entrance hall. Attempt to leave through the opened gates and Phantom makes
    his fourth and final appearance. He just can't leave you alone. See Enemies &
    Boss Encyclopedia for details.
    Finally, Phantom falls through the skylight and gets skewered by the statue's
    spear. Phantom finally notices that Dante isn't just any old human. You
    witness a darker side to Dante. On the ground below, Trish appears and
    compliments Dante's strength.  Seriously, where has she been all this time?
    ====== LOWER THE DRAWBRIDGE ======
    In the lower quarters of the rooftop, pick the [TRIDENT] from the ground. If
    you manage to jump atop the pillar in the right-hand nook, you will be
    rewarded with Red Orbs. Stand a few feet away from the left horse, and facing
    it, somersault jump onto its head for more Red Orbs. From its head, spring to
    the ledge above and collect the [BLUE ORB FRAGMENT] that appears. Now drop
    into the hole between the two statues.
    Smash the blue spherical object to lower the drawbridge. Run around the heavy
    machinery to find an open  latch and a corpse. Extract the [GRENADE GUN] from
    its remains and continue down.
    ====== THE WATER SOURCE ======
    Dante  arrives in a  room you've  probably  explored in  Mission 1--Neptune's
    room. Stick the Trident into the bronze object. It releases a gush of water
    and raises the gate below. You'll hear some clanks. Better hurry to the room
    below before the gate closes because it's faltering. If you mess up, simply
    use the Trident again and retry. Once you've  navigated Dante under the gate,
    dive into one of the pools of water for a hidden [BLUE ORB FRAGMENT]. Go
    through the double doors to complete Mission 8.
                         Mission Objective: Use the new strength to open the door
    o Search for the fire god              BOSS: Griffon
    o The third servant of Mundus
    o Forest trap
    o Fetish frenzy
    ====== SEARCH FOR THE FIRE GOD ======
    Take the drawbridge down the  screen and hop over the black circle.  The area
    ahead features ruins of what seems to be a ritual place. There's a Time
    Statue in the far left corner, as well as a [DEVIL STAR], hidden behind the
    monolith in the center. Collect some extra Red Orbs by jumping atop the three
    flat-top pillars. Jumping on them is tricky. Stand in front of the pillar at
    an angle you're comfortable with and jump directly up. Do not kick jump at
    the peak of Dante's first jump. Instead, wait until Dante drops a little,
    then immediately kick up thereafter and gingerly direct him to the top. If
    it's been done right, he will either grab onto the ledge and help himself up,
    or land right on top of it.
    Travel down the spiraling stairs under the ruins and head through the door to
    the main garden grounds. Dante turns up in a huge garden where new enemies
    await him from down under. Some pretty intense battles commence with these
    newborn Blades. Equip the grenade gun and get to work. See Enemies & Boss
    Encyclopedia for further details. They release a lot of orbs, so you may want
    to keep that in mind for future reference.
    Pick up the lovely treasures around the garden. There's a [YELLOW ORB] tucked
    away in one of the dark corners, extra Red Orbs in the circular walkway, and
    a [HOLY WATER] on the roof of a low cylinder-shaped building. To the right of
    the entrance to the ruins is a hidden path that winds to a solitary
    tombstone. Thwack it repeatedly to push it back and dig up the [BLUE ORB
    FRAGMENT] hiding underneath it.  Once you've reaped everything there is, head
    toward the blue flares guiding the way to another area.
    The area ahead is composed of  two  upper floors that converge above the gate
    wreckage. Search the area for some items, like a [DEVIL STAR] and an extra
    [YELLOW ORB]. Go around the midpoint section to find a dial. Whack it to
    activate some fluctuating platforms. Leap from platform to platform to reach
    the skyborne gazebo that houses the almighty Ifrit gauntlets. Watch Dante
    painfully claim and absorb Ifrit's power. You can test out these new fads on
    some Marionettes below.
    The moment Dante steps back into the main section of the garden, a giant bird
    wrapped in red lightning swoops over him. Apparently, it knows that he's
    about to go up against the son of the legendary Sparda, but it dares to
    contend nonetheless. Make sure Dante has the Ifrit and Handguns equipped. See
    Enemies & Boss section for the recipe on how to make roast Griffons.
    [AVOIDING GRIFFON'S FIGHT]  Thanks to Dingo Jellybean for the tip.
    You can actually avoid the fight with  Griffon on  your _second_ time through
    the game since you already have the Ifrit Gauntlets. Make sure you don't head
    into the area where you've obtained the gloves, and skip over to the door
    that requires your setting the brazier ablaze.  Then just continue on to the
    forest area.
    ====== FOREST TRAP ======
    The blue flares on the ground  have  now relocated and are directing Dante to
    the iron door on the right. Set the unlit brazier on the right ablaze to open
    the door. If you want, you can leave the garden and head back to the Time
    Statue to check out the new Ifrit skills, but beware, when you return, you
    must put up with a ferocious version of the Blade and several of its lackeys.
    The iron door takes Dante  to a forest covered in a  thick, semi-translucent
    fog. Attempt to go through the door on the right, and it seals. Closing in
    from behind is a troupe of Marionettes, and in the back of the line is a
    powerful Fetish. The Fetish is a terrifying and formidable foe. See the
    Enemies section for details. After Dante dispatches the first batch, rimmed-
    hell gates will be sending wave after wave of these guys.
    You must keep alive and eliminate  one after another before the door unseals.
    Finally, after the chaos subsides, jump atop the broken stump in the center
    for bonus Red Orbs. There are also more hidden orbs and a hidden [HOLY WATER]
    stashed on a platform high above the entrance (not exactly over it). To reach
    it is pretty tough. If you have the Air Hike, it will save you a lot of
    trouble. Otherwise, you can Air Raid to it from the circular building. It's a
    little tricky though.
    ====== FETISH FRENZY ======
    Take a gander at the shop selections in the  Time Statue and see what you can
    afford. Now, equip the grenade gun and head down the stairs. Dante encounters
    MANY Fetish funks. Get cracking with the grenade gun. The strategy is simple.
    Keep popping grenades  into their bodies and avoid any  attacks they throw at
    Dante. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. You will have amassed over 500 Red Orbs by
    defeating these fearsome foes.
    The red door demands 200 Red Orbs before you are allowed to proceed. Might as
    well give them up since there is no other exit, and you don't want to stick
    around and battle more Fetish punks, do you? If you've absent-mindedly spent
    the orbs, just wait until some more Fetish appear and let the chaos recycle.
                                   (  Part Three  )
                               Mission Objective: Come out of the labyrinth alive
    o Navigate the path of illusion
    o Open the doors to the next area
    The objective makes it sound as though this is a suicide mission. When you
    arrive at the first gate, jump on top of the thin pole against the wall to
    gather additional Red Orbs. Up ahead, Dante meets some resistance by
    Marionettes and a Fetish and any following appearances by them. Don't let
    them knock Dante into the gate nearby.
    Once they're dispatched, read the monolith in the center to discover the
    secret of the labyrinth. After reading the inscription, a ball of light rises
    and drifts away. Follow it. Shadow it.  Do whatever you can to stay behind it
    because if Dante steps through any other gate besides the one the ball
    disappears into, he will be transported back to the trail's starting point.
    This is your only ticket out. It's completely random, so you must follow it
    at all times.
    The first area the ball guides Dante to is choked with three Sin Scythes, who
    capture the little fellow. Kill them to free it, but Dante will still be
    stuck fending off following groups. Throughout the labyrinth, enemies will
    try to divert your attention from the ball, and therefore, cause you to enter
    the wrong gate. You must pay full attention to where the ball is headed
    before concentrating on eliminating the  present threat. In the next segment,
    three Blades await your arrival.
    After entering three correct gates, Dante winds up in a new area, which seems
    to be the end of the labyrinth. However, there is a Kyklop here to delay the
    completion of the mission.  Kyklops are mini-versions of the Phantom, but are
    obviously less deadly. Their bodies are encrusted with hard earth instead and
    they drop a ton of orbs.
    If at any time Dante needs to recuperate, there are floating Green Orbs
    around the place. After the first Kyklops disintegrates, search the tall
    grass on the left side for a [HOLY WATER].
    A remaining Kyklops is currently inactive behind the outcropping. You need to
    eliminate this last one to open the iron gate. Go about doing so. Start
    whacking its shell to stimulate it.  After both Kyklops have been eliminated,
    the iron door will lower and allow the devil hunter to proceed.
                         Mission Objective: Offer the "Chalice" and open the path
    o Battle with King of Sins              BOSS: Nelo Angelo
    o Claim the sign
    o Acquire the holy Chalice
    o Requiem of the Dark Knight
    ====== BATTLE WITH KING OF SINS ======
    Immediately after initiating the mission, a Death  Scythe swoops in and comes
    to give Dante a good spanking. Death Scythe is the deadliest and father of
    the "Sins".  See Enemies & Boss section to see Death Scythe tactics. He's not
    terribly difficult, but  definitely not a  picnic in the  park.  Defeating it
    causes a platform to appear.
    ====== CLAIM THE SIGN ======
    The pit in the ground leads to some Blades and a Time Statue. Inside the pit,
    search for a crack in the wall and smash it. A small group of Blades will
    storm through the  aperture and lunge at Dante.  Make  them bite the dust and
    snag the [BLUE ORB FRAGMENT] that drops down.
    In the chamber from which the Blades poured in is an extra Red Orb perched on
    the ledge. On the same ledge, jump up to the square light to arrive in an
    enclosed area. In the caged room, take the [SIGN OF CHASTITY] and return to
    the pit. The Blades have regenerated. It's breeding season, and I hear they
    are mighty feisty around that time.
    Back in the main chamber, there are Red Orbs resting on  higher  ledges Dante
    can reach with his hyper jumps. A [DEVIL STAR] rests on the floating platform
    in the center. On the other side of the room is a cornered ledge with some
    shattered glass Dante can slide through. Head in and drop down to the glass
    area and nab the [BLUE ORB FRAGMENT]. Also, grab the Green Orb on the upper
    level if you need it.
    ====== ACQUIRE THE HOLY CHALICE ======
    Take the top door situated in the back of the main chamber. Leap to the Green
    Orb and proceed to collect whatever you can before examining the glowing
    panel in the square below.  Then proffer the Sign of Chastity in exchange for
    the [CHALICE].
    ====== REQUIEM OF THE DARK KNIGHT ======
    Upon receiving this item, an event occurs in which you meet Nelo Angelo for a
    rematch. Cheater. He's been watching your progress all this time and has
    followed you all this way. Now he has decided you have gone far enough.
    However, his plans to hinder your progress is about to backfire. See the
    Enemies & Boss section for elaborations on how to send his ass flying back to
    the underworld where he belongs.
    Thanks to this battle, the doors have  been corked off, and you're sealed in.
    Well then, travel along the stone roof and follow it to a deep alcove on a
    high ledge. Inside is a knight's statue that calls for the Chalice. Place the
    Chalice in its rightful place to reveal an exit in the brick wall.
                Mission Objective: Go to the deck and head to the Captain's Cabin
    o Needle in a shipwreck               BOSS: Griffon
    o Protect the ship!
    Before  the mission  begins properly, you are  introduced to  some underwater
    controls. Yes, Dante is taking some swim lessons. Take a few minutes to
    let it all sink in. Remember, when swimming in the water, the Up and Down
    controls are inversed, meaning that up will be down and down will be up.  Ok!
    ====== NEEDLE IN A SHIPWRECK ======
    Past the Time Statue is a staircase that  leads down  to the bunkers, where a
    masquerade of dancing Marionettes twirl their cute little blades. An Orb
    Fountain lies ahead, which you can use to stock up on Red Orbs. In the large
    cavern, head toward the water and wade to the run-down pirate ship. Dive into
    the water and start getting used to the controls now. Swim to the line of Red
    Orbs to find a rift on the side of the ship. Use this to enter the ghost
    Beware of the skulking Blade taking its own swim lessons. Swim to the surface
    to automatically leap out of the water. Ascend to the ship's hold. Get ready
    to spring away from a charging Blade. This room is a home to two Blades!
    Lying around in the back is a brand spankin' new [NEEDLE GUN]. Search the
    drawers behind it to find a [DEVIL STAR]. The needle gun cannot be equipped
    or used on land. Dante automatically equips it once submersed in water.
    If you're just  itching to try it out, head  back  to the water at the ship's
    entrance and needle gun the Blade to death. It's very effective. You can find
    an [UNTOUCHABLE] in the chest on the left side of the entrance. Also, blast
    the underwater cargo to release some Red Orbs.
    Head back to the main hold and up the stairs to the deck.  There are many Red
    Orbs sprinkled across the deck, and many more that will fall out of the sky
    by standing on the sail poles. On the high pole in the southern end of the
    deck, climb to the very top to the bird statue. From there, do a Stinger
    toward  the front  of the ship.  Dante will land  on the bow, and a [BLUE ORB
    FRAGMENT] will gently fall from the sky.
    ====== PROTECT THE SHIP! ======
    Attempt to enter  the captain's  cabin. You, however, cannot. A  Death Scythe
    that appears from the door is proof of this. Eliminate the monster and Dante
    will have protected the ship. The ship will now start to move again, powered
    by ghost engines. As Dante begins to get into a sight-seeing hobby, a huge
    bird plunges from the sky and ruins Dante's perfectly peaceful state of mind.
    Another intense battle with the Griffon ensues. See Enemies & Boss section
    for plans on making your next Thanksgiving dinner.
    The blue swords, as if they sensed your pure heart, now raise themselves from
    the door and finally allow your entry into the cabin.
                         Mission Objective: Find an exit and escape from the ship
    o Take the Staff Of Hermes
    o Get out of a watery predicament
    First they ask us to  get on the ship  and now off it?  What madness is this,
    you say? Little do you know--the whole time Dante has been doing his missions
    outside the  castle grounds--he has been  setting up rituals that  eventually
    help lead him to the underworld. Get it?
    ====== TAKE THE STAFF OF HERMES ======
    Dante enters the cozy cabin as the ship careens gently from side to side.
    Grab the glowing [STAFF OF HERMES] from the chest of the statue and...Titanic
    is sinking! This ship is sinking! Dante watches helplessly as water rushes
    in from the cracks and vents.  Soon after, he gets  fully submerged in water.
    Swim through the tiny vent at the right of the door, since the door is sealed
    by the water's pressure.  Deal with the two  Blades in the following room. In
    the shaft between the two stairs is a [BLUE ORB FRAGMENT] floating around the
    territory of three Blades!
    Find your way back to the first room you came from and escape through the
    rift. Finish this mission in under 3 minutes and receive a S Ranking.
    ====== [MISSION 13 and 14 INTERVAL] ======
    It appears that Mission 14  won't  begin just yet.  Get  out of the water and
    dive into the right pool of water to find a [BLUE ORB FRAGMENT]. Back on the
    surface, head to the door at the top of the stairs to  initiate Mission 14.
                   Mission Objective: Go to the surface and head for the coliseum
    o Quest for the Emblem Shield
    o Life's like a waterfall
    o Blood thirsty Spirits
    On the ground level, notice that  the floor is punctured with numerous holes.
    What are they for? Looks like some kinda weird scheme of things you may have
    to deal with later on. The spikes on the wall can hurt Dante if he walks into
    them. Why would you want to do that, you evil person?? Head through the
    corridor and follow it around to the adjacent hallway.
    This hallway is also filled with holes (Hmmmm...).  At the end of the rounded
    strip is a skeleton. Carefully walk toward it, and it will bestow the [EMBLEM
    SHIELD] upon you. Flipping the switch designated on its right hand opens the
    iron gate back in the other hallway, but it also activates the dungeon's
    death trap! The floors start to rotate, drawing Dante towards the spiked
    walls, and spears erupt from  the holes. Oh my gah. What to do? You're stuck
    in a rather elaborate trap.
    As the spears come up, they  burst forth in an ebb motion.  Once they retract
    into their individual holes, leap over them and pause. Repeat this with the
    second wave  and anything that follows to the end of the corridor.  Each time
    Dante gets pierced by the spikes, he loses a lot of life!
    ====== LIFE'S LIKE A WATERFALL ======
    Dante steps off the elevator to find a  waterfall roaring in the  background.
    Behind the base of the waterfall  is a [HOLY WATER]. It is also possible to
    retrieve the Red Orb chunk resting on top of the caged gazebo. Simply use one
    of the pillars on either side and kick jump up. Dante will do the rest. Also,
    if the Air Hike ability is available, use it to reach a high ledge that
    contains a [YELLOW ORB] and a [BLUE ORB FRAGMENT] stashed higher up. Although
    reaching these treasures can be possible without the aid of Air Hike.
    [OBTAINING THE ORBS]  Submitted by Mike Barr. Extra thanks to Chris.
    I found that you don't need Air Hike in order to get to the high ledge.  You
    can actually jump up on top of the gazebo, then use Air Raid and fly across
    to a ledge on the other side of the water.  From there you can jump your way
    all the way up the cliffs and get the two items.
    [OBTAINING THE ORBS II]  Submitted by Brian
    I have found yet another alternate means of attaining the 3 items (Red Orb,
    Yellow Orb, and the Blue Orb fragment).  Instead of using Air Raid or Air
    Hike, simply use Stinger (much like when you jump/flew across the sail posts
    on the ship) to fly/jump across from the gazebo to the ledge by the
    waterfall.  Just jump up a few ledges to get the Yellow Orb.  Then, get back
    on the gazebo and use the same maneuver, to jump/fly to the ledge to the
    right of the gazebo, landing you the Blue Orb Fragment.
    Outside, some Blades and a bigger  version of a Blade pounce  on Dante almost
    instantly after entering this cliff side from the waterfall area. Because of
    the small space provided, it makes things a little hard. Jump to some lower
    ground and take advantage of the footholds.  Then go wild with the shotgun or
    your weapon of choice. If you happen to be blessed with the Devil's luck, two
    Shadows and a Death Scythe will substitute the Blade groupie.
    ====== BLOOD THIRSTY SPIRITS ======
    Drilled into the flank of the cliff is a small mining cave.  Jump to the high
    entrance and cross the swaying bridge to an Orb Fountain, where Dante can
    ferret out a few hundred Red Orbs.  Drop down the ledge on the right to a low
    overhang where a lonely [BLUE ORB FRAGMENT] is looking for a friend. The exit
    is sealed by the give-me-thy-blood-and-ye-shall-pass spell.  The door demands
    200 of your hard-earned Red Orbs.
    The exit takes Dante to a field, where he must go up against a glut of Fetish
    and Marionettes. Jump on top of the circular building and onto the thin porch
    above.  A slew of Red Orbs will mysteriously drop from the  sky after running
    to the left edge.
    To deal with this dark army, stand on the low platform by the sealed red door
    and take shelter there, then blast enemy after enemy with the grenade gun.
    Locate and take the [DEVIL STAR] nearby.  Then, expend another 100 to the Red
    Orb-sucking doors.
    Collect the Red Orbs around the center  pillar and head through the only door
    in the room.
            Mission Objective: Use the shield and a pair of lances to conquer the
    o Which door "shield" I open first?       BOSS: Griffon
    o The Blue Door
    o The Red Door
    o Appeasing the Gods
    ====== WHICH DOOR "SHIELD" I OPEN FIRST? ======
    First off, I apologize for the horrible pun, but who cares about stupid puns
    when you've got better things to worry about.
    Mission 15 begins back at the garden ground.  If you haven't exterminated the
    reigning Blades yet, they're still here. They will come in great numbers, but
    usually three at a time...and with that shadow version. The blue flares now
    lead the devil hunter to the rounded column that houses two sealed doors and
    a single iron-gated door that calls for the Pair of Lances. The Emblem Shield
    can be used here to unseal the shield doors on either side.
    Whichever one you enter first doesn't matter. The items you need can be found
    in either, but the order you can obtain them will be reversed, depending on
    which dungeon you explore first. In other words, once the Luminite and the
    Pair of Lances have been taken from the first dungeon explored, the
    Nightmare-Beta will be found in the next room. Also, once Dante has conquered
    the trap in the first room, it will be negated in the second room.
    ====== THE BLUE DOOR ======
    Pry the radiant [LUMINITE]  from the heap of debris and head down the stairs.
    Waiting at the bottom of the stairs is a trio of Fetish enemies. It's much
    safer to use the grenade gun on them here than use fancy footwork. Level down
    the discolored wall and blast the barrels out of the way. Collect the various
    goodies hiding in the barrels including a [BLUE ORB FRAGMENT] and a [HOLY
    Immediately  after  heading through  the blue double doors, two  Sin  Scythes
    will appear. What's worse is that the floor at the foot of the stairs will
    also make like a conveyor belt--drawing its victims to the wall of spikes.
    Fight the Sins in what little space you have on the stairs, but for goodness
    sake, don't attempt to play hero and subdue them on the moving floor. Having
    been the stint person that I was, I just took the damage and blasted their
    faces off with the grenade gun, but you don't have to follow my example.  Use
    a Holy Water if you have to.
    In the narrow strips of the rotating floor, the walls shoot out spikes. After
    crossing one spiked wall, there's a small chamber in the left indented wall
    you can go into. Stepping on the glowing light in the center fully restores
    Dante's DT gauge! Recover his health by turning into his devil form and then,
    refilling DT while you're at it!
    In the next chamber, the  purple substance  below is toxic goo  that eats the
    life of stupid victims who fall into it. If Dante does fall, however,
    frantically scramble back onto the low platform.  Then casually make your way
    across the wasteland and claim the [PAIR OF LANCES].
    Head back through the rounded spike passage. It's easier this time since you
    aren't working against friction. The Fetish will have regenerated for more
    beating. Fighting them allows Dante to digest many Red Orbs, which will
    probably create a buying urge  since there's a Time Statue nearby. This is a
    good time to level up his Alastor and Ifrit skills.
    Exit to the main garden grounds to find that Sin Scythes have dominated the
    garden, and night has fallen on the castle.
    ====== THE RED DOOR ======
    Another secret  chamber lies behind the discolored  wall at the bottom of the
    stairs. Smash the furnishings for a [YELLOW ORB]. As Dante enters the blue
    double doors on this end, there is another rotating floor, except the Sin
    Scythes are non-attending. Strike the dial on the right before the sliding
    through the first set of exploding spikes.  This lowers a wired platform at
    the end that allows access to the gem of the dungeon. There's another dial to
    activate that's facing the left side chamber.  This side chamber features the
    magic-rejuvenating device, too.
    At the end of the corridor, drop into the pit and battle the two Blades. Then
    kick jump just under the opposite platform to snag a [BLUE ORB FRAGMENT]. You
    can now claim  the [NIGHTMARE-BETA], the  last  gun Dante  can find, from the
    glowing panel.
    ====== APPEASING THE GODS ======
    Enter the coliseum by placing the Pair of Lances in the indentation on the
    iron gate. Go around the coliseum arena and collect all the possible orbs
    before stepping into the blue, glowing satanic circle. Doing so immediately
    triggers the fight with the next boss, the final Griffon confrontation. Offer
    it as a sacrifice to exhibit Dante's true heroism and courage. See Enemies &
    Boss menu for large stuffed owls (that's getting a bit old, eh?).
    After  witnessing the  pitiful  demise of the  Griffon, we  get  to  catch an
    exclusive glimpse of Mundus' powers. Trish shows up at this point. Is she
    pulling our strings or what?  At this point, more of the underdeveloped story
    unravels and we learn a little of Dante's biological parents.
    The huge column  that pinned  Griffon down is actually an elevator that leads
    to an  underground shaft, where the Wheel of Destiny  rests in the hands of a
    maiden statue. Acquire the [WHEEL OF DESTINY] and finish Mission 15.
                                   (  Part Four  )
                  Mission Objective: Unravel the mystery of the "Staff of Hermes"
    o Breeding of new evil              BOSS: Nightmare
    o The Nightmare begins
    ====== BREEDING OF NEW EVIL ======
    There's a  whole [BLUE ORB] floating  right  next to  the elevator.  Ride the
    elevator back up to the surface and retrace your steps back to the ceremonial
    ruins area, where the drawbridge was last raised. Insert the Wheel of Destiny
    in the black orb to lower the drawbridge again.
    After regaining entry into the castle, Dante  notices that complete  darkness
    has reigned over the castle. The only source of light emits from the single
    Luminite Dante found in one of the sealed shield doors. An additional door
    that was supposed to be there has long disappeared  since the castle had been
    twisted by prominent evil.
    Enter the main hall. Some of the debris has been cleaned up and the blue door
    has been resealed by spirits. A lone [BLUE ORB FRAGMENT] sits in the dark on
    the left side of the statue that _was once_ there. Now a dial hangs in its
    place. That's for later. First, acquire another Blue Orb piece by going to
    the Time Statue on the second floor. From there, you should be able to see it
    floating in front of Dante. Use his Air Raid ability  to reach it. Or you can
    also jump on the horse statue's head and Stinger to it. (Thanks to Christy
    Activate the dial to  trigger a sequence, which  highlights  a  Plasma coming
    into existence. Jump over its laser and equip the Ifrit immediately since it
    is impervious to the Alastor's energy. Eliminate it as quickly as possible
    before it splits into three  separate parts.  Defeating the  first Plasma not
    only hints that more tough enemies are to come, but it also banishes the
    tormented souls from the sealed door.
    The airplane hangar presents one other  Plasma that _will_ split into 3 parts
    upon contact with Ifrit. Plasmas tend to take on the form of Dante and mimic
    his abilities with their imitation of the Alastor. Using Ifrit's DT abilities
    is recommended here. After you've fried the Plasma men, step into the
    familiar hallway. The tables in the study room reveal Red Orbs. If you have
    enough, get the Inferno. You will need it later. Facing the painting, jump up
    and tap the statue head to summon a [BLUE ORB FRAGMENT].
    Follow the hallway that doesn't seem to be so...familiar anymore.  The  doors
    to the courtyard have been replaced by a line of armored suits. They yield
    some Red Orbs to make up for the confusion. The library door and the Judge of
    Death statue are gone. A huge, iron door is their substitute.
    ====== THE NIGHTMARE BEGINS ======
    The monastery has been remodeled and redecorated  with strange circles in the
    ground, as well as a small puddle of thick liquid in the center. Also notice
    the walls sporting dials? Smells like a boss fight. Light up all the
    characters in one of the dials before examining the puddle of water. Checking
    the puddle calls forth a reeking creature you'll learn to hate. See Enemies &
    Boss section to find out how to dispose of this excess garbage.
    After it sinks back to the underworld, head through the doors to the bridge.
    Hop across the broken path and use the Staff of Hermes on the inscription
    behind the lion epitaph. It reacts to the evil surging through the castle and
    creates two paintings on both sides. Jump into the left rippling painting.
         Mission Objective: Slash away at the dragon and enter the court with the
    o Quicksilver hunt                     BOSS: Nelo Angelo
    o Secret of the Dark Knight
    ====== QUICKSILVER HUNT ======
    A red outer-rimmed circle appears behind Dante. It will take him back to the
    Path of Trials when desired. Ascend the spiraling stairs to the first doorway
    and gather some Red Orbs from the furnishings. Then continue to the top. In
    the research room, dive into the left portal that appears.
    Dante emerges from the portrait and finds himself in an enclosure. Attempting
    to open the door nets him a fight with new appearances by Frosts. Equip the
    Ifrit, tap into Devil Trigger and have fun. Watch out for their ice aerial
    attack. It's a doozy. Defrost the two Frosts and be on your way. When you get
    to a long corridor, ignore the split to the right and continue down while
    decongesting the hallway of  Marionettes and Fetish.  Around the corner, take
    the door to the display room.
    A giant  fossilized  reptile  collects masses of  energy and ejects them at a
    dazed Dante. Stay in the back and time it as it comes. Then deflect it back
    using the Alastor. Three consumptions of its own medicine, and it will die in
    agony. Before heading forward to the hall, jump to the ledge above.  Hug the
    right wall until Dante disappears to a hidden balcony. Strange. It's snowing
    outside. Run around to the left and  jump for a snowflake shaped like a [BLUE
    ORB FRAGMENT] to fall.
    Next to the mirror gathering moonlight is a crank.  Press  the confirm button
    to position Dante. Then start rotating the analog stick to turn the handle.
    It turns the mirror around to cast the moonlight back onto the device on the
    small, high balcony across the room. A small silver ball takes shape from the
    ====== SECRET OF THE DARK KNIGHT ======
    Jump onto the high ledge again and follow it around. Across from Dante is an
    overhang he must kick jump to. As lightning strikes outside, it illuminates
    the room for a split second. During that second, you will have noticed some
    thick, transparent platforms floating in the air. Direct Dante to the first
    platform and jump over to the other ones to the veranda holding the
    Take the Quicksilver back to the main hallway and take the door at the end of
    the passage branched off to the right. Use the moon-made item on the door and
    proceed to face Nelo Angelo. He unmasks himself through an odd ritual. He
    looks human enough...This time, his attacks are MUCH MORE DAMAGING than
    before. Read the boss strategy I have for him in the only place in the  guide
    that has enemy statistics.
    After the difficult battle, you'll be in for a surprise...
     Mission Objective: Throw the "Philosopher's Egg" into the fire and transform
                              it into the Spirit Stone.
    o Underwater Siege                   BOSS: Nightmare
    o The Philosopher's Egg
    o Goblet of Fire
    ====== UNDERWATER SIEGE ======
    At the beginning of the mission, Dante's amulet begins to glow with a luster.
    The one Nelo dropped and Dante's merge together to form the [PERFECT AMULET].
    The combined amulets evoke the secret power of Dante's Force Edge. In a
    stunning cutscene, the Force Edge transforms into the [SPARDA]! Woohoo! Kick
    ass! However, its true powers have been temporarily sealed.  They will be
    unleashed at the right time. Anyway, head into the red panel that appears on
    the floor and into the newly depicted portrait.
    Underwater, follow the trail of the finely laid out Red Orbs. Destroy barrels
    and such for additional Red Orbs. Explore each of the cells that have been
    left ajar for more orbs. The last one holds a single and easily overlooked
    [BLUE ORB FRAGMENT]. In the following area, take care of the three treading
    Sin Scissors to open the door between the two horse displays. There is some
    strange force  field that's  keeping the  water from  flowing into this room.
    ====== THE PHILOSOPHER'S EGG ======
    A dial rests on the wall across the room. Activating it fills the entire room
    with water for a limited time. This allows Dante to swim up the shaft. It
    also allows him to get an extra Blue Orb piece. Swim up quickly and look for
    a separate overhang.  Float  over it and wait until the water level instantly
    drops. A [BLUE ORB FRAGMENT] will drop from the ceiling thereafter.
    Activate the dial again and swim up until you reach a different set of stairs
    separated by the walkway at the bottom. When the water vaporizes, start
    climbing the stairs.  At the end of the first set, Dante comes to a painting
    of a decapitated knight pointing to the east. At the edge, press jump.  Dante
    does a frantic leap to the other side.  Continue  to follow the knights' lead
    and eventually, Dante will find the [PHILOSOPHER'S EGG].
    ====== GOBLET OF FIRE ======
    Descend the stairs.  At the bottom, enter the brown  door that takes him to a
    twisted version of the courtyard, where everything is in reversed order.
    There is a blue hearth below, but ignore that for now and kick jump to the
    ledge  on the  other side.  Head into the door  there  and grab the [BLUE ORB
    FRAGMENT] at the end of the short passage.
    Back in the courtyard, toss the Philosopher's Egg into the heart of the
    flames. A voice resounds in his head that tells him it will be awhile before
    the transformation is complete. Just as it does, Nightmare emerges from the
    center of the room, looking for a playmate. Seeing as how Dante has nothing
    else better to do, he decides to play along.
    After the second downfall of Nightmare, the metamorphosis of the Philosophers
    Egg will be complete.  Pretty damn convenient too; just after beating
    Nightmare. Examine the blue fire and take the freshly baked [ELIXIR] from it.
                               Mission Objective: Open the gate to the Underworld
    o Bedrooms Hold Many Secrets
    o Nobody is a Nobody
    o Underworld Admittance
    From Dante's current  position, backtrack  all the way to  where the Staff of
    Hermes was used. Jump straight through the second depicted painting of the
    Castellan bedroom. Near the bed in the back is a [BLUE ORB FRAGMENT].  And on
    top of the bed's canopy is an [UNTOUCHABLE] glimmering faintly. Dante finally
    notices  the "scariness" and becomes  falteringly  human when he examines the
    wall  that once  held the  patio doors.  Take a look at the  mirror  and step
    through the undulating reflection.
    The room Dante arrives in turns out to be pretty trippy; kinda  like when you
    are high on uh, nevermind. You're still in the Castellan bedroom, but it's
    just...different. Dante seems to have been transported to an alternate world,
    where absolute evil reigns supreme. In the dilapidated version of this
    bedroom, the Time Statues have lost its effect.  Your Red Orbs have no use in
    this sinister dimension.
    ====== NOBODY IS A NOBODY ======
    Head through the  patio doors that  have made its way to the alternate world.
    Jump off the balcony and take the [PHILOSOPHER'S STONE]. Having it in Dante's
    possession provokes an inevitable battle with three bizarre monsters. They've
    decided to hop on the bandwagon and tease the devil hunter. Bad choice. But
    then again, it isn't so bad  since they're  capable of busting  a few caps in
    Dante's ass.
    Focus on attacking one, and  one only, until an imminent cutscene takes over,
    showing the transformation of a small Nobody to a big Nobody. However, you
    want to skip the cut-scene. It slowly sucks up the Devil Trigger's health.
    Nobody's are pretty hard, but they drop  enormous Red Orbs to recompense your
    efforts and struggles.
    Now jump to the ledge above the patio doors and head down the screen.  Notice
    the floating Blue Orb piece?  To get it, kick jump to the stone tower. Facing
    the sun, gently tap "jump" for Dante to drop down. On the way, he will grab
    the [BLUE ORB FRAGMENT]. After embracing this orb piece, return to the top of
    the stone tower. Then Air Raid to the green pavilion, where Dante will be
    blessed with another [BLUE ORB FRAGMENT].  You can get  this piece only after
    acquiring the one prior to procuring this orb, or it will not appear.
    Return to Dante's logical world and head back to the Cathedral. The puddle of
    water now responds to the combined powers of the Elixir and the Philosopher's
    Stone. With those two keys in hand, Dante can sink into the liquid and enter
    the Underworld. Dante gets consumed and drops below. The gold-plated platform
    will take Dante back to the surface world when desired. Use the powers of the
    Philosopher's Stone on the blue liquid to break the covering.
                                   (  Part Five  )
                                Mission Objective: Head to the place of sacrifice
    o Welcome to the Underworld               BOSS: Nightmare
    o An End to a Nightmare
    The Underworld, or whatever of it, is comprised of intestinal  organs full of
    bulging veins. Jump to the little capillary and follow it to the end. Rip
    through the flimsy tissue. Equip the Ifrit and go up against two Frosts. The
    Underworld's dark aura seems to affect the abilities of enemies--they are a
    bit tougher than usual. A Time Statue sits in  the center of the room. Do any
    last minute shopping and max out Ifrit skills, if possible.
    ====== AN END TO A NIGHTMARE ======
    The chamber ahead features a  satanic  character-filled ceiling that suddenly
    light up upon Dante's arrival into the room. On the other side of the chamber
    is Trish imploring for Dante's help. However, a renewed Nightmare stops Dante
    in his tracks and forms a barrier around the outer ring.  "Trish, stay back!"
    as if she had any intentions to go somewhere at this time...
    This is the most insane encounter with Nightmare.  What was Capcom thinking?!
    Heck, this is the toughest battle thus far, and we're pretty darn far into
    the game now, don't you think? In fact, almost done with it.  I know, boohoo.
    See Enemies & Boss section to  permanently send it to  an isolated wasteland.
    Gleefully watch the final demise of Nightmare. Good riddance.
                      Mission Objective: Pulsate the heart and open the last gate
    o Organ Donor
    o Onto the Final Gate
    ====== ORGAN DONOR ======
    This final legitimate mission begins where you've  left off in Mission 20--on
    the outskirts of the Nightmare chamber. Head back in to find an [UNTOUCHABLE]
    lounging around the opposite entrance. Back in the initial chamber, there's a
    Time Statue in the room if you need it. But by now, you should have gained
    all of Ifrit's and Alastor's moves...right?  Anyway, take the [HOLY WATER] on
    the ground lying below the sealed door.
    The Heart Chamber isn't beating very healthily. We'll fix that. Start
    climbing the platforms. Then viciously strike the mechanism to unseal the
    door in the previous room.
    Beyond  that door, follow the tortuous  path  and watch out for the tentacles
    that extend from the walls. If Dante gets tangled by them, they will be hard
    to shake loose and they do a lot of damage! Fire at them with his handguns to
    break free. Once they clasp on, they won't let him go because they love him
    so much! They are also able to elongate their bodies just to try to grab him,
    but not by much.
    The next task is to defeat three Nobodys in each section to unseal each door.
    Keep a constant move on, or a worm-like creature will emerge and snack on
    Dante. After entering the tissue wall, immediately equip the Ifrit and fight
    to the death with two bat-like Plasmas. Jump kick them to death or use the
    Rolling Blaze.  These Plasmas must die for  Dante so that  he can move on and
    warm up for the final fight.
    ====== ONTO THE FINAL GATE ======
    Hop across the platforms to the dial.  Strike it  to activate the platform on
    the other end. Jump up the trail of platforms and bash the Orb Fountain to
    harvest many Red Orbs.  Beside the fountain is another dial.  Activate it and
    head to the tissue wall at the top.
    Dante leaps across the wide gap with ease. He finds himself above the room of
    the last gate. On the other side, strike the dial repeatedly to purify and
    lift the curse from the door. Doing so gets the heart pumping healthily
    again. A healthy heart is always a good start! ...Except this heart isn't so,
    um, normal.
    Ok, this is it, folks!  The ultimate showdown with the god of evil! This will
    determine Dante's fate and your proficiency as a sane gamer. Good luck and
    may the devil's luck be with you.  Check out the  Enemies & Boss Encyclopedia
    as the usual routine, genius!
                      Mission Objective: Escape Mallet Island before it collapses
    o Run, Dante, Run!                     BOSS: Final Mundus
    o One Final Match
    o Escape!
    ====== RUN, DANTE, RUN! ======
    The mission  begins with a timer clocked at 5 minutes.  Dante  has this exact
    amount of time to reach the entrance of the Underworld before its destruction
    brings him along with it. Begin by running as fast as Dante possibly can,
    which is pretty damn slow. Proceed to the chamber where the memorable
    Nightmare had been slain.
    In this chamber, Dante must quickly defeat two Nobodys before anything. Do it
    as quickly as your ability permits since time is against you. The Frost
    monsters from before have regenerated in hopes of retribution for the
    consecutive defeats. Ignore them since  you don't want to waste anymore time.
    Head to the  gold-plated elevator and ride  it safely  back up to the surface
    ====== ONE FINAL MATCH ======
    Defeat the two Blades that seal off the airplane hangar. As soon as the last
    Blade bites the dust, the floors give in and collapse into the waterways
    below. Surprise! Witness Mundus worm out of his Underworld portal and
    challenge Dante to a final match. Mundus is heckuva a lot easier this time.
    Plus, Dante gets a boost of energy from someone...Good luck! As directed in
    the menu, keep blasting your handguns until the gauge is full, then unleash
    DT. Jackpot!
    ====== ESCAPE! ======
    Dante hops into the airplane that  crashes through the ceiling.  Dante pilots
    the plane and bails out. This is your final task. Don't crash into tumbling
    debris and rocks one  too many  times  because the airplane  can take only so
    much abuse. Well, actually, even if you hit every single rock in sight, you
    may have just enough to make it out alive, although I wouldn't recommend it
    you know.  Once you've  successfully  escaped the crumbling island, enjoy the
    ending! You've just beaten Devil May Cry!
                                   Secret Missions
    Secret Missions are objective missions that  test how proficient you are as a
    DMC player and how sagaciously you utilize Dante's agility, weapons, and the
    mission's surroundings. Each mission allots a certain amount of time for you
    to complete an often difficult task. Secret missions occur in places you've
    already visited in the castle, but they become available in certain
    missions--before, during, or after a mission. This section helps you find
    these missions. They also come embodied with fairly helpful strategies on how
    to get through each  of these missions.  The missions  will be listed  in the
    chronological order that they transpire.
    All of these Secret Missions can be re-done (with the exception of a few), so
    if you botch one on the first try, leave and enter again to restart the
    Condition: After defeating Phantom in Mission 3, head  back to the underwater
    Place, where you fought the Sargassos.
    Prize: Blue Orb Fragment
    Assassinate the single  Sin  Scissor with _one_ critical hit (Hence, the name
    of this secret mission). Don't linger around too long since Dante's life is
    slowly drained by being underwater.  Like I've told you in the Enemy section,
    the Sin Scissor's primary  weak point is its sinister  mask. The only problem
    is its giant scissors--it acts as shield to defend against your attacks.
    Whack its scissors to throw it behind  the Sin for a brief moment, then crank
    out the shotgun and blast its mask at an EXTREMELY close range. So close, the
    gun should be "sticking out" of her mask. If you try to kill the laughing
    maniac while her scissors are positioned in front, the scissors will somehow
    absorb 60% percent of the shrapnel. Otherwise, it should die in that instant.
    The first accessible Secret Mission, yet one of the hardest.
    Condition: Enter the Cathedral Doors at the start of Mission 4.
    Prize: Blue Orb Fragment
    Equip the Handguns since you'll need to blast 100 scattering baby spider-like
    creatures in quick succession. Start by blasting the first bunch near Dante
    into oblivion.  Be sure to move around as well, since stepping on them can
    also be a deadly technique. Then head directly across to a second batch. Near
    the holy altar in the front of  the room is a lot full of  these tiny scamps.
    By then, you should have killed 100 within the time limit.
    Condition: After Phantom Baby, head to the  back study room at the end of the
    long hallway.
    Prize: Blue Orb Fragment
    This is pretty much the same as Phantom Baby, but this time, it disallows the
    use of weapons. In other words, Dante will have to stomp and thrash on these
    punks with his feet and body parts. Thanks to the confined space in the room,
    it doesn't pose too much of a problem. Devil Trigger and run around,
    squashing the little buggers. Stop. Drop. Roll. Repeat.
    Condition: After defeating the Shadow in Mission 4, go to the basement arena
    from Mission 1.
    Prize: Blue Orb Fragment
    Talk about difficult. One Shadow is enough to head-banging madness, but three
    just results in house-tearing insanity. That's right, folks. Dante will be up
    against 3 hard-hitting Shadows. Make sure you have a view of all 3 Shadows so
    you won't be jumped from behind. The Shadows move to protect each other when
    one of their cores is exposed. Focus on _one_ only. Just keep track of which
    one you're dealing with before you get confused. Shooting at the Shadows does
    not solve anything unless you're looking to counterattack. If you've got them
    rounded in a corner, blasting at them will make Dante target all three, which
    _is not_ a good thing.
    Try to lead one of  them astray from the pack  while  keeping your eye on the
    others. Then blast the secluded one to submission with the shotgun as many
    times as possible _before_ it reaches you with its speed. When you start
    dodging, try not to run into the skulking Shadows waiting to prey on a stupid
    Dante. Once a core is expose, Devil Trigger immediately and slash like mad.
    That should do one of them in. Killing off at least one Shadow lifts a lot of
    the tension from the fight.
    Condition: Before starting  Mission 8, in the interval, go to  the room where
    the first encounter with Beelzebubs was predetermined.
    Prize: Blue Orb Fragment
    The point of this is to let the two Kyklops duke it out with each other while
    Dante sits out of their field of vision. Find a pipe that projects outward
    just slightly so Dante can use it as a ledge to stand on. Jump on top of it
    and wait there. Watch as  the Kyklops get confused and engage each other in a
    fierce battle. The Kyklops that dies unveils the prize.  Then just finish off
    the remaining Kyklops.
    Condition: Go back to through the doors at the start of Mission 11.
    Prize: Blue Orb Fragment
    This is pretty hard.  Use the  enemies as stepping  stones and boost Dante to
    the Blue Orb piece in the air. Jump from the mask of the Sin Scissors and
    collect the orb in the sky.  As long as you  keep moving, the ghosts won't do
    anything life-threatening.
    Condition: Before Mission 14, enter the Ghost  Ship and go to the Captain's
    Cabin. Inspect the skeleton on the chair.
    Prize: Blue Orb Fragment
    Keep swimming and use the needle gun to put the Blades to rest. Scatter your
    shots among the group. You can shoot their missile attacks. Swim away from
    them and pepper the Blades like crazy. If you mess up, reset and start over.
    Condition: After  initiating Mission 15, return to the narrow corridor where
    spikes shot out of the floor. Inspect the painting.
    Prize: Blue Orb Fragment
    After inspecting the painting, Shadows flow from the painting and materialize
    to tear Dante into pieces. Whip out the shotgun or grenade gun, and get to
    work. You can lead the Shadows into the spikes that shoot from the ground to
    add some damage. The Roundtrip technique works pretty well here. Try to
    defeat the first (yes, first) Shadow as  quickly as possible before the other
    two start to wiggle out of their magical cells. Steer clear of the spikes and
    all will be well.
    Condition: Go back to the coliseum at the start of Mission 16.
    Prize: Blue Orb Fragment
    A clustered line of Sargassos act as a stairway leading to the Blue Orb piece
    suspended in the sky. Leap from the skull heads to the top without falling to
    reach the orb piece. This isn't too hard. It's not easy either. Just keep the
    R1 down to focus the camera angle on the imitated stairs.
    Condition: After Nightmare in Mission 16, go to the airplane hangar.
    Prize: Blue Orb Fragment
    Seek and destroy four Shadows trying their best to hide from the devil
    hunter. Two of them are on the wings of the airplane. Another is hiding in
    the main entrance hall on the left. The last one is in the caged area that
    leads to the outside area. The last Shadow rewards the prize.
    Condition: In the beginning of Mission 17, go back to  the Path of Trials and
    jump across the bridge without falling into the water.
    Prize: Blue Orb Fragment
    The primary penalty of the mission that renders an instant failure is falling
    into the water. Once you've made it across the bridge, a Death Scythe comes
    into play. The idea is not to kill it. Instead use its tornado spells to cast
    Dante into the air. However, don't let the Death Scythe swipe at Dante, or he
    will be pitched into the water--failing the mission.
    Once Dante is tossed into the air by the tornadoes, Devil Trigger immediately
    and Air Raid. This allows you to determine what and where to do or go next.
    When you've gotten an  idea of where  the orb is, shake  off the Air Raid and
    AIR HIKE to the orb.
    If you don't have Air Hike and have an incredible amount of luck, try to have
    one of Death's tornadoes toss you near the orb and Air Raid to it. This
    mission may not be accessed more than once in any given time.  So you'll need
    to reset if you screw up.
    [ALTERNATE METHOD]  Submitted by Damon Collins
    Instead of waiting to be launched in the air. You can just hop up onto the
    ledge above the door where you get some red orbs in the beginning of the
    game. Then just Air Hike, then Air Raid and fly to the blue orb in the sky.
    The only catch is that you must have at least 4 to 5 devil trigger slots to
    make it that far. But that's how I got the thing. Afterwards, I just killed
    the Death Scythe for some red orbs and left.
    Condition: As Mission 21 begins, go to the secret corridor across from the
    second Time Statue. Press X to activate the mission.
    Prize: Blue Orb, Bangle of Time
    Follow the path and dispatch the Nobodys along the way. In the area beyond is
    an orb fountain which you can abuse to release Red Orbs. Bounce up the ledges
    to the top. There's a dragon here breathing hot air. Charge up to it and
    whack its head with Devil Arms.  After the downfall of the dragon, two Frosts
    tag him and step into the ring. Ifrit butt-kicking time. After defrosting the
    rather chilled  demons, jump on the  platform that  appears to  reach another
    level. From there, just amble to the [BANGLE OF TIME].
       /\                                                                    /\
       )(                                                                    )(
     _(  )__________________________________________________________________(  )_
     ¯ || ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ || ¯
       ||               ======= Part IV:  INDICES & GUIDES =======           ||
     _ || __________________________________________________________________ || _
     ¯(  )¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯(  )¯
       )(                                                                    )(
       \/                                                                    \/
    Please note that anything you may find different here has nothing to do with
    discrepancy. All references here were garnered from playing NORMAL mode.
    D'accord? D'accord.
                                     Items Index
    There are two kinds of items: Consumable and Key items. Both play major roles
    in the game.
    These items are items you can use  to Dante's benefit.  They can be auxiliary
    items or destructive items to use against enemies. They range in a variety of
    uses, but cost an awful lot. However, when you buy an item, its price
    increases each time, except for the Holy Water.  That stays the same for some
    Starting Price: 300
    You can buy these after all! They augment  Dante's maximum  vitality. You can
    also find these scattered around the missions, but in fragment form. You need
    four of them to form one full orb. Time Statues  sell the full forms of these
    orbs. You can buy only seven of these altogether in Normal, Hard and Dante
    Must Die.
    Starting Price: 550
    Typically one of the many items in the Extras roster. These can be bought for
    the listed price from Time Statues. There _will_ be times when you absolutely
    need them, especially with boss fights near the end.  The Devil Star restores
    5 slots in the Devil Trigger gauge, and should only be used  when there is no
    other way to recharge the Devil Gauge.  Otherwise, it should collect mites in
    the back of your inventory  for future use.  Throughout the game, you will be
    able to find several of these.
    Starting Price: 700
    It's a lot more imposing than the name implies.  No, it's not some cheesy way
    to give you holy powers or something, but it is a cheap way to fight bosses
    and multitudes of tough enemies.  It blesses you with the power to knock off
    about half the life of a  boss (actually depends on the boss) and annihilates
    all normal enemies around you. If you decide to get this, use it ONLY in boss
    fights because that's the best way to exploit this immense power, although
    some are immune to its power.  Using it against some enemies kinda wastes the
    700 Red orbs (Normal) you spent to buy it.
    Starting Price: 440
    Unlike Blue Orbs (fragments), Purple Orbs can't  be found in anywhere. Purple
    Orbs add to Dante's maximum Devil Trigger Gauge, allowing him  to remain in a
    devil form for a longer amount of time.  Isn't that a good thing? Yes, it is.
    You can buy seven of these altogether in Normal, Hard and Dante Must Die.
    Starting Price: 1000
    Untouchables work just like  the name implies--it makes Dante untouchable, or
    invincible rather, for a limited amount of time. During this shielded state,
    Dante is also automatically in Devil Trigger mode. Using this is a cheat
    since you can't receive any damage for the time being. Not to mention that
    you're in Devil Trigger state during the time this is still in effect. I
    found myself using one in the last Nightmare fight.  You'll be able to find
    five of these in the whole game.
    Starting Price: 480
    An item you should slowly stock up on, but the game restricts you to carrying
    only one at a time. Try to conserve them because there'll be times when Dante
    will need it more than anything else. Since most enemies can do a decent
    amount of damage to him, having a Vital Star handy is key to avoid using your
    life preserver--a Yellow Orb. Vital Stars replenish a full life gauge.  If
    possible try to save it for boss fights only since the green orb drop rate by
    normal enemies is pretty high.
    Starting Price: 350
    The mighty Yellow Orbs that save you the  trouble  of going through a single,
    entire mission again. It serves as a Continue if you die, but if you use them
    all up, you'll really die and will have to start over from your last save.
    For instance, if you die fighting the Phantom (as I did), you won't have to
    start from the beginning of the mission, you basically  pick up from the last
    door you entered.
    Since, as explained in the Consumable Items section, the Extras items shoot
    up the price each time you buy that certain item, I've listed (Thanks to
    Nightmare Beta) the following prices and their increasing prices for each
    Consumable Prices - NORMAL MODE
    Holy Water - 700
    Vital Star - 480-580-680
    Blue Orb - 300, 550, 1000, 1800, 3200, 4300, 5500
    Untouchable - 1000
    Devil Star - 550
    Yellow Orb - 350, 450, 550
    Purple Orb - 440, 830, 1560, 2920, 5440, 6340, 7740
    Consumable Prices - HARD MODE
    Holy Water - 3800
    Vital Star - 2100, 3200, 4300
    Untouchable - 5500
    Blue Orb -  300, 550, 1000, 1800, 3200, 4300, 5500
    Purple Orb - 440, 830, 1560, 2920, 5440, 6340, 7740
    Yellow Orb - 1000, 1500, 2000
    Devil Star - 2700
    Consumable Prices – DANTE MUST DIE!
    Holy Water – 4100
    Untouchable – 6000
    Vital Star – 2800, 3900, 5000
    Blue Orb – 300, 550, 1000, 1800, 3200, 4300, 5500
    Purple Orb – 440, 830, 1560, 2920, 5440, 6340, 7740
    Yellow Orb – ????
    Devil Star – ????
    Consumable Notes – IMPORTANT!
    - Max Devil Stars is 10
    - Max Vital Stars is 1 (3 on Easy)
    - Max Holy Water is 5
    - Seven Purple orbs can be bought, 10 total DT gauge
    - Seven Blue orbs can be bought, more life baby!
    - No limit to Yellow Orbs
    - No limit to Untouchables (Easy, I think)
    Key items  are story-driven  items you need to use for something in order for
    the game to move on. Some items turn out to be weapons you can use in real
    life, but Dante's inability to use them sucks. Items you find are usually
    used in the same  or the  following mission, so you won't keep them for long.
    Dante's Amulet is an exception, however. Onwards.
    Also, some of the descriptions are a bit farfetched. They are just based on
    my own assumptions.
    Found: Default
    Read what the in-game text has to say about this item.  Vergil is the name of
    Dante's twin brother, whom he will meet later on. Dante received this amulet
    as a lasting memento before his mother passed away. The true purpose of it is
    shrouded in mystery, but it may hold some kind of mysterious power. At the
    first confrontation with Nelo Angelo, Dante was about to be crushed by Nelo's
    preternatural strength, but upon seeing Dante's amulet, Nelo flees with
    fright, or so it seems.  That indicates something's up with this pendant, and
    we're about to find out sooner or later.
    Found: Secret Mission- Hidden Bangle
    This is acquired through completing the Secret Mission in Mission 21.  It's a
    mysterious wrist band that has the power to stop time. This is a great item
    to use against multiple tough enemies. By using this, you can stop them in
    their tracks momentarily.  However, DT consumption is required and the effect
    will last as long as there is DT energy.
    Found: Mission 11
    A grail that once held the divine blood of the dead. Supposedly, it also held
    the blood of Christ from which the knights drank to make them youthful and
    courageous. The Castellans also believed that it could grant them powers
    beyond their imaginations, but they were wrong.  So  they  sealed the Chalice
    within the protective field and made a separate key, the Sign of Chastity.
    Found: Mission 4
    A prop sword  Dante finds at the very  top of the stairs on a small overhang.
    It's used to retrieve the Melancholy Soul from the statue in the Castellan
    bedroom. The sword's hilt is inlaid with a strange design that I'm unsure
    about what it represents. The blade itself was forged in a zigzag pattern. It
    is a sword the ancient Castellans used for rituals.
    Found: Mission 18
    The result  of the Philosopher's Egg  after being  incubated in a huge goblet
    of divine flames. It unseals the supernatural energy field surrounding the
    mirror in the bedroom. It allows entry into the alternate dimension, where
    Dante retrieves the key to entering the Underworld. After its initial use, it
    will remain in Dante's inventory.
    Found: Mission 14
    The engraved design on the shield has the same pattern as those on the sealed
    doors in the garden. Dante finds this on a skeleton, which happened to almost
    take his life by being the activation key for arousing the booby traps in the
    area.  Unlike  other key items, the Emblem  Shield can be  used several times
    before it disappears into oblivion.
    Found: Mission 6
    A key with a  sun graphic shaped  on the handle.  It gradually drains Dante's
    life as it remains in his possession. You'll have to bring it to the sun
    symbol back in the Castellan bedroom. Of course, you need to do it before it
    zaps every trickle of life  remaining in Dante.  Those who overcome this task
    shall light a new path.
    Found: Mission 15
    It is a stone that reminds me of uranium. It glows with a strange but intense
    radiance that illuminates the dark areas around Dante. The Luminite's
    stem line begins as an ordinary stone from the Underworld, but somehow it has
    gained new properties that make it something unique and a rare-finding on the
    surface world.  Other than its  more useful purpose  as a flashlight, there's
    nothing else known about it.
    Found: Mission 4
    An ornament resembling a soul in a form of a sphere. It is released from its
    comfy home in the statue's mouth when Dante sticks the Death Sentence in its
    rightful place. When activated, it  gives off a glowing orange color, and
    will lose its efficiency over a short period of time (3 minutes in the game).
    You use this to open the door with the lion's head. How it self-activates is
    beyond me.
    Found: Mission 15
    Like the name implies, it's a pair of lances glued  together in a criss-cross
    fashion. It raises the gate to the coliseum arena. Dante finds these in the
    first room explored of the two sealed shield doors. The Pair of Lances, I
    believe, are to be used in conjunction with the Emblem Shield, which were the
    weapons of choice for the warriors of the coliseum.
    Found: Mission 18
    After defeating Nelo Angelo for the last time, Nelo drops the unknown half to
    Dante's amulet. Vergil & Dante forever. Once you've acquired these two
    pieces, they will  automatically merge into one, forming  the Perfect Amulet,
    which awakens the hidden power of the Force Edge.
    Found: Mission 18
    An egg with  hidden powers.  It needs  to be  incubated in a fireplace, found
    inside the nefarious castle. Dante leaves this egg in the blue flames while
    he deals  with a  visiting predator.  After some time, the  Philosopher's Egg
    hatches and becomes the Elixir.
    Found: Mission 19
    The Philosopher's  Stone bears  one  of the keys to  opening  the gate to the
    Underworld. It exhibits the Star of David mark on its 3D hexagonal sides, but
    it looks a teeny bit different. This strange stone cannot be found in Dante's
    present world. He takes a trip through a portal in the Castellan's bedroom
    that takes him to a twisted, alternate dimension. The Philosopher's Stone
    exists only in this  world and is forcibly guarded by several strong, bizarre
    Found: Mission 3
    The Pride of Lion is a crest that proves a hero's strength and courage. Lions
    represent strength, determination and all that cheesy stuff. The energy field
    in Mission 4 requires you to show the "sign" to challenge the lion
    gatekeeper.  Once you've proven your  strength, it determines  that you are a
    worthy opponent of the gatekeeper.
    Found: Mission 17
    The Quicksilver is a palm-sized orb filled  with the harmful substance called
    mercury. While mercury is very corrosive, it's safely contained within the
    moonlight-generated orb. Dante obtains this from the high veranda in the
    display room, after reflecting moonlight onto it and manifesting its true
    form. The Quicksilver is used to open the door to  the chamber, in which the
    master of the castle resides.
    Found: Varies
    A rusted key that will unlock many of the doors in the castle. These keys are
    usually guarded by hideous castle guardians and such. Dante will find many of
    these throughout his missions, so there is no set location.
    Found: Mission 11
    A glazed taxidermic organ, a testicle (according to Randy Keefe, who seems to
    be much more knowledgeable than I). It's the sign that removes the force
    field around the Chalice. Only those who possess this sign can claim it. This
    item is well  protected by a horde of vicious Blades. They will do everything
    in their power to protect it.
    Found: Mission 13
    It seemed  to have been the  plug for some  supernatural force that  kept the
    pirate ship afloat. After Dante removed this from the statue, the ship
    immediately experienced violent turbulence and  made like Titanic--it started
    to sink, flooding the interior with water. Its true purpose was revealed in
    Mission 16, where Dante places it in the engraving on the wall, at the end of
    the Path of Trials. Its power depicted certain rooms of the castle and
    foretold Dante's destinations.
    Found: Mission 2
    A mystical staff that the  Judge of Death statue holds.  In the game, it acts
    as the key to opening the door to the Cathedral.  It shines with a mysterious
    light. Cool stuff.
    Found: Mission 8
    A lance with three pronged pikes at the end. Unfortunately, it's not a weapon
    like you thought it would be. Dante equips swords only!  Rather, it's the key
    to opening the water source in Neptune's room.
    Found: Mission 15
    A rounded plate with strange etchings in the center. It resembles a destiny's
    repetitive cycle, as the game states. It lowers the drawbridge from the
    outside. The whole time Dante was outside the castle, he had been searching
    for this one-time use item. Pshaw. What a waste of time.
                              Enemies & Boss Encyclopedia
    Dante will be encountering a glut of hideous beasts, shadow figures, frothing
    uh, things, and many other children of the supernatural. The enemy section
    has been divided into two parts, separating the servants of Mundus to the
    stronger knights of Mundus. Typically known as Enemies and Bosses.  I will be
    identifying  their weaknesses  and lots o' other junk.  I will also make some
    decent tactics to use against these fiendish underdogs.
    Even the norm is as hard as they come.  Some require  some improvised tactics
    to defeat. But that won't be necessary for you since I'll be helping your lil
    devil ass.
    First found in: Mission 6
    Appearance Rate: **---
    Difficulty Rate: *----
    Attacks: Excreting some brown substance
    Ahem, yes, they really do crap on you.  No joke. Not much of a strategy here,
    since they're so friggin' easy. They disintegrate in one slash of Dante's
    Alastor.  Just be vigilant  as they sometimes  fall from the ceiling and crap
    you to death.
    First found in: Mission 9
    Appearance Rate: ***--
    Difficulty Rate: ***--
    Attacks: Spitting speeding red blood,
             Lunging at Dante,
             Swiping at Dante with its metal claws,
    These guys take a lot of abuse before they cower in the dirt.  The first time
    Dante encounters them is outside the castle in the garden. Blades usually
    emerge from the ground and come in groups of three. They're fleet-footed,
    overgrown lizards and are the first enemies that have the potential to beat
    Dante's demonic ass down if he's not careful. Their attacks are well-
    coordinated, but their lunging attacks often fall short. If Dante is blasting
    them from afar, Blades can retaliate with a spitting attack of their own,
    where blood spews from their mouths and fling at 100 MPH towards him.  Blades
    are decently equipped with hard-plated armor  that covers every inch of their
    scaly bodies, except the belly.
    It's advised that when you go up against 2  or more of these, have Dante turn
    into demonic Dante! It makes the battles with them much quicker. Don't forget
    that they have shields too! That's the main point of rebound--but you can
    shatter them with the Stinger, making  them more susceptible to your attacks.
    You must keep a move on at all times since Blades have a tendency to pounce
    on you on short notice, especially  when you're dealing with another batch of
    them. The best way to make them eat dirt is to "High-Time" them and pump
    shells into their stomachs. Approaching a Blade without getting torn up by
    its comrades is the tricky part. Your  dodging skills and  your instincts are
    key to saving Dante the  excruciating headaches  and medical bills. Otherwise
    take out the handguns, jump around a lot and Air Raid.
    First found in: Mission 1
    Appearance Rate: ****-
    Difficulty Rate: **---
    Attacks: Twirling around at Dante with its blades stretched out,
             Launching its blades at Dante,
             Stringing Dante to the ceiling and trapping him
    Bloody Maris can get quite annoying since you'll be seeing them all the time.
    Hell, you'll find them in every mission. Well, almost. One or two of them
    doesn't pose much of a problem, but large groups of these puppet-stringed
    clowns is deleterious. Why? While you attack, say 1 or 2 of them, others will
    try to exploit your vulnerable spot--Dante's backside. That's what you should
    Luckily for you, most of their attacks are predictable from the indication of
    a twirling sound. Once you hear a twirling bit, prepare to jump to the side
    to avoid getting impaled by their blades. The most dangerous type of Bloody
    Mari is the one brandishing a shotgun. It deals the most damage. To defeat
    them in groups, it's always a good idea to set apart three, four at the most,
    in one remote area and chop away. Then repeat for the other groups.
    First found in: Mission 6
    Appearance Rate: *----
    Difficulty Rate: ***--
    Attacks: Hurling itself at Dante 4 times from different sides,
             Swiping at Dante with its giant scissors
    Following an  encounter  with a Death Scissor, it puts  up a barrier in which
    you must defeat him. He's a much stronger variation of a Sin Scissor except
    he's uh, stronger and a male, I think. Exploiting the tactics you used on the
    Sin Scissor won't work adequately against him since  he blocks very well with
    that weapon of his. You'll need to dance around until you find a weak spot,
    then attack. His cow head-mask is his main weak point. If you stall for too
    long, he'll act first. It starts to heave itself at you 4 times, all from
    different directions. Dante can avoid them by jumping to the side every 1 1/2
    seconds. When it is almost  about to cower at  Dante's feet, it will speed up
    its attacks, but that won't stop you from completely whooping its ass.
    [ALTERNATE STRATEGY]  Submitted by Rejean "Billco" Lambert
    When battling Death Scissor in the swampy sewers, try to slash at his
    scissors whenever you can, even if he starts doing his one-handed
    triple-lunge move (time it right and you can knock him out of each swing),
    and when he loses his guard and falls on his face, activate DT and slash him
    silly.  His face will then turn red and he'll start doing his nose-dive
    attack, which is laughably avoided by jumping at a straight angle from his
    trajectory.  After three dives he will make a beeline straight for you, just
    jump and shoot him a few times with the handguns, then go back to slashing
    his scissors.  You should be done with him after his second nose-dive stunt,
    taking a little under a minute to beat him.
    First found in: Mission 11
    Appearance Rate: *----
    Difficulty Rate: ***--
    Attacks: Spawns black tornados to lift Dante into the air,
             Slashing downwards knocking Dante down
    I've only noticed two attacks, but I could be wrong.  Dante  meets the father
    of the "Sins" as he begins Mission 11. Immediately, before you can register
    what is happening, the Death Scythe casts a tornado spell on the ground, of
    which if Dante steps over it, he will be  cast in the air and encapsulated in
    a black sphere each time he jumps. The Death Scythe then uses its powerful
    blades to cleave Dante and knock him back to the ground. However, you can use
    these tornados, the living cow head has created, to your advantage.
    As Dante gets sucked into one and tossed  into the air, transform  to demonic
    Dante and slash down on the Death Scythe before you give him a chance to act.
    This is about the only way to hurt him. That, or if there are higher
    platforms, Dante could run along those and jump into the air for brief aerial
    combat. Another alternative is to use Air Raid.
    [STRATEGY (HARD)] Thanks to Wayne T. Edwards
    Equip Ifrit and the Shotgun.  Don't jump around.  Walk on  the ground keeping
    it in clear sight. When it swoops down to attack you, jump at it (you should
    have bought the fire flip move [it escapes me what it's name was]), that will
    hit it. Then press the kick button and you will kick it. When you land on the
    ground, pump it with the shotgun. When it comes at you again, rinse and
    repeat. If you want to get bold, you can hop on the tornado squares, and fire
    kick. As soon as you land, you will fly up again so kick once again. It seems
    to be the fastest and most effective way to beat it. You can finish it off
    with an Inferno once it starts to slowly come at  you with all of its blades.
    First found in: Mission 9
    Appearance Rate: ***--
    Difficulty Rate: ****-
    Attacks: Spinning around in flames,
             Pitching its flaming Shurikens at Dante
    Believe it or not, but they are as tough as Nelo Angelo on steroids. They may
    be sluggish, but the damage they are able to deal is jaw-dropping. The three
    attacks listed above may not be all that are in their bag of tricks. I didn't
    want to get too close to find out. Close combat with these fire-loving
    puppets is suicide. Like the Marionettes, it makes a twirling sound before it
    launches its flaming twin Shurikens at Dante, in which case he should
    immediately dart to the  side because  they will  clasp onto  him and inflict
    bloodily damage continuously.
    While you can depend on the  twirling sound  to predict a forthcoming attack,
    it can sometimes get muffled, and you will only know it's coming when Dante
    gets mutilated. The flame-breath is rather capricious. You'll just have to
    jump away if a Fetish closes in on you.  The spinning attack  can be foreseen
    because it begins to rotate itself for momentum and spring.
    The glowing core encased within its abdomen is the target.  The very BEST way
    to deal with these curvaceous, hell denizens is to crank out that grenade gun
    and start inserting grenades into their interiors. Or use a devastating combo
    of a Roundtrip AND the grenade gun. That usually works the best. However, in
    an event in which  Dante must stand up to these  fearsome foes in DMD Mode, I
    wish you luck. The safest  way to finish  them off is to unload two  grenades
    upon them from afar.
    [ALTERNATE STRATEGY]  Thanks to Isaac Sherman
    Use Stinger until they are up against a wall.  It breaks through their
    guards, and knocks them down.  Once you've done that, hit them with High
    Time, and finish with a sword combo (or, if you're alone in the room, blast
    away with the grenade-gun or E&I).  Between Stinger and High Time, they
    should have their backs turned toward you.  You can do pretty much anything
    you want to them.  But if they're facing you, well, _always_ have you're
    finger on the jump button.  Sometimes you can get avoid their breath.
    First found in: Mission 17
    Appearance Rate: **---
    Difficulty Rate: ***--
    Attacks: Ice variation of the Inferno,
             Projecting icicles at Dante,
             Forming an ice barrier around it,
             Swiping at Dante with its steel-like forehands
    Frosts act very much like Blades. In fact, they could probably be pre-evolved
    forms of them, except they're ice-oriented, obviously. A Frost proves to be a
    formidable adversary, especially  when  two or more of them gang up on Dante.
    Their most devastating attack is the ice variation of Ifrit's Inferno,
    whereby stalagmites violently jolt out of the ground. They aren't easy to
    dodge, unfortunately, but their ritual in preparing that attack is rather
    conspicuous, leaving you with a  forewarned sense of running away from them.
    Frosts will leap into the air and speed back  to the ground. If Dante can get
    away before they reach the ground, then he's in good shape, if not prepare to
    feel their wrath.
    Obviously, Dante needs to  equip  the Ifrit against  them.  Lightning and Ice
    repel against each other, but Fire doesn't. Simply pound it into them and use
    Ifrit's Inferno if you have it. It works _wonderfully_.  It saves you a few
    taps of the attack button.  Don't  try to beat them without  Devil Triggering
    because they have the ability to parry very well. You've got to keep in their
    face the whole time.  If  they try to escape, simply use a Kick13 to get back
    in their Dentyne Ice faces.
    First found in: Mission 10
    Appearance Rate: *----
    Difficulty Rate: **---
    Attacks: Launching boulders at Dante,
             Leaping into the air and landing on Dante,
             Clasping Dante with its strong pincers
    Easily said to  be derivations  of the Phantom.  His successors have arrived!
    Don't get me wrong, though. They are not nearly as tough as Phantom, but have
    the ability to deal serious damage if not properly managed.  Simply apply the
    tactics you have used against Phantom. They do not present such a formidable
    challenge after vanquishing the hot-headed Phantom.  However, their  boulder-
    launching attack does chip off a good amount of health from the life gauge.
    This attack comes at you capriciously. You're hardly able to forecast it.
    Just keep in mind that whenever you find a  Kyklops in front of you, jump out
    of the way.  Other than that  attack, their other dubious  tricks are nothing
    to concern yourself over.
    At any rate, start jumping on their backs and give them a good scratching. Do
    whatever you please with them. Pump shells, erode their earthly layers, and
    the works. The Grenade gun works wonderfully, by the way. If there is more
    than one, they do more damage to each other than Dante can do to one. Perch
    Dante on a high area, or somewhere where he can watch a raging duel between
    two Kyklops peacefully, then have  him set camp  there. The  Kyklops will not
    detect a common enemy and decide to attack each other! Such irony.
    First found in: Mission 1
    Appearance Rate: *****
    Difficulty Rate: **---
    Attacks: Twirling around at Dante with its blades stretched out,
             Launching its blades at Dante,
             Stringing Dante to the ceiling and trapping him
    Since a Marionette's style bears a striking resemblance to that of the Bloody
    Mari, I'm just going to repeat the strategy.
    Marionettes can get quite  annoying since you'll be seeing them all the time.
    Hell, you'll find them in every mission. Well, almost. One or two of them
    doesn't pose much of a problem, but large groups of these puppet-stringed
    clowns is deleterious. Why? While you attack, say 1 or 2 of them, others will
    try to exploit your vulnerable spot--Dante's backside. That's what you should
    Luckily for you, most of their attacks are predictable from the indication of
    a twirling sound. Once you hear a twirling bit, prepare to jump to the side
    to avoid getting impaled by their blades. The most dangerous type of
    Marionette is the one brandishing your shotgun. It deals the most damage. To
    defeat them in groups, it's always a good idea to set aside three, four at
    the most, in one remote area and go choppy-choppy. Then repeat  for the other
    First found in: Mission 19
    Appearance Rate: **---
    Difficulty Rate: ***--
    Attacks: Enlarging itself,
             Releasing egg-like objects that explode upon contact,
             Spitting acid balls,
             Biting Dante
    Nobodys are the most repulsive-looking demons of all the lower class servants
    of Mundus. They are also the last new enemies Dante will encounter in the
    game. They add to a growing, friendly neighborhood of sinister groupies. In
    the first encounter with them, they start out to be diminutive guys with an
    appendage protruding from its neck or  something. Its strangely cute demeanor
    belies its utter ferocity. Further into the fight, the Nobodys begin to put
    on a mask that enlarges their bodies and brings forth menacing strength and
    attacks. Beware, the cutscene  drains the DT  Gauge. Press  SELECT to skip it
    and prevent it from happening.
    Nobodys are very adept at dodging your attacks, and the  guns are ineffective
    for the most part.  The grenade gun works the best if you just need to stick
    with fire arms. What really sucks is that Dante is unable to "High-Time" them
    to pull off sick combos. However, the Roundtrip and Stinger, as well as Ifrit
    moves dominate them. HARD. Especially Inferno, may I add. They are only
    deadly when you allow them to inflate themselves.  So while they're in  their
    early stages, you can pick on them to your heart's desire.
    [STRATEGY (Hard)] Thanks to Wayne T. Edwards
    1. Alastor and Grenade Gun: Shoot with the grenade gun, jump, land, and shoot
    again, Stinger.  Rinse and repeat. This is if they get big and you are only
    fighting one. When it turns small again do a high time on it. It won't fly in
    the air, but it will get shot up and will be defenseless. Unleash the rhythm
    combo of sword slashes or even the repetitive sword stab.  Then finish it off
    with a Stinger. It's fast and effective. If you can't muster that off, try to
    shoot it with a grenade before it falls back to its feet.
    2. Ifrit and  Grenade gun (need fire kick flip): Shoot  the Nobody  with the
    Grenade gun, jump and kick, then jump away (will cause damage) shoot with
    Grenade gun when you land. If they get big, pull off an Inferno. You can also
    do the Magma Drive and stand them up like described above, and then do the
    powerful R1 + towards the enemy kung-fu combo (all you have to do is a kick13
    and keep pressing after it lands) to save your DT meter and to get another
    pass at it.
    3. If in multiple  groups, it's Ifrit and  Grenade gun, DT, jump Inferno, DT
    grenade shot some of them and repeat with a finishing Inferno. Build up with
    the Grenade gun again and a couple of Kick 13's.  Then DT  again and Inferno.
    Inferno kills 'em off fast and efficiently...
    First found in: Mission 16
    Appearance Rate: **---
    Difficulty Rate: ***--
    Attacks: Slashing at Dante with an Alastor imitation,
             Splitting to 3 parts to surround Dante,
             Shooting a single laser beam that closes in on Dante
    Plasmas are annoying fellows made up entirely of plasma energy. Incidentally,
    it is also susceptible to the strength of Ifrit. However, because of Ifrit's
    inability to execute swift, consecutive attacks, it makes it an advantage for
    the translucent beings. At first, it may seem that there is only one Plasma
    to deal with, but soon after Dante attacks one, it splits into two other
    Plasmas. Plasmas also have the ability to transform into other shapes, but
    they frequently take the shape of a bat, which makes it a chore to try and
    damage it.
    The safest way  to eliminate these  annoying pests  is to  devil trigger.  It
    increases the swiftness of Ifrit's attacks, making it nearly impossible for a
    Plasma to counterattack. Normally they can, in-between his slow movements
    with the cumbersome gauntlets. By tapping into Devil Trigger mode, it makes
    it less plausible for the Plasmas to retaliate with any attacks other than
    the ones their companions can execute. In DT mode, be sure to keep the R1
    button down. By doing this, Dante is somehow able to launch a flurry of kicks
    and punches more quickly than he usually would.
    [TIP]  Thanks to Ryan Paul
    I've found that Shotgun is a good way to fend them off while you're trying to
    build back up your Devil Trigger gauge.  Jump around, shotgun the hell out of
    them, then hit Devil Trigger and pound the snot out of them.  Oh, and I think
    if you hit them with Alastor or Air Raid, it actually makes them stronger, so
    they will keep splitting.
    Submitted by Kain Nosgoth
    I find that beating Plasmas is easy with the Ifrit gloves and inferno.  After
    you do a combo and the Plasma splits into three, use your devil trigger and
    pull off Inferno and you will kill all three of them at the same time and get
    300+ orbs. It's a really good way of building up orbs right after the
    introduction of the first Plasma. Every time you go back to the airplane
    room, a Plasma is there and you can beat it really fast like that. You can
    get about 900+ orbs in a minute.
    First found in: Mission 3
    Appearance Rate: **---
    Difficulty Rate: *----
    Attacks: Blowing a frost breath
             Attempting to chew Dante up
    Very easy floating skulls. They like to laugh at and intimidate you.  Doesn't
    that just piss you off? Again, not really much of a strategy needed here. You
    need to eliminate all the lackeys (white skulls) to call forth the bigger,
    strangely painted skull, which takes more hits than the rest. Equip the
    Alastor and shotgun; it takes only one attack from each weapon to crush any
    one Sargasso. Here's a quick strategy: Use a Stinger Level 1 and follow it up
    with a blast of the shotgun. End of Sargasso number one.
    First found in: Mission 4
    Appearance Rate: *----
    Difficulty Rate: ***--
    Attacks include: Leaping into the air and hurling itself at Dante,
                     Springing at Dante like a spear,
                     Focusing its power into the ground, then spikes shoot from
                     the ground several times,
                     Transforming into a Venus Fly Trap that engulfs Dante
    This opaque sabertooth tiger is a lot more imposing than it seems. It attacks
    only if one of two things happen: You shoot at it, or you stall for too long.
    Doing either of these goads the phantom feline to retaliate with lightning
    speed attacks, all of which you can dodge. Although there is one you'll be
    able to dodge by just nose length. Keep your finger on the R1 shoulder button
    to focus the camera on it at all times. You can usually tell when the big cat
    is about to attack.
    Your basic strategy is to shoot it as many times as possible before it
    responds.  When he gets ready for an attack, just  either roll to the side or
    jump wildly around. Either  way works.  Repeat this until it exposes its main
    core. Switch to a sword offense and use your most powerful sword attacks on
    the core before  it conceals it again.  If you were able to  get  in a couple
    good slashes, it should turn a bloody red. Now he gets dangerous and slightly
    quicker, but it shouldn't bear too much  of a problem afterwards.  Just avoid
    its "Venus-fly trap" attack at all  times because it will  use this finishing
    move to incapacitate you.
    [STRATEGY (HARD)]  Thanks to Wayne T. Edwards
    Stinger, Stinger, Stinger. When you open a core on one, use the shotgun, stay
    on the ground, move left to right and just pump the shotty at 'em. If they
    turn into the high blade, then do a roll. If you see them prepping to do the
    lance move at you, and if you're dope enough, try to jump on top of their
    heads, the flat spot on the spear. IT WILL PARALIZE IT FOR A MOMENT. Then you
    can unleash on the ****er. Once the core is exposed, go into DT mode and
    don't waste time with combos. Stinger, Stinger, Stinger. Why? Stinger is very
    very, very devastating to the core, and it also pushes your enemy forward
    which helps you dodge the spike pillars it shoots up at you...and makes it
    hard for the other Shadow's in the area to hit you as well,  then if you luck
    out all you have to do is focus in on one of them instead of  more so it will
    refill your health when one of them dies.
    First found in: Mission 2
    Appearance Rate: **---
    Difficulty Rate: *----
    Attacks include: Snipping gleefully at Dante
    Yes, I've only noticed one style of  attacking, but that's about all you need
    to be worried about. They are most deadly in groups of 3 or more. You can
    have hell of an easy time just using the shotgun and pumping shells into
    their non-existent hearts. If you attempt to slash at them normally, they are
    apt to parry your attacks like crazy.  Remember  to watch for their scissors.
    If it's wide open, it's about to lop off your shiny head.
    The flimsy black cloak is there to deceive you into thinking that that is the
    point of target when in fact, the real target is its head. The best way to
    connect with its pretty mask is to jump  slash it. However, its huge scissors
    is in the way, which will block most of your attacks. If your attacks connect
    with a solid target, the Sin Scissor will be momentarily susceptible to your
    attacks. Take this opportunity to deposit a few shotgun shells into its head.
    It should make short work of these laffy-taffies. Be careful, though, when it
    dies, its weapon  will fly into  the air and twirl  back down. If it lands on
    Dante, he will suffer bad surgery.
    First found in: Mission 4 (After Shadow encounter)
    Appearance Rate: **---
    Difficulty Rate: ***--
    Attacks: Swiping its long scythe horizontally across the area,
             Using the scythe as a boomerang,
             Sudden springs forward to swipe Dante
    Sin Scythes are  relatives  of the Sin  Scissors and are much more dangerous
    than their said "cousins". When I first encountered them in Mission 7, I was
    pissed off to see them well prepared against my attacks. But that changed
    after I pumped shell after shell into their limpid guts. They have some
    tricks the Sin Scissors don't.  Their scythes can reach a long way, so don't
    underestimate them. The boomerang they launch must be avoided the whole time
    it is still flying  around until it returns  to its owner, otherwise you will
    experience some mince meat and gravy.
    The flimsy black cloak is there to deceive you into thinking that that is the
    point of target when in fact, the real target is its head. The best way to
    connect with its pretty mask is to jump slash it. However, it's long scythe
    is in the way, which will block some of your attacks. If your attacks connect
    with a solid target, the Sin Scythe will be momentarily susceptible to your
    attacks. Take this opportunity to deposit a few shotgun shells into its head.
    Be careful, though, when it dies, its weapon will fly into  the air and twirl
    back down. If it lands on Dante, he will suffer bad surgery.
    Unlike some games, Dante will have to face  these bosses several times before
    they actually die. Some play a role to boost the storyline a little, while
    others are  just plain annoying.  Many  of these bosses are very difficult to
    defeat, even  the first one.  You must  think on your feet, or  prepare to be
    [TIP]  Submitted by Rejean "Billco" Lambert
    It should be noted that you can pepper most of these strategies with a holy
    water to finish things even quicker, but you're better off using it late in
    the battle, ideally to finish off your foe, rather than right at the
    beginning.  This will avoid you some cheap shots that the bosses often take
    near the end of their life.
     PHANTOM (First Encounter)
    Where: Mission 3
    Difficulty Rate: ***--
    Attacks: Volcanic columns erupt from the ground,
             Shoots powerful fireballs,
             Jabs with its powerful pincers,
             Stings with its scorpion-like tail,
             Jumping high into the air and landing on Dante
    You'll be seeing more of this hot-headed tarantula on several occasions.  But
    for now, you should worry about this fight. For the first boss, he's hella
    hard. His exoskeleton acts as an impenetrable shield, which causes any sword-
    struck point to rebound back. First things first, play around with him a
    little and learn what he has up his sleeve. His attacks are listed above, but
    you need to know the signs he gives away that indicate which attack he is
    about to execute. When he is about to project a fireball, you can see his
    mouth frothing with energy. For the volcanic columns, the Phantom raises its
    stinger high in the air and magma circles appear underneath Dante's nimble
    feet. All of his  rampant attacks  can be avoided.  That's the first step  to
    bringing this sucka down.
    The pillars around the battle arena takes the abuse from Phantom's firebreath
    or whatever. So, hide behind one to protect Dante from that attack. Phantom's
    weak point is its back. Whenever it exposes its molten interior, jump on its
    back and slash it as many times as you can. Using the Devil Trigger mode
    helps since it is powerful and also gradually restores Dante's health. You
    can always recharge the  meter by attacking  Phantom over and over again. You
    may be interested to know that if you disrupt his collecting of energy by
    shooting him in the mouth with the grenade gun (this is for Hard mode, by the
    way), it will deal double the damage to Phantom and nullify this attack.
    [TIP]  Thanks to Brian Oliver
    I found  my brother  using the  Phantom's lava mouth  projectile  attack as a
    weapon against it. The same way you do when the dragon sends the fireball at
    you. Keep in mind that his game was on easy.  And it did work on Hard for me,
    but only when I used the Sparda sword. (I could not time it right with Ifrit,
    and I could not get him to execute the attack when I equipped the Alastor).
    [ALTERNATE STRATEGY]  Submitted by Rejean "Billco" Lambert
    I found it best to jump right onto his back when the stinger is raised, turn
    on DT and slash at its ass until you fall off, as usual.  Phantom will then
    turn around and start charging a fireball most of the time, or it might try
    to claw you.  If you see it wind up a claw, jump straight up and fire the
    shotgun once, then slash on your way down and follow it up with the diagonal-
    slash combo.  It will be blocked but this will recharge your DT meter.  If
    instead it prepares a fireball, either slash it quickly or use Stinger if you
    have it, this will knock Phantom out of its fireball stance.  You may then
    jump on its back again and repeat the process.  30 seconds is all it takes,
    the hard part is getting the hang of jumping on its back since it is easy to
    fly right past it.
     PHANTOM (Second Encounter)
    Where: Mission 8
    Difficulty Rate: **---
    Attacks: Volcanic columns erupt from the ground,
             Shoots powerful fireballs,
             Jabs with its powerful pincers,
             Project fireballs high into the air that come hailing down
    He's easier this time around, and after this  final confrontation, he's mince
    meat. This rematch with Phantom isn't as hard as it would seem, as some of
    his attacks are in absentia, or he doesn't use them as often as he should.
    The only new magic trick he's learned is the last attack listed above. They
    rain down in sets of 3. Being that there are no pillars in this arena, you
    may have some trouble avoiding  his fireball attack. Don't dodge it until the
    very last second before he releases it, or it will lock-on to Dante and blast
    him away.
    Your bane in this match is  the camera angles. It never pans  to a good angle
    To benefit this fight. Therefore, trying to predict Phantom's attacks before
    they come is much more difficult. You will have to rely on the sounds and
    quick reflexes. Let me reiterate the tactic from the last encounter: Using
    the Devil Trigger mode helps since it is powerful and also gradually restores
    Dante's health. You can always recharge the meter by attacking Phantom over
    and over  again. If you want to  beat his ass  un-professionally, simply jump
    around wildly and slash downwards into his insides.
    [QUICK 'N' DIRTY KILL]  Thanks to COR121
    Every time he jumps around, stand in the middle of the glass dome.  He'll try
    and land where you are.  It'll shatter a bit each time he lands in the center
    of it (Make sure to jump out of the way as he comes down).  After 7 or so, it
    breaks and he falls in. No damage done, none taken. Cool, huh?
     NELO ANGELO (First Encounter)
    Where: Mission 4
    Difficulty Rate: ***--
    Attacks: Surge of projectiles,
             Similar sword styles to Dante except more powerful
    I'd recommend purchasing a Holy Water before this fight. Holy Water will help
    abridge the fight tremendously. Get it! Also, try to perfect Dante's sword
    deftness. You'll need it for executing maximum damage in one attack. And if
    you're skilled enough, you can time Nelo's attacks and clang swords to send
    his attack back at him. The battle ground with Nelo Angelo here is spacious--
    more than ample space for Dante to move around. Nelo Angelo has a huge sword,
    and his sword attacks are identical, or hold  subtle similarities to Dante's,
    except they pose a bigger threat. Learn to read his  attacks to give yourself
    the upper hand.
    Use a Holy Water to kick off the fight and cement a good advantage. The power
    of the Holy Water knocks off half of Angelo's life. At this time, he
    teleports to a higher ledge and beckons you. He does this when a 1/3 of his
    life is gone. When you steal another 1/3 of his life, he teleports to a final
    level and taunts you.
    As you jump to the second level, Angelo viciously strikes his sword at you to
    render services for what you did to him earlier. His attacks are very hard to
    dodge once you're caught in a flurry of them, but if you're able to dart away
    from every last assault, you have the advantage over him. Angelo is weighed
    down by his body mass and the sword he's carrying, and he cannot match up to
    your agility. Thus, he's bound to get exhausted. After  he uses every trickle
    of energy to butcher Dante, he will start to sag, and open himself to attacks
    from Dante. Take this opportunity to go all  out on him. He's also vulnerable
    if you manage to jump behind him. Just keep yourself moving and watch for his
    attacks, and eventually, you will witness an ensuing fight scene.
    [ALTERNATE STRATEGY]  Thanks to Guillermo Gallego
    Aside from  the dodging, which at  this point  is customary,  you can force a
    break in Nelo Angel's concentration. Prior to his grandiose attack, which he
    begins by raising his  sword up high and glowing blue, he is open for a short
    time. Too often this is not long enough to launch an offensive hit, but... if
    you do a jump-slash, your blow is automatically parried, but he automatically
    goes into his tired stance.
    At this point, you can either hit him  a few times with your sword, or better
    yet, use a double taunt (press and hold R2). This, considering the distance
    between yourself and your opponent is enough to recover a sufficient amount
    of your DT gauge. As soon as you regain control, start slashing until he
    blocks (You'll only get off a few, if any, hits at all). As soon as he blocks
    quickly back flip away and wait for him to counter. Most often he will either
    raise his sword again or teleport near you and begin slashing. As soon as his
    sword is in the air, repeat the process.
    Should you on the other hand have three or more levels on your DT bar, tap in
    and begin chopping him down mercilessly until he blocks. Tap out and back
    flip. Although this strategy is somewhat time consuming, the large amount of
    damage it affords as well as the fact you will barely take any hits will most
    likely help your grading as well  as look damn cool if anyone else is around.
    [ALTERNATE STRATEGY]  Submitted by Rejean "Billco" Lambert
    DON'T waste your holy water on him, he's a pansy! Just wait for him to charge
    his sword and give him a Stinger, then slash wildly.  He will block a few
    hits, but keep going and he'll be stunned, at which point you should activate
    DT and pull off a fencing combo.  If he teleports nearby, jump right towards
    him and slash down, then start cheesing him again.  When he teleports to
    higher ground, jump and do a Stinger right away before he has a chance to
    strike.  Don't use DT for now, let it recharge.  This time around he will try
    to teleport and launch projectiles at your back.  Just jump and slash down to
    break him out of it.  Keep on cheese-slashing his defense away and very
    quickly he will fly off to the top platform.  Kick jump right into his face,
    switch on DT and finish him off.  42 seconds is my record for this fight.
     NELO ANGELO (Second Encounter)
    Where: Mission 11
    Difficulty Rate: **---
    Attacks: Surge of projectiles,
             Similar sword styles to Dante except more powerful
    Yes, this dark knight is back and more vindictive than ever.  The arena Dante
    and he battle on is sufficient enough to get the job done. I personally beat
    him in 2 minutes. He basically has the same attacks, except Nelo's taken some
    steroid pills to boost his strength. You'd want to have a Holy Water with
    you. You should have one, since you should've found at least two before the
    fight. Use it following the initiation of the battle. It instantly drains a
    1/4 of his life. Parry any sword attacks he burdens Dante with and retaliate
    by thrashing him in Devil Trigger mode. To maximize the damage, use the Chop
    Suey!  move and  follow it up  with a  Stinger. Continue  Dante's  relentless
    assault to cancel any of Angelo's attacks/counterattacks.
    [ALTERNATE STRATEGY]  Submitted by Rejean "Billco" Lambert
    Use the Ifrit instead of the Alastor and just constantly pummel him into
    submission, using your DT whenever available.  The trick here is to get the
    timing right so that he can never counter-attack.  Star out of his range
    until he starts calmly stalking you, then jump in close and start pounding
    him.  If you got the timing right, he will block the first three punches, at
    which point he will try to slash you but your final kick will push him back
    and stun him.  Don't charge any of your hits, just strike him as fast as
    possible.  If he teleports, jump-kick immediately and start beating him
    again.  30 seconds later he's dust.
     NELO ANGELO (Final Encounter)
    Where: Mission 17
    Difficulty Rate: ****-
    Attacks: Surge of projectiles,
             Similar sword styles to Dante except more powerful,
             Sword-cicle attacks
    Yes, the very first boss to earn a four star difficulty rating from me. So he
    really _is_ hard, believe me. Now that his cumbersome mask is off, he has
    greater reaction time, and consequently, greater power channeled  within each
    swipe of his massive saber. Luckily for us, his sword emits a blue light
    before he swings his sword in any  way to warn us that he's  about to attack.
    Thanks to that, he's _somewhat_ easier, so don't tense up.
    For starters, his  swordsmanship  is  making a triumphant return, except he's
    been perfecting it during the time Dante has been making his way to his
    chamber.  Now, it does HELLUVA LOT more damage than before. So Rule No. 1: Do
    your absolute best to prevent from getting skewered by his attacks.  For some
    reason, the Alastor isn't as omnipotent as it should be. It's better to
    switch to the Ifrit. Because of this, you will now need to use different
    attack  strategies, but still  applying the  ground tactics  of the  last two
    Rule No. 2: Avoid his  stupid energy balls.  You can achieve  this by jumping
    around, or timing it just right. His new, well-thought out attacks involve
    summoning icicles that circle above Dante, and then causing them to rain down
    on him. He also casts a vertical line of piercing icicles at Dante and
    conjures another variation  of the first icicle  attack.  All of these can be
    dodged with careful timing.
    Rule No. 3: Don't stay close to him.
    With those rules digested, it's time to get down to business.  Initiating the
    final battle, immediately use a Holy Water to cut down the battle time. If
    you don't have one, you'll have to improvise and find some way to slowly
    knock 1/4 of his life away. After doing so, Nelo teleports to the back of the
    room near the windows and starts casting those icicle attacks at Dante. They
    are easier to avoid if you have a full view of him. Then tap into DT and
    pound away, although Nelo is able to defend well against most of the attacks.
    Jump kick him to break his guard stance. Don't allow him to execute some of
    his own attacks. You'll regret it. When he starts to charge his sword for an
    attack, strike him immediately to break it. However, some  of his attacks
    cannot be disrupted and will proceed to damage Dante. This is a very
    difficult battle. Don't hesitate to use up all the Devil Stars you have.
     GRIFFON (First Encounter)
    Where: Mission 9
    Difficulty Rate: ***--
    Attacks: Dropping a bombardment of huge energy balls,
             High and low radius lasers,
             Wing thrust,
             False tornado wind
    The Griffon poses a false belief of his being a really tough boss, but you'll
    be able to see through that feeble covering after reading this strategy.
    Throughout the battle arena, there will  be  these red rimmed-gates stationed
    around that can be used as platforms to give you an advantage in height.
    However, this strategy does not require the use of those. The Griffon
    performs all the attacks listed above in a certain order once he's started
    the first attack of the pattern: Bombarding Dante with an endless swarm of
    energy balls, charging at Dante, a wing thrust, heavy wind formed by flapping
    his wings, and finally, sequential lasers that try to trap Dante. All attacks
    are predictable, but you  may need to adjust to  his  patterns before you are
    able to fully avoid  them with ease.  Jumping  out of the way and ducking are
    the two ground techniques for ditching all of his attacks.
    The strategy for this battle: Equip Dante with  the  Ifrit and his sidekicks,
    the handguns. Then switch to Devil Trigger mode and blast away. Pump those
    shells as rapidly as possible. When you run out of the devil gauge slots,
    simply continue blasting the oversized feather brain to refill it. Then, give
    it another whirl. Just repeat this easy two-step process, and he'll flee. You
    also need to avoid his attacks in the process (Duh).
     GRIFFON (Second Encounter)
    Where: Mission 12
    Difficulty Rate: ***--
    Attacks: Converging high and low radius lasers,
             An animated wing that attaches to Dante
    The Griffon is  back again. He's carried  over all  his dirty tricks to  this
    fight, except one. In this rematch, he's concocted a new attack. A very good
    one at that. Yes, it can knock Dante's ass around like a ping-pong ball. It's
    listed as "An animated wing that attaches to Dante". What he does is send a
    separate Phoenix-like wing that slings a silly string at Dante and binds
    itself to him until Dante sends it away with his guns. The wing will fly
    around like a rubber band, and each time  it closes in on Dante, he must JUMP
    away, or it'll toss Dante into the air and juggle him. If this happens, blast
    it wildly to loosen its grasp and fall back onto the deck.  Keep  blasting it
    until it flees. Throughout  the fight, it will keep  returning until you have
    completely trounced the Griffon.
    To make things worse, while  Dante  is occupied  with the Phoenix wing, dirty
    ol' Griffon projects some of his own electric attacks at Dante. So, you have
    to dodge two concurrent assaults! This can be achieved by adapting quickly as
    the fight moves on. Use the same tactic as before. Equip the Ifrit and
    Handguns, and tap into the Devil Trigger mode. Then gleefully blast away.
    This fight will make your fingers hurt since you'll be mashing the shoot
    button like a maniac.  What really makes this fight so hard is the numerous
    obstacles on the deck of the ship.  The best place for solid battle is at the
    front of the ship, near the bow. Why? While you're dealing with a Phoenix
    Wing, the Griffon will be hanging around on the back of the ship for the most
    part.  Keep up a steady counterattack to send him packing his bags and making
    a run for it again.
     GRIFFON (Final Encounter)
    Where: Mission 15
    Difficulty Rate: ***--
    Attacks: Converging high and low radius lasers,
             Forming harsh winds from flapping its wings,
             A vertical net of fast-moving beams,
             A straight line of lightning that scatter upon reaching Dante
    The Griffon is back for becoming part of next year's Thanksgiving feast. Now,
    he's learned something and has adapted to Dante's style of combat. He's also
    adopted some new tricks (The last two attacks listed). It's basically the
    same strategy from the last two battles, except either Devil Arms work fine
    (Ifrit or Alastor).  The  first half of the battle is customary, so I'll skip
    some yapping. With about 1/3 of his life gone, Griffon decides to put his new
    tactics into play.
    The Griffon  forms a  vertical wall  of laser beams  that close in on Dante's
    current position. Trying to outrun it quickly becomes a stupid idea. Instead,
    move to an opportunist angle. By this I mean you have a clear view of the
    whole enchilada. Standing as far away as possible also makes it easier. There
    are wide gaps between each beam. Watch as the lasers focalize on Dante and
    immediately position Dante so that he slides between the gap of two laser
    beams. Thus, escaping Griffon's electrical wrath. The Griffon does this a few
    times in one assault so keep re-adjusting  Dante so that he slips between the
    gaps unscathed.  His other attack has a line of lightning striking the ground
    that slowly closes in on Dante. Stay still and the moment before it coincides
    with him, jump wildly to the side to dodge that attack as well.
    Also, remember seeing three platforms stacked on top of each other throughout
    the battle area? Well, they help somewhat in this battle. The Griffon tends
    to release a horizontal electrical charge of lightning at Dante that only
    converge on him depending on the height.  For instance, if he is currently in
    the air while the Griffon prepares the attack, it will centralize on the jump
    position Dante was in a moment ago. That's about all there is to beat him.
    Knowing about  his attacks  and how to avoid  them is the only  real strategy
    [TIP]  Submitted by DaRkLiNg
    Go to the top level, whip out the grenade gun and shoot him while he's in the
    air. This will knock the Griffon down into the middle, pummeling everything
    (the middle platforms and bridge etc.) and causing him to loose 1/4 of his
    life in one shot. But after that you won't have the platforms or anything to
    help you kick jump out of the way of the electric lines (that's why I got Air
    Hike earlier on).
    [DMD STRATEGY]  Submitted by Tefari
    What you need to do is start off the fight by using as many fully charged
    Meteor 2's as you can. This should do considerable damage, sending him into
    flight. You should run out of Devil Trigger, so switch to Sparda and use
    Round Trip. That should do the very small amount of damage needed to tear off
    his wing. After he is on the ground, switch to Ifrit and use Rolling Blaze
    and jump kicks, and a lot of them. This is the most vital thing. You should
    be able to do a wall jump off of his body and then jump kick. This will do
    two things, charge your Devil Trigger as well cause the Griffon to fall down.
    After he falls down change to Alastor and use Air Raid. After you run out of
    Devil Trigger, repeat. This should be enough to kill him. The most important
    thing is to always be up in his face using Rolling Blaze. This will disrupt
    almost anything he will try to do, even when the screen turns dark and he is
    bristling with lightning. This is the most vital move to stop, because it is
    remarkably hard to dodge. You may want to use a Holy Water or two, especially
    when he is very low on health. You should be able to win without the use of
    anything besides (possibly) a Holy Water.
     NIGHTMARE (First Encounter)
    Where: Mission 16
    Difficulty Rate: ***--
    Attacks: A resilient beam of ice,
             Ice needles,
             Launching dark missile like things
    Nightmare  will be the  most  challenging boss (All three of him) of the four
    loyal underlings to Mundus. His appearance is somewhat inane as compared to
    the swanky look of the dark knight. Nightmare is basically a pile of toxic
    mush with some garbage embedded into its slimy body. However, don't let its
    appearance deceive you. It has the ability to send Dante to the afterlife
    numerous times before Dante can send it there once. What makes him so hard is
    the chore of having to keep the room bright with light. Nightmare has two
    forms: a liquid and a solidified form. Its liquid form is most deadly so you
    need to keep it in its solidified state as long as possible. Since the room
    is covered in darkness, it's Dante's job to keep it well-lit by hitting
    the dials sported on four sides of the Cathedral walls. However, the dials
    will constantly detract. The maximum time the room stays lit is 20 seconds or
    In its liquid state, a sudden movement can engulf  Dante and transport him to
    Nightmare's twisted world. In this world, Dante must face Sargassos, as well
    as a Phantom zombie. Beating this hybrid lets Dante regain some lost life and
    collect many Red Orbs, as well as take him back to reality and continue the
    battle with Nightmare. As Dante rips out of Nightmare's goo, he damages it
    and takes off 1/4 of its life, which is a good thing. You may want to let it
    swallow Dante near the end of the battle. Allowing him to consume Dante  once
    and returning to reality prolongs the effect of the lit dials. They won't
    decrease half as quickly any longer, so it gives you more time to bully
    Attacking Nightmare's solidified form is the only way you can do any harm to
    it.  While in this form, it reveals its internal core--his weak point. It
    doesn't expose itself for long, so once you see it (it's a blue sphere)
    pummel it like mad  because after a short while, Nightmare will conceal it
    again. During the time you wait for its exposure, Nightmare has several
    attacks to experiment with. The ice beam is most devastating, since it can
    lock on and freeze Dante in place. The guns should not be used in this fight
    since they don't do much good (they can help  refill your DT gauge, though).
    If you want, use an Untouchable towards the end. It helps immensely. If you
    don't feel the need to use one, more power to you.
     NIGHTMARE (Second Encounter)
    Where: Mission 18
    Difficulty Rate: ***--
    Attacks: A resilient beam of ice,
             Ice needles,
             Launching dark missile like things,
             A flying appendage that slices Dante upon contact
    Nightmare  carries over his  abilities  from the  last battle, but  this time
    the battle arena has shrunk. Because of the much smaller, enclosed space, it
    makes this battle tougher. Dodging its attacks, that is. It's got a new
    attack up his sleeve. Er, in this case, goo. It can release one of its
    appendages that acts on its own, by twirling around the room and hitting
    Dante like a mad, animated baton. Fortunately, the dials last longer. Even
    longer after being consumed by Nightmare. Nightmare's world this time is
    still a cozy  home to the  Sargassos, except an unstable Griffon replaces the
    Things generally  work the  same here, except  you'll have to adapt to a new,
    refreshing state of surroundings. Having it expose the core on its back is
    much better than its sticking out of its  ass because while Dante slashes the
    core on the back, Nightmare's attacks won't touch him. Well, some of them,
    anyway. Cease attack when it launches those shadow missiles and that loose
    appendage of his. Concentrate more on running rather than attacking at that
    moment. If you end up dying, don't waste a Yellow Orb. Instead, just reset
    and go at it again since it's a short way to Nightmare  from the start of the
     NIGHTMARE (Final Encounter)
    Where: Mission 20
    Difficulty Rate: ****-
    Attacks: A resilient beam of ice,
             Ice needles,
             Launching dark missile like things,
             A flying appendage that slices Dante upon contact,
             Hovering in the air and launching missiles at Dante
    And you thought the last battle was hard! This is just insane. If you thought
    the last arena was cramped, this area is even smaller and the ceiling
    virtually caves in, preventing you from using aerial attacks. The Nightmare
    world houses a faux Nelo Angelo. He's pretty tough. Don't overlook the fact
    that he's in a trippy reality. He's not easy.
    Also, Nightmare isn't much different other than  his new attack (The last one
    listed) in its liquid form. After the cut-scene at the midway point,
    Nightmare will attempt to reconstruct itself. Don't let it do that! During
    the time Dante is not up in his face, mutilating it, Nightmare is slowly
    regaining his health. Prevent this from happening or you'll have to relive
    the Nightmare! Inferno just rocks its slime bed. Use it continuously. Land a
    couple of successful hits using the grenade gun to refill the DT gauge. Then
    go all out. You'll be seeing the last of this monstrosity, thankfully.
    [ALTERNATE STRATEGY]  Submitted by Scott (Doppelganger)
    First off, I'd make sure your DT gauge is full and you've got all 10 slots.
    Equip Ifrit and whatever gun you want (likely you won't need it). As always,
    pound the light switch. When the orb appears on top of Nightmare, jump on it,
    go DT, and keep pressing forward + R1 + O to perform that nasty combo (is
    there a name for it?). When you've got about 1 or 2 slots left on the DT
    gauge, jump and Inferno. Then go into his realm and kill off Nelo
    Angelo. Because the Nightmare will continue to drain your DT gauge, the next
    time jump on him and do rapid Kick13's until you can DT, then pull off 2 of
    the combo and another Inferno.
    Also, I noticed that when he starts to send an appendage flying around the
    room, hit it with a blazing jump and it will retreat, leaving the core wide
    open to attack (this also works against the one that he shoots out at you
    when the core is exposed on his ass, but it's better to just hit the core
    when it appears on his back.)
     MUNDUS (First Encounter)
    Where: Mission 22
    Difficulty Rate: *****
    Attacks: Raining giant meteors,
             A vertical net of fast-moving beams,
             Firing a powerful particle beam,
             Smashing Dante,
             Dancing destructive gold orbs,
             Pitching two energy blades at Dante
    Since this will be the most intense battle in  the game, I'd  hate to ruin it
    for you and give you an exact strategy on how to mangle his ass. (Read: I'm
    very lazy.) There are many ways to pick him off like a fly. I'll just list
    some tips and whatnot. You can take care of the rest, my  brave devil hunter.
    I've trained you well.
    - The real controls and power of the Sparda awaken.
    - Be sure to have plenty of Devil Stars.
    - As he flies away, he will attempt to rain speeding  meteors and raise hell.
      They can easily be dodged. They can even be destroyed by regular attacks.
    - He has retained the neat Griffon attack. Just adjust Dante so he slips just
      between them.
    - When the signal for the particle  beam  commences (a satanic circle), dodge
      to one side of the screen at the right moment.
    - Blast Handguns at the God of Evil to refill your DT gauge often.
    - Stay in Devil Trigger Mode for as long and often as possible.
    - Destroy the black orbs Mundus casts into the air for both forms.
    - Smash all orb-shaped objects Mundus throws at Dante.
    - Kill any fire Dragons that appear out of the lava for them to replenish any
      Green Orbs needed to restore Dante's health.
    - SPECIAL NOTE (Thanks to Nico Valencia): You can deflect the white fireballs
      Mundus casts at Dante with his sword.  If Dante gets hit, it'll fill his DT
      gauge like mad.  Also, Dante can speed up his  evasion by holding Triangle.
    For the outer space scene I just used Devil Stars and DTed him again and
    again. Only took 4 or 5. For the second part I stayed on the piece of land I
    started out on as moving to others seemed hazardous to my health. For this
    part I had a few Holy Waters, a Vital Star, 4 Devil Stars and an untouchable.
    The Holy Waters were pretty useless except as a way of recharging my DT.
    Basically I just used my DT form and shot his ass. I used the Untouchable
    when he summoned some big ass balls of fire to rain down upon me, saved me
    ALOT of health. I also used the grenade gun to charge my DT some. It did
    minor damage but then so does anything else to Mundus.
    Thanks to CJViolin
    Just pound on the fire button as fast as you can. Don't hold it down, as that
    makes it fire about half as slow.  For the second part (the lava pit part),
    there is a simple strategy. Use the Grenade launcher on Mundus to fill up
    your Devil Trigger.  When you get full power, get as close as you can to
    Mundus, which means jumping up to the highest floating rock.  Then turn on
    your Devil Trigger and let him have it using the "style two" swordplay.  This
    is the one which has two  cross slashes, two diagonal slashes, and a vertical
    slash.  Whatever  you do, don't use Sparda's fireballs, because they don't do
    enough damage.  Two more things:
          1) You can replenish a large amount of health by killing the fire
             dragon which Mundus releases.
          2) Avoid all of his attacks, of course ; ) but most of all avoid
             his white "balls of fire".  You can see when Mundus is about
             to use them, because they circle his head.  Run quickly to one
             side of the screen before they start to fall, and then book it
             to the other side to avoid them.  It's tough, but try not to
             get hit  at all in this onslaught, because if you do, Dante
             will stagger and get hit by multiple attacks, and it does more
             damage than you can shake a sword at.
    Thanks to Ben
    In his first form where you're flying  around in space at him, the boss fight
    becomes much easier simply by using Devil Stars. Just blast him using your
    Devil Trigger, then use a Devil Star and do it  again.  Should only take 4 of
    them or so. Unless you use way more Devil Stars than I do, you should have at
    least that many saved up; if not, you can just buy some beforehand.
    For the second  form, the most  damaging  thing  I've found  is to just stand
    There and shoot him while in your devil form.  Don't jump and shoot, stand
    still, the fireball thing does  more damage.  Most of his attacks are easy to
    dodge, and you can refill your Devil Gauge by hitting the large grayish
    spheres with runes on them or by  just using more Devil Stars.  Kill the fire
    dragon thing for health. If you get desperate, use an Untouchable.
     MUNDUS (Second Encounter)
    Where: Mission 23
    Difficulty Rate: *----
    Attacks: Curving eyebeam
    He's so easy, I can cream his ass blindfolded. Simply strap on that grenade
    gun and let 'er rip. Don't forget to press the dodge button to cancel the
    recoil time. Keep pummeling him with grenades until a cutscene takes over.
    Afterward, pump your Devil Gauge back to maximum and using the handguns,
    blast him into submission. If you can't beat him, I don't know how you've
    gotten this far.
    [ALTERNATE STRATEGY]  Thanks to Ben
    The final form in the sewers later on is a piece of cake.  All you have to do
    is use Round Trip, and aim it so it turns around right in the middle of his
    body.  The sword pauses for a couple seconds as it turns around, slashing him
    continuously.  While you're waiting for your sword to come back, just pump
    shots into him with the Nightmare Beta-- your sword will refill your Devil
    Gauge for you while you shoot.  He'll be dead before you know it.
                               Blue Orb Piece Locations
    Since Blue Orbs add to Dante's life gauge, they aren't in superabundance in
    the game. To make it harder, they are split into four fragments which you
    must gather to form one whole Blue Orb. That is the only way you can help
    Dante beef up his vitality, which you'll really start to need toward the
    midpoint of the game. If I've missed any, please feel free to e-mail me with
    corrections. Any missions I've neglected to list are ones that yield no Blue
    Orb Fragments.
    ¤ When you gain control of Dante for the first time, have him jump onto the
    overpass ahead and you'll find the Blue Orb piece there.
    ¤ Found on a small caged area in the main entrance hall on the second floor.
    Get it by using the Kick Jump to hoist yourself up there.
    ¤ In the room after you've unlocked the red door, smash the suit of armors to
    unveil some Red Orbs along with this piece.
    ¤ Jump onto the wing of the suspended airplane by kicking off the wall and on
    to the wing.
    ¤ Dive into the left pool of the gate raising mechanism in Neptune's Room.
    ¤ In the Time Statue room in the long corridor, smash the table nearest to it
    to reveal a hidden Blue Orb fragment.
    ¤ After coming back from the underwater palace, jump back across the broken
    bridge to the lion gravestone to find this floating there.
    ¤ On the bridge  outside, just  right above the drop-off place the door from
    the Cathedral takes you, there's a small ledge. With Air-Raid ability and
    spare Devil Trigger slots, transform  into Devil Dante and leap onto that
    ledge. From their, take off into the air  and hover to a higher chunk, where
    an orb piece will be dispersed. You can also achieve this feat with Stinger.
    ¤ In the first watery corridor, face the barricaded doorway on the left and
    attempt to walk into it, and an orb will sift down.
    ¤ Above the two horse statues is a high ledge. Jump atop one of the horse'
    head, and then jump to the ledge.
    ¤ Once you've entered the closing cage safely, jump into the right pool of
    water. You can't see it, but it's there.
    ¤ To the right of the garden entrance is a lonely tombstone. Push it back by
    striking it, and it'll eventually reveal concaved part of the earth and this
    ¤ In the caged area on one side of the main chamber. Right below the hovering
    Green Orb.
    ¤ Jump into the hole in the main chamber and battle the incoming Blades. Then
    look for a crack in the wall and bust it open. Eliminate the remaining Blades
    and this piece drifts from the sky.
    ¤ On the main deck of the ship, climb up the southern pole to the unlit stone
    and do a Stinger towards the front of the ship. Dante lands on the bow and an
    orb drops from the sky.
    ¤ In the shaft between the two stairs leading to the top deck, there's an orb
    floating around that's protected by 3 Blades.
    ¤ Dante must use the Air Hike ability to reach this orb piece stashed high up
    above the waterfall.
    ¤ On a high cliff in the waterfall area. Use Stinger or Air Hike.
    ¤ In the mine entrance on the flank of the cliff, cross the rope bridge and
    drop down below to the right.
    ¤ Behind the blue shielded room, knock down the weak wall across from the
    blue double doors and blast the barrels to find this piece.
    ¤ Defeat the two Blades in the pit and kick the platform for this piece to
    ¤ Above the blue satanic circle; on a circular platform.
    ¤ Floating right next to the elevator at the beginning of the mission.
    ¤ In the main entrance hall, this piece is tucked away in the right corner of
    ¤ On the second level in the main entrance hall; in front of the Time Statue.
    Glide to it with the Air Raid.
    ¤ In the main hallway, kick jump the protruding head for to shake it loose.
    ¤ To the left of the arched doorway on the hidden balcony in the display room
    that holds the fossilized dragon.
    ¤ In the last cell before the exit to the next room, shoot the single barrel
    to reveal this orb piece.
    ¤ In the vertical shaft where water fills by activating the dial, swim up to
    the low overhang and drop on it when the water vaporizes.
    ¤ Jump to the balcony on the other side and head through the door. At the end
    of the short hallway is this piece.
    ¤ Just above the patio doors, from the ledge, kick jump to the opposite stone
    tower. Facing the sun, drop down and grab this piece along.
    ¤ Use the Air Raid to glide over to the green pavilion opposite of the stone
    ¤ In the patio where you  fought Nelo Angelo for the first time, jump up to
    the ledge above the patio doors. Kick jump to a stony tower on the other
    side. It may take some doing; when you  make it, tap into Devil Trigger mode
    and hover to the pavilion and nab this piece.
    ¤ After escaping from the sunken ship, dive into the right pool of water to
    find this.
    ¤ All of them
    ¤ Complete Hidden Bangle (Full Orb)
                                    Ranking Guide
    At the end of each mission, the game calculates and evaluates the time it has
    taken you to complete that mission, the number of Red Orbs you were able to
    amass, and whether or not, you've violated the mission's restrictions. Each
    mission emphasizes specific penalties that can knock off a full letter grade
    if you fail to fulfill them. Each mission also requires you to complete them
    in a certain amount of time. You are expected to garner a certain amount of
    orbs, or all orbs in the mission. Finally, Dante cannot receive any damage
    (Well, he can, but it's not preferred). It takes off ranking points.
    Of course you can't expect yourself to make a perfect S-rank in every mission
    the first  time through.  Once you reach the  last mission, the game displays
    a lengthy list of all your grades from all 23 Missions for comparison to a
    later game.  I believe the Ranking Guide  is relevant to the other difficulty
    The grade you get sits on a number of factors.  The sub-topics  are the major
    ones, but here are a few things you should know:
    • Entering a room more than once knocks off ranking points unless the mission
    specifies otherwise.
    • Departing a room while enemies are still alive makes you a wuss.  This also
    affects the ranking.
    • You will be penalized if you  fail to do something subtle in every mission.
    Such examples: Mission 5- If you do not place the Melancholy Soul in the door
    before its powers run dry, your grade drops dramatically.
    Sooo, what really is the purpose of all this "S" Rank crap? Other than trying
    to flaunt your mad DMC skillz, it's a  great  source of Red Orbs.  That's it?
    That's it. You're welcome.
    This chart relates to the Normal Mode. Different modes vary. The requirements
    for each mission are as follows:
    |   MISSION    |    TIME    |  RED ORBS  |
    |      1       |    6:00    |    400     |
    |      2       |    7:00    |    450     |
    |      3       |    3:00    |    550     |
    |      4       |    4:00    |    550     |
    |      5       |    2:00    |    100     |
    |      6       |    3:30    |    250     |
    |      7       |    3:00    |    650     |
    |      8       |    3:00    |    585     |
    |      9       |    8:00    |   1500     |
    |     10       |    4:30    |    600     |
    |     11       |    5:30    |   1000     |
    |     12       |    4:00    |    700     |
    |     13       |    2:30    |    200     |
    |     14       |    5:00    |    500     |
    |     15       |   10:00    |   1400     |
    |     16       |    6:00    |   1000     |
    |     17       |    7:00    |    600     |
    |     18       |    6:00    |    900     |
    |     19       |    3:30    |    500     |
    |     20       |    4:30    |    700     |
    |     21       |    5:00    |    700     |
    |     22       |    5:00    |      0     |
    |     23       |    7:00    |    600     |
    Refer to the mission required  times for a "S" Rank  and implement this chart
    to those times. For example, if Mission 5 dictates you to complete it in
    under 2  minutes, but you eclipse  it by 2 minutes, you  get only 200 points.
    |  Under Preset            |    500    |
    |  Over 30 seconds         |    300    |
    |  Over 2 minutes          |    200    |
    |  Over 5 minutes          |    100    |
    |  Exceeding 5 minutes +   |      0    |
    Believe it or  not, the amount of damage Dante  has sustained is also counted
    towards your final grade of the mission. The chart below displays the amount
    of points you gain depending on the severity of the damage. Minimal damage to
    Dante results in more points.
    | No Damage           |      500       |
    | Minor Damage        |      300       |
    | Medium Damage       |      200       |
    | Heavy Damage        |      100       |
    | Extreme Damage      |        0       |
    In each mission, there is a  fixated amount of Red Orbs you must collect from
    enemies or secret red orb drop-off points.  Red Orbs actually play a very big
    role in helping you get a S-Rank. If you've managed to accumulate over the
    specified preset, your chances of getting the S-Rank is ensured regardless of
    the amount of time you took to finish the mission and other factors. Refer to
    the "S" Rank Requirement chart and implement this  chart to the preset of Red
    Orbs in each mission.
    | Over Specified Preset |      500       |
    | 80% of Preset         |      300       |
    | 50% of Preset         |      200       |
    | 30% of Preset         |      100       |
    | Less than 30%         |        0       |
    Well, they're not really points, but the enemies drop the listed amount of
    red orbs for each of the ratings.
    | ATTACK RATING      |   ORBS    |
    | Dull               |     1     |
    | Cool               |     3     |
    | Bravo!             |    10     |
    | Awesome!           |    15     |
    | Stylish!           |    25     |
    Using any of the consumable items (except Blue and Purple Orb Pieces) deducts
    points from the total points Dante has been able to rack up so far in any
    specific mission. If Dante uses one of the items listed below (I'm sure you
    have your reasons), the following points in the chart will be subtracted, and
    your overall grade will, consequently, drop.
    | ITEM NAME                |   PTS. -  |
    | Vital Star               |   -300    |
    | Devil Star               |   -100    |
    | Yellow Orb               |   -300    |
    | Holy Water               |   -100    |
    | Untouchable              |   -500    |
    Secret Missions give bonus points upon completion of each.  They  add to your
    points of that mission it occurred in.
    | Critical Hit             |    200    |
    | Phantom Baby             |    100    |
    | Phantom Baby II          |    100    |
    | The Three Beasts         |    100    |
    | One-Eyed Evil            |    200    |
    | Shadows in the Dark      |    200    |
    | Blue Gem in the Sky      |    100    |
    | Hidden Bangle            |    200    |
    | Stairway to Tranquility  |    100    |
    | Treasure of the Reaper   |    200    |
    | Wandering Ghosts         |    200    |
    | Water Cell               |    200    |
    Now that we've got the  factors down, it's time to  evaluate how well you did
    in each category. Total them up, and  you've got one of the  following grades
                                         B O N U S  R E D  O R B S
    |   TOTAL POINTS  |   RANK   |   M1-8    |   M9-15   |   M16-22  |    M23   |
    |    1000-1500    |    S     |   800     |   1500    |   2000    |   3000   |
    |     800-999     |    A     |   400     |    800    |   1000    |   2000   |
    |     500-799     |    B     |   200     |    350    |    500    |   1000   |
    |       0-499     |    C     |   100     |    200    |    250    |    500   |
    |   Less than 0   |    D     |    50     |    100    |    100    |    250   |
                             Additional Red Orb Locations
    Most areas (or objects) contain Red Orbs. They make it so that you'd overlook
    it and move on with the game. Little do you know, you're missing out on a
    huge chance to stock up on those needed Red Orbs.  It's imperative that you
    purchase any moves you can before nearing the endpoint in the game. And this
    section is here to help you. It lists all the locations (I've found) in the
    game that relinquish Red Orbs.  Instead of listing _every single_ location of
    the Red Orbs, I'm just going to list the ones that are less overt to the
    average person.
    Tips to help reap more Red Orbs:
    * Smash everything in sight. They usually blossom many Red Orbs.
    * Jump and land perfectly on high pillar or poles.
    * Kick, smash and jump on anything suspicious-looking.
    * Kill a lot of Fetish, Plasmas and NoBodys.
    • Make a pain-in-the-ass jump on the tip of the warrior statue's spear.
    • Land on the propeller of the pendulous airplane in the plane hangar.
    • Leap to the top of the fountain in the courtyard for a small batch of Red
    Orbs to appear.
    • On the bridge leading to the Path of  Trials and just outside the Cathedral
    entrance, leap onto the head ornament.
    • In the Castellan bedroom, jump on top of the bed frame.
    • On the ledge above the patio doors, kick jump to the stone tower on the far
    left to release some bonus orbs.
    • In the area with two horse statues, jump on top of the pillar in the alcove
    on the right.
    • Make a perfect landing on the horse' head.
    • Jump on top of the three pillars in the ceremonial ruins area just after
    Dante has left the castle in Mission 9.
    • Deep in the forest grounds, jump atop the broken stump after clearing the
    Marionettes and Fetish.
    • Walking the path of the cursed labyrinth, leap on top of the right pole of
    the first gate.
    • Shoot the various sunken cargo to reveal some Red Orbs.
    • On the deck of the ship, ferry around the place to collect the various orbs
    but also walk onto the sails of the ship to release hosts of Red Orbs.
    • There are Red Orb drop off points on a ledge high above the waterfall. You
    need the Air Hike ability to get to them.
    • Behind the Blue shielded door, jump on the ledge above the pile of debris.
    • Blast the weak wall across from the blue door and smash the furnishings in
    both the blue and red rooms.
    • Step aside to the side chamber in the left wall of the blue and red rooms.
    • Behind the red shielded door, jump on the ledge above the pile of debris.
       /\                                                                    /\
       )(                                                                    )(
     _(  )__________________________________________________________________(  )_
     ¯ || ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ || ¯
       ||                 ======= Part V:  MISCELLANEOUS =======             ||
     _ || __________________________________________________________________ || _
     ¯(  )¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯(  )¯
       )(                                                                    )(
       \/                                                                    \/
    Play through the first 3 missions in the game and meet the following criteria
    to unlock this mode.
    Mission 1 - Use Vital Star or use at least 1 Yellow Orb
    Mission 2 - Use at least 1 Yellow Orb
    Mission 3 - Use at least 2 Yellow Orbs
    The information above was by courtesy of JL Lee.
    Complete Mission 1 with a rank below C to unlock Easy mode.
    When you meet the  requirements of  the three  levels  and  after  completing
    Mission 3, the game asks whether you would like to switch to Easy Automatic
    Mode or not. It displays its pros and cons so it's entirely up to you whether
    you want to change it or not. Basically, what easy mode does for you is
    practically "battle" for you. While you can still carry out attacks
    independently, the game will do most of the work for you.  Dante's health and
    DT bar is twice as long at the start of the game. Not to mention that his
    life fills much quicker in DT mode. Once this mode has been unlocked, it can
    be set anytime when you start a new game from here onwards. Also, once you
    choose to switch to Easy mode, you will not be able to return to Normal mode.
    HARD MODE--//
    Beat Normal mode once and save the game. Then start a new game from this save
    file. Dante carries over his abilities and weapons from the previous game
    (that also includes life bar, consumable items, Red Orbs, etc.). In this
    mode, the presets for enemy and boss difficulty skyrocket.  Bosses take twice
    as long to kill and Dante does minimal damage. The sinister children of
    darkness also appear in earlier missions than they normally would. During
    this mode, it's imperative that you begin to dodge attacks with no trouble at
    Also, after completing  Hard mode, you will  also unlock a new  option on the
    menu screen that allows you to set your difficulty mode.
    Overcome Hard Mode to unlock this special character.  It's the Legendary Dark
    Knight, otherwise known as Dante's father, Sparda. LDK allows you to assume
    the role of Sparda himself, who wields his exclusive Yamato.  The sword isn't
    packed with any special abilities, nor can you buy any. He has the same
    skills as Dante, except he's  by far stronger--his Yamato does as much damage
    as Dante's Sparda. He can Devil Trigger and seriously smack demonic ass. Like
    father, like son. He even has his own theme music and different names for his
    twin handguns--Luce and Ombra (which by the way mean "Light" and "Shadow" in
    Italian). The coolest thing about him is his shadow. But other than the
    smoking jacket, monocle, the funky hair and the aforementioned attributes, he
    plays just like Dante.
    Once you've unlocked  this secret  character, start a new game.  When you do,
    choose the "Character Select" option. Now you can play a new game as Dante or
    his father, Sparda.
    Like the mode implies, every  enemy in the game  only acknowledges one thing.
    And that is to mutilate Dante. Complete Hard mode to open this nightmarish
    world in which bosses can only be harmed greatly by DT attacks and enemies
    ripple with supernatural powers. Throughout this mode, you will encounter
    rooms that perform countdowns. If you do not defeat all the enemies within
    the allotted time, the survivors will  be granted with red energy that swirls
    around them. None of Dante's attacks can knock them down--they will not fall.
    It's also worth mentioning that not only in these suicide situations that the
    enemies can amplify their  strength--they can pull it off with the absence of
    the timer. It is an intimidating travesty.
    In all actuality, you can ditch the enemy  parties by leaving the room. Only,
    the problem is that some of them cannot be avoided. Specifically, the ones
    that require all the enemies to be dead to unlock a door. Those you will need
    to find some way to survive.  It's also important to note that leaving a room
    with enemies still alive will drop your rank, although I'm sure you can
    attempt the S-Rank once you've unlocked Super Dante.  At its core, Dante Must
    Die! is simply a Hard mode, enhanced.  Bosses have  INSANE health and enemies
    take a good amount of spanking before they finally give in.
    By the time you finish this mode or at least get up to Nelo Angelo in Mission
    4, you'll be at your local sporting goods store purchasing a punching bag to
    relieve all of that pent-up frustration. However, when you've dominated this
    difficulty you should be crying and making circles  around the house.  DMD is
    tough to overcome, but the feeling of completion pays off.
    Complete the intensely challenging Dante Must Die! difficulty to unlock Super
    Dante. Unfortunately, you must begin play as Super Dante from scratch. You
    won't realize his supremacy until after he's acquired the Alastor. Super
    Dante's DT gauge is maxed out and  never loses power. Unlike regular Dante,
    where he has a finite amount of time before he's knocked out of DT, Super
    Dante's meter will never deplete. Other than a great advantage of maintaining
    a DT state perpetually, his health is also constantly recuperating. The name
    "Super Dante" just doesn't sum it up. It should be "supersonysonicflypickle".
    So now it won't be that hard to challenge DMD mode again and it'll be a cinch
    to earn that perfect S-Rank.
    Once you've unlocked  this secret  character, start a new game.  When you do,
    choose the "Character Select" option. Now you can play a new game as Dante,
    the Legendary Dark Knight, or Super Dante. It's cool because Super Dante
    crackles with immeasurable power  on the loading screen.  Kinda scary, if you
    think about it.
    KING OF HELL--//
    Get a S-Ranking in every mission on any given mode (Normal and above) and you
    will finish the game with a cool background art with the text "You are the
    king of hell". It depicts a group photo of all (or almost all) the enemies in
    the game with Dante in the front.
    If you let any enemy fell Dante with its special moves, you'll get a gruesome
    "black out" animation showing how the monstrous being will deal with Dante's
    lifeless body. You'd have to be in a situation in which Dante needs only one
    hit to fall face flat on the ground--and the enemy must use its unique
    attack. While I haven't confirmed that each enemy has their own ways of
    dealing with Dante, I've seen quite a few and I must say, I'm glad I'm not in
    his place. I think this occurs more frequently in Hard and DMD mode.
                             Frequently Asked Questions
     Q: Why don't you ever answer me, you stupid idiot!?
     A: It's either because  you're not utilizing your brain cells correctly to
        read through the entire FAQ looking for your answer even when it's right
        there in your demented face, or it's because I'm too busy and you don't
        ask questions intelligently.
     Q: I just beat Easy-Automatic Mode. I'm wondering whether I can carry _all_
        the skills I've purchased over to Normal Mode...
     A: According to Kai P. Krupinski, you can--in the PAL version of the game.
        This does not apply in the NTSC-US Version.
       /\                                                                    /\
       )(                                                                    )(
     _(  )__________________________________________________________________(  )_
     ¯ || ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ || ¯
       ||                    ======= Part VI:  OUTRO =======                 ||
     _ || __________________________________________________________________ || _
     ¯(  )¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯(  )¯
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    Some parts of the guide could not have been made possible without the help of
    the following sources:
    - JL Lee for writing a helluva great guide for this game. I used it to fill
      in blank spaces in the Blue Orb Piece section.
    - A number of sources and confirmations for the secrets found in the Secrets
    - The 3 official guides  of the game: Prima, Versus and  BradyGames Strategy
      Guides for different and useful information on the Ranking procedures.
    - Barnes & Nobles for conveniently carrying all the guides listed above.
    Credits, Plugs, and Extra Junk
    - Many thanks to AstroBlue for some tips for my FAQ! Bow, scrape, bow,
      scrape...Sorry, I didn't use your art!
    - Croco, for a cheap imitation of his table of contents.
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    Contributor Credits
    Thanks to the readers of this FAQ who have taken some time  to e-mail me with
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    their efforts. The people that are listed here are not particularly more
    special than the other contributors listed  throughout the FAQ, but they have
    sent me small tidbits of information that I've incorporated into my own info.
    Credit due to them is found here.
    - Adrian Creel for making corrections to the Combo paragraph in Battle
    - Nightmare-Beta for pointing out a lot of errors and helping me correct
      them. He also helped me compiled the increasing price lists for the
      consumable items. Thanks!
    - LoneWolfNEMO for the tip about charging the Nightmare-Beta for DT shots.
    - JoeLightlingJoe for the bit about the bizarre resemblance of the Nightmare-
      Beta to the solidified form of Nightmare.
    - Ben (Herak) for the Sparda-Beta technique found in Battle Techniques.
    - PranaDevil2k for the small correction to the Sparda-Beta technique.
    - Dingo Jellybean for the tidbit explained in the Red Orb chart section about
      collecting more of them to capture a better chance of getting a S-Rank than
      with less orbs.
    - Dave Riley for correcting some errors I had made.
    - Rougewisp for help with refining the Sparda description.
    - Carlos Aldasoro Vergara for a small correction regarding the Time Statue.
    - Matt (shogun2k1) for a small addition to the Blade strategy.
    - Steven Gabriel for telling me about the Holy Water item in Mission 9.
    - DaRkLiNg for reminding me that I can also retreat into the courtyard when
      Phantom pursues Dante in Mission 4.
    - DB for a Blue Orb piece in Mission 1.
    - DashR40 for providing an extra way to get the orb piece in Mission 3.
    - Chris Smith and Christian Seier Wittus for informing me of another way to
      get Easy Automatic Mode.
                    ************* CLOSING STATEMENT **************
    I see you don't have better things to do than read my final words before the
    conclusion of this FAQ. Well, you're about to find out that you've wasted
    your time scrolling to the bottom of this FAQ because I have nothing exciting
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    Until someone invents an automatic head buster or a neck breaker, I will be
    leaving now. I hope you enjoyed reading the FAQ as much as I did writing it.
    "Do not shoot yourself in the leg, stupid!"
    Shameless plug--Other FAQs by yours truly:
                                    MUCHAS GRACIAS!!
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                           _Adrenaline_ Deftones 1995
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