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    FAQ/Walkthrough by JL Lee

    Version: 0.8 | Updated: 09/24/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    GameFAQs presents......
                           A Capcom production......
                                                    Written by JL Lee......
                                                                       """# ##   
                                                                       ## "####  
        "#####                                                 "##   "#    ###   
       "#     ##                                            "#" "#         ####  
       #"      #"              "                           #"   #         #####" 
       #    ""  ##            "#"                         #"   #         ####### 
      ""   ##   ##          " ##       ""  "            ##"   #         "###"###"
          #      ##        # "#       ## ##            ##               "## #####
         ##      ## "   "    #"      "#"##"  #        "#       #         #  ## ##
         #       #"##"# # #" #      #### "  ##  # ""  #       "#" ## #    "##" ##
        #       #### ##" ## ""     #  # #  ###"#""#   "      #"# ###"##    #   ##
    #"""########  "#"##   ## #"  ##     " ""    " #   "####"   #    #     #"   ##
                                                 #                  "    #"    #"
                                                #                 ##    "#     # 
                                               "                 #     "#      #
    (Artwork courtesy of Brett "Nemesis" Franklin)              "
                            Sony PlayStation 2
    Walkthrough Guide
    Version 0.8
    Updated 24/9/2001
    * This guide will primarily be a guide to completing the game. This is 
      NOT a S-Rank guide, this is NOT a story sypnosis, this is NOT a FAQ   
    * This is definately not your relief from trying to destroy your 
      PS2 after playing DMD mode.
    * And lastly, this was written using the Japanese version of DMC. Don't 
      come asking me questions about changes to US versions because I DON'T 
      have a US PS2.
    \                            \
      \                            \
    This guide will ALWAYS be updated at GameFAQs first. Be sure to check 
    it out THERE to get the best updated version! 
    This document is the result of someone's hard work. If you wish to post 
    it on your site, please contact me. Most of the time I will allow you 
    to do so so long as NO alterations are done. This document is also NOT 
    allowed for any profit making purposes, and I'm NOT going to allow any 
    more of this copyright violations to carry on any longer.
    Devil May Cry, characters, assorted names, infinite-ammunition weapons,
    goods and merchandise relating to the game are all copyright property 
    of Capcom Co. Ltd 2001. All rights reserved.
    This document is © 2000 Lee Jin Lai under the Copyright Act of the 
    Republic of Singapore. All international Copyright Violation rules also 
    apply. You are ONLY allowed to either print it for personal use or keep 
    it in your desktop/laptop/palmtop provided that no one can take it and 
    photocopy for any sort of commercial profit. Websites that wish to have 
    this put up must try to contact me through e-mail for permission, and 
    only if this document does NOT have advertisment links on that page. 
    Any other forms of profit-making organisations (magazines, papers, 
    linking sites) are NOT allowed to take this and use/translate it for 
    your own purposes. If you are found out, I swear that I'll take you to 
    court without even giving you a chance to explain yourselves. Any other 
    people found violating the rules set by the law will face possible 
    legal action by the author himself. Get that clear, you plagarizers. 
    1.  Copyright Notice (see above)
    2.  Devils, Crying
    3.  What's Done, What's Gone
    4.  Credits, Plugs, Thank Yous
    5.  Controls
    6.  Lists 
                     6.1 Weapons
                     6.2 Weapon Skills
                     6.3 Usable Items
                     6.4 Ranking Points
    7.  Walkthrough
                     7.1  Mission 1  - Bloodied and Cursed Dolls
                     7.2  Mission 2  - Judge of Death
                     7.3  Mission 3  - Burning Destroyer
                     7.4  Mission 4  - The Black Knight
                     7.5  Mission 5  - The Soul Leads
                     7.6  Mission 6  - The Sewer Demon
                     7.7  Mission 7  - Holding on to the Burning Key
                     7.8  Mission 8  - Return of the Legendary Knight
                     7.9  Mission 9  - A New Power
                     7.10 Mission 10 - Vally of Mists
                     7.11 Mission 11 - Destiny
                     7.12 Mission 12 - Ghost Ship
                     7.13 Mission 13 - Underwater
                     7.14 Mission 14 - Dark Night, High Mountain
                     7.15 Mission 15 - The Wheel of Destiny
                     7.16 Mission 16 - Dark Nightmare
                     7.17 Mission 17 - The other Amulet
                     7.18 Mission 18 - Holy Stone Elixer
                     7.19 Mission 19 - Warped World
                     7.20 Mission 20 - Final Nightmare
                     7.21 Mission 21 - A Living Cave
                     7.22 Mission 22 - Legendary Battle
                     7.23 Mission 23 - Mother's Lead
    8.  Blue Orb Piece locations
    9.  Secret Missions
    10. Enemy Strategies
    11. Boss Strategies
    12. Round 2 and Above
    13. Revision History
    14. Last Words
    \                             \
     \ 3. WHAT'S DONE, WHAT'S GONE \
      \                             \
    Version 0.8 (19-10-2001)
    - Work and studies have been hampering the progress of this document...
      My exams are on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, so after this, it'll be 
      another one-week wait.....
    - Boss strategies added (actually finished a long time ago...)
    - Some of the major enemy strategies have been added, especially for 
      Shadow and Death Scissors.
    \                               \
      \                               \
    For now....
    Capcom's Devil May Cry page <http://www.capcom.co.jp/devil/index.html>
      for bringing out what is the most interesting action game to date. 
      Not the hardest in the world, but certainly innovate in ways and 
      refreshing familiar in others.
      Also for giving exact information on activating Easy Automatic Mode.
    GameFAQs <www.gamefaqs.com>
      where this document lies. If not for it, I probably won't exist in 
      the Internet world anyway. Kudos and major thanks to the boss, CJayC, 
      for putting up with my little bouts of temperments.
    JL Lee <sleeping_psycho@hotmail.com>
      for managing to survive Dante Must Die! mode, and still having the 
      sanity to write up and is still trying to finish this guide on this 
    Gamer's Guild - Devil May Cry <www.pekori.jp/~guild/devil/>
      for having the most comprehensive information about the game, split 
      beautifully for the author to translate, use and rewrite in text 
      format, which is what you're reading right now.
    Devil May Cry by Hakata <http://www2.odn.ne.jp/hakata/devil/devil.htm>
      having a very detailed Blue Orb Piece list for me to refer and 
      confirm with. Mucho gracias.
    Devil May Cry Frontline Guide 
      for having the information which led to the author being able to find 
      all 12 Secret Missions in the first place.
    Dengeki PlayStation <www.dengekionline.com> Vol. 187-188
      for confirming (or allowing) the posts online about the conditions 
      for getting the different ranks in the missions.
    Brett Franklin 
      for being such a nice guy and responding to my plea for help. Without 
      him, you guys probably won't be able to see the Shadow of the Blonde 
      Lady at all :P A big thank you for all his previous help as well. 
      P.S. Did you like the animated Mio cursor I sent you? A little plain 
           I know, and I'm making one for her Zamzeed! SRW all the way!!
    \             \
     \ 5. CONTROLS \
      \             \
    Analog Sticks:
    L3 - Moves Dante
    R3 - Changes between Alastor and Ifrit (press)
    Shoulder Buttons:
    L1 - Activate Devil Trigger
    L2 - Map
    R1 - Aim
    R2 - Taunt (restores 1 DT gauge if facing enemy)
    Face Buttons:
    Circle   - Gun attack (when aiming)
    X        - Jump
    Triangle - Weapon attack
    Square   - Gun attack (when aiming)
    Start  - Opens up Menu screen
    Select - Opens up Pause screen
    Standard Movelist
    |  Move Name    |          Description        |    Move Activation    |
    | Kick Jump     | Double Jump off walls       | Press X when jumping  |
    |               |                             | against a wall        |
    | Roll dodge    | Rolls to the side to avoid  | Hold R1, press left or|
    |               | attacks                     | right + X             |
    | Back Flip     | Flips backwards to avoid    | Hold R1, press back   |
    |               | attacks                     | + X                   |
    | Devil Trigger | Allows Dante to turn into   | Press L1 when DT gauge|
    |               | the Devil with more powerful| is at 3 or more       |
    |               | attacks                     |                       |
    | SWORDS                                                              |
    | Slash         | Single slash attack         | Press Triangle once   |
    | Cut           | Followup to slash           | Press Triangle during |
    |               |                             | Slash                 |
    | Double Slash  | Quick upswing slashes       | Press Triangle after  |
    |               |                             | Cut                   |
    | Strong Slash  | Finishing move, slow        | Press Triangle during |
    |               | recovery                    | Cut or Double Slash   |
    | Thrusts       | Continous thrusting         | Press Triangle half a | 
    |               |                             | second after Cut,     |
    |               |                             | press continously for |
    |               |                             | more hits             |
    | Finish        | Strong thrust               | At end of Thrusts     |
    | High Time     | Throws an enemy into the    | Hold R1, press back   |
    |               | air                         | + Triangle            |
    | Uppercut Jump | Throws an enemy into the    | Press Triangle during |
    |               | air while jumping up        | High Time             |
    | Overhead      | High damage, knocks enemies | Press Triangle during |
    | Slash         | back                        | Uppercut Jump or Jump |
    | GAUNTLETS                                                           |
    | Punch         | Throws a straight punch at  | Press Triangle once   |
    |               | the enemy                   |                       |
    | Body          | Throws a second punch at    | Press Triangle during |
    |               | the enemy's body            | Punch                 |
    | Kick          | Kicks at enemy              | Press Triangle during |
    |               |                             | Body                  |
    \          \
     \ 6. LISTS \
      \          \
    A couple of lists to cruise through, not as many as one would think...
      /             /
     / 6.1 WEAPONS /
    /             /
    Weapons are funny in the world of Devil May Cry. They'll never break, 
    they'll never run out of ammunition, they can crack the strongest 
    shells, they allow you to fly. Weird world, this.
                                FORCE EDGE
    Your starting weapon. Pretty much what you'll be using in the first few 
    missions. Switch to Alastor once you've received it. You shouldn't be 
    using this weapon - AT ALL - past Mission 2.
    A long sword that relies more on speed than anything else. If you're 
    good at sword techniques then this is the primary weapon to use. It 
    also provides movement skills such as Air Hike and Air Raid, good for 
    double jumping in the air as well as flying in the air. Great for 
    varied combos against different enemies.
    It also allows variations of long-range attacks like the Stinger and 
    Round Trip, the former allowing you to chase up to moving enemies, and 
    Round Trip combed with guns or bare hand attacks.
    When Devil Trigger is activated, you'll be able to move at double 
    speed, as well as fly in the air, such is the speed and movement 
    bonuses this great weapon gives as well.
    If there are any bad points, it's that it's attacking poweress is only 
    slightly higher than that of Force Edge. Thus you'll have to take a 
    longer time to kill enemies as compared to the Ifrit gauntlets.
    Recommended Powering-up tree:
    1. Stinger Lv1
    2. Air Raid
    3. Air Hike
    The rest are not that important, save up your Red Orbs for the Ifrit 
    skills instead.
    A pair of the world's most fiery gauntlets, this allows Dante to use 
    martial arts attacks, ranging from punches to kicks. Obviously the 
    "Power" type main weapon as compared to the "Speed" type of Alastor.
    What Ifrit lacks in range, it more than makes up in terms of damage 
    dealt. Not only does it do equal damage to enemies with Fire element, 
    it also does double damage against Ice element enemies (Frosts).
    It has many forms of attacking skills, from Rolling Blaze, which grants 
    invincibility in the air while doing damage, to Kick 13, which knocks 
    enemies back, much like Alastor's Stinger. And of course who can forget 
    about Inferno, the strongest attack of all, which does 4-5 hits if the 
    ground waves connect on the enemies concernted.
    When DT is activated, Dante does even MORE damage on enemies, and if 
    pressed correctly, you can also do super combos by activating the  
    Custom Combo option :P
    Recommended Powering-up tree:
    1. Inferno
    2. Rolling Blaze
    3. Kick 13 Lv1
    4. Magma Drive
    The rest are more or less unimportant as compared to these 4.
    Technically the enhanced version of Force Edge, but this one comes with 
    lots of bite. Stronger than Ifrit in terms of attacking power, range is 
    better than Alastor. But it comes at a cost. Just like Force Edge 
    cancels out the Devil Trigger gauge, Sparda does that too. Changing to 
    using it AUTOMATICALLY brings your DT gauge to zero, and what's worse, 
    you can't use any DT moves with it.
    Or so you would think. Actually you CAN DT with Sparda, but it's only 
    when you're at the very last part of the game. Oh well, you do get this 
    very late too, but save it until you're forced to use it. It's when 
    you'll realise how insane this godly weapon is.
      /                   /
     / 6.2 WEAPON SKILLS /
    /                   /
    You can power up your weapons during Mission intervals, or whenever you
    decide to look for a Time Statue. Most require Red Orbs to activate, 
    and the good ones don't come cheap.
    |     Skill     |   Description                                | Cost |
    |               |   -Move activation                           |      |
    |                                                                     |
    |                               ALASTOR                               |
    |                                                                     |
    | Hovering      | Stay aloft in the air                        |    - |
    |               | -Hold R1 in the air. Eats up double DT       |      |
    | Stinger Lv 1  | Quick dashing thrust                         |  350 |
    |               | -Hold R1 and press foward + Triangle         |      |
    | Stinger Lv 2  | Stinger with much longer dash                | 1400 |
    | Round Trip    | Throws the sword as a boomarang. Distance    | 1550 |
    |               | depends on the storing time                  |      |
    |               | -Hold Triangle. Hold longer for distance     |      |
    | Air Hike      | Allows double jumping anywhere               | 4000 |
    |               | -Press X when Jumping                        |      | 
    | Air Raid      | Shoots electricity from the air while flying |  750 |
    |               | -DT activated, hold R1 and press Square or   |      |
    |               |  Circle while in the air                     |      |
    | Vortex Lv1    | Spins body to dash in a straight line        | 1150 |
    |               | -DT activated, press direction + Triangle    |      |
    | Vortex Lv2    | Continous spinning in changing directions    | 2400 |
    |                                                                     |
    |                                IFRIT                                |
    |                                                                     |
    | Charge attack | A stronger version of the normal punch/kick  |    - |
    |               | -Hold Triangle during the move you wish to   |      |
    |               |  charge                                      |      |
    | Jump Kick     | Kicks down on enemies while in the air       |    - |
    |               | -Press Triangle when in the air              |      |
    | Magma Drive   | Stores a punch which knocks enemy into the   |  500 |
    |               | air                                          |      |
    |               | -Hold R1 and press back + Triangle           |      |
    | Kick 13 Lv 1  | Quick forward kick, knocking enemies down    |  700 |
    |               | -Hold R1 and press forward + Triangle        |      |
    | Kick 13 Lv 2  | Longer kick range                            | 2100 |
    | Rolling Blaze | Whole body turns into fire, damaging all     | 3450 |
    |               | that touch it                                |      |
    |               | -Jumping                                     |      |
    | Meteo Lv 1    | Shoots out a fireball                        |  900 |
    |               | -DT activated, hold R1 and press back +      |      |
    |               |  Triangle                                    |      |
    | Meteo Lv 2    | More powerful fireball                       | 2700 |
    | Inferno       | Ignites a ring of fire, doing heavy damage   | 4850 |
    |               | all in range                                 |      |
    |               | -DT activated, press direction + Triangle    |      |
    |               |  while in the air                            |      |
      /                  /
     / 6.3 USABLE ITEMS /
    /                  /
    Usable items can either be replendished by looking for them all over 
    the game, or buying them from Time Statues littered all over the place. 
    Not all items are of the same cost. Some become more expensive as you 
    buy more, and costs are vastly different in different modes.
    |             |                           |            Cost           |
    |     Item    |        Description        | Easy | Norm | Hard | DMD  |
    | Devil Star  | Restores 5 Devil Trigger  |    ? |  550 | 2700 |    ? |
    |             | gauges. Holds up to 10    |      |      |      |      |
    | Vital Star  | Restores 1 whole life bar |    ? |  480 | 2100 | 2800 |
    |             | Holds 1 (3 for Easy)      |    ? |  580 |    ? |    ? |
    |             |                           |    ? |  680 | 4300 | 5000 |
    | Holy Water  | Destroys all weak enemies |    ? |  700 | 3800 | 4100 |
    |             | in current area           |      |      |      |      | 
    | Untouchable | Invincible for a short    |    ? | 1000 | 5500 | 6000 |  
    |             | period of time. Devil     |      |      |      |      |
    |             | Trigger maxed as well     |      |      |      |      |
    | Blue Orb    | Increases Life bar. Max   | See  |  300 | See  | See  |
    |             | of 7 Orbs can be bought   | Norm |  550 | Norm | Norm |
    |             | (2 in Easy)               |      | 1000 |      |      |
    |             |                           |      | 1800 |      |      |
    |             |                           |      | 3200 |      |      |
    |             |                           |      | 4300 |      |      |
    |             |                           |      | 5500 |      |      |
    | Purple Orb  | Increases Devil Trigger   | See  |  440 | See  | See  |
    |             | gauge. Max gauges is 10   | Norm |  830 | Norm | Norm |
    |             |                           |      | 1560 |      |      |
    |             |                           |      | 2920 |      |      |
    |             |                           |      | 5440 |      |      |
    |             |                           |      | 6340 |      |      |
    |             |                           |      | 7740 |      |      |
    | Yellow Orb  | Allows you to Retry from  |    ? |  350 | 1000 | 2000 |
    |             | the last door you entered |    ? |  450 | 1500 |    ? |
    |             |                           |    ? |  550 | 2000 |    ? |
      /                    /
     / 6.4 RANKING POINTS /
    /                    /
    Once you clear each Mission (Secret ones not withstanding), you'll be 
    given a Devil Hunter Rank, from "D" (worst) all the way to "S" (best). 
    What the ranking will show is your proficiency in clearing each 
    mission, and the bonus Red Orbs you'll receive during the Mission Clear 
    screen. Realise that different difficulties have different limits set 
    for the rankings.
    In addition, if you score the maximum score of 1500 points, you'll be 
    given a special bonus of 2000 Red Orbs, but you'll have to be VERY 
    proficiant at doing so......
    There are several factors affecting your Ranking, and they are as 
    TIME   - the speed in which you clear each mission (current Time Limits 
             for all Missions are UNKNOWN)
    | Over Given Limit   | Points |
    | 0 sec or below     | + 500  |
    | 30 sec or below    | + 300  |    
    | 2 min or below     | + 200  |
    | 5 min or below     | + 100  |
    | Above 5 min        |     0  |
    ORBS   - the amount of Red Orbs collected within the mission (current 
             Red Orb requirements for all Missions are UNKNOWN)
    | Percentage gotten  | Points |
    | 100% or above      | + 500  |
    | 80% or above       | + 300  |
    | 50% or above       | + 200  |
    | 30% or above       | + 100  |
    | Below 30%          |     0  |
    DAMAGE - the amount of damage Dante took within the mission
    | Damage taken       | Points |
    | (1000 = 1 full bar)|        |       
    | 0                  | + 500  |
    | 1 - 500            | + 300  |
    | 501 - 1000         | + 200  |
    | 1001 - 1500        | + 100  |
    | Above 1500         |     0  |
    ITEMS  - the number of items used during the mission
    | Per Item used      | Points |
    | Holy Water         | - 100  |
    | Devil Star         | - 100  |
    | Vital Star         | - 100  |
    | Yellow Orb         | - 500  |
    | Untouchable        | - 500  |
    Once you've gathered up all the points, then the ranking is decided:
    | Rank | Points Required |           Red Orbs received          |
    |      |                 | M1 - M8 | M9 - 15 | M16 - M22 | M23  |
    |  S   | 1000 - 1500     |   800   |  1500   |  2000     | 3000 |
    |  A   |  999 -  800     |   400   |   800   |  1000     | 2000 |
    |  B   |  799 -  500     |   200   |   350   |   500     | 1000 |
    |  C   |  499 -    0     |   100   |   200   |   250     |  500 |
    |  D   |  -1 and below   |    50   |   100   |   100     |  250 |
    There is NO overall ranking this time, a departure from the standard 
    Capcom games. Instead, you'll be shown the entire list of rankings for 
    each mission so that you can compare your next game rankings to the 
    previous one.
    At the present moment the following Time and Orb requirements are still 
    incomplete, since they're published by Dengeki PlayStation. PLEASE do 
    not request for more limits because I have no idea about them either. 
    The only way I can get further information is when the magazines decide 
    to list more limits. That, and the fact that these requirements are for 
    Normal difficulty.
    | Mission | Time Limit | Orbs Required |
    |    1    |   6:00     |      400      |
    |    2    |   7:00     |      450      |
    |    3    |   3:00     |      550      |
    |    4    |   4:00     |      550      |
    |    5    |   2:00     |      100      |
    |    6    |   3:30     |      250      |
    |    7    |   3:00     |      650      |
    |    8    |   3:00     |      585      |
    |    9    |   8:00     |     1500      |
    |   10    |   4:30     |      600      |
    |   11    |   5:30     |     1000      |
    |   12    |   4:00     |      700      |
    |   13    |   2:30     |      200      |
    |   14    |   5:00     |      500      |
    |   15    |  10:00     |     1400      |
    |   16    |   6:00     |     1000      |
    |   17    |   7:00     |      600      |
    |   18    |   6:00     |      900      |
    |   19    |   3:30     |      500      |
    |   20    |   4:30     |      700      |
    |   21    |   5:00     |      700      |
    |   22    |   5:00     |        0      |
    |   23    |   7:00     |      600      |
    \                \
     \ 7. WALKTHROUGH \
      \                \
    A few things to clarify before you carry on reading. 
    1. The Mission names are loosely translated by me. IF you're going to 
       play the US version of DMC I can assure you that what you see here 
       is going to be completely different from what I'm writing. Game 
       companies tend to do that, I've noticed. The original names will be 
       added in for propriety's sake
    2. Secret Missions will NOT be talked about in the midst of the 
       walkthrough. If you're looking for Secret Missions, read my Secret 
       Missions guide (not included in this document) at GameFAQs (or any 
       other site that's hosting the document).
    3. This walkthrough is designed for the difficulty of NORMAL. No 
       references will be made to the changes in the other difficulty 
       modes, since the only changes are the differences in either enemy 
       amount, enemy strengths or different enemies altogether.
    4. To get to Easy Automatic difficulty (there is no selection right at 
       the outset), all you need to do is to fulfill the conditions of any 
       of the first 3 Missions: 
       Mission 1 - Use Vital Star or use at least 1 Yellow Orb
       Mission 2 - Use at least 1 Yellow Orb
       Mission 3 - Use at least 2 Yellow Orbs
       Differences in Easy Mode:
       - Automatic comboing by simply pressing Triangle
       - Holding on Square or Circle will allow continuous shooting
       - Starting Health 1.5 times of Normal
       - Starting DT twice of Normal
       - You can carry up to 3 Vital Stars
       - Replendish twice as much Health when DT is activated
       - Lesser and weaker enemies
       MISSION 1                                                          
                                             Bloodied and Cursed Dolls   
      CLEAR OBJECTIVE: Unlock the Cursed Door 
    You start off from the gate, right before the mission begins proper. A 
    [YELLOW ORB] awaits you along the way, as well as a [BLUE ORB PIECE] in 
    the little pavilion you have to jump up to.
    Once you enter the castle the mission starts proper.
    The first part of the mission will be to open the locked door at the 
    opposite end of the hall (from where you started anyway) that requires 
    45 RED ORBS. Go around picking up the 45 [RED ORBS] from the entire 
    hall, along with a [BLUE ORB PIECE] on the second floor that you'll 
    have to Kick Jump to get to it. There's also a hundred Red Orbs that'll 
    drop out from nowhere if you manage to get onto the Spear of the statue 
    in the middle of the hall.
    Once you have them all, unlock the door using 45 of them (it's 
    automatic, no worries)
    The next room has one huge barricade which you can't get around for the 
    moment. There are also 4 suits of destroyable armours that yield 5 Red 
    Orbs and a [BLUE ORB PIECE].
    The room after that has a staircase leading up, but if you go about 
    your destructive ways, there are 15 Red Orbs for the picking.
    The room at the top of the staircase has 2 exits: a door, and a hole in 
    the ceiling. And of course, the mandatory tables for you to break, 
    resulting in a small profit of 10 Red Orbs.
    Enter the door, and you'll find yourself in a room with stranged 
    devices, a 3-holed switch, and a ladder leading to a closed gate. The 
    only meaningful thing to do here is to jump into the water left of the 
    switch to pick up your 4th [BLUE ORB PIECE], and thus increasing your 
    life bar. In case you haven't noticed, you'll receive a full Blue Orb 
    once you collect 4 Pieces, in no particular order.
    Head back to the previous room, and jump up to the hole in the ceiling. 
    There will be 2 Red Orbs floating visably for you to take, as well as a 
    yellow shiny thing that will turn out to be a [RUSTY KEY]. 
    You won't be able to move many steps before you get attacked by 
    the...thing...that was holding on to the key. Defeat the Bloody Marys 
    and Marionettes if you want to (or run away if you wish, but this isn't 
    Survival Horrer...), and return all the way back to the great Hall.
    To the left (of your screen) of the door is a green door, which will be 
    unlocked by the Rusty Key. You're now in the Airplane room, named so 
    for a very good reason. There's a [BLUE ORB PIECE] sitting nicely on 
    the right wing of the plane, and 40 Red Orbs will appear if you manage 
    to jump on to the propeller. The only door of the room is your 
    objective, but it's sealed for the moment, requiring 17 souls to 
    unlock. However, the enemies in this room dosen't seem to respond at 
    Forget about them for the moment, and go to the right corner of the 
    room, where there is a wall symbol. Get used to seeing these symbols 
    everywhere. To activate SOMETHING you have to hit on the wall symbol 
    until it's filled. Once activated you'll be drawn down.....
    Into a small arena with lots of dolls to kill and plunder. You'll have 
    to kill them (and their replacements) before the game kills you. Once 
    you've killed them all the elevator will come down for you to move back 
    This time, the enemies in the Airplane become your partners. Defeat 
    them all to unseal the door, and end the mission by opening it.
       MISSION 2
                                                          Judge of Death
      MISSION OBJECTIVE: Open the door to the Cathedral
    You start off at the head of what is to be a long corridor. To Dante's 
    left is a door, where a Time Statue awaits, plus several (20) Red Orbs 
    and a [BLUE ORB PIECE] inside tables that are for your cracking.
    Head all the way down the corridor, past a locked door you can't open 
    for now, and past lots of enemies, and you'll find yourself staring at 
    the most exquisite sword in the world. Watch the incredible scene that 
    happens afterward, and you'll receive the ultra-cool [ALASTOR]. You can 
    now power it up at either Time Statues or at the Power Up screen in 
    between missions. The best things to power up are Air Raid and Stinger, 
    and once you've enough (not possible at this current moment of course) 
    Air Hike.
    Now the statue where Alastor is held has disappeared, and in its place 
    is another statue of sorts that require "something" to do something to 
    it. Enter the door next to it, and you'll find yourself in the Library, 
    complete with breakable tables. Red Orbs are for the taking, as well as 
    the all-important [SHOTGUN] on the second floor table. The point of 
    entering here, of course, is the [RUSTY KEY] on the picture on the 
    second level.
    Return down the corridor, back to the locked door in the middle, and 
    the Rusty Key will be used to open it. You'll be in a small open-air 
    location, with a fountain, and enemies. If you manage to land on the 
    fountain, there're lots of Red Orbs to take, since they have a habit of 
    appearing from nowhere whenever you step on something that shouldn't be 
    stepped on in the first place. You can't do anything to the energy wall 
    at the opposite end, as well as the door above it, but you can enter 
    the other door here, it's to the right of the energy wall, on the 
    second level.
    Once you enter the door you'll be locked in. No worries though, just 
    move down this corridor, mowing down the enemies in your way. There's a 
    small pedestal at the end, but it has nothing to do with your current 
    mission. Instead, move back to the big bulky thing in the middle of 
    this corridor, and whack at it continously. It'll move back, and reveal 
    a trapdoor that you have to open and jump in.
    Jumping down from high heights is a normal feature in the world of 
    Devil May Cry, so you don't have to worry about taking damage from 
    these high drops. You'll find that you're in some semi-watery place, 
    with the glowing [STAFF OF JUDGEMENT]. Once you take that, a mechanism 
    will unlock the door at the end of this small room out...to the 
    There isn't anything else of interest here, so exit...but you'll get 
    locked in, along with the first appearance of your newest neighbours, 
    Sin Scissors. 3 of them in fact. Whip out the Shotgun and blast them 
    back to hell. The lock will break up into its millions of pieces, and 
    you can get out of here forever.
    Now turn your attention back at the macabre statue, now with lots of 
    little spiders crawling around it. Squash them if you want to, and 
    place the Staff of Judgement on it, ending the mission.
       MISSION 3
                                                       Burning Destroyer
      MISSION OBJECTIVE: Overcome the Trials, and claim the [Pride of
    You start off being sealed in on every corner. Head up to the pedestal 
    where your final objective lies. However, you're not allowed to take it 
    yet, as it has set a small trial for you to conquer. The big doors at 
    the far end will be unlocked, and you'll have to make your way past 
    Back out in the open for now, make your way across the long bridge to 
    the small area at the end of it. There are lots of Red Orbs for the 
    taking, but I suggest you leave them alone when you return later. Why? 
    You'll see when you get back a little (or much? >:E) later. Examine the 
    tablet in the middle of the platform where it'll tell you the objective 
    of the trial. Nothing's going to happen immediately, sad to say. 
    Head back to the big doors again, but as you approach the center of the 
    bridge a bolt of lightning will appear from nowhere (get used to the 
    "from nowhere" business, it happens ALL the time) and hit Dante, 
    breaking up the bridge into fairly small pieces, and sending all into 
    the watery depths of the ocean.
    Or so you would think. Somehow or other you'll land in a small 
    underwater passage, with your health bar slowly going down (hey, you're 
    in water, of course it'll go down). Run to the circular room at the end 
    of this short passage, and step on the strangely-coloured spot. 6 
    skulls will appear, locking you in, and you'll have to cut/blast them 
    into little pieces of bone before the coloured spot lights up and 
    teleports you back to the local end of the bridge.
    Before you reenter the doors though, jump up (from the sides of the 
    door) to a small ledge, where 50 Red Orbs will appear. You'll also see 
    one part of the bridge hanging in the air right in front of you. 
    Stinger there, and a [BLUE ORB PIECE] will nicely fall out of the air. 
    If you make your way back to the other end of the broken bridge, 
    there's another [BLUE ORB PIECE] waiting for you there as well. DO NOT 
    TOUCH them Red Orbs! :P
    Return to the cathedral, and go claim your prize for clearing the 
    trial, the [PRIDE OF LION], and thus cle...
    But wait, looks like there was something watching your progress all 
    this while. A HUGE scorpian. And guess what? You'll have to fight it. 
    See Boss Strategies for more details about this fight.
    Once you've sent Phantom scuttling back towards it's fiery pit, the 
    door you entered from will be unlocked, and you can now exit, ending 
    this short, but headache-posing Mission.
       MISSION 4
                                                        The Black Knight
      MISSION OBJECTIVE: Show the Lion your strength, to open the Path. 
                         Then aquire the Melancholy Soul.
    You start off right where you ended the previous mission, at the long 
    corridor. Now that you've the Pride of Lion, you can open up the energy 
    wall that was blocking your way. Make your way back down the corridor, 
    towards the door in the middle of it.
    Unfortunately, as you go back down, someone has other ideas about your 
    previous battle. The sore loser Phantom is back to chase you down, 
    though with a tad less life. For more information on how to beat this 
    fight, refer to the Boss section (miraculous waste of space)!
    Survey the damage that your battle has created, and enter the door in 
    the middle of the corridor. Now check the energy wall, and the Pride of 
    Lion will dispell it, revealing a rather imposing Lion Statue with a 
    nice set of red eyes. Thought you could enter the door above it? Think 
    again. Your second trial has just begun.
    Crack open the Lion Statue (3 hits will do) and it'll reveal the 
    irritating (and soon to be a very good friend in other difficulties) 
    Shadow. Defeat it, and the door above the remains of the statue will be 
    You'll find yourself in a squarish area with a staircase that leads 
    only upwards. Ignore the stairs, and hop into the big hole in the 
    middle. It's a long fall, but eventually you reach the bottom, where 
    there's a locked door and a familiar-looking Symbol Wall. Yes, attack 
    the poor symbol until you activate the little stand in the middle of 
    this basement.
    That little stand will start moving up...and up...and up, until you 
    reach the very top of this tower. It's also placed you next to a shiny, 
    jagged, cool-looking sword. Jump over, and pick up the sword, and 
    No, it's not a sword, silly. Instead, it's something called [DEATH 
    SENTENCE], and it appears in your item list. What gives? You'll soon 
    know. Anyway, DON'T jump back onto the stand, jump off the sides of 
    this little platform you're on, and you'll find yourself next to a set 
    of double doors.
    Enter the doors, and you'll find something shiny on a statue right next 
    to the doors. Check it, and you'll have to use your Death Sentence to 
    drop that little sphere onto the floor. It's the [MELANCHONY SOUL]! 
    As you pick up your prize for this mission...a nice scene occurs (yes, 
    it ALWAYS is like this. What else do you expect? A smooth ride through 
    the game?). Before you follow out, do some shopping at the Time Statue, 
    and climb onto the bed for some Red Orbs.
    Head out, and you'll be locked out as well. IF you have Air Hike and 
    Air Raid by now, you can do a little bit of collection. Of course, 
    doing a Kick Jump also does the trick, but it's tricker. Anyway, 
    there's a little hole right above your current location (outside the 
    door, BEWARE the hand!), and you can jump to the level above. To the 
    left there's a small tower where a [BLUE ORB PIECE] floats temptingly. 
    Never mind that, but instead Kick Jump UPPER LEFT and you'll land on a 
    rather large platform that no one in his right mind would ever think up 
    of. There's a lot of Red Orbs that'll appear, and an Untouchable at the 
    If you have Air Raid, you can fly over to the Piece that's waiting 
    agonizingly for you. If not, you could try to Air Hike there, but I've 
    managed only 2% success rate at the moment, because the angle has to be 
    completely accurate when you jump.
    All of the above can also be done during the following fight, but I 
    think you won't be able to concentrate, especially when things are 
    moving in ways you won't want to move......
    Anyways, once you land in the grassy area, the fight with Nero Angelo 
    officially starts. As usual, the details of the fight is supplied in 
    the Boss section.
    You'll clear this extremely short mission (dosen't look like it with 
    the length of this section, yes? ^^;) once you send him flying away in 
       MISSION 5
                                                          The Soul Leads
      MISSION OBJECTIVE: Head forward before the [Melanchony Soul] runs 
                         out of power
    The item screen will show up right at the beginning of the mission, and 
    once you exit, you have exactly 3 game minutes (going through doors 
    stops the count) to get from the ground floor of where you are, back to 
    the bottom of the tower where the locked door was.
    The way back is there, but there's one slight hitch. The only door out 
    is locked, and a Shadow is your foe. Defeat it ASAP, unlocking the door 
    in the process, and work your way back towards it. 
    Go through the Bedroom as fast as you can (simply press right and keep 
    it there), jump down the big hole, and check on the door, use the 
    Melanchony Soul, and there ends the second shortest mission in this 
    IF you fail to make it in time, there is a RETRY MISSION.
    RETRY MISSION OBJECTIVE: Recharge the [Melanchony Soul], challange 
    Remember the short corridor to the right of the Lion Statue? Head back 
    there, check on the statue at the end of the corridor to recharge the 
    Melanchony Soul. After which you'll be able to restart the mission from 
    square one, fighting another Shadow in the Fountain Garden.
       MISSION 6
                                                         The Sewer Demon
      MISSION OBJECTIVE: Defeat the Guardian Demon and gain the [Guiding 
    Nice area to start the mission. You're officially in the sewer of the 
    castle (who said that castles didn't have sewers?). Head up the screen 
    and you'll find yourself in a dead end of sorts. Jump around the left 
    wall of the dead end, and eventually a [BLUE ORB PIECE] will drop down 
    from nowhere.
    Now head back along the rest of the sewer path and enter the first door 
    you see. This, my friends, is the pipe room. And at the end of the 
    room, on a pipe is a glowing [RUSTY KEY]. You don't have to jump up, 
    simply go underneath the pipe and check, and the key is yours. At the 
    same time, lots of bugs come flying out of the pipes. Blast them all to 
    pieces, and you can make your way out.
    Make your way to the end of the tunnel (ignore the little opening to 
    the side unless you're hurt baldy, it contains quite a few large Green 
    Orbs which you should save up...) and use the Rusty Key to open the 
    double doors.
    Another long corridor, but this time deserted. There's another small 
    opening, which you should also ignore because there's nothing but more 
    Green Orbs. Near the end of the corridor you'll see several things on 
    the floor, and if you proceed further you'll be treated to a little 
    scene showing one of the most irritating sub-bosses there are in this 
    game, the Death Scissiors. Kill it, and proceed on to pick up the 
    objective of this mission, the [GUIDING LIGHT], ending it at the same 
       MISSION 7
                                           Holding on to the Burning Key
      MISSION OBJECTIVE: Return to the Bedroom before the [Guiding Light] 
                         saps all your power
    Devilishly simple objective, almost like Mission 5, but with a twist. 
    Instead of giving you a time limit, your health is now slowly eroding 
    as you hold on to the hot Guiding Light. You start off at the pedestal, 
    so you'll have to make your way back down the entire stretch of 
    corridor. It won't be so easy though, because Phantom's back to try 
    stall you. Send him away the same way you did in Mission 4 (there are 
    extra Green Orbs near the doors, so no worries about your health at the 
    moment), and exit the double doors.
    As you move back along the sewer corridor, you'll be confronted by Sin 
    Scissors. If you haven't noticed, your exit's locked, so you'll have to 
    stop and defeat them to unlock the door.
    Once you return to the tower proper, activate the Symbol Wall switch to 
    head back to the top of the tower. Jump onto the Death Sentence 
    platform, jump off it, enter the Bedroom, check on the Sun symbol next 
    to the mirror, and once it opens, check on the door to end this 
       MISSION 8
                                          Return of the Legendary Knight
      MISSION OBJECTIVE: Activate the Switch and make your way out of the 
    There is a lag between Missions 7 and 8, and you can take this small 
    breather to go back and get all the things you think you missed, or do 
    some Red Orb earning, since no Mission Time is calculated here.
    Once you're done though, move along the long path, and you'll find 
    yourself on the fifth floor of the Great Hall, where you started in the 
    first place. Jump across the gap (it's also a natural thing to jump 
    across huge gaps without a problem) and enter the door on the other end 
    to start Mission 8.
    The room you start off in have 2 Red Orbs on ledges on either side, as 
    well as a Time Statue right smack in the center of the far wall. What 
    you want to do, however, is to go UP the ledges, and enter the door 
    right above the one you entered from.
    You'll end up in another wide open area, and if you try to leave via 
    the open space to Dante's right, you'll be stopped short by a barricade 
    that rises out from nowhere, as well as a return of Phantom. Defeat him 
    the same way as you did back in Mission 3, the only difference is that 
    it has one new move. Alternatively you can lure him to jump on you 
    while standing on the glass dome right in the center of the "ring". If 
    he lands on the glass 5 times (you can see if he's landed or not, 
    there'll be glass flying, and the dome will start shattering into 
    pieces) he'll fall THROUGH the glass, and end up exactly in the same 
    spot as he'd be if you beat him.
    The end of Phantom. May the Devil burn his soul.
    Anyway, make your way past the now-unhinged barricade, and pick up the 
    gleaming [TRIDENT] from the ground. If you jump on the right pedestal, 
    you'll see more Red Orbs flying down from nowhere. The ledge above the 
    horse statues contain a nice little tempting [BLUE ORB PIECE]. Pick all 
    of them up (or not), and fall into the hole between the horse statues.
    There's a little spot right in front of you that gleams white. Attack 
    that spot, and you'll release a lever. Behind the lever mechanism 
    there's a corpse holding on to the mighty [GRENADE GUN], as well as a 
    trapdoor that you should open, and jump into.
    Guess what? You're back at the Three-holed mechanism room right at the 
    beginning of the game! This time you can activate the mechanism using 
    the Trident. 
    The next sequence of events are all time-based, so you have to be FAST. 
    Once you've activated the mechanism, an internal clock will start 
    ticking. You'll hear bangs at regular intervals. That means the 
    barricade that you've just raised up to your room is starting to go 
    back down to cover the bridge room. 
    Jump over the small opening, head through the door, ignore any enemies, 
    rush down the round stairs, and enter the bridge room. If you're fast 
    enough you can still make it past the falling barricade, if not, you'll 
    have to return and restart the whole thing.
    Well, once you're past the barricade, there's no turning back. BEFORE 
    you go through the huge double doors though, jump into the water on the 
    right for another [BLUE ORB PIECE]. Check the door to end this frantic 
    mission, and to a new frontier.
       MISSION 9
                                                             A New Power
      MISSION OBJECTIVE: Open the Gate with your new Power
    Back in the open, with a long bridge to cross. Don't worry, this time 
    this wooden bridge won't break into little pieces. Instead, once you 
    cross over to the other side, it'll raise itself up, effectively 
    cutting you off from the Castle, and leaving you stranded in the 
    The first area of the garden is enemy-free, and there are 3 pillars for 
    you to jump on to collect Red Orbs. There's also a Devil Star behind 
    the big plaque in the middle of this area, as well as a Time Statue to 
    the upper left.
    Head towards the dome, and go down the stairs until you reach the 
    doors. Go through the doors, and you'll find yourself in the outskirts 
    of several ruins, and a trail of blue fire leading from your entry 
    point to a set of HUGE opened doors. You're also introduced to new 
    enemies called Blades.
    There are several items to pick up in this Courtyard. To Dante's right 
    of your starting point there're 3 locked doors, one with a Red Emblem, 
    one with a Blue Emblem, and the center one that requires "2 spears" to 
    unlock. There's a [BLUE ORB PIECE] under a tombstone in a small path to 
    YOUR right from where Dante entered this area in the first place. 
    opposite the Spear Door there's another locked door, and ABOVE the 
    locked door is a Holy Water for the picking. Other items scattered 
    around the place are Yellow, Red and Green Orbs.
    Now enter the open doors where the light leads you, and you'll find 
    yourself in another courtyard, except this time there aren't any 
    enemies, and there's something floating in the air. Pick up the Yellow 
    Orb and Devil Star on opposite sides of the second level, and hit the 
    Symbol Wall to activate the moving platforms.
    Do some Mario jumping on the platforms until you arrive at your 
    intended goal, a set of fiery gauntlets. Pick up [IFRIT], and watch as 
    Dante does some martial arts skills he couldn't do before without it. 
    Make your way back to the Courtyard...
    And you'll be confronted by another challanger to add to the silly bad 
    puns. Defeat Griffon (as usual, Boss Strategies), and then head to the 
    doors to the right of the one where you found Ifrit. Equip Ifrit and 
    punch the right flame-holder to burn it and open the doors.
    It isn't over yet. In this Misty Forest there's a stump where standing 
    on it will lead to falling Red Orbs. There're also more Red Orbs plus a 
    Holy Water on a well-covered ledge along the right wall. Trying to 
    enter the door at the end only results in it being locked, and you 
    having to survive more Marionettes, Bloody Marys, as well as the 
    introduction of Fetishes. Defeat all comers (and reinforcements) to 
    unlock the door.
    In this area you'll be challanged by lots of Fetishes. There're Red and 
    Yellow Orbs all over the place, plus a Devil Star on a ledge. Whether 
    you decide to take and run, clear and run, or plain run is up to you, 
    because the only door at the far end requires 200 Red Orbs to unlock. 
    Go through the unlocked door to end this hellish mission.
       MISSION 10
                                                          Vally of Mists
      MISSION OBJECTIVE: Make your way past the Maze Valley 
    You start off in a straight path that will divide into two. Jump over
    the first overhang you see to gain Red Orbs. Getting lost here (and 
    returning to the previous screen of Fetishes) is automatic if you 
    decide to move on either path. The only way out is to check the stone 
    tablet at the fork, which will bring out a single ball of light.
    Follow the light source past the next two similar looking screens (it 
    will also be absorbed by enemies there, so you'll have to kill them to 
    "free" it) to make your way out of this misty valley. At the same time, 
    checking on the stone tablets (or jumping against them) will lead to 
    the sudden appearance of Red Orbs.
    Once you've made your way past the screens you'll find yourself in 
    another wide open area, with the sub-boss music blaring. You're forced 
    to face up with 2 Kyclops, but they don't really pose that much of a 
    threat, not when there're Green Orbs in abundance, plus a Holy Water 
    around the grass. 
    Upon the defeat of the Kyclops the gate blocking the door will open. 
    Entering that door will end this mission.
       MISSION 11
      MISSION OBJECTIVE: Present the [Chalice] to the Knight to open the 
    It's always nice to hear the sub-boss music playing once you start a 
    mission. This time you're introduced to another type of flying enemy, 
    the Death Scythe. Defeat it, pick up all the items scattered around the 
    place (there are Green Orbs, Red Orbs, a [BLUE ORB PIECE] as well as a 
    Devil Star littered around), and jump into the well hole right in front 
    of the big tree.
    Inside the well lurk Blades, a Time Statue, and a breakable wall to the 
    right of the Time Statue. Defeat all Blades in this enclosed space, and 
    a [BLUE ORB PIECE] will fall out of nowhere for you to claim. Jump out 
    of the other exit in this well path, and you'll find yourself back 
    outside, but in a room leading to the [SIGN OF CHASTITY]. Pick it up, 
    go back down the well, and enter the lower door behind the tree.
    Walk straight and place the Sign of Chastity onto the pedestal right in 
    front of you, and you'll gain the [CHALICE]. At the same time, however, 
    Nero Angelo decides that this is the time to drop in and say hi. Show 
    him that you're busy with your guns and gauntlets (there are 2 Green 
    Orbs above and below the Chalice pavailion).
    Once you've sent him flying away in defeat, head for the little cave 
    directly in the front view of the Chalice pavailion. Place the Chalice 
    on the Knight Pedestal to open up the door right below your current 
    Since the way you came in has been closed off, you have no choice but 
    to enter the new door, ending this mission......
       MISSION 12
                                                              Ghost Ship
      MISSION OBJECTIVE: Head for the Captain's Cabin on the Deck.
    There's a nice little Time Statue right in front of you, in case you 
    forgot to power up before the start of this mission. There's also a Red 
    Orb statue for you to break open. 
    Jump into the water (cool first-person view, get used to it) to collect 
    2 Red Orbs and enter the wrecked ship. 
    You don't have any weapon to fire in the water right now, so the wisest 
    choice would be to move around the Blade. There is an Untouchable 
    hidden in the boxes directly to the right of your starting location, 
    but forget about getting it for now.....
    Surface, and climb up the stairs. There's a [NEEDLE GUN] lying in this 
    deck, along with a Devil Star. This Needle Gun is a necessity in the 
    near future, so please take it.
    Head up to the deck, where LOTS of Red Orbs await. Incidently, if you 
    climb up to the highest compartment of the frontmost mast, and Stinger 
    your way to the bow of the ship, a [BLUE ORB PIECE] will drop down from 
    the sky.
    Your objective, the Captain's Cabin, is the one locked with a pair of 
    Flaming Swords. Check it, and you'll be attacked by a Death Scythe. 
    Defeat it, try to open the door again. and the Ghost Ship will start 
    moving by itself.
    Of course, this little movement has also caught the eye of a certain 
    Griffon, and you'll have to face it again on the crowded and obstacle-
    leaden deck. Once you've sent it packing into the air again, the 
    Captain's door will finally open for you, ending the mission.
       MISSION 13
      MISSION OBJECTIVE: Look for the Exit and escape the Ship.
    You start off in the Captain's room. There is a Time Statue, as well as 
    the very important [STAFF OF HERMES] in this small room. Once you gain 
    the Staff though, the whole ship will start going bonkers, and you'll 
    have to swim your way out of the water. Notice that your health is NOT 
    falling here. Weird, huh, considering the effects back in Mission 3...
    Anyway, make your way out of the Captain's room by the small 
    ventilation hole in front of the Time Statue back to the level below 
    the deck. 
    This area is also filled with water, and there are 2 Blades to deal 
    with since the area is locked out. Once you clear them, enter the area 
    right below the staircase (where there was nothing before). This time a 
    [BLUE ORB PIECE] is floating there. 
    Return to the upper deck, to the other exit, and you'll find yourself 
    back at the hull of the ship. Escape through the hole you entered the 
    ship from, and you're clear!
    MISSION 14
                                               Dark Night, High Mountain
      MISSION OBJECTIVE: Get back to the Ground, head for the Colosseum
    It's not really Mission 14 when you find yourself still in water right 
    after the mission clear screen. Hop out of the pool you're in, and jump 
    into the right pool for a [BLUE ORB PIECE].
    Move back to the rock cavern (looks familiar? It's not the one you 
    entered from through), and in the little room along the path there's a 
    Holy Water in the open chest. Enter the door to officially begin the 
    There's a spiky wall facing you, and a floor with lots of spike-holes. 
    Don't worry about those for now, since they're harmless. A mural on the 
    wall speaks of nighttime activities (Secret Mission 9), but you can 
    safely ignore that as well for now. Head to the other end of the 
    circular room where a skeleton hangs beautifully from the spikes. It's 
    also gleaming very nicely as well.
    Pick up the [EMBLEM SHIELD], and activate the mechanism that the 
    skeleton's right hand was holding on. Now the circle will start moving, 
    the spikes will start shooting up. The metal grate that was blocking 
    one room is also raised for you to get back to open air. Get to the 
    elevator while evading the spikes that come out in a very easily-
    avoidable pattern.
    Out in the open, there are several things to pick up here. From the 
    elevator area, there is a ledge to the upper right containing a [BLUE 
    ORB PIECE]. There are also Red Orbs on top of the pavalion where you 
    surfaced from, and more Red ones when you Stinger over to the ledge on 
    the left end. On top of the ledges there's a Yellow Orb right in the 
    The next area is quite mountainous, and there are strong enemies 
    awaiting. There's a small cave underneath your starting area which 
    leads to a Red Orb statue across the bridge, but the main focus is the 
    [BLUE ORB PIECE] to the right lower ledge after you cross the bridge.
    The exit to this area requires 200 Red Orbs, which shouldn't be a 
    problem provided you killed off the enemies and didn't really buy 
    anything in the previous area.
    The very next screen will look very familiar, but with bad camera 
    angles. There's a Devil Star to be found here, and the opening requires 
    100 Red Orbs to unlock. Take the Red Orbs that the game replendishes 
    after your double usage, and unlock the door to finish this mirror 
       MISSION 15
                                                    The Wheel of Destiny
      MISSION OBJECTIVE: Use the Shield and Lances, and Attack the 
    Guess what? You're back in the Courtyard right where you started this 
    whole outside-castle mess in the first place! This time the lights have 
    moved slightly though. They lead you to the double doors that you 
    ignored in the first place, but you still can't enter for now. Instead 
    you can enter BOTH the Shield-guarded doors.
    |                                                                     |
    |       THAT YOU GO THROUGH FIRST!                                    |
    Go through the BLUE door first. Pick up the [LUMINITE] at the end of 
    the room and head down the stairs, lighted with the little rock you'll 
    need a lot later. Crack open the breakable door at the bottom of the 
    stairs (lots of enemies await too) to gain access to lots of goodies, 
    including Red Orbs, a Holy Water, and a [BLUE ORB PIECE].
    Enter the door opposite the breakable one, and you'll find yourself in 
    another circular moving-floor room with big spikes at your end and 
    along parts of the path. Navigate your way past those spikes and (if 
    you wish to) enter the small stairs in the middle of the path, leading 
    to several Red Orbs and a small step which recovers your Devil Gauge 
    Move to the end of the circular path, and you'll be facing a blind 
    circle with a small step quite a small distance away, and poisonous 
    floor down below. Simply Air Raid your way across to pick up the [PAIR 
    OF LANCES], and Air Raid back (you can recover your DT again at the 
    Now head back out, and night would have fallen. If you wish to, enter 
    the RED door. You can, of course, use the Lances to open the door to 
    the Colosseum, but detours almost always produce nice presents.
    It's the exact carbon copy of the Blue room, except that all's 
    reversed. In the breakable door are less attractive items, consisting 
    of Orbs of various colours (except Blue...). The moving-floor room now 
    have Symbol Walls that you must hit to activate ledges for you to step 
    on, but hold off jumping on those for now.
    The floor of the treasure area is clean (but does have enemies). Jump 
    (or probably double jump) directly below the stand where the other item 
    is held, until you see a [BLUE ORB PIECE] falls on the stand. Now head 
    back up, jump your way across to pick it and the ultra-cool [NIGHTMARE 
    BETA] up.
    Now head back and use the Lances on the Colosseum doors to enter it. 
    Before you start moving around in the Colosseum though, there are two 
    whirlpools on either side of your starting location. Use the Purple 
    whirlpool to send yourself to the top level. Move to the center of the 
    bridge to let a [BLUE ORB PIECE] fall from the sky.
    Jump down and run to the center of the Colosseum, where you see several 
    weird symbols on the floor. The checking is automatic, as is the 
    following battle with Griffon. Once you defeat it the Big Bad Boss 
    Mundus shows his eyes to you and kills Griffon anyway.
    Trish leaves you, and jump to the top of the fallen stone, which will 
    transport you deep down to your destination, the [WHEEL OF DESTINY].
       MISSION 16
                                                          Dark Nightmare
      MISSION OBJECTIVE: Solve the mystery of the [Staff of Hermes]
    Starting off from the exact spot you finished, move back to the small 
    elevator stand, picking up the [BLUE ORB] at the same time. Make your 
    way back to the retracted big bridge you crossed over back in Mission 
    9, and use the Wheel of Destiny to make your way back.
    Now that you've re-entered the castle, prepare for some eerie music.
                      ***THE CASTLE HAS CHANGED***
    Anyway, major changes have been going around the castle in the number 
    of hours you've been away (never mind the game clock...you started in 
    the afternoon, it's now night, so there). Apparently the powers that 
    are controlling the underworld have managed to change the outlook of 
    this one castle. Major areas have been cut off from your path, so you 
    can only head back to the Great Hall.
    Guess what? Even the big statue's gone. In it's place is a Symbol Wall 
    that you must hit, bringing out lots of pyrotechnics, as well as the 
    last normal enemy that you'll get to meet, the Plasma. Beat that, and 
    the door to the Airplane Room is unlocked. Pick up the other 2 [BLUE 
    ORB PIECES] as well lying and floating around this hall.
    The door to the long corridor is also unlocked, and there aren't many 
    physical changes to the corridor, except that jumping at or around the 
    face statue yields a [BLUE ORB PIECE], and the center door has been 
    removed. Lots of armours line the corridor, and within them, Red Orbs 
    The Library door is also gone, so your only exit this time is to the 
    Don't worry, the Cathedral's changed too. The door to the Broken Bridge 
    is inaccessible for now, and there are 4 Symbol Walls placed in 
    strategic positions, as well as 4 weird-looking things on the floor. 
    But the most important thing that should catch your attention is the 
    puddle-like thing on the floor, which you should check. 
    Unfortunately, you won't be able to understand what's going on much for 
    the moment, especially because a black blob has just risen up from the 
    puddle in the floor to attack you. Send Nightmare scurring away, and 
    you can now return to the Broken Bridge.
    Make your way across, and if you left those Red Orbs alone earlier on, 
    you'll see that they've managed, somehow or another, to "upgrade" 
    themselves to become 100-Orb Orbs. Use the Staff of Hermes on the Staff 
    lookalike behind the stone tablet, and the two empty frames will now 
    have pictures of various parts of the castle that are locked out to you 
    Jump (yes, JUMP) into the right picture to land yourself in the 
    Bedroom. You can't do anything constructive here, but there's a [BLUE 
    ORB PIECE] next to the bed, and an Untouchable above it. Pick both up, 
    return through the portal on the floor, and jump into the left picture 
    to end this mission.
       MISSION 17
                                                        The other Amulet
      MISSION OBJECTIVE: Overcome the Dragon, gain the [Quicksilver] to 
                         enter the Audience Room.
    This is probably the last long mission that you're going to have, so be 
    happy now.
    You'll find yourself back in the stairway tower, except that it's via 
    teleport. But no matter, because there's not much difference for now. 
    Head up the staircase, and in the middle (no longer the end now) is the 
    same room where you had to jump up for the first Rusty Key...except 
    that there's no cupboard to jump on, and no hole in the ceiling, just 
    lots of destroyable things. Get the Red Orbs, move up further along the 
    stairs (the rubble's gone) until you reach a door.
    Enter the doors, and you're in the room where you found the Rusty Key 
    way back in Mission 1. There isn't any enemy, but at the end of the 
    room, there's yet another Picture junction. This time only the left one 
    is open to you, so jump in there.
    Yes, there's no way back from here, so head up to the doors on the 
    other side, but it locks itself, setting you up with a fight against 
    the last set of sub-bosses, Frosts. Beat them to unlock and enter the 
    Unless I'm mistaken, you're in a completely new wing of the castle 
    which is a circular corridor (strange things work similar ways). There 
    are plenty of breakable armours containing Red Orbs, as well as lots of 
    enemies in your way. Ignore the first corridor branch and continue 
    moving forward until you reach the door at the end. Even if you try the 
    first branch you won't be able to proceed anyway...
    Now this room is what seems to complicate matters for those not fluent 
    in the Japanese language. The tablet by the crank explains perfectly 
    the way to defeat the bone dragon that's shooting freely at you, and 
    which you won't be able to get near because there's a hidden energy 
    wall blocking your forward progress.
    Anyway, use a sword (any sword will do...) and return the fireballs he 
    sends at you. Timing is paramount, so slash directly at the ball when 
    it's almost near you. Actually the fireballs do pathatic damage, so 
    you'll have a LOT of time to get it correct. 3 home-run hits will 
    destroy the bone dragon, and unlocking a mirror beside the crank. Head 
    up to the crank, check it, and you'll have to twirl L3 either clockwise 
    or counter-clockwise until the reflected light hits the mirror in the 
    ceiling, and start off a chain-reaction till the [QUICKSILVER] appears.
    Jump up to get the Quicksilver (Air Hike works perfectly, if you don't 
    have it, Kick Jump from the rafter and jump across the transparent blue 
    stands across the upper level of the room. There's a [BLUE ORB PIECE] 
    on the terrance to the right of the room, checking on the tablet at the 
    end usually nets if for you. If not, move around the terrance, and 
    it'll probably fly to you somehow or other.
    Now that you've the Quicksilver, return back to the corridor branch, 
    and use the Quicksilver on the door to unlock it and gain entry into 
    the Audience Hall.
    You're there! But then, there's someone else waiting for you as well! 
    Defeat this super-powered version of Nero Angelo to end the mission... 
    and for a bit of shocking news......
       MISSION 18
                                                       Holy Stone Elixer
      MISSION OBJECTIVE: Toss the [Philosopher's Egg] into the Fire to 
                         create the Holy Stone
    You start off getting the [PERFECT AMULET] as well as getting the Force 
    Edge upgraded into the legendary sword [SPARDA], which you shouldn't 
    use at the moment since it dosen't provide you with Devil Trigger 
    Powers at all. At the same time a portal appears, bringing you back to 
    the second Picture junction.
    This time the right picture is open, and jumping into it throws you 
    straight into the water. More swimming lessons then. Get the Red Orbs 
    from the water area as well as from destroyable barrels. There are even 
    more Red Orbs in the room opposite the cell you started off from, and a 
    [BLUE ORB PIECE] in the cell directly in front of your starting cell.
    Go through the only exit in this room, and you find yourself in locked 
    battle with 3 Sin Scissors. Shoot them to death to open the locked door 
    in this area, and go through it...to stand on land. Weird field that 
    door has.
    Entering the door will place you in a VERY familiar place, the Tower. 
    The Symbol Wall is still there, but hitting it will fill the entire 
    tower with water. Swim up, slowly until you hit the first jutting 
    ledge, where a [BLUE ORB PIECE] will direct itself to you. Swim up 
    crazily (or if time runs out, hit the Symbol again) until you reach the 
    top of the tower, where the [PHILOSOPHER'S EGG] nests nicely for you.
    Pick up the Egg, hop down through the hole between the platforms, and 
    hop down again to land on the square area. Head out to the doors, and 
    you'll find yourself back at the fountain garden, except that the 
    fountain is gone, and something eerily familiar is facing you.
    Before you go play with fire though, head to the left door on the upper 
    level (it was a wall before, and the right door's gone...), where Red 
    Orbs and a [BLUE ORB PIECE] await.
    Return to the Fountain Garden, and place the Egg in the fire where the 
    Lion Statue used to be. Since it says that it takes a little while to 
    hard-boil the egg, might as well have fun while doing it. And Who 
    Better Than Nightmare!! (silly wrestling reference) Defeat it, and the 
    egg will be nicely cooked to reveal your objective for this mission, 
    the [ELIXER].
       MISSION 19
                                                            Warped World
      MISSION OBJECTIVE: Open the Gate to the Underworld
    This sounds so easy, it's not funny. Enter the portal that's opened, 
    and you'll find yourself back at the stairway tower room. Of course, 
    there's no more need for either of the two Picture warps, so head back 
    down, and out to the Broken Bridge again.
    It's just so nice (once you get back there, that is) that the Elixer 
    that you're holding is responding to the RIGHT Picture. Jump into it... 
    but nothing happens instantly, and the doors are still not appearing. 
    Instead of waiting for something to happen, head up and check the 
    mirror (the one where Nero Angelo stepped out of). The Elixer will 
    allow you to pass through the mirror if you check again......
    And you'll find yourself in the Mirror World, where everything is 
    blurry, as well as being exactly reversed in locality as per the 
    original world. 
    Guess what? The door leading out is there! Head out, and jump down. A 
    nice little [PHILOSOPHER'S STONE] sits on a pedestal waiting for you, 
    but once you take it, you'll be met by the very last type of enemies, 
    the Nobodys. Beat them to unlock the door, and simply head back, 
    getting the final 2 [BLUE ORB PIECES] along the way, one via jumping 
    off the ledge (where you found the Untouchable back in the original 
    world) and the other in the tower after you've gotten the first.
    Once you've returned to the original world, what's there to do? 
    Remember a similar-looking mirror on the ground? Yup, back in the 
    Cathedral. Fly/jump/swim back to the opposite end of the bridge, and 
    the ex-watery pool will glimmer dangerously. Enter it, and you'll find 
    yourself in the Mirror World of the Cathedral.
    There's a huge vortex in the middle where Phantom should have dropped 
    from way back in Mission 3, and a small hole at the end of the 
    crossable vortex. Place the Philosopher's Stone in the hole, and the 
    vortex will disappear, showing an even greater vortex. Jump in THAT 
       MISSION 20
                                                         Final Nightmare
      MISSION OBJECTIVE: Head for the Room of Living
    This, my friends is the shortest mission of all. You start off right in 
    the entrance of the Underworld. Everything's alive here, from the 
    little paths, to the living tentacles which love to suck your health 
    But that's for later. For now, double jump into the opening, and head 
    down the long, uninterrupted path to a flesh wall. Hit the wall to open 
    it up and enter the next room. 
    There's a Time Statue (a Demon's holding to the hourglass now, if you'd 
    noticed) as well as a couple of Frosts. You can ignore all of them and 
    head straight for the flesh wall behind the Statue, and open it up to 
    enter the objective room of this mission.
    A short cut-scene later, and you'll have to fight Nightmare for the 
    third and final time. Is it just you, or all bad things come in threes? 
    Keep that in mind as you move along :P
    Once you defeat Nightmare, there's an even longer cut-scene, after 
    which this mission ends!
       MISSION 21
                                                           A Living Cave
      MISSION OBJECTIVE: Activate the Heart to open the Final Gate
    When you hear "Final Gate", you should feel pumped up, because you KNOW 
    you're near the end.
    You're in a little round circle with a Time Statue standing prettily at 
    the other side. A Holy Water lies on the floor on your way around the 
    area, and a flesh wall is blocked by lots of bony stuff as you pass it. 
    Enter the only other door in this area to have a look at the Final 
    Gate, but it's locked. The Heart in this area isn't beating very 
    healthily, and that's your purpose of this mission. 
    Jump around the stands till you reach a platform below the Final Gate. 
    Smash the red crystal there to loosen the bones in the circle room 
    What to do? Head out! Enter the flesh wall. Take out the Nobodys in the 
    way (beware of the Tentacles!) and enter the flesh wall at the end of 
    the pathway.
    The next area is full of lava that WILL hurt you if you fall to land on 
    the little rock pieces. Make your way across the pieces and hit the 
    Symbol Wall on that side. Wait for the platforms to arise, then jump 
    over until you reach the next platform. There's another crystal here, 
    hit it to drop Red Orbs. Once you're done, jump up to the next level, 
    and hit the Symbol Wall here. Jump up the platforms until you reach the 
    flesh wall.
    You'll end back in the Final Door room, but on a much higher level. 
    Jump across the huge gap (natural long jump again) to reach your final 
    Symbol Wall. Activate that, and the numerous blocks locking the Final 
    Door will break into their pieces. 
    Enter the Final Door to end the mission!
       MISSION 22
                                                    The Legendary Battle
    This is a fairly simple mission, one that shouldn't be that hard at 
    Simply walk up the great hall, accompanied by angelic music, and a long 
    corny cut-scene with Dante and Mundus talking trash to each other (most 
    of which you should know by now if you've watched the opening demos), 
    it's time for The Legendary Battle!
    Defeat both forms of Mundus (keep in mind, keep in mind...), and 
    another long sequence of events, the mission ends...and it's not over. 
       MISSION 23
                                                           Mother's Lead
      MISSION OBJECTIVE: Get out before the Island breaks up
    You start off with a 5 minute time limit. Nice way to start the final 
    It's time to make your way out. Fast.
    Run your way out of the Final Gate. Run your way out to the circular 
    room. Blast your way by killing the 2 Nobodys to unlock the door in the 
    Nightmare room.
    Rush out to the passageway, and back to the Mirror World. Jump up to 
    the moving platform, and jump out of the mirror hole....
    Part 2 of the Mission takes place in the castle, where your final 
    objective is the Main Hall, where it all began!
    Ignore the Marionettes and such, exit the room to the circular 
    corridor. The two Blades here have to be defeated to unlock the door 
    back to the Airplane room.
    Unfortunately, before you can exit the Airplane room, the floor 
    disintegrates right before you, and you end up in the Pipe room.
    With Mundus. Told you all bad things come in threes.
    Defeat Mundus with the final Devil Trigger Attack with the handguns 
    powered up thanks to Trish, and more long cut-scenes...
    And finally, to finish off the escape, you have to shoot your way out 
    of the island in the airplane, Capcom-shooter style.
    Watch the final cut-scenes, and you're done!
    ...next up, it's time to challange Hard Mode!!
    \                    \
     \ 8. BLUE ORB PIECES \
      \                    \
    This is a complete list of all 44 pieces that one can find in the game. 
    THERE ARE NO MORE for goodness sake. Stop looking if you've found them 
    If you decide to play a contuinued game, the Blue Orb pieces will be 
    replaced by Yellow Orbs if you've found them before. If not, the pieces 
    will still be there waiting for you to pick them up.
    |          \
    | MISSION 1 \
    |    |                                                                |
    | 01 | Before actual mission. In small pavailon on a bridge as you go |
    |    | towards the castle.                                            |
    |    |                                                                |
    | 02 | Great Hall. On the left side of the stairs. Requires Jump Kick |
    |    | from the ground floor to get up there.                         |
    |    |                                                                |
    | 03 | 3rd breakable armour (from the left in the barricaded room     |
    |    | directly after you unlock the first set of doors.              |
    |    |                                                                |
    | 04 | In the left pool of water at the room with the 3-hole mechanism|
    |    |                                                                |
    | 05 | On the right wing of the airplane in the Airplane room.        |
    |          \
    | MISSION 2 \
    |    |                                                                |
    | 06 | Under the table right before the statue in the Time Statue     |
    |    | room of the long corridor.                                     |
    |          \
    | MISSION 3 \
    |    |                                                                |
    | 07 | In front of the tablet at the far end, after the bridge breaks.|
    |    |                                                                |
    | 08 | On a bridge piece high above the doors. Jump up to the highest |
    |    | point above the doors and Stinger there.                       |
    |    |                                                                |
    | 09 | SECRET MISSION 1 - CRITICAL HIT                                |
    |          \
    | MISSION 4 \
    |    |                                                                |
    | 10 | SECRET MISSION 2 - PHANTOM BABY                                |
    |    |                                                                |
    | 11 | SECRET MISSION 3 - PHANTOM BABY 2                              |
    |    |                                                                |
    | 12 | SECRET MISSION 4 - 3 BEASTS                                    |
    |    |                                                                |
    | 13 | In the topmost tower after you gain the Untouchable on the     |
    |    | ledge above the door. Requires Air Raid or Air Hike.           |
    |          \
    | MISSION 6 \
    |    |                                                                |
    | 14 | Above the ruins of the dead end to the top of the screen right |
    |    | after you begin the mission. Requires some jumping around...   |
    |          \
    | MISSION 7 \
    |    |                                                                |
    | 15 | SECRET MISSION 5 - ONE-EYED DEMON                              |
    |          \
    | MISSION 8 \
    |    |                                                                |
    | 16 | On ledge above horse statues in the area where you found the   |
    |    | Trident.                                                       |
    |    |                                                                |
    | 17 | In the right pool after you cross the barricade.               |
    |          \
    | MISSION 9 \
    |    |                                                                |
    | 18 | To your right of the entrance to the Courtyard. Hit the        |
    |    | tombstone repeatedly until the piece is uncovered.             |
    |           \
    | MISSION 11 \ 
    |    |                                                                |
    | 19 | SECRET MISSION 6 - A BUNCH OF GHOSTS                           |
    |    |                                                                |
    | 20 | Inside the gated area to your left of the starting area.       |
    |    |                                                                |
    | 21 | Defeat all the Blades inside the Well.                         |
    |           \
    | MISSION 12 \ 
    |    |                                                                |
    | 22 | Stinger to the bow of the ship from the highest point of the   |
    |    | mast nearest to the bow.                                       |
    |           \
    | MISSION 13 \ 
    |    |                                                                |
    | 23 | In the area below the door which leads to the deck of the ship.|
    |           \
    | MISSION 14 \ 
    |    |                                                                |
    | 24 | SECRET MISSION 7 - WATER PRISON                                |
    |    |                                                                |
    | 25 | In the right pool of water after you exit the ship.            |
    |    |                                                                |
    | 26 | On the cliff to your right after you exit the elevator.        |
    |    |                                                                |
    | 27 | To the right of the far end of the bridge in the multi-layered |
    |    | area.                                                          |
    |           \
    | MISSION 15 \ 
    |    |                                                                |
    |    |                                                                |
    | 29 | Inside the destroyable wall in the Blue Emblem area.           |
    |    |                                                                |
    | 30 | Jump underneath the stand holding the item in the Red Emblem   |
    |    | area. Piece will drop on stand. DON'T do it after you get the  |
    |    | item, or else you won't be able to get it in any way.          |
    |    |                                                                |
    | 31 | Highest point of the Colosseum. Get it before or during the    |
    |    | battle with Griffon, NOT after.                                |
    |           \
    | MISSION 16 \ 
    |    |                                                                |
    | 32 | SECRET MISSION 9 - A LONELY FLIGHT OF STAIRS                   |
    |    |                                                                |
    | 33 | To the right of the staircase of the first hall in the Great   |
    |    | Hall.                                                          |
    |    |                                                                |
    | 34 | Jump off the head of the horse statue in the Great Hall.       |
    |    |                                                                |
    | 35 | Jump under the head in front of the Time Statue room in the    |
    |    | long corridor.                                                 |
    |    |                                                                |
    | 36 | SECRET MISSION 10 - SHADOWS IN THE DARK                        |
    |    |                                                                |
    | 37 | Next to the bed in the Bedroom after you use the Staff of      |
    |    | Hermes.                                                        |
    |           \
    | MISSION 17 \ 
    |    |                                                                |
    | 38 | SECRET MISSION 11 - HOLY BLUE STONE IN THE SKY                 |
    |    |                                                                |
    | 39 | On the terrance on the upper right side in the Dragon room.    |
    |           \
    | MISSION 18 \ 
    |    |                                                                |
    | 40 | Inside the sole barrel in the third room in the area you start |
    |    | off in.                                                        |
    |    |                                                                |
    | 41 | In the little jag-out just to the side next to the dead-end    |
    |    | staricase in the tower.                                        |
    |    |                                                                |
    | 42 | At the end of the room to the left of where you place the      |
    |    | Philosopher's Stone.                                           |
    |           \
    | MISSION 19 \ 
    |    |                                                                |
    | 43 | Hanging off the ledge next to the tower in the Mirror World.   |
    |    |                                                                |
    | 44 | In the tower AFTER you get #43. Still requires Air Raid or Air |
    |    | Hike.                                                          |
    \                    \
      \                    \
    Hidden throughout the missions themselves are extra little missions 
    designed to fustrate and confound you in their complexity. Some of them 
    are incredibly easy, some profoundly insane. Many can be cleared with a 
    good strategy, some of them require more luck and excellant timing.
    The rewards for clearing these missions are great. You'll gain Blue Orb
    pieces in most of them, and even special items not found anywhere in 
    the game!
    Note that MOST of the missions HAVE to be done in the specific time 
    period, or else they'll disappear forever. Many people still don't 
    understand this, so I'm saying this once again: DO IT AS SOON AS 
    |                                \
    |           |                                                         |
    | When      | Mission 3 ONLY, AFTER defeating Phantom                 |
    | Where     | Underwater, broken bridge area                          |
    | Objective | Defeat the Sin Scissors by hitting at its weak point    |
    | How       | Knock it off balance by shooting in its face with the   |
    |           | Shotugn just as it's about to cut you into half. Then   |
    |           | rush up and blast it in its face again using the        |
    |           | Shotgun. If you've timed it correctly you should get it.|
    |           | If you're too slow, you can always try again. Just be   |
    |           | careful of your remaining health......                  |
    |                                \
    |           |                                                         |
    | When      | Mission 4 ONLY                                          |
    | Where     | Cathedral Hall where you fought Phantom                 |
    | Objective | Kill 100 Phantom Babies within the given time limit     |
    | How       | You can go around killing like crazy, or you can simply |
    |           | use a Holy Water to finish the job in a second.         |
    |                                  \
    |           |                                                         |
    | When      | Mission 4 ONLY, AFTER clearing Secret Mission 2         |
    | Where     | Time Statue room at the other end of the corridor where |
    |           | you started off Mission 4 from.                         |
    | Objective | Kill 100 Phantom Babies within the time limit WITHOUT   |
    |           | using weapons.                                          |
    | How       | No, Holy Water won't work here. You'll have to crush    |
    |           | 100 of them with your bare feet. Luckily the area is a  |
    |           | small one, else you'll be crying.                       |
    |                            \
    |           |                                                         |
    | When      | Mission 4 ONLY, AFTER defeating the Shadow sub-boss     |
    | Where     | Arena directly below airplane room                      |
    | Objective | Defeat all 3 Shadows. You have only ONE chance to do so.|
    | How       | There's no easy way around this. Roll like crazy, run   |
    |           | like crazy, slash like crazy. Just be careful as the    |
    |           | auto aiming will look for the moving Shadows instead of |
    |           | the core-revealed ones. You can bet that it's purposely |
    |           | done this way......                                     |
    |                                  \
    |           |                                                         |
    | When      | Mission 7 ONLY                                          |
    | Where     | Pipe room, where you found the Rusty Key during         |
    |           | Mission 6                                               |
    | Objective | Let one Kyclops kill the other without you hitting any  |
    |           | of them                                                 |
    | How       | Just to remind you that your health is still falling    |
    |           | during this time period, so take care NOT to get hit    |
    |           | TOO much. The hard way would be to move in between the  |
    |           | 2 of them, and hope that they shoot each other. Their   |
    |           | claws won't be able to hit each other, but they WILL    |
    |           | damage you. Another easier way would be to jump on the  |
    |           | pipes and stay jumping so that they won't hit you, but  |
    |           | rather jump on each other, knocking each other out.     |
    |           | Once one is dead, you can finish off the other if you   |
    |           | wish to.                                                |
    |                                               \
    |           |                                                         |
    | When      | Mission 11 - 17(?)                                      |
    | Where     | Garden Courtyard just before you ended Mission 10       |
    | Objective | Get the Blue Orb Piece in the air                       |
    | How       | You'll have to locate the Orb piece first, then start   |
    |           | jumping like crazy on the walls and on the heads of the |
    |           | Sin Scissors bunch. Note that Sin Scissors won't attack |
    |           | you if you're moving, so all you need to do is keep     |
    |           | jumping up and up until you reach the piece, then you   |
    |           | can let loose on them if you wish to. Falling down from |
    |           | the top is going to be a regular feature though.        |
    |                                \
    |           |                                                         |
    | When      | Interval BETWEEN Mission 13 and 14 ONLY                 |
    | Where     | Check on the Captain's skeleton back in the Captain's   |
    |           | room of the Ghost Ship                                  |
    | Objective | Defeat all 8 enemies                                    |
    | How       | Use the Needle Gun to defeat all the 8 Blades in the    |
    |           | water. Be careful to avoid getting caught in claw fire. |
    |                                                     \
    |           |                                                         |
    | When      | Mission 15 - 16                                         |
    | Where     | Check on the picture wall in the rolling spike area     |
    |           | back at the start of Mission 14 AFTER night has fallen. |
    | Objective | Defeat all enemies                                      |
    | How       | 3 Shadows, if lucky one at a time, if not, 3 at once.   |
    |           | This time there isn't much moving space, so be careful. |
    |           | If you've gotten the Nightmare Beta the area becomes    |
    |           | very helpful with the constant rebounding of the shots. |
    |                                             \
    |           |                                                         |
    | When      | Mission 16 - 17                                         |
    | Where     | Colosseum                                               |
    | Objective | Get the Blue Orb Piece by climbing the stairs of death. |
    | How       | A long jumping experience. Just make sure not to twist  |
    |           | L3 too much or else you'll fall off. Alignment's        |
    |           | paramount, but then again, there aren't any enemies.    |
    |           | More irritating than difficult.                         |
    |                                        \
    |           |                                                         |
    | When      | Mission 16 ONLY, AFTER defeating Nightmare              |
    | Where     | Airplane room                                           |
    | Objective | Locate and defeat all Shadows                           |
    | How       | There are a grand total of 4 Shadows hidden in 3 places.|
    |           | 2 of them are in the airplane room, 1 in the great hall,|
    |           | 1 in the bridge room. Standard Shadow fighting plan     |
    |           | required, so you should be used to them by now.         |
    |                                               \
    |           |                                                         |
    | When      | Mission 17 ONLY                                         |
    | Where     | Broken bridge                                           |
    | Objective | Get the Blue Orb Piece high up in the air               |
    | How       | To ACTIVATE the Secret Mission is a pain in the butt.   |
    |           | You have only one chance to activate this by moving     |
    |           | from the end of the bridge back to the door end WITHOUT |
    |           | falling into the water. The game recogises it when you  |
    |           | cross the line between both bridge ends and will        |
    |           | automatically START the mission (you'll know when the   |
    |           | Secret Mission screen comes out)                        |
    |           |                                                         |
    |           | If you've run out of your DT gauge by flying back, now  |
    |           | is the chance to gain some back by getting rid of the   |
    |           | Death Scythe. After you're done with it, jump to the    |
    |           | highest point above the large doors (where you got some |
    |           | Red Orbs the last time round) and Air Raid over at that |
    |           | height back across the bridge to gain the piece which   |
    |           | is hanging around the center of it.                     |
    |                                        \
    |           |                                                         |
    | When      | Mission 21 ONLY                                         |
    | Where     | Hidden room behind wall opposite Time Statue of Mission |
    |           | 21, in the Circular Room                                |
    | Objective | Get the Hidden Bracelet at the end of the Hidden Path.  |
    | How       | Cross the long stretch of road first (with couple of    |
    |           | Nobodys in the way), picking up the final Blue Orb here.|
    |           | At the end of the path there will be a large room with  |
    |           | a dragon waiting and blowing hot air. This time this    |
    |           | dragon dosen't spit fireballs, so you'll have to do it  | 
    |           | the hard way: Hitting it on the head with weaponry.     |
    |           | It's impervious to all gun attacks though. Once you've  |
    |           | defeated the dragon 2 Frosts will appear. Defeat them,  |
    |           | and jump your way to the Time Bracelet!                 |
    \                      \
      \                      \
    As there are many different enemies in this game, this section can be 
    divided up into further sections describing the oft-seen enemies in 
    this game, and the special ones, the sub-bosses.
    The first sub-boss to harry you in your path to clear them demons up. 
    In fact, this would be the most irritating enemy as well. 
    It has two parts to it, the main body, and the core. You can ONLY SHOOT 
    the main body, and then use physical attacks against the core. If you 
    try to attack the shadow's body using the Ifrit or Alastor, it'll 
    counterattack with its' own spike attack. Recommended weapons are the 
    Handguns or the Shotgun, although from personal experience Handguns, 
    while providind further reasons for sore thumbs, are far better in 
    terms of damage dealt in order to open up the core. Shotguns are safe 
    bets if you wish to blow them away from you.
    The Shadow has several predictable attacks once you've seen them. The 
    easiest one to notice is when it jumps up. Chances are that it'll turn 
    into a huge blade spinning in the air, before crushing you. Strafing 
    will not work here, since the damage area is large. Keep it in your 
    view, and roll to the side as it starts moving down. 
    The other normal attack it has is a long range one, where it'll become 
    one thin spike and try to poke you from afar. This one can't be avoided 
    if it really hits you, because you must have been standing rooted to 
    one spot, a big no-no when fighting.
    The more irritating attacks are the claw attacks. There are two 
    variations of the claw attacks, one where it growls and lunges at you, 
    which should be easily avoided by jumping up once you hear it growl, 
    the other variation appears when it dives into the ground and heads 
    straight for your current location, after which it will grab you in one 
    quick motion. Again, staying in the air removes the possibility of 
    being caught.
    But then, if you stay in the air for too long, the Shadow does have 
    it's own version of the Dragon Punch. It will shoot out ground spikes 
    which follows your movement, so if you stay stuck to one spot, be 
    prepared for Shinryuken damage.
    Once you've done enough damage to the core, you'll hear heartbeat 
    sounds, and the Shadow will turn red. During this time period, STAY 
    AWAY from it. If it does grab you, it'll not only do the Chang command 
    throw, but it'll blow up while holding you, doing even more damage. And 
    yes, if you die along with it, it's still game over.
    ...sorry for the Street Fighter and KoF puns. Been playing too much 
    of CvS2 lately ^^;
    DANTE MUST DIE - Berserked Shadows shoot out their spikes whenever 
                     you're close, not when you touch them with physical 
                     attacks. Beware. DO NOT even get close to them. One 
                     single physical hit knocks off almost one whole life 
                     bar. The spikes do quite a bit of damage too.....
    When you fight Death Scsissors, you'll be in a cage of sorts. This 
    cage dosen't damage you, but it does limit your movement a lot. In this 
    little energy cage you'll have to face the strengthened form of the Sin 
    Scissors. Basically it attacks like the Sin Scissors, but then, it's 
    not only much stronger, it also has a HUGE variety of attacks.
    The usual first attack it does is the usual Scissors cut, which you 
    should be able to blast your way out of. However, there is a variation 
    of this scissors cut. If you see it holding the scissors in one hand, 
    RUN. Jump. Move away. Anything, just to get out of its range. Because 
    it'll sweep the area around it thrice, doing damage as it whips it 
    The best way to keep at it is to use Handguns, since they're always on 
    target, and strike around it when it's near you. A jump attack slash 
    will also work wonders, if you can hit on target, which is not very 
    often as it'll keep moving around.
    It has one single strong attack. Whenever you see it fly up, keep 
    moving around. Because you won't be able to see where it is, you 
    probably can't guess it's first attack. What it does is to rush down 
    and try to hit you with the scissors. And it not only does it once, but 
    thrice. Remember, all bad things come in threes.
    You CAN anticipate this attack, by the movement of the water. Roll out 
    of the way, and don't bother to counter until it has passed you for the 
    third time. After that wail all your bullets on it. It might take some 
    time, but you'll get it done nevertheless.
    DANTE MUST DIE - One simple strategy: Inferno the hell out of it once 
                     it gets close! Berserked or no, 3-4 Infernos (more if 
                     berserked of course) will finish them two Scissors. 
    \                     \
     \ 11. BOSS STRATEGIES \
      \                     \
    There aren't as many bosses in this game as many would have thought, 
    despite the length of the game. However, you do have to face the bosses  
    a great number of times, each time with increasing difficulty. Thus 
    this section is devoted to defeating the bosses in each of their 
    The noticable thing about Phantom is that it's covered all over with 
    plated armour. However, despite all the covering, there are 
    surprisingly many holes to find all over its body. Basically attacking 
    it becomes a point of hit or rebound (if you hit the body), 
    understanding its many different attack patterns, and biding your 
    chance to hit it straight in its weak spots.
                                --MISSION 3--
    It does the basic of basic attacks. There are three forms to its 
    attacks, but don't think its easy. The camera angles in this battle are 
    EVIL! They will tend to put Dante into focus, and somehow or other 
    (unless you're rushing it) it never likes to be in the screen. While 
    it's not too much of a bother, it does create fustration when you can't 
    see what it's about to do.
    1. It will rush up to you, pincers around its face to protect itself, 
       which is followed by a dual swipe if you're nearby. If you're not in 
       its immediate range, it'll jump up and land at your last position at 
       its highest point.
    There's no immediate way of countering this move. Simply roll away if 
    it's jumping down on you, or jump forwards to slash at its now-
    vulnerable face if it rushes you.
    2. It will charge up a shot, before releasing it at you.
    You can be warned beforehand (especially when its off-screen) when 
    there's a bright white light from the direction it's standing at the 
    moment. It takes around a second or so for the charge to complete, and 
    there are many ways to go about doing when this attack is about to 
    If you're close enough, you could run up to its face and hit it while 
    it's still charging, thus blowing it up in its face, damaging it. 
    However if you're slow...boom. If you think you're too far away to hit 
    it while charging, you could roll to the side when it releases its shot 
    (hopefully it's in sight by now...), or if you think your timing is 
    good, reflect the shot back by slashing at it.
    3. It'll stick its head into the concrete floor (don't ask how) and 
       pillars of fire will shoot up in pairs on your current location.
    Two words, keep running. There's no way to outwalk the fire pillars, 
    and if you try to Stinger towards it, chances are that you'll still get 
    flamed due to the lag time. In fact, you can't do anything other than 
    run your way around those pillars for now.
    Once you're used to the three patterns and the irritating camera angle, 
    this will be an easy opener. You shouldn't be using healing items yet 
    at this point of time......
                             --MISSION 4 & 7--
    Both attacks are similar in the fact that you're in a narrow corridor, 
    and he's breathing down your neck, charging at you all the while. It 
    has only 2 attacks, the charged shot and the pincer attack.
    It's pretty easy to jump over the charge attack, although you must time 
    properly to avoid getting hit, and slash at it, so it isn't that much 
    of a problem. It's recommended that you finish it off (it's health bar 
    is much shorter than when you fight him normally) before you get pushed 
    to the corner.
    Once you're cornered, it'll start swiping at you while shooting at the 
    same time, making your landing window a whole lot smaller.
    Of course, alternatively, you CAN run away from both fights, the former 
    by jumping over him, the latter by running straight for the doors 
    instead of going at him head to head. Of course, the 500 red orbs it 
    drops are quite a deal....
                               --Mission 8--
    In reality, you have an even bigger area in which to fight Phantom, so 
    there shouldn't be more problems than the first fight. It has only one 
    new extra attack, where it shoots fireballs from it's tail into the 
    Now before you go "huh?", these fireballs WILL land. Right above your 
    head as well. You cannot stand still or else you'll endure the fury of 
    at least 3 fireball hits.
    It's easily evaded if you can actually keep it in your sights. Once you 
    see the fireballs fly up, start moving left or right to avoid getting 
    hit when they fall. Don't bother hitting on it while it's attacking, 
    and you'll do fine...
      /      /
     / HARD /
    /      /
    Fighting it in Mission 3 and 8 is much much easier with Ifrit. Simply 
    jump kick into its face, and you'll slowly inch off its life. If you 
    have Inferno by now, you should get hear his tail, and Inferno the hell 
    out of it. You can take quite a few hits by it before you go down, 
    though, surprisingly.
    For the other 2 fights you can simply jump kick into its face to 
    prevent it from shooting (timing must be right though), and you'll be 
    done with a couple of Infernos to add to the hits.
      /                 /
     / DANTE MUST DIE! /
    /                 /
    Mission 3 is a lot harder this time due to its high HP. But most of the 
    time, using Inferno will pull you out of trouble in no time. Try to 
    keep your distance before then though, and Grenade/cancel the hell out 
    of it to earn the devil triggers in order to activate Ifrit again. 
    Either that, or use Air Raid, where he can't touch you, to shock it to 
    fried shell.
    Mission 8, on the other hand, can be classified as hard, most duly to 
    its numerous jumping endevours, in which a hit would probably put you 
    out of commission. There is one not-so-popular method of defeating it,
    though I wouldn't endorse it due to the cheapness of such a move.
    If you saw the end sequence before, you'd realise Phantom will break 
    through the small glass floor/ceiling and land on the pointed spear in 
    the Great Hall. Well, the glass WILL break in the midst of the fight as 
    well. If you can draw it to land on the glass 5 times (you'll hear and 
    see glass shattering), the floor will break and it'll drop down to its 
    death as well. This method is cheap, but it sure saves you a lot of 
    time and cursing, which you'll have to use a lot later on.
                                 NERO ANGELO
    Nero's a toughie. It's not fun when you meet him throughout the game in 
    long, seperated intervals that make him not only insanely stronger each 
    time, but with lots more varied moves that'll kill you no matter what 
    difficulty. But then, so do all other bosses I guess.....
                                --Mission 4--
    This should be a simple preview of what's coming up. It's a 3-part 
    battle that gets harder as you progress. 
    The first fight will be on the ground floor, where he'll simply cut, 
    slash, and do every single normal move that you can do as well. This 
    isn't that hard, except for the fact that his sword is much longer than
    yours, and he counters your normal attacks easily.
    The second fight will be on the pathway just above the garden you're 
    in, and the final one will be up on the highest level of the garden 
    An easy way to break his attacks will be to do a short High Time (make 
    sure you don't go flying up as well) to break his guard, and follow 
    that up with a Stinger attack. Repeat the process (make sure not to get 
    near him when he teleports) and you can knock him down fairly quickly.
    However, do take note of the following attacks:
    1. He'll charge a shot and then shoot it at you
    Simple enough, this attack is similar to Phantom's, except that he 
    won't do it if he's near you. Simply roll out of the way.
    2. He'll teleport suddenly behind you and slash from behind
    This one is dangerous for those who simply mash buttons. He CAN 
    teleport in mid combo, unless you knock him off balance. Try not to be 
    too button-pressing happy when he blocks the first attack.
                               --Mission 11--
    No difference between this variation of Nero Angelo as compared to his 
    first fight, other than the fact that your fighting area is reduced by 
    a bit, you have different height levels in which to fight, and that his 
    health is a tad longer than the first fight.
    Of course, there are also 2 Green Orbs floating deliciously around this 
    area, so you CAN'T lose here.
    Same tactics as before, High Time to break his guard followed by 
    Stinger to knock him off balance.
                               --Mission 17--
    With the space limitation, this battle isn't going to be easy, 
    especially when he starts countering you and runs around chopping off 
    around half a bar with each hit.
    He also adds in a new attack in addition to insane attack power. When 
    he teleports, and dosen't end up behind you, chances are he's in on of 
    the two extended corners, floating in the air. A second later you'll 
    have lots of swords floating around you, and piercing you all at once, 
    or one by one. Either move does quite a bit of damage....for one sword. 
    Multiply that by any number of hits you take, and you can immediately 
    kiss goodbye to a Yellow Orb.
    While fighting him, the standard method of High Time + Stinger works 
    perfectly. Unfortunately, you'll be found wanting when it comes to 
    dealing big damage, but you should take your time and get your timing 
    right before tackling on the next difficulty level.
    The problems come with the limited space and the flying swords. It 
    isn't too hard to avoid his shots, since rolling dosen't use up that 
    much space anyway. To avoid the flying swords, it's recommended that 
    you have already unlocked Rolling Blaze for Ifrit. Once you see Nero 
    teleport to his floating location, immediately switch to Ifrit, and 
    jump AT the swords to break them with Rolling Blaze before they start 
    Switching can be done in real time (pressing R3 if you haven't noticed) 
    because of the lag between his attacks, but try not to switch back to 
    Alastor until you've completely eliminated the flying swords, else 
    they'll poke you full while you're in the process of changing weapons.
      /      /
     / HARD /
    /      /
    He does more damage, but other than that does nothing different or new 
    in the three fights. Hone your High Time and Stinger combo, and you're 
    on your way to kicking his metallic body back to hell in Dante Must 
    Alternatively, you could Inferno him to death as well. Jump behind him, 
    and jump kick to knock him off balance (his back is unguarded when he 
    blocks) and follow up with Inferno.
      /                 /
     / DANTE MUST DIE! /
    /                 /
    Get this straight. One hit from him = one life bar. In other words, 2-3 
    hits from him = instant death. He isn't just tough, he's insane.
    Basically he does everything that you've ever seen in the past 2 
    difficulty modes. Other than his uncanny revovery period, you should 
    continue to use the High Time to Stinger combo to chip off his life bit 
    by bit safely, especially in Mission 17, where his life is VERY long.
    Of course, the quick fix would be to use the previously-mentioned jump 
    kick + Inferno combination that works quite well, except that you must 
    be very quick with the L1 button this time round or else Inferno will 
    do a lot less damage if he manages to block the attacks.
    The flying demon of death. Electricity enhanced. Damn all things that 
    crackle. Fizzling with stupidity and lots of easy-to-understand logic 
    that defeats all purpose of being a boss, this bugger, can be 
    considered a slight improvement over the mentally-challanged Phantom.
                                  --MISSION 9--
    You have a wide open courtyard, and you've just received Ifrit. 
    Seriously you could wait till it falls and then whack on it, or simply 
    activate Devil Trigger, and shoot with the Grenade Launcher. Cancel the 
    reloading action with a roll, fire again. If you find that you're not 
    hitting the target (it does move around quite a bit in the air) change 
    weapons and use the Handguns to shoot. The Handguns almost never miss, 
    but the damage they do won't be that high, though by the time you're 
    done with it it won't matter anyway. So this battle is simply shoot 
    shoot, dodge, shoot, shoot, dodge.
    Griffon only has a few attacks, and they ARE predictable...at least 
    once you've gotten the hang of his attacks anyway.
    1. It rushes down at you from the air, showering down a hail of sparks.
    Easily avoidable. Just run from its straight path!
    2. It rushes at you on the ground, then swipes at you.
    Again easily avoidable. Backflip to avoid all possible permutations of 
    being hit.
                                  --Mission 12--
    This time you're stuck with not only obstacles, but lots of things come 
    shooting out of Griffon. It's not that easy anymore, but luckily for 
    you, it's health isn't that much either. Same method as before, use 
    Handguns to poke it full of holes.
    1. It sends out a flaming bird at you.
    While it may seem unavoidable, rolling at the very last moment means 
    that the bird will not hit you. Unfortunately, that's not too often as 
    you'll be busy concentrating on hitting Griffon instead. Once the bird 
    hits you, your aim will be directed at it instead, and when it 
    ricochets back, it'll send you flying up in the air. You MUST kill this 
    bird (dosen't take too much damage) or else the next hit will not only 
    damage you, but you'll be sent crashing back onto the ground, ready for 
    another hit by Griffon. That's why the Handguns are recommended.
    2. It crashes into the middle of the ship, releasing slow homing bolts.
    Basically, you should stay near the bow of the ship. When this happens 
    you can actually see the bolts coming at you, so you can know when to 
    run, and when not to. They home in on you, so you'll have to keep 
    running. Not that hard since it's quite slow.
                                  --Mission 15--
    You're in an open courtyard again, but this time, the stakes have been 
    raised. A LOT. There's two ways of fighting this, on the ground, or by 
    using the teleports on either side of the colosseum to fight it on 
    higher ground. 
    It is recommended to fight it on the ground for various reasons stated 
    later. Oh, and keep Ifrit on while doing it. 
    This time, in addition to all the previous attacks, it has a lot of 
    extra new attacks.
    1. It sends out small waves of electricity at your last location.
    Never keep still. Jump up and get down asap. You can also try to roll, 
    but it's not been proven to be effective since the wave does cover 
    quite a bit of space. It normally shoots out the waves in shots of 3s, 
    but don't be complacent, since it can do it as many times as it likes.
    2. It sends out waves of electrical fences at you.
    Try to keep him in view because the location of the pillars are random, 
    but there are holes between every pillar to strafe past. In fact, if 
    you do see it in front, you can strafe and keep shooting at the same 
    time while walking between the pillars.
    3. It shoots 2 beams that converge on you. 
    Depending on your height when it shoots the beams, the beams either 
    miss you, or you'll have to roll/jump out of the way. Just don't stand 
    directly in the line of fire of both beams. Not that hard to time 
    Once you've knocked quite a bit of health from it, Griffon will lose 
    one wing, and start rushing at you from close range. This is where 
    Ifrit comes in. If you've learnt Inferno, use it as a counter move, 
    which will probably knock it off-balance, stunned for a couple of 
    seconds. Punch him a little more to build up your DT gauge, or simply 
    Inferno it to death if you have enough.
      /      /
     / HARD /
    /      /
    It is recommended that you skip the first battle with Griffon (since 
    you already have Ifrit at the point of time), just to save you the 
    In the second battle, however, Griffon not only comes with the repitore 
    of skills it has as Normal Griffon 3, it also has a new attack after 
    the converging beams. There is a third beam, which will start homing in 
    on you in a straight line. Not that hard to avoid, but the problem is 
    that it will bounce off the first wall it hits, and home in on you 
    again. Multiple bouncing means a web of electricity all around you, 
    while Griffon is attacking with something else. You can only run from 
    this, and hopefully stay focused and still keep shooting Griffon.
    Griffon 3 in Hard is just like Griffon 2, full of reflecting beams, so 
    do be careful. Inferno it when you have the chance to do so, since this 
    is the one that'll help you survive a lot. This battle, to spell it 
    nicely, is a good gauge of how well you can do in DMD mode. If you 
    survive with relatively few hits, you probably will do quite nicely, if 
      /                 /
     / DANTE MUST DIE! /
    /                 /
    It is HIGHLY suggested you skip Griffon 1. The Fetishes you'll face in
    the next screen will be enough to keep you from screaming to your 
    death, let alone a highly-powered enemy.
    Griffon 2 will probably drive you up the wall, mostly because the fire 
    bird takes quite a lot of damage. Only Handguns when DT is activated 
    can kill it before it hits you the second time.
    You MUST NOT get near Griffon, because the electricity it shoots out 
    are highly damaging. Dodging from the reflecting beams is going to take 
    a lot of work, thanks to the high damage they cause you, and use Air 
    Raid as much as possible in order to shorten your nightmare.
    Griffon 3 is the ultimate test of your skills. It has TONS of health, 
    so it'll be a very long battle. Use the same strategies that has helped 
    you past Hard Griffon 3, and get hit less to survive Griffon. If you 
    haven't already, use Holy Water to shorten its life (by a wee bit, but 
    it's enough), especially when you're about to die, used up the Vital 
    Star, and it's near death too.
    It's not called Nightmare for silly reasons. It IS Nightmare because 
    it'll cause you to have nightmares while fighting it.
    There are 3 forms of Nightmare, its blob form, which you can't damage, 
    the Nightmare world, where it assumes the form of a past enemy, and 
    Nightmare's main body, the one you MUST hurt.
    This will also be a test of your button-pressing speed, and it is 
    highly recommended that you have at least learnt Air Raid, Rolling 
    Blaze and Inferno (in order), and change between Alastor and Ifrit.
                                   --Mission 16--
    In its blob form, you cannot damage it in any way. However, it can 
    attack you with a myrid of strange but powerful hits. The most 
    important of its attacks will be to clamp you up in a shell of sorts, 
    and send you into the Nightmare World.
    Other attacks include:
    1. Sending a couple of worms to curl around Dante's body. They will 
       explode into ice shards after a while. 
    Rolling Blaze to drop them off, and get away from them as well.
    2. Shoot dark arrows at you.
    Run. Run. Run.
    In the Nightmare world you're faced with a couple of Skulls, plus one 
    big one. Nothing too hard, a single shotgun blast(s for the big one) 
    will break them up into little pieces. When you're clear of them 
    though, you'll be facing an old enemy: Nightmare Phantom.
    Use the same methods that you used on Phantom 3 on it. Its attacks are 
    exactly the same. Moreover, it has a lot less life than Phantom 3. 
    Lastly, defeating it will grant you one whole green orb for your 
    Once you've defeated Nightmare Phantom, you'll come back to the real 
    world...taking away 20% of Nightmare's remaining health. The rest of it 
    you'll have to deal with yourself.
    Head for ANY of the Wall Symbols and whack on them until they max with 
    yellow symbols (Note that if you hit them BEFORE getting caught in the 
    Nightmare World the symbols will flash white instead). This will 
    lighten up the room, and reveal Nightmare's main body. The main body 
    will reveal itself AS LONG AS the Wall Symbols are lighted up. Oh, and 
    make sure you're equipped with Ifrit while you're at it.
    Now then, on to the main body's attacks:
    1. It will shoot hundreds of bullets at you.
    This is ALWAYS the first attack, and it's easy. Start in one direction, 
    strafe AROUND it, while shooting your handguns. This will not damage 
    it, but up your DT gauge, which you'll need. A LOT.
    2. It will suddenly turn to the side, and stick out something at you in 
       3 successive hits.
    This one needs a little work. If one hits you, you'll be hit by the 
    second as well. The timing is crucial because you only have a split 
    second to SEE it turn to you. IMMEDIATELY jump around it (Rolling Blaze 
    is a MUST, or else you'll get hit), countering the spike, and stunning 
    Nightmare to reveal its core for you to attack.
    3. It will charge up a huge blast, while turning slowly to face you 
       while revealing its core. 
    Simple. Jump up onto its back and whack the core.
    4. The core will open at its back, and shoot out 10 homing missiles at 
    Again timing is paramount. Mistime your jumps, and expect to get hit 10 
    times. Jump towards the missiles and with Rolling Blaze activated, 
    it'll deflect the missiles BACK to hit the core.
    Speaking of the Core, that's the only part of Nightmare that you'll be 
    able to damage. It'll reveal its core for a few seconds after attack 2 
    or when you counter attack 2, during attack 3 and 4.
    What to do? If you've successfully countered attack 2, immediately get 
    near and use Inferno, and watch its health get eaten up. If you don't 
    have Inferno at this time, use Air Raid instead. Note that after attack 
    3 and 4 the core will stay vulnerable for a couple of seconds, but at 
    that point of time it'll also be sucking away your valuable Devil 
    Trigger gauge.
    After it's done with attacks 2,3 or 4, it'll go back to attack 1 again. 
    Repeat the process to slowly but surely defeat it.
                                --Mission 18--
    If you've noticed by now, whenever the camera closes in on you and the 
    Wall Symbol, you'll lose sight of Nightmare doing whatever. So remember 
    to head for the wall only when it's not trying to do something...in its 
    blob form anyway.
    In the Nightmare World, you'll be facing Nightmare Griffon. Again, just 
    like the previous time, it's Griffon 3, with less health.
    Nightmare's main body, however, has one new attack. The spike that 
    strikes out at you will come out of the body and boomerang around the 
    enclosed space of the open garden. Since you can't really put a finger 
    on its flight path, jump with Rolling Blaze to knock it back, and stun 
    Nightmare for a further few seconds for you to strike at it. If you do 
    get hit by this boomerang, expect it to rip off around half a bar of 
    health PER HIT.
                                --Mission 20--
    Being in a more confined space dosen't change anything. What does 
    change are a few...outside factors.
    The Nightmare World presents Nightmare Nero Angelo this time round. 
    UNlike the previous two fights, this uses Nero 2 (no flying blades!!), 
    with around the same amount of health.
    Once outside, you're faced with Trish interference from outside the 
    ring once you lower Nightmare's health to below half. You can't hit 
    her, you can't knock Nightmare into her, you can't get the referee to 
    get distracted by her as you pin...err...anyway.....
    She'll try to hit you with her lightning (the first hit in the cut 
    scene dosen't do any damage, no worries), so you have to keep moving. 
    Hey, that rhymes :P
    Anyway, once you're past all that, and knock out Nightmare's life....IT 
    REFILLS AGAIN!!...around 20% or so actually. This time it's the Core 
    attacking you with lots of flying missiles, so go all out with Inferno 
    or Air Raid, or if you don't have enough DTs, shoot until it reaches at 
    least 3 gauges, then let loose.
      /      /
     / HARD /
    /      /
    Hard Nightmare is like fighting a nightmare reborn. Not only does it 
    take a lot to down it, you MUST perfect your dodging and countering at 
    this point of time. If you're still getting your butt kicked 7 out of 
    10 times, you're doing fine. You're not allowed many mistakes on this 
    front, especially with Nightmare 3.
    Strategies are the same as before, Air Raid or Inferno on the exposed 
    core, and then high avoidance rate. 
      /                 /
     / DANTE MUST DIE! /
    /                 /
    This is a completely different story. 
    This is a disgustingly, insanely, tremendously hair-tearing, cups-
    flying, curse-cussing travesty.
    If the bosses before had troubled you, this is like none other.
    Take heed, and get into the Nightmare World right off the start in 
    order to cut off a fifth of its health. Why? Because if you attack 
    normally, you can't even SEE its health budge. Oh yes it does, but it 
    cuts so little its almost zero.
    One thing can hurt it. Inferno.
    Even Air Raid's going to be powerless against such a monstrosity.
    Add the fact that 2-3 hits of any kind will kill you, and you do the 
    math. Don't think too lightly of the bullets. They HURT. Everything HAS 
    to be perfect. 1 mistake too many, and it's reset time.
    Yes, welcome to the most fustrating boss of all time.
    Actually Nightmare 2 isn't that bad either if you've honed your skills 
    to perfection.
    It's Nightmare 3 that's going to be crazy. This is where you'll have to 
    use Untouchables. Hell to ranking. You can do that with Super Dante. 
    Using an Untouchable not only makes you invulnerable for a period of 
    time, your gauge will also be filled. SPAM it with tons of Infernos, 
    especially the final extra part with the core revealed, because you'll 
    take too much damage from its attacks to even attack it before dying.
    Good luck, and may the devil guide your way out of this Nightmare.
    Under construction. What? I said, it's up to you do decide how to kill 
    it before I write it down!
    \                       \
     \ 12. ROUND 2 AND ABOVE \
      \                       \
    Once you've completed the game, you'll be given the overall statistics 
    for the game you've just played. At the same time, you'll be given a 
    chance to save your game to start a Continued game with varying 
    EASY AUTOMATIC cleared  --> Easy difficulty game
    NORMAL cleared          --> Hard difficulty game
    HARD cleared            --> Dante Must Die! difficulty unlocked
                                Difficulty selection unlocked
                                The Legendary Dark Knight unlocked
    DANTE MUST DIE! cleared --> Super Dante unlocked 
    Here's the major differences in the modes:
                               EASY difficulty 
    Same as Easy Automatic. Holding on to Square allows continous firing of 
    guns without need for aiming. Enemies are wimps. Fixed enemies are much 
    easier to deal with (or easier type of enemies).
    You DON'T need to even bother to think here. The only times you could 
    die is when you fight against the last few bosses......
                              NORMAL difficulty                    
    No different from the Normal game other than the fact that you carry on 
    all your item stocks, ending Red Orb stock, and all your weapons. Only 
    difference is that the Alastor, Ifrit and Sparda scenes have been 
    removed, the Amulet is no longer in your possession, and you'll have 
    all your weapons (swords, gauntlets and guns) at the start of the game!
                                 HARD difficulty 
    Enemies become much stronger than before, they deal almost 2-3 times as 
    much damage as they would in Normal. Bosses take less damage as well 
    from your attacks. Stronger enemies also appear early on in the game, 
    and fixed enemies have either been souped up in amount, or that you're 
    given harder enemies to deal with (eg. Death Scissors instead of Shadow 
    in Mission 4). Usable Items cost MUCH MUCH more, but you still bring 
    over what you've left in the previous game.
    You'll have to reset a lot, since you could more or less blast through
    Normal mode with a little difficulty. This is the BEST chance to soup 
    up your avoiding and timing skills before taking on Dante Must Die 
    since you HAVE to carry on to Hard mode immediately after clearing 
    Normal. Resetting will become part and parcel of this mode, and you 
    should try to clear each mission without using Vital Stars (boss 
    battles notwithstanding). 
    Your best bet here would be using Ifrit in the preceeding missions, 
    plus generous usage of Inferno against bosses. Learn to use R3 
    consistantly so as not to wreck the flow of the battlesOnce you've 
    mastered this, you should be able to tackle the hardest difficulty 
    mission known to man (yes, that includes Battletoads!) 
    Oh, and try to stock up enough Untouchables and Devil Stars here, plus 
    maxing out all the skills for the weapons.....because you WON'T be 
    thinking of going around killing for Orbs in the next mode.
                               DANTE MUST DIE! 
    Title speaks for itself. Normal enemies do crazy damage, and have the 
    special ability to go "berserk" (shown by red electricity around them), 
    where they take very little damage, and cannot be knocked down. Time 
    limits are imposed in several areas, after which all remaining enemies 
    turn berserk. Bosses kill you in 2-3 hits or so, and take so little 
    damage that a full Inferno hit does what used to be a normal combo 
    damage. Usable items cost even more than in Hard, and you WON'T be able 
    to reover health when you activate the Devil Trigger. You will be able 
    to bring over all the things that you had in the previous game. Bring 
    LOTS of Red Orbs. You'll NEED them.
    You'll need strategy to defeat bosses. Not only that, but you'll have 
    to perfect any skills you've learnt in Hard in order to survive this 
    Reset you will......
    If you've played Deadly Mode in Parasite Eve II before, think of the 
    same thing, except now that you've more enemies to deal with, and 
    bosses with INSANE health......
    And the new characters to challange Dante:
                         THE LEGENDARY DARK KNIGHT 
    You'll be able to choose him if you start a New Game. You can use him 
    in any of the 3 choosable difficulty modes. The only noticable 
    difference he has from Dante is that he has an extra sword Yamato, 
    which does damage as much as Sparda does, and also able to activate 
    with DT. However, you're unable to upgrade it with any kinds of skills, 
    but it will come equipped with Alastor skills as you get them, negating 
    the use of it completely ^_^. Wonderful against bosses......
    One cool fact is his shadow though. This has to be the coolest feature 
    in the entire game ^_^;
                                 SUPER DANTE                 
    You'll be able to choose him when you start a New Game. This is a bonus 
    character, where Dante's Devil Trigger is maxed, and WILL NOT deplete. 
    In other words, he's nigh invincible if you can use Inferno or Air Raid 
    without fear of running out. You can play any mode with Super Dante, so 
    DMD won't be THAT hard this time round......
    \                      \
      \                      \
    Version 0.1 (30-8-2001)
    - What you see is what you get. All sections lined up, awaiting 
    Version 0.2 (1-9-2001)
    - Added in tables for Weapons, Items and possibly Blue Orb pieces. All 
      still sketchy.
    - Walkthrough started, up to Mission 3
    Version 0.3 (3-9-2001)
    - Included Section 11 to the entire list.
    - Walkthrough up to Mission 4. Still undecided whether to add in Secret 
      Missions in the middle of the walkthrough.
    Version 0.4 (4-9-2001)
    - Made a few corrections to the positioning of the sections. Many are 
      still not up, obviously.
    - Walkthrough up to Mission 10...
    - The idea to place in the original mission names has hit a slight snag 
      due to my MS Word not responding to Japanese fonts. Will try to solve 
      this problem as I go along.
    - Next update should be the first release version, though there's a lot 
      more to cover......
    Version 0.5 (7-9-2001)
    - Walkthrough up to Mission 17 (yup, the big problematic mission for 
      many, strangely)
    Version 0.6 (10-9-2001)
    - First release, as per all my publishable works. Still a lot of 
      sections to fill up though. No worries, because this will be 
      complete, as far as information is brought forward to myself.
    - Walkthrough for all 23 missions completed.
    - Finally added ASCII for title, thanks to Brett Franklin.
    - Still missing the Japanese titles for the Missions. Word isn't 
      responding as well as I would have liked >:(
    Version 0.7 (20-9-2001)
    - Completed the Hunter Ranking section
    - Added in Weapons (Dante's main ones only for now...) section
    - Japanese is no go. Unless I can get the adapter of that snail of mine 
      to work, it's practically impossible, even with Japanese IME.
    - Added in Secret Missions, which are edited from my own personal 
      Secret Missions guides. Now thinking of cutting them out and placing 
      in the walkthrough instead.
    - MAY add in combo section if there is demand. There IS someone else 
      working on it though......
    \                \
     \ 14. LAST WORDS \
      \                \
    Any comments?              Tell me
    Any thing I should add in? Tell me
    Anything wrong?            Tell me
    Any problems?              Tell me...if I have reached where I'm at now
    In other words, please do not seek help for something I have not yet 
    written as my memory does not serve me that well. Of course there is 
    the message boards at GameFAQs from where you can seek help from all 
    the time.
    Once I have this completed up, I'll gladly answer any questions on 
    parts which may sound uncertain or confusing, in which there are quite 
    a few, no thanks to the confusing way the areas and maps are set up.
    Till the next project......
    JL Lee

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