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    FAQ/Walkthrough by KJackson

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        -   T   R   I   A   L      E   D   I   T   I   O   N      F   A   Q   -
    Devil May Cry is a trademark of Capcom USA, Inc. All rights reserved.
    This document is not sponsored or endorsed by Capcom USA, Inc.
    ---------------------------DOCUMENT INFORMATION--------------------------------
       Console: Sony PlayStation 2 Computer Entertainment System
          Date: SEP 06, 2001
       Version: 1.8
    Written by: Kyle Jackson
        E-mail: kyle@jacksonmedia.com
    -------------------------------LEGAL INFORMATION-------------------------------
    This document is for private, non-commercial use only and CANNOT be sold for 
    profit. All information contained within this document is the author's original 
    work. This document cannot be altered or edited under any circumstances other 
    than by the author. No portion of this document can appear in any form within 
    any other document or web site without the author's permission.
    ...basically if you rip off my work or sell it for profit I will sue you and 
    win. :P
    -------------------------------TABLE OF CONTENTS-------------------------------
          B. BASIC ACTIONS
          E. SWORD COMBOS
      IV. MENUS
          A. TITLE MENU
          B. GAME MENUS
          C. POWER UP MENU
       V. WEAPONS
          A. DEVIL ARMS
          B. GUNS          
      VI. ITEMS
      IX. THANKS
    ------------------------------I. REVISION HISTORY------------------------------
    SEP 06, 2001 - v2.0 - Added Confirmation Credit for Gameshark Codes
                          Added Descriptions of Gameshark Codes
    SEP 01, 2001 - v1.8 - Added Trailer Movies Info
    AUG 30, 2001 - v1.7 - Added GameShark Codes
    AUG 29, 2001 - v1.6 - Added walkthru for Mission 4
                          Added walkthru for Mission 3
                          Added "HIDDEN" area information                         
                          Added Game Menus Section
                          Small updates to a few item descriptions
                          Updated FAQ format
    AUG 27, 2001 - v1.0 - First version of the FAQ
    -------------------------------II. INTRODUCTION--------------------------------
    Devil May Cry (or DMC) is an incredible game from Capcom, the makers of the 
    Resident Evil Series. It is a ground breaking title that is deserving of its 
    own genre.
    The game follows the story of a man named Dante who works as a devil hunter and 
    is actually part demon and part human. Some notable characters are Trish - a 
    woman Dante encounters early in the game, (although she's not in the trial 
    version) and Angelo Nero - who is apparently the big bad guy in the game.
    In the special trial edition of the game that comes with Resident Evil: Code 
    Veronica X (or RE:CVX) for the PS2, you are able to enjoy three missions from 
    the full version of the game, which is slated for US release on October 16, 
    2001. This FAQ is intended to provide the reader with information regarding the 
    controls, menus, item, and extras in the trial version. A complete walkthru for 
    the trial is also included.
    Devil May Cry is a must-have game. It will undoubtably go down in history as 
    one of the best games on any system EVER. So without further delay, let's get 
    started with the controls...
    --------------------------------III. CONTROLS----------------------------------
    The control scheme in DMC is a departure from the classic style of gameplay 
    found in the Resident Evil series where the character moves forward by pressing 
    up on the D-Pad/Analog stick and turns by using left/right on the D-Pad/Analog.
    Instead, in DMC, the character moves in whatever direction the Analog stick is 
    pressed (the D-Pad is not used at all; at least not in the trial version)
    +++B. BASIC ACTIONS+++
    Use the Left Analog Stick to walk/run in any direction. Dante will move in 
    whatever direction is pressed and will walk or run depending on how much 
    pressure is applied to the analog stick.
    -Sword Attack-
    Dante has a big sword that he can swing by pressing the TRIANGLE button.
    -Examine/Pick Up-
    Dante can examine the world around him by pressing the SQUARE or X button. Also 
    use this to pick up various weapons/items you encounter during the game.
    Dante can perform a regular jump by pressing the CIRCLE button.
    -Aim Weapon/Lock on to Target-
    Dante can aim his guns at an enemby by pressing R1. This also make him "lock 
    on" to a target which is useful for hitting enemies with the sword.
    -Shoot Weapon-
    Dante can fire his guns by holding the R1 button and pressing the SQUARE or X 
    buttons. (this is similar to the RE series) 
    -Super Shot-
    You can charge up a super shot by holding R1 and either the TRIANGLE or X 
    button until you see blue lightning form around Dante's guns. Release the 
    button at any time to fire a super shot!
    -View Map-
    Dante can quickly access the map by pressing the L2 button.
    -Access Menus-
    Dante can access the game's menus by pressing the START button. You can equip 
    weapons, use healing/expansion items, and view your skills from the various 
    Just for fun, Dante can taunt enemies by pressing the R2 button. Be careful 
    when doing this as it leaves him completely vunerable for a few seconds... but 
    it sure looks cool. :)
    -Devil Trigger-
    Beneath Dante's green life bar at the top of the screen are some magical 
    gauges. Dante transform into a devil by pressing L1 when three or more of these 
    gauges are filled. While in the Devil trigger state, the gauges gradually 
    drain. When they are completely empty, Dante will return to his normal state. 
    You may exit the Devil trigger state before the gauges drain by pressing L1.
    -High Time-
    Dante can launch his enemies into the air and slash them on the way back down 
    if you Hold R1 and press the analog stick in the direction of Dante's back and 
    the TRIANGLE button at the same time. Continue holding TRIANGLE to jump into 
    the air. Press the TRIANGLE button once more to slash down.
    -Kick Jump-
    Dante can do a kick jump by pressing CIRCLE during a regular jump while near a 
    wall or an enemy.
    Dante can execute a roll if you Hold R1 and press the analog stick toward 
    Dante's left or right and the CIRCLE button at the same time. Rolling is a 
    crucial skill for the boss fight in this trial edition... more on that in the 
    These are special actions that can only be used when the Alastor sword is 
    equiped. They cannot be used until they are "purchased" from the god of time on 
    Power Up screen using red orbs you get from defeated enemies. (see Power Up 
    section under Menus)
    -Air Hike-
    Unavailable in Trial Version.
    -Round Trip-
    Unavailable in Trial Version.
    -Stinger-Level 1-
    With lightning speed, Dante plunges his sword into enemies. Hold R1 and press 
    the analog stick in the direction that Dante is facing and the TRIANGLE button 
    at the same time.
    -Stinger-Level 2-
    Unavailable in Trial Version.
    -Vortex-Level 1-
    Dante damages enemies with an intense spinning body attack. While airborne in 
    the Devil Trigger state, press the analog stick in the desired direction and 
    the TRIANGLE button at the same time.
    -Vortex-Level 2-
    Unavailable in Trial Version.
    -Air Raid-
    Dante becomes airborne and capable of performing aerial electrocution attacks. 
    Press R1 while jumping in the Devil Trigger state. Press SQUARE or X to strike 
    +++E. SWORD COMBOS+++
    -3 HIT-
    Rapidly tap TRIANGLE three times.
    -5 HIT-
    Tap TRIANGLE twice, then pause just long enough for Dante to complete the 
    second swing, then tap TRIANGLE twice more for two more quick slashes and then 
    one final blow.
    --------------------------------IV. MENUS---------------------------------
    +++A. TITLE MENU+++
    The title menu has two options: GAME START, and OPTIONS, which allows you to 
    toggle the vibration funcion ON/OFF.
    +++B. GAME MENUS+++
    +++C. POWER UP MENU+++
    You can access the Power Up menu whenever you find a god of time statue.
    The DMC trial version also lets you access this menu in between each
          1. EXTRA - this allows you to exchange your red orbs for health and
    		 expansion items.
          2. ALASTOR - this allows you to exchange your red orbs for special
    		   abilities that can only be used whenever the Alastor
    		   sword is equipped.
    -----------------------------------V. WEAPONS----------------------------------
    Here are the weapons you can expect to find in the DMC trial version.
    +++A. DEVIL ARMS+++
          1. ALASTOR - Gives the possesor electrifying speed and aerial 
    +++B. GUNS+++
          1. HANDGUN - Ebony & Ivory, Dante's hand made guns.
          2. SHOTGUN - A wide range gun. It is very destructive at close
    ----------------------------------VI. ITEMS------------------------------------
    This is a brief run-down of the items you will find and what their function is 
    in the DMC trial version.
    -Green Orb-
    A sacred stone that revitalizes energy as soon as you get it. Can be found 
    randomly after defeating enemies.
    -Red Orb-
    A red stone used to unlock new skills and also (in the full version of the  
    game) to unlock doors. To acquire new skills, you must offer the stones to the 
    god of time via the Power Up menu.
    -Yellow Orb-
    A sacred stone that brings back life after death. This acts as a continue. Out 
    of stones = out of continues = game over :(
    -Blue Orb-
    Unavailable in Trial Version.
    -Purple Orb-
    Unavailable in Trial Version.
    -Vital Star (Green)-
    A rare stone that revitalizes energy. This is not the same thing as a green orb 
    because it is consumable. Its basically the Herb of this game.
    -Magical Star-
    Unavailable in Trial Version.
    Unavailable in Trial Version.
    -Holy Water-
    Unavailable in Trial Version.
    -Rusty Key-
    A rusty key.
    -Staff of Judgement-
    A staff that shines with a mysterious light. You need this to finish the first 
    -Pride of Lion-
    A sign of the strong that permits confrontation with the Lion gatekeeper.
    -Death Sentence-
    A decorative sword for rituals that cannot be used as a weapon. You need this 
    to get the Melancholy Soul.
    -Melancholy Soul-
    An ornament resembling a soul. When activated, it loses its power over time.
    ---------------------------------VII. WALKTHRU---------------------------------
    Please take into account that unless it is part of the story, a boss fight or a 
    particularly difficult area, I am not including detailed information regarding 
    enemy encounters as the placement, type of enemy and location where you may 
    find each enemy is totally random. Just be sure to familiarize yourself with 
    the controls and be prepared for what's lurking around each corner... :)
    +++A. MISSION 2 - Judge of Death+++
          NOTE: What happened to mission 1 here??
          OBJECTIVE: Open the door of the cathedral.
    - Begin by heading into the background (away from you) When the screen   
      changes you will see a door on the right. Enter and you will find a god of 
      time statue. Remember this location in case you need to purchase vital stars 
      or yellow orbs.
    - Exit the god of time room and head into the foreground (towards you) and 
      check out the first set of double doors on the left side of the screen. 
      They're locked, but the game throws you a blatant hint: You need a rusty key 
      to open them.
    - Continue into the foreground past the double doors and up a small set of 
      steps. Ignore the door there and examine the large carving on the wall. Its 
      the Judge of Death... it looks like he should be holding something. Hmmm...
    - Enter the door to the left of the carving. You're in some kind of library. 
      You can examine (X button) the book shelves around you for some interesting 
      information regarding the castle and the history of its owners. From where 
      you enter, head into the foreground and up the stairs. Upstairs, examine the 
      painting on the wall to the right of the screen to get the RUSTY KEY. From 
      the painting, turn around and walk to the left side of the screen. The screen 
      will change and you'll see a desk that you can smash with your sword. Inside 
      is the SHOTGUN. It will play a vital roll in the rest of the demo as it makes 
      things much, much easier.
    - Exit the Library and return to the first set of double doors you saw and use 
      the rusty key to open them. There is a large fountain in the middle of this 
      room. From where you enter, head to the right side of the screen toward a big 
      pile of rocks. The sreen will change and you will see a collapsed staircase. 
      Jump onto the lower set of stairs and then accross the gap to the higher set 
      to reach the balcony. Jump over the two large holes in the balcony to reach a 
    - Enter the door and it will seal itself shut. Whenever a door is sealed, be 
      sure to stand clear of it or else a giant hand will appear and damage you by 
      grabbing Dante. Head down the hall and you will see a coffin with something 
      under it to the right of the screen. Examine the coffin for a hint on how to 
      move it: "A god stands before thee. To open the path, use thy strength to 
      drive it back." Okay... so slash the heck out of the coffin to reveal a trap 
      door underneath.
    - Enter the trap door and you will drop down into a sewer-type room. Grab the 
      glowing STAFF OF JUDGEMENT that's right in front of where you drop down. A 
      secret passageway will open. Head through it and you'll wind up back in the 
      Library. Head toward the Library exit and the door will seal itself and three 
      Grim Reaper enemies will appear. This is the first semi-tough fight of the 
      game. Your shotgun is the best weapon to use against these monsters, so equip 
      it and you should be able to take them out with three to four shots apiece at 
      close range. Once the reapers have been dealt with, the seal will be broken. 
      Now, head for the Library exit.
    - Examine the carving of the Judge of Death again. Hmmm... looks like he should 
      be holding something, eh? Well don't you have the STAFF OF JUDGEMENT? Use the 
      staff on the carving to open the door. Mission Clear!
    - NOTE: Be sure to use the Power Up option between missions to purchase items 
      or special attacks. I strongly suggest purchasing the AIR RAID manuever 
      BEFORE Mission 4 - it'll make things MUCH easier.
    +++B. MISSION 3 - Destroyer of Ardor+++
          OBJECTIVE: Overcome the trial and acquire the Pride of Lion.
    - The first room you enter will have sealed doors. Remember not to stand in 
      front of them or else they will grab you. From where you enter, head left and 
      then into the foreground between the "breathing" pillars, toward the altar. 
      Examine the Pride of Lion for a hint: "The Pride of Lion is granted to those 
      who choose the path of trials." The Pride of Lion will then shoot a laser 
      beam that opens a sealed door. Exit through that door.
    - You'll find yourself outside on a huge bridge. Cross the bridge and examine 
      monument in the middle of the circle for another hint: "Go back the path and 
      thou shall return from the abyss with thy lionheart and the Pride of Lion 
      shall be given." Alrighty, then... whatever.
    - Walk back accross the bridge and a lightning bolt will hit Dante (he's one 
      tough cookie) and destroy the bridge. Danted falls into the ocean below...
    - Your health will constantly drain while you're underwater. Proceed toward the 
      center chamber and stand on the circle in the middle of the room. The 
      "trial" will begin as Six skull enemies appear and attack you. Here again, 
      the shotgun is your best friend in the world. One hit a piece at close range 
      will get rid of these uglies. The last one will leave behind a green health 
      orb. Stand on the circle again when you have destroyed all the skulls.
    - You will return to the surface once again. (whew!) Head back inside and pick 
      up the Pride of Lion. Mission Clear!
    +++C. MISSION 4 - Black Knight+++
          OBJECTIVE: Display one's strength to the Lion and open the Path.
                     Acquire the Melancholy Soul.
    - You begin the mission at the Judge of Death wall carving. Head for the double 
      doors that lead to the Fountain room and enter.
    - Walk past the fountain in the middle of the room toward the blue energy field 
      that looks like a backwards waterfall. Use the pride of Lion and slash the 
      statue with your sword three times to unleash the Lion Gatekeeper and... Boy, 
      are you in for it!
      1. ALWAYS STAY MOVING. Roll and jump around like crazy cuz the Lion can hit 
         what he can't catch, right?
      2. USE THE SHOTGUN at close range whenever you have a clean shot.
      3. USE THE AIR RAID maneuver as frequently as possible. As soon as your 
         magical gauges are full, go for it!
      4. ATTACK HIS HEART whenever it is exposed. The Lion's heart is a wierd 
         red/black sphere. Run up and slash like crazy!
    - Once you've tamed the Lion, a door will unlock. Enter that door and head up 
      the stairs until you reach a set of double doors and enter them. From where 
      you enter, there is a god of time statue near the bed to the right of the 
      screen, and a woman statue next to a mirror to the left of the screen. 
      Examine the woman statue and note that there is a slot for somethign to be 
      placed. Examine the sun statue to the left of the mirror for a hint on 
      obtaining the MELANCHOLY SOUL: "The brightness of the guiding light will 
      scorch you. Only those who can bear the light can open the new path." Bright 
      light, eh?
    - Exit this room and continue up the stairs until you reach another statue. 
      Examine this for another hint: "The sword is the key to freeing the soul. The 
      key resides at the highest place." Highest place, eh? :P So, you're looking 
      for a bright light, and that will take you to a high place... jump over the 
      balcony rail and let yourself fall (don't worry, Dante must've been a cat in 
      his previous life cuz a mere 6 story fall won't even faze him) past the door 
      where you entered and into the lowest part of this area.
    - On the wall you will see an eyeball that will light up and fill a gauge when 
      you slash it. Slash until the gauge is full, then step onto the glowing red 
      circle in the middle of the floor. A column will rise and take you to the 
      highest place in this area, and whaddaya know... there's a key! Oh, wait, 
      nope its a decorative sword, the DEATH SENTENCE... oh, well. Pick up the 
      DEATH SENTENCE and head to the room with the woman statue in it.
    - Jam the DEATH SENTENCE into the statue and pick up the MELANCHOLOY SOUL. This 
      triggers a really cool cutscene which introduces the black knight. He motions 
      for you to come outside and play frisbee with him... or was it a sword duel 
      he wanted? The door you entered will seal itself, so you may as well go find 
      out what it was...
    - Follow the black knight out to the balcony he jumped from. The door will seal 
      itself. Leaving you no option (well... there are a few options, see EXTRA 
      section for details) but to jump down and trigger the final cutscene. The 
      knight jumps from the top of one of the buildings and... we'll have to get 
      back to you on that one. :( Mission Clear! To Be Continued!
    ---------------------------------VIII. EXTRA-----------------------------------
    This section outlines secrets and other fun stuff in the game.
    +++A. "HIDDEN" AREA at the end of the demo+++
          CREDIT: cucco, Devil May Cry MSG Board on GameFAQs.com
          DESCRIPTION: There's a cool little area you can explore right before the 
          last cutscene in the demo. After exploring this area for myself, and 
          based on the video footage of this boss fight that I've seen on IGN.com, 
          I don't believe that this is actually a secret, just an area that you can 
          explore before the cutscene begins, even in the full version. (though I 
          can't confirm anything related to the full version since I don't have
    - After you follow the black knight out onto the balcony but BEFORE you jump 
      down to meet him and trigger the last cutscene, do a kick jump off of the 
      door (watch out for the hand!) and try to get throught the hole in the 
      ceiling of this area. Yes, there really is a hole and you really can get up 
    - Once you're up there head over to the right side of the screen and you can 
      see another hole in the "roof". You can jump down there and see a lantern 
      looking thing on the wall.
    - SPECIAL NOTE: If your magical guages are full, you can perform the AIR RAID 
      manuever to fly all over this area and get a better view of the surroundings. 
      Like I mentioned before, its not really a secret, but it is a fun thing to do 
      if you just can't get enough of DMC and are looking for more.
          SOURCE: www.gameshark.com
          DESCRIPTION: These are codes to be used with the GAMESHARK cheating 
          CREDIT: Pierce was able to confirm all of these codes - Thanks, man.
    DESCRIPTION: This code MUST BE ON for ANY of the other codes to work.
    -   (M) Must Be On - EC8783C01446A6EC
    DESCRIPTION: This code gives you infinite health.
    -       Inf Health - 4CD98ECA1456E4FD
    DESCRIPTION: This code gives you maximum red orbs.
    -     Max Red Orbs - 0CFC39341456E7A6
    DESCRIPTION: This code gives you infinite magic.
    -        Inf Magic - 4CD9925A1456E67D
    DESCRIPTION: This makes the game play and look like you are tripping on acid.
    -        Acid Mode - 4CFC2F961456E7A6
    DESCRIPTION: This code allows you to master all of the moves. (Even the ones 
    that are unavailable in the demo... but the descriptions will be in japanese.
    NOTE: I won't include descriptions of these moves or how to execute them since 
    1) I can't read Japanese and 2) I don't even have a Gameshark to try these 
    - Master All Moves - 4CFC3926145630A5
          CREDIT: Reza Khan (Orion83110@aol.com)
          DESCRIPTION: This isn't really a secret, but again - its fun and neat to 
          do. I noticed this the first time I played, but somebody emailed me about 
          it before I thought to include it in my FAQ... so they get the credit. :P
    - To trigger the trailer movies, just wait a few seconds (less than 10) at the 
      title screen (where you select GAME START or OPTIONS) and 1 of 3 movies will 
      play automatically. To view subsequent movies, just do the same thing: wait 
      at the title screen. They're all really cool and show parts of the game that 
      aren't in the demo.
    ---------------------------------IX. THANKS------------------------------------
    - Of course I wanna thank CAPCOM for making such a freaking awesome game. I 
      absolutely can't wait for the whole thing!!
    - Thanks to my loving and supportive wife, Elizabeth, for putting up with my 
      addiction to video games and always finding time to spend with me.
    - Thanks to CJayC of GameFAQs.com for posting my work.
    - Thanks to Pierce for confirming the Gameshark codes.
    - Thanks to you, the reader, for checking out my FAQ.

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