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  1. I have no clue on how to fight him as I am it's IMPOSSIBLE. Please help me.

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    Wind_sama - 9 years ago

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  1. Mundus 2

    To begin with: EQUIP THE SHOTGUN. You'll need that to take out the countless number of spinning beige spheres.

    There's basically two approaches you can use. One is a long-range approach, revolving around using DTed charged Roundtrips or Meteors from the fixed platforms. The other is a short-range approach, revolving around getting on an innermost floating rock and getting in Mundus's face with DTed sword combos. The latter is more damaging but also leaves you more exposed to Mundus's attacks. However, if you're DTed you can take a lot of punishment on Normal mode; in all honesty you can just beat Normal Mundus 2 by standing there in DT mode and button-mashing away at him.

    You can also slash back Mundus's white fireballs to him for further damage: just do a 3-hit combo when the fireballs are about halfway towards you. You can DT to make this part easier - or at least hugely reduce damage if you get the timing of slashing the fireballs back wrong... <_<

    Destroy the stationary dark spheres for a few DT runes - if they are not destroyed, these are what Mundus will eventually gather up to convert into energy in the form of white fireballs, which he then slings at you. It's hard to destroy every one, because invariably one or two end up in inaccessible places way out on the lava. Mundus never summons up more than 4 dark spheres at a time: if none are destroyed, 4 white fireballs are what you will get slung at you.

    Mundus will sometimes send out a 'dragon' made of lava - how often is entirely randomly determined. This dragon only has one attack, which is to spit fireballs at you. But it will also destroy any floating rocks it touches, so be careful if there are floating rocks nearby - Air Hike away, if you have it. The dragon goes down easily to a DTed charged Roundtrip, DTed sword combos, Meteor, or even a deflection of the fireball with a single sword slash. You will probably come to love the dragon, as it drops a green orb when it is defeated.

    Phew. Finally, Mundus will go into 'beserk' mode when 75% of his life has gone. He'll gain a new attack, which he has a tendency to spam several times in a row: meteors-from-the-sky. Just run up and down the platform to evade the falling meteors.

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  1. Which part? Never mind; I recently helped somebody out with this, so I'll just copy and paste that.

    Mundus 1

    This flying boss has an invisible defense shield, which is impenetrable to all your shots until you disable it - this you do by destroying the 4 dark spheres by shooting at them until they disappear. Once the last sphere is destroyed, the defense shield visibly shatters and you can damage Mundus by shooting at his body (but not his wings). You can damage Mundus at any time by pressing L1 to send out a huge-arse dragon - the power of the dragon depends on how many DT runes you have, ranging from 3 runes being the least powerful to 10 being the most powerful. On top of that, you can double the damage of the dragon by scoring a double hit with it. More on this in a bit.

    The fight goes in cycles. You start off in outer space at the furthest possible point from Mundus, then fly towards him and stop. For a while he remains where he is, but eventually he'll get fed up, wrap his wings around himself and Vortex away, once again putting you at the furthest possible point from him and in doing so ends the old cycle and begins a new one. During the flight towards Mundus, you should try to disable his 4 dark spheres.

    You can evade nearly all of the crap Mundus slings at you by simply moving around in a non-stop circle, rectangle or figure-of-eight shape and not doubling back on yourself - the lasers track your last position and will hit you if you double back. To make it even easier, hold down triangle to increase your speed and use Vortex to get you through the huge ice beam, meteor showers, etc. (Note: hold down Vortex to spin up to 4 times: you are invincible during it.)

    When you stop in front of Mundus, just keep on moving up and down the length of his body and shooting at him. Try to only use the dragon when you have full DT, as you'll get more power from it that way. To score a double hit from it, you need to press L1 at just the right moment - the easiest opportunity is when Mundus places his right hand on his left shoulder for a couple of seconds, prior to raising it up and summoning a circle of six small grey spheres. Make sure that you are centred in front of Mundus and press L1 while his hand is resting on his shoulder.

    There's more to getting a double hit than I've explained here, but I won't go into it, as tbh it's not necessary for winning the battle and it's a bit arcane.

    A further way you can damage Mundus is to meet his Vortex with your Vortex. Just before Mundus Vortexes away, you'll lose control of your character briefly and float off to one side then float back again to the centre. Stay in the centre; on Mundus's 1st or 2nd spin, begin a Vortex of your own to hit him for a lot of damage. (Whether it's the 1st or 2nd spin depends on how far away Mundus is from you; how far Mundus is away from you depends on what number cycle it is - on odd-numbered cycles he'll be further away from you; on even-numbered ones he'll be closer to you.)

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  2. And finally - the eagerly awaited for tl;dr version:

    Mundus 1

    Fly around. Shoot. Destroy all 4 dark spheres. Shoot even more. Press L1 when DT is full.

    Mundus 2

    Equip shotgun. Roundtrip or Meteor from long range, DTed sword-slashing from close range - your call. NOTE: you need to use square to access the meteor ability in this battle; you can only charge them if you have Ifrit's Meteor Lvl 2.

    Hope this helps... >_>

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