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  1. I cant seem to find a way to get to the rooftop.

    User Info: paulgarcia

    paulgarcia - 10 years ago

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  1. I don't know where you currently are, which makes this much harder to answer. But the rooftop is to be found in Mission 8.

    If you're still in Mission 7 -- the one where you use the Guiding Light -- then you have to beat it first. After that, Mission 8 doesn't begin right away; instead, you start out by being on the highest level of the main hall. Move to the end of the ledge, press triangle to do one of Dante's flying leaps across the gap to the other side, and go through the green door to begin Mission 8.

    If somehow you didn't make it to the other ledge and dropped down to the floor of the main hall below, there's two ways back up. 1) Go through the biplane room, the curved hallway, the fountain room, and exit via the Lion door into the square tower. Climb up to the top and enter the Castellan's Bedroom - from there, exit via the Guiding Light door to get back to where you were. 2) Simply jump onto the neck of the horserider statue, then get onto the lance tip (the easiest method is keep triangle held down at all times and walk around in circles near the base of the neck until Dante automatically does a leap up to grab the tip and haul himself up). For this next bit, you'll need Air Hike: simply do an Air Hike up to one of the ledges. Might take a few tries, but it's not very hard.

    You can now go through the door which begins Mission 8.

    There's also a possibity you are actually in Mission 9 and can't get across the drawdridge, 'cos you didn't lower it in Mission 8. In which case, go back into the castle, up the spiral stairs, back into the trident room, use the ladder to get up into the room above, then slash the glowing white orb that was somehow missed the first time.

    User Info: JochNessMonster

    JochNessMonster (Expert) - 10 years ago 2   0

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