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  1. I'm one of those people that just want to beat the game at normal and get it over with, unfortunately, my c and d ranks are causing me to have a major shortage in orbs >_>

    User Info: hothotgoodies

    hothotgoodies - 9 years ago
  2. Oh, and i know about the magma spider there a easier way thats maybe less efficient?

    User Info: hothotgoodies

    hothotgoodies - 9 years ago

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  1. Hallway Phantom (in Missions 4 and 7) melts before Vortex like butter melts before heat.

    To afford the upgrades required, you can do Phantom Babies I secret mission at the beginning of Mission 4 over and over again for 100+ red orbs each time. (Make sure you deliberately fail each time, though, as once successfully completed it disappears.) To access it, just step inside the cathedral.

    When you can afford it, buy 1-2 purple orbs, Vortex Lvl 1 & 2, and Air Raid. (Air Raid is needed to keep you airbourne with Vortex Lvl 2.) At a pinch, you can dispense with Vortex Lvl 2 and just buy 2 purple orbs and Vortex Lvl 1 instead. Use the pause menu to save your game. Reload Mission 4. Trigger Phantom's appearance. DT, and button-mash attack -- if you have Vortex Lvl 2, you don't even need to do that much. Just keep the attack button held down >_>

    That's easily the best orb-farming technique for early on in the game. Later on, the Plasma in the biplane room in Mission 16 and the 3 Nobodies in Mission 19 present some good orb-farming opportunities also. For the Plasma, don't kill it off but let it keep splitting over and over again - you can get 1000s of red orbs this way. For the Nobodies, just do an Inferno on them and use the grenade gun to get some DT back for ~350 red orbs each time.

    Finally, learning to CH (critical hit) Shadows will give you ~300 red orbs for each Shadow killed that way. (To CH a Shadow, hold R1 and walk around at mid-range distance from it until its faces dissolves, then jump straight up to land on its spike and keep on firing E&I until it turns red.) Trouble is, there aren't that many Shadows in Normal mode, but there's a re-appearing pair you can find in the cliffs in Mission 14. You can go back to that area at almost any time from Mission 14 onwards.)

    Hope this helps :p

    User Info: JochNessMonster

    JochNessMonster (Expert) - 9 years ago 2   0

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