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Like a moth to flame 07/23/03 Alecto
It's like playing a David Lynch movie 01/19/07 Arschrammen
Silent Hill 2 Overview 07/14/11 BBOYChaioth
It's a special place, where the damned walk alone. 05/26/05 Big Red Pyramid Head
"You promised you'd take me there again someday..." 02/07/11 Bkstunt_31
Not as brillant as the first but this game stands very well on its own as a nightmarish, surreal beauty. 12/01/02 c magnum
"Don't worry, I'm not crazy... at least, I don't think so. " 01/04/06 Cat1001
In my restless dreams, I see that town. Silent Hill. 06/26/06 Conquerer
Fear, despair, paranoia, guilt...and that's just James 09/14/04 DamonD
Hear that scraping, that squealing, that static? Silent Hill's calling to you... 10/15/01 DConnoy
Silent Hill 2: Scaring You Where You'd Least Expect It... 01/22/02 Eptiger
Genuinely atmospheric and scary, despite some gameplay problems Silent Hill 2 is an unforgettable gaming experience. 04/19/10 Exodist
Lacking. 09/20/04 FFM
'Silent Hill 2' is not so much as scary, but more so a psychological experience that will leave you disturbed... 02/09/03 Garbol Shora
Pyramid Head for president! 04/13/16 Groovy_Batman
Hell on Earth. 08/13/04 lufia22
You owe it to yourself check this bad boy out and if not than to at least Konami for making a brilliant and addictive game. 02/09/03 m00c0w
The ULTIMATE review... 09/19/04 MaesterMagus
Great atmosphere can't make up for crappy gameplay 08/18/05 MalachiX
Simply My Favorite Game. 05/04/06 MasterGamer2244
If you want a very serious and true review, here's one 03/27/02 mrcaliche
Be silent with Silent Hill 2...! 02/04/03 Mysticcat
Survival horror, minus the horror 10/22/01 Ninjak
Even better with the extras! 12/22/03 REFreek
Sunderland in Paradise. 02/01/05 REmanZ
James...I love you! 04/17/06 SaintDarkSide
I kill dead people 12/22/02 Smirnoff
The Best Game Novella of all Time? 12/17/03 The Hellbound Heart
In my restless dreams, I see that town -- Silent Hill. 10/23/09 UltimaterializerX
If you're old enough to play it, you're old enough to enjoy it 12/22/02 whitedragon

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