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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Rob Matter

    Version: 2.3 | Updated: 05/08/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                           SILENT HILL 2 WALKTHROUGH
                     By Rob Matter of “Silent Hill Genesis”
                           Copyright 2004 Rob Matter
                         LAST UPDATE: 8 May 2006
    This walkthrough covers SILENT HILL 2 for the Sony Playstation 2. The 
    Xbox version is the same, aside from an extra scenario and a few items 
    that aren’t listed here. This was written in 2002.
    This walkthrough is based on HARD ACTION mode. All the health items and 
    ammo locations/listings are somewhat unique to that difficulty level. 
    Obviously, if you're playing on a lower difficulty, the battle 
    strategies will leave you standing even better. 
    When I use a directional phrase (Right, Left) I am referring to so in 
    relation to James' point of view. When I want to describe something in 
    relation to the player's point of you, I'll use a cardinal point (West, 
    East, North, and South). You will usually have a map, so that will help 
    if you don't know your cardinal points.
    8 May 2006: Fixed minor directive mistakes.
           (Walkthrough – Letter from Silent Heaven)
                  1. Entering Silent Hill
                  2. Eastern South Vale
                  3. Woodside Apartments
                  4. Blue Creek Apartments
                  5. Western South Vale
                  6. Brookhaven Hospital
                  7. Brookhaven Hospital, v2
                  8. South Vale, v2
                  9. Historical Society
                 10. Toluca Prison
                 11. Labyrinth
                 12. Toluca Lake
                 13. Lake View Hotel
                 14. Finale (Hotel, v2)
                  A. Endings
                  B. Secrets/Hidden Items
                  C. Legal Information 
    1. Use the Red Plates to save your game as much as possible. They're 
    stationed frequently.
    2. Make sure you know how do a quick-turn-around (press L1 + R1).
    3. The maps are your best friends. I will often give you instructions 
    based on their features.
    4. I find no good reason to engage the monsters on the streets. They're 
    easy to evade.
    5. Conserve ammo in the beginning, and you'll be spinning free later 
    Visit “Silent Hill Genesis” for more information on Silent Hill:
    Leave the bathroom through the somewhat concealed entrance to James' 
    right. Pick the Silent Hill map out of his car. If you're a beginner, 
    you may want to use this area to practice controlling James, since it 
    can be difficult. Take the path past the Toluca Lake sign. You'll come 
    into a hilly area where there is but a single path to follow. You'll 
    eventually pass a well, which contains a savepoint. 
    Continue to the graveyard where you'll meet... Walk straight back to a 
    cabin (which you cannot access), to the right of which is the exit. 
    You'll follow an extremely long, singular path. Just keep on going 
    until you get to a street sign, Sanders and Wiltse. To the left of the 
    flower shop is a workbench where you can find a First Aid Kit. With 
    that, travel West until you come to some blood in the road. Before 
    following the figure, get the Health drink from the stairs of the 
    building on the corner, across the street. 
    There are two health drinks next to garage doors on the East side of 
    Lindsey St.; one before the Vachss Rd. junction, and one after. Onto 
    Vashss, the fenced-in area on the right side contains a savepoint and 
    two Health Drinks. Further up the road, you'll eventually come to a 
    sewage drain. Examine it enter, where you'll find... Utilize your new 
    4x4 and knock the douche on its behind. Now head back to the main road.
    Head West on Katz, then North onto Martin. There's a Health drink on 
    the left side of the street, by the corner of the fence. You'll come to 
    a dead-end with a mutilated body, from which you can obtain the 
    Apartment Gate Key. Now head South on Martin, past Katz, and on the 
    East side you'll find a Health drink in front of a garage shutter. Go 
    West on Sanders, where you'll find a Health drink on some stairs on the 
    North side. There is a First Aid Kit in the back of the Happy Burger 
    parking lot. Go the end of Saul St. where you'll find a motor home on 
    the left side. It contains a savepoint, and a note that directs you to 
    Neely's Bar. 
    As your going up Neely St., pick up the First Aid Kit on the left side 
    of the road, in font of the Sports Injury Center. Enter Neely's bar 
    from the West side. The map inside will direct you to Woodside 
    Apartments. Before heading there, get the First Aid kit near the Lucky 
    Jade Restaurant entrance. There are some interesting objects on the 
    ground at the North end of Neely Street, if you’re interested. You can 
    enter the apartments through the second gate from the corner. 
    In the Lobby, you can find a savepoint, a Health Drink, and the 
    apartments map. Head the second floor, to Room 205 where you receive 
    the beloved Pocket Flashlight. Go to the third floor and examine the 
    bars, and choose Yes to attempt to pick up the key. Go to Room 301 to 
    find your second beloved, the Handgun. Head down to Room 210, where 
    there's a pack of Ammo in the living room, and in the right bedroom. 
    Now head to room 208. 
    Grab the Key to Room 202 off the shelf, and head to that location. Pick 
    up the Health Drink in the kitchen, then go in the bedroom and examine 
    the whole in the wall. Stick your hand in to get the Clock Key. Go back 
    to room 208 and use the key to open the clock. In that room, there are 
    markings on the wall that denote the correct position of the clock 
    hands. Set the clock (9:10) so that you hear a click, then examine the 
    right side and push it aside. The passage leads to Room 209, where 
    you'll find a savepoint and a Health Drink. 
    Head to the back stairwell, to the third floor (there is a pack of ammo 
    on the banister), and to Room 307. After the sequence, get the 
    Courtyard Key from the closet. In Room 303, get the Ammo from the 
    bedroom, the First Aid Kit from the living room, and the Health Drink 
    from the kitchen. Back out in the hallway, you can get the Fire Escape 
    Key near the bars, and an Ammo pack in the laundry room. Now go the 
    Eastern staircase and down to the ground floor where you can find 
    Canned Juice at the end of the hallway. Unlock the double doors to the 
    outside, and re-enter the building through the main entrance. Go to the 
    laundry room on the second floor and throw the Canned Juice down the 
    garbage chute. Go back outside and claim your prize, the Old Man Coin. 
    Back in the Lobby, you can unlock the door the courtyard. Run into the 
    pool and grab the Snake Coin from the carriage. I find that more 
    resources are wasted if you try to fight your way in. Then go the 
    Eastern doorway into the first floor hallway. You'll find Ammo in Room 
    104. Go to Room 101, get the Ammo, and go into the bathroom. Finally, 
    back through the courtyard, to the Lobby, to the second floor, and to 
    the Western end of the hallway where you can unlock the fire escape 
    door and go the adjacent building. 
    Go to this apartment's bathroom and stick your hand in the toilet. Use 
    the combination from the wallet to open the safe in the living room. 
    (If there are Roman numerals, use the sum of the digits.) It contains 
    four packs of handgun bullets. Grab the Health Drink from the kitchen 
    and head out. Go to the staircase and get the map off the floor. On the 
    first floor, get the First Aid Kid from the laundry room. Go to Room 
    109 where you'll find Handgun Bullets, then go into the bedroom. After 
    the sequence, get the Prisoner Coin off the table. Now take your three 
    coins to Room 105. Place the coins in the desk in the order hinted at 
    in the poem. 
    Easy: Old Man, Empty, Snake, Empty, Prisoner
    Normal: Empty, Old Man, Prisoner, Empty, Snake
    Hard: Empty, Old Man, Empty, Snake, Prisoner
    You'll be rewarded with the Lyne House Key. Take notice of the 
    savepoint in the back, and head out. You can now open Room 209. Use the 
    balcony to get to Room 208, where there is Ammo on the chair, and the 
    Apartment Stairway Key on the bed. It is IMPERATIVE that you save your 
    game in here, making sure that you're at full health. You can gain 
    access to the north stairway from the second floor. Make sure your gun 
    is fully loaded. 
    BOSS FIGHT: Pyramid Head
    Run to a corner and shoot as much as possible. When he comes into your 
    vision, run around to the opposite corner. An overheard swipe of his 
    sword means instant death, so be weary. In Hard mode, it takes about 
    40-45 bullets to make him retreat. 
    Head down the stairs and outside. 
    There's a First Aid Kit in the dead end near the apartment exit. Go 
    North to Nathan Ave.; a sequence will occur as you go. As you continue, 
    you might notice some stairs on the left side. They're a dead end but 
    there are two Ammo packs hidden at the top. When you get to Rosewater 
    park, take the first left and walk straight back to a pair of Ammo 
    packs. Go past the "Caution" sign and take a left at the bottom of the 
    stairs. You'll see a Health Drink on the bench. Go down another level, 
    then make a right, up a few steps, and you'll come to a gazebo with 
    Ammo on the bench next to it. Make a right and down to an observation 
    level, where you'll see a Health Drink next to the telescope. Head West 
    along the path until the sequence occurs. 
    So now you have the almighty burden of dragging this wench around. 
    Don't let her take damage, especially in Hard mode. Head along the path 
    until you come to the other side of the park. Go straight until you see 
    a manhole on your right, then make a left. Follow the path until you 
    come to a statue; make note of its location for later. Head to the main 
    road, on the way to which you find a Health Drink on the right side of 
    the path. There's a pack of Ammo in the Eastern dead end of Nathan Ave 
    on the South side. Go South on Munson and go East onto the small alley 
    next to the Blue Creek Apartments. It's a dead end that contains a 
    Health Drink. Near Jack's Inn you'll see a giant "N" sign. It signifies 
    an alley to travel through, which contains a savepoint on one of the 
    cars. Now head West on Nathan to the Texxon station. 
    You'll hear a running car that has a Steel Pipe sticking out of it -- 
    your trusty new weapon. There's a truck in the back of the station, in 
    front of which are two Health Drinks and Ammo. Near the giant tire 
    picture just off Carroll St., you'll find another Health Drink and more 
    Ammo. Now go across the street to Pete's Bowl-o-rama, and use the 
    Northern entrance. Pass through the staff room to engage the sequence. 
    Before pursuing Laura, check the back of the lanes for some Ammo, then 
    head out front. Go around the back parking lot, through the fence, and 
    into the alley. Maria will open the door to the strip club, tee-hee. Go 
    upstairs, pass through the bar area that has a First Aid Kit on a 
    chair, and exit through the main entrance. You'll be on Carroll St. 
    Head South and follow Laura into the Hospital. 
    Grab the map off the wall, and go right into the Reception Office where 
    you'll find a Health Drink and a savepoint. The Document Room contains 
    the Purple Bull Key. Head to the stairs and to the second floor. In the 
    Men's Locker Room, examine the lab coat to find the Examination Room 
    Key. In the Woman's Locker Room, you'll find the Shotgun in the locker, 
    and the Bent Needle off the teddy bear. Go into the patient wing (the 
    corridor on the left side of the map), where there is Ammo on one of 
    the stools. Room M6 contains a Health Drink and Shotgun Shells. Room M3 
    contains a Health Drink and Handgun Bullets. Room M2 contains the Lapis 
    Eye Key and Shotgun Shells. Examination Room 3 contains carbon paper 
    with a numeric password that you should write down, as well as a First 
    Aid Kit. 
    Now go back to the first floor and pass through the Examination Room 
    into the Doctor's Lounge. There are Shotgun Shells in the sink. Also 
    take notice of the dry-erase board which mentions the patient wing and 
    the letter T. Then go to the third floor via the stairs. There's a 
    First Aid Kit in the corner of the main hallway. To get into the 
    patient wing, use the hint from the dry-erase board. (Letter "T" in 
    Hard Mode represents the code 1328.) Go to S3, discard the wench, and 
    get the Roof Key. S11 contains a savepoint and a Health Drink. Use the 
    stairway to get to the roof. Read the diary if you want, check the 
    other door, walk around for a bit, then try to go back down... 
    You'll be extremely damaged, so use a First Aid kit and a Health Drink. 
    Go into the second cell where there will be a numeric code on the wall; 
    write it down, just as it looks. Go to Room S12 on the third floor. The 
    box requires for you to open four separate locks. Firs use the Lapis 
    Eye Key, then enter the carbon paper number on the right lock, then the 
    code from the cell on the left lock, and finally the Purple Bull Key to 
    open the box itself. You'll receive a Piece of Hair for your trouble. 
    Great, huh? Take it to the Shower Room on the third floor, combine it 
    with the Bent Needle, and use it to fish the Elevator Key out of the 
    drain. Head to the elevator and go to the first floor. Room C3 contains 
    Handgun Bullets and Shotgun Shells. At this point you may want to go 
    back to the Reception Room and save your game (the door to the first 
    floor main hallway is open now). Then enter Room C2.
    Use your shotgun. Stay out from under them. Suggest taking one shot, 
    then moving to different spot. 6-8 direct hits to kill. Beware, a third 
    one will come after the first two die. 
    Exit the garden into the "hallway" where you'll find Shotgun Shells and 
    a savepoint. Room C2 contains a First Aid Kit. C1 contains a Health 
    Drink and Handgun Ammo. Go to the elevator and head to the second 
    floor. M6 contains Handgun Bullets and a First Aid Kit, as well as Dry 
    Cell Battery and the Basement Storeroom Key. M4 contains Shotgun Shells 
    and a Health Drink. Now onto the third floor. Room S11 contains Handgun 
    Bullets and an Ampoule. Go into the main hallway and into the 
    Storeroom. It contains a First Aid Kit, Handgun Bullets, and Shotgun 
    Shells. Take the main stairway, which contains a savepoint, down to the 
    basement. Get the Shotgun Shells off the floor and move the shelf 
    aside. Go down into the sub-basement to find the Copper Ring. 
    Now that you have Maria, she can help you to open the refrigerator in 
    the second floor Day Room. On your way there, however, the elevator 
    ride will manifest a cryptic radio program. (You can try to guess the 
    right answers, or I can just tell you: 3, 1, and 3.) There’s no rush to 
    play the game, so continue to get Lead Ring from the refrigerator. Take 
    your two rings to the third floor and stick them on the hand of the 
    lady on the stairway door. (At this point, you can go to the Storeroom 
    and claim your prize per the radio program. Five boxes of Shells and 
    two Ampoules -- quite the loot.)I would strongly recommend that you 
    save your game in the main stairwell before heading to the basement via 
    the "lady" door. Head all the way to the basement.
    This isn't really a fight, because the objective is only to run. 
    However, it can be very tricky considering you need to make it to the 
    elevator while keeping Maria alive. In Easy and Normal modes, it's a 
    piece of cake; you can easily run to the elevator before Pyramid Head 
    can finish her. In Hard mode, however, simply running is impossible. 
    I would like to thank "Blue Phoenix" on the Dark Legacy forums for 
    giving me this strategy: Stab Pyramid Head with the Steel Pipe, take 
    two steps back, and repeat until you reach the elevator. Apparently, he 
    won't attack at all if you keep on stabbing him without a miss. The 
    only hard part is rounding the corners while continuously stabbing, in 
    which case you need to be aware of the strafe command (press L1 or L2 
    to go left or right respectively). Towards the end, after the last 
    turn, stabbing doesn't seem to halt Pyramid Head's attacks, at which 
    point you can just up and run for the elevator. It only took me two 
    tries to get this right, after countless failed attempts at other 
    When you get to the first floor, go to the Director's Room and pick up 
    the Hospital Lobby Key and take notice of the emphasized locations on 
    the map. Before exiting through the main entrance, for the love of God, 
    save your game at the savepoint next to the doors. 
    8. SOUTH VALE, V2
    If you backtrack North on Carroll, There are Shotgun Shells in front of 
    the large truck. The Western End of Rendell contains an Ampoule, 
    Handgun Bullets, a First Aid Kit, and a Health Drink. Now head East on 
    Rendell. About half way down, on the left side, you'll notice a fenced 
    in area, in front of which are two packs of Shotgun Shells and a pack 
    of Rifle Shells (later, baby). Go to the right, staying within the 
    outer fence, and you'll come to some Handgun Bullets and more Rifle 
    Shells. Go to the South end of Munson, where you'll find two packs of 
    Handgun Bullets. Near the Southeast corner of Munson and Saul, there 
    are two Health Drinks in a doorway. Finally, head into Saul St. to find 
    the gate to the East side of South Vale. The monsters hanging from the 
    grating shouldn't be difficult to evade. 
    Get the First Aid Kit from the front of the motor home, the two packs 
    of Shotgun Shells located in front of the car next to it. On the same 
    side of the road, further up, there are newspaper venders with two 
    packs of Handgun Bullets next to them. The store on the Northwest 
    corner of Saul and Neely has a First Aid Kit in front of it. There are 
    Rifle Shells in front of the Happy Burger menu sign, and some more in 
    the back of its parking lot. The corner entrance of Neely's bar has 
    Handgun Bullets lying in the doorway. Grand Market and the store to the 
    left of it both have Health Drinks in their doorways. The corner 
    entrance of Grand Market has Handgun Bullets in its doorway. On the 
    Southwest corner of Sanders and Lindsey, there are some steps with two 
    packs of Shotgun Shells. In the parking lot of the Flower Shop, at the 
    end of Sanders, has two packs of Handgun Bullets and one of Shotgun 
    Shells. Finally, you can go to the marked location on Lindsey St. to 
    get the Wrench and the letter. 
    Go to the Cafe Texan and get the Handgun Bullets from its doorway. On 
    the Southeastern corner of Vachss and Lindsey, there are Handgun 
    Bullets in the shutter doorway. Big Jay's West entrance has a Health 
    Drink and Rifle Shells in its doorway. There are Handgun Bullets in the 
    entrance of Lucky Jade Restaurant. Go through the now-open door at the 
    West end of Katz St. You'll be back in Western South Vale. On the 
    Southwest corner of Katz and Munson, there are some stairs with a 
    Health Drink and some Handgun Bullets on them. There are two First Aid 
    Kits on opposite sides of the road at the end of Katz St. Save your 
    game in the Jack's Inn parking lot if you haven't done so in a while. 
    Head to Rosewater Park. There are two packs of Shotgun Shells on the 
    left side of the entrance path. You can go all the way to the East side 
    of the park to find more packs of Shells. (I even went back to the 
    Apartment exit, but there's nothing there.) What you're actually 
    looking for is the Jennifer Carroll statue, near where you first came 
    in. In the back of it, dig up the metal box and unfasten it with the 
    Wrench. You'll get the Old Bronze Key, then head out. There's a Health 
    Drink in front of the Bowling Alley. (The building itself is open, but 
    there's absolutely nothing inside.) There are Rifle Shells and Handgun 
    Bullets at the very West end of Nathan Ave. You've now collected all 
    the items, so head to the Historical Center, in the parking lot of 
    which is a First Aid Kit. Say goodbye to the streets of Silent Hill. 
    Save your game in the lobby if you wish, then go through the double 
    doors in the next room. Head down the seemingly endless staircase, and 
    go through the door. Get the First Aid Kit from off the table in the 
    first room. Make a left out of the "cell" and then a right, and go into 
    the first door on the right. Pick up the Handgun Bullets and admire the 
    beautiful paintings. The final room in the hallway has a big, dark 
    whole in the center; jump down it. You'll end up the bottom of a well. 
    Examine the wall for the spot that "feels different" and hit it with 
    your Steel Pipe. Travel through the watery passage and through the only 
    open door. You'll notice the vertical hallway with the locked fence. Go 
    into the side room and pick up the Spiral-winding Stair Key. When the 
    light goes out, position James in front of the key panel next to the 
    door, and then use the Dry Cell Battery. Immediately examine the key 
    panel and look for the three buttons that are lit up. The door requires 
    a three-digit code, selected from those three numbers in an 
    undetermined order. There are only six possible combinations, so try 
    your luck. Once you get out, open the gate in the vertical hallway and 
    jump down. 
    Get the two Health Drinks off the tables, along with the Gluttonous Pig 
    Tablet, and save your game if necessary. Head left in the first 
    hallway. The second table you come to has the map on it. (Not much of a 
    help, since the rooms aren't labeled.) In the southern hall of cells, 
    the first open cell contains Handgun Bullets; the second contains a Wax 
    Doll. The Eastern Hallway has Handgun Bullets on the table. Go West 
    into the small rooms from the middle of this hallway; it contains Rifle 
    Shells. Now onto the Northern hall of cells. Towards the end, an 
    unlocked cell contains the Oppressor Tablet. Go East into the central 
    cell area. In the Northern shower you'll find the Seductress Tablet. 
    Now that you have the three tablets, take them to the extremely large 
    room on the East side of the map. Put them in the gallows, and then go 
    back to the door to find the Horseshoe. 
    Go back into the Western Hall. Towards the Northern end there are two 
    open doors on the left. The first contains a First Aid Kit, the second 
    gives you passage into the prison's main hallway. The room to the right 
    of the one that you entered through contains the Lighter. Three doors 
    down is the boy's bathroom with a savepoint inside. On the West side of 
    the hallway, the only open door is the one southernmost. In this room, 
    get the First Aid Kit, the Ampoule, and the Health Drink. Further, into 
    the back room, you'll find Handgun Bullets, Shotgun Shells, two packs 
    of Rifle Shells, and your trusty new Hunting Rifle. Now go back into 
    the hall and through the South gate. Examine the hatch in the middle of 
    the floor, then combine the Lighter, the Horseshoe, and the Wax Doll, 
    and use them to open it. Jump down. 
    Go through the double doors at the end. Continue through the room with 
    the corpses, and then jump down the hole. Open the door and jump down. 
    Get on the elevator and collect the First Aid Kit, Rifle Shells, 
    Shotgun Shells, and Handgun Bullets. When you reach the bottom, suggest 
    saving your game, and head through the door. 
    Take the first left, then go straight, then left and down either 
    ladder. You'll be a circular hallway with the Pyramid Head. Go in 
    either direction and into the next door you come to (if you encounter 
    the Pyramid Head, go the other way). In the central room you'll find 
    his Great Knife, along with two packs of Shotgun Shells. Go out and 
    back up either latter. Backtrack, and this time take the right at the 
    junction, then down the ladder. Follow the watery passage to another 
    ladder, which will lead you to a room with a strange rotating box. Go 
    around to the back and switch it so that the red-eyed side is facing 
    you, right side up. From here, rotate the box left or right so that you 
    can pass through both doorways of the corresponding room. Go through, 
    and after the sequence, go back to the room with the box-heads and get 
    the Wire Cutter from the electric box. Go back to the beginning of the 
    labyrinth and use the Wire Cutters on the doorway blocked off by wires, 
    then go down the ladder. 
    Go up the first ladder on the right, make the first right, and go down 
    the other ladder. Go around to the right and into the somewhat 
    concealed portion of the passage, at the end of which is another 
    ladder. (So many ladders! If you're on track you should now come to an 
    area with a metal fence and metal grating on a portion of the floor.) 
    Go around the fence and down ANOTHER ladder. Follow the path around a 
    corner, and take the first left that will lead to a ladder. Up it, 
    you'll find some Handgun Bullets, then go down the next ladder. Beware 
    that Pyramid Head is roaming around in the next passage. Your 
    destination lies in taking the first left, but you can travel further 
    to a ladder in the back to find two packs of Handgun Bullets. You'll 
    come up to a room with a newspaper on the floor, and a savepoint that I 
    strongly suggest you use. Continue into the next hallway and equip your 
    Hunting Rifle.
    This can be somewhat annoying, considering the small space. However, 
    your Hunting Rifle has enough stopping power to keep him off you if you 
    fire continuously. Just get into the far corner and use the rifle to 
    force him back. Cease firing for a moment when he hits the ground. 
    Around 10 shots in Hard mode to kill. 
    Head out and go into the next hallway. The first door in the right 
    contains six hanging bodies. Put that aside for the moment and head to 
    the door on the left at the end of the hall. You'll find that you need 
    to pull the rope that corresponds to the innocent criminal. 
    Easy: Kidnapper
    Normal: Arsonist
    Hard: Counterfeiter
    When you pull the right rope, go back to the room with the bodies to 
    find the Key of the Persecuted. Now go through the door at the end of 
    the hall. Use the key to open the handcuffs and the gate. Go down the 
    latter and straight ahead to meet up with Maria. Then go back into the 
    hallway, through the now-open gate, and up the ladder. Get the First 
    Aid Kit on the floor and head into the graveyard where you'll find an 
    Ampoule and three packs of Shotgun Shells. Suggesting equipping your 
    Rifle and saving your game. Then jump down into the grave; go down the 
    long hallway and through the door. 
    Try shooting him just when he raises his gun. The first part takes 8 
    shots from the Rifle in Hard mode. When he runs off, pick up the 
    Shotgun and Rifle Shells, then reload and go through the door. In the 
    second round, you can try dueling him, but don't be surprised if it 
    consumes many resources. It's better to hit and run. Again, shoot him 
    right when he raises his gun to shoot. 
    Exit through the large, double doors. 
    12. TOLUCA LAKE 
    Save your game on the dock, then get into the boat. 
    Straight: simultaneously turn the left joystick counter-clockwise and 
    the right joystick clockwise
    Reverse: Simultaneously turn the right joystick counter-clockwise and 
    the left joystick clockwise
    Left Turn: turn the right joystick clockwise
    Right Turn: turn the left joystick counter-clockwise
    Turn to the right until you see the faint light in the distance. That 
    is your objective. Go up the stairs, get the Little Mermaid Music Box 
    from the fountain, and enter the hotel. 
    Get the map off the wall as you walk in. First, go into the "Lake 
    Shore" Restaurant, get the Fish Key from the table, and examine the 
    piano for a cut-scene. Then go to the undefined, gray area of the map 
    next to Cafe Toluca. The open room in the back contains Rifle Shells 
    and three packs of Handgun Bullets. Go to the basement and get the can 
    of Thinner from the elevator. Now go up to the Lobby and get the 312 
    Key from the Reception Room. Also take notice of the savepoint on the 
    chair. On the second floor, you can find a First Aid Kit, two packs of 
    Shotgun Shells, and two packs of Handgun Bullets in the Cloak Room, 
    along with a suitcase that can be opened with the Fish Key. It contains 
    the 204 Key. Back in the hallway, there are two more packs of Handgun 
    Bullets on a table near the window. In the Reading Room lies two packs 
    of Shotgun Shells, a Health Drink. Go to Room 204 and pick up the 
    Employee Elevator Key. Cross over to the next room and use the Thinner 
    to reveal the code on one of the photos on the bed. Use said code to 
    open the suitcase and receive the Cinderella Music Box. 
    In the Eastern second floor hallway, there are a Health Drink and Rifle 
    Shells on the tables. Enter the gray area on the map next to the 
    elevator. You'll find two Health Drinks on the cart. Try to use the 
    elevator, it will tell you about the weight limit. You now have to 
    store your entire inventory on the shelf, radio and flashlight 
    included, and I suggest saving your game. Take the elevator to the 
    first floor and grab the employee's map off the wall. Go into the 
    Pantry and get the Snow White Music Box. Then go to the Office and get 
    the Videotape and the Can Opener from the safe. In the Employee Lounge, 
    you can find two packs of Rifle Shells. Go down the staircase and 
    through the door. Take the first left turn and into the far door to the 
    boiler room, where you can find the Bar Key and a First Aid Kit. Go 
    back out and make a left, going into the farthest door to the bar 
    kitchen. Get the three Health Drinks and use the Can Opener to open the 
    can and get the Light Bulb. Go into the bar itself and put the Light 
    Bulb in the lamp. You can now exit to the basement hallway. 
    Go back to the second floor and get all your junk from the shelves. 
    Take all three music boxes to the Lobby. If you're not an avid Disney 
    fan, the indentation that speaks of a shoe is Cinderella; the one that 
    speaks of beauty is Snow White, and other is Little Mermaid. So in Hard 
    mode, from order of left to right, its Cinderella, Little Mermaid, and 
    Snow White. Play the music box and get the Hotel Stairway Key. Open the 
    stairway to the third floor and go to Room, you guessed it, 312. Stick 
    the videotape in the VCR and enjoy the game's climax. 
    Go out the door and down the stairs. Enter room 207, and you'll end up 
    outside Room 204. Go into 202; you'll end up outside 219, so go to the 
    elevator. Grab the two Ampoules off the table, then ride the elevator 
    to the basement. Go through the bar, grabbing the five Health Drinks 
    off the counter, and into the kitchen. It contains a First Aid Kit, two 
    packs of Shotgun Shells, and two packs of Rifle Shells. Travel through 
    the hallway to where the stairs would be. After the sequence, exit the 
    way you entered then go up the stairs. In the next hallway, get the two 
    Ampoules off the table, and the two packs of Rifle Shells near the 
    exit. In the next room, you can save your game for the not-so-final 
    time, then enter the double doors. 
    Run to a corner and fire shots with the Hunting Rifle, then run to the 
    next corner before they get close enough to attack. On Hard Mode, you 
    might not even get one shot before you have to move again. Always 
    access the menu and manually reload. About 30-40 shots before they die. 
    Grab an egg from each Pyramid Head, and stick them in the doors to open 
    them. Before heading out, I strongly suggest you go back to the 
    previous room and save your game. Go through the back exit of the 
    hotel, and down the long hallway. Climb the metal staircase, 
    equip/reload your Rifle, and engage Mary at the top. 
    This isn't as hard as the Pyramid Heads, but she does take about 40-50 
    Rifle shots to kill. You can outrun the butterflies, so do so until 
    they retreat, at which point you should get a few shots in. Try to stay 
    out from under her, as she will choke you with her tentacle. When she 
    finally falls it takes one final shot to end it.
    There are five total endings to Silent Hill (six of you own the Xbox, 
    “Greatest Hits” PS2, or PC version). There are three primary endings 
    and three hidden endings. The following items describes the steps to 
    get each one.
    Be sure to examine Angela’s knife often. Examine the diary on the roof 
    of the hospital, and listen to the headset in the Reading Room of the 
    final hotel stage. Also, it helps to carry on in low health for many an 
    extended duration.
    Treat Maria kindly and avoid references to James’ wife. Don’t look at 
    the letter or the photo, and don’t allow the message to finish before 
    exiting the long hallway at the end. Do not do anything mentioned for 
    the “In Water” ending. Make sure Maria doesn’t get attacked, and allow 
    her to keep up with you – don’t run ahead. Go back and visit her when 
    she stops to rest in the hospital, and when she’s behind bars.
    Avoid suicidal thoughts and thoughts of other women, focusing only on 
    the mission of finding James’ wife. Examine the photo and the letter 
    often, and listen to the message in the long hallway towards the end in 
    it’s entirety. Do not do anything mentioned for the “In Water” ending. 
    Treat Maria badly, allowing her take damage and ignoring her whenever 
    This ending is available only in subsequent rounds through the game. 
    Find the White Chrism in the Blue Creek Apartments (Room 105), the Book 
    of Lost Memories in the newspaper vendor near the Texxon station, the 
    Obsidian Goblet in the display case in the Historical Society, and the 
    Book of Crimson Ceremony in the Reading Room of the final hotel stage.
    This ending is available only after achieving the other four endings. 
    Just West of Jack’s Inn in Sale Vale there is a doghouse that contains 
    the Dog Key. Use this to open the Observation Deck in the hotel 
    immediately after viewing the video.
    SECRET ENDING II (not available in original PS2 version)
    This ending is available only after completing the “Born from a Wish” 
    scenario. Simply find the Blue Gem in the restroom at the beginning of 
    the game and use it in the following locations:
          1. “Garden” courtyard of Brookhaven Hospital
          2. Boat Docks (immediately after Labyrinth)
          3. Lake View Hotel, Room 312
    Keep watching past the credits to be able to save your game, along with 
    viewing your game score. Load that save to begin another subsequent 
    round of the game in which extra features are available. You can repeat 
    the process to accumulate as many completed rounds as possible.
    While in the standard options menu, press any of the shoulder buttons 
    (R1, R2, L1, or L2) to access the hidden, extra options. You can 
    control things such as map view, camera view, blood color, etc.
    After completing the game and starting a new round (see above), you can 
    access the Extra Options (also see above) to adjust the bullet count, 
    which will multiply the amount of bullets in a single box by the factor 
    at which it is set. Each completed round allows the bullet adjust to go 
    one number higher.
    Complete three times with each riddle mode to unlock a new, harder one.
    ALL MEMOS READABLE (not available in original PS2 version)
    Complete the game enough times to get all 5 endings, and parts of memos 
    around town (such as the grave stone on the street in the beginning) 
    will have the gaps in the texts completed.
    The chainsaw is available in the second round. It is located on the 
    pile of bloodstained logs on the long, dirt road in the beginning of 
    the game. It can be heard from far away, so you can’t miss it.
    The Hyperspray can be found in the trailer on Saul St., but it is only 
    available in subsequent rounds through the game. It is best explained 
    as a “Points” system for obtaining it. An Easy Action mode is worth 1 
    point, Normal – 2 points, and Hard – 3 points. Three (3) total points 
    are necessary to unlock the hyperspray. It can be harmful to James if 
    used to much, and sometimes it must be shaken. It’s power varies with 
    your end rank.
    BLUE GEM (not available in original PS2 version)
    Complete the “Born from a Wish” scenario to unlock this item for the 
    regular game (Letter from Silent Heaven). It is used to achieve the 
    second secret ending (see Endings section).
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