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Reviewed: 12/08/01 | Updated: 12/08/01

Average not the best and not the worst ever.....

The game is not the best football game ever but can still be fun to play. One of the best things of GameDay for me was the ability to catch almost every pass I threw. The next thing I enjoyed about the game was the fast pace.

Gameplay: 6
The gameplay for me was great, but not many think as I do. I thought the game was really easy to catch on to and you can win games very easy without trying. I like how the game is more arcade and you can catch really deep passes. It is no where near Madden 2001 or NFL 2K2.

Graphics: 6
The graphics are average compared to the other games. If you want superb graphics you should get a XBOX with NFL FEVER or Madden 2002. The graphics in the game did it for me and I enjoyed them.

Sound: 10
The sound is the best part of the game. This game has 2 great announcers and some good music.

Replay Value: 7
It is a sports game which usually are fun to play over. One of the good things to play over with is general manager. In general manager mode you can watch a team grow and do better over the years. You can also have a draft!!

Fun Factor: 6.5
NFL GAMEDAY 2001 can be fun if you like playing games with easy catches or like taking on your own team in a general manager mode. Also if you have a friend to play with the game can be even more fun.

My Opinion overall on the game:
I thought the game was very exciting and fun to play. My favorite mode for the game is general manager. In general manager mode you can pick a team and guide them over the years while trying to win the super bowl.

Also the game has a tournament mode, which can be fun. This is not new to football games. An example of this can be found in Madden games.

989 Sports needs to go back and fix a lot of errors before this game gets rated higher. The game is great and can be fun to play but just is lacking something. I think that this game can be much better and I am looking forward to the releasing of GameDay 2003

I rate games usually high; to me a 7 is a bad game. I will never rate below 5 so keep that in mind after reading this review.


Rating:   3.5 - Good

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