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Reviewed: 12/16/00 | Updated: 12/16/00

If you know a worse football game, I haven't seen it.

This game is the figurative ass of all football games. You couldn't PAY me to play this garbage. AND NO IT'S NOT that I'm spoiled by the greatness of Madden 2001 or NFL2K1; hell, this game couldn't stand up to Madden '96. I don't even know where to begin; the pathetic--nay, anemic--pass defense; or the referees, who mysteriously lack a jaw bone. Well, set your eyes to ''stun'' and your expectations to ''crap'', and we'll get along with the review.

Graphics (1/10)
The ''1'' is given out of sheer pity. There is nothing-I repeat, NOTHING-good about the graphics. The visuals in this travesty couldn't pass for a first generation PSone game. Apparently, 989 Studios must've forgotten that they were using a PS2. No wait, there are no obvious signs that they were actually USING a PS2--for my money, they were on an Atari 2600. The secondary has apparently acquired the power to teleport; for once your receiver has caught the ball, players magically appear in front of you. Of course, this poses no problem. For you see, the players who teleport have tragically lost the ability to become a solid object-You can run right through them. But wait, there's more! Every once in a while, the ballcarrier will simply fall down. He doesn't have to be touched, and the second his knee hits, the play is whistled dead. Furthermore, both defenses appear to have entered a synchronized swimming contest behind your back, because all the players move in perfect unison. Catching the ball is a game in itself; it's done by the player coming to a COMPLETE halt, turning 180 degrees, catching the ball, then turning back around-the whole process is inconvenient, jerky, and strange looking (a microcosm of the game). Oh I could go on, but I think you get the picture...

Gameplay (0/10)
No, I couldn't find it in my heart to give ''Gameplay'' even a single point. To start, passing is WAY too easy. The defense, which I've established already as having numerous superhuman powers, apparently also have the ability to FORGET EVERYTHING FROM THE PREVIOUS PLAYS. You can run the same passing play, over and over and over again, and the defense will NEVER adjust. The only time you will not complete the pass is when the AI decides it's time to drop the ball, or throw it to the line judge. When you do catch the ball (which will be quite often), expect 11 defensive players to come charging. Fortunately for you, half of them have that problem of not being solid objects, and the other half seem to be relying on the afformentioned ''phantom tackling.'' It's not much--wait, it's not at all--better when YOU'RE on defense. The secondary still lets the computer catch every pass, the computer still runs through your players, and the cycle repeats. The running game is nonexistant, because basically every play will be a passing touchdown. Even if you jack the computer's difficulty all the way up, a novice player could still wail on the computer with the passing game.

Monsters (10/10)
I had to put this somewhere. When the players talk, they look like, for lack of a better term, monsters. Their ringleader, of course, is the referee; whose face moves in directions that were previously not thought humanly possible. Also, when the O and D Lines collide, they appear to become a lumbering behemoth of human parts, contributing to the udder lack of a running game. When on offense, occasionally a flash of light will fly through this behemoth, leaving you wondering what happened. It's only until later you realize that was a linebacker. Yes folks, it's that bad.

Sound (5/10)
NO, THE SOUND ISN'T GOOD. I know, that ''5'' rating looks positive; but remember, a ''5'' given to any other game would be terrible. But I digress. Relative to the other parts of the game, the sound is magnificent (that's not saying much). The commentary is MAYBE a little better than Madden, and the music is uninspired. The crowd just sounds like random noises, which doesn't help with the feel of the game.

Replay Value (0/10)
Look, there was no value in the game to begin with; no amount of replaying will make this presentable!

Overall (1/10)
I wanted to give this a zero, I really did. And I swear, if GameFaq's would've let me give it one, I would have. But then I thought, ''Well, the commentary is halfway decent''; hence I found an excuse to give it a 1.

Buy/Rent (Avoid)
Don't walk into a store that carries this game. If you do, quickly smash it, SMASH IT GOOD.

Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

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