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FAQ/Walkthrough by greggreggreg2000

Version: 2.2 | Updated: 01/13/03


MDK 2: Armageddon for the Playstation 2
A FAQ/Walkthrough by Greg Brooten (greggreggreg2000)
Version 2.2



I.    Version History    
II.   Introduction
III.  How to Start
IV.   Character Information
V.    Enemy Information
VI.   Checkpoint by Checkpoint Walkthrough
VII.  Secrets
VIII. Suggestions
IX.   How to Contact Me
X.    Authorized Websites
XI.   Copyright Information


I.  Version History

1.0  (August 07, 2002) :  Entire FAQ/Walkthrough Completed

1.1  (August 27, 2002) :  A few grammatical changes
                          www.cheatcc.com added as authorized site

2.0  (October 15, 2002):  Major layout change.  I decided to make it
                          all pretty and pleasing to look at.  Also,
                          added a new authorized site, a few 
                          sections, and some grammatical changes.

2.1  (January 09, 2003):  I finally made the map for Level 9B, so
                          check it out at GameFAQs (link is in the 
                          Level 9, Checkpoint B section).  Also, I 
                          corrected an error in that section as well.

2.2  (January 13, 2003):  A bunch of new authorized sites.  Hopefully
                          now this guide will reach people it 
                          wouldn't have otherwise.  :-)


II.  Introduction

MDK 2: Armageddon is a 3-D Action/Adventure game.  It takes place in 
the future when creatures from another dimension come to Earth to 
strip it of all of its precious minerals, while eliminating cities 
and killing helpless people in the process.  During the game you 
control three different characters, each with unique talents and 
abilities, with the hope of eliminating the alien threat once and 
for all.  This game offers a unique mix of humor, brainteasing 
puzzles that must be solved to continue, and constant, nonstop 
action, along with a great soundtrack.  

I am writing this FAQ for a variety of reasons.  First, I absolutely 
LOVED the game and can't believe I got it brand new for under $20.  
Second, the websites I frequently visit don't have a FAQ for it, and 
I feel that I should share how to progress through the game without 
the stress I had to go through to solve some of the puzzles.  Some 
puzzles took me at least an hour to solve, and it is extremely boring 
to run back and forth, over and over, for an hour straight.  These 
points of the game were not fun for me, and at the time I considered 
putting the game away and never playing it again.  Rather than allow 
others to suffer the way I have, I decided to put all the answers at 
the click of a mouse, which I hope enhances the game for some people.  
Lastly, I am writing this FAQ because it is the summer, and I don't 
have anything better to do with my free time.  Okay enough chatter, 
let's do what we came here to do...


III.  How to Start

When you push the Start Button on the title screen, you will enter 
the Main Menu screen.  This is where you can choose a new game, to 
load a saved game, to adjust the settings, and where you can view 
movies already shown in your saved game.  Everything in the main 
menu is pretty self-explanatory, so once you adjust the settings to 
where you are comfortable, click on new game and choose your 
difficulty level.  I recommend Medium your first time going through 
the game.


IV.  Character Information

Doctor Fluke Hawkins


Doctor Hawkins is an eccentric genius, but unfortunately his 
reputation among other scientists is not good.  People believe that 
he is a little weird, and that his methods are questionable.  Rather 
than sit on Earth and listen to insults all the time, he launched 
his ship, the Jim Dandy, into orbit and swore not to return until he 
has successfully proven himself to his fellow scientists.


The Doctor has a separate inventory for each hand, and his unique 
talent is that he can combine items that he collects to create 
entirely new items.  He is the weakest out of the three main 
characters, and cannot pull himself up when he grabs ledges.  
Fortunately, there are a lot of health items laying around his 
levels, and he can carry them and use them whenever he needs.

Default Controls:

-Move Forward - Press up on the directional button
-Move Back - Press down on the directional button
-Turn Left - Press left on the directional button
-Turn Right - Press right on the directional button
-Look Up - Press up on the right analog stick
-Look Down - Press down on the right analog stick
-Strafe Left - Press on the L2 Button
-Strafe Right - Press on the R2 Button
-Combine Items - Press on the X Button
-Jump - Press on the Square Button
-Move Item Selector Up - Press on the Triangle Button
-Move Item Selector Down - Press on the Circle Button
-Equip/Use Left Item - Press on the L1 Button
-Equip/Use Right Item - Press on the R1 Button

Some Items that can be used by Doctor Fluke Hawkins:

-Dirty Towels
-Mr. Fizzy

Kurt Hectic


Kurt is the janitor of Doctor Hawkins, and when the Doctor went to 
outer space, Kurt went along with him.  Kurt is the type of person 
that just wants to live a normal, quiet life.  However, when the 
aliens come he is forced to become a hero.


During the game Kurt wears the Coil Suit, one of Doctor Hawkins's 
shining achievements.  This suit gives Kurt a number of special 
abilities, including: a sniper scope that he can use to shoot 
enemies far away, a ribbon parachute that he can use to float great 
distances, and a chain gun that has infinite ammo.  Kurt has average 
strength, but he is strong enough to pull himself up from a ledge.

Default Controls:

-Move Forward - Press up on the directional button
-Move Back - Press down on the directional button
-Turn Left - Press left on the directional button
-Turn Right - Press right on the directional button
-Look Up - Press up on the right analog stick
-Look Down - Press down on the right analog stick
-Strafe Left - Press on the L2 Button
-Strafe Right - Press on the R2 Button
-Shoot Chain Gun - Press on the X Button
-Jump - Press on the Square Button
-Activate Parachute - Press and hold the Square Button
-Move Item Selector Left - Press on the L1 Button
-Move Item Selector Right - Press on the R1 Button
-Use/Throw Item - Press on the Triangle Button
-Enter Sniper Mode - Press on the Circle Button

Sniper Mode Controls:

-Look Up - Press up on the directional button
-Look Down - Press down on the directional button
-Turn Left - Press left on the directional button
-Turn Right - Press right on the directional button
-Zoom In - Press up on the right analog stick
-Zoom Out - Press down on the right analog stick
-Shoot - Press on the X Button
-Move Bullet Selector Up - Press on the L1 Button
-Move Bullet Selector Down - Press on the R1 Button
-Strafe Left - Press on the L2 Button
-Strafe Right - Press on the R2 Button
-Leave Sniper Mode - Press on the Circle Button

Some Items that can be used by Kurt:

-Dummy Decoy - This is thrown by Kurt into the battlefield to 
confuse his enemies.  This is a good tactic when there are a lot of 
enemies on the screen.
-Cloak - This makes Kurt invisible to the aliens.  Watch out because 
it doesn't last very long.
-Super Chaingun - Fires a lot faster and stronger than the regular 
chaingun.  Has 500 bullets.
-Apple - Restores 25 points of health
-Ham - Restores 50 points of health

Sniper Bullets and Items:

-Sniper Bullet - Basic sniper bullet.  Kurt has an infinite amount 
of these.
-Sniper Mortar - This takes an arching path to its target.
-Sniper Grenade - Takes a direct path to its target.
-Bouncing Sniper Shell - Bounces many times on the way to its 
-Sniper Shield - Absorbs damage for a limited amount of time.



Max is a robot, and was created by Dr. Hawkins to be an assistant 
around the lab.  Since he was built with two legs and four arms, he 
was a very good assistant.  Originally Max was very tame, but when 
the aliens arrived he downloaded an action hero personality and 
became very tough.


Since Max is a robot, he is the strongest out of the three main 
characters, so he has more health points than anybody.  Obviously he 
can pull himself up from ledges.  His unique talent is that he can 
handle and operate four different guns at the same time.  Max has a 
Magnum with infinite ammo, so at the very least you'll always have 
some firepower with him.  Don't worry when his guns run out of ammo; 
there are many more lying around.  One last feature of Max is that 
he can wear a jetpack to fly around.  A standard jetpack runs out of 
fuel and must be refueled constantly.  The atomic jetpack has an 
infinite amount of fuel, and automatically refuels when it is not in 

Default Controls:

-Move Forward - Press up on the directional button
-Move Back - Press down on the directional button
-Turn Left - Press left on the directional button
-Turn Right - Press right on the directional button
-Look Up - Press up on the right analog stick
-Look Down - Press down on the right analog stick
-Strafe Left - Press on the L2 Button
-Strafe Right - Press on the R2 Button
-Shoot Gun(s) - Press on the X Button
-Jump - Press on the Square Button
-Jet Pack Throttle - Press and hold the Square Button
-Move Weapon Selector Left - Press on the L1 Button
-Move Weapon Selector Right - Press on the R1 Button
-Equip Weapon - Press on the Triangle Button
-Unequip Weapon - Press on the Circle Button

Some Items Max can use:

-Magnum - Basic, non-automatic weapon
-Uzi - Basic, automatic weapon
-Shotgun - Powerful, non-automatic weapon
-Gatling Gun - Powerful, automatic weapon


An ally on board the Jim Dandy.  It is a giant plant that lives in 
the lounge.  You can't control him, but he is cool so I thought I'd 
include him.  He gives you items at different points of the game.


V.  Enemy Information

Since there is no place in the game that states the name of the 
enemies (Rather than a couple of the bosses in the movies before and 
after levels), I will only type what is written in the instruction 
booklet about the enemies:

-Conehead - Make up the working class of the alien society.  They 
appear to be harmless until provoked, when they will lash out with a 
psychic attack that can pass through physical barriers.
-Bif - The imperial guard for the aliens.  Large and very powerful, 
they have a lightning staff that can discharge electrical attacks 
that can follow the player.
-Bottrocks - Very versatile attack aliens.  They have energy cannons 
and grenades.
-Birdbrain - These aliens fly and are very maneuverable.

If I typed my descriptions of the enemies here they would be out of 
context, and you probably wouldn't understand what I was talking 
about.  In the walkthrough I will describe the enemies when you see 
them in the game, which I believe is the most effective way to 
discuss them.


VI.  Checkpoint by Checkpoint Walkthrough

Access the Main Menu and choose "New Game" and a difficulty.  After 
that the game begins.

Once you see the intro and learn a little of the background of the 
story, you'll find yourself as Kurt falling to the surface of the 
Earth.  After you see "Ready" appear you will have to avoid enemy 
fire as you fall.  All you do is use the directional buttons.  Very 
very easy.  Once you land Dr. Hawkins gives you a tutorial about the 
controls and certain techniques you can do.  

Level 1, Checkpoint A

After you snipe the target with your sniper grenade re-equip the 
sniper bullets and snipe the blue sphere on the door.  You'll be 
seeing a lot of blue spheres as the game progresses, so keep an eye 
out for them.  Once the lock is gone run through the door and jump 
down the hole at the end of the corridor.  You'll notice a laughing 
sound when you land.  This means that there are aliens in the 
vicinity.  Be on the lookout, and continue following the tunnel.  
Eventually you'll come to an alien blocking a door.  Snipe his eye, 
then exit sniping mode and use your chain gun to eliminate him.  
left or right, or run in circles around him.  If you stay in one 
spot all you do is exchange blows, which is unnecessary damage you 
inflict on yourself.  Once you take out the alien go through the 
door and jump down another hole.  Follow this corridor until you get 
the Dummy Decoy, then jump down to the bottom.  Use your parachute 
the entire time you fall, and you can eliminate all the aliens on 
the ground before you reach it.  Your first target should be the 
alien hive, because this is what produces mass amounts of aliens.  
After that target the rest of the aliens.  They are all weak and 
easy to kill.  After the aliens are dead snipe the blue sphere, and 
it will activate a fan.  When you use the fan to ride up to the 
platform, you'll notice some items on the ceiling.  Using the 
floating platforms you can get 5 grenades and up to 3 apples.  By 
now you shouldn't have sustained any damage so don't worry about the 
apples, but go for the grenades before proceeding.  Once you get 
those ride the fan up to the platform and jump down the hole.  A 
little down the corridor you'll see a floating white sphere.  These 
are enemy guns and they will shoot you if you give them a chance.  
Destroy it with the chain gun.  Destroy one more a little farther 
down, then jump down yet another hole onto the save point.

Level 1, Checkpoint B

Once the door opens you'll be greeted by a white sphere and 2 other 
aliens.  They are all easy to kill, just remember to keep moving.  
After you kill them grab 10 more grenades on the sides of the room, 
2 apples on the other end of the room, then snipe the lock on the 
next door.  Since you can't return, no need to think you can come 
back for the apples.  Once you're through the door jump down the 
hole.  This corridor has guns mounted on the ceiling, and the only 
way to destroy them is with the sniping gun.  Just ignore them.  Run 
straight inbetween them and go down the hole; if you don't deviate 
from your course they won't hit you.  You should still be at 100 
health at this point.  Grab the cloak and now you'll be greeted by a 
Bif.  Just strafe back and forth between his lightning shots at you, 
while constantly firing the chain gun, and he'll die without even 
getting a hit on you.  Be aware there's another Bif at the end of 
this room, so just use the same technique and you should get by 
without taking a hit.  However, if you do take a hit there is a ham 
in the room; just take the ramp on the left of the door the Bif was 
guarding and follow it to the entrance.  Also grab the Super 
Chaingun next to the ramp, but don't equip it yet.  You'll need it 
later.  As you're running to get the ham, on the wall on the right 
side of the room is a blue sphere.  Snipe it and the door the Bif 
was guarding will open.  When you're done in this room go out the 
door and down another hole.  There is another white sphere to take 
out right when you land, so be ready.  At the end of the corridor is 
another mounted gun on the ceiling.  Just run under it and it won't 
hit you.  Once you're past the gun shoot the 2 white spheres that 
are coming, then turn around and snipe that mounted gun if you want.  
Once you're done with that snipe two more blue spheres on the right 
and left side, then progress down the ramp on the right.  Be 
careful, as another mounted gun is right under you and it will shoot 
you if you don't shoot it right away.  This is the last enemy in the 
room.  Now all you do is grab the Homing Sniper Shells way on the 
bottom, and shoot out 4 more blue spheres, then the fan will start 
up.  The remaining 4 spheres are pretty easy to see as you run 
around the room.  Run to the fan and open your parachute and ride it 
up to the next save point.

Level 1, Checkpoint C

The first thing you'll notice is that there is a flying enemy 
shooting at you.  Since it moves very fast it isn't worth trying to 
destroy it.  Simply grab the apple and Sniper Mortar, then look 
around.  You'll see an alien behind some peach-colored glass, along 
with an item.  You have to enter Sniper mode, then use the Sniper 
Mortar to arch into the hole in the ceiling of the alien's room.  
After you successfully do that the glass will be blown away.  
Remember to be aware of the flying alien.  When you hear it coming 
leave sniper mode and run around to dodge its shots.    By the way 
don't worry if you miss the shot a couple of times.  Whenever you 
run out of Sniper Mortar some more will appear near you.  When the 
glass is blown away, snipe the aliens before you glide to where they 
were.  When you get to where the aliens were you have to repeat the 
procedure on another room.  Ride the fan as high as you can go, then 
go to the next platform.  Kill the aliens then do the same procedure 
again.  At least this time there aren't any aliens bothering you 
when you land.  When you get to the top you'll see a building to 
glide to.  Once you get there run around the base until you come to 
a door.  Eat the apple then run up the ramp.  Ignore the mounted 
guns and go outside.  Glide straight ahead to the fan.  Once you get 
to the fan, turn around and look at the building you were just in.  
You'll see an item on top of it.  Ride the fan until you are above 
the item, then glide back to the building to get it.  They are Black 
Hole Grenades, and they will be very useful in the future.  Glide 
back to the fan and ride it all the way up to the save point.

Level 1, Checkpoint D (Boss Fight)

The good thing about this game is that there are save points right 
before boss fights, so if you die you can just reload and start 
right where you left off.  The first thing you should be aware of is 
that there are 2 hams on the ground (one on the top level, and one 
on the lower level).  Leave them alone, you might need them later.  
There are 4 blue spheres in the middle of the boss's machine that 
must be sniped out.  I recommend staying on the top level, because 
aliens appear on the lower level and attack you, making sniping hard 
to do.  When the 4 blue spheres are gone, the boss's machine opens 
up and there is one more blue sphere to shoot.  Once that is done 
the machine will open once more, revealing the boss.  Shoot him with 
a few Sniper Grenades then he will jump out of his machine onto the 
lower level.  Now equip your Super Chaingun from earlier and target 
the boss.  He will jump up to join you on the upper level.  Keep 
moving, dodge his attacks, and remember the hams, and you should be 
fine.  The Super Chaingun is more than enough to kill him, but you 
could severely damage him with the Black Hole Grenade after he 
lands.  Just be sure to move away from the blast!

Level 2, Checkpoint A

This level you are using Max.  It starts out similar to Level 1.  
Use the up and down directional buttons to avoid the asteroids, and 
pretty quickly the torpedo will get to the ship.  After you land 
you'll be given a tutorial about how to use Max.  When this is done 
blow out 3 walls to reveal doors.  Don't go in the door next to the 
torpedo yet; go in the other two first.  In the door right of the 
torpedo, there are two mounted guns in the corridor.  Blow these up 
with your four guns equipped and they won't bother you anymore.  
When you get in the room at the end of the hall you'll see a 
sleeping Bif.  Leave him alone.  Just get the items in the room and 
leave.  If you wake him up he will seal you in the room, but all you 
do to leave is shoot the box on the wall next to the door and the 
alarm will let you out.  After this go to the room left of the 
torpedo to get a shotgun.  You should now have seven guns.  Go to 
the room in front of the torpedo.  When the door opens shoot out the 
alarm.  Also, watch out for little aliens that will try to bounce 
into you; they will inflict serious damage.  After the corridor is 
done you're 3 initial magnums you got probably ran out.  Don't 
worry, there are 3 more guns in the next room.  Grab them, kill the 
aliens, and shoot the alarms.  After you kill all the hives, aliens, 
alarms, etc. a new door will appear, as well as more guns and 
batteries.  Before you go in the door you should be very full of 
life and full of guns.  Blow the lock off the door and go in it.  At 
least there aren't any mounted guns in this corridor.

Level 2, Checkpoint B

All you do is run straight and blast all the walls that appear in 
front of you, while avoiding the aliens.  Do not stop to kill them 
by any means.  Eventually you'll get to a door with a lock on it.  
Blast off the lock and then you'll appear in a big opening.  Run 
straight all the way to the other side and destroy the hive behind 
the bunker.  Once you destroy it go and find the other two.  After 
all the hives are destroyed you can kill the rest of the aliens and 
stock up on Uzi's.  They will keep appearing eventually, so make 
sure you have an entire supply of ones full of ammo before 
continuing.  Go through the corridor and blast off the lock.

Level 2, Checkpoint C

Run straight ahead and grab the standard jetpack.  Now Max can fly!  
Run to the fuel tank and fill the jetpack up with fuel.  The fuel 
gauge appears in the lower right corner above Max's health.  Fuel 
tanks have an infinite supply of fuel in them, so you will never run 
out of fuel as long as one is around.  You'll notice that there are 
two doors on the lower level with a question mark above them.  These 
doors either give you a good item or they take some health away.  
Personally I don't think it's worth the gamble, so I just leave them 
alone whenever I see them.  Once you're ready and full of fuel, fly 
up through the door.  Once you're through the door fly to the wall 
and land.  You have to destroy the mounted guns before you can 
advance.  When they are destroyed fly up to the next level and 
repeat the process.  If you run out of fuel you'll have to go all 
the way down to the bottom and fill up.  Be careful so you don't 
jump the whole way down or else Max will lose some health.  It's not 
a very difficult process to jump down one floor at a time.  When you 
get to the very top destroy the 3 hives and the aliens before 
filling up with fuel.  When you fly up to the next level you'll have 
a Bif to deal with.  Kill the Bif and get whatever batteries and 
Uzi's you need, and then continue.  You'll have to destroy more 
mounted guns again.  When you reach the top go to the question mark 
doors if you dare, but be ready when you go in the corridor.  There 
will be a ton of mounted guns to deal with.  I recommend holding 
down the fire button when you see them.  You should destroy them as 
you go.  After the corridor you have to run outside again similar to 
the beginning of 2B.  You can ignore the small enemies, but you 
should kill the Bif in the middle of the road.  After this little 
stretch you go in one more corridor.

Level 2, Checkpoint D

Keep riding the platforms up.  Ignore the aliens in the bubble in 
the middle, because you can't hurt them.  They don't do anything to 
you either.  When you get to the top you'll have to do a mid-air 
refueling.  It's not too hard; all you have to do is jump near it, 
and keep tapping the square button so you hover next to the pump.  
Stay there until you've got a full jet pack, then fly all the way 
up.  It's just like before.  Fly against the wall and destroy the 
mounted guns.  In the first floor there's another midair fuel 
station, so keep that in mind.  When you're done flying up fill up 
at the top fuel station, then land on one of the platforms.  No 
aliens this time, but the question mark rooms are still there.  
Ignore them and go in the corridor.  More mounted guns so be alert.

Level 2, Checkpoint E (Boss Fight)

This fight is pathetically easy.  There are plenty of guns on the 
lower floor, as well as both types of batteries and a fuel station.  
All you do is keep stocked on Uzi's, avoid the energy beams, and 
keep firing.  The fight will be over in no time.

Level 3, Checkpoint A

After the tutorial about how to use the Doctor, go to the 
refrigerator to get a couple Mr. Fizzy's.  These are used to 
replenish the Doc's health.  Go to the room connected to the kitchen 
and go behind the bar to get 3 "The Sauce" and 1 "A Bunch of Dirty 
Towels."  These can be combined to create a Molotov.  However, 
without the lighter the molotov can't be used.  Just hang on to the 
molotov for now.  If you want to see something kind of funny run 
near the jukebox and the Doc will start dancing to the music.  
However, don't run near the fireplace, as that will injure the 
doctor pretty decently.  Once you have the toaster, 2 Mr. Fizzys, a 
toaster, 2 "The Sauce", and 1 molotov, exit the room using the door.    
After the corridor you come to a spot where there are 3 doors other 
than the one you used.  The door with the dark blue stairs is the 
bridge, the door with the light blue stairs is the lavatory, the 
door with the dark green stairs is the lounge, and the door with the 
light green stairs (where you just came from) is the Doc's quarters.  
Start out by going left to the bridge, where the only item you get 
is Duct Tape.  Next go to the lavatory.  First get the 2 "A Bunch of 
Dirty Towels" next to the sink and make two more molotovs.  Then go 
into the toilet stall and Doctor Hawkins will use the toilet.  When 
he is done the Hand Blowdryer will come off and some pipes will come 
out of the wall.  The pipes are right in front of the door to the 
stall.  Combine the pipes and the blowdryer to create a leafblower, 
which will be used in the Lounge.  A funny scene happens if you try 
to leave without washing your hands.  When you do it enough times 
the Computer on board the Jim Dandy will eventually shock the 
Doctor!  When you've had enough messing around wash his hands, equip 
the leaf blower, and head to the lounge.  When you enter the lounge 
hold the X button (or whatever button you use to fire guns in your 
configuration) and run towards the aliens.  The object is to blow 
them near Kermit, who is next to the door.  Kermit is hungry so he 
will eat the aliens.  When all the aliens are disposed of the Kermit 
will turn your toaster into an atomic toaster.  You cannot make 
toast anymore, but now you have a permanent weapon for the Doctor!  
Now mixing the loaf with the atomic toaster will shoot atomic toast 
that is just like a bullet.  The great thing is that you have an 
infinite supply of toast.  When you're done go in the door by the 
giant plant. 

Level 3, Checkpoint B

As soon as you exit the elevator walk up a little ways and jump on 
the beam that is going left to right.  From there jump on the pipe 
and look down.  You should see water spewing from a crack.  Next to 
the crack you should see a beam.  Jump down from the pipe onto the 
beam, but be careful not to land in the water, because a live cord 
is in the water and if Doc jumps in the water he will be 
electrocuted.  When you land on the beam next to the crack use the 
Duct tape, and Doc will repair the crack and the water will drain.  
After the water is gone you can walk on the floor to collect the 
cord.  Combine the cord with the pipes to create a ladder.  Use the 
ladder in the places where there is an "X" in the floor.  Use the 
ladder in the place across from the crack you repaired, then look 
down from where you get off to see another "X".  Use that "X" and 
you will be taken up to a door in the wall.  Walk through it into 
another room.  Look right to see another "X" and use it to get to 
the pipe.  Jump on the beam on the other side of the pipe and turn 
left.  Eventually you will come to another door in the wall.  In 
this room there are 3 aliens.  Dispose of them using the atomic 
toaster, then work your way to the top.  The Doc can walk on the 
beam that's connected along the wall, so once you get to it you can 
walk around the room until you get to another door.  Walk out this 
door and jump down to the beam below you.  Use this one to walk to 
another door.

Level 3, Checkpoint C

Go to where the elevator stops and ride it until you see a pipe on 
the right of the elevator.  Jump on top of the pipe and walk to the 
door.  Don't try to jump IN the pipe, because there is an invisible 
wall and the Doctor cannot go in.  Once you go through the door hang 
a left and go to the "X" in the floor.  Use the ladder, then repeat 
the process on the next beam.  Once you get off the ladder the 
second time look down.  You should see a room right below you.  Jump 
down and go into the door.  When you enter the room immediately walk 
to the right on the beam that's against the wall.  Eventually you'll 
come to an actual door, which turns out to be an elevator.

Level 3, Checkpoint D

In the middle of the room is a "fishy" grate according to Doctor 
Hawkins.  Keep this grate in mind, then find the door in the wall 
and run up the ramp.  In the next room grab the fishbowl and lighter 
then run back down to the "fishy" grate.  You need to use the 
fishbowl at the grate and Doc will pour the fish into the grate.  
Now you control the fish, which is named Chuckleberry Finn.  
Remember in the introduction how I talked about some places that 
took me over an hour to figure out?  This is one of those places.  
Since I'm a nice guy, here are the directions you need to get to the 
security override switch:

1.  From the beginning, go straight and follow the pipe to an 
intersection where there are three different pipes to choose from.  
Go in the pipe in the middle.
2.  Eventually you'll come to an intersection where there is a pipe 
on the right, and a pipe going straight.  There is a piranha that 
will appear out of the pipe on the right, so slow up and wait for 
him to turn around.  When he is gone, go straight.
3.  You'll quickly come to a "T" intersection.  Go right.
4.  Next you will see an intersection where there is a pipe on the 
right and a pipe going straight.  Go straight.
5.  Follow this pipe for quite a ways until you see an intersection 
with a pipe on the left and a pipe going straight.  Go left.
6.  After swimming under a spiny puffer fish you'll come to an 
intersection where there is a pipe going left, a pipe going 
straight, and a pipe going right.  A piranha patrols the left and 
straight pipe, so once he is moving away from you take the pipe 
going right, and this pipe leads to the security override switch.

Once that is done you go back to controlling the Doc.  Equip the 
atomic toaster and loaf, because there will be some aliens to kill.  
Run into the room the aliens are in and target the hive first, then 
kill the aliens.  After that's done go up the elevator and follow 
the floor to a door.

Level 3, Checkpoint E

First kill the Bif in the room, then run under the switch on the 
other end of the room and jump to activate it.  If you find that you 
can't kill the Bif without taking a lot of damage, another strategy 
to do could be to immediately turn left and run to flip the switch, 
while dodging the Bif's attacks.  The Bif will be sucked out when 
the doors open, but so will the Doc.  While he is being sucked out 
he will pick up a magnet.  Combine the Duct Tape with the magnet and 
the Doc will not be sucked out anymore.  Next equip the Empty 
Fishbowl before the timer runs out so the Doc can breathe.  Now you 
can walk out into outer space and into the door at the end of that 
long plank.  Be careful while out on this plank, because a spaceship 
is firing shots at you, and a hit takes a lot of energy.  I 
recommend turning so the Doc is facing the ship and strafe towards 
the door you need to go into.  Watch where the ship's shots are 
going to go, then backtrack so you aren't near the impact.  I 
recommend after every shot hits the bridge keep backtracking so the 
ship fires the shot way behind you.  After this shot is fired walk 
towards the door.  So to review, start out by strafing left until 
the shot is fired, then strafe right to get away from the impact.  
After the impact strafe right until the ship fires, then hold strafe 
left until the shot hits, then once it hits strafe right until the 
ship fires, then strafe left, etc.  This is the strategy that worked 
for me, and I never even took a hit.  When you get into the door on 
the other end of the bridge grab the Mr. Fizzy (You should have 3 
now) and turn right.  The magnets on the Doc's feet and the fishbowl 
will disappear, and then you will go in an elevator.

Level 3, Checkpoint F (Boss Fight)

This is another easy boss fight.  Start out by equipping the atomic 
toaster and the loaf, and fire shots at the boss while dodging all 
his attacks.  Flip up both switches, but don't jump on the red 
button just yet.  Wait until the boss activates his force field, and 
then do it.  This will cause a laser to shoot him, and will disable 
his shield to a red color.  You have to laser him one more time 
before the shield totally disappears.  Then resort to shooting him 
with atomic toast.  Use Mr. Fizzys when the Doc's health gets to 
about 10-15.  Don't waste them.  Once the boss's shield is gone he 
won't use it again, so just keep firing, and eventually he will die.  
Don't worry, the boss fights will get tougher pretty soon.

Level 4, Checkpoint A

Back to using Kurt again.  This room should look familiar, as it was 
where the Bif was sleeping when Max landed on this ship.  Grab the 
Sniper Shield and then go to the window.  Before you shoot out the 
window, equip the sniper scope and zoom way across the opening to 
see a Bif.  This will be your first target.  Once the window is shot 
out, go to sniper mode and use the Sniper Shield.  Don't exit the 
room just yet.  First, snipe out the far Bif that you looked at, 
then run out a little ways and turn left to see another Bif.  Snipe 
this one out too, then Chain Gun the Flying Attackers until both of 
those are destroyed.  When you have killed all 4 enemies grab the 
Super Chaingun and the Ham, then go to the window on the other side 
of the clearing from where you started.  Destroy the window and jump 
down the hole.  Use your parachute to slow your descent, and when 
you see a ship below land on it.  Do not fall to the ground.  Once 
on the ship you should see an item far away.  Walk on the ship, jump 
over the next ship, then you should be able to grab the item.  It is 
a cloak.  Destroy the hive and both Bottrocks, using the regular 
technique.  You shouldn't be any lower than 70 or so for health when 
you leave.  If the Bottrocks are giving you problems, then use the 
Super Chaingun, but try to save it for later if possible.  When all 
the enemies are dead snipe the blue sphere and enter the room.  
After you're out of the corridor you come to a big opening with many 
fans, blue spheres, and white spheres shooting at you.  First, snipe 
the white spheres, then run around to both sides of the entrance you 
came from to grab 2 more Sniper Shields.  Once getting those run 
straight ahead to the fan that isn't turned on yet.  Snipe the blue 
sphere immediately below it to activate it, then ride it up a little 
ways onto a beam.  Grab the ham, then you will see 4 blue spheres 
right behind the ham.  Sniping them will create a temporary platform 
on each of them, but before doing that snipe the blue sphere under 
the fan to the right of these 4 spheres to activate the fan.  Now 
snipe the 4 blue spheres in the order you will jump on them, then 
jump to the fan that you just activated.  Ride the fan a little way 
up to the ground, then snipe 3 more blue spheres to create 
platforms.  Ride the fan a little higher to get to those to cross 
them to a different fan.  If you look below you from this fan you 
will see some items scattered the level on red platforms.  3 of the 
items are apples, and the closest red platform to the fan is a set 
of grenades.  Get the grenades but ignore the apples.  Ride the fan 
up to the next beam.  You can take this beam to another door.  Next 
to the door is a ham and 2 apples, which will fill you up to 100 
health anyway, so no need to get the apples on the red platforms 
unless it's an emergency.

Level 4, Checkpoint B

Here you will see three blue spheres rising and falling.  These 
spheres are releasing a gas, so Kurt can ride them using his 
parachute like he would on a fan.  The key is to snipe them in an 
ascending order, then glide above each of them.  Snipe one in front 
of Kurt, then one a little higher, then one higher than that.  Using 
this technique Kurt can rise to the higher room.  Be careful of the 
white sphere shooting at you.  First jump across the gap to the 
item.  The item will disappear, but this is where you need to be to 
reach the next higher room.  This room isn't very high, so you only 
need to snipe one blue sphere reach it.  When you get to this room 
snipe the stopped blue sphere to get it moving again.  Keep using 
this technique to get to the top.  Destroy the white sphere as soon 
as you get a chance.  At the top above the door is a very helpful 
apple, as I'm sure the white sphere got a few hits on you.  After 
you get the apple go in the corridor.  Be careful because it is full 
of mounted guns, and the chain gun has no effect on them.  Run as 
fast as you can and dodge the shots at you, and you should make it 
without sustaining much damage.

Level 4, Checkpoint C

Use a Sniper Shield and then snipe the two Bifs.  When they are both 
dead go in the door on the right.  Inside is an apple.  Be aware 
which door you walked in, because once inside the aliens will turn 
off the lights and make all the doors into question mark doors.  
Walk into the door you can in and you will be able to leave.  When 
that is done go back to where you fought the Bifs to go into the 
other door.  First snipe the Bif on the far stage, then take out the 
conehead and then the Bottrocks.  Lastly, snipe the bubble 
containing the green gas of the other alien.  Next run on the stage 
and face the audience.  It will say "Dance" on the screen.  Just run 
back and forth for a few seconds and the audience will jump out from 
behind the stands and attack you.  Kill them and a door will appear 
behind the stage.  Behind this door you will run outside into the 
same clearing that Max was in.  First target the hives behind the 
bunkers, then dispose of the rest of the aliens.  Grab all the items 
and continue on.

Level 4, Checkpoint D

You'll see 3 Bifs in the next room.  Grenades are a good way to take 
care of them, and by now you should have quite a few.  Once the Bifs 
are dead parachute above the firepit to get a ham, more grenades, 
and another cloak.  Go back down to the ground then go into the next 
door.  When you hit a cave-type environment you'll be shot at by 3 
mounted guns.  You can snipe them from a distance out of their 
seeing range.  Just zoom in a lot.  After you get rid of the 3 
mounted guns, take out the two Bifs on the bottom.  Jump down there, 
then turn around and destroy one more mounted gun.  Snipe the blue 
sphere under the fan, and ride it up to the next door.  There is an 
apple by the blue sphere, so walk all the way down and get it if you 
need it.  In the next room there are more mounted guns, so just 
weave your way through the corridor.

Level 4, Checkpoint E

Directly across the huge gap is a hive that you cannot see yet, so 
it will keep producing aliens.  Kill the first one you see, then 
jump to the fan on the right to get Bouncing Sniper Shells.  From 
this fan glide into the room closest to you, then stand on the 
platform that's outside of the door.  Across the gap is a purple 
circle on the wall.  Shoot it with your Bouncing Sniper Shells and 
you will hit a blue sphere.  After that's done turn around and 
follow a long corridor to an apple.  Glide to it, and follow the 
path to the fan that you just used.  Hovering with this fan, you can 
see the hive.  Aim with your camera controls and destroy it with the 
chaingun.  This will make your life a little easier.  Now float to 
the fan left of the entrance to get more sniper shells.  Do the same 
process.  Once the second blue sphere is eliminated a platform will 
rise in front of the entrance and where the aliens were coming from.  
Before you go to the second platform go to the end of this corridor 
and get a cloak like you got the apple.  Now glide back to the fan 
and go to the door where the aliens were.  In this corridor there 
are mounted guns that shoot faster than the ones you've been seeing.  
You can still avoid them using the same technique.

Level 4, Checkpoint F (Boss Fight)

First run around the area and get the Sniper Shield, the Super 
Chaingun (Equip immediately), and the necessary apples you'll need.  
First take the two apples on the outer edge; leave the one on the 
structure for later.  It's a big help during the boss fight.  Enter 
the structure in the middle of the area when you're ready for the 
fight to begin.  The boss is Schwang Schwing, and it's by far the 
most difficult boss fight you've had thus far, mainly because if he 
connects with a hit it will take off a lot of your health.  The 
fight will start with Schwang ripping the roof off of the structure.  
First equip the Sniper Shield and snipe his eyes.  After three or so 
hits Schwang will jump back and run on an area on the outer part of 
the area.  While he's out here he follows the same routine.  He says 
"Oh yeah", runs while shooting at you, then he'll stop and throw two 
little aliens at you.  The strategy is to dodge Schwang's shots, 
then use the Super Chaingun to kill the two aliens while they are 
still in the air, then equip the sniper rifle and snipe the hand 
that is holding Max.  Once Schwang's hand takes enough damage he 
will throw Max at Kurt and then follow a similar routine to the one 
he was using before.  You'll notice the switches in the room are now 
active.  Whenever Schwang stands in front of a switch snipe the blue 
sphere on top of it, and Schwang will take a direct lightning hit.  
After enough lightning hits Schwang will fall over and the fight 
will be over.

Level 5, Checkpoint A

The fight begins while you pilot a spaceship.  It's just like the 
torpedo at the beginning of Level 2 with the exception that you 
control it going forward and backward in addition to going up and 
down.  It's very easy and you'll be on the Jim Dandy in no time.  
Once on board grab the guns, and then shoot out the grate in the 
floor.  Jump down onto the pipes, then shoot out the grate in the 
wall.  Do not jump all the way down to the ground, because that's 
full of those little aliens that like to run into you.  Once in the 
grate follow it to another room.  The light beams in this room will 
injure Max.  Before jumping down to the floor, walk on the 
construction beams straight ahead and try to get the Gatling Guns.  
This can be difficult to do because it takes precision jumping.  If 
you don't get them don't worry about it.  Once on the ground jump to 
avoid the lower beams.  Shoot the four Control Panels that are 
facing the wall to turn off the beams of light.  Be ready though 
because once that happens those little aliens that run into you drop 
down and attack you.  Kill them before they run into you, then jump 
down the grate in the floor.  Be aware many more of those aliens 
will be coming, so always face the grate you dropped in on.  After 
jumping down for a few levels you fall into a room with a telescope 
in it.  Jump down to the outer level of the room and destroy the 
alien hive and whatever aliens jumped out.  Next, run around this 
top to destroy a control panel.  This will raise the platform in the 
middle.  Now jump onto the ground, and jump on top of the platform.  
Shoot the eyepiece of the telescope so it faces the "X" in the 
middle of the platform, then look into it to see a man posing with 
the aliens.  This is just a fun extra thing to do.  I don't know who 
the man is, but it's probably one of the makers of the game.  When 
you're done with that destroy the "X" in the floor and jump down.  
Get the AA Battery in the next area then shoot the grate in the 
wall.  After this grate you'll see your very first Birdbrain of the 
game.  Kill it and then follow the path.  Out of the vents will drop 
those aliens that run into you.  Shoot them before they hit you.  
When you reach the end shoot the grate in the wall and jump into it.

Level 5, Checkpoint B

Run straight ahead and shoot out the grate to get an Uzi.  Shoot the 
grate on the other side of the wall to get another Uzi.  Next follow 
the path a little longer and shoot out the final grate to get to a 
room with green chambers in it.  Against a chamber is a control 
panel facing the wall.  Run around the outer edge of the room until 
you find it.  When that is done the chambers on the floor will 
explode.  Kill those aliens and then ride the platform to the next 
floor.  Be aware of the Birdbrains that teleport into the room.  At 
the top, get all the items and then enter the grate.  At the other 
end of the grate is a hallway similar to the one that started the 
checkpoint out.  Follow it to another grate.  Inside the next room 
try to get the Gatling Guns again.  After that is done jump to the 
ground and enter the lavatory (The light blue stairs).  Kill the 
aliens in the bathroom, then shoot out the wall where the Doc got 
the Pipes from.  Jump down into the hole that you create.

Level 5, Checkpoint C

In this area just try all the areas of the maze until you reach the 
other end.  It's pretty simple to go through so you don't need 
directions from me.  Keep in mind some walls can be shot out to get 
items, so shoot the end of every dead end you come across just to 
make sure.  Also, watch out for those aliens that run into you (You 
will grow to hate them with a passion).  The end of the maze turns 
red and there are 4 Gatling Guns.  Run as fast as you can to get as 
many as you can, because the floor will give out.  However you can 
still get the remaining guns in a second, so don't worry if you miss 
some.  When you land kill whatever aliens you can, then get the 
Gatling Guns you missed.  There is a grate near the ceiling that you 
must go in next.  Once inside the grate you will come to another 
room similar to the one you were just in.  Jump straight down and 
turn left to see a light coming from the wall.  Shoot this area to 
reveal a big hole.  Jump down the hole and get as many guns as 
possible.  At the bottom is a standard jetpack and a much needed Car 
Battery.  After the Car Battery is a fuel station.  Once you fill up 
with fuel, sit still until the fuel station moves.  The objective is 
to fly next to the fuel station to the other end of the huge room.  
Max won't have enough fuel to get to the other side, so this is the 
only way to get across.  At the end of the room is a large pipe that 
Max will fly into.  Make sure he is at 100 fuel before flying up it.  
While flying up the pipe keep your eyes peeled for an opening near 
the top to fly into.

Level 5, Checkpoint D

Follow the grate to get another Car Battery and some more guns if 
you need them.  Shoot the end and jump down, then go into the room 
to the next save point.  This was a tough section.

Level 5, Checkpoint E (Boss Fight)

This fight is easy if you have a lot of Gatling Guns.  Just follow 
the boss while firing the whole time.  When his shield comes up hold 
your fire, because your weapons won't have an effect.  The boss has 
a little room where he replenishes his health, so you only have a 
limited amount of time to do some damage to him before he returns.  
If you stay right behind him the whole time he will be dead pretty 
quick.  Just dodge his attacks and you'll be fine.

Level 6, Checkpoint A

You're the Doc again, and the object of this level is to defuse the 
bombs on board the Jim Dandy.  You have 3 minutes to defuse the 
first bomb, and you'll see it where the lounge, lavatory, bridge, 
and Doc's Quarters intersect.  Each bomb is divided into sections, 
and you must defuse whatever section is in red.  Follow the tube 
from the red section to a button, then step on the button.  When 
that is done another section turns red and you must do it again.  
The first bomb only has four sections, and the pipes are pretty 
short.  When you figure out how to defuse this bomb the rest of the 
level will be a piece of cake.  Also be aware that the pipe that's 
connected to the red section flashes red every five seconds or so.  
This will be helpful later on, but keep it in mind for now.  Also 
remember that you will get more than enough time to defuse every 
bomb, so take your time.  You don't want to screw up!  I can't give 
an order to go in for any of the bombs, because the order at which 
the sections turn red is random.  Just follow the pipes and you'll 
be fine.  After the bomb is deactivated go to the Bridge.  You'll 
have some aliens to kill, but when they're dead you can grab some 
Baguettes and a Mr. Fizzy.  You can't get to the Doc's Quarters or 
the Lavatory, so go to the Lounge next.

Level 6, Checkpoint B

You only get 2:30 for this bomb.  It's four sections again, but the 
buttons are much farther away.  Although the buttons are farther 
away, all four buttons are right next to each other.  Watch the 
pipes to see which one flashes red to make sure you're going after 
the right button.  You will finish well before the timer runs out.  
When the bomb is deactivated you will have to rescue Kermit again.  
Drink the plutonium that he throws at you and the Doc turns into a 
monster!  He will easily kill the aliens in this condition, too bad 
it's not permanent.  When the aliens are gone go into the door that 
Kermit opens up for you.

Level 6, Checkpoint C

Go into the portal to see another bomb.  You have 7 minutes to 
deactivate this one, and the bomb is huge.  You'll notice that a 
vent wraps around the center of the room.  Jump down to the ground 
and go to the anchor in front of the end of the vent.  Use the 
ladder and run on the vent to the very top, where there are three 
buttons.  Whatever you do don't jump all the way down to the bomb 
from here, or else the Doc will lose a lot of health.  Watch the 
pipes flash red to know where to go and you'll deactivate the bomb 
effortlessly.  When you're ready to step on the final button, equip 
the atomic toaster and loaf, because some Birdbrains and Coneheads 
will appear.  Kill them before moving on.  Once they are dead go 
into the door that opened when you deactivated the bomb.

Level 6, Checkpoint D

Go into the portal to deactivate one final bomb.  You have 7:30 to 
take care of this one, and it is easier than the last one in my 
opinion.  Be aware of the button on the wall; just shoot a piece of 
toast into it when you need to push it.  For the rest of the buttons 
follow the pipes and you'll be done in a jiffy.  Be careful because 
two more Birdbrains appear when this bomb gets deactivated, so be 
prepared.  When they are dead grab the plutonium (you should now 
have 2) and go into the elevator.

Level 6, Checkpoint E (Boss Fight)

The first thing you should notice is a red arrow pointing to the top 
of a stack of boxes, making it obvious that you need to go to that 
spot.  Also notice that the boss has a shield around him, so don't 
waste any time trying to attack him quite yet.  To get to the arrow, 
run straight ahead and jump to the ground using the boxes in front 
of you as stairs.  Don't jump all the way down or else the Doc will 
lose some health.  Once you're at the base of the stack of boxes 
below the arrow, drink a Plutonium to become a monster.  In this 
condition the Doc will now be able to climb to the arrow.  Once 
you're under the arrow wait until the boss flies right below you.  
When he is under you some dotted lines appear.  Jump along the line 
and then push the fire button to punch the alien.  With any luck the 
Doc will grab on to the alien and slap him around for a few seconds.  
This is how to disable the boss's shield.  It will take three jumps 
to totally disable the shield.  Don't worry if you run out of 
Plutoniums; they keep appearing right next to the stack of boxes 
below the arrow.  Once the boss's shield is disabled attack him with 
atomic toast, and he will die pretty quick.

Level 7, Checkpoint A

Now Kurt is on Swizzle Firma, the homeworld of the aliens.  Schwang 
Schwing is in a ship shooting at Kurt, so when the level begins 
"Run!" appears on the screen.  Run as quickly to the end of the 
path, because if you sit still Schwang will shoot it out beneath you 
and you will die.  I recommend jumping (do not glide) continuously 
to throw off Schwang's aiming.  When you come to a fork in the road, 
go right.  If you go left you will end up at a dead end and Schwang 
will have already destroyed the path behind you.  When you go right 
you will see a door.  Once you get to the door you will be rid of 
Schwang for a while.  Follow the hallway in the door to a big room 
where there are four rocket ships.  However, don't just go running 
into the room because there are mounted guns on both sides of the 
entrance that will shoot you, not to mention aliens on the other 
side of the room.  First, snipe all the aliens on the other side of 
the room so they leave you alone temporarily (as more will appear 
quickly), then face a wall, strafe out into the room a little bit, 
snipe one of the guns, go back in the hallway, then do it to the 
other one.  Once those two guns are out of the way face straight 
ahead.  Go to sniper mode, and look to the right a little bit.  Zoom 
in and you'll see one more mounted gun on the other side of the 
room.  Snipe this one, and then snipe the aliens one more time.  Run 
into the room and shoot two blue spheres, which are under the 
engines of two of the rocket ships.  Once the two blue spheres are 
shot the fan will turn on under the rocket ship the aliens appear 
from.  Glide up into their rocket ship to shoot one more blue 
sphere.  Jump back down the hole you just came up from and snipe a 
blue sphere in the last rocket to activate the fan in the aliens 
rocket.  Go back to that fan and glide up it.  You will get to 
another big room with three more blue spheres in it.  First grab the 
grenades on the right side of the room, then run to the left side to 
snipe a wide open blue sphere.  Next use the grenades to blast out 
the two big pieces of glass in the floor.  Before jumping down 
there, run around the edges to determine where two mounted guns are.  
Then you should be able to back up out of their range and snipe 
them.  Once the two guns are out of the way, jump down and you'll 
have to destroy one more mounted gun.  Wait around the corner until 
it is facing away from you, then snipe it.  Grab the Sniper Mortar, 
and then return to one of the fans.  Notice two more aliens 
appeared, so take care of them before gliding up.  Once you have 
glided up, use the Sniper Mortar to destroy the glass blocking the 
blue sphere in the right side of the room.  When this sphere is 
destroyed, jump down to where you got the Sniper Mortar to get some 
Bouncing Sniper Shells.  Destroy more aliens like before then go 
back up to the top.  Run to the purple button in the floor and stand 
on it.  Enter sniper mode and shoot a Bouncing Sniper Shell near the 
other purple button to take out the final blue sphere.  Don't worry 
if you run out of Bouncing Sniper Shells because they keep 
reappearing in the same place if you run out.  Once the final blue 
sphere is gone go back down to where you got the Bouncing Sniper 
Shells to see that a door has opened.  Enter it to go to the next 
save point.

Level 7, Checkpoint B

Again you'll have to deal with Schwang Schwing firing shots at you.  
Jump up the path like you did before and take a right at the fork in 
the road to get to another door.  Inside this door is another room 
with more rocket ships.  First dispose of the aliens, then shoot out 
the glass under each rocket with the chaingun.  A blue sphere will 
come bouncing out, and for the first time you'll have to snipe one 
that's not sitting still.  Each blue sphere activates a fan under 
it's rocket ship, so when you're done sniping the sphere you can 
glide up into the rocket.  Be careful because they have mounted guns 
in them.  Also, if you glide up into a rocket ship cloaked aliens 
appear in the ground below, and they are extremely difficult to 
kill.  The rocket ship that you need to fly into to continue is the 
one in the back of the room, on the right.  I recommend ignoring the 
other ships and flying up only in this one.  If you fly up in the 
others you can get some items, however you'll have to deal with the 
cloaked aliens.  Once you fly up in this ship you'll come to another 
large room with two large structures in it.  There will be two 
cloaked aliens to deal with, but they are manageable this time.  
Better than the many you were facing in the other room.  Grab the 
items, and then use the chaingun to destroy the glass on both of the 
structures.  In the structure on the left you need to use the Sniper 
Mortar to shoot a bullet into the structure, causing a blue sphere 
to come bouncing out.  Snipe this, then move on to the other 
structure.  Once the glass is blown out on this one you can use 
regular Sniper Bullets to knock the blue sphere out.  Snipe this 
one, and a third blue sphere will appear above the structure on the 
right.  Be careful, because once you snipe this one a bunch of 
Gashead aliens will appear.  You can deal with these if you wish, 
otherwise run to the grate at the other end of the room and continue 
on.  After gliding up a couple of fans you'll reach the next save 

Level 7, Checkpoint C

Schwang Schwing is here to greet you again, but this time there is a 
quick trick to advance.  Immediately jump down, then glide below the 
path briefly, looking for a rooftop with three items on it.  Glide 
to this rooftop, pick up the items, and then enter the portal.  The 
portal will take you to the next door you have to go to.  Once 
inside this door you will see an enormous structure.  Immediately 
run to the left and you'll see a support sticking out of the wall 
with a blue sphere in it.  Once you snipe this blue sphere enemies 
will appear out of nowhere.  You have to kill these enemies to 
activate another blue sphere, which is in the next support.  You 
have to follow the same routine until all the blue spheres and 
enemies are destroyed.  The enemies get considerably stronger, and 
there are some new ones that you haven't seen before towards the 
later spheres, but after each group of enemies is destroyed new 
items and health appear, so you should be alright.  Don't be afraid 
to equip an item (Use Super Chainguns earlier, then Laser Chainguns 
for the later enemies) if things get a little too tough.  Just keep 
using the same techniques you've been using thus far to destroy the 
enemies and you'll be fine.  It's okay to jump down to the bottom of 
the level too, because the fan will take you up to a portal that 
puts you near the entrance of the room.  Just a warning is that the 
last blue sphere requires you to jump all the way to the bottom 
before you can start any fighting, so if there are any items left 
you should consider flying back up when there is only one Bif left.  
Once he is destroyed the lasers will shoot out the fan.  When the 
fan is gone jump to the hole where it was and carry on the mission.

Level 7, Checkpoint D

In this section you must destroy a bouncing blue sphere on each 
level to activate the fan, which lets you advance to the next floor.  
I recommend first killing the enemies on each floor before 
attempting to snipe the blue sphere, because with the enemies gone 
you will have much more time to aim and destroy the blue sphere 
faster.  When you get the first fan activated, instead of flying to 
the next floor fly back towards the entrance and you'll see a ham 
and an apple.  You might be needing both of these if the Bifs got a 
few lucky hits in during the last section.  Once you have gotten 
what you needed advance on.  When you get to a level with two aliens 
holding huge guns, I recommend equipping the Laser Chaingun to 
eliminate them quickly.  From here on ignore all enemies, because 
the rest of the fans will already be activated.  Once you enter the 
door on the very last floor, eat the apple then go to the save 

Level 7, Checkpoint E (Boss Fight)

If you grabbed the ham at the beginning of the section you should be 
at 100 health (or very close to it since you just picked up an 
apple), which will help immensely.  You can't go back for this ham, 
so don't try to save it for later.  Even if you're at 97 health eat 
it anyway.  Once you go to the central platform the boss fight 
begins.  Time to finally engage Schwang Schwing's spaceship.  To 
defeat it all you have to do is snipe all the spheres off of the 
front half of it and the ship will blow up.  Sounds easy, right?  
Other than the fact that Schwang constantly fires shots at you while 
beaming aliens to the platform you're on makes this the hardest boss 
fight of the game so far.  There is a little section connected to 
the platform with a small building on it.  First run there to get 
the Sniper Shield.  Leave the ham for now, since you'll definitely 
be needing it in a second.  To defeat the ship, kill all the aliens 
Schwang throws at you, and then snipe the blue spheres.  Always be 
on the move, but be careful not to strafe off the edge of the 
platform.  You won't have much time for the spheres since Schwang 
will just toss more enemies at you.  Keep killing them and targeting 
the ship, and eventually you should emerge victorious.  Eat the ham 
when you need to, and use the Sniper Shield if you are under heavy 
fire, keep plugging away at the enemies and the spheres, and you'll 
be done in no time.  Good riddance.

Level 8, Checkpoint A

Begin the level by turning left and going straight.  There is a 
magnum if you turn right, but leave it because you need the room for 
better guns.  Skip the first path to the right, then turn left at 
the "T" intersection.  Towards the end of this path is a room on the 
right side.  Go into this room to get four more guns.  Run out of 
the room and head left.  Follow the path all the way to the end and 
you'll see a box with a "Gun" arrow above it.  Shoot the box to get 
a Gatling Gun.  Turn right, then take a left at the "T" Intersection 
to see some boxes towards the end of the path on the left side.  
Shoot out the boxes and go into the room.  Get the shotguns if you 
have room, then shoot out the grate in the room to continue.  Keep 
in mind that there are 3 ships firing at you, plus one other ship 
that drops aliens in your way.  I recommend not getting into a 
direct conflict with the aliens that drop out of the sky, because 
that just wastes time and gets you unnecessarily injured.  Just run 
straight ahead while zig-zagging to avoid the enemy fire.  You 
shouldn't take too much damage using this method.  Once you get on 
the other side of the grate you'll see a bunch of Bifs.  Kill them 
quickly, grab the AA Battery and other guns, then continue.  More 
Bifs reappear under the lasers, so be fast.  Run down the path at 
the other end of the area to the next save point.

Level 8, Checkpoint B

After you get the Car Battery you will come to a room with a sealed 
door.  All you do is shoot the four holes that are shooting steam 
and the door will open into a larger room.  In this room you must 
destroy the object in the ceiling to open the door.  You can destroy 
the walls in this room to get some more guns, but in the room after 
this is an unlimited supply of Gatling Guns, so don't worry too much 
about getting the guns.  Just shoot the thing in the ceiling and run 
through the door before the aliens in the room do too much damage to 
you.  The next room takes a little time.  Birdbrains constantly 
transport in, so just keep killing them so you don't take a lot of 
damage.  Some Car Batteries are in the lower floor, but wait to get 
those.  If you look at the ceiling in this room, you'll see some 
pipes with a green, blue, a red end.  You have to ride a platform up 
to destroy all three of these to be able to advance.  Immediately 
after entering this room run to the left.  Right next to the second 
Gatling Gun is a place where a platform comes to get you.  Ride this 
platform to the central area of the room and jump on it.  This is 
where you hop on platforms that ride up to the tops of those pipes.  
Once you jump on the central platform run left and you'll see a Blue 
platform pretty quickly.  You probably will be too late to catch it 
right away, but wait for it to come back.  When it comes back jump 
on it and you will be taken to the blue pipe.  While on this 
platform however you will be able to destroy the green pipe as well.  
Ride the platform back to the central platform and then hop on 
either the red or green platform (you can destroy the red pipe on 
either one of these).  After destroying the red pipe the central 
structure will fall through the floor.  Jump back to the outer ring 
to get whatever Gatling Guns you need, and then jump down to the 
bottom.  The fall will take away a lot of your health, but there are 
two Car Batteries on the floor so you'll be at full health.  Run to 
the middle and look for a tiny bit of wiring sticking out of the 
hole.  Jump off the end of the wiring and fall to the other side of 
the hole.  Aim for the item, and you'll land on a pipe sticking out 
of the wall.  Grab the AA Battery and you should regain the health 
you just lost on the fall.  Now comes the tricky part.  Max has to 
jump inside the pipe from on top of it.  If you screw up he will die 
and you'll have to do it again.  Back up to the edge of the pipe 
sticking out, jump, and while in the air move Max so he lands inside 
of the pipe instead of on top of it.  Inside the pipe is one more 
Car Battery so he should definitely be at 200 health.  Inside the 
pipe is the next save point.

Level 8, Checkpoint C

Equip all Gatling Guns and then run straight ahead.  Fall down the 
hole and you'll land on a piece of floor sticking out of a building.  
You will be under heavy enemy fire by three ships with aliens all 
over the floor.  Kill whatever aliens you can from here, then get 
the AA Battery and Gatling Gun if you need it, then jump down.  Run 
straight towards one of the ships on the end and destroy it.  Target 
the ship in the middle, then the last one.  They are pretty easy to 
destroy with Gatling Guns.  Hopefully you destroyed the hive that 
was producing all those aliens.  After the third ship is destroyed a 
4th ship will fly in.  Kill all the aliens that jump out of this 
ship, then go inside the ship.  While in the ship run to the front 
and jump into the cockpit.  Jump on the big red button to activate 
the gun of the ship to blow open the door.  Exit the ship, but 
before going into the door you created fill up your gun inventory 
with all Gatling Guns.  They keep reappearing, so if you have some 
half-empty Gatling Guns empty them out so you can collect fresh 
ones.  You should now have 7 full Gatling Guns.  After entering the 
door get the Car Battery and the Atomic Jetpack.  The Atomic Jetpack 
has an infinite amount of fuel, so it recharges when it is not in 
use.  First fly up to the first platform sticking out, then let the 
jetpack fill up.  There are some other guns in here, but I prefer 
the Gatling Gun.  You can get these guns if you want, but personally 
I don't care much for them.  From this platform fly counterclockwise 
to the next platform, which is a little higher up.  Keep doing this 
until you get to a platform with a bunch of green smoke around it.  
Do not fly into this smoke because it will injure Max.  From this 
platform fly straight up (while avoiding the green smoke) to another 
platform, then from here fly up again.  On this platform you will 
see silver platforms going in and out of the structure.  Fly up to 
the one on the left (as you're facing the center structure), and 
from this one continue going counterclockwise, jumping from silver 
platform to silver platform.  Make sure the jetpack is at 100 before 
continuing.  After enough silver platforms you'll come to a regular 
platform with a picture on the wall next to it.  Turn around and 
look see long arms sticking out of the platform.  The object is to 
fly to each one of these platforms, land on it so it lowers, and 
keep doing this until all the arms are down.  When they are down 
silver platforms activate.  Fly straight out to the one ahead of the 
platform, land on it, then immediately take off again, this time 
going clockwise.  The trick to this is getting enough height above 
the platform you're flying to so you can glide in to it.  While you 
are gliding your jetpack will recharge, then when you land it will 
be full.  When you get all the arms down fly back to the platform 
with the picture next to it and you'll now see silver platforms 
higher up.  Jump on all of these platforms until you get to a little 
structure attached to the building you can rest on.  From this 
structure look around and you'll see some pipes with a green circle 
around it.  You have to fly into this pipe to continue.  Once inside 
this pipe you will come to another save point.  This section can 
take a while to get the hang of, but if you keep using the jetpack 
in short bursts, you can go longer distances.  Eventually you'll get 
the hang of it.  Remember if you fall, try to land on what you took 
off from, so you don't fall all the way to the bottom.  There are 
white spheres in this level, but ignore them.  Just keep your eye on 
their shots and you should be able to jump and avoid them.

Level 8, Checkpoint D

Jump to the platform the save point is on, and look around to see a 
bunch of conductors with electricity passing in between them.  The 
object is to fly to one and destroy the top conductor while in mid 
air, and then land on the lower one to refuel.  This level is pretty 
simple and straightforward, and the distances are a lot shorter to 
fly than 8C, so it doesn't take much description.  I recommend not 
engaging the Birdbrains in this level, just land and take off so 
they don't have time to aim.  Once you are done with destroying all 
the conductors fly into the tube at the end of the level and go to 
the next save point.

Level 8, Checkpoint E (Boss Fight)

Time for the final encounter with Schwang Schwing.  He's beaten up 
pretty badly from Kurt destroying the ship he was in, but that 
doesn't mean you should underestimate him.  The hardest part about 
this boss fight is that there is a 3 minute time limit.  Since 
Schwang is in a wheelchair, his mobility is very limited.  From 
where Max starts, you'll notice some buttons coming out of the wall.  
These buttons activate various traps that do major damage to 
Schwang.  When Schwang is immediately to the right of a button, fly 
to it and land on it.  You must make Schwang move so he is 
vulnerable to all buttons to defeat him.  Remember to keep firing at 
him at all times to slowly lower his health.  Combine this with the 
traps and you should kill him in no time (or at least within 3 

Level 9, Checkpoint A

This level begins with you piloting the Jim Dandy.  It's not hard, 
just stay away from the gravity centers and asteroids and very 
shortly it will be over.  After the Doc accidentally beams himself 
to the surface of Swizzle Firma, equip the atomic toaster and loaf 
and head to the door on the left.  Follow this down to the next save 

Level 9, Checkpoint B

**NOTE**  View a map of this section at the following address:

Run straight ahead and kill whatever aliens get in your path.  Grab 
10 Baguettes, but save them for later.  Baguettes can be shot in the 
atomic toaster like the loaf, except the hit is more powerful.  At 
the end of this hall is another door.  On the other side of the door 
is a maze.  This maze is very frusturating on your own, so I made a
map for it which should make life easy for you.  Watch out for 
electric currents and steam in this maze.  You cannot jump over the 
currents, so just walk under them when you get the chance.  For the 
steam, just walk over them when they turn off.  This maze isn't too 
hard if you got the solution right next to you.  Also inside this 
maze are eight different-colored switches.  You must turn on ALL of 
them to open the door in the pillar at the end of this section.  
While you can finish the section without tripping a single switch, 
you might as well get them all, because in the pillar you get 3 Mr. 
Fizzys, 15 Baguettes, and 9 Pumpernickels.  If you get all eight 
switches you will hear a chime, and at the end of the maze you'll 
see a quick movie of the door in the pillar opening.  Grab the 
Palatial Locator, destroy the hive and the aliens, then go in the 
Pillar to get your items.  Once that is all done hop on the 
transporter.  This transporter takes you in front of the phone 
booth.  Look immediately to your left to see a transporter next to 
you.  Go in this one, walk down the long hall to the next 
transporter, and you'll come to a new save point.

Level 9, Checkpoint C

Grab the Baguettes and run straight ahead.  Save them for an 
emergency.  A Birdbrain will fly up in front of you.  Kill him, but 
leave the alien with the cap alone.  If you don't bother him he 
won't bother you.  Go onto the next transporter to be taken to a 
large space with a lot of aliens.  Run straight ahead, kill the 
aliens and the two hives, then target the white spheres flying above 
you.  Kill them all so you can relax.  Once they are all destroyed 
ignore the aliens in caps and follow these steps to get all the way 
to the top:

1.  Use the ladder in the anchor in the ground.
2.  Turn left, then use the ladder in the second anchor (the one on 
the very end).
3.  Follow the panel and use the ladder on the only anchor on it.
4.  Turn left, then go on the first anchor you come to.
5.  Face left, go straight for a few steps, then turn right and go 
on the anchor in the end.
6.  Follow the panel to the next anchor.
7.  Follow the panel to the end, then jump across the gap to the 
neighboring panel.  Follow this panel to an anchor, which takes you 
to the transporter.

The transporter will take you to a room with three blue buttons in 
the floor.  The buttons open a trap door in the structure in front 
of you.  The thing you have to do in this room is activate the 
buttons, so the alien walking in the structure fall to the floor 
below them, eventually ending up in the grinder at the very bottom.  
Do this three times and a door will open.  Go in this door to a 
transporter, which will take you to Level 9, Checkpoint G.

Level 9, Checkpoint G

This seems a little out of order, doesn't it?  Don't blame me 
though, I didn't make the game.  Moving on...  If you want to see 
something kind of funny walk left of the save point and look in the 
window to see two aliens making out.  When you've seen enough go to 
the next transporter, and you'll be taken to a place with a lot of 
enemy fire.  Run straight ahead and destroy the hive immediately.  A 
button is under the hive, which activates a transporter.  When the 
hive is destroyed, kill whatever Bottrocks were ejected, hit the 
button, then move on.  There are a lot of white spheres, but they 
can't hit a moving target so just run straight ahead to a ramp.  Run 
down the ramp then turn right.  Run down this ramp, but before going 
to the transporter run beside it on both sides to get a Mr. Fizzy 
and a Baguette, then go to the transporter, which will take you to a 
room with two Birdbrains and four white spheres.  Kill the 
Birdbrains first, then destroy the white spheres.  When the enemies 
are destroyed, avoid hopping on the moving platform.  First, 
activate the three buttons.  Look at the lights in the middle of the 
floor.  You'll see three lights moving around them.  Each button 
stops one of those lights.  The object is to stop a light on a blue 
section.  Once that happens you'll hear a chime and the button will 
stay blue.  Once all three buttons are activated the transporter to 
exit here becomes available.  Now jump on the moving platform, grab 
the Positronic Doohickey, then use the platform to appear in front 
of the phone booth again.  Run past the phone booth up the ramp, 
turn left to get some items, then turn around and stay on the ramp.  
Go straight through a hole in the wall until you come to a hallway 
on the right.  Go into this and eventually you'll come to a save 

Level 9, Checkpoint D

Straight ahead you'll see a pink floor.  Occasionally a wave goes 
through the floor getting rid of the panels.  If you are standing on 
these panels when the wave comes you'll fall.  It's very easy to 
navigate through these kinds of rooms.  As you can see on the right 
of the pink floor is a little room in the wall.  You wait for the 
wave to start, run into the little room, wait for it to pass again, 
run to the next room, wait again, etc.  You do this until you get to 
the other end of the floor.  It's pretty easy once you get the hang 
of it.  Be careful, on the other side of the pink floor are two 
aliens.  They are pretty weak, and it's in your best interest to 
ignore them and run straight ahead into the door.  After you leave 
the door you come to a room with a big button in front of you.  Hit 
the button, then the gate in front of you will open.  Then you are 
presented with two buttons, then three, etc.  If you hit the wrong 
button the Doc will be shocked and he will have to reset the buttons 
and try again.  Also, aliens are behind some of the doors.  Hit the 
first button (obviously), then hit the button on the right, then hit 
the middle button, then hit the third button (from the left), then 
hit the first button (the one on the very left) to open all the 
doors.  I found it is best to ignore the aliens.  Just get to the 
other end and then get out of there.  There are no items to be found 
in this room.  In the door is the next save point.

Level 9, Checkpoint E

You have another pink floor in front of you.  It is slightly tougher 
than the first one.  There are two gaps in this one.  The first gap 
is a lot longer than the one in the first pink floor, and it is 
immediately followed by a second gap.  Walk to the little holes on 
the right side of the pink floor, and you should advance to the end 
in no time.  Like the first pink floor, there will be aliens at the 
end of this one also.  Ignore them by running straight ahead, and 
you will come to a windy hallway.  At the end of this is one final 
pink floor.  The holes in this pink floor do not appear until 
halfway up the floor.  Run up the side and into each hole so you can 
cautiously see the area in front of you.  The gaps in this pink 
floor don't move in waves, so be prepared for that.  It might take a 
few tries, but you should get by all the pink floors easily.  After 
this pink floor are some more aliens to run past, and another door 
to go in.

Level 9, Checkpoint F

Grab the Baguettes near the save point, then equip them with the 
Atomic Toaster.  These pack a more powerful punch than a regular 
loaf of bread, but definitely use these to take care of the 
Birdbrain.  If you have a lot (more than 30) use them to take care 
of the Elephant Aliens quicker.  Save at least 10, just in case 
you'll need them later.  From the save point run straight ahead to 
the yellow flashing button.  Don't run over the button quite yet; 
turn around and face the regular buttons.  Look at the ceiling above 
them to see that each button has a red light above it.  Back over 
the button while keeping the camera aimed at the red lights, and the 
combination you need to advance flashes quickly.  Pause the game at 
this instant so you can remember the combination easier.  When you 
got it got it remembered run over the proper buttons and you'll get 
the Dimensional Destabilizer.  Now you have all three items!  Run on 
the transporter to be placed in a long hall.  At the end of the hall 
is another transporter that takes you to the phone booth, the last 
stop of the level.  Unfortunately three aliens are in the phone 
booth.  First kill the aliens outside firing at you, then equip the 
Pumpernickel and Atomic Toaster.  When the door to the phone booth 
opens, fire a pumpernickel in there to knock out an alien.  Do this 
three times, and then the level will be over.  No boss fight this 

Level 10, Checkpoint A (Final Level)

For this level you get to choose who you want out of the three 
characters, but the end result for all three is the same - a boss 
fight with Zizzy Balloobba, the leader of the aliens.  This is by 
far the hardest boss fight in the game (rightfully so).  There are 
also no save points in this level.  This level is the easiest with 
Max, but here are the strategies for all three characters:

If you chose the Doc:

Run left and use the ladder in the anchor in the ground.  Go up all 
the anchors until you come to a hole in the wall.  Go into it and 
follow it until you come to a Birdbrain and an Elephant Alien.  Kill 
them, grab the Mr. Fizzy, the continue heading down the path 
collecting items and killing aliens.  Save all the items you 
collect, because you know you'll definitely be needing them for 
Zizzy Balloobba.  At the end of the path is a door that leads to a 
huge room with a fountain in it.  However, once you enter you'll see 
an anchor next to you.  Use the ladder on the anchor, and follow the 
next path to another door.  Follow the hallway and eventually you'll 
come to Max and Kurt.  Time for Zizzy Balloobba!  When the fight 
begins Max and Kurt will each attack Zizzy, while the Doc should 
attack Zizzy with the Atomic Toaster and Loaf.  Run around the outer 
edge of the room to get all of the items that you can.  One of these 
items is the very important Leafblower.   Dodge Zizzy's attacks, and 
remember: when he makes the room spin, you can still inflict damage 
on him.  Once his health goes all the way to zero he sucks the Doc 
into his body.  Now you have a limited amount of time to destroy his 
internal organs.  Don't jump in the holes in the floor, otherwise 
you'll be automatically ejected from his body.  First go after his 
brain.  Just use the loaf, and you'll do fine.  After the brain is 
destroyed the eyes fall out.  Use the leaf blower to blow them into 
the holes that are shooting a substance out of them.  Once the eyes 
are in the holes target the brain.  You'll have to bank some toast 
off the walls of his body to hit the brain.  You'll see the damage 
in the corner of your screen.  Keep in mind that it might take a lot 
of tries to do this, but you'll get it eventually.  Once the brain 
is gone and the eyes are in the holes aim for the big holes in the 
walls and destroy those with the toast.  There is a Plutonium in 
there with you.  Drink that to turn into the monster, and while 
you're in that condition target the kidneys, heart, etc. until Zizzy 
finally dies.

If you chose Max:

Run straight ahead through the entrance and grab the guns at the 
beginning.  In the next room are some batteries and more guns.  
While in this room aliens will beam in, and you must kill them all 
to move on.  When they are all dead the door will become unlocked.  
Proceed down the hall into a room with a big fountain.  Turn left, 
and run up the stairs.  Near the top is an anchor for the Doc.  Jump 
on the support right next to it, then jump across the gap and follow 
this path to a door.  Go through this hallway to Zizzy Balloobba.  
He's very easy to kill with Max.  Before entering him, make sure you 
grab the Atomic Jetpack in the room.  Attack him with four guns 
until he sucks you into his body, then let all his organs have it 
while you're inside.  His organs regenerate while you're attacking 
them, so use your strongest guns while you are shooting, and you 
should hurt more than he can heal.  Destroy his kidneys, heart, and 
lungs before flying up to destroy the brain and his eyes.  It's a 
pretty easy fight with Rayguns, Guided Missiles, and Gatling Guns.

If you chose Kurt:

Begin by running right, and you'll come to a fan.  Shoot out the 
grate, then glide into it.  Immediately in the grate you'll come 
into contact with many Mounted Guns and Gashead Aliens.  Use 
whatever tactics you've been doing in these situations, but I 
usually run straight ahead and ignore everyone.  I hardly take any 
damage (less than 10 points every time), so I'm content with it, but 
since you made it this far keep doing what you've been doing.  On 
the other end of the grate you'll come to a huge room with very 
large windows.  In here are some Bifs and Birdbrains, but you should 
be able to dispose of them pretty easily by now.  Don't forget to 
ride the fans up to a platform, where you can get a Super Chaingun.  
Once you have all enemies killed and items, go into the next door.  
After following a LONG series of hallways, you arrive into the room 
with the fountain in it.  Climb up the stairs, jump on the support 
by Doc's anchor, and jump across the gap.  Follow this to a hallway, 
and at the end are two cloaked Gashead Aliens.  You must kill these 
for the door to open.  Kill them with the Sniper Gun, and meet up 
with the Doc and Max to take on Zizzy.  Equip one of your Super 
Chainguns and let him have it.  Once he sucks Kurt in, destroy the 
heart and the kidneys.  Use the Sniper Mortar to destroy the lungs, 
and then the holes in the ground will start shooting up air.  Kurt 
can ride these like a fan, and then can land in front of the eyes.  
Shoot the eyes and they will pop out of their sockets and float 
around.  Target the eyes one more time and they will finally 
explode.  Once the eyes are completely gone blue spheres will start 
moving around the brain.  Snipe these to finish off Zizzy Balloobba 
for good.

Congratulations!  One way or another you have successfully completed 
MDK 2: Armageddon!  I hope you found it as fun as I did.  This FAQ 
took me forever to complete, but I put off doing it for a two week 
period, and only worked on it a few hours on the days I didn't 
neglect it.  Each character has his own ending after the game, so I 
strongly recommend beating the game with each character to check 
them out.  Also if you listen after the credits you'll hear the Doc 
and Kurt talking.  Thanks for reading!


VII.  Secrets

Here are some codes you can input during the game:

-Invincibility: Pause the game, then hold L2 and R2.  Press Up, Up, 
Down, Down, Left, Left, Right, Right, Square, Triangle, Square, 
Triangle, Select.  Remember to hold L2 and R2 while you're inputting 
this sequence.

-Kurt in Boxer Shorts:  At the main menu, hold L2 and R2.  While 
holding these two buttons, push Square, Square, Triangle, Square.  
Start a new game and Kurt will be wearing Boxer Shorts.

-"Matrix" Style Camera:  Pause the game, then hold L1 and R1 to 
remove the words on the screen.

-Racecar Camera:  Pause the game, then hold L2 and R2.  Continue 
holding them, then push Circle, X, Circle, X.

-Stationary Camera:  Pause the game, then hold L2 and R2.  Continue 
holding them, then push Circle, X, Circle, Triangle.

-Crazy Camera:  Pause the game, then hold L2 and R2.  Continue 
holding them, then push X, Circle, X, Circle.

-Slow Motion:  As Max, hold R2 and press Up four times.

-Mixed Character:  Pause the game, then hold L2 and R2.  Continue 
holding them, then push Up, Down, Right, Left, X, Triangle, Circle, 
Square, Square and Start at the time same time to get a character 
that is part everybody.

-Doctor Hawkins Fart Sounds:  Press L2, R2, Left, and X.


VIII.  Suggestions

1.  Always keep moving.  Strafe left and right while moving forward 
and backward and you will never take a hit.
2.  Never engage more than one enemy at a time unless you absolutely 
have to.  Kill each enemy one by one until they are all dead.
3.  Destroy Alien Hives as soon as possible.  The quicker these are 
gone, the fewer aliens you'll have to contend with.
4.  Don't get close to the enemies.  It's very easy to attack from a 
distance with all three characters.
5.  Sometimes it might be best to ignore the enemies.  If you can 
move in and out of a room without the aliens having time to target 
you, then there is no point in getting into a fight with them.
6.  In most cases, you can't backtrack into past sections of levels, 
so if you see a healing item grab it!
7.  If you're stuck on something, don't give up.
8.  If you're desperate or about to die, there is no shame in 
entering the Invincibility Code.  However, it might be more 
satisfying to complete the game without it.


IX.  How to Contact Me

Got any questions, comments, complaints, or suggestions?  Did I leave 
something essential out of this FAQ, or not fully explain something?  
Let me hear about it immediately, and you will receive full credit in 
this FAQ.  The address to send all your e-mail is glb54@hotmail.com.  
Put [MDK 2] (exactly like that, with the brackets and all caps) as 
the subject, because I have a folder that it will get filtered to, 
and that is the tag that the filter looks for.  I get a lot of junk 
mail everyday, so if it doesn't say [MDK 2] the e-mail will 
automatically be deleted, and there is no way for me to read it.  
Remember, [MDK 2] only in the subject please.  Don't be afraid to 
e-mail me.  I'd like to hear your thoughts on this guide.


X.  Authorized Websites

No website may display this FAQ without prior authorization by 
myself.  If you would like to have this used on your website contact
me using the method described in Section IX.  You will find the most
up-to-date version of this FAQ on the following sites ONLY:



XI.  Copyright Information

This FAQ was written by Greg Brooten (greggreggreg2000).  All rights 
reserved, including the right of reproduction in whole or in part in 
any form.  

Copyright 2002 Greg Brooten.  

MDK, MDK2 and related marks are trademarks of Shiny Entertainment, 
INC. and certain characters are copyright Shiny Entertainment, INC.  

All other trademarks and copyrights are the property of their 
respective owners.


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