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Reviewed: 06/06/03 | Updated: 06/06/03

Unique and Original

At first I didn't want to buy this game because I heard that they totally changed the storyline. However I must say this game is really great if you are willing to accept the fact that this is a historical fantasy and not entirely based on history.

Firstly I have read the novel Romance of the three Kingdoms and I have also read San Guo Zhi which is a record on the history of the three Kingdoms. Thus I do know the actual history. However as stated earlier this game's story is actually quite interesting and entertaining if you are willing to accept the fact that its not based on history.

Most of the game's battles were actually based on actual battles in the novels. They simply amended it and gave it extra feature. The characters were actually quite interesting and unique although they bear no resemblance to their actual characters in the novel.

I also like the fact that the story is linked closely and explained clearly in between battles. This is a problem with most strategic RPGs.After battle 1 they hardly explain anything and you are into battle 2.

Music/sound effects-10
The music is quite nice. However I love this game in that everyone talks. Their voices are also quite nice and much better than the ones in Dynasty Warriors 3. The fact that they talk puts the sound effect of this game on the level of Final Fantasy X. Although this games's music does pale in comparison to FFX.

This game has one of the best graphics I have ever seen.It is probably one of the koei's best game in terms of graphics.It is also once again on the level of Final Fantasy X.There are also plenty of FMVs.The character models are also very beautiful. This game's graphics are also great when you stare at your troops marching from one place to another.


Final Fantasy games love to force players to fight 9999 or more random encounters and many other crazy stuff before they can see an FMV. However Kessen II never ever does that. This however may be a flaw since the game is a bit slow paced at times.Yet the battles are also short. You are probably confused at what I'm trying to imply here.
Firstly the battles are very short and there aren't too many of them. This this game can be completed once in about 17 hours. However during this battles you hardly ever need to give your troops insructions. You can get them to move but since this is a real time strategy game they actually move very slowly. You have to wait for a while for them to get there. Once they get there you can give your officer commands to fight. However after you gave them your orders you can't use them again for some time. Thus there is more waiting. Luckily the battles are short. But it makes you the player more of a spectator than a participant. But I do understand that perhaps this is what makes the game realistic. In actual ancient warfare they probably don't move that much I guess.

This game has 2 sides. Meaning you can play as 2 of the rulers. I would have appreciate it better if the game allows you to play on 3 sides since it was based on the three kingdoms. The battles are actually quite similar but there is actually a bonus battle if you are able to find it.

However the game does get slightly challenging on the harder levels.

Conclusion: If you love a game with great storyline and great graphics then you should get this game. Also if you want to see great FMVs and beautiful 3d characters and not want to go through mindless and insane quest then once again this game is the one for you.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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