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Reviewed: 01/10/03 | Updated: 01/10/03

Great War Game! Outstanding

Kessen II is a terrific game, has a really nice story plot and excellent game play. The graphics are exceptional the cut scences are realistic and beautiful. this game has passed Kessen 1 greatly. A must buy game for anyone who loves war games. Try to play Kessen one though since it would probably get you used to the whole thing and the confusion of some parts.

Game play 8/10 : Game play and Graphics are most important to me, and this game does well in both the gameplay is awsome. You travel around a battle map seperated in units. You make a plan to surround the enemy and defeat the head leader. You can one on one duel enemies and also look close up on the fighting. Watch the cut scenes where your unit blasts the enemy with Triple barrage or Cannonade. Battles can last up to TWO - THREE HOURS IF YOU TAKE YOUR TIME
The whole story is fairly short only like four battles.

Graphics 10/10 : Like you've before this is also very important. The Graphics made my jaw dropped to the floor, Computer animated characters are amazing. Detailed Graphics from the characters armour and sword to the wavy smoke remains of a cannonade. I personal like seeing the soldiers go flying in the air going AH screaming! its funny.

Sound 7/0: The music of the game is pretty cool too. Japanese music mostly, when in battle it has the same music over and over and over... still it's very entertaining just to sit and listen. Some of the music can be very annoying and just plain annoying I don't know just listen and see.

Replay Value 9/10: I've played this game a few times, after you beat the game with the good side you can see how it was fighting for the side of evil. Seeing both endings is great. I personal Enjoyed the Evil ending heheheheheh.

Overall: 9/10 This game is sweet, you wont be disapointed for sure you will pay alot of time replaying and beating it again just staring at the beautiful graphics. This game is GRADE A

Buy or Rent: Buy for sure, when your done you could always trade it in for something better. Try the First Kessen first. I would also reccomend the third one once it comes out sounds like an interesting game. Seriously though buy this game and play it you'll enjoy it.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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