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Reviewed: 11/07/02 | Updated: 11/07/02

Worse than I expected...

Kessen 2, a strategy/action game based on the Three Kingdoms period of Chinese history. Unfortunately not much of history is here. There are a lot of fake characters who have important roles in the game while major characters have about 2 or 3 lines.

The story line is horrible. Mocking the original history KOEI tries to reproduce a prototype but fail miserably when making this awful story line. You start out by playing as Liu Bei. Once you beat the game with him you play as his nemesis Cao Cao. Once you beat it with him you can play the game again as either one of them with any difficulty including Extreme which is rather easy and you see a different ending that sucks more than the first.
Liu Bei is a ruler who gets attacked one day and Cao Cao comes in and saves him. They have a party then Cao Cao betrays Liu Bei and steals his girlfriend Diao Chan. Liu Bei fights ONLY to save his girlfriend not caring about anyone else. As Cao Cao you fight to destroy Liu Bei once and for all.
Linear and lame story line with only one twist that I will not mention.

The graphics are great! You can zoom into the battle and play as one of the officer's in the battle. But the fighting is really lame. When you hit someone they just sit down for a few seconds and then get back up. That happens because each soldiers equals about more than 20 soldiers. The game can handle over 500+ soldiers so that's really impressive. The tactics look very cool. Charge and Raid do lots of damage. The magic tactics are just a bummer. They look good but the chanting of the spell and the effect of it sucks. Plus there was no magic back then and magic doesn't exist.

The music is repetitive. It sounds good the first few times but then just gets boring.
The sound is great. The fighting, the screams, and the clanking of swords and armor sound pretty cool. Also the voice actors did a pretty good job. KOEI is known for having horrible voice acting in their games but this one is different. Characters actually show emotion and raise their voices! Unlike Dynasty Warriors 3 where most of them speak in monotone.

The game is really easy. Even when playing on Extreme the game is easy. On Extreme you might have some difficulty but it can easily be avoided by surrounding the enemy. To win easily just chunk out your tactics to kill off thousands of soldiers.

There is a small replay value. The secret ending isn't worth it. Also there is one time where you choose which one of 3 battles you want to participate in. You can always replay the game to take a different choice.

Overall this game is horrible. The graphics and a few minor things make up for it.
I suggest you don't even bother renting it! You can if you want but you wont really like it. Trust me...

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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