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Reviewed: 08/20/02 | Updated: 08/20/02

One of Koei's finest

When I looked back a few issues in my gaming mags, I saw that some of them strongly recommended Kessen II. After I saw the ads I KNEW I wanted to get this game, and when I got it, it was everything I wanted AND MORE. Though it isn't you're typical Romance game, and it is faster paced, it's still a great buy. It's your typical Shu vs. Wei as you've seen in other Romance of... games except the battles are decided for you and such. This game is a mustbuy for anyone who loves strategy games in general, you don't even have to do anything if you don't want to! It's that simple just make sure that you just don't go off and do something stupid like not use defensive skills

Graphics: 10
Superb graphics, up to 500 hundred onscreen soldiers at a time, and the spells ROCK! No more glowing green blood, but instead glowing strikes like in Tekken when you do a rush. Lots of CG too, but you can skip all the drama and go straight to the action, though it is pretty to look at.

Sound: 9
Some characters sound very good, while others...well they don't sound right. Some of the lines are pretty corny too, but the music makes it all better.

Control: 7
Not that great, but not all that bad either so it all works out, sometimes it is frustrating though when you need to command your army and they do the COMPLETE opposite.

Story: 10
Typical Wei vs Shu, but it's that formula that has kept Koei in business for such a long time and made the Romance series known to players. Same line up too, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Zhuge Liang, and Zhao Yun on the Shus, and Cao Cao, Taishi Ci, Xiahou Dun on the Weis, the story itself is also told very dramatically and told in cut scenes, which pop up A LOT, but it's all great since the player can simply press start.

Gameplay/Replay Value: 9
What's not to love about this game? You're a wouldbe conquerer who has to make critical decisions on how to crush your opponent, it's the best thing around

Closing Notes:
And so if you wanna try your hand at something that makes you feel like your making a difference get this game, if you want to get a game that makes you feel like you can overrun all of China get Romance of the Three Kingdoms VII, out now! I highly recommend all Romance of... games

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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