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Reviewed: 08/07/02 | Updated: 08/07/02

Just Icky

Koei has really screwed up this time, the Kessen series are nothing put crap, dull, boring, and mindlessly repetitive The graphics are shaky and dull, just like the game. What happened Koei? Dynasty Warriors 3 was very fun, as was Romance of the Three Kingdoms VII, but they really screwed up here.

Lets start, the gameplay is dull, clunky, and uninteresting. You start off issuing a command to subordinates before a battle, which absolutely doesn't help you or hinder your enemies, they are all useless, all of them. Though they all have a good variety to them, from slaying tigers to spreading rumors among enemy troops. The battles are horrible, you start off by choosing a strategy which will actually determine the outcome of the battle! Most of them are very bad, and coudn't possibly work. Though the traps some strategies are very interesting to watch. A very annoying feature is that you can't rely on your soldiers alone, so it basically becomes a race in who can use the most fireballs and magic abilities, other abilities are useless, except for Raid and Charge. After the battle, you get an annoying cut scene which is very boring, and it will end up all being a bad, boring mess.

The graphics, are so-so. The character models look excellent, with each wearing unique armor, they range from the magnificent Cao Cao in gold armor, to the bland Xun You in a dark brown dress chain-mail thing, which looks very bad. The battle graphics are simply horrible, they could have been better if Koei had made the areas a little smaller, which are absurdly large. The ground often ''shakes'', an annoying graphical glitch that should have been fixed. The FMV sections are excellent, and I admit Koei is very good at those.

The controls are bad, and everything moves so very slowly, and it's all very dull. Moving your characters through the direction pad is very frustrating and slow, so you'll constantly have to switch and choose ''Change Objective'' to move your characters around, another annoying aspect is that sometimes when your characters get too close, neither of them will be able to move, and you'll be stuck until you move one of your characters back so the other one can move on.

Kessen II is a bland sequel to a bland game that will hopefully end a bland series, So Koei can concentrate on Romance of the Three Kingdoms and Dynasty Warriors, two excellent series by Koei, Even Angelique is better than Kessen.

If you are one of those poor souls you bought this game, then trade it in for Romance of the Three Kingdoms VII, you'll be much much happier.

Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

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