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Reviewed: 07/16/01 | Updated: 07/16/01

Better than Kessen 1 in many areas....

I played the Kessen 1 for the US PS2 and while admiring the details of each soldier on the battle fields, the game play was not up to even PSX standard. When I heard about the sequel about a year before the game is released, the expectation was high. After I finished the game twice, the game is really a solid product both in game play and replay value. This time the story takes place in China, based on the widely popular story of Romance of 3 Kingdoms. Which the company created the game, Koei, is famous for the game with the same title over various platforms including PC. Unlike the original story, the games' plot is more simplistic and personal narrative. Liubei and his rival Soso, competing reach other for the heroine of the game as well as the control of whole china. All the conversation is dubbed by the finest Japanese voice actors whose career run more than 2 decades. The overall production value for game is quite high and the sales in japan also was quite decent (`320,000 copies sold) Hope to see much improved part 3 , preferably in medieval fantasy setting.

Graphics: 9/10

Superb graphic with very good character animations done by motion capture by far the best on PS2 and the only rivals for the comparison can be FFX and Grand Turismo3!

Sound: 9/10

So many famous and talented voice actors hired for this game and the music also fits quite well, it's one of major reason of mine to value the game so high, BGM is some mix between the Chinese traditional music instrument tunes and orchestra style arrangements.

Game play: 8/10

Better control than first one and more direct control over general, but can't change the members in the troop. It would have been nice if more freedom in troop customization, as well as some RPG gaming elements between the intermissions (like towns, shops and places for main characters hang out and talk). Also the special moves/magic scene is too long and tedious , so there's should be a command to skip. It would be better to show the soldiers die after being stomped or attacked, not just collapse and just get up again, the same for the general's duel.

Replay Value: 8/10

Division in each story allows different outcomes in each mission, so can play again with new quests for 3 times, which is nice, but only 2 main general and the story line is too simplified than the original romance of 3 kingdoms
Other personal complain can be the weird costume of some generals, which are so strange even in ancient Chinese standard, (glass?, Blond hair?, also some animal feature oriented helmets like in Kessen1, come on it makes the game look goofy and might offend the Chinese as well)

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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