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A majestic idiot of a game 08/28/18 BarbaricAvatar
I was forgetting to blink my eyes,because it was so intense. 06/24/01 BeastMaster
A dark, twisted, and sadistic masterpiece. 06/26/01 Caelum
This game very fun, yet far from normal 08/14/01 cHaOs
Don't bother reading this review. GO BUY THIS NOW! 06/28/01 ChronoZero
Not only the king of car combat, but one of the best PS2 games available. 07/11/01 CVagts
The Car Combat series is back...and in black! 06/23/01 Gillermo69
Best PS2 game out to date...? 06/26/01 Guerrilla Soldier
Are You Sick And Twisted Enough For Black? 08/23/02 I N F E R N O
If there was ever a reason to get a ps2, this is definately it! 06/30/01 Jay19
Sony has put their mistakes behind them and made the best car combat game ever!! 06/26/01 JGosnell
Twisted Metal: Black is the long awaited return of the car combat franchise...does not dissappoint 06/21/01 justg
The Best Game of the Series 08/14/01 KamalWood
Sometimes the mind bends so much...it snaps in two.. 07/03/01 KasketDarkfyre
Another great TM game now on PS2 01/06/02 kidgame2001
I don't care if monday's black, tuesday wednesday heart attack 06/21/01 Mr. Self Destruct
More Twisted than ever! 06/24/01 onyxedge
Back and Blacker than before. 06/28/01 PsYLoCKe
Ths game screams perfect 07/10/01 roaddogg
Pure, unadulterated Twisted Metal bliss. 07/14/01 roadkill
THE best game on ANY next-gen system so far!! 06/21/01 Robot
TMB is back with a vengence. 07/27/01 sic_
Calypso returns as the head of Twisted Metal! 03/16/10 Sour
Not for beginners but still a great game 07/05/01 The Goat
Twisted Metal is back in black 06/23/01 TheAntagonist
For the life of me I can't think of anything negative to say 01/22/02 Timmy Big Hands
One of the Best Damn Games made for the PlayStation2 06/17/02 Warhawk
Excellent game 10/10/07 wolverinefan
Very hard game but definitely isn't lame. 06/22/01 Xsquader

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