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Secrets FAQ by ZoopSoul

Version: Final | Updated: 01/26/03

"Here in my mind is a wall that I can't climb.." - Toad The Wet Sprocket

 ############           ######                       #
##          ##           ####                        #
##  ##  ##  ##            ##                         #
 #####  #####                #######  ##             #
     #  #  ##    ##    ## ## #       ####  ####      #
     #  #   ##  ####  ##  ## #######  ##  ##  ##  ## #
     #  #    ####  ####   ##       #  ##  ###### #  ##
     #  #     ##    ##    ## #######  ##      ##  ## #
     ####                               ##   ##
 ###       ### ##                               ####
 ####     #### #######               ###        ####
 ## ##   ## ## ####### #######     #######      ####
 ##  ## ##  ## ##      #######   ###     ###    ####
 ##   ###   ## #######   ###    #############   ########
 ##    #    ## #######   ###   ###         ###  ########

       @@@  @@   @@        @@@      @@@@@  @@  @@
      @@  @@@   @@        @@ @@    @@     @@@@@@
     @@     @@ @@       (Secrets) @@     @@@@@
      @@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@ @@     @@ @@@@@ @@   @@
Crappy ASCII Art by ZoopSoul

Secrets Guide
Twisted Metal Black
PlayStation 2
written by: David "Zoop" McCutcheon
e-mail: zoopnova@aol.com
version: Final
date: 01/26/03

this document is Copyright 2003 David McCutcheon.

~ NOTE ~ Due to new regulations, my documents will ONLY BE HOSTED BY 
GAMEFAQS.COM AND IGN.COM! Do NOT e-mail me to ask if you can host my 
FAQ, and do NOT post it without my permission. I DEFINITELY WILL TAKE 
LEGAL ACTION, as my lawyer is one of the BEST IN THE STATE OF MISSOURI. 
Thank you.

~ Revision History ~

Added the rest of the hidden stuff. Updated the FAQ section, and cleaned 
up the guide a little bit. Added lyrics to the top. Added to the 

~ 1.0 ~
Just started on yet another FAQ. I seem to be pumping them out one after 
another, eh? I won't update this much after this, only for corrections 
and reader feedback. The actual thing itself is done, unless I magically 
add another section or two.


Table of Contents:
I. Introduction
 Ia. Contact Me
II. Yellow Jacket
III. Axel
IV. Warthog
V. Manslaughter
VI. Minion
VII. Hidden Multiplayer Stages
VIII. Features & Cheats
X. Credits
XI. Disclaimer



Welcome to my ever-so-helpful guide to Twisted Metal Black's Secrets And 
Cheats. After writing my first couple of FAQs, I just couldn't stop 
writing! So I decide to write a guide for a subject that had not yet 
been covered in a guide by itself for Twisted Metal Black: The Secrets. 
Any one person could throw in all of the "locations" to the secrets of a 
game into their walkthrough, but let's face it: Normally, they just 
don't go "In-Depth" enough. Every one of us has read a player's guide 
and thought; "Now, where is that huge tank that they're talking about?" 
Well, the thing that I showcase in all of my guides is the fact that I 
don't mention where that certain thing is, I take you by the hand and 
lead you there... In a figurative way, of course. 

Of course, leading you by the hand in this game is tough, as you are 
randomly generated on the screen. I will, however, note something that 
would make the area familiar, such as something big, or a certain health 
station. I hope you will find my Secrets Walkthrough as satisfactory as 
that of a Player's Guide. Having talked to several of the 
developers/creators about the game for so long, I can promise you that 
every secret in this game, and things not a lot of people know, will be 
in this guide.

The layout is very simple. Each Driver will have his own section of the 
guide, which includes a nice Bio, and contains the actual in-game 
information in game overview fashion (no major spoilers), and include my 
own commentary. After this, I will include that specific Driver's 
location. Minion's Bio will consist of the famed Decoded Message. If you 
don't know it yet, you MUST look. Hidden Multiplayer Stages is exactly 
what it says, and I will help you find them. Features & Cheats have odds 
and ends. The Cheats are exactly that, and the Features are everything 
else that I couldn't fit anywhere else in the guide. I'm thinking about 
making an "Movies" section, from Prologue to Ending. Let me have your 
feedback on this matter, as I'm batting it around in my head right now. 

Thanks... And Enjoy,



Ia. Contact Me

If you need me for anything whatsoever (as long as it has to do with the 
guide. Sorry, but I don't feel like hearing about how cute your kitten 
is if I don't really know you, yanno? Actually, kittens are cute..), You 
can contact me via e-mail, or sometimes IM. I check my e-mail several 
times a day; so don't hesitate if you have a question!

E-Mail address: ZoopNOVA@aol.com

Please only e-mail me if it's something you do NOT see in the guide. Try 
to look for it; If it's not there, feel free to e-mail me.

If you don't know how to e-mail me, just simply bring up a new, 
unwritten mail (this varies with different services. It should say 
"Write Mail" on the button, though) and write out my e-mail address. For 
the subject, type TMB FAQ. In the body of the mail, write whatever you 
like, even hate mail! I don't care what you send, but positive feedback 
is always nice. But if you're into the hate mail thing, I can dig that, 




Name: Charlie Kane & Son

Age: 50/8

Autism (Mechanical Savant), Oppositional Defiant Disorder

Family Therapy, Reality Testing, NO Toys With Moving Parts

Charlie Kane, the son of "Son" in the duo, as well as the notorious 
serial killer, Sweet Tooth, took his eight year old son everyplace in 
his nice, yellow taxi cab... They were extremely close, as Charlie Kane 
did not want his precious son to turn out like the "clown"... Until, one 
day, someone shot Charlie Kane in the head and ran. Obviously troubled 
at the sight of watching his father die, Charlie Kane's Son could not 
accept the fact that his father was dead... So he rebuilt him. Using a 
remote control after hours of surgery, Mr. Kane's Son now controls his 
father wherever he goes... Calypso promises to make things "All 

Unlocked In: Zorko Bros. Scrap & Salvage

How to Unlock:
From the start (any random position, so keep this in mind), look towards 
the background in the sky. You should spot an airplane. If not just keep 
looking. Once it has been spotted, make sure no enemy vehicles are in 
your area, then take out a few Fire Missles and aim at the airplane. 
With a good hit, it should come tumbling to the ground. Go towards the 
ramp that leads to the second floor of the condemned building, but go 
off the left side before you reach the building. Wait for the airplane 
to crash, unless it already has, and then enter the "tube area" it 
presents. Keep going until you reach a circular area, then shoot the 
tiny Control Panel. Congratulations, you have now unlocked Yellow 
Jacket. Drive up and out of the trap doors to re-enter the combat zone.




Name: Axel

Age: 38

Obsessed with revenge fantasies, Violent

Note to staff: Do NOT attempt to treat, Lost Cause.

Axel had a good life, until one day, while he and his wife were at the 
park, he looked down to read his papers for a brief moment... When he 
lifted his head, his wife was nowhere to be found. He searched 
everywhere, but he could not find her. Someone had kidnapped her... Two 
months later, her body was shipped to Axel, piece by piece. Axel even 
created a two wheeled contraption to lock himself within it as 
punishment for his wife's murder. Needless to say, Axel is quite upset, 
and has entered the Twisted Metal competition to learn exactly who it 
was that tortured and eventually murdered his wife, and to possibly kill 
that thing, as well.

Unlocked In: Freeway

How to Unlock:
From the start, ride along the freeway until you reach the Construction 
Area's entrance, which is graced with caution cones. Once you arrive at 
your destination, you will notice a huge crane in the background. One 
side is lifting a crate which contains a miniture model of Axel, and the 
other is holding a huge pipe. Position yourself (and make sure no enemy 
vehicles are in the area) going up along the largest hill, which is 
towards the entrance of the area. Once tilted, make a stop and aim a 
Fire Missle at the cage to the left of the center of the crane. This 
will make the crane lower the crate. Once it lands, destroy it with your 
machine guns. Congratulations, you've unlocked Axel!




Name: Cage

Age: Unknown (Mid 30's?)

No information available.

No information available.

Cage is an extremely odd individual, who was invited into the Twisted 
Metal competition directly by Calypso. You see, Cage has two problems; 
The first problem is that he is a serial killer of 12 years that loathes 
Sweet Tooth. The second problem is the fact that he cries like an infant 
every time he murders someone. His goal is to win the Twisted Metal 
competition, and demand Calypso remove the part of him that makes him 
sad as he kills... The question is, how can he drive and cry like a baby 
at the same time? Isn't that dangerous?

Unlocked In: Suburbs

How to Unlock:
From the start (randomly generated, so don't worry), head towards the 
inner city. Once there (not in the "Business District," but where the 
houses are), head towards the hill that has a path which leads to the 
carnival area. Once you reach the Ferris Wheel, turn left. See the item 
pick-up that is resting on the area's "wall"-like hill? Collect it by 
driving over to the area and jumping off the hill. You should land on 
the roof of a building; if not, try it again. Blow up the vent atop the 
building and fall into the fresh hole in the roof. Shoot the Control 
Panel to unlock Cage's vehicle, Warthog, which happens to have Thumper's 
"Flamethrower" as its Special Weapon!




Name: Black

Age: Unknown (Newborn?)

No information available.

No information available.

Manslaughter's driver, Black, was created in a Midtown Police Department 
lab for two missions and one ultimate purpose: To win the Twisted Metal 
competition, and kill Calypso. It kind of reminds you of Twisted Metal 
2's Grasshopper, non? Nevertheless, Black is not that intelligent, and 
you can tell he wasn't the brightest experiment in the bunch, but can he 
get the job done?

Unlocked In: The Prison Passage (aka "The Ship")

How to Unlock:
After surviving the "closed combat" battles with the couple of drivers, 
head outside of the "closed combat" area. You will be faced with a few 
more vehicles to destroy until the ship docks. Get at the end with the 
prisoners that get electricuted (also the end where you will notice the 
"Asylum" lettering as you dock). Once docked, exit the ship. Once you've 
reached flat ground directly after the ramp, make a 180 degree turn and 
go into the area where the bottom of the boat is docked, and to the 
left. Make sure the MEGA MACHINE GUNS and GOD MODE cheats are off, in 
case you're using them, and make sure no enemy vehicles are in the area. 
See the blue crate against the wall closest to the boat? Shoot it with 
your machine guns LIGHTLY. This will create a ramp. Go up the ramp and 
shoot the side of the boat. This will trigger the electric "Hidden" door 
to open. Zoom inside and destroy the Control Panel. Now you've unlocked 




Name: Minion (Marcus Kane)

Age: Unknown (40's?)

No information available.

No information available. (A twist of reality, maybe?)

Decoded Messages: 
"I do not think this is real. I must speak in code or he will discover 
me. We are trapped in his head. This is how he sees the world. How Sweet 
Tooth sees his life, it is not real. All of us are trapped in his head. 
I miss the old colorful world. We will return to our old world one day. 
In the real world, my name is Marcus Kane." Thanks to X-Man at 
www.tmalliance.com for the Decoded Messages. You rock!

Unlocked In: None

How to Unlock:
Simply beat the game with every character in the game on any difficulty. 
And yes, you can cheat, cheater.



(               FREEWAY               )

Select your best vehicle and go into Endurance Mode. Select the Snowy 
Roads level. Proceed to destroy ten vehicles without dying once. This 
will unlock the Freeway stage.

(            MINI-SUBURBS             )

Select your best vehicle and go into Endurance Mode. Select the Drive-In 
level. Proceed to destroy ten vehicles without dying once. This will 
unlock the Mini-Suburbs level.

(             PRISON SHIP             )

Select your best vehicle and go into Endurance Mode. Select the Zorko 
Bros. Junkyard level. Proceed to destroy fifteen vehicles without dying 
once. This will unlock the Prison Ship stage.

(               WARHAWK               )

Found In: Zorko Bros. Scrap & Salvage

On the "main" battlefield, you will notice a flying, green colored "Big 
Boy"-looking object. Blow it up with a Fire Missles or two, which 
creates a ramp. Notice the metal crushing device in the background? Once 
it comes down, Turbo off the ramp and came to a dead halt atop the 
device. Once it goes up, you will notice the device's managing system, 
which looks like a shack. Facing the "shack," look to the right to see a 
floating object. Zoom off of the device to collect the LEVEL 
"Warhawk"... Keep in mind this is the level, NOT the last boss.

(           PRISON PASSAGE            )

Found In: The Suburbs

With a faster car (such as Mr. Grimm, Spectre, etc.), go to the area 
that you unlocked Warthog in (read Warthog's section for more). After 
making the jump from the hill to the building's rooftop, stay on the 
roof. Do NOT go into the hole from which you'd find Warthog. Instead, 
drive towards the left and off the building to the next building's 
rooftop. You may need to jump (L1 + R1) to reach it. Go to the very end 
of the row of buildings, then go to the flat-topped roof opposite of the 
one you're on now. Turbo jump and quickly hit your breaks to come to a 
rough stop. From here, look at the building next to you, and blow the 
Vent up with a fire missle. This will reveal a Hidden Stage Icon. 
Collect it by Turbo jumping over and grab it.

(              ELEVATORS              )

Found In: Highway Loop

Follow the path given until you reach the folding bridge that is halfway 
up in the air. Look on the side opposite of the highway tunnel to notice 
three round boulders in the background. Get out your Gas Can weapon and 
launch it, then time it perfectly to come down on the middle/most 
foreground boulder of the three. Get out of its way, as it comes 
tumbling onto the battlefield. Follow it across the bridge, and watch it 
knock a hole out of the wall in the tunnel. Go inside, and to your right 
will be the hidden stage, "Elevators"... This stage is awesome.

(              STADIUM                )

Found In: Downtown

Whilst in the Downtown area of... well, Downtown, you will notice a 
building sitting at the entrance, near the water area in the middle. 
Cross the bridge to notice this building, as it is connected by two 
bridges in mid-air. Go in between them, and shoot out the middle of the 
left building. Enter the newly found hole and go to the halfway point, 
then notice, to the left, the elevator. Ride it up and go to the left, 
then cross the bridge. Once over the bridge, go left and past the second 
elevator. Now slowly, and softly, fall off of the ledge past the second 
elevator. If you're lucky, you'll land on the catwalk. Look around to 
find a rotating coffee cup. Blow it up to reveal a Hidden Stage Icon. 
Drive off and jump (L1 + R1) to reach Minion's Stadium. 

(             POWER PLANT             )

Found In: Snowy Roads

Once you arrive on the very closed-in-combat level of Snowy Roads, you 
will notice that it has two areas: The first is the skiing area, which 
you will ignore if you wish to reach the Power Plant Hidden Stage Icon. 
The second is the Gas Station and Resort. Go to this area, and look to 
your left to find one of the barrier's missing. Go over to it and slide 
down softly to reach a Health pick-up, and a Rico pick-up. Facing 
against the resort, look to your right to see a steep hill, in which at 
the top is the Hidden Stage Icon. Turbo up, and slam on the brakes 
towards the top to reach it. You may die while doing this, but it's 
worth it, as the Power Plant kind of feels like Twisted Metal 2's "Los 
Angeles" stage, without the "Hollywood" sign.

(               SEWERS                )

Found In: Abandoned Skyscrapers

The Abandoned Skyscrapers stage can be quite the life-stealer, 
ESPECIALLY when trying to get the Hidden Stage Icon for the cat-and-
mouse Sewers stage. Go down to the platform that is connected to a 
bridge, in which has a wrecking ball that can slap you off of the 
rooftops. Cross this bridge to reach the area which contains the Health 
Station. Notice the Franklin Sign to your right? Knock it down to create 
a bridge for reference. Cross the Franklin Bridge, and go to the right, 
where you will find an awkward ledge. Get on that flat-ground ledge, and 
face the Franklin Bridge. Drive off at moderate speed (yes, killing 
yourself), and with some luck, you will collect the Hidden Stage Icon 
for the Sewers. If not, keep trying this method until you do. It's also 
very wise to save.

(             SKYSCRAPERS             )

Found In: Warhawk's Rooftop

From where you start off, you will have to ignore the boss and come to 
the realization that you must kill yourself in order to get the Hidden 
Stage Icon for the Skyscrapers. I bet you're tired of dying, eh? Go to 
the edge that the tankers fall off from and onto the battlefield, and 
look off that area. If you drive carefully at moderate speed, you can 
collect the infamous Hidden Stage Icon, and unlock the very cool 
"Skyscrapers" stage. Good luck!



(               CHEATS                )

This section is dedicated to those who love to cheat for fun. Don't take 
it too seriously, as whipping through the game with One Hit Kills on 
gets kinda boring. ^_^

Press and hold L1, L2, R1, R2 and press Triangle, X, Square, O.

~!~GOD MODE~!~
Press and hold L1, L2, R1, R2, and press Up, X, Left, O

~!~INVULNERABILITY (Infinite Health and Turbo)~!~
Press and hold L1, L2, R1, R2 and press Right, Left, Down, Up

~!~KILLER WEAPONS (One Hit Kills)~!~
Press and hold L1, L2, R1, R2 and press X, X, Up

Press and hold L1, L2, R1, R2 and press X, X, Triangle

(              FEATURES               )

Once you destroy a vehicle, the driver will come out screaming and, of 
course, on fire. Put him/her out of their misery by running them over. 
You'll even get a health bonus!

Not a secret to most, but an overlooked feature of the game. Instead of 
having the Weapon Icons, you can turn it into a Weapons List by holding 
Select and pressing Right on the D-Pad. I prefer the list, as it's 
easier to navigate.

On the Prison Ship stage, note that after you get out of the small "two 
enemy" area, and towards the ship's exit, that there are three inmates 
about to get fried. Shoot off the block in front of them to watch them 
cook. Kinda twisted, eh?

Press Up, Down, Up

~!~LAY MINE~!~
Press Right, Left, Down

Press Right, Left, then press and hold Down for a few extra seconds, 
then release.

Press Left, Left, Down, Down

Press Right, Right, Down, Down

Press Left, Right, Down + L2



Q. When was this game released?
A. July of 2001. 

Q. You've talked to the developers of this game??? How??
A. I used to be a Senior Editor of a gaming website, and interviewed 
Steve Ceragioli at E3 2001. Nice guy. I can send a link to the interview 
by request. I also spoke with Steve and Dave (Jaffe) in a chat over at 
www.tmalliance.com several times.

Q. That intro music sounds familiar, doesn't it?
A. Yes, in fact, it is pretty much the same music from the introduction 
credits in the movie "Seven."

Q. So which movies inspired this game, anyway?
A. Seven, Jacob's Ladder, Silence Of The Lambs, and The Many Adventures 
of Winnie The Pooh. Okay, I'm joking about that last one, however, 
Winnie the Pooh is awesome. Take note that Jacob's Ladder also inspired 
the Silent Hill series.

Q. Why is the only hidden character to have an Introduction movie Yellow 
A. A couple of reasons, actually... Yellow Jacket's ending plays a major 
part of Twisted Metal Black, so they figured it might be wiser to add 
more of a background story to it. The other reason, I believe, was time. 
They simply didn't have enough time to add movies for all of the hidden 
characters, but of course, endings are a must! The "Load Screen" stories 
are especially good opposed to the starting drivers', though.

Q. I can't get Manslaughter! Every time I shoot that box, the whole 
thing blows up!
A. Make sure you aren't using the Mega Guns cheat. If you are, turn it 
off. Now, carefully (not full throttle) shoot the blue crate with your 
REGULAR machine guns until half of it blows up. Like I mentioned in the 
Hidden Vehicles section, make sure no cars are by you, as they cause 
more damage than it seems.

Q. Out of curiousity, who do you use?
A. For my straight "ass-whuppin'" battles, I use Outlaw. Whenever I feel 
spunky, though, I'll bust out Brimstone. I suck with him, though. ;-)

Q. Are the rumors true of a Twisted Metal Black movie?
A. Nope, not to my knowledge.

Q. What about a sequel?
A. Incog Inc has been extremely hush-hush on this matter. If they are 
making a sequel, I'd suspect that they are not currently working on it 
as of right now.

Q. How did you decode that whole Minion message???
A. I didn't. Simply put, I found the information about two weeks after 
the game's release over at www.tmalliance.com. Great site for all things 
Twisted Metal.

Q. I own an import copy of the game, and I'm not seeing any movies for 
the characters! Is my copy a piece of crap?
A. Sadly, no, your copy is NOT a piece of crap. The foreign versions of 
Twisted Metal Black had all of the movies removed, I guess due to the 
disturbing sequences. 



All the same in my FAQs, the guys to get thanked first are the wonderful 
people who post my work. Jeff Veasey (CJayC) at GameFAQs.com, and 
Stephen Ng at IGN.com. Jeff Veasey runs arguably the best site on the 
internet, which takes time away from everything else he does, and I 
cannot put into words how much I, as a gamer and person, appreciate his 
success in this field. And what's not to say about IGN.com? Stephen's 
program is running strong, and building a fine reputation in this field. 
Good job.

Big amounts of thanks to the guys over at Incog Inc for saving this 
great series from 989, especially Dave Jaffe, who has created a world 
that is so captivating and real that it has a cult following over at 
TMAlliance.com, and Steve Ceragioli, who fit me into his busy schedule 
at E3 2001 for an interview. What a great, friendly guy. He made the 
company, regardless if they are the "good guys" or the "evil do-ers," 
look top notch. Very professional. Thanks Steve.

Thanks to Todd Morden and Andrew "The Jew" Wechsler. You two guys were 
awesome with the amount of coverage I provided for this game before it's 
launch, and you guys are two of the best friends I've ever had on a 
professional basis. Thanks Todd. Thanks Jew. You guys rule, and good 
luck with your future expeditions.

To TMAlliance.com. They set up a good web-site, and have a passion for 
Twisted Metal that is unmatched, and some people may say unhealthy. Oh 
well, what can you do, right? Big thanks to X-Man over there. When I 
first came there, a few members of their staff had this "I hate the 
newbie rush" thing going on, however, X-Man had seen through that, and 
treated me with respect, and knew I was a true fan. This guy, for a 
staff member at a moderately big site, is one of the most down-to-earth 
guys you will meet, and he knows what he's talking about. Just so you 
know, X-Man, I kissed your ass in the credits way before you submitted 
the Decoded Messages to me. Thanks. Thanks also goes to SoC (good seeing 
you at E3!), Monkey King, NightShade, AngelEd (hehe, so witty), and last 
but not least, Morty. Morty is like the big sister I never had. ;-D And 
yes, I'm kidding. Much love to all of those that I'm forgetting, too. 
You guys are great folk.

Thanks again to my girlfriend, Valerie Meerschaert. She cleaned the 
window near my computer yesterday, and I can't see the monitor for the 
sunshine closing in on it. It looks very nice, though, as it hadn't been 
cleaned in years (literally). Thanks Hun, you own.

Traditionally, thanks goes to Collective Soul, who are big fans of TM1 
and TM2, and make great rock music.



This document is Copyright 2003 David McCutcheon. It may not be 
reproduced nor retransmitted in any form. It may not be altered, 
published, sold, given as an incentive to buy, etc. without advance 
permission from the author. Violation of the above terms can and will 
result in a lawsuit. Thank you.

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