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FAQ/Walkthrough by KrayzieGuy86

Version: 1b | Updated: 06/29/01

TwiSted MetAl: Black
by Richard Garcia
Best viewed at 1024 x 768.
Version 1b

	In the beginning, there was Twisted Metal, created by Singletrac. The gameplay was fantastic, but the graphics
reallystunk. Which is what earned it it's mediocre ratings. Then, came Twisted Metal 2: World Tour. The game was
awesome. The gameplay was better than the original, and the graphics were improved drastically. This game was bliss.
	After this happened, 989 got the rights to the Twisted Metal series and released the HORRID Twisted Metal 3, and
the OK Twisted Metal 4. 989 seriously tainted the Twisted Metal series and it was gonna be tough to get it back to the
	Then comes Incognito Inc... Incognito (Incog) is a company that is made up of ex-Singletrac members, including
some new people too. Incog wanted to make Twisted Metal a famed series again. They have created TwiSted MetAl: Black. An
absolute MASTERPIECE. The gameplay is incredible, the sound is awesome, the graphics are some of the best graphics I've
ever seen. What more could you ask for?
	This guide was created by me to show you TwiSted MetAl: Black noobs how to unlock stages, how to unlock the
characters, and how to beat the bosses. This guide also contains a summary to all the movies in the game, if you're too
lazy to beat the game with all the characters yourself. :) Have Fun. Also, I didn't include codes cuz...I don't like
cheaters. >:(
Also, I apologize for typos in advance. lol

I: Characters/Vehicles/Specials/Ratings
II: The Weapons
III: How to Unlock the Levels.
IV: How to Unlock the Secret Characters.
V: How to Beat the Bosses
VI: The Half-Way Point Movies
VII: The Endings
VIII: Special Energy Attacks

I: The Characters

1. Junkyard Dog
Driver: Billy Ray
Special: Launching a Spiked Wrecking Ball that explodes on impact.
How to use Special: Fire it and press L2 when the target is over an enemy vehicle.
Rating: 2 out of 5 stars.

2. Brimstone
Driver: The Preacher
Special: Launching a Follower of his, strapped with dynamite, onto an enemy car.
How to use Special: Fire the Follower onto an enemy's car and continue shooting to increase the effectiveness of the
Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

3. Outlaw
Driver: Agent Stone
Special: Agent Stone rises with a turret and shoots at the closest vehicle.
How to use Special: Make sure that the enemy is directly in front of you, and that the laser sight is pointing straight
forward. Press L2 as many times as you can to shoot missiles as you fire the turret.
Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

4. Mr. Grimm
Driver: Mr. Grimm
Special: Scythe that explodes on impact.
How to use Special: Just aim it at an enemy vehicle and throw it. It is NOT homing.
Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

5. Roadkill
Driver: John Doe
Special: Charge Up Missiles.
How to use Special: Charge it up a few seconds after all the lights are lit. It'll get you a few Specials to get used
to it.
Shoot it the nanosecond before it backfires for Maximum Damage.
Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

6. Crazy 8
Driver: No Face
Special: Lightning
How to use Special: Press L2 as many times as you can when it is connected to an enemy for maximum effect.
Rating: 4 out of 5.

7. Spectre
Driver: Bloody Mary
Special: Missile that goes through anything to hit enemy.
How to use Special: Make sure that the enemy you want to hit has a red upside down Triangle (meaning you're locked on)
and fire.
Rating: 3 out of 5.

8. Darkside
Driver: Dollface
Special: Turbo Ram
How to use Special: I suggest you freeze the enemy when they are near a wall and ram 'em into it. Do NOT use this
special on the Rooftops!!!!
Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

9. Shadow
Driver: Raven
Special: 1.Detonating Shadow 2.Turret Raven
How to use Special: 1.Just fire the Special and when it gets on an enemy vehicle press the L2 again to detonate.
2. Press Up, Up, Up while Special is highlighted to activate the alternate special.
Rating: 4 out of 5.

10. Yellow Jacket
Driver: Charlie Kane and Son
Special: Spikes
How to use Special: There are Two ways to use this Special:
1. Go in between a group of enemies and fire it. It will go in all directions and home in on the nearest enemy.
2. With the spikes exposed, turbo ram an enemy. (Recommended)
Rating: 4 out of 5.

11. Axel
Driver: Axel
Special: 1. Shockwave 2. Big Wheels
How to use Special: 1.Go near a group of enemies and fire away.
2. Press Up, Up, Up to make Axel combine both wheels into one. Run over enemies to take out a lot of damage. Very hard
to use though. You've been warned.
Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

12. WartHog
Driver: Cage
Special: Flamethrower
How to use Special: Freeze an enemy and burn 'im up.
Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

13. ManSlaughter
Driver: Black
Special: Exploding Balls... stop laughing!
How to use Special: Freeze an enemy and go up to them and fire it. It works well on the big guys, only.
Rating: 2 out of 5.

14. Sweet Tooth
Driver: Sweet Tooth
Special: Mech that shoots 20 missiles.
How to use Special: Press L2 once to turn into the mech. (You do not have to wait to transform. If an enemy is
right in front of you, and you want to get it over with, just press L2 again and he'll automatically be formed
and start shooting missiles.) Press L2 a second time to shoot the missiles. It is recommended that the enemy has
nowhere to hide, cuz if you hit with all 20, that's 2 bonuses in damage. (10 hits gives a damage bonus).
Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

15. Minion
Driver: Minion
Special: Close-range: Flamethrower/ Long-Range: Flame Launcher
How to use Special: Close-range is same as WartHog's. To use the second, be far away from the enemy (not THAT
far away) and shoot it, each one SHOULD hit (since its homing), and if each one doesn't hit....then you suck.
Rating: 5 out of 5.

Special Thanks to "Junny", Bentley La Mar, and Kevin Myers for telling me how to do the alternate specials for
Shadow and Axel. :)

II: The Weapons

In this section I'll show you the weapons in the game, and how to use 'em. I will also tell you WHAT to use and why.

The Machine Guns
Ah. The single most helpful weapon in the game. The best way to use these babies is to turbo ram an opponent and
continue shooting and ramming into his side to prevent him from going head-on with you. Surprisingly, the machine
guns take out a lot of damage if you shut the guys a lot with 'em. Use these a lot. But, do make sure they don't

Fire Missiles
These Missiles are ok. They give moderate damage and are barely homing. Don't use these unless the guy is almost

Homing Missiles
The Homings give a little less damage than the fire missiles. But they home in very well. Again, don't use these
unless the guy is almost dead.

Power Missiles
VERY powerful. First of all, when the enemie is directly in front of you, don't shoot it. Take a look at what side
the missiles are on your car. It might be on the right, it might be on the left. Depending on what side they're on,
position it so that it will hit the guy directly. :) Takes out a lot of damage.

Gas Can
Really cool weapon. Simple to use too. Just press L2 once and press it again where you want it to drop. If someone
is chasing you (Sweet Tooth, WartHog...those bastards always chase you) press down, up, down then L2 to drop it
behind you. It will explode on impact or when you press L2...kinda like a remote bomb from the previous Twisted
Metals. :)

Show up as RICO on your HUD. These weapons have the potential to be the best weapons in the game. But it is very
tough to pull it off. Ok, in order to give the most damage, the rico must boucne off the wall a few times (each
time it bounces off a little damage is added), then hit the enemy. This is very tough to do. If you get the
message "Bank Shot Bonus" that means ya did it. :)

The Environmental Weapons
The ENV's vary in each stage. I'll tell you what they are:

1. Junkyard
The broken bomber plane fires 20 shots at the closest enemy. Which means 2 bonuses. :)

2. Suburbs
The ENV summons a lightning bolt in the Warehouse district. I recommend you lure all of the enemies there and put
up your shield, then fire away.

3. Downtown
The ENV here gives the Helicopter around the river the order to fire a few missiles at the nearest enemy (I don't
know how many exactly...I never hung around to see).

5. Prison Passage
Over here, the ENV gives the blimp orders to shoot lightning down at nearby opponents. Very crappy ENV...

6. Snowy Roads
The usual Lightning bolt. The Lightning bolt is cast where the big, open field is. NOT the area with the gas

Go up to Section I to see how to use them.

"Skill-Based Pick-Ups"
That's what they call 'em in the Manual. These things are the upside down tripods. Well, that's what they look
like. It switches colors. Red stands for Reticles (recommended), blue stands for Zoomies, and green stands for
Satellites. There is another color that escapes me at the moment, but if you get that color it's totally random.

THE best weapon in the game. No joke. First, make sure the enemy is in the green box. Press L2 once and you'll
notice that it's counting down. While it's counting down, MAKE SURE THE ENEMY IS STILL IN THE CROSSHAIRS!!! Make
sure he's in it all the time. When it gets to 0, let it go a few more nanoseconds and fire it. It'll get you a
little time to get used to the time when you're supposed to shoot it for most damage. Then you'll see why I call
it the best weapon in the game.

Very powerful weapon. Just fire it and get someone in the crosshairs and wait for the missiles to fall. OR, if
you can't wait just press L2. But be warned, a lot of damage will be deducted if you press it. If you just let
it fall by itself you'll get the message "MAXIMUM DAMAGE".

Alright weapon. Just press L2 when someone is in front of you. All 10 should hit, and gives a bonus too. :)

III: How to Unlock the Levels:

1. The Junkyard.
Contains: Warhawk's Rooftop
Get 2 Gas Cans and fire both at the big green pizza guy (the one near the bomber plane with the health in it).
The pizza guy will explode and drop his pizza box on the ground next to the crusher. Using the Pizza box as a
ramp, jump onto the crusher when it falls. Let it take you up. Look around and you should see a black cube.
Grab it and you unlocked Warhawk's Rooftop.

2. Suburbs
Contains: Prison Passage (coolest stage in game)
This one is quite tough. I recommend using Mr. Grimm for this one.
Go To the Carnival. Next, look for a gas can on the mountain. Go to it and keep going and you should land on
the building behind it. If you fall through the building, keep trying until you get to a spot where you don't
fall through.
I will provide a crappy diagram for the procedure:

_____________________			       ____________________________
I		    I                          I                          I
I	            I                          I            5             I
I	4           I                          I                          I
I		    I                          I                          I
I  		    I			       ___________________________

_____________________				 I			     I
I	            I				 I        6           X      I
I	3	    I				 _____________________________

I		    I
I	2           I
I		    I
I	            I

I	            I
I		    I
I		    I
I   Start           I

You start off at the Start point (duh), and make your way across the building up to 4. Also, getting from 3 to
4 is very tough. after getting to 4, turbo your way to 5 and brake when you land to prevent falling off. to
the same when going to 6. Blow the thingy on the roof to unveil the Black Cube. I also heard rumors that you
can just jump from 3 to 6.
Congrats! You've unlocked the best stage in the game!!! :-D

3a: Highway Loop
Contains: Elevators
Make sure you have just one or two enemies left. Then, grab a gas can and head to the bridge with the gap in it.
Make sure you're facing the tunnel. Head backwards until you hit the wall. Turn to your left (not completely)
until you see two big balls... STOP LAUGHING! Destroy the one without lights (the one closest to the bridge).
It will pop outta there and start rolling outta there. Do NOT touch it or it'll explode. Go distract the enemies
at the other bridge to make sure they don't hit it and blow it up. Then, return to the bridge and go over it
(facing the tunnel). You should notice a hole in the wall of the tunnel. Go inside and look around and you should
find the black cube. If not, you're blind. :)

3b: Downtown.
Contains: ...I forgot...and don't feel like turning my PS2 on...sorry.
You should see 2 buildings connected by bridges ar one side of the river. On one of the buildings is a
"Joe's Diner". The sign has a rotating cup on it. Destroy the rotating cup with a gas can to unveil the black cube.
Now you know what you're trying to get. Go up onto the bridge between the bridges and simply try to get it. :)
You'll get it in at least 2 tries. (EDIT: There are more than one rotating cups! Destroy them all to find the cube)

4: Minion's Stadium
Contains: Nothing.

5: Prison Passage
Contains: No Stages

6: Snowy Roads
Contains: Forgot....
At one end of the snowy roads is a long building that cannot be destroyed. Break through the barricades and you
should see a small area behind the barricades with health and a ricochet. When facing the nothingness, turn to
your right and drive up the mountain slowly. You should see a black cube there. Grab it SLOWLY or you'll fall off.

7: Skyscrapers
Contains: Forgot...
On the building with a Regenerator (not the one with the glass tower..or the airplane), there is a billboard right
before the next building. Destroy this billboard and it will create a way to get across the gap. go in the middle
of this billboard and go into helicopter view (select + down a few times). You should see a black cube. You're
gonna have to sacrifice a life for this one...

8: Warhawk's Rooftop.
Contains: Skyscrapers
Between Warhawk's Rooftop and the building the Tankers come from, there should be a black cube. It'll be a bit
hard to see at first, but you'll see it eventually. You're gonna have to sacrifice a life for this one too...

Note: There are 3 more levels to be unlocked. These are unlocked by surviving 10-15 battles in Endurance mode.
To unlock all 3 you must survive 10 battles in Snowy Roads, 10 in Drive-In Movie, and 15 in the Junkyard.
Have Fun.

IV: How to Unlock the Characters:

There are 5 Unlockable characters in this game (minus Warhawk....if possible).

1. Junkyard:
Contains: Yellow Jacket
There is an airplane circling this level. Shoot it once or twice with fire missiles to set it on fire. Follow it
to its destruction and go into the hole it makes. At the end of the tunnel there should be this circly thingy
in the middle of the room. In front of the thingy, there is a control panel. Destroy the control panel to unlock
Yellow Jacket.

2a. Suburbs:
Contains: WartHog
This one is simple. Follow the guide on how to getthe hidden level found in the suburbs. EXCEPT, purposely fall
into the first building. Inside you should see a control panel similar to how you got Yellow Jacket.
You know what to do... :)

2b: Freeway:
Contains: Axel
This one is tough. In the level, there are 2 cranes. One is holding a pipe and the other is holding 2 boxes.
Grab a gas can and using the ridges found there, aim for the yellow box between to two boxes it's holding.
It should drop the one on the left. Break open the box and you have unlocked Axel.

5: Prison Passage:
Contains: ManSlaughter
This one is quite hard to explain. When the ship docks, you must go to the lower level(the one that looks like
the Airport..or something). Turn right and then right again to go where the ship is actually being held. To
the left of the ship you should see 3 boxes containing a health. Shoot the one to the farthest left to create
a ramp. Get up there and shoot the ship with machine guns. This should open a secret passage where you see a
box similar to how you found Yellow Jacket and WartHog. Destroy the panel and you have unlocked ManSlaughter.
Sorry about the directions..it's hard to explain...lol.

?: Minion
To Unlock Minion (Best Character in the game, IMO) you must beat the game with all the characters. I have
confirmed this cuz I roxxors at TM:B!!! :-D Can't wait for Twisted Metal: Black ONLINE!!!
BWAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAHA!! Ok, carry on... :) ALSO, The Unlocked Minion is more of a Mini-Minion...

V: How to Beat the Bosses
There are two bosses in the game. The first is Minion, whom is in stage 4. The second is Warhawk, whom is in stage 8.
Pretty cool crossover, huh? :) Only PSOne fans back in the day (Twisted Metal 2 time) will understand what I'm saying.

Stage 4: Minion
This guy is CHEAP. He has infinite specials and it's the most devastating special special in the game!!! Minion has
4 panels controlling his shield. The front, left, right, and back. You must take them out in order to lower the shield.
Well, at first you gotta go around the ring and collect as many weapons as you can. Then put up your shields and fire
all you got at him. Continue doing so. It is very tough to get the back panel though. Thankfully, it is destroyed in
at least 2 hits. You'll eventually get it. That's pretty much all ya gotta do. When his shield is down fire away and
he'll be down for the count.

Stage 8: Warhawk
This battle is EASY. I can't stress how easy it is. When I first fought Warhawk with Roadkill I was like "Oh shit".
I destroy the tankers and blow them up when Warhawk is directly above them. I shoot a few specials at him and he's
a goner. It's soooo simple. Ask me, and I think they should've made Minion final boss. :D
But seriously. To beat him: About a minute into the battle, Tankers that look like Minion will jump from a nearby
building onto Warhawk's Rooftop. Destroy 'em and push them onto the helipad. Or, you can just leave them and wait for
the red dot to get over the orange dot (on the radar) and fire at the tanker. Either way, it's simple. Continue doing
so until the third time. OR if you're lucky, (as I was) the shields might be destroyed in 2 turns, rather than 3.
Next, grab the Skill-Based Pick-Up and hope you get a Satellite. If so, when Warhawk gets above the helipad, fire
the Satellite once, put up your shield and wait for the missiles to drop on him. THis should take out about 50% of
his health. Do this another time and Warhawk is toast. :)

VI: The Half-Way Point Movies

These are the movies found after beating Minion. They tell us more about the characters and such...

1. Junkyard Dog
Billy Ray was checking out the crops one day, two weeks before harvest. When all of a sudden, a plane comes outta
nowhere and drops some sort of gas on him. This gas ate away at his nose, and made him butt-ugly (not like he was
good looking from the beginning anyway...lol). He is out for hours. When he wakes up, he goes to his wife, Annie,
to ask her what had happened cuz she's smart. When he gets there, he finds her making out with the pilot that just
spewed the gas over him. And they're talking about how they're gonna collect the life insurance...or something.
Billy Ray goes beserk and grabs for a hoe (you know what i'm talking about ya sick bastard!). The pilot runs away
and Billy slaughters Annie, which is what lands him in the nuthouse.

2. Brimstone
The Preacher was performing one of the most important rituals at the church: an Exorcism. The Demon was too powerful
for him handle and enters The Preachers mind instead (a-la Exorcist) and causes him to slaughter all the people in
the church. Cops come barging into the church but then the Demon leaves the Preachers body and leaves The Preacher
without an alibi of any kind....this lands him in the nuthouse.

3. Outlaw
Stone was a sniper on the roof about to take out a Doomsday cult leader who was taking a family hostage. Stone is
very angry and these Gang members and wants them dead badly. He is given orders to fire and does so. He lets his
emotions take control and fires wildly cuz he wants him dead. He checks it out to see if he's dead...the cultist
is dead. He looks in the next window and realizes that he also shot the family being held hostage dead too. This
lands him in the nuthouse.

4. Mr. Grimm
Grimmy was at Nam with his pal, Benny. Benny is shot by the Vietnamese and Grimmy tries to help him up. But, before
he knew it, the Namese were on him. They put them in a pit 25 feet below. One day, an Advisor to the Namese comes
and tells Grimmy that if he wants to survive, he's gonna have to eat. The Advisor throws a knife down at Grimmy
and tells him that he'll have to eat whatever he can find down there. A few days later, Benny dies. Grimmy survives
a few days more, but can't take it anymore. He chops up Benny and eats his flesh. He gets Benny's skull and wears it
on him. 2 weeks later the Americans come for Grimmy but Grimm refuses to remove his 'helmet' and kills two of the
Americans doing so. They send him back to America and put him in the nuthouse.

5. Roadkill
John was a gang member. He remembers at first it was just random beatings. But then they moved on to Doomsday
Cult-type stuff. They plan to set up a bomb at a disease control building, which if blown up, will released thousands
of diseases all over the world. They set up the bomb and run. His memories end there...

6. Crazy 8
No Face was a small-time boxer. One day he was destroyed in the first round. His jaw shattered, his nose broken.
The guys at the Gym tell him to visit this surgeon. Turns out this surgeon was a fan of the fights. As the surgeon
puts him under the gas he tells No Face "20 thousand dollars... I lost 20 thousand dollars on you". The surgeon
gouges his eyes and removes his tongue, and seals his eyelids and mouth shut. No Face wants revenge...

7. Spectre
Mary remembers a wedding. It was the wedding of her friend. Her friend (who's name escapes me) throws the bouquet
at Mary, but Mary misses. Mary is furious and grabs a knife. She stabs the bride and drags her friend into the
dressing room, where she bolts the door shut. She strips the bride's body and puts on her gown, and realizes shes
the most beautiful bride she has ever seen. This is what lands her in the nuthouse.

8. Darkside
Dollface was working for a man who made all sorts of creepy masks. One day, she spills coffee on some important
paperwork. Her boss is furious. He puts on this Dollface mask on her, and nails it down. He also makes a weird key
to make sure it never comes off... That is all.

9. Shadow
Raven was hanging out with her friend Kelly one day at the pier, making a reading using Tarot cards. And out comes
the "Death" card. Then comes these guys from school who called them witches. They each take one girl, and one throws
Kelly in the water. Raventells him that she can't swim. But the guys leave. Problem is, Raven can't swim either so
she can't save Kelly. Kelly tells Raven to avenge her. And to kill those guys. She wants to win this contest so she
avenges Kelly...

10. Yellow Jacket
No Middle Movie.

11. Axel
No Middle Movie.

12. WartHog
No Middle Movie.

13. ManSlaughter
No Middle Movie

14. Sweet Tooth
As Sweet Tooth passes out, he sees all of his greatest achievements flashing before his eyes. *many disturbing
pictures flashon-screen*. He then remembers being captured, and being put to death. As he is put to death, The
Preacher (yes, Brimstone) is there too. The Preacher screams out and tells God to punish Sweet Tooth with the
flames of Hell. Sweet Tooth's head goes up in flames and is being burnt a lot. Sweet Tooth breaks loose and kills
a few guards trying to put out the flame. The guards get him and put him in Solitary again. But Sweet Tooth wants
both his revenge, and a cure to the curse...

No Middle Movie.

VII: The Endings:

Note: These are MASSIVE SPOILERS!!! I made it so that you don't understand what's going on unless you've beaten
Minion with each character. Or unless you've seen my Half-Way Point Movies section... :)

1. Junkyard Dog
Billy Ray wins the contest and Calypso takes him to Billy's farm where he has a surprise for Billy. He has chained
up the pilot, and set up an airplane in front of him. All Billy had to do was get in, start the engine, and go
forward a bit to have his revenge. Billy Ray does so and the pilot is toast. Billy Ray enjoy's killing, and moves
to the city where "Who knows what trouble an old Redneck like me can get into".

2. Brimstone
The Preacher visits Calypso and demands Calypso to clear his name. Calypso tells him that he didn't say he was gonna
clear his name, but tell him the truth. Turns out that the "Exorcism" was actually a regular Baptism, and that he'd
gone mad and slaughtered the entire church. The Preacher realizes that Calypso was right and jumps off a roof.

3. Outlaw
Agent Stone visits Calypso and wants to get a second chance for what happened that day. And just like that, Calypso
takes Agent Stone back to that day. Agent Stone appears on top of the rooftop, and is given orders just like last
time, to kill the terrorist. He does so and makes sure he hadn't done what he did last time...and finds out he did it
right this time. He is thankful and lets his guard down. He recieves the message "Terrorist is NOT down!". Agent Stone
looks through his scope and sees the terrorist aiming right at him. The terrorist shoots and gets Stone right in the
middle of the forehead.

4. Mr. Grimm
Mr. Grimm goes to Calypso and Calypso delivers him the goods. It's the Advisor to the Vietnamese, and "dinner for
one". I think you know what happens here...

5. Roadkill
Mr. Doe goes to Calypso and demands to find out who he is. Calypso throws a wallet at him. John opens the wallet
and sees an FBI ID with his face on it. He was FBI and was deep undercover with the Doomsday Cults. Calypso tells
him he was a hero that day. He returned to the building and threw the bomb out the building. John smiles and is happy
to hear that. He then remembers that he has a family.....and realizes he's standing in front of #2 on the FBI's 10
Most Wanted List. Calypso thanks John for being such a great contestant, and shoots him dead.

6. Crazy 8
No Face goes to Calypso and tells him he wants his prize. Well, turns out Calypso was a man of his word. Calypso has
tied up the doctor to a punching bag, and prepared a special boxing glove for No Face, equipped with all sorts of
scalpels, scissors, and such. No Face punches the doc and it his his first time knocking someone out with one punch.

7. Spectre
Mary goes to Calypso and demands her prize. Calypso brings in Mary's love, and sez he had to make a few adjustments.
*zoom in on scar on his head....suggesting that Calypso operated on his brain* He takes her away in his arms and says
"I...will...never....love you." Mary is shocked and grabs a mallet and kills him. Turns out Calypso didn't do a good
job. She leaves and says that her Prince Charming is out there, and she'll have to go through each and EVERY man to
find him... yeah, I thought it was a crappy ending too. lol

8. Darkside
Dollface goes to Calypso and wants the key to her mask. But, Calypso has tied the mask to a mechanism so that if the key
is taken, her boss is toast. She has no problems taking it, and her boss is a dead man. But, she decides not to keep the
key.For she claims "It will never get old, it will remain beautiful even if I'm old and gray inside". Then she drives

9. Shadow
Raven demands her prize from Calypso and he throws her two voodoo dolls. Raven doesn't understand at first, but realizes
what he wants her to do. She claims it's what Kelly would've wanted her to do. She grabs to pins and sticks them through
the doll's heads. She could've sworn she heard screams as she pushed those pins in... 2 days later, their bodies are
found. She is thankful that Kelly is avenged, and tells herself that Kelly is still with her. Cuz friends are forever...

10. Yellow Jacket
'Lil Kane goes to Calypso with Mr. Kane and wants him revived. Calypso destroys the remote control that 'Lil Kane was
using to control his father. And takes him away. Calypso tells him that he needs someone to train to run the contest
once he dies. He says that Sweet Tooth would've been the perfect choice, but 'Lil Kane killed him. "It's in your blood".
Then the camera shifts to a sort of view where it implies that 'Lil Kane is the next Sweet Tooth...

11. Axel
Axel demands Calypso to tell him who killed his wife. He finds out it was Sweet Tooth who killed her. Calypso has Sweet
Tooth tied up. Axel goes up to him and Sweet Tooth speaks: "She didn't die easy. She was BEGGING for you when I killed
her". Axel shoots him a few times, and puts him outta his misery. Axel still feels it's his fault, and continues to
punish himself in his vehicle, and drives off with his legs dragging on the floor.

12. WartHog
Cage demands Calypso to remove the part of his brain that makes him feel so sad when he kills a human being. Calypso
does so,and gives him a special gift too. A sort of "Edward Scissorhand"-type hands. Cage likes them and sez that now
everyone will know who his victims are... and drives off.

13. ManSlaughter
Black exits his vehicle and says "Cal.....ypso.......where.....are... you??". A note on Calypso's car reads "Screw You!
Love,Calypso", which is strapped to a bomb. The bomb explodes but.. Black is still alive. Black gets in his car and
drives off.

14. Sweet Tooth
Sweet Tooth demands his prize from Calypso. He wants the curse ended. Calypso hands him a vial of The Preacher's blood.
Calypso tells him if he drinks it, the curse will end. BUT if he kills another human being, the curse will rise again.
SweetTooth steps on the vial, and kills Calypso. *nice shot of Sweet Tooth slicing Calypso's head off* And drives away
in his Ice Cream truck.

15. Minion
No ending.

VIII: Special Energy Attacks

Energy attacks are the Freeze attacks, the Mine's and such. You know. Up, Down, Up. Right, Left, Down. Etc.
I have found two special ones that might be quite useful. Funny thing is, these ones are from Twisted Metal 2.
Both of these are also found in TM2. :)

Weapons For Health: Hold all 4 shoulder buttons and press Triangle, X, Square, Circle. The weapons on your car will be
exchanged for a little health boost...depending on how many weapons you got.

Classic Minion Special: (YELLOW BAR MUST BE FULL)In TM2, Minion's special was WartHog's TM2 Special with a Freeze. This
can be pulled off in TMB, too.Hold all 4 shoulder buttons and press Right, Left, Up. Enjoy!

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