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    FAQ/Walkthrough by D-Plus

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      -=FAQ/Strategy Guide for Twisted Metal: Black
       -=Created by D-Plus
        -=E-Mail: xx@realjuggalos.com
       -=On the Web at: tmblack.topcities.com
      -=This FAQ is (c) 2001 D-Plus
      -=Update Alert=-
      -=VERSION 3.0=-
       -6.29.01 Section 2.8 - UNLOCKING THE SKYSCRAPERS Revealed.
       -6.29.01 Section 1.5 - Axel's Secret Special Discovered.
       -6.29.01 Section 1.5 - Warthog and Manslaughter's Names fixed.
      -=VERSION 2.0=- 
       -6.25.01 Section 1.5 - Shadow's Secret Special Discovered.
       -6.25.01 Section 1.5 - Original Driver feature added.
       -6.25.01 Section 1.5 - Fun Facts added.
       -6.25.01 Section 2.0 - Unlocking Axel updated.
       -6.25.01 Section 3.3 - Endings for Sweet Tooth, Brimstone and Darkside.
       -6.25.01 Section 3.2 - Bonus Mystery Added.
       -6.25.01 Section 3.0 - Unlocking Minion information corrected.
       -6.25.01 Section 1.5 - Outlaw's special corrected.
       -6.23.01 Section 2.9 - Finished rating Multiplayer Levels.
       -=1.0=- The Twisted Metal Revolution
       -=1.1=- New Features
       -=1.2=- Handling Your Ride
       -=1.3=- Basic Gameplay
       -=1.4=- Game Modes
       -=1.5=- The Cars and Drivers
       -=1.6=- Weapons of Destruction
       -=1.7=- Story Battlegrounds
       -=1.8=- Junkyard
       -=1.9=- Suburbs
       -=2.0=- Freeway
       -=2.1=- Downtown
       -=2.2=- Highway Loop
       -=2.3=- Minion's Stadium
       -=2.4=- Prison Passage
       -=2.5=- Snowy Roads
       -=2.6=- Drive-In Movie
       -=2.7=- Skyscrapers
       -=2.8=- Warhawk's Rooftop
       -=2.9=- Multiplayer Battlegrounds
       -=3.0=- Unlocking Minion
       -=3.1=- Cheat Codes
       -=3.2=- Bonus Mystery
       -=3.3=- Endings Revealed
       -=3.4=- About
       -=1.0 - Twisted Metal: Black
             -=Finally those guys over at Incog Inc. (formerly
               SingleTrac) took the Twisted Metal series back
               over. After releasing two smash PSX hits (Twisted
               Metal 1 & 2), some other fools got the rights to
               the game and released a real big flop (Twisted
               Metal 3). This game was absolutely horrible.
               The graphics and gameplay barely topped the
               original game. Plus, there was nothing new. There
               was the same amount of levels and vehicles as
               there was in Twisted Metal 2. People thought they
               could see the end of the Twisted Metal series
               coming real fast.
             -=Not too long later, the same company that released
               Twisted Metal 3, was working on the fourth
               installment in the series. They thought by releasing
               Twisted Metal 4 they could redeem themselves and
               apolagize to the hardcore Twisted Metal fans who had
               to put up with such a bad game. Boy were they wrong.
               Not only was Twisted Metal 4 another flop, it sold
               less copies then Twisted Metal 3 did. They knew
               they weren't doing something right, but they didn't
               care. They dropped the game and the rights were
               now up for grabs.
             -=While all these bad games were released, SingleTrac
               had transitioned into Incog Inc. Not many know
               why and not many really care. All we know is that
               the games they make kick ass. So these guys got the
               rights to Twisted Metal and revolutionized the
               series by releasing the Twisted Metal of all Twisted
               Metals: Twisted Metal: Black. This game was developed
               with a subtle amount of morbidness touched with a
               whole lot of evil. They removed Twisted Metal from
               the hole they got into with 3 & 4.
       -=1.1 - New Features
             -=Twisted Metal: Black is packed with a whole lot of
               new essences that will surprise a lot of the hard-
               core fans. Below I cover the New Features so check
               them out.
             -=Endurance Mode=-
               Like most fighting games, Twisted Metal fans can now
               pick a car and a level, and put their skills to the
               test as they are put up against an endless amount
               of computer controlled drones. In this mode, the
               action doesn't stop until you are destroyed.
             -=Multiple Cut-Scenes=-
               Unlike the old Twisted Metal tradition of one single
               end cut scene per driver, the power of the PS2 has
               allowed three. Each vehicle/driver has an opening
               sequence which is somewhat of a teaser about his
               story, a middle one revealing all the secrets about
               the story, and finally, the outcome after they meet
               Calypso for winning the contest.
             -=Blackfield Asylum=-
               The entire game is basically based on patients of the
               Blackfield Mental Asylum which results in some real
               crazy action. As seen in each drivers movies, they
               were all put in the asylum for different reasons.
             -=Black Cubes=-
               Hidden throughout most levels are little Black Cubes.
               These black cubes unlock secret levels for play in
               Challenge and Multiplayer game modes. Don't think
               they will be easy to find though, each cube is
               hidden deep inside it's level.
             -=Analog Steering=-
               Like many other great car/driving games released on
               the PS2, Twisted Metal: Black fully utilizes both
               Analog sticks on the Dual Shock controller.
             -=Weapons Visuals=-
               Each vehical is specifically designed to support all
               of the weapons. Instead of the old Twisted Metal
               style of missles coming out from beneath the car,
               they are now fired from a launcher that retracts
               from the vehicle.
             -=In-Game Secrets=-
               Now instead of beating the game to unlock things or
               entering a code, simply search for the secret character
               himself in a particular level. See each levels section
               for their secrets.
             -=Last Man Standing=-
               Two players fight to the end with an identical list
               of vehicles. The players alternate choosing vehicles.
               As each vehicle is destroyed, the player uses the
               next car on their list. The winner is who destroys
               all of his opponents cars first.
             -=New Weapons=-
               Twisted Metal: Black has a whole list of new weapons
               for battle. These along with the traditional ones
               are discussed in Section 1.6 Weapons of Destruction.
               Calypso decided to help out the contestants this year
               by releasing helicopters to each stage. These choppers
               will fly around with power ups attached to long
               cables. It's your job to chase them down and snag the
               power ups.
             -=Repair Stations=-
               Not really new (but not seen since Twisted Metal 1),
               the repair stations offer the driver with a full
               tune-up. All damages will be repaired as you drive up
               the ramp and let it charge. Each repair station can
               only be used three times in a level.
       -=1.2 - Handling Your Ride
             -=The control settings for Twisted Metal: Black are
               pretty much the same as all of the others. Except if
               you prefer Analog Steering using the Dual Shock
             -=These are the controlls for the basic control setting.
               -=BUTTON=-                 -=FUNCTION=-
                 -=Triangle Button:         Rear View
                 -=Circle Button:           Hand Brake
                 -=X Button:                Tight Turn
                 -=Square Button:           Gas (Press Twice for Turbo)
                 -=Left/Right:              Steering
                 -=Left Analog Stick:       Steering
                 -=Up/Down:                 Gas/Brake/Reverse
                 -=Right Analog Stick:      Gas/Brake/Reverse
                 -=L1 Button:               Cycle Weapons Left
                 -=R1 Button:               Cycle Weapons Right
                 -=L2 Button:               Fire Selected Weapon
                 -=R2 Button:               Fire Machine Gun
                 -=R3 Button:               Turbo
                 -=L3 Button:               Tight Turn
                 -=Start Button:            Pause Menu
                 -=Select Button + Down:    Change View
                 -=Select Button + Right:   Change Weapon Display
             -=The other controller configurations can be viewed
               from the Options Menu.
             -=Don't forget about the energy attacks. Here they are.
             -=ENERGY ATTACK=-            -=COMMAND=-
                 -=Freeze:                  Up, Down, Up
                 -=Mine:                    Right, Left, Up
                 -=Charge Mine:             Right, Left, Hold Down
                 -=Invisibility:            Left, Left, Down, Down
                 -=Shield:                  Right, Right, Down, Down
                 -=Jump:                    Both Cycle Weapons Buttons
                 -=Rear-Fire Attack:        Left, Right, Down
       -=1.3 - Basic Gameplay
             -=The way the game plays in Twisted Metal: Black is no
               different than any of the other ones although it
               feels completely different. The basic tactics are as
                 -=Keep moving. You never want to be caught sitting
                   in some corner thinking your safe. The truth is,
                   in this game there are no safe spots.
                 -=Avoid head-on/melee type situations. The last
                   thing you want to happen is drive into a group
                   of battle opponents and get hit with Darkside's
                   special attack.
                 -=Utilize your cars abilities. If your car has the
                   ability to go real fast but has no armor, use
                   the speed to perform hit and runs. Slowly wear
                   down you opponents rather then getting clobbered.
                 -=Don't Use health unless your bar is at a low
                   yellow level. You will regret it if you waste
                   the repair stations. You'll get killed looking
                   for the small health power ups.
       -=1.4 - Game Modes
             -=Twisted Metal: Black has a lot of new modes but also
               not to mention the classic modes from the past.
                 -=One Player=-
                  -Story: Select a character and play through the
                   levels to uncover the secrets of their past.
                  -Challenge: Select a character and some combatants
                   and go at it in a level of your choosing.
                  -Endurance Mode: Pick your favorite car a fight
                   opponents until you die. Beating a lot of other
                   cars unlocks new levels.
                  -Death Match Mode: Just like single player
                   Challenge Mode except you invite a friend on
                   for the ride.
                  -Co-Op Story: Play through story mode with a
                   friend except your wont see and cut-scenes.
                  -Last Man Standing: Two players fight to the end
                   with an identical list of vehicles. The players
                   alternate choosing vehicles. As each vehicle is
                   destroyed, the player uses the next car on their
                   list. The winner is who destroys all of his opponent's
                   cars first.
       -=1.5 - The Cars and Drivers
             -=Twisted Metal: Black offers the craziest and psychotic
               characters ever featured in a video game before.
               -=Junkyard Dog=-
                  -Vehicle: Tow-Truck
                  -Driver: Billy Ray Stillwell
                  -Original Driver: n/a
                  -Special: Spiked-Ball Catapult
                  -First Appearance: Twisted Metal: Black
                  -Recommended User: Beginner to Normal
                  -Fun Fact: n/a
                   -Control: Average
                   -Speed: Average
                   -Armor: High
                   -Special: Average
                  -Vehicle: El Camino
                  -Driver: Preacher
                  -Original Driver: n/a
                  -Special: Follower Launcher
                  -First Appearance: Twisted Metal: Black
                  -Recommended User: Beginner to Normal
                  -Fun Fact: There's a body in the bed of Brimstone's car.
                   -Control: High
                   -Speed: High
                   -Armor: Average
                   -Special: Average
                  -Vehicle: SWAT Truck
                  -Driver: Agent Stone
                  -Original Driver: No
                  -Special: Mounted Gunner
                  -First Appearance: Twisted Metal 1
                  -Recommended User: Beginner to Normal
                  -Fun Fact: Outlaw has had different drivers in every game.
                   -Control: Average
                   -Speed: Average
                   -Armor: Average
                   -Special: Average
               -=Mr. Grimm=-
                  -Vehicle: Armored Motorcycle w/ Side Car
                  -Driver: Mr. Grimm
                  -Original Driver: Yes
                  -Special: Scyth
                  -First Appearance: Twisted Metal 1
                  -Recommended User: Advanced
                  -Fun Fact: The nature of his stats have never changed.
                   -Control: Maxed-Out
                   -Speed: Maxed-Out
                   -Armor: Very Low
                   -Special: Maxed-Out
                  -Vehicle: Junk Car
                  -Driver: John Doe
                  -Original Driver: No
                  -Special: Series Missles
                  -First Appearance: Twisted Metal 1
                  -Recommended User: Beginner to Normal
                  -Fun Fact: Roadkill has always been a good average vehicle.
                   -Control: High
                   -Speed: High
                   -Armor: Average
                   -Special: Average
               -=Crazy 8=-
                  -Vehicle: Rally Bug
                  -Driver: Frank McCutcheon (AKA: No-Face)
                  -Original Driver: n/a
                  -Special: Field Surge
                  -First Appearance: Twisted Metal: Black
                  -Recommended User: Beginner to Normal
                  -Fun Fact: This field surge is the same as Outlaw's from Twisted
    Metal 1 & 2.
                   -Control: Average
                   -Speed: High
                   -Armor: Average
                   -Special: Average
                  -Vehicle: Sports Car
                  -Driver: Bloody Mary
                  -Original Driver: No
                  -Special: Ghost Missle
                  -First Appearance: Twisted Metal 1
                  -Recommended User: Normal to Advanced
                  -Fun Fact: Spectre's special has never changed.
                   -Control: High
                   -Speed: High
                   -Armor: Very Low
                   -Special: Average
                  -Vehicle: Big Rig
                  -Driver: Dollface
                  -Original Driver: Unknown
                  -Special: Power Ram
                  -First Appearance: Twisted Metal 1
                  -Recommended User: Normal
                  -Fun Fact: Dollface could have been the driver in Twisted Metal 1
    & 3.
                   -Control: Average
                   -Speed: Low
                   -Armor: High
                   -Special: Average
                  -Vehicle: Hearse
                  -Driver: Raven
                  -Original Driver: No
                  -Special: Shadow Burst
                  -Special 2: Raven Gunner
                     (To use Special 2, select her normal special and press Up, Up,
                  -First Appearance: Twisted Metal 2
                  -Recommended User: Beginner to Normal
                  -Fun Fact: n/a
                   -Control: Average
                   -Speed: Average
                   -Armor: Average
                   -Special: Average
               -=Sweet Tooth=-
                  -Vehicle: Ice Cream Truck
                  -Driver: Sweet Tooth (Needles Kane)
                  -Original Driver: Yes
                  -Special: Sweet Kamikaze
                  -First Appearance: Twisted Metal 1
                  -Recommended User: Normal
                  -Fun Fact: Sweet Tooth's character has never changed.
                   -Control: Average
                   -Speed: Low
                   -Armor: High
                   -Special: Average
               -=Yellow Jacket (Hidden)=-
                  -Vehicle: Taxi Cab
                  -Driver: Charlie Kane & Son
                  -Original Driver: Yes (Not his Son)
                  -Special: Ground Spikes
                  -First Appearance: Twisted Metal 1
                  -Recommended User: Normal
                  -Fun Fact: Yellow Jacket's special in Twisted Metal 1 was a
    molotov cocktail.
                   -Control: Average
                   -Speed: Average
                   -Armor: Average
                   -Special: Average
               -=Axel (Hidden)=-
                  -Vehicle: 2-Wheeled Machine
                  -Driver: Axel
                  -Original Driver: Yes
                  -Special: Shockwave
                  -Special 2: Encasement Rage
                     (To use Special 2, select his normal special and press Up, Up,
                  -First Appearance: Twisted Metal 2
                  -Recommended User: Normal to Advanced
                  -Fun Fact: Axel was voted the most annoying opponent.
                   -Control: Average
                   -Speed: Low
                   -Armor: Low
                   -Special: Average
               -=Warthog (Hidden)=-
                  -Vehicle: Stationwagon Tank
                  -Driver: Cage
                  -Original Driver: No
                  -Special: Tank Trample
                  -First Appearance: Twisted Metal 1
                  -Recommended User: Beginner to Normal
                  -Fun Fact: This vehicle has nothing to do with the other Warthog
    vehicles and
                   was actually going to be named WhiteKnight.
                   -Control: Low
                   -Speed: Average
                   -Armor: Very High
                   -Special: High
               -=Manslaughter (Hidden)=-
                  -Vehicle: Suped-Up Dump Truck
                  -Driver: Black
                  -Original Driver: n/a
                  -Special: Rolling Crush
                  -First Appearance: Twisted Metal: Black
                  -Recommended User: Normal
                  -Fun Fact: n/a
                   -Control: Very Low
                   -Speed: Very Average
                   -Armor: Very High
                   -Special: High
               -=Minion (Hidden)=-
                  -Vehicle: Armored Tanker
                  -Driver: Minion
                  -Original Driver: Yes
                  -Special: Flaming Blaze
                  -First Appearance: Twisted Metal 1
                  -Recommended User: Beginner to Normal
                  -Fun Fact: Minion was the final boss of Twisted Metal 1.
                   -Control: Low
                   -Speed: Low
                   -Armor: Maxed-Out
                   -Special: Maxed-Out
               -=Warhawk (Not Playable)=-
                  -Vehicle: Armored Helicopter
                  -Driver: Unknown
                  -Original Driver: n/a
                  -Special: Kyro Missles
                  -First Appearance: Twisted Metal: Black
                  -Recommended User: n/a
                  -Fun Fact: Warhawk has nothing to do with the Twisted Metal
                   -Control: Unknown
                   -Speed: Average
                   -Armor: Average
                   -Special: High
       -=1.6 - Weapons of Destruction
             -=This is a very informative list about the weapons
               found in Twisted Metal: Black.
               -=Machine Gun=-
                  -Found: n/a
                  -Damage: Minimal
                  -Homing: No
                  -Strategy: Best used while attacking with other
                   weapons such as missles for added damage. Also
                   good for destroying objects when low on ammo.
               -=Machine Gun Upgrade=-
                  -Found: Often
                  -Damage: Mediocre
                  -Homing: No
                  -Strategy: Best used while attacking with other
                   weapons such as missles for added damage. Also
                   good for destroying objects when low on ammo.
               -=Fire Missles=-
                  -Found: Constantly
                  -Damage: Average
                  -Homing: Slight
                  -Strategy: Good for the hit and run strategy due
                   to their slight homing ability and average damage.
               -=Homing Missles=-
                  -Found: Constantly
                  -Damage: Average
                  -Homing: Yes
                  -Strategy: Good for the hit and run strategy due
                   to their homing ability and average damage.
               -=Power Missles=-
                  -Found: Constantly
                  -Damage: High
                  -Homing: No
                  -Strategy: Good for use in close-up/melee battles
                   and on frozen enemies.
               -=Gas Can=-
                  -Found: Constantly
                  -Damage: High
                  -Homing: No
                  -Strategy: An all around good weapon that's useful
                   on mobile or stationary cars due to it's advanced
                   targeting system.
                  -Found: Sometimes
                  -Damage: Varies
                  -Homing: Varies
                  -Strategy: Depending on the level, this weapon has
                   different effects. It's usually pretty powerful
                   and comes in handy.
                  -Found: Recharges
                  -Damage: Varies
                  -Homing: Varies
                  -Strategy: The special depends on the vehicle you
                   drive. All specials have their own advantages and
               -=Skill-Based Weapons=-
                  -Found: Sometimes
                  -Damage: Very High
                  -Homing: Varies
                  -Strategy: The type of weapon aquired on pick up is
                   random, but regardless is an extremely powerful
                  -Found: Sometimes
                  -Damage: Varies
                  -Homing: Yes
                  -Strategy: If you charge it up and release when
                   locked on a target, the Rectile missles will fire
                   causing massive damage. If you wait to long they
                   will backfire and become useless.
               -=SAT Controlled Missles=-
                  -Found: Rarely
                  -Damage: High
                  -Homing: Average
                  -Strategy: When fired, missles are shot up into the
                   air. Seconds later, the missles will hit the target in
                   front of you. If an opponent is in the target is
                   up to you.
               -=Zoomy Missles=-
                  -Found: Rarely
                  -Damage: Varies
                  -Homing: Yes
                  -Strategy: Fire this weapon straight on. it will release
                   ten homing missiles at your opponent. If all ten
                   hit, you get a bonus.
                  -Found: Constantly
                  -Damage: n/a
                  -Homing: n/a
                  -Strategy: Collecting these will slightly raise your
                   health bar. Not by much though so don't rely on them
                   too much.
                  -Found: Constantly
                  -Damage: n/a
                  -Homing: n/a
                  -Strategy: These will fill up your turbo meter
       -=1.7 - Story Battlegrounds
             -=Incog Inc. has really done it this time. Twisted Metal:
               Black's levels are absolutley gorgeous. Not only are they
               huge, but they are fully interactive. 90% of the levels
               objects are destroyable. It results in some major car
               combat carnage. See the following sections for all
               you need to know about the levels of Story Mode.
       -=1.8 - Junkyard
                -Size: Medium
                -Features: Multiple Crushers, Landfill Ramps
                -Resembles: The Construction Site from Twisted Metal 4
               -=Secrets of the Junkyard=-
                -Look Out For: The crushers. There are two crushers
                 in this level that cause bad damage. One is in a
                 wall that crushes horizontally. The other is a little
                 bit easier to avoid. It's near the back of the
                 level and crusher vertically.
                -Hiding Places: I've found three good places to catch
                 your breath. One is in the suspended carrier with
                 the health power up and the second is in the sewer
                 section (see below Unlocking Yellow Jacket). The last
                 one requires you to get on top off the vertical
                 crusher (see below Unlocking the Freeway). Then,
                 jump onto the platform in the air with the power ups
                 on it.
                -Unlocking Warhawk's Roof: To unlock the hidden stage,
                 The Freeway, you'll need to do a couple things.
                 First, destroy the big pizza boy statue. Just use any
                 kind of missle. Then, head over to the vertical
                 crusher. Use the debris as a ramp onto the crusher
                 when it's lowered. After you're on it, turn around.
                 You'll see the black cube. Simply drive off the side
                 to get it.
                -Unlocking Yellow Jacket: Unlocking Yellow Jacket is
                 simple. First destroy the jumbo jet circling the
                 battlefield using a missle. Then head over behind
                 the main building at the bottom of the giant cliff.
                 You'll see the plane crashed into the side of the
                 building and into the ground. Drive through the hole
                 and make your way into the sewers. There you'll find
                 a small control panel. Simply destroy it to unlock
                 the first hidden car.
       -=1.9 - Suburbs
                -Size: Massive
                -Features: Destructable Town, Giant Ferris Wheel
                -Resembles: n/a
               -=Secrets of the Suburbs=-
                -Look Out For: The ferris wheel. Although you may
                 have fun destroying the ferris wheel, don't get
                 caught in it's path.
                -Hiding Places: The roof of the depot is a good place
                 to sit for a while. Only skilled drivers can get there
                 because you must jump from the carnival. Another good
                 place is inside the mall, plus it has a lot of power
                 ups to collect.
                -Unlocking The Prison Passage:
                 To do this, head up to the carnival section of the
                 level. Then jump to the nearest depot building. From
                 there, jump across the buildings until you reach one
                 with a block on it. Destroy it and grab the black
                 cube to unlock the Prison Passage.
                -Unlocking Warthog: Jump from the carnival area to
                 the roof of the closest building in the depot. On the
                 roof you'll find some power ups and a little addition
                 to the roof. Blow that up and drop inside the building
                 destroy the control panel and Warthog will be raised
                 down from the lift.
       -=2.0 - Freeway
                -Size: Massive
                -Features: Tons of Road, The State Hospital
                -Resembles: The Freeway from Twisted Metal 1
                            The Highway from Twisted Metal 4
               -=Secrets of the Freeway=-
                -Unlocking Axel: To unlock the terror on two wheels
                 himself, head over to the construction section of
                 the level. Aim yourself at the left crane and shoot
                 the control box with a Gas Can. The crane will set
                 down a large crate over in the far corner. Destroy
                 it to reveal the hidden character Axel.
       -=2.1 - Downtown
                -Size: Medium
                -Features: Giant Aqueduct, Tall Buildings
                -Resembles: Downtown from Twisted Metal 1
               -=Secrets of Downtown=-
                -Unlocking Minion's Stadium: Head to the Skyway Towers
                 building right across from the aqueduct. You'll see
                 the two buildings are connected. In the left one is
                 an elevator. Simply blast the wall and ride it to the
                 top. Once there, creep to the edge to drop down to
                 another little ledge. There are two giant cups of
                 coffee, one has a black cube behind it.
       -=2.2 - Highway Loop
                -Size: Medium
                -Features: Tons of Traffic, Unfinished Roads
                -Resembles: The Freeway from Twisted Metal 1
               -=Secrets of the Highway Loop=-
                -Unlocking Elevators: To unlock this multiplayer
                 level, you need to first, kill all but one of your
                 enemies. Then grab a Gas Can. Head over to what looks
                 to be a power plant (near the bridge with the gap in
                 it). You'll see a set of giant balls. Hit the one
                 closest to the far tunnel with thhe Gas Can. It will
                 begin to roll towards the tunnel. Be sure to not let
                 an enemy destroy it. Follow it into the tunnel and
                 into the hole it created. You'll find power ups and
                 a black cube in the far right corner.
       -=2.3 - Minion's Stadium
                -Size: Small
                -Features: Minion, No Where to Run
                -Resembles: n/a
               -=Stragies for Beating Minion=-
                -The best strategy for beating Minion is quiter simple.
                 First, drive around and max out most of your weapons.
                 Then start turning around Minion just dodging his
                 attacks. When you come around, be ready with missles
                 and machine gun fire. You'll need to destroy all
                 four panels of Minion's tanker (front, back and two
                 sides) to deactivate his force field. After you do
                 this, you then need to use the hit and run technique
                 to wear his health down. After you beat him, you'll
                 view your driver's middle movie.
       -=2.4 - Prison Passage
                -Size: Massive
                -Features: Giant Bridge, A Docked Boat
                -Resembles: n/a
               -=Secrets of the Prison Passage=-
                -Hiding Places: Because the level is so massive, you'll
                 have no poblem catching your breath. You'll always
                 have a place to run since there are virtually no dead
                -Unlocking Manslaughter: Head over to where the boat is
                 dock and go to the outside base of it. You'll see
                 some cargo boxes to the left of it. Shoot these cargo
                 boxes until they form a ramp. Drive up it and face the
                 ship. Start firing shots at the side of the boat and
                 eventually a door will slide open. Inside, destroy the
                 control panel and Manslaughter will be lowered from
                 the lift.
       -=2.5 - Snowy Roads
                -Size: Small
                -Features: Slick and Icy Roads, High Mountains
                -Resembles: Anarctica from Twisted Metal 2
                            North Pole from Twisted Metal 3
               -=Secrets of Snowy Roads=-
                -Look Out For: The steep cliffs. One slip up pretty
                 much any where in this stage will send you plummeting
                 to your death.
                -Unlocking the Power Plant: This one's a little tricky.
                 Head down to the bottom of the level with the gas
                 station and the long building. Drive over to the
                 barricade and blast them away. Drive down and there
                 should be a small flat area. Once down there, turn
                 right and drive up the hill. Slightly over that hill
                 is the black cube tucked away.
       -=2.6 - Drive-In Movie
                -Size: Small
                -Features: Giant Movie Screen, No Where to Run
                -Resembles: Holland from Twisted Metal 2
               -=Secrets of the Drive-In Movie=-
                -There are no secrets to be found in the Drive-In
                 Movie. Just remember to keep moving and use the hit
                 and run strategy.
       -=2.7 - Skyscrapers
                -Size: Large
                -Features: Abandon Church, Roof to Roof Leaping
                -Resembles: Rooftops from Twisted Metal 1
                            New York from Twisted Metal 2
                            Tokyo from Twisted Metal 3
               -=Secrets of the Highway Loop=-
                -Look Out For: What's not to look out for? You can fall
                 pretty much everywhere so watch what you're doing.
                 Don't get trigger happy and turbo yourself off the
                -Unlocking the Sewers: To do this you're going to need a
                 life to spare. Head over to the two roofs where you
                 knock the billboard over to connect them. The black
                 cube is between the two suspended in mid-air. I like
                 to switch the view to the highest angle to get a
                 good look at what you're trying to aim for. I also
                 prefer to drop off from the side with the plane on it.
       -=2.8 - Warhawk's Rooftop
                -Size: Small
                -Features: Warhawk, No Where to Run
                -Resembles: n/a
               -=Secrets of Warhawk's Rooftop=-
                -Unlocking the Skyscrapers: To find the black cube,
                 line yourself up with where the tankers come off of
                 the other roof. Drive off facing towards it using
                 turbo at full speed. You should hit the cube in the air.
               -=Strategies for Beating Warhawk=-
                -There's only one way to beat Warhawk and that way
                 can get quite frustrating. First, when the battle
                 begins, circle the roof collecting everything you
                 can get your hands on. Then, a tanker will come into
                 play. Attack it from a distance so it wont freeze
                 or burn you. When it's disabled, wait for Warhawk
                 to hover above it. When he does, blast the remains
                 of the tanker. You will need to do this three times.
                 After you do so, start circling the roof again this
                 time collecting homing missles. Use them (or a homing
                 special attack) to attack Warhawk. You can use fire
                 missles but they are harder to aim. Some special
                 attacks work real well such as Outlaw's Mounted
                 Gunner and Spectre's Ghost Missle. After you do this,
                 you will view your driver's ending movie.
       -=2.9 - Multiplayer Battlegrounds
             -=This list pertains to the complete multiplayer level
               list assuming you have unlocked them already. If they
               require Endurance kills to open, I'll tell you how
               many you'll need.
               These levels are rated by myself and a companion of my
               choosing. Each score is out of five stars.
                -Size: Medium
                -Multiplayer Exclusive: No
                -Unlocked: Yes
                -Multiplayer Rating: ***
                   -Funfactor: ****
                   -Challenge: **
                -Size: Massive
                -Multiplayer Exclusive: No
                -Unlocked: Yes
                -Multiplayer Rating: ****
                   -Funfactor: ****
                   -Challenge: ****
               -=Prison Passage=-
                -Size: Massive
                -Multiplayer Exclusive: No
                -Unlocked: No (See Section 1.9 - Suburbs)
                -Multiplayer Rating: ***
                   -Funfactor: **
                   -Challenge: ***
                -Size: Medium
                -Multiplayer Exclusive: No
                -Unlocked: Yes
                -Multiplayer Rating: *****
                   -Funfactor: *****
                   -Challenge: ***
               -=Highway Loop=-
                -Size: Large
                -Multiplayer Exclusive: No
                -Unlocked: Yes
                -Multiplayer Rating: ****
                   -Funfactor: ****
                   -Challenge: ***
                -Size: Small
                -Multiplayer Exclusive: Yes
                -Unlocked: No (See Section 2.2 - Highway Loop)
                -Multiplayer Rating: *****
                   -Funfactor: *****
                   -Challenge: *****
               -=Snowy Roads=-
                -Size: Small
                -Multiplayer Exclusive: No
                -Unlocked: Yes
                -Multiplayer Rating: *****
                   -Funfactor: ****
                   -Challenge: *****
               -=Power Plant=-
                -Size: Medium
                -Multiplayer Exclusive: Yes
                -Unlocked: No (See Section 2.5 - Snowy Roads)
                -Multiplayer Rating: ****
                   -Funfactor: ****
                   -Challenge: ***
                -Size: Very Small
                -Multiplayer Exclusive: Yes
                -Unlocked: No
                -Multiplayer Rating: ***
                   -Funfactor: **
                   -Challenge: *****
                -Size: Medium
                -Multiplayer Exclusive: Yes
                -Unlocked: No (See section 2.7 - Skyscrapers)
                -Multiplayer Rating: ***
                   -Funfactor: **
                   -Challenge: ***
               -=Drive-In Movie=-
                -Size: Small
                -Multiplayer Exclusive:No
                -Unlocked: Yes
                -Multiplayer Rating: ****
                   -Funfactor: ****
                   -Challenge: ****
                -Size: Medium
                -Multiplayer Exclusive: No
                -Unlocked: No
                -Multiplayer Rating: *****
                   -Funfactor: *****
                   -Challenge: *****
               -=Minion's Stadium=-
                -Size: Small
                -Multiplayer Exclusive: No
                -Unlocked: No
                -Multiplayer Rating: **
                   -Funfactor: **
                   -Challenge: **
               -=Prison Ship=-
                -Size: Small
                -Multiplayer Exclusive: Yes
                -Unlocked: No
                -Multiplayer Rating: ****
                   -Funfactor: ***
                   -Challenge: ****
               -=Asylum Halls=-
                -Size: Medium
                -Multiplayer Exclusive: Yes
                -Unlocked: No
                -Multiplayer Rating: ****
                   -Funfactor: ***
                   -Challenge: ****
               -=Mini Downtown=-
                -Size: Medium
                -Multiplayer Exclusive: Yes
                -Unlocked: No
                -Multiplayer Rating: ***
                   -Funfactor: **
                   -Challenge: ***
               -=Mini Suburbs=-
                -Size: Medium
                -Multiplayer Exclusive: Yes
                -Unlocked: No (Earn 10 Endurance kills in Drive-In Movie)
                -Multiplayer Rating: ****
                   -Funfactor: ****
                   -Challenge: **
                -Multiplayer Exclusive: No
                -Unlocked: No (See Section 1.8 - Junkyard)
                -Multiplayer Rating: *****
                   -Funfactor: ****
                   -Challenge: *****
                -Size: Massive
                -Multiplayer Exclusive: No
                -Unlocked: Yes
                -Multiplayer Rating: ****
                   -Funfactor: ****
                   -Challenge: ***
       -=3.0 - Unlocking Minion
             -=This is where the biggest secret of the game is
               revealed. The truth about Minion. I put this way at
               the bottom for those who don't want to know how to
               unlock him and want to discover him themselves.
               To unlock Minion, you'll need to beat the game with
               every available character. This also includes the
               game's other hidden characters: Axel, Yellow Jacket,
               Manslaughter and Warthog. This is no easy task.
               I myself have not done this yet. Only because I have
               not had the time to play through with all the
               characters yet. But when I do, I add a Minion
               strategy to this guide.
               (Minion will appear right after Sweet Tooth on the
               driver selection screen).
       -=3.1 - Cheat Codes
             -=Sorry this section is a little scarce. (I'm not big
               into cheating). I only have one code because I really
               haven't looked for any 'cause... i don't care.
               -=Invulnerability: During gameplay, hold down L1, L2,
                 R1 and R2 and tap Up, Down, Left, Right, Right,
                 Left, Down and Up.
       -=3.2 - Bonus Mystery
             -=All throughout the game, you'll notice an occasional
               message at the top of the screen. At this point, I don't
               know what they're for, but I do know how I got them
               -=Multiple Hits: Using a Gas Can, damage two or more
                 enemies at the same time.
               -=Bank Shot Bonus: Using a Rico, hit an enemy by bouncing
                 it off of a wall first.
               -=Missle Bonus 10/10: Using the Zoomy Missles, hit all 10
                 missles on your opponents.
               -=Max Damage: Using a SAT, hit all of the missles on your
               -=Missle Hit 20/20: Using Sweet Tooth's special, hit all
                 10 missles on your opponents.
               -=T-Slide Bonus: Using Darkside's special, use turbo and
                 slide and then hit the side of your opponents vehicle.
               -=Turbo Bonus: Use turbo while ramming your opponents with
                 Yellow Jacket's special attack.
               -=Bull's Eye Bonus: Hit your target perfectly with a Gas Can.
       -=3.3 - Endings Revealed
             -=If you don't want to know what happens at the end of
               the game for a specific character, don't read any
               further. If you wanna know, then read.
               -=Billy Ray/Junkyard Dog=-
                 This old redneck was working with his crops before
                 harvest when all of the sudden a crop duster
                 swooped down and sprayed him pesticides. This really
                 messed up his face. He stumbled home to find his
                 wife with the pilot who did it talking about
                 collecting life insurance. He grabbed the closest
                 thing (a garden hoe) and hacked his wife into
                 pieces. He wants to win the competition to get
                 revenge on that pilot.
                 After winning the competition, Calypso gave him
                 what he promised. Billy Ray found himself in a
                 field with nothing but a plane and the pilot
                 tied to the ground. He hopped in the plane and
                 hacked up the pilot with the propeller. He now
                 feels real good about himself. Billy Ray moved to
                 the city to see what kind a killer could get into.
               -=Agent Stone/Outlaw=-
                 A very skilled sniper was called to take out a
                 terrorist hold a family hostage. With confidence
                 he prepared to take the terrorist out. Suddenly,
                 his emotions got a hold of him. Stone didn't want
                 to see these terrorists live again. He began firing
                 his gun off without looking at what he was shooting.
                 He noticed that not only did he kill the terrorist,
                 but he killed a mother and her child. Agent Stone
                 wants to win the competition to get a second chance
                 at this.
                 After winning the competion, Agent Stone found
                 himself on the very same rooftop aiming at that
                 very same terrorist. He made sure that every bullet
                 hit the right target. He notices the mother and
                 child were frightened, but unharmed. Agent Stone
                 thought he had redeemed himself, but he thought
                 wrong. The downed terrorist slowly raised his arm
                 and cocked his gun. He then put one right in the
                 middle of Agent Stone's head.
               -=Charlie Kane and Son/Yellow Jacket=-
                 Sweet Tooth's father and younger brother were
                 inseperable. He even went on some cab rides with
                 him. One day, an angry passenger shot Charlie in
                 the back of the head. The son was very sad but
                 used his intelligents to rebuild his father as a
                 robot. They want to win so they can make every
                 thing better again.
                 After winning the competition, Calypso confronts
                 the young boy. He takes the controller for Charlie
                 and breaks it. The boy is devastated. Calypso said,
                 "I will make everything better. I need someone to
                 train." Possibly to take out Sweet Tooth or Minion
                 in a sequal to Twisted Metal: Black.
                 As a college grad, she worked for a maskmaker(who made
                 SweetTooth's mask), keeping records and making sure bills
                 were paid.  One day, she made a mistake that sent the man
                 off the wall... he beat her down and put a mask on
                 her head, nailed it shut, and put a strange 4-key lock on
                 the back. Dollface desired that key, so she could see her
                 face again.  Her only worry was if she had become disfigured
                 from the constant pressure on her face.
                 Once again, Calypso put in a "catch-22" the key was on the end
                 of a chain. On the other end, a trigger that would shut an iron
                 maiden on Dollface's former boss. To free herself, she would have
                 to kill the man who trapped her in the mask. She took the key,
                 setting off the iron maiden, and impaling him. After examining the
                 key, she threw it to the floor, declaring she liked her
                 new face, that would be beautiful even if she was old and grey.
                 She then devoted her life to make sure that no one would
                 ever be as mean as that maskmaker.
                 An evangelist in his early days, Jebediah was rejected by
                 the people in his congregation, and thereby denied Priesthood.
                 As he remembers it, during his most important job- an exorcism
                 -the demon from the small child took root in his body, and
                 killed everyone in that church that night in a great rage, and
                 left as the police arrived.  The Preacher's goal for the
                 contest is to learn the truth.
                 But the truth was far different.  Calypso showed Jebediah that
                 there was no demon.  The exorcism was a baptism, and that night,
                 there was no demon. Jebediah had become the angel of death and
                 had slaughtered everyone there. All of the pain he had suffered
                 to fall into the lord's good graces had been useless.  To the
                 preacher, there was only one way out.  Suicide off of the
                 top of a building.
               -=Needles Kane/Sweet Tooth=-
                 SweetTooth was a killer from the start, but it was a curse
                 that was placed on him recently that put him in so much pain
                 and set his head on fire.  That curse was placed on him by the
                 Preacher at SweetTooth's execution 3 months before the time of
                 the contest.The flames of hell would torment SweetTooth
                 forever, unless a cure was found.  To SweetTooth, a cure for
                 the curse was his main desire.
                 But the cure came with a catch.  A vial of Jebediah's (Preacher)
                 blood would cure SweetTooth, but he would have to change his
                 murderous ways.  If he ever went back to killing, the curse would
                 come back as well.  SweetTooth had his priorities, smashing the
                 under his foot, and then killing Calypso by slashing his throat,
                 just as he said he would in the prologue.
               -=Mr. Grimm/Mr. Grimm=-
                 After having flashbacks of being in Vietnam, being tossed
                 into a hole and being forced to eat his commrade, Mr. Grimm
                 fought in the contest with a purpose. To seek revenge on the
                 man who did this to him. The man who made him a cannibal.
                 After winning the contest, Calypso grants Mr. Grimm his wish.
                 Dinner for one with the man he don't like. Mr. Grimm has no
                 problem eating this guy up as he mentions he'll always have a
                 taste for flesh.
               -=John Doe/Roadkill=-
                 This guy doesn't know who he is. All he can rely on are his
                 tatoos. And by his tatoos he realizes he was a bad man. When
                 he was knocked out at Minion's Stadium, he realized he was a
                 terrorist. A terrorist who had planted a bomb. This was
                 shocking to him but that's where the memories ended.
                 After winning, John Doe wanted to know about his past. Calypso
                 showed him that he was really an undercover agent sent to take
                 out the terrorists. He was supposed to disarm the bomb but
                 didn't have enough time so he just threw it out the window.
                 He also remembered he had a family. That's when Calypso told
                 him he was Number #2 on America's Most Wanted and shot him
                 right there. (I assume Sweet Tooth is Number #1.)
               -=I will add more as I unlock them in story mode.=-
       -=3.4 - About
             -=These people either provided information for TM:B or helped
               make corrections in this FAQ:
                 -Nathaniel Newby  -  y2n_thegreat@hotmail.com
                 -Tyson            -  Ceniga@bendnet.com
                 -Devils0508       -  Devils0508@aol.com
             -=This decent guide was made by a decent guy named
               D-Plus. It's for recreational home viewing only.
               Don't try to make money with it (yeah, it ain't
               that good) because it's (c) 2001 D-Plus. Visit me
               on the web at: tmblack.topcities.com.

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