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FAQ/Strategy Guide by justg

Version: 0.7 | Updated: 06/28/01

Twisted Metal: Black 
Arena/ Vehicle Strategy Guide v0.7, 6/21/2001
Written by justg (g__@email.com)

Copyright 2000 justg

This document may not be reproduced or distributed for any commercial or profit 
gaining reasons with out the written consent of the author.  

Version Information:
  0.7: General updates to previous strategies.
       New Level Strategies for Suburbs, Downtown, Loop, Snowy Roads and Rooftops.
        All Levels have strategies now.
       Secret added to Warhawk's rooftop where a level cube can be found.
       NOTE:  You must be in the CLASSIC control config., for the invincible code!
       Remaining: Remainder of the Vehicle Strategies and touch up.  Other codes.
  0.6: Corrections made in spelling and in Downtown secret directions.
       New Level strategy for Freeway Loop and Prison Passage.
       Warhawk Strategy updated.
  0.5: All secrets found (Assumably), except Minion, see section 3.
       New Vehicle strategies for Man Slaughter and Yellow Jacket.
  0.1: Contains strategies for Minion and Warhawk fights.
       Contains strategies for Story Mode Levels Junk Yard, Suburbs, Minions's 
Stadium, Drive in Movies, and Warhawk's Roof.
       Contains Vehicle strategies for Mr. Grimm and Spectre.
       Contains Invincibility Code


I) Story Mode Level Strategies and Secrets, includes Minion and Warhawk strategies.
II) Vehicle Strategies (with my scoring of the ending, SPOIL/explanation free)
III) Playing Minion
IV) Invincible Code/Other Codes/Reported Glitches

*****************NOTE: No SPOILS contained with-in **********
The Primary purpose of this document is to help in developing strategies based 
on both level specific information and vehicle statistics.  This game is by no 
means easy, so I am sure some help may be appreciated

This FAQ is by no means thorough.  Some of the levels are rather vast and/or 
complex, so detailing every portion of each level would be exhaustive and
annoying to accomplish.

Therefore I will only provide strategies that may help with the levels.

General Tips:
1.When possible take the other cars out one at a time. The benefit is obvious, 
but not always possible in a full out melee.   
2.Stay on the Move:  This would seem rather obvious.  The more you move the less 
likely you will be caught in unpleasant circumstances (i.e. Darkside's special).
3.Hit and Run:  This is a very good strategy for early on in each level when the 
enemy count is still high.
4.Flee:  When the going gets tough... the smart get going.  By all means make some 
space between you and the rest of the group and pick up health and weapons.

----------------------------I) Story Mode Level Strategies----------------------
I will do what I can to provide strategies for each level, but there is likely 
any number of possible strategies and personal perspecitves to fighting in each 

1) Junk Yard- 2 Secrets found

Specific Strategies:
  The suspended crate(Bomber) just outside of the lowest part of the level is probably 
the best place to hide and pull yourself together if you begin to get in 
trouble.  It contains a health pick up that regenerates.  You can use this spot 
to build up Specials or pick off enemies.  They can try to get in the crate, but 
are rarely successful.
  Shooting down the jumbo jet (Secret) will open a new area with a lot of pick 
ups and a chance to get away from the main fight for a while and rest.  Although 
once you go down there the other cars will eventually follow.
  Just keep moving.

  Hidden Character (Yellow jacket):
    You will notice a Jumbo jet circling the level.  Shoot it.  A fire missile 
will do fine as long as the jet is the only thing in view.  The jet will catch 
on fire and circle around the junkyard and crash on the lowest area of the level 
(The suspended crate's opening faces this area).  After it crashes an opening 
will be created that goes into some sewers.  Follow the tunnel and pick up the 
large amount of weapons and the health.  At the end of the tunnel you will enter 
a circular room with a large column in the middle.  Shoot the "console" that is 
attached to the column.  When you shoot it enough it will explode, the word 
Congratulations will appear at the top of the screen, and Yellow Jacket will 
appear inside the destroyed column.  You do not need to do anything else but be 
sure to save.
  Hidden Level (Warhawk):
    Destroy the Pizza Boy Statue.  Part if its debris (The pizza box) will fall 
near  the vertical crusher to form a ramp.  Jump from the ramp onto the crusher.  
Note: I understand there is an easier way to get onto the crusher via mine 
jumping, but I have not tried this yet.  Spin around until you notice the black 
cube.  Face to the right of the masher's support rail at the edge of the playing
field.  When you see it jump after it. 

2) Suburbs- 2 Secrets found

Specific Strategies:
  Since this level is so large you should not have too much problem distancing 
yourself to make room and get pick ups, just keep an eye open for the occasional 
tag along and do a reverse shot to knock them off of the scent.
  There is a mansion and some other large buildings on the upper heights of the 
level that can be shot open that hide some items.
  A suggestion is to stay on the roofs around the industrial district and pick-off
passerbyes as you can.  There are plenty of pick-ups to regenerate.  Stay on a 
building closer to the actual city part of the level, that way when enemies land
on the roofs behind you, they will not be able to reach you (Or do not seem to).

  Hidden Character (Warthog):
    Both secrets can be found in the warehouse district of the level, however, 
to get to the actual secrets you must go over to the carnival, jump the ridge to 
the warehouse district and land on the roofs of the buildings.  Shoot open the 
door on the roof and go into the building to unlock Warthog.
  Hidden Level (Prison): Thanks to John337 for helping verify this!
    From the rooftop of the building you found Warthog in you will want to make 
the circuit of jumps from rooftop to rooftop starting to the extreme left of the 
building you are on.  From the building you find Warthog in, make the jumps all the
way to the building closest to the city.  Take a left and turbo to the building
closest to the ocean, a jump (R1+L1) may be nessesary.  No turn left and face the
next building.  It is little.  On it is a shack and you should see the secret inside
of that shack.  Jump to that building WITH OUT turbo to pick up the secret.

3) Freeway- 1 Secret found

Specific Strategies:
  Be careful because there are a number of dead-ends where the freeways end at 
the edge of the level.  You should also quickly note that the freeways are rather
skinny and can make turning around difficult, particularly for the larger vehicles.
Practice being able to do a quick turn.
  There is one section where there is a branching of the road to the right and up.
This branch dead ends at a drop, but if you make the jump you will crash into a
rather sparse office building where there are some pick ups and, more importantly, 
a little rest time.

  Hidden Character (Axel):
    It would be a good idea to destroy all but one or two of the other vehicles 
before attempting this.  It will be much easier.
    Toward the center of this level there is a large construction site with two 
big cranes.  The one on the right is holding a pipe, the one on the left is 
holding a crate.  By using the ridge between the cranes and the road, aim yourself
at the control box of the left crane.  The ridge is near the center of the 
construction area, but a little closer to the freeway.  That is, at the center box.  
You only need  to hit it once with some kind of missile.  The crate will then lower 
into the  construction yard and when you shoot it open the prize will be revealed.

4) Downtown- 1 Secret found

Specific Strategies:
  This area is pretty much two different sections.  One on each side of the bayou.
If you run into a situation, just head over to the other side to bet some breathing
room and get some pick ups.
  Riding up the left elevator(when facing from the bayou) after driving INTO the
elevator, just back up toward the edge of the building and wait for enemies to
come up the elevator after you.  They almost always exit the elevator by driving away
from you... as they do hit them with whatever you have.  Most of the bigger items...
i.e. Power Missles and Gas Cans will actually throw them off of the building.  Just
repeat as necessary and if you get in trouble, just fall of the building and reset 
your position.

  Hidden Level ():
    There will be a set of building connected at the second story on one 
side of the river/bayou.  You will notice it when you drive between them
because the big section of wall you can shoot out to get to the elevators
is highly visable.  There is one on each building.  I will try to get better
directions later.  When facing the buildings from the river take the left(correction)
hand elevator up.  Then circle around to the back of the building.  Along the way you 
will notice the ground changes color.  About one car length to the left of that
line you want to creep to the edge and barely fall of.  You should hit the cube 
in the fall.  If not you should be on a different level off of the ground, so a
jump (R1+L1) will get you to the cube.  It can be seen from the ground floor
once you know where to look if you continue to have trouble.

5) Loop- 1 Secret Found

Specific Strategies:
  This level is actually rather small even though it covers a large area.  Becareful
when coming up to a group of baddies since the width of the roads is fairly small.
  Just keep moving.  There are not really any sweet spots in this level unless you 
open the secret and hide in the hole created.

  Hidden Level():
    Before you even attempt this be sure there are not more than two enemies 
remaining.  One would be even better.  Now head for the bridge with the gap in
it and go to the side opposite the long tunnel.  Facing away from the bridge and
to the left on the other side of the wall you will see two round towers at what 
seems to be a powerplant.  Hit the one closest to the bridge with a gas can.  
It will pop off and start rolling toward the bridge.  MAKE SURE YOU AND NONE OF
THE ENEMIES ARE IN ITS PATH OR IT WILL BREAK!!!  It will slowly jump the bridge and
will make a hole just inside the tunnel.  Inside you will find the cube.

6) Minion's Stadium- No Secrets

Specific Strategies:
  In order to get rid of Minion's shields you must destroy each of the panels on 
each side of Minion.  The front and side panels are easy enough, but the rear 
can cause some pain.
Rear Panel Strategies:
-   Go invisible and let him move past you and the fire at the rear panel.
-   Be real fast and try to circle him by jumping off of one of the blocks 
into the arena while he is coming up a ramp.
-   Cheat (see Section III), Invincibility Code
General Strategy:  
-   Keep moving around the upper level of the stadium and reverse fire at him.

7) Prison Passage- 1 Secret Found

Specific Strategies:
  I think this is the coolest level.
  You start in a fairly small room with two other combatants.  With Grimm and Man
Slaughter I was able to destroy them both rather quickly.  Just keep moving and
do not let them trap you in a corner.
  After a short time the walls will begin to lift and you will have access to the
deck of the ship and more combatants will be there.  Destroy the boxes to open some
pick ups.  You can also go up a level for more items.  
  The boat will eventually dock at a harbor and shortly thereafter the door at the 
front of the boat will open, making the entire level accessable and letting in the
last of the combatants.
  There are a number of different areas to this level.  The boat, the beach around 
the boat, the harbor entrance, the harbor exit (Opposite the boat), and what appears
to be the actual prison control facility above the harbor (Exit the rear of the 
harbor and circle around and up).  So the area is vast once you leave the boat, so
breathing room is easy enough to get.
  The environmental for this level is the Blimp Attack, which will only work on the
top part of the level (control facilities).

  Hidden Character (Man Slaughter)
  Once the ship docks and you can exit the boat you want to head to the right (left
if facing the ship).  Follow the water line until you come up to some crates. 
Shoot them up until a ramp is formed.  Shoot the side of the ship until a opening 
appears.  You will find Man Slaughter there.

8) Drive-in Movie- No Secrets

There is no strategy here but to keep moving.  This is simply a lot of combatants
in a very small area.  You may be able to find breathing room by going behind the 
buildings or the movie screen.  Check for items in the ditch, you can find a skill
pick up.  Also, behind the movie screen there is another, very helpful.

9) Snowy Roads- 1 Secret Found

Specific Strategies:
  When given the option between this and the Movies... I always choose this one.
  This is also a small area, but can be considered two small areas.  You can always
take off to the other end of the level and get a few moments rest and some pick ups.
  I like to wait behind the large building at one and, take some pot shots at 
whoever appears around the corner first, take off to the other side, hit the first
ones that follow me there, and then repeat.  
  When low on health and on the way to the station... do not forget shields, because
chances are you will be hit before you get to it.

  Hidden Level():
    Head to the end of the leve with the longer biulding.  Then face the drop and 
head to the left side of that gap.  Slowly roll over the edge and there should be
a lower level with the cube on it.

10) Skyscrapers-1 Secret Found

Specific Strategies:
  "Go to where the crashed aiplane is and go up through the plane. When you reach the 
top, head left and go off the cliff to the building below. You should see a series 
of ramps that you are on. Head right until you come to a small gap between the 
building you are on and the building across from you. Cross the gap to the other 
building. The building should be slanting down a bit. Just wait there until your 
enemies come to you and try to cross the gap. Most of the time, they won't be able 
to cross the gap and fall to their death. If they DO make it across, just go over 
the gap to the other side and wait for them to jump the gap and hope they fall in 
the process. Keep doing this with everybody until they all die. 
  It sounds hard, but its not."  Thanks to Acessk8board for the previous strategy.

  Hidden Level():
    At the bottom of the crashed plane and to the left (if you were exiting the 
plane) there is a small billboard at about car level.  Shoot it down, you may 
have to be on the next building (The way the billboard faces) to do so.  It will
now bridge the gap between the two buildings.  Put yourself in the center of the 
board and aim yourself toward the inner part of the hole.  Head in at regular 
speed.  Am I crazy?  No.  You will have to forfeit a life to get this cube.

11) Warhawk's Rooftop- 1 Secrets

Specific Strategies:
  For starters this is not going to be easy... at all.

First Part of Battle:
Initially you will have to disable a few tankers, then, when WarHawk is close 
enough, you will need to actually destroy the tanker in order to damage WarHawk's
Shield.  After three or four successful damages the shield will be gone.
-   You are safe in the buildings from Warhawk, but not the tankers.
-   Be sure to disable the tankers near the center pad, else you may not damage
Warhawk at all when you destroy the tankers.
-   Do not waste anytime on Warhawk until the shield is destroyed.

Second Part of Battle:
At this point all goes to hell.  You no longer have to worry about the tankers, 
but Warhawk is on the war path.  He will hover over the center pad and fire a 
barrage of missiles and bombs at you.  He will then fly off, circle around, strafe 
after you and then repeat.
-   Stay inside a building when he is in the center, he can not harm you.
-   When he leaves, you should also leave the building and make some pick ups.  
-   It would be beneficial, especially for the slower vehicles, to use shield
  when Warhawk is coming after you or you are out of the shelter.
-   Try to shoot homing missiles at him if you can determine where he is.  This is 
best done after he passes you on a strafe and is returning to the center pad.  
He is not shooting at you and the missles will actually hit him.
-   If you have a special that seeks its target or is thrown in the air, us it.
-   VERY BENEFICIAL:  Pick up the Satellite Skill weapon!  When he is returning to
the center pad fire it with the target in the center of the pad.  All missles will 
hit him and it does a fair amount of damage.  Plus, when you are that close it is 
easier to avoid his fire because you are immediately below him.
NOTE:  The target does not have to be on the pad the entire time, just when you 
want to shoot the weapon.  Try starting it when he is coming back toward the center
so it will be red when he gets there.

  Hidden Level(Skyscrapers): Thanks to John337, Cory111986 and galaxy99, each sent
in an email about this secret.  Appreciate it!
    Go to the edge of the building facing the building that the tankers come from.
Look down (You may need to enter the overhead view) and you should see the cube.
You will loose a life.  Try a jump if you are in a large and slow vehicle.

----------------------------II) Character Strategies-------------------------

Black/ Man Slaughter (Ending Score 3/10)
He is big and he is bad.  Expect a bit of learning curve with his special.  It
can do some damage, but is immpossible to control once it is shot.  The lava 
rocks he throws out spead wide, but they only hit targets in the distance.  
Although you should note that the larger enemies such as Darkside will be hit 
if they are directly in front of you.
-   He is big and well armored.  Therefore he is slow.  Be ready to be generous
with the turbo.
-   If all else fails, turbo ram.

Bloody Mary/Spectre (Ending Score 8/10)
With speed, handling and decent shielding Spectre and a useful, yet low power 
special, Spectre should not be the beginner's choice.  When the special is 
chosen, another car's location indicator goes red, and the special is shot while 
that target is red, the missile fired will go through walls and the ground 
hunting the character wherever he/she goes.  I would say 9/10 timed it finds its 
-   Keep moving.
-   Try to avoid head-on attacks at all cost.
-   Handling is the key.

Kane and Son/Yellow Jacket (Ending Score 4/10)
I would call this an average car with a special that may be deceiving.  It is not
necassary to ram an opponent, although you do get some kind of bonus if you do so
with turbo.  When you set off the special spikes shoot out in all directions and 
are almost homing.  That is, they change direction slightly to hit a target.  
This is how I defeated Warhawk so easily once the tankers were gone.  All three of 
the front stakes moved together and up toward him when he was in the center of the 
-   You do not have to ram with the special, it shoots out psuedo-homing missles.
  They do less damage, but are effective when ramming is not the best choice.
-   Keep moving.

Mr. Grimm (Ending Score 10/10)
With maximum speed, handling and special, but a minimal shielding, this guy 
could likely be the most difficult to play in this game.  His special weapon is 
not homing, so getting a hit with it is not that easy.
-   Keep moving.
-   It may be beneficial to freeze an enemy before hitting him with the special.
-   Obviously, try to avoid head on attacks when possible.  Although with the 
straight-line nature of his special, that will not always be possible.
-   Be sure you know how to go invisible or shielded.  Those will come in 

----------------------------III) Minion-------------------------

It has been said that the only way to get Minion is to defeat the game with all
characters.  I will verify or deny when I have the time.

I have recieved a few emails about Minion.  And yes, you must defeat the game
with all other characters (Hidden also) to get Minion.  Although he has no
movies associated with him, his load screen quotes are in a code that, when
decifered, tell you his secret.

Reported Glitch (Thanks to image662k)
In 2 player mode, if you enable the shield and have it on when the game stops
to load the next level, it seems you will have that shield through out the rest
of the game as long as you do not input a shield again.  The reported glitch 
occurred in co-op.

I have not verified this yet.

----------------------------IV) Invincibility Code-------------------------

NOTE:  You must have the CLASSIC control config. for this code to work!!!
        THANKS to thegreatzumbi, for reminding me about needing Classic config.

Hold Down (R1+R2+L1+L2) and then press U, D, L, R, R, L, D, U.
It has been claimed that the first four direction buttons are not needed {U, D, L, R}, 
but I have not been able to get that to work.

Comment and critiques are always welcome.  Please send any correspondence to the 
following email address, g__@email.com

Copyright 2000 justg (g__@email.com)

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