How to unlock Axel?

  1. Axel is a character in the game to unlock?

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    killagex - 9 years ago

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  1. Straight from the cheats...

    Unlock Axel

    Go in the Freeway level, try and look for the repair station. In that area, look around and you'll find two cranes. One of the cranes holds a pipe, the other, a cage like item. The cage crane has a yellow cage like box on the left side. Destroy the yellow box to get Axel, Aim for the box on the hill with a fire missle. Move around. If you don't make it in one place, aim for the box in another place on the hill. This is tough, aiming for the box is hard, and with cars pounding you from all sides, it's even tougher. So good luck to you all.

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  1. You need to be in Story mode to do so first.

    In the Freeway level, go to the construction site (you'll know because there is a random junk littered around in the area as well as several hills). You should notice a hill that, when parked on, aims your car directly at a crane holding two boxes. You need to target the one on the left.

    The best way to do this is with a Gas Can (try to park your car to aim directly at the box instead of from a different angle). If you lined up correctly, the Gas Can should have no problem shooting the box down. The crane will then drop a box, and you simply drive to the place it drops it and shoot it open to reveal Axel.

    Another way is to charge up Roadkill's special, turbo up the hill, jump (L1+R1) and fire the special. Two of the missiles at the front will be fired at a higher trajectory, and can shoot the box down. Just make sure no other cars are around when you do this.

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