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I'm sorry, but this is easily the most overrated game of all time 08/08/14 Allidoisreview
Silent beauty 01/11/07 Archmonk Iga
A Special Gem 10/22/07 AvidWriter3
A game that goes straight to the heart. 02/23/04 Braben
A real beauty! 11/07/04 clarkisdark
Cory's ICO Review 07/03/03 Cory Wilkie
This great game just got better. (PAL Review) 07/23/02 Dante demon killer
Simple Yet Elegant 03/08/06 DeanLow
Huh? Ah, geez, I thought it was a hat. 09/18/07 Disco1960
A timely review for a hot, new game. 12/19/05 DjSkittles
By no means a work of art. By no means a masterpiece. By all means a decent game. 03/13/03 Dragon Myst
A beautiful game. 09/18/02 DragonShadow
Overrated 01/16/04 Galdobah
Can videogames be considered art? ICO blurs the line. 11/27/06 Goodbye Galaxy
A game of a thousand words and secrets 11/07/04 GotFriedRiceFLCL
Great experience, no depth 08/02/04 Hezbulgravy
Sleeper hit of the Year 09/03/02 maximus86
There is beauty within silence..... 12/02/02 MeoTwister5
Great game...with minor flaws 10/27/03 MonoxideDontDie
Profound and transient, or simply pretty and hollow? 12/05/05 OmegaOpt5
A Must-Have Title For Ps2 Owners 10/04/01 Ozymandis
Inspiring, calming, immersive, if at the expense of complexity. 09/27/01 Ploder
ICO does almost everything perfectly and yet it still manages to be better than the sum of its parts. 10/29/07 TheMadcapLaughs
Bewitchingly enchanting 04/23/03 theOracle
Yorda: portrait of a wuss. 09/03/02 Wyrdwad
A stunning game that's great while it lasts 06/09/03 YusakuG

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