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    FAQ/Walkthrough by wardly

    Version: 1.02 | Updated: 08/27/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    | Author: Ward Halisky        |
    | Version: 1.02 (27.08.05)    |
    Copyright 2005 Ward Halisky
    This guide may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site (except as authorized) or
    otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this
    guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly
    prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
    Authorized Websites:
    Contact Me
    Basic Tips
    Version Info
    If you have information about secrets or factual errors I would like to
    hear from you. My e-mail is: wardinsky@hotmail.com Please note that,
    for the most part, I will not be replying to e-mails. Any information
    will be verified and you will be credited if it is used. I am not
    interested in alternate strategies and the like.
    Although greatly unpopular with the critics, I enjoyed this game. Yes
    it's clunky and lacks polish and drove me completely crazy in some
    spots but I still liked it. Simple at first glance, poor design gives
    birth to a somewhat challenging game - exactly what I like.
    I decided to do the walkthrough for a couple of reasons. Firstly, even
    though I had played the game to conclusion a couple of times, I always
    felt fairly sure I had missed some stuff. Secondly, there was very
    limited info available for this game online. In any event, if you want
    to have a more FULL experience, you probably need a little assistance
    (as did I) so here is my walkthrough.
    I would like to thank Glen Johnson for his walkthrough; the only one
    available, that I know of, until now. Although I tried not to follow
    his outline, it is a fairly linear game and one cannot help but "go the
    same way" in certain, areas so to speak. Additionally, I played the
    game using his walkthrough as a guide at least twice before I sat down
    to write this, so thank you Glen.
    I would also like to acknowledge the new contributors who have mailed me since
    I first submitted the walkthrough. Although not a large group, they were
    dedicated and sincere and I will mention specific credit where warranted. I
    would like to point out that credit is given on a "whoever told me first basis."
    Problems? What problems? Thanks to reader submissions almost all problems have
    been taken care of. If you discover something new please see the section
    "Contact Me" if you wish to provide any info in this regard and I will credit
    you if accurate.
    Tip 1: Kill Every Single Enemy
    There are very few places to "level up" in this game and they don't
    come until very late. Also, the game keeps track of the number of kills
    and will tell you how many you missed.
    Tip 2: Save Often
    I don't think I have never saved as often in any other game as I did in
    this one and you'll see why if don't follow this advice.
    Tip 3: Spend Your Gold Wisely
    Spend your gold primarily on mana and health potions at the vendors.
    You can only purchase limited amounts of these items before the vendor
    runs out. Just about everything else they sell can be gotten in game
    Tip 4: Learn Hot-Switch Menus
    Learn to use your hot-switch menus because it makes the game much, much
    easier. It also FREEZES the game for which you will be very grateful.
    Tip 5: Collect All Spells
    Collect (or buy) all 23 spells. Although some are totally useless, you
    will need a lot of them to finish the game.
    Tip 6: Un-equip Armor/Weapons/Accessories After Every Level-Up
    When you level up, you are awarded points to allocate to 4 different
    stats: might, speed, intelligence, and endurance. In order to see where
    exactly you need to assign your points you should remove all armor and
    accessories first. And by the way, if you're thinking you don't need a
    lot of intelligence to beat the game, think again because the higher
    the intelligence stat the stronger your magic.
    I can sum up this game's magic system in one word: YIKES!  It is not as
    poorly conceived as it is implemented and I will explain what I mean by
    On Ardon, all beings have an elemental basis. These are not unusual and
    are as follows: FIRE, WATER, AIR, EARTH and DARK. Although the element
    LIGHT comes into play, it is not actually attributed to any beings as
    far as I can tell. Each element has its strength and weakness in
    relation to the other elements as follows:
    OK so far? Now we throw LIGHT and DARK into the mix. Obviously they
    oppose each other however, we are also told that LIGHT beats EARTH and
    WATER but not FIRE and AIR. And DARK is good against FIRE and AIR but
    not EARTH and WATER.
    How you doing? Well don't get excited, it gets much worse. Weapons and
    armor can come in any of the 6 elements or 1 non-element for a total of
    7 types. This means you can and should carry at least 6 weapons/armors
    to attack/defend as the need arises. However, there are only slots for
    5 weapons and 5 armors at any one time. Starting to see the problem?
    And it gets worse again.
    Each area often has two or more different enemy types and they are
    frequently together in the same room. So you see two different enemies,
    you have to figure out each element type and switch your weapon/armor
    for each enemy after trying to remember the crazy element hierarchy.
    OK. Enough about this . . . you'll see for yourself.
    It has been pointed out, subsequent to publishing version 1.00 of this
    walkthrough, that some of my comments regarding armor suggest I was completely
    wrong about how it worked in regards to elemental properties. According to the
    WARRIORS OF MIGHT AND MAGIC guide that comes with the game, you equip the same
    elemental weapons AND armor for any given type of enemy. For example, an AIR
    based enemy requires both an EARTH based weapon AND EARTH based armor for the
    best offense and defense. Although I played the game to conclusion at least
    twice thinking that the armor you equipped against an AIR based enemy needed to
    be AIR based armor, you should read my guide with this in mind. It actually is
    much easier the right way anyway! [Thanks to "undercaste" for this information.]
    Well these are the most confusing group of add-ons you'll ever find.
    There are two broad categories: AMULETS and RINGS. If one group
    affected only defense and the other only offense it would be much
    easier. But they don't. One accessory might lower defense and raise
    offense while another might raise both. Many accessories also affect
    the four game stats: might, speed, intelligence, and endurance. On top
    of all this most accessories have an element attached. For example
    let's say you find WARD'S RING. This ring lowers defense but raises the
    WATER attack stat. The ring also decreases speed but raises
    intelligence. How are you supposed to do? There are no
    easy answers and you must experiment. Rest assured that the game is
    very beatable so don't sweat this overmuch.
    The game is broken up into illogical partitions, and for this reason I
    have adopted a level and sublevel approach that follows the game.
    Whenever you clear a level (not a sublevel) you are given the stats I
    have been talking about above like number of kills, etc.
    Overall Level Objectives
    Quests to Complete: 2
    Secrets to Discover: 11
    Spells to Attain: 4
    Special Items: FIREWOOD, FLINT
    You are dropped into a pit following the opening FMV. Begin by running
    around, picking stuff up (look for shiny glinting objects), killing
    enemies etc. There are tutorials in play and you should start to get
    familiar with the controls and stuff. Notice the guy who throws the
    book? Pick it up. All spells come in the form of books and you really
    need this, your first spell FIREBALL.
    Make sure you have a look at both your inventory menu (select button)
    and your pause menu (start button). If you look into your pause menu
    and look in the quests item, you will see you have none. Quests are
    added as you go along.
    It is important to observe the ring around the enemy when you target
    them with the R2 button. The slugs have a bright green ring denoting
    EARTH based meaning FIREBALL smokes them real good.
    When you have done all you can, head over to the grate, stand close to
    the lever and press R1.
    You are now in the sewers. Run right and pick the shiny thing (healing
    potion). Keep going right - past the door - to the end. Blast the slug
    and go up to the door. A ghost appears and warns you off. Head back and
    pop into the door you passed earlier. Blow up the skeleton (EARTH) and
    pick up the spoils. Back out of the doorway and head in the opposite
    direction you first went. You will pass the open pit door (on your
    left). Get to the end and blow up the slug. Enter this doorway and
    destroy the skeleton. Pick up spoils and keep going. [It should be
    obvious to you to pick up all shiny objects and I will not be pointing
    out each and every one.]
    Blow up slugs and keep going to the end. You eventually arrive at a
    metal gate that you cannot pass. This is the exit for this sublevel
    that you will have to find a way to open it. Walk up to the gate and
    turn around. In front you see a boarded up doorway and above this
    doorway a grated alcove. Behind this grate lies the sublevel boss
    BALTHUS (DARK) who you must eventually defeat to open the gate behind
    you. OK. Turn a little left and you will see a shiny thing halfway up
    the wall. Approach this and you will have found your first secret. Now
    head over to the boarded doorway, break the boards down and enter.
    You are now in what I call the cells area. Follow the path around and
    take the first open door on the right. You will see 2 skeletons
    attacking a bigger guy. Kill the skeletons but not the big guy (APOK)
    or you'll have to reset. Before you talk with the big guy check out the
    room. In the left corner from where you entered is a chest. Walk up to
    it and press R1 to open. Press R1 again to collect the goodies
    including your second spell TORCHLIGHT (the most useless in the game).
    Walk forward and pick up some FIREWOOD you will need shortly. Approach
    the table and read the books about magic by pressing R1. Turn right and
    you will see a set of stairs. At the top is BALTHUS who you can leave
    for now or take out if you're gutsy - just save first. I will leave him
    for now though. [By the way BALTHUS was the guy in purple in the
    opening FMV who was killing lots of villagers.]
    On either side of the stairs are barrels. You always want to break
    every single barrel in the game and anything else that looks like it
    could break as well - some barrels (greenish) cannot be broken. One
    more thing to do before you talk to APOK: you see that beam coming down
    from one wall? Walk up it slowly and you will have found your second
    Time to talk to APOK by getting close to him and pressing R1. [Thank
    goodness they translate for us.] He runs off. Follow him and when he
    stops by a pool, save his butt once more. Talk to him again and he asks
    you to follow him. In his room he stops and when you talk to him he
    rewards you with your first accessory - APOK'S RING - and information
    on how to get out of the cells. Search the room and make sure you break
    all the boxes at the foot of the bed. You may need to power-swing to
    break them. There is a wood club here but statistically it's the same
    as the bone club so do what you will.
    Return to the previous room and get the chest then head back to the big
    room where you met APOK. Run across the room and out the other door.
    Head down the hall and break the boards you come to then walk ahead. To
    your right is the dead skeleton you killed earlier. Turn left and pick
    up the key to open the chest. The way you do this is by equipping the
    key so it shows in your top left circle, then press R1. [This is how
    you equip and use all sorts of items (mostly keys) throughout the
    Carry on up the slope and when you come to a 4-way cross go right into
    the room. Pick up all goodies including the FLINT and then talk to the
    ghost in the corner. He is cold. Light up the fire using (equipping)
    the FIREWOOD and the FLINT and presto you have been awarded bonus
    experience. Take a look in your quests menu and you will see you now
    have 1 completed quest. [If a quest is incomplete it is in BOLD GREEN
    Leave the room and go back to the 4-way and turn right. Activate the
    lever then backtrack towards the slope you came up and you will see a
    secret room with some excellent armor. Pick it up and equip it and then
    return to the 4-way. Go straight past the lever onto some wooden boards
    and save. Walk diagonally right across two planks into a new tunnel.
    Smoke the bad guys pick up all goodies and run around the lower room
    until you trigger the opening of another secret room. You have found
    your third secret. Open the chests and equip as desired.
    Return to the 4-way and head right - the only direction you haven't yet
    traveled. Enter the room, smoke the bad guys and pick up your third
    spell BLESS from the table. Don't break the barrels just yet. Head
    across the room and through the other door. Smoke the bad guys and
    enter a bluish ghostly room. Pick up the goodies and exit the blue room
    by the other door. Follow tunnel down to a chest, then backtrack to the
    room with the barrels you did not break. Break them up and head through
    the door and up a slope to a new area.
    Enter the room on the right first. Open the chest and finally - a
    decent weapon. As you can see you will need to start dropping weapons
    soon. There is a book with some of BALTHUS demented ramblings if you
    wish to read them. Head across to the other room and kill and keep on
    going on down the slope. When you come to a 3-way cross go left and
    down all the way into the sewers. You have now come full circle to the
    place where the ghost warned you off entering this door.
    Whip through the sewer and take the first door on the right and then
    your first left. You will soon be back in the room where you met APOK.
    Save your game, head up the stairs and battle BALTHUS. There is a book
    on the stairs if you want know more about BALTHUS. If you've gone up a
    level and got the sword and are now wearing the armor you should have
    no trouble. Blast away with FIREBALL and then rush in for the weapons
    Run down the steps and exit the room through the door you last entered.
    Turn right at the 3-way and get back into the sewers. Turn right and
    keep following the sewers all the way to the very end. Go through the
    now open gate and you will exit.
    Sublevel 1A Summary:
    You should have 1/2 quests, 3/11 secrets and a total of 3 spells.
    Now would be an excellent time to get good at casting magic. You are
    still in the cells, but these have been overrun with fast crawling
    critters (EARTH). You can usually hear them if they're close, so prime
    your FIREBALL spell and move forward. When you arrive at the 3-way you
    can check left but must eventually go right. As you carry on right you
    will come to a section of building that appears to be falling in on
    itself. Around a corner are some doors but you can only enter the first
    one on your right. Inside the little room a ghost tells you his story,
    and something about a furnace. Get out and turn left - don't go down.
    Around the corner on this level is another bug and the furnace the
    ghost was talking about. Just walk a little ways into the furnace room
    and hit R1. You will be rewarded with some experience, but if you walk
    in too far...
    Go back to the doors and jump down to the room below. Blast the
    skeletons and collect the goodies. Take your only exit and head left
    down a ramp. About halfway down you will see a lever on the RHS.
    Activate it and enter the now accessible room. Jump up on the barrels
    and then the ledge to get some goodies and activate another lever for a
    secret room. You have found your fourth secret.
    Exit the room and continue down the ramp left. The first door you pass
    on the right leads across a bridge and is the exit for this sublevel.
    Keep going by and enter the first door on your left. Enter the room
    slowly and kill all the bugs. Once cleared out, work the rooms
    counterclockwise and you end up at a sloping downwards tunnel. [Armor
    is the only item that doesn't auto-equip when you find it. JERKALD'S
    VEST is better than most of the others for a ways into the game.]
    Save your game and head down slowly. At the bottom whip into the left
    room and collect the goodies then slowly enter the big room. You are
    about to be greeted by a legion of bugs but you should kill them all
    because you need some important items from this room. My personal
    strategy here is not very heroic. After the hordes emerge I retreat to
    the tunnel and climb halfway up. From there I pick them off one by one
    with FIREBALL. How do you know when they're all dead? Well they stop
    that silly popping noise and if you can't target any with R2 you are
    more or less all gone. Start collecting goodies - don't miss the
    BERSERKER RING. You need to grab 2 keys from the little table: the
    FLOOR CELL KEY and the PIT SEWER KEY, and when you have them you will
    be attacked by a couple of baby critters.
    Head back up the tunnel and out of the room. Turn left and continue to
    a 4-way cross. Activate the lever, head into the room and destroy the
    skeletons. Pick up goodies and open the chest with the Alchemist's Key.
    Get the goodies including your fourth and very useful spell SLOW. Leave
    this room and head straight across to the floor cell room.
    Kill the skeletons then use the FLOOR CELL KEY to open and let loose
    all the ghosts. You will be awarded experience and completed your
    second quest. In the fourth pit you can retrieve a decent sword if you
    jump in and get it.
    Leave the room and make your way back to the 4-way cross. With the
    lever on your right walk forward a few feet and turn right at the floor
    grate. You are entering a large loop with a bridge across the middle.
    Circle the loop until you find a chest, then make your way back to the
    grate. Turn right and go past three doors on the left - you have been
    in all these rooms. After the third left room turn right and cross the
    bridge. Circle around either way until you find a chest and a lever.
    Open the chest, activate lever, circle some more until you find the
    small bridge that allows you to get over a spiked pit.
    Enter this next room cautiously and kill the 3 skeletons. Collect all
    the goodies and then walk near the end of the room where the water is
    flowing into the room. If you are standing on the same side of the room
    as the door you came in, look across the water, which is flowing from
    right to left, and you will notice a torch burning on the wall but the
    wall looks a little funny. Cross the water, walk up to the torch and
    hit R1. You have found your fifth secret. Now run to where the water is
    falling and drop down to the gate. Open with your PIT SEWER KEY and
    jump down into the water. Move forward a little and you will exit
    sublevel 1B.
    Sublevel 1B Summary:
    You should have 2/2 quests, 5/11 secrets and a total of 4 spells.
    Special Items: ORC GATE KEY
    Before you jump into the whirlpool, make sure that you equip APOK'S
    Ring because all these next bad boys are FIRE based. This doesn't mean
    your offensive spell FIREBALL won't work here but it is not as
    effective as it was against EARTH based critters. Get ready to rumble
    and then jump into the whirlpool.
    You have 3 orcs to dispatch immediately then a big guy up in the hut.
    Search the entire area, including the water, very carefully. If you go
    under the hut you will discover your sixth secret.
    When you are sure you've got everything, head away from the area
    killing as you go. On the left side of the passage are a series of
    shelves for lack of a better term. If you jump up on them you will
    discover your seventh secret.
    As you near another orc encampment you will be given a bunch of
    information. Basically, you do not want that first orc that you see
    walking guard to see you, so slip around to the left of him while still
    in the water and take out the rest of the camp first. At this end of
    the camp there are three orcs to kill immediately, then search all
    these huts and move along carefully. Remember, you do not want to let
    that first orc see you or he will release the sludge monsters (in the
    boxes) to kill you. After you search the first four huts, sneak to the
    fifth, where you will pick up the ORC GATE KEY. [Just ignore that chest
    in the water for now - you can check it later.]
    OK. There is one more orc on this level besides the sentry to dispatch
    before you decide how to proceed. Slip out of the fifth hut and behind
    the first square box you see. Kill this guy then smash and collect.
    Don't miss the little chest there in the water. Now it's decision time
    so save your game and then either (1) release the monsters to assist
    you kill the last guard (huh?) (2) kill the last guard before he can
    release the beasts (3) let the guard see you, release the beasts and
    kill them all so you can get a little more experience. If you're having
    some difficulty just pick (2). When all are dead, explore the remaining
    huts (except the one with the ramp) and the surrounding area and then
    go into the last hut. There is still one guard up top so be careful.
    Before you come down, there is one more thing to do up here. You see
    that long pipe thing. Well get up on it and walk across until you
    discover your eighth secret. Jump down and head to the big green gate
    in behind the fifth hut. Use your key and open it up to discover APOK.
    APOK will open the inner gate for you as you proceed through this final
    short portion of the sublevel/level. After you dispatch these three
    enemies, proceed along the right side of the water and you will see
    something shiny in the waterfall. Pick the your ninth secret, the very
    useful SAURANA'S Sword, your first elemental weapon.
    Save and drop down the crags as best as you can then go through the
    green door by pressing R1.
    Level 1 Summary:
    You should have 2/2 quests, 9/11 secrets and a total of 4 spells.
    So why does my secrets total say 10 and not 9 and where is the eleventh
    secret you ask? At this point I really don't know and since I wanted to
    put this guide online, I decided to leave things as they are. Please
    let me know if you know something I don't and I will update this guide.
    It is very possible that in the rather poor design of this game they
    have added one of those secret rooms as the tenth secret? I have
    endeavored to include only those times when the game says "YOU HAVE
    FOUND A SECRET" in the counting of secrets.
    Overall Level Objectives
    Quests to Complete: 3
    Secrets to Discover: 2
    Spells to Attain: 2
    A FMV and an overview of this slightly confusing place start us out.
    Although it doesn't count as a quest, the story's goal to getting
    through this level (no sublevels) is to free the bird. Before you do
    anything else, turn around and talk to the peddler. Buy all the healing
    potions you can and if you missed a spell buy it now (except
    All right, let's get going and get some very important items that will
    greatly help you with this level. Move ahead and run under the
    bridge/ramps veering left towards the well. The well is a MANA SPRING so take
    advantage of it. [Thanks to Ray Murphy, the first of many, to point this out to
    From the well we are going to go left and continue left in a huge circle that
    eventually brings us back to the well. When you arrive at a hut go inside and
    speak to the woman for
    your first quest. On the table beside you is your fifth spell ARCTIC
    BLAST, a water based spell that will help you here big-time. Also on
    the table is more info about her husband; it's dull stuff.
    Exit the hut and continue away from the well. You will come to a chest
    on a rock with the main village to your right. However, you want to
    turn and go left here. The first item you see is a shield, but carry
    and on and you will pick up the SHARK'S TEETH AMULET, one of the best
    accessories of the game. This is a dead-end so head back to the last
    junction and move towards the main village. [You should be utilizing
    your ARCTIC BLAST spell by now and noticing how it functions a little
    different than FIREBALL.]
    Upon reaching the 4 small huts, kill and loot, break and take, until it
    is all cleared out. Near the cluster of 3 huts is a short ramp heading
    up to an odd looking hut with a ramp going up into it. Draw near
    carefully, kill all the bad guys and then loot the place. Exit the hut
    and look to the ramp that takes you up the next level. Before you ascend this
    ramp, follow it underneath to its second turning and you will see some boards
    blocking a hole in the wall. Break this down for your first secret. [Thanks to
    Keith Gear for the location of this secret.]
    Return to the ramp and head up to the next level. At the top of the
    ramp, run all the way left and into a room for some goodies before
    returning to the two new huts. Kill the guard and look around. The big
    hut is the chief's and you will need a key to enter. While looking at
    the chief's doorway, turn right and note the cave-door; we will be
    returning here shortly. Directly opposite the chief's door is a ramp
    with an orc up top and some goodies. Kill and loot and search all
    around these ramparts. [If you haven't noticed yet some of these
    enemies throw things at you for damage so be careful.]
    At the bottom of the ramparts is a wall ledge we are going to take
    before we come back to the cave-door.
    Head up the ledge away from the chief's hut, killing as necessary. We
    want to go past the first bridge on the right and the second right
    which is a ramp leading down to the entrance area where we started this
    level. Duck into the first left cave-door, kill 2 orcs and pick up
    goodies including your sixth spell SPEED. Exit the room and head
    straight up the bridge across to the other side. Follow to the only
    room, loot and backtrack all the way to chief's hut.
    Enter the cave-door and enter the first room you come to for some
    goodies. [These element bolts can be very effective if used properly.
    They are somewhat hard to procure so use them sparingly against only
    difficult enemies who have a weakness to the particular element.]
    Carry on up the slope and exit onto a new ledge where you must kill
    several orcs. Continue across the only bridge available to you. Take a
    look around and below noting the chief's hut and all sorts of bodies
    marking where you have been. When you get across the bridge swing to
    the right and all the way to the end. There is a locked door here for
    which you will need a key. Return to the door at the end of the bridge
    you just crossed and enter. You will come to a mesh wall that you can
    see through - this is the room behind the locked door you just saw.
    Keep going to the 3-way. The path straight takes you back to the ledge
    you just came from so turn right and go up and all the way until you
    are outside.
    You might remember this area from the opening overview video? This is
    also your first quest. Anyway, your job is to rescue the big guy and
    kill all the rest. [This is actually tricky because you have to make
    sure that after your attack starts the big guy doesn't get pushed off
    anyway, or alternatively that you kill him in the melee along with all
    the rest. Just save as soon as you get into the open and keep trying
    until you kill all the orcs and you are able to talk to him.] After the
    death and destruction, talk to him then let him go even though he says
    to follow.
    Now before we head back into the mountain, just run up that ledge on
    the left to the beginning of the bridge. You see that round hole in the
    wall opposite? That is your exit from this level. Ok. Turn around and
    head back down into the mountain. When you get to the 3-way turn right
    and head out onto the ledge. Cross the first bridge you see and you
    should be back at the level entrance. From here make your way past the
    well and to the hut. You will be awarded experience because you
    completed your first two quests and will be given your third quest
    along with the CHIEF'S HUT KEY necessary to fulfill this quest.
    Head back to the big chief's hut and unlock the door with your newly
    acquired key. Smoke the two guards and then head down to fight the
    boss. Afterwards pick up everything including the TREASURY KEY and HAM
    HOCK. Now head back to the old chief's hut once more to get you reward.
    To complete the quest you actually have to give Mrs. the Ham Hock in
    the same way you use keys. She will tell you about the exit from the
    Leave the hut and turn right and run until you see your first ledge on
    the right. Jump up and open the door with your TREASURY KEY and you've
    found your second and final secret. Upgrade wisely making sure to pick up the
    sword TROLL BURNER. [Try to never discard an elemental weapon until you
    have a better "same element" weapon to replace it.]
    Time to make for the exit. Get up to the plateau and head across the
    bridge. First go all the way to the right and before you head in make
    sure you equip TROLL BURNER as you weapon. Inside kill the troll
    (EARTH) and loot the place. You will get a new FIRE accessory that you
    should leave equipped. Head out and go past the hole to grab the chest
    then go into the hole finally.
    Inside you will start encountering trolls so equip FIREBALL and start
    moving. The second troll drops another FIRE RING that you can evaluate
    as an accessory. When you reach a pier try your best to get to the
    other side using jumps as the fluid here can hurt you.
    Level 2 Summary:
    You should have 3/3 quests, 2/2 secrets and a total of 6 spells.
    Overall Level Objectives
    Quests to Complete: 3
    Secrets to Discover: 3
    Spells to Attain: 7
    Special Items: none
    Well that seems pretty clear, but if you're still confused open your
    quests menu and you will see all three quests right there. Before you
    jump to the rotating section take a peak to the right and left of the
    big chamber; one green door and one red. Hmmm. Alright get to the
    middle area and pick up your seventh spell FEAR and also a little info
    about your enemies here. They are either gargoyles that are AIR based
    (use EARTH to kill) or golems that are EARTH based (use FIRE to kill).
    This is where the game gets tricky and you should become skilled at
    using your hot-switch menu to change attack weapons quickly. Speaking
    of attack weapons, if you're carrying a pickaxe, there is no need for
    it that I'm aware of so chuck it. And one last thing, the fourth door
    in this big chamber is your level exit.
    Jump back onto rotating section and jump off into the red doorway.
    Bypass the first doorway and go forward to take a peak at where your
    goal is here. You see that red doorway high up? Well that's one part of
    this quest. Return to the first doorway you skipped and head up. Break
    the stained glass on the right for your first secret and another fire
    accessory (how many do we need?). Read the little book there for some
    accessory guidance because we sure need it. Now jump back to the main
    path and continue forward.
    Run into the first room you see and try and avoid the blue lasers on
    the way. Pick up the goodies and read the wall item that is a clue for
    later. Exit the room, turn right and avoiding blue lasers, they cause a
    tiny amount of damage, make for the bookcase on the left side, halfway
    up the passageway. Pick up the goodies and your eighth spell CHARM. Now
    with your back to the bookcase, run directly across but no further than
    the doorway on the right or you'll trigger an untimely FMV. Grab the
    goodies from the room and return to the passageway and face the
    bookcase. Head right again and duck into the first door on the right.
    On the wall opposite the door, smash open with your sword for your
    second secret and a peddler. In the chest is an important EARTH based
    sword BACKBITER. [I spent my money on FIRE BOLTS.]
    Exit and head straight across through some gargoyles and continue until
    you come to a 3-way. Look left and you will see that you are now in the
    green door. Head right and when you get to the open space look up to
    see the green balcony. Now on either side of you, on the lower level,
    are bookcases and enemies. Check them out for a bit of story and then
    proceed to the area under the green balcony.
    In front of you you'll see a floor with gaping spaces. In case it isn't
    clear, don't fall down. Make your way over to the left and pull the
    lever, then go across to the other side and collect the goodies. Enter
    the newly opened lift and head up to the green balcony. Before entering
    the Guardians of Knowledge, carefully jump over the spiked railing and
    pick up the goodies (one side only). Now enter the green door.
    Sublevel 3A Summary (Preliminary):
    You should have 0/3 quests, 2/3 secrets and a total of 8 spells.
    You are entering a square area that leads off to one other area.
    Gargoyles patrol the square area and they hide in alcoves and up in the
    rafters so equip BACKBITER and if you have big problems try hitting
    them with SLOW or EARTH BOLTS. [Just remember bolts are limited in
    Head straight up killing (and saving) as you go. I like to clear out
    the entire square before leaving the area. While cleaning out the right
    side of the square, be careful of ambushes; once you pass Fain's
    Treasure room you will have all kinds of excitement and a little secret
    room. A little further up is an unusual alcove is called "YE OLD
    HEALING POOL" (yea that's how they talk) but we will come back to it
    later. Go to the top of the steps but do not activate the large lever
    you see just yet. Continue on past the bridge on the left and go over
    to a little lift at the end of the path. Hop on and go down. If the
    lift isn't there just drop down the hole.
    To your immediate left is a narrow little passage with a chest. Before
    you go for this chest, know that when you do it springs a gargoyle
    ambush so be ready for it. After you smoke him, head all the way to the
    end of this path and smash the crate for the important GUARDIANS KEY.
    Head up the little steps nearby and grab goodies from the two chests in
    the water areas. Another chest beckons from across a chasm but we
    cannot reach it yet. All clear.
    Hop back onto the little lift and go straight past the opening on your
    right again, turn at the corner and run until you get to the top of the
    stairs. To your right is a lever. Push it. Yikes! Kill these sentinels
    and pick up a great EARTH weapon, DURIN'S HAMMER.
    Return to the opening you just passed and cross the bridge to a door
    requiring the Guardian's Key. Open this door and proceed carefully
    picking up goodies and killing enemies. On the LHS is a chest with
    Fain's Key. Cross to the other side for all sorts of goodies and
    completion on your first quest - acquisition of the GREEN GEM OF
    Get back across the rotating section and head across the bridge and
    then right to Fain's Treasure. If you are injured you can go to the
    pool, insert the gem in the cradle and hop into the water for a free
    pick-me-up. Grab the gem before you depart and the last stop here is
    the chest across the chasm. Make your way back there however you will,
    as all enemies should be dead. Insert the gem here and cross over for
    your ninth spell STONE SKIN. Grab the gem and exit the GUARDIAN'S OF
    KNOWLEDGE the same way you came in.
    Sublevel 3B Summary:
    You should have 1/3 quests, 2/3 secrets and a total of 9 spells.
    Special Items: none
    Get to the lift and if it's not in place, just jump down. We are going
    to get over to the red balcony area now, but be careful, as some of the
    enemies here have re-spawned.
    To get to the red balcony quickly, from the bottom of the lift head
    straight up, and follow the path until you are standing in the green
    doorway (in the big chamber). Jump onto the rotating section and get
    off when you get to the red doorway.
    Go past the first door and you will end up in an open area identical to
    what you saw over on the green side. Up high above you is the red
    balcony, on the level below and to either side are bookcases with some
    info so take a look. The bookcase on the right has your tenth spell
    TREMOR, however as soon as you get it a gargoyle ambushes you so be
    Get to the area under the red balcony and note the unusual floor.
    Before stepping on any of the 4 pressure switches, dispatch the golem
    and get the goodies in the bottom left corner. Now save your game. Step
    on the pressure switches in a clockwise pattern to open the lift.
    Remember "The circle of the sun sets clockwise.". [If you do it wrong
    you get more bad guys drop on you than if you do it right.] Head up and
    prepare for a gargoyle lurking somewhere. As you did on the other side,
    jump over the spiked railing (both sides) and pick up some goodies. Now
    enter the red door.
    Sublevel 3A Summary (Preliminary):
    You should have 1/3 quests, 2/3 secrets and a total of 10 spells.
    Special Items: RED GEM OF ENROTH
    There are only two ways to go here so let's get the easier out of the
    way first. Turn left and follow around to the very end for some
    goodies. You will pass by another pool, this time it's the "Ye Old Mana
    Pool". OK. Well nothing will happen here until you get the red gem so
    forget about it for now. Head back and just past the pool is a locked
    door that can be unlocked with the GUARDIAN'S KEY.
    In this small corridor is a whole heap of trouble. There is one small
    chest to get and inside is your eleventh spell SHARDS. Other than that
    there's not much. The golems here are unaffected by magic for some
    reason so you have to duke it out or you could use an invisibility
    potion and sneak by to grab the goodies and get out without fighting.
    What I usually do is draw them out one by one and kill them and get the
    goodies but you don't even have to get the spell if you don't want.
    Head back to the entrance and go the other way until you come to a
    rather puzzling room. This is actually the "columns" room and there are
    lots of goodies here; some are on the upper level and some are down
    below. The columns go up and down and basically you have to do a lot of
    jumping and running and falling, etc. to get all the stuff. The
    important things here are the goodies and the completion of the second
    quest. So to get the chest on the right, for example, you have to get
    on a column that will bring you there somehow. Don't worry about
    falling down and there are 2 ways to get up: the columns or the rings.
    Just do a little experimenting.
    Here is a list of goodies ABOVE to get:
    1 - Chest on right: Gleaming Shield
    2 - Door ahead (need Pillar Cell Key): RING OF FIRE (12th spell)
    Here is a list of goodies BELOW to get:
    1 - Chest in blue grotto: Pillar Cell Key
    2 - Chest behind waterfall: Mace of Karmic Fury (secret #3)
    Besides possibly wanting to visit the mana pool, it is time to get out
    of this sublevel the way you entered.
    Sublevel 3C Summary:
    You should have 2/3 quests, 3/3 secrets and a total of 12 spells.
    Special Items: none
    Get down the lift, up the ramp and take the door on the right when you
    come to the 3-way. Head straight up and turn left (laser beams) then
    turn right across from the bookshelf. Head past the little doorway on
    the right for a FMV.
    Now get onto the big lift in front of you and activate the lever. At
    the top place the Green Gem in the left receptacle and the Red Gem in
    the right. Check your quests; then save and enter.
    Grab the goodies then read the book to discover who ALLERON really is.
    The hot babe in tights is his half sister if you haven't figured that
    out. As soon as you turn from the book, 4 BIG gargoyles attack. Kill
    them and retrieve the spoils including the extremely important CURE
    WOUNDS spell, your twelfth.
    Get out and back to the big chamber and ride the rotating section to
    the exit door.
    Level 3 Summary:
    You should have 3/3 quests, 3/3 secrets and a total of 13 spells.
    Overall Level Objectives
    Quests to Complete: 4
    Secrets to Discover: 1
    Spells to Attain: 2
    Special Items: DRUID'S Ring
    Watch the opening FMV then move forward and get what you need from the
    peddler. [I bought the VAUGNER mace and all the healing potions.] Your
    enemies here are fish-men (WATER) (use the VAUGNER and SLOW) and tree-
    trolls (EARTH) and elves (AIR). There are goodies everywhere along the
    way so keep your eyes peeled. As you approach your first turn, there is
    a small black headstone to read. You now have your first quest.
    Continue on around the bend, passing by the waterfall (we'll be getting
    the stuff down there another way), and note a fish-man on a rock.
    Dispatch him and then grab the sword and behind the cobweb is your one
    and only secret for this level, a new accessory.
    Carefully move ahead and dispatch the soldier on the half-bridge, then
    save and drop down below into the water. There are tons of fish-faces
    down here so be prepared. If they move too fast, make sure you SLOW
    them or SPEED yourself. I sometimes utilize STONE SKIN in crazy melee
    situations. There are 2 chests down here and all sorts of stuff lying
    around. After you have finished, return to the main chamber and jump
    from rock to rock to get out and back onto the bridge.
    Jump the bridge break and carry on up the path. The plank over the two
    waterfalls is above where you just were down below. When you see some
    arch ruins turn right and see the waterfall. Jump in there to get your
    14th spell SILENCE. [This is the waterfall you passed way back near the
    Carry on. Don't miss the chest or the armor (I still have JERKALD'S
    equipped). You will eventually come to a small pool of standing water
    with a red gem in the left wall. You will also see a soldier next to a
    large red gem that you cannot get to because he is protected by a force
    field. If you push R1 in front of your red gem, the field will drop.
    Kill the soldier and to open the doors press R1 in front of the big red
    gem. Head inside and before you go right, look up to the ceiling. That
    lift must come down so you can get off this level.
    Head into the room on the right and dispatch the enemies. Head into the
    next room via the wooden bridge and dispatch these guys as well.
    Collect all the treasure here including the SWORD OF BANILCLESE. [I
    dropped the VAUGNER.]
    You have four ways to go from this room: (1) into the water, (2) steps
    (3) wooden bridge to ramp, (4) steps to wooden bridge (where you
    entered). Head up the steps first and talk to this guy to get your
    second quest. Now get into the water and kill, loot and search
    everywhere. You should come across BRENOCK'S SWORD [I dropped SAURANA'S
    SWORD.] and more importantly, you should find the Rouge elf's gem. This
    is your third quest if you care to look.
    Return the gem to the elf and get ready to be ambushed. Kill them all
    and if you check your quests you now have 2 complete and 1 incomplete.
    There is a lot happening here and a lot of stuff to get so here's what
    you need to pick up:
    1 - Elf Chest Key
    2 - DRUID'S Ring (I dropped APOK'S Ring)
    3 - Sword of Superb Reflexes
    4 - Gold
    5 - Lightning WYRM Armor (from chest)
    Once you've got it all figured out head down and go all the way back to
    the headstone to complete the fourth and final quest. Careful here.
    Your enemies have re-spawned. When you get to the plank over the falls
    just drop in and make your way up and back down the path.
    When you get to the stone press R1 for your last quest completion and
    grab your 15th spell HEROISM (an excellent spell). Now hop into the
    waterfall right beside you for a shortcut (turn right when you leave
    the waterfall) and make your way to the 4-way room.
    Head the only way you haven't yet gone and kill and loot. When you get
    to the top, get on the lift and activate the lever. You go down and
    through the door I pointed out earlier.
    Dispatch 4 elves and head through to your next level.
    Level 4 Summary:
    You should have 4/4 quests, 1/1 secret and a total of 15 spells.
    Overall Level Objectives
    Quests to Complete: 6
    Secrets to Discover: 2
    Spells to Attain: 3
    Near the rock by your starting point is a weapon but it's not worth the
    acid water (or whatever) and you have superior weapons already.  These
    minotaurs are pretty tough. They are WATER based so use AIR to kill
    them. Follow the logical path until you arrive at the Magic City. There
    is a gremlin (also WATER based) by the well. Don't listen to him just
    kill him. By the well are some special items: the GOOD LUCK CHARM accessory
    and the MAGIC AXE (not a weapon). Grab them and then check your quests
    - you've already completed one! Search the area then talk to the
    peddler and use your best judgment on what to buy. The BANDED ARMOR is
    quite good because it also boosts might - it is available for free in
    the next sublevel so keep that in mind. [Are you starting to see the
    problems with inventory space?]
    Enter house by the cart and read the book on the table. Now check your
    quests: you should have 1 completed and 2 incompletes. Head upstairs. Kill the
    gremlins and get
    and get the goodies. Take a look at the house across the street and note the
    shining on the rooftop. Up there is a secret. Before you go however, jump to
    the little roof right beside you and you'll scare a gremlin out of the chimney.
    When you kill him, he coughs up the 16th spell: PHANTOMS. [Thanks to Stephan
    Rothe for the location of this spell.] Now head on over to the house with the
    Read the book on the table then get upstairs and jump on the rail, turn
    slowly then jump to roof to get your first secret. Time to move on to
    the next building.
    Head to the next building and clear out everything making sure to get
    the WIZARD'S SCROLL from upstairs. Exit the residence and turn left.
    Alright. Here's the deal. Kill all the gremlins and search all the
    huts, making sure you pick up the special item WIZARD'S RUNE. If the
    gremlins stole anything from you, it will be in the chest at the edge
    of the cliff. If you have more money and want something from the
    peddler now is the time.
    Carefully head down the cliff and dispatch any enemies. To access the
    labyrinth smash the boards enter. [I would suggest saving lots here.]
    Once inside head left and enter the Skull Room. This is your exit from
    the sublevel although you cannot actually leave yet. Kill these guys
    now or you'll have to do it later.
    Head the other way and go past the first left turn to some more boards.
    Go the end for some goodies and the GREMLIN STATUE.
    CAUTION Do not return to Skull Room once you have the GREMLIN STATUE.
    Head back to the turn you just passed and go right. Follow around until
    you reach some wooden floorboards. On your left are some goodies and
    the important METEOR CHUNK is in the corner. Check your quests once you
    pick up the meteor and you now have 2 completes.
    Continue on the logical path. When you see a small waterfall on your
    right, get in it for your second secret of the level. Around the corner
    is an open room with a battle raging. Before you approach the wizard,
    grab the goodies on the wall to your right.
    Approach the wizard and give him the scroll and rune and he will reward
    you and transport you to the Skull Room where he opens the skull and
    exit for you. If you check your quests you should have 3 completes and
    1 incomplete.
    Exit through the skull and continue on until you see an FMV. After,
    carry on until you see a door; your exit from the sublevel.
    Sublevel 5A Summary:
    You should have 3/6 quests, 2/2 secrets and a total of 16 spells.
    The good news is that you will soon have a much better AIR weapon so
    carefully take these guys out. The funny fishy thing making weird
    noises can drain your mana as well as hurt you so take him out they are
    WATER based but go down easily with any weapon. The statue on one side
    has the BANDED ARMOR which is quite good. Carry on. The big guy in the
    spike tunnel is EARTH based so use FIRE. Finally the forge. I hope you
    have the MAGIC AXE and the METEOR. This is where it all comes together.
    Place those two items in the pool and pull the lever. This gets you the
    AIR based METEOR AXE (these guys aren't that creative with names). Take
    a look at your quests and you should have 5 completes.
    Continue on until you get to the top of some stairs. You are basically
    at one end of a loop here so to keep it straight I'll call this 3-way
    number one. Turn left here and as you go along look over the railing to
    your right. In the room down there are two new spells for you. Carry on
    until you get to 3-way number two and turn right. Grab your 17th and 18th
    spells: ICE SHIELD and LIGHTNING from the tables. LIGHTNING works great
    against the minotaurs.
    There are two sets of upward stairs exiting the room each going to one
    of the 3-ways. The third set of stairs lead down to the lower level of
    the last room in this sublevel. Get you health to max and LIGHTNING in
    your magic slot and save your game. You want to go clear out the lower
    level however you can and pick up all the goodies. If you're really
    having difficulties you can skip the lower level but I advise not to;
    the next sublevel has more of these guys and you need to level-up.
    Once the lower it is cleared out make your way back to 3-way number two
    and head in the only way you haven't gone yet. You are now on the upper
    level of the last room. Clear out the outer ring then jump to the
    middle and get all the goodies including the DRAGON TEAR accessory. Now
    look fort a door on the outer ring here and that is your exit.
    Sublevel 5B Summary:
    You should have 5/6 quests, 2/2 secrets and a total of 18 spells.
    Special Items: MINOTAURS KEY
    Go forward and read the book. There is some important info here but
    especially that the minotaurs are not all the same element type
    Continue onward (pick up the goodies from the bench) and you will
    eventually see a coyote. [This animal can be a huge ally to you and
    you'll need it here. He is a guide but he also fights for you and can
    make this level much, much easier to get through. How do you get him?
    First just follow him and he leads you to your final quest. After that
    he'll follow you and fight for you. Just don't let him die. To make
    sure he doesn't, save after every battle and that way if he dies, you
    can re-load.]
    So our first goal is to follow the coyote. Even if he runs a little
    ahead he won't leave you lost so don't freak out if you lose him. So
    from where you first see the coyote that is 3-way number one, and we
    skipped a right turn here. The next intersection is 4-way number one
    and the coyote goes left. Follow him around to an orange-yellow tunnel
    and if you look closely you can see the people trapped in the wall. As
    you move closer there will be a proclamation and you will have your
    sixth quest. Now the coyote is yours. There is a little book in the
    tunnel if you want more story. Turn around to leave this area and note
    the chest on your left. Grab it and go back to 4-way number one.
    There are two paths here you have not taken. Take the path to the left
    of the only upward slope. This is eventually a dead-end but there are
    two chests and one barrel here so grab them and head back to 4-way
    number one. [If Lobo gets stuck in a wall just backtrack and he'll get
    Now head back to 3-w3ay number one and take the only path you haven't
    gone yet. There is a big AIR based troll here that has a good
    accessory. Kill him, pick up the goodies and return to 4-way number
    one. As you prepare to go up the sloping path, you know you have
    cleared all of the maze behind you.
    Head up the slope and prepare to be ambushed by all manner of beasts.
    [Lobo really helps here.] When the smoke clears you will see that you
    are at 3-way number 2. Head to the left first and when you enter the
    pink tunnel prepare to be ambushed. At the end of the bridge is a huge
    intersection with FIRE balls shooting at you. Keep straight/left until
    you approach a stone building. This is the setting for your boss battle
    and also level exit. Do not go in yet. Take a left just before the
    stone structure for a chest, but beware, it is another ambush.
    Choices. Choices. I like to enter the structure and kill the bosses
    next because Lobo can assist and it is easier with him. However, if you
    want to get the rest of the goodies first and perhaps level-up, then do
    the optional section below first. The problem is that either way, there
    is a good chance that you will lose Lobo, so think carefully. [Lobo
    might survive and follow you.]
    These bosses should be EARTH based so go in let rip with RING OF FIRE
    spell and the MACE OF KARMIC FURY. Once the battle is over loot the
    place and make sure you get the Minotaurs Key, but do not approach the
    door in here until you're ready to exit this level. If you check your
    quests you will see your last one is complete and there is no real need
    to return to the people in the wall unless you want to hear them say
    Make you way to 3-way number 2 and head down the only path you have not
    yet gone. Head up into the dome shaped building; kill and loot but DO
    NOT jump into the fountain. There are 2 other exits from the room so
    take the one directly across from where you entered. Follow this around
    for a chest and keep on going. Eventually you come around to the pink
    ambush tunnel and the fireball machine.
    If you are facing the fireball machine, you want to get on the other
    side of the hedge to you immediate left. This is a dead-end area but
    has some goodies and a chest. From here head straight between the
    fireball machine and the pink tunnel to a 3-way.  Turn right and grab
    the goodies then go the other way. Follow this around until you get to
    an open area in front of the dome building. Kill and plunder all
    around. The chest in the water sets off an ambush so be ready. One last
    item before we leave the level. Head back into the dome and jump into
    the fountain to collect some goodies. This sets off another ambush so
    be ready.
    Alright for the finale, head into the dome and jump into the fountain.
    This sets off another ambush, one from which Lobo cannot survive, which
    is why I leave it to the end. These two are probably FIRE based so do
    your thing and take them out. [Run out and heal and back in if you're
    having trouble.] Jump in and get all the goodies from the fountain
    including SAVAGE WINTER (I dropped BANILCLESE) which you will need
    shortly. Head to your exit door and save before stepping through.
    If you still have the GREMLIN STATUE and are wondering why, it is
    because it was really used to open the skull exit earlier. It is just
    one of the many design flaws - it should disappear when you go through
    the door.
    Level 5 Summary:
    You should have 6/6 quests, 2/2 secrets and a total of 18 spells.
    This next room is not a level in the usual sense but the game records
    it as one so there you have it. This is just one boss dragon fight. He
    is FIRE based (surprise) so equip FIRE armor and SAVAGE WINTER and the
    best accessories you have to strengthen FIRE defense and WATER offense.
    Then press R1 and step through the door.
    Overall Level Objectives
    Quests to Complete: 0
    Secrets to Discover: 0
    Spells to Attain: 0
    Special Items: none
    This is really not very hard. This guy starts on your level then flies
    up out of range after you attack him, and fires two fireballs at you
    then comes back down. You want to physically attack him every time he
    flies down and heal yourself when he flies up. Have CURE in your magic
    slot and if that gets all used up you can switch to potions. Don't get
    too fancy and it'll be over before you know it. [If you can get two
    hits every time he flies down you are doing well.]
    Overall Level Objectives
    Quests to Complete: 1
    Secrets to Discover: 0
    Spells to Attain: 4
    AND EVIL."
    Special Items: LABORATORY KEY
    You are immediately thrown into a fight so do your thing then talk to
    the monk to receive your quest. Most of these enemies are DARK based so
    you'll have to experiment but I like the METEOR AXE myself.] Alright
    your quest is to kill everything so you know what to do.
    Under the ramp where you entered are some goodies. Grab them and head
    up the ramp. Go past the first doorway leading out and go to the end of the hall
    for your 19th spell HOLY WRATH [This is a good spell for this level.] Read the
    book on the podium until another door - which is facing you - pops open. Head
    though this door to get a whole bunch of goodies. At the near end, inside the
    chest is the Hell Sword (DARK), but you must fight an enemy when you first open
    the chest. At the far end is your 20th spell DIVINE PROTECTION (read
    invincible). [Thanks to Stephan Rothe for the location of this room.]
    Head back and take the turn you bypassed and the ramp will fall and you'll be
    out side. Search the grounds for goodies and note the following areas: (1) main
    building (where you started) (2) graveyard (3) annex building (4) green door
    (level exit). To the left of the green door is a peddler and a DARK element
    accessory on the ground. Purchase the INVISIBILITY spell (your 21st) as you
    won't get it for free.  9o0
    Head to the graveyard, fight the mini-boss, pick up all the goodies and
    get the DARK armor. Put it on.
    Head to the annex building and start housecleaning. Head upstairs first
    collecting goodies as you go. Then head down. In the second room on the
    first lower level is your 22nd spell SUMMON ELEMENTAL. Grab the goodies
    from the lowest room and if you've killed all the bad guys you'll hear
    some music and your one quest will be complete. Now head up the ramp
    out of the basement and go to the very top for a weapon if you want.
    Return to the head monk for your reward and head through the green door
    using the LABORATORY KEY.
    Level 7 Summary:
    You should have 1/1 quests, 0/0 secrets and a total of 22 spells.
    Overall Level Objectives
    Quests to Complete: 2
    Secrets to Discover: 0
    Spells to Attain: 0
    Special Items: SKULL KEY, IRON KEY
    Alright. That gentleman in front of you is the peddler.
    Don't miss the barrel behind him. Both paths lead to the next small
    room where here are several EARTH based fellows and a confusing puzzle.
    Also, on the edge of the pool is the SKULL KEY. After you send these
    fellows to the next life, you will note 4 columns and a glyph on each
    one. These have to do with a room later on and for all I can tell are
    virtually meaningless to anything important so don't waste time and
    brainpower here.
    Leave the room by either path that leads to the next gate and not back
    to the peddler. Continue forward and open the next gate with the same
    key. [After you open the gate, move the SKULL KEY out of your equip
    slot.] In this next room are more of the same enemy and some ogres that
    are AIR based.
    After you've cleared the room, head to the closed gate, activate the
    lever and continue on. The passage ahead has a number of fireball
    machines and several good items in the midst: the DARK blade SOUL
    VANQUISHER is in the first alcove to the right and some good FIRE armor
    is a little further on. Carry on until you see some stairs going down.
    At the bottom of these steps is a door on the left, steps-up ahead, and
    steps-down to the right.
    Go up for a chest then back to the landing and go down.  Follow this
    until you come to a 3-way, grab goodies from right and then go the
    other way. At the next 3-way go right for a chest then backtrack and go
    straight upstairs. Grab the armor from the statues if you think you
    need it then continue up the stairs. Grab the IRON KEY from the chest.
    This is the last room and the number of creatures loose has to do with
    those glyphs you saw earlier. There is a great FIRE weapon replacement
    at the end of this room the VALOR sword. [If it really bugs you that
    there are some golems left alive, just blast them inside the cages.]
    Head  back to the doorway I pointed out earlier. Stand about two steps
    from the door and use the iron key to get off this sublevel.
    Sublevel 8A Summary:
    You should have 0/2 quests, 0/0 secrets and a total of 22 spells.
    Special Items: HOLY WATER
    Finish off the ogre and head into the square puzzle room. Find the book
    inside and open it for some background story. In order to move on you
    must select three correct paintings, one from each wall, and an exit
    will open. If you were paying attention in the RIGHTS OF PASSAGE you
    will know which three to press. But if you do this wrong, enemies will
    appear for you to kill. The answers are at the bottom of this sublevel
    if you can't get it.
    Exit through the new hole, pick up UTHGAR'S MALLET a new EARTH based
    weapon (I dropped DURIN'S HAMMER). Dispatch the twin ogre and carry on
    to meet some AIR men. In this new room there are goodies all over the
    place and some upgrade EARTH armor over on the statues.
    Head downstairs and prepare to meet some EARTH men. From the bottom of
    the stairs head left. Run past the warrior across the water with the
    bow and head down stairs to VIN'S TOMB where you get your first quest.
    Head back up but this time kill warrior and pick up the goodies across
    the water. [The SWORD OF SHADOWS does more magic damage but less
    physical damage than SOUL VANQUISHER so take your pick.]
    Head back to the bottom of the stairs (on this level) and go straight
    ahead into the weird little room to activate the lever and grab the
    ring from the winged statue. This opens a new area. Run ahead into this
    new are and read the book for your second quest. So both quests are
    related to freeing VIM and we must find HOLY WATER to accomplish this.
    Visible from the book is a chest. Open this chest and follow this path
    down a set of stairs and past 3 ogres to a chest with the HOLY WATER.
    Look in your quests items. Time to get back to VIM'S TOMB and finish
    Place the HOLY WATER in your action slot and you will see you've two of
    them. Draw near to either torch-stand (the metal will change
    brightness)and press R1. Repeat on the other end and TADA! Your second
    quest is complete. Grab the goodies. [If you're having trouble deciding
    what to do with the equipment you have to leave, well, welcome to the
    club. VIM'S AXE is kick-ass and you should take that and make room for
    his ring as well. The armor is a different story though. It says it
    defends against LIGHT but there are no LIGHT enemies so? Hope that
    Head to the book and go to where you see water running under some
    boards. This is the path to your exit. Fight your way to the door
    picking up goodies along the way. Don't miss the chest down the hall
    from the door. Once ready, head through the green door.
    PUZZLE ANSWERS: (1) woman with the single red rose around her neck (2)
    a bouquet of red roses (3) quarter moon
    Level 8 Summary:
    You should have 2/2 quests, 0/0 secrets and a total of 22 spells.
    Overall Level Objectives
    Quests to Complete: 6
    Secrets to Discover: 6
    Spells to Attain: 1
    Jump onto the first then second platform, then jump to the cliff wall on the
    left. Get up to the top and find the small cave and some goodies for your first
    secret. [Thanks to Stephan Rothe for the location of this secret.]
    Get back to the platforms and continue across to where the peddler is. Now head
    back the way you came but underneath the platforms for some goodies at the very
    bottom of the gulley. Return to visit with the peddler and get supplies. This
    will be your last chance to do so.
    Continue on and climb the large rock formation on the right immediately after
    you leave the peddler for your second secret. [Thanks to Keith Gear for the
    location of this secret.]
    Follow the path until you see a huge building. This is the temple. As you
    approach the structure you will acquire your first quest which is to get into
    the temple. Your enemies in this area are as follows: devil dogs (FIRE),
    warriors (AIR), priestesses (AIR), winged women (DARK), and the big red guy,
    the HELLION, (DARK).
    I like to go around the entire building and smoke every single enemy and pick
    up all the goodies: look for a chest, barrels and boxes to break. Make sure you
    check the ground as well as both temple levels. One of these enemies you kill
    gives up the ANGELIC RING accessory. There is one more ring (like we need more)
    in one of the boxes you break: RING OF DEFENSE. You might want to leave the big
    red guy for last. [TIP: This large outdoor area is a great place to use
    the SUMMON ELEMENTAL spell.]
    Walk right up to the first corner you see and read the note on the wall. You
    now have your second quest: save the thief. Head down the steps to the left of
    this note for your third secret.
    Alright make a tour around the building (clockwise) and check everywhere for
    enemies and loot. When you come to your first small building, read the note on
    the door there for your third quest but don't go in just yet. There is a second
    small building on the opposite side, the smithy. Make your way there and go
    inside. Kill the boys upstairs and then head down. In the basement, besides a
    chest and a nice piece of armor, are 3 devil dogs, so be prepared. When you
    exit the smithy you should be able to see a brown door on the concrete
    foundation of the temple. Go to it and press R1 a few times for some goodies
    and your fourth secret.
    Time to kill the big guy and get the LOWER TEMPLE KEY. If you're having
    difficulty just get creative with your LIGHT spells and keep trying. You should
    now have one completed quest. [ While verifying reader submissions, I noticed
    that after I killed the HELLION, there was a cool looking sword called SWORD OF
    THE DAMMED, on one of the statues on the lower level of the outside perimeter.
    Whether this sword was here all along or only after you kill the big guy I
    don't know for sure at this time, however, take a look for it. The big problem
    I see with it is what it does to your stats.]
    Find the corner of the building where you read the first note. Make
    your way to the diagonally opposite corner and note there is another
    downward passage here. Go down and you will find cells with a chest
    outside. Let the thief talk to you, then give him his tools (in the
    corner). He will come out and open the chest for you and award you with
    experience. If you check your quests, you will see that you now have 3
    completes and 2 incompletes. [Yea. It's whacked.]
    Alright. Head to the first small building (where you got your third
    quest) and head inside. Clean up upstairs then check down for a chest.
    Now head upstairs and up the spiral staircase. Head down the next set
    of steps and go straight into the rooms across. Clean them out and then
    return to the last 3-way and go up the steps. Kill and clean until you
    get to the top, then activate the lever. Take a look in your quests and
    you will see you now have all six: 4 completes and 2 incompletes. Make
    your way back down to the temple.
    Head inside the temple cautiously. There is an outer, middle and inner
    ring. You can proceed any way you want just make sure you get all the
    loot. However, do not go through the door at the end of red carpet.
    This is the lower temple and your exit from this sublevel. You should
    note that these enemies seem to have changed element basis as well so
    take heed. When you've got all the stuff, head to the door and open it
    with the LOWER TEMPLE KEY. This will give your fifth quest completion.
    The sixth quest does not appear to be consistently capable of being completed.
    I have tried to get the thief to come open the door but he won't. I have been
    told that if you don't read the very first note on the wall (of the temple) the
    thief will behave differently, as in he won't open the chest, but instead run
    and open the lower temple for you. I have not been able to confirm this
    however, and to be honest I'm not sure if it's really worth worrying about.
    Sublevel 9A Summary:
    You should have 5/6 quests, 4/6 secrets and a total of 22 spells.
    Enjoy the FMV. This is a big area with many rooms and goodies and
    enemies. Mark well your starting point noting statues, pictures and
    steps. Your enemies here are identical to the last sublevel, but not
    those enemies inside the temple. I like doing things clockwise, so go
    ahead to the first 3-way and turn left. Enter the first room on your
    right and get goodies from backroom. Return to hallway and enter next
    doorway on your left: the library.
    The library is a loaded room. Loaded with goodies and enemies. If you
    are having trouble with the bad guys, send in the ELEMENTAL first. In
    the first area there is a note on the wall and a locked chest under the
    steps. The key to the locked chest is in the next area of the library.
    The note refers to a key to a locked area of the library. Head into the
    next area. On the long table is the longest named key in history: the
    ODD SHAPED CULTIST CHEST KEY. This key opens the chest under the
    stairs. Underneath the books on one side of the room is a large bronze
    door with a key slot. This is the door referred to in the note in the
    other room. We will get this key a little later. If you look under the
    stairs in this same area of the library, you will see the outline of a
    door which you cannot open. We will come back to this as well. Now head
    up the stairs is this second area and go to the centre where you will
    find the STAFF OF SALLASI. If you didn't get the AXE OF VIM, you should
    take this, however, it is not as good as the latter so don't take it if
    you don't need to. Alright, get the chest contents and head back to the
    Carry on clockwise. Your next room is around the corner on the left.
    You can do some leveling here if you want/need. Smoke the enemies here
    then save your game and go into the backroom. The shiny object you can
    see on the elevated area does not appear to be able to be picked up,
    because every time you try two winged woman appear. I don't think you
    can ever get the item but level up if you like. When you've had enough
    return to the hallway.
    Continue until you come to a 3-way. On your left is your sublevel exit,
    and on your right is a shield. Go straight and enter the door on your
    right for a chest. Leave by the door you entered, not the other, so you
    don't miss the next room on the left.
    This room has lots of goodies and a locked chest. Pick up everything
    and open the chest with the ROUNDED CULTIST CHEST KEY. Now turn to the
    bed and break the partitions on the right side and go down the passage
    for your fifth secret. Along with the goodies, pick up the VIRIDIAN
    SOLDIER'S KEY and activate the lever.
    Exit the room and continue clockwise around the corner. You have
    already cleared the first room on your right so go to the next door on
    the right. There are a couple of chests and some barrels. Leave the
    room and go straight across to the kitchen for the HOLY TEXTS LIBRARY
    KEY and a bunch of goodies. Exit and return to the hallway.
    Continue on and enter the next room you see on your left. Go into the
    backroom and check each and every box for goodies. [You have to wait a
    second or two for the items to appear.]
    Exit the room and return to the library which is just up ahead on the
    left. Go the big bronze door and use the HOLY TEXTS LIBRARY KEY to gain
    entry. Inside are some goodies and your 23rd and last spell SNAP FREEZE.
    Exit the little room and go over to the outlined door we noted earlier.
    Use the VIRIDIAN SOLDIER'S KEY to gain entry to your sixth secret. If
    you pretend you're in "The Land of the Giants" you will see this
    enormous secret for what it is. There is some HOLY ARMOR here but, like
    VIM'S, it defends against LIGHT enemies and I don't think there are
    any. Time to go. Get back to the hallway and make your way to the
    sublevel exit. As you head down the steps, look up and note the grating
    on the ceiling. This is a view into the room where you activated the
    lever although it doesn't seem like much!
    Sublevel 9B Summary:
    You should have 5/6 quests, 6/6 secrets and a total of 23 spells.
    Special Items: None
    If you like you can skip this level entirely as you cannot complete the
    sixth quest anyway. If you wish to skip, just drop the end of this
    subsection. I do not recommend skipping as there are lots of goodies
    and experience to be had.
    Go ahead and read the wall panels then kill the priestess (AIR) and
    grab the shield if you want. Now backtrack to where you came in and
    head down the stairs. In this chamber there are four doors, and two
    balconies. We need to explore everything outside the chamber before we
    return here to leave this level. Let's go clockwise and take the first
    door on the left.
    As you go along the bridge, a winged woman (DARK) will shoot down a
    section of the bridge blocking your way. Climb/jump up this and get on
    the plateau where this creatures is. Destroy her (HOLY WRATH works well
    in this environment) and get the chest. Jump back down to the main
    bridge on the opposite side of the rubble. Immediately on your right is
    a series of columns which lead to a chest so head over and get it. [In
    case you don't know, you can't fall off and survive here.] Return to
    the bridge and continue on noting the wooden bridge overhead.
    A little ahead on the left are three columns leading to the AIR sword
    SLAUGHTERHOUSE (I dropped the METEOR AXE). Get back to the main bridge
    and continue forward. This is the lair of the HELLIONS (DARK) so
    By now you should be hearing the pant of a devil dog (FIRE) and just up
    on the left is one guarding a portal. We need to get into this portal
    to access the wooden bridges but every time you kill a beast another
    appears so how do you get in there? You just work your way over there
    and jump in when you get the chance. [The truth is I don't really know
    the exact mechanics of this but just head over there and fight and if
    you're in the right spot you'll transport. If you try to kill all the
    dogs, there is no end to them that I'm aware of.]
    You are now on a platform that connects three wooden bridges. The left
    and centre bridge are the ones we've already noted from below. Check
    the left bridge first, then the right bridge for another chest with the
    LIGHT axe ANGELIC HAND WEAPON. [It is pretty much a toss-up against the
    AXE OF VIM so you decide.] The centre bridge is our exit. However, this
    takes you the very first chest you got out here and is also a bit
    tricky so if you were able to get the first chest, skip this portal and
    just jump down to the bridge.  Continue on past the dog portal and
    prepare for several AIR men and other things lying in wait just ahead.
    After you finish business, head forward into the building.
    As you go along here you will eventually come to a 3-way. The straight
    path takes you to a portal that brings you back to the inner chamber.
    We're not ready to go back yet so turn right and take out these guys.
    [It is alright if you accidentally go over the edge as there is a
    portal system to bring you back up.]
    Continue forward and you will find yourself outside once more. Head up
    this path until you come to a T intersection. Take a right and go
    through the portal. Take a look around. To your left is a chest; get
    it. Return to your original position and look down for another chest.
    Jump down there. Once you have it, return to where you first jumped to
    this area and look down and to the left. There is the portal you used
    to get up here. Jump down.
    Move away from the portal and you are back at the T intersection. Go
    straight. Pass an opening on your left, we will come back to it. Just
    before you enter the building, there is a chest on the left. Now head
    inside and make your way to the end of the balcony for a chest. [We
    have now covered both balconies.] Return to the left turn we ignored a
    little earlier.
    Head inside and make your way back to the inner chamber. Straight ahead
    is your sister; all tied up. Go talk to her for an FMV. She makes
    mention of a TERRENUS spell which is needed and note that the raven
    takes her key. Before you leave you might want to wipe out all the
    priestesses and their guards first? If not, look down into the pit for
    a door and a ledge above the door. If you try and jump to the bottom
    you will die so jump to the ledge. While standing on the ledge look
    outward and you will see a hook shaped object. Press R1 and you will
    clear the level.
    Level 9 Summary:
    You should have 5/6 quests, 6/6 secrets and a total of 23 spells.
    Special Items: TERRENUS SCROLL
    I hate to tell you, but this last level is somewhat disappointing.
    Anyway, right where you come in is an inferior AIR sword and some Dark
    defense armor you should already have.
    Follow the linear path until you come to the beast DAGLATHOR. This
    first version of him is an AIR creature. You must get in close and
    pummel him. Once he's done, check out the goodies in two corners by
    activating two levers.
    Version two is a little harder because DAGLATHOR pops in and out. He is
    still an AIR creature however so basically use the same strategy. Boost
    your speed and might with potions and use the HERO spell for sure. Once
    done, heal up and save then activate the lever.
    This releases the final version of DAGLATHOR and he is now a non-
    element based creature so use your fastest hand weapon (I use the AXE
    OF VIM) and utilize the DIVINE PROTECTION spell then beat him down.
    Once he's gone, pull the lever opposite the last one you pulled and you
    get the TERRENUS SCROLL - this supposedly allows you to seal DAGLATHOR
    up for eternity. Enjoy the short, final FMV of the game.
    I hope to make revisions based upon information received and I am
    considering more detailed accessory and weapons information. This will
    depend to some degree on how much enthusiasm I sense for this game.
    Version 1.00 June   30, 2005    - First Draft/Submission
    Version 1.01 August 27, 2005    - Format Changes
    Version 1.02 August 27, 2005    - Reader Submissions

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