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    FAQ/Walkthrough by G.Johnson

    Updated: 10/19/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    HISTORY: I have like many people, surfed the internet, trying to find a 
    walkthrough for this game but I was unsuccessful. I decided to play the game as 
    best as I could, and write down a guide so as to help anyone who might have 
    problems getting through the various levels. I have not found all the secrets, 
    or completed every quest, nor do I tell you how to kill every monster, I have 
    left that out, because you can either kill them or run past them, except where 
    the game requires you must kill a specific monster, in order to progress.
     TACTICS: Listen to every Full Motion Video (FMV) it will give some clues as 
    what task is required of you. Break everything you come across, you never know 
    what you will find. Kill everything you come across, as a majority of creatures 
    will leave behind gold, potions, weapons, etc. Read every book you come across, 
    they will help you to achieve your task. Upgrade any 
    weapons/shields/armour...etc, as you progress, this will help you defeat the 
    monsters as you go along, as they get tougher. This game was played on HARD 
    DIFFICULTY, to see what extras were available, this amounted to slightly more 
    gold, and a few extra monsters on each level. Good luck...........
    Pick up everything within the pit, and kill everything, pull lever, exit, turn 
    right, pick up potion in sewer, enter doorway on left break boards, and kill two 
    monsters who are attacking Apok he will thank you and ask you to follow him, he 
    gets attacked again near a green pool, again help him, and follow him into his 
    lair, he rewards you, search the entire room, then exit, now search the room 
    where you first saved Apok {gold, spell torch light, dry wood}, in the middle of 
    the room there is a fallen beam walk up it for a secret, come back down, and 
    climb the stairs beat the monster, and pull the lever to open your exit. Leave 
    the room turn left, there's a locked chest, with an iron key next to it, open it. 
    Follow path upwards to a lever on some wooden boards, pull lever, this will open 
    a secret panel nearby get the armour vest, go back to the floor boards and turn 
    right, walk across the single plank, search the room on the right for a potion, 
    exit and head down the ramp, there are 3 pressure switches on the floor, step on 
    these in any order to open a secret panel, collect the goodies, return to the 
    junction where you pulled the switch, head left, enter the room pick up the 
    flint, speak with the ghost, and he will tell you he's cold, stand at the circle 
    in front of him, and place the dry wood in the circle, now use the flint to 
    light the fire, you will be awarded experience, leave and go straight ahead pick 
    up spell bless, take door ahead picking up potions, gold, large iron club, 
    return to room with 3 barrels in, destroy 3 barrels and head up the ramp at the 
    top go right, and pick up potion, open chest for short sword, leave and go 
    straight across follow path to junction, turn left, follow sewer right to the 
    end, go through archway, right in front of you in a hole in the wall is a secret. 
    Ignore boards on the right, take a left through the gate you opened to the next 
    sub level :
    At the junction turn right, cross the bridge, enter the first door you see, on 
    the left read story, exit and go to the end you will see a skeleton strapped to 
    an upright table with 2 levers, only pull the first lever next to you, or its 
    game over{the dark spirit emerges from the furnace and sinks his hands into your 
    chest}. Return to the doors, and make your way downstairs, need I say kill 
    everything, search entire room. Exit through arch, turn left, follow passage, 
    pull lever, enter room, jump on barrels to reach ledge above you, open chest, 
    pull lever, jump down, enter open panel for a secret, pick up goodies, exit room 
    and continue left, enter doorway on left {dump bone/wooden clubs, and start 
    upgrading}, this is where the game starts getting harder. Head down ramp within 
    the same room, turn left smash barrel for gold, head straight across kill or 
    avoid everything, pick up Berserker ring in chest, and 2 keys on table {Pit 
    sewer/Floor cell keys} return to main room, and exit, continue left . At 
    junction, turn right, pull lever, enter room, kill, kill, kill, smash barrel, 
    take Alchemist key, and use it on chest in the corner. Leave room, and go 
    straight across to room with ghosts locked in pits within the floor {guess what 
    key we are going to use} yes the floor cell key, release all the ghosts by 
    standing next to each pit and pressing R1, search the pits for goodies. Leave 
    and enter the passage that has a grating on the floor, turn left, follow it 
    until you see a left turn, be careful there's a drop, open chest, return to the 
    grate in the floor, and turn right, follow the passage a long way, until you 
    come to a right turn, with a bridge lit up in blue lighting, cross it, turn left, 
    follow it around until you find a chest, and a lever, open chest, pull lever, 
    leave and continue until you find the small bridge that allows us to get over 
    the spiked pit, in room kill 3 monsters, search everywhere, then run across the 
    small stream, and pull the lighted torch on the wall for another secret. Jump 
    over waterfall, and use Pit Sewer key on lock Dohhh!!!! drop down, follow 
    passage to enter next sub level.
    Jump into the whirlpool, if need be kill everything, search under building for a 
    secret, with the hut behind you keep hard left to find a ledge, jump up, then 
    jump again to find a secret, now follow passage to main orc area, if possible 
    smash the 3 tanks covered in glass to release some slime monsters {they will 
    help you kill the orcs, if the orcs release the slime monsters they will come 
    after you }. Kill everything and get Orc gate key from one of the huts. In the 
    hut with ramps in, and a very long beam going across to a tree of some sort is a 
    secret, get going. Take the Orc gate key, and open the gate, you will meet Apok 
    again, he will open another gate for you to go through, continue along the path 
    {do not worry if you fall off, you will not get hurt, just jump up again }, stop 
    at the hut to open the chest, continue along the right ledge towards the 
    waterfall, jump into the top of waterfall to pick up a secret Sauranas sword, 
    drop down the waterfall where you are for a potion, drop to the bottom and enter 
    the door to enter a new level
    QUESTS                       =2
    SECRETS                     =11
    GOLD                            =232
     This can be a very confusing level, because of all the suspended bridges, but 
    persevere and you will be rewarded. You'll start with the Raven stuck in a rock, 
    you will need a stone dissolving liquid to free him this comes right at the end. 
    Go forward from the raven, under the ramps/bridges, head left past the well, 
    until you reach a hut, speak to the woman, who will ask you to save her husband, 
    continue on your journey keeping left until you find a Shield, carry on to the 
    end, and you will find a Sharks teeth ring sitting on a rock. Return to the main 
    compound with a group of huts {near the well}, kill everything, and search all 
    the huts, not far from here is a large hut with a few ramps inside it, search 
    all barrels, head up to the first ledge near where you are, and go to the far 
    left, to find a room with some goodies, return to the buildings on same level 
    {they are surrounded by large bamboo poles } kill, and plunder, also note the 
    lock on one of the buildings, from where you are enter the only doorway, follow 
    the passage, turn left and help yourself to some goodies, exit room turn left, 
    and continue going uphill, turn right, then left across the bridge at the end of 
    the bridge enter the door just on your left, follow it through past a net window 
    on your right through the door next to it, keep going uphill, until you reach an 
    open area on the top of a plateau {you will hear an orc saying they are weak 
    without a leader}, get in there and kill everyone EXCEPT the big green guy, 
    speak to him, he will thank you, and tell you to follow him {if you lose him, 
    don't worry, he's heading back to his wife in the hut past the well}. When you 
    reach the hut with the happy couple, you will be given the Chieftains hut key, 
    and told about the lack of food etc, etc. Return to the building surrounded by 
    bamboo poles, and the lock I told you to remember, use Chieftains key to open 
    the door, 2 monsters to kill up top, 1 monster to kill below, pick up everything, 
    including Treasury key, and Ham Hock, one more trip back to the happy couple in 
    their hut, approach them and press R1, this gives them the Ham Hock, you will be 
    told how to find the exit for this level. There's a few bits to do to tidy this 
    level up, At the start of this level there were some ramps, go up them, enter 
    the door just to the right help yourself to the goodies, exit turn right, then 
    left over the first bridge you come to, at the other side turn right, and follow 
    the ledge all the way to the end, you will reach a door in the wall with a lock, 
    use the Treasury Key to lower door, enter, kill, and enjoy the glittering that's 
    happening all around the room, do I have to tell you what to do, upgrade you 
    know it makes sense, exit right, follow ledge, and take the first right you come 
    to, go past the mesh window again, and through the first door, carry on up to 
    the plateau, to the left of the spiked walkway is a ledge follow it to the end, 
    turn right go to the room at the end for some goodies, make your way back along 
    the ledge to the other end to open a chest, now enter the hole in the wall, 
    there are some monsters to kill, the second one is carrying a Troll Ring. You 
    will reach a pier, do your best to get to the other side, using jumps etc, etc, 
    note the liquid here can harm Alleron, but not kill him, once you reach the 
    other side end of level, watch FMV of Alleron freeing the Raven.
    QUESTS                      = 3
    SECRETS                    = 2
    GOLD                           = 156
     Time jump onto floating blade, make your way to the centre, pick up goodies, 
    read book. Jump back onto floating blade, jump off into pinkish doorway, take 
    first left into blue passageway smash stained glass windows on right for a 
    secret, read book, head straight across to room with goodies and read clue on 
    wall "the circle of the sun sets clockwise", exit room, turn right, avoid 
    electric bolts, and visit bookcase on the left of passageway, pick up gold, and 
    Spell, from the bookcase run across to a small stone doorway on the right open 
    chest, exit and head to the far right stone doorway, avoiding electric bolts, in 
    this room smash the upright coffin to gain access to a secret, also a lady where 
    you can spend all that gold you've got. Exit and head straight across follow 
    around to the right, down the ramp, and left, read the book in the case, now go 
    around to the other bookcase, and have another read, make your way to the bottom 
    of the ramp, carefully make your way to the left, and pull the lever, go across 
    the other side and open the chest. Now enter the lift, pull the lever, exit lift, 
    turn right, follow path around, and jump over the spiked railings to find a 
    chest, return to Green doors enter the Guardians of Knowledge: Head around to 
    the left, in this area there are 3 chests to open, also a locked gate with a 
    crate behind it, just whack it a few times to pick up the Guardians Gate key, 
    use lift to reach the top, exit lift and run to the end, turn right, now pull 
    the lever, in the opening on the right, return to the opening to the bridge that 
    you ignored earlier, use the Guardians key on the door, enter and head left find 
    chest containing Fains Key, now make your way across rotating blade to claim the 
    Green Gem of Enroth, exit over the bridge, turn right, then right again, down 
    the stairs, turn right, on the left is a health spa to activate it place the 
    green gem in the claw, stand in the pool and enjoy, don't forget to take the 
    green gem with you when you leave, carry on, and you will come to Fains Treasure 
    locked behind the gate, use Fains key to get at it, turn around, and carry on 
    straight, turn right, then left, then right, place green gem in claw, and the 
    bridge will rise, go across get the goodies return, and take the green gem, go 
    back the way you entered, and turn right, then left, then right again go through 
    the doors, the lift is at the bottom, just jump down, and carefully walk across 
    the ledges, up the ramp, follow the passage back to the blue lit passage, go 
    past all the electric bolts, to the very end, and turn right, past the stained 
    glass we broke, turn left into a pinkish corridor, this looks virtually 
    identical to the level we have just done, go down the ramp, take first left, 
    check out the bookcase, go around to the other bookcase, as soon as you approach 
    it you get jumped by a gargoyle, make your way back to the ramp, you'll see a 
    room with 4 segments in a circle on the floor, in a clockwise pattern step on 
    all 4 segments to unlock the nearby door, you will get attacked by 3 gargoyles, 
    enter the lift, pull the lever, exit lift to your left, follow around, and jump 
    over spiked railings to find a chest, return to the door, and enter the COLUMNS 
    OF TRUTH : pull lever to enter, head left to the very end, open chest, return to 
    the locked gateway use Guardians key to open door, get across quickly, open 
    chest, then either fight or flee, exit left and follow it right the way around, 
    down 2 ramps, to a platform, SEE NOTE:
    NOTE: This small task is as follows, where you stand facing the various doorways 
    to your right is a chest with goodies, straight ahead is a locked door {needs a 
    pillar key}, and on your left is the Red Enroth Gem. Because of the way the 
    pillars work, it is easier for you to try for yourself, than it would be for me 
    to try and explain it. The pillars work as follows, any pillar that is standing 
    up will start to sink, as soon as you jump onto it. Any pillars that have 
    already sunk, will rise, when you jump onto them {search for already sunken 
    pillars } 
    1) The chest on the right can be reached, by jumping on the pillar on the right, 
    and quickly onto the ledge that has the chest, ride down on the nearby pillar.
    2) When you reach the bottom search everywhere, there's a secret to be found, 
    find the waterfall, and search the chest next to it for the Pillar Key, next to 
    the chest are some blue circular rings if at any time you get stuck, jump into 
    these rings, and they will teleport you to the starting point of the little task.
    Once you have the Red Enroth Gem from the left hand doorway, to save time/effort, 
    just jump from where you are standing, and use the blue rings to teleport you to 
    the starting platform. Head up the ramps, and turn left, through the main doors, 
    head around to the lift, again the lift is down, so just jump down, head up the 
    ramp, turn left, turn right, turn right again, through the blue lit passage, 
    head left, past the electric bolts, and halfway down the passage, turn right, 
    head towards the large lift held by 4 chains, watch the FMV, board the lift, 
    pull the lever, at the top place Green gem on the left, and the Red gem on the 
    right, enter door, go to the end and read the book, watch the door open near the 
    start of the level, as you turn around you have to face 4 gargoyles, when done, 
    get on lift, pull lever, ride down, go forward, turn left, at the end turn right, 
    past the blue lit passage, at the end turn right, jump onto floating blade, and 
    ride to the now open doorway, it's the first door you come to as you go round, 
    end of this level, you now enter Magic city approach:
    QUESTS                      = 3
    SECRETS                    = 3
    GOLD                           =527
     Purchase whatever you need from the lady near you, then proceed forward, kill 
    monster, grab holy light, check small waterfall for potion, also potion on rock, 
    proceed forward and read tombstone continue on past the pit on the right, deal 
    with creature on rock, you will find a secret behind some cobwebs, follow the 
    stream on the right to the bottom, kill everything, search everywhere, make your 
    way back up the rocks, finally jumping to the wooden platform, proceed, careful 
    of the gap just around corner, walk the plank, enter the waterfall on the right, 
    to get Spell of silence, go through arch, and press R1 in front of the pink gem 
    set in the left hand wall, carry on till you get to the wooden pier/bridge, jump 
    in and go through the archway to a chest, turn around and carry on left, jump 
    onto stone pier, take the left stairs to the top, speak to the guard, he wants a 
    gem for the Druids ring, { prepare for a double cross }, kill them all, at this 
    point you will have to drop some weapons..etc in a corner, then search the dead 
    scum to find the ring, upgrade as necessary, now go down stairs, straight across, 
    right over the bridge, and make your way to the tombstone near the start of the 
    level, {you will have to jump into pit from wooden walkway then up the rocks as 
    Alleron can't climb}, when you reach tombstone, press R1 for experience also 
    Spell of Heroism.
    Follow path back to stone pier, take the remaining bridge, up the ramp, into 
    next room, with 3 guards and a chest in the corner, continue on up, kill guard, 
    stand on lift, then press R1 to operate {or you'll get stuck like I did, and 
    have to reload}, the door you need is behind you when you reach the bottom, head 
    up Temple steps, killing 3 guards on the way to enter next level.
    QUESTS                      = 4
    SECRETS                    = 1
    GOLD                           = 330
     Head all the way to the end, where your way is blocked by rocks, head right 
    into narrow passage, by the well, an imp will tell you to follow him so he can 
    give you something, yeah right, kill him where he stands { if you follow him, 
    his mates kick the 7 colours of crap out of you using iron bars, in a dark 
    alleyway }, enter house by the cart, search it, read the book, then exit right 
    to next house, read scroll on table, go upstairs, on the balcony you will need a 
    bit of patience for this secret, face the handrail, and try to jump onto it, 
    then slowly turn while still standing on the handrail to face the house, now 
    jump onto roof for that secret { it might take a few attempts }, jump down, make 
    your way between the buildings, the door on the right has some goodies, exit 
    right, enter the other building, turn left, and clear out the downstairs level, 
    head upstairs, kill everything, take Wizards Scroll from chest in end room, go 
    back to main doors, head left, { from here on in the imps can steal items from 
    your inventory when you are fighting them, they place them in a chest near the 
    edge of a cliff, where you will be able to recover them }. Kill everyone, and 
    thoroughly search all huts, make your way down the cliff, using available rocks, 
    smash the boards, head right, go straight smash more boards, go get some goodies, 
    return and head right, follow path, take goodies on the left, carry on, smash 
    more boards, follow floorboards to the left, then right, there's a steamy 
    waterfall go through it for a secret, continue around into an open space, you 
    will see a Wizard Zapping some imps, on the right up some rocks is a vial of 
    Titans brew, approach the Wizard and he will take the Scroll and Rune you picked 
    up earlier, he will now teleport the both of you to the Skull, he will open it 
    for you, then disappear, ignore the passageway behind you { we could have come 
    this way, and opened the skull using the stone image we picked up earlier, what 
    and miss the wizards social skills I think not!! }, jump into Skulls mouth, and 
    follow it around, as you go through the ribs watch the FMV, head to the right of 
    the spine, into the Eyes of darkness.
     Follow passage after upgrading, through rotating knife tunnel, and then into an 
    open chamber, with a pool, if you picked up the meteor, place this and a magic 
    item of your choice in the pool, and pull the nearby lever, this will give you a 
    new powerful weapon { save prior to trying this, just in case you get it wrong, 
    or are not happy with the choice you've made, note this pool can only be used 
    once }, when happy, go up the stairs, note the 2 statues with swords pointing 
    left, go past the statues right, and head downstairs, pick up 2 spells on 2 
    blocks, now unless you need some potions, or are playing to kill everything, and 
    collect all the gold, ignore the steps on the right, go up the stairs, and you 
    will reach 2 identical statues with swords pointing to the left, this is an 
    upper walkway, follow it to the end, killing or avoiding the floating creatures, 
    then jump to the central column, collect the Dragons tear, make your way around 
    the central column, so your back is facing where you picked up the dragons tear, 
    and you will spy  the exit door from this level, jump over and exit into the 
     Follow the path down, picking up the goodies, and reading the note, at the 
    bottom you will meet a Coyote, follow him to find some people trapped in a load 
    of walls, { the things some people do to get attention is ridiculous, don't 
    worry if you lose the Coyote, he waits for you }, once you reach the walls, turn 
    and go left, to find a chest, return and follow the path, until you see an 
    opening on the right, with a slope leading upwards, the other path leads you to  
    2 chests, and a Ring, return and proceed up the slope, turn left, and keeping 
    sharp left follow it through, at the end you will have to fight 2 Minotaurs, get 
    the Minotaurs Key { and remember this place, it's your exit }, you now have to 
    make your way back to the people in the walls, the guy will thank you, and tell 
    you to go, and that he will free the rest of the people, wot no tip, return to 
    the slope, and the place where you fought the Minotaurs { now if you want to 
    explore the area go for it, the monsters are tougher but there are chests, and 
    goodies to be had, when you've finished, enter the Minotaur building, and open 
    chest in right corner, approach door and press R1 to end level and meet a Boss.
    QUESTS                      = 6
    SECRETS                    = 2
    GOLD                           = 608 
    He will keep flying off onto a high ledge, where he will then target you twice, 
    firing fireballs at you, when you run away, the fire balls hit the ground and 
    spread over the entire arena. He will then fly down to the centre of the arena, 
    where he will target you once with a fireball. He will repeat this tactic until 
    he's dead. I found the best attack was a physical, close to his body, hack away 
    at him, till he flies away kind use whatever protect spells from fire you have 
    to save yourself good luck.....
    QUESTS                      = 0  
    SECRETS                    = 0 
    GOLD                           = 0
     Fairly short level this, you will appear next to the head monk, who will ask 
    you to help them, by killing all the demons, get to it straight away, kill every 
    demon nearby, also on the open space return and run up the wooden ramp near the 
    head monk, kill everything, as you progress upwards you will come to a bridge 
    run along it and it will collapse, jump off, and make your way to the stone 
    building with a lit torch on the right side of the doorway, clear out all the 
    upper levels, then return to the basement, and pick up the Laboratory Key, exit 
    and go to the Cemetery, kill the demon, pick up the gold, return to the head 
    monk, and if he's happy with your work, he'll tell you where the exit door is, 
    make your way to the exit door, and use the Laboratory Key to open door, end of 
    QUESTS                   = 1
    SECRETS                 = 0
    GOLD                        = 312
     Head forward, and left, kill everything, pick up gold, and Skull Key, head 
    through either passage to Skull gates, use Skull key, follow passage till you 
    reach another gate, use Skull key again, kill, and pick up everything, head left, 
    and pull lever, { mind the fireballs, being fired at you from the wall, and 
    ceilings }, smash barrels, at junction turn right, pick up Soul Vanquisher Sword, 
    turn around and follow passage, till you reach steps going down to a junction, 
    { steps ahead, door on left, and steps on the right, go ahead, open chest, then 
    return, now go left down the steps, follow the passage to another junction, go 
    left, at the next junction go right, and to the chest at the end, when you turn 
    around note the various stages of picture of a woman, { red haired woman holding 
    a bunch of red roses, a red rose around her neck, and a quarter moon behind 
    her }, leave and go straight ahead, up the steps, turn left, up the steps again, 
    open chest at top of steps take gold, and Iron Key, carry on to the end, and 
    take the Valour Sword from the flames, head back to the junction with the wooden 
    door, use the Iron Key to open it, head on through to the next sub level .
     Enter the big room, jump on the beam, read the book by the skeleton, now walk 
    along the beam to the various pictures, pressing the following buttons below 
    them, woman with red rose around her neck, a bunch of red roses, and finally the 
    quarter moon, { if you are collecting kills, and gold, then press the wrong 
    buttons, and loads of creatures appear on the central part of room }, now jump 
    into hole in wall, and pick up Othgars Mallet, continue into room, pick up Holy 
    Water from table, carry on down the stairs, enter small room with 2 exits, go 
    ahead, take ring, pull lever, enter junction, read book, take immediate left, 
    open chest, follow passage to the end, fighting 3 large orges take Holy Water 
    from chest, return to book, turn right, then left, then right, at junction on 
    right over small pool, is a chest with goodies, return over pool, head straight, 
    and down the stairs, kill 2 demons, Vin will ask for help, select the Holy 
    Waters, and stand by the flames at the top of his coffin, and press R1, now 
    repeat this at the other end of his coffin, this should make Vin very happy, so 
    take all that's in his coffin, go to junction with book, this time go ahead into 
    passage with bluish light, head down the steps, kill, open chest, follow around, 
    up the stairs, turn, opposite door get chest in corner, then go to door to exit 
    to next level.
    QUESTS                      = 2
    SECRETS                    = 0
    GOLD                           = 449
    Use the 3 floating wooden wheels, timing your jumps to get across, if this fails, 
    just run across the gap. Follow the  cavern killing or avoiding, till you reach 
    a large Pyramid type building, go straight ahead and you'll see a note pinned to 
    the wall, it relates to a rogue being held in a cell, turn left, and go down for 
    a secret, return back up, follow the path on the same level that you're on, 
    upgrading as you go, you will come to an identical doorway where you just picked 
    up your last secret, go down you'll find the rogue, give him his bag of tools, 
    and he will release himself, and open the chest for you, leave, and follow the 
    path till you see a stone building just on the perimeter of the path you're on, 
    read note on door, then enter, go right, and up some spiral stairs, follow it 
    until you reach some stairs on the right, and a room ahead, go ahead clear the 
    rooms, then return and climb the stairs, enter room on the left, clear it, exit, 
    head to very top of stairs, and pull lever, this opens 4 doors on main Pyramid, 
    head back to the room where you entered this building, and go downstairs, as you 
    go down in the left hidden from view is a chest, exit, and take first available 
    door on upper portion of pyramid, go past first passageway, into the inner ring, 
    there is a chest in there, also check the cages around the ring for items, go to 
    the outer ring, and follow the red carpet to the doors, use the Lower Temple Key, 
    and enter, watch FMV, start next level. { Please note that all around this level 
    there are many pickups to be had, just look }
     This next level can seem confusing, but remember it's a large square, with 
    outsides, and insides.
    Go to junction, head left, take first door on right, check out chest in back 
    room through curtains return to passage, continue, and take left door, this is 
    the Library, kill, and make your way into other room, get Odd Cultist Key from 
    table, use key on chest under stairs, where you entered this room, exit and 
    proceed, the next room on the left has some gold when you kill creatures, the 
    room at the back has a bowl with a shining object, don't bother with it, because 
    every time you try and pick it up it re-spawns 2 flying creatures, exit and 
    proceed, at junction enter right door, check out chest in far corner, exit using 
    door you entered this room with, now enter room ahead on the right, in the back 
    room, take the Rounded Cultist Chest Key, and open the chest, exit and proceed 
    around the right corner, ignore first door on right, take second door on right, 
    and find 2 chests in back room, exit, and go straight across, smash all barrels, 
    and open both chests, take Holy Texts Library Key, exit, and proceed left, and 
    around to the right, ignore the door just on left side. We have come full circle, 
    from where we started, go forward just past junction, and take first door on 
    left, this is the Library again, go into the back room, and find the large door 
    with a keyhole, use the Holy Texts Library Key to unlock it, enter and take the 
    Wizards Ring, Spell Snap Freeze, and a potion, exit library, turn left, and 
    follow passage, keep following the red carpet, until you reach a junction on the 
    left, there's a shield on the wall behind you if you want it, follow the carpet 
    down the steps, as you go down the second set of steps, end of level.
     GATES OF POWER: With this level, when you kill the large red monsters on their 
    platforms, take a look around the edges of the platforms, if you see any signs 
    of something being under there, save your game, and jump down, you'll usually 
    have to kill 2 demons, grab any goodies, and they all have a teleport device 
    that takes you back to the platform you just jumped from, if not re-load.
     Step forward, and read 3 notes on the wall, go to balcony, and open chest, make 
    your way down the stairs, note you're standing on a green octagon tile, this 
    saves confusion later. Go left take first door you come to, pass either side, as 
    you reach the end of the green path a large column comes crashing down, it does 
    not harm you so don't worry, climb over rubble when you're over on your right 
    there's 3 octagon pillars to jump across, to a chest with 3 healing potions, 
    return, and continue, 3 more octagon pillars on your left to jump to a chest 
    with a sword Slaughterstorm, return, near the end of the path jump over to the 
    blue circles, and jump in, it will teleport you to an upper level, go ahead to a 
    chest with an Angelic Hand Weapon, now head straight across to a chest with 
    potions, now head to the teleport device across the other bridge, when you enter 
    let go of the walk button, or you'll fall off the ledge you've been teleported 
    to, open chest, you are now near where the column fell down, just jump off onto 
    the path again, and make your way back up the path, past the teleport device you 
    first jumped in. Head straight on into a stone passageway at the other end is a 
    path with water on both sides, follow it to a junction with a right turn, turn 
    right follow path through stone tunnel, you will come to a mud path hanging in 
    the air, carry on up the path { 2 flying demons appear one either side of you }, 
    at the junction on the right is a teleport device, jump in when you appear, turn 
    left for a chest, walk back to other end, and jump down for access to another 
    chest, walk back to the point where you jumped down, and you'll see the teleport 
    device you just used, just jump off ledge towards it, now with your back to the 
    teleport, head straight on, following the path around, on the left is a path 
    branching off, ignore it for the moment, head straight on, take the next left 
    for a hidden chest, come out, and go left again, head for the balcony, and a 
    chest, now return to the turning we just ignored, it's now on the right, follow 
    path down through a stone passage, in the open kill large monster, carry on, 
    follow path to main hallway, you will see your darling Sister tied up, kill the 
    women around her, approach her and press R1, watch FMV, jump into pit, and enter 
    QUESTS                      = 6
    SECRETS                    = 6
    GOLD                           = 769
    Turn around, there's some pickups behind you, proceed along passage, the first 
    monster will approach, keep close to him and you won't have many problems, when 
    you've killed him, go up ramps on both sides to pull levers, to release the 
    glass cases, enabling you to access the goodies. Carry on through, the next 
    monster looks the same, but is slightly tougher, he also has the ability to 
    teleport behind you every time he starts to take damage, once dealt with, pull 
    the lever, that has now become available, guess what, you have now released the 
    final version of this monster, this one takes a hell of a long time to put down, 
    he has the ability to shoot metal shards at you every so often, he also has the 
    ability to teleport, but this time right across the room, and when he does so, 
    he shoots off a huge ring of flames, good luck.....
    When you have defeated him, pull the lever on the right side of the room, this 
    releases the central glass tube, pick up the Terrenus Scroll, step off the 
    platform, congratulations you have just completed the game, sit back and watch 
    the final FMV sequence..............
    And now the fine print: My name is Glen Johnson, I have worked on this guide in 
    order to be able to help anyone who might be stuck on a certain level, it is as 
    I mentioned earlier, lacking a few secrets, as well as some quests, I do not 
    tell you what monsters you will come up against or indeed when, all I wanted to 
    do was provide a walkthrough, for those who are stuck. You may as you wish, use 
    or modify this as and when you find all of the items as I will not be adding to 
    it, enjoy.							 

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