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Endings FAQ by Virgil

Updated: 03/13/2001

Shadow of Destiny Ending FAQ

This FAQ tells how to get all the major endings. There are eight major 
endings, A-E a second B ending, and two EX endings. You can only get EX
after you complete all 5 other endings. Completing all 8 will get you a 
100% Epilogue rating.

In contrast to what is stated on the box, nothing new is unlocked by playing
the game over again, at least within the story itself, until you have 
completed the game with all five original endings. Once you finish all five, 
you can play through a bonus chapter of sorts, and get the final ending of 
the game. You *will* find other scenes and events within the game that you 
missed the first time through though - it's simply impossible to see the 
majority of the game until you've played it through a number of times.

I've taken some effort to have this guide not spoil any of the story, but as
with any FAQ, there are some spoilers, so don't read it unless you're willing
to take that chance. I would not suggest reading this until you have at least
completed the game once on your own. 

Key Moments
There are a total of five events that combine to choose the ending you get. 
Most of these occur in Chapter 8, though the first crossroads is in Chapter 5

1) Chapter 5 - Margarete the Ancestress
2) Chapter 8 - Returning Dana
3) Chapter 8 - Finding Homunculus
4) Chapter 8 - The Fortuneteller's Identity
5) Chapter 8 - The Destroyed Lab

 Margarete the Ancestress
During your quest in Chapter 5, you will get the opportunity to tell Margarete
that she is your ancestress. If you tell her that she is you ancestress, you 
will have access to endings A, B, and C. If you don't tell her, you have 
access to endings D and E.

The final determination of your ending is made in Chapter 8.

 Returning Dana - Endings D and E
If you didn't tell Margarete anything, you will encounter this choice. By 
doing a minor quest, you will bring Dana back to the present. If Dana returns
to the present, you will get ending E. If she does not, you will get ending D.

To return Dana:
* Ask her to return with you in Chapter 8
* Immediately transfer to 2001
* Go to the Cafe, get the note under the door
* Return to 1584
* Find Dana (next to City Hall) - you will take her to the future.

If you complete all that, you will get ending E. Otherwise you get ending D.

Whether or not you take Dana to 2001, you'll need to take the Destroyed Lab 
path to complete the game (though the endings will be different).

Note: You will not even get the chance to do this if you told Margarete she is
your ancestress - the event with Dana will be different, and you will not get 
the chance to ask her to return.

 The Ancestress - Endings A, B, and C
If you tell Margarete she is your ancestress, there will be two major events 
you can accomplish in Chapter 8 to affect the ending.

* The Fortuneteller's Identity
* Finding Homunculus

If you do both of these, and tell Margarete to stay, you will get ending A. 
If you do only one of these, or do both and tell Margaret to leave, you will 
get ending B. There are two major B endings depending on which path you 

Instead of either of the above, you can visit the Destroyed Lab, and get 
ending C.

Finding Homunculus
In order to find Homunculus, travel to 1980, and head south from the square 
through the alley, and not on one of the roads. Go down the flight of stairs,
and continue south through the narrow alley. You will reach an area with a 
small park, and Homunculus will be lying under a tree in the snow. A cutscene
will begin when you approach him.

The Fortuneteller's Identity
To accomplish this, simply visit the Fortuneteller in 2001 after seeing the 
event in the square. You will learn quite a bit about the fortuneteller.

 The Destroyed Lab
If at the end of Chapter 8 you return to Dr. Wagner's lab, you will be able to
end the problem here, in a number of different ways (depending on the choices 
you made). Completing this event will lead you to ending C, D, or E

Note: You will not be able get this ending if you do either of the quests to 
get endings A or B. Once you find Homunculus or talk to the Fortuneteller the 
lab will be empty and nothing will happen here. You'll need to visit the 

 Ending Paths
E = Not an Ancestress => Save Dana => Destroyed Lab
D = Not an Ancestress => Do Not Save Dana => Destroyed Lab
C = Ancestress => Destroyed Lab
B = Ancestress => Fortuneteller => Town Square
B = Ancestress => Homunculus => Town Square
A = Ancestress => Fortuneteller AND Homunculus => Town Square

The Epilogue and Ending
A number of different things can happen in Chapter 8 and the Epilogue, which
is what most people will call the 'ending' of the game (while the game
itself only considers the final screen and the text as the ending). In
order to see the real ending, you will have to save before chapter 8, and
replay the chapter as you'd like.

To see all the true endings, you'll need to preserve two savegames at 
chapter 8. One without telling Margarete she is your ancestress, and one 
telling her she is. This will allow you to replay the chapter and see any
ending you'd like.

EX Ending
In order to see the final ending sequence, you need to finish the 'Extra' 
mode game. This is nothing more than an extended prologue with a completely
different goal. It's very interesting, and only accessible after you finish 
the first five endings.

Like the 'normal' game, the EX game has more than one possible outcome, though
it doesn't have an Epilogue chapter.

EX Endings
Cafe => Fortuneteller => Fire => Juggler => Cafe => Fire => 1584 => ???

At this point, you can either follow Margarete home, or return to 2001. No 
matter what action you actually take, you get the EX ending. Completing this
will let you see the final movie, which contains different scenes from 
different Epilogues

This FAQ was written by Virgil (virgil@gold-sonata.com)

It is freely distributable, feel free to incorporate it in any future FAQ
or document, preferably with credit given though it's not necessary. 
Consider it karmatic - if you don't give credit, then your work will probably
be used without credit in the future ;P

And of course, full credit goes to Konami - other than the brevity, SoD is
excellent in every way, and I hope to see a sequel.

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