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A look back at an early FPS for the PS2 07/25/07 AardvarkLord
Red Faction is family fun for everyone! 06/28/01 andyrose2000
Red Faction: Does it contain secret communist messages or is it just an average game? 01/17/07 Arschrammen
Time Splitters and Unreal Tournament combined! 05/28/01 Gillermo
This is the best of the best 06/23/01 Gillermo69
A great game, with very little to complain about. 06/26/01 Gohanland
Without question, the best FPS I have played so far 05/28/01 Greatest One
This is one hell of a game! 07/17/01 HAHE
A Very Solid First Person Shooter, worth at least a rent 05/25/01 Hittman
THQ has just released Violations’ new FPS, and in doing so raised the bar for the entire genre 05/31/01 JGosnell
One of the better FPS games on the market, but still... 08/31/01 KasketDarkfyre
Same old shooting game? I don't think so. 07/17/01 kepano
Half, what? Joanna, who? 07/05/01 Mr Food
An Extremely Good First Person Shooter 07/31/03 Nexxt
Not the revolution we were hoping for 07/26/11 PJ_Pope
Red Faction is one of the best games on the PS2, and one of the best FPS out there. 06/22/01 PsYcOpInE
The best FPS out for PS2! 05/26/01 Quimby
Brilliant new Idea, but does it match the hype? 08/03/01 Rastadawg
The Defintative PS2 Shooter... 09/21/01 RDenson
Great, for about an hour at a time... 06/17/01 Robot
Mars goes wild! 04/21/06 SaintDarkSide
Half-Life with some different things 08/11/02 shoot em up dude
A solid launch title for the Playstation 2. 08/02/01 Steve03
A good FPS but with some annoying aspects. 05/03/02 theOracle
FPS's Just Reached A New Level. 07/04/01 Undertaker Powerbomb
The start of something grand 10/12/07 wolverinefan

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