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    Game Script by Warrior2000

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    "This Document is Copyright 2003 Craig Molyneux"
    Red Faction: Sony PlayStation2
    Game Script
    Author: Craig Molyneux "Warrior2000"
    E-Mail: xtreme_650@yahoo.com
    (Note: Please see "Contact Information" before E-Mailing me)
    Version: FINAL
    Table of Contents:
    1. Introduction
    2. Copyright
    3. Contact Information
    4. Version History
    5. Game Script
    6. Credits
    1. Introduction
    Hi, and welcome to my guide for Red Faction. In this guide I'll
    give you the whole script from story mode. I'll try to include
    as much of the script as I possibly can. I hope you find
    this guide useful.
    2. Copyright
    This guide is sole property of Craig Molyneux, AKA "Warrior2000".
    You can use this guide for personal use only! Any distribution
    of this guide is illegal and won't be tolerated. If you want
    this guide on your site, please ask for my permission. The
    following sites have permission to host this document...
    If you find this guide anywhere else, notify me immediately.
    3. Contact Information
    Here's a list of things I will and will not respond to...
    Please DO:
    - Ask me any questions about the script from Red Faction
    - Ask me any questions about this guide
    - Tell me if I've made any mistakes
    - Tell me if this guide is on a site I didn't list
    Please DO NOT:
    - Everything else
    4. Version History
    March 27, 2003: This is the FINAL version of the guide. If you
    want some information on the script, please contact me.
    5. Game Script
    Live Mines
    Unknown Voice: Second workshift has ended. Miners, return
    to barracks.
    Eos: Miners! This is Eos, leader of the Red Faction. Our time
    has come!
    Eos: Workers in Mine M-4 have started the rebellion. They're
    fighting and dying for you as I speak!
    Eos: Find the Red Faction members among you. Join us and strike
    back at Ultor!
    Eos: Together, we can...
    Miner: Hey, come with me. A bunch of miners are heading up to
    the docking bay to steal a shuttle. We're going to get off Mars
    and back to Earth. You help me get to the shuttle and I'll make
    sure they take you along.
    Mine Maintenance
    Eos: Remember every dead miner, every injustice, and strike back!
    Eos:  The Red Faction will lead you to freedom.
    Mine Entrance
    Hendrix: Parker, you don't know me but my name's Hendrix and I
    want to help you.
    Hendrix: I'm a security technician with Ultor. I have my own
    reasons for hating them and wanting to help you.
    Hendrix: I've been watching the riots on these security monitors.
    You're the only miner from M-4 to make it this far.
    Hendrix: Be careful, Parker. Ultor's rushing forces in to block
    the mines and keep the rebellion from spreading.
    Elevator in Registration
    Hendrix: There's a back route into the docking bay up ahead, if
    it's not blocked.
    Hendrix: The escaping miners came this way, too. The elevators
    ahead were destroyed in the fighting. You'll have to climb up.
    Docking Bay
    Hendrix: Hurry, Parker. The miners are at the shuttle.
    Hendrix: There they go. If only you'd been faster...
    Hendrix: Maybe being slow isn't such a bad thing.
    Hendrix: That explosion blew out the docking bay door. Before you
    can enter, you need to activate the emergency room doors from the
    control room.
    Hendrix: That did it. Once the docking bay's pressurized, the
    containment door will retract.
    Abandoned Mine
    Hendrix: The elevator ahead should take you down to level N-17,
    fairly close to the Red Faction base.
    Eos: If you can stay alive until we fight are way back up, we'll
    find you.
    Hendrix: The door's jammed. Blast around it if you can.
    Hendrix: I'm trying to override the door's circuitry to force it
    open for you, Parker. Give me a minute...
    Eos: There are squads of miners somewhere ahead of you, Parker.
    Try to link up with them.
    Hendrix: Careful down here, Parker. This mine section was
    abandoned years ago, and it's none too stable.
    Hendrix: There are more groups of miners moving ahead of you.
    Eos must be after something important.
    Abandoned Smelter
    Eos: Parker, we need your help. We're trying to knock out an
    Ultor geomerthal power plant in this sector.
    Eos: If the power's knocked out, we can launch a major attack.
    But our squads are running into stiff resistance.
    Eos: If you can help them take out the power plant, I can send
    more miners up to join you.
    Abandoned Ore Hopper
    Eos: Parker! One of my squads is pinned down inside the 
    ventilation system. Can you help them out?
    Ventilation Shaft
    Hendrix: There's a route past the old rock crusher that should
    get you to the power plant, Parker.
    Eos: Parker? I've lost touch with everyone else up there. I think
    you're all we have left.
    Eos: Until the power's cut to Ultor's monitoring systems, they
    know every move we make. We're getting mowed down. I hope you
    can do it, Parker.
    Geomerthal Power Plant
    Eos: Hendrix says you made it into the geomerthal plant.
    Eos: There are five facilities to sabotage -- turbines, water
    control, water reclamation, lava control, and the main controls.
    Eos: The tech in the main control room is on our side. Once 
    you've sabotaged the other four systems, get in there and he'll
    know what to do.
    Hendrix: Destroy both pump stations. That will force even more
    water into the system.
    Tech: Go to the other control panel and find the override button.
    Tech: You see that button? You have to press it while I press
    this one. Ready? 3...2...1...Go!
    Sub Bay
    Eos: Ultor has an underwater lab somewhere down there. If you can
    get inside, I've got a job for you.
    Underwater Research
    Hendrix: You should see the research center in the cavern ahead.
    Eos: There's a miner waiting for you by the stairs to admin. Put
    on the suit he gives you; it's the only way you'll reach Gryphon.
    Administration Entrance
    Hendrix: This is a high-security area. Be careful.
    Hendrix: Keep your weapon hidden, and don't get too close to
    Hendrix: Watch out for cameras. If you get too close, a tech
    might recognize you.
    Hendrix: And if you have to kill someone, hide the body!
    Eos: Remember, Parker, we want Gryphon alive.
    Eos: Miners are dying of the Plague down here. If Gryphon knows
    anything about it, we have to get it out of him.
    Hendrix: Gryphon's office is on the third floor of the Admin
    area, Parker.
    Corporate HQ
    Hendrix: Take the lower hallway that leads to the left. I have a
    surprise for you, but hurry up!
    Hendrix: Go through the door to your left.
    Eos: Parker, do you have Gryphon yet?
    Eos: I'm sending a squad to meet you and bring Gryphon down here.
    Executive Suites
    Hendrix: This is exec land. Be extra careful in here.Security is
    very tight.
    Gryphon: Stop, don't shoot. I can help you.
    Parker: You're Gryphon, right?
    Gryphon: Deputy Administration Gryphon? Yes.
    Parker: Why do I need your help? I'm the one with the gun.
    Gryphon: I have vital information. You must take me to see Eos.
    Parker: What do you know about Eos?
    Gryphon: Ultor knows all about her. They set this whole thing up.
    You must take me to see her.
    Parker: What do you mean? "They set this whole thing up"?
    Gryphon: No time to explain. Take me to Eos. I'll tell her
    everything I know.
    Parker: Explain it to me first.
    Gryphon: I'll tell you what I can on the way, but more guards are
    going to show up soon.
    Parker: I'm right behind you. Betray me or try to run, and you'll
    be the first to die!
    Gryphon: Put that gun away. If the guards see you with it, we're
    both dead.
    Gryphon: You lead the way. You've got the gun.
    Maintenance Entrance
    Hendrix: This guy's playing some angle, Parker. Don't let your
    guard down.
    Hendrix: You're in the bot repair shop now, Parker. Eos's squad
    should meet you soon.
    Eos: My squad's almost reached the maintenance area, Parker. Keep
    Gryphon alive until you meet them.
    Eos: Orion, my best lieutenant, is leading the squad.
    Gryphon: Ultor's behind the Plague. They've been running some
    experiments. It's all Capek's fault. He's the head of Ultor's
    Science and Medical Labs on Mars. I'll tell Eos all about it.
    Fighter Testing Grounds
    Hendrix: Parker, clear out this area before you try to land.
    Refuse Disposal Plant
    Hendrix: This is Ultor's main trash disposal facility.
    Hendrix: That's an Ultor Personnel Suppression combot. I didn't
    know they had any on Mars!
    Hendrix: I can't see Orion's group on my monitors anymore.
    Hendrix: There's a disposal pit at the lowest point of this level.
    Hendrix: Try to lure the bot out onto the pit's covering, then
    open the doors from the control room.
    Gryphon: Yeah, yeah, Parker. Great job. You can pose for pictures
    later. We've gotta keep moving.
    Parker: Shut up, weasel. If Eos didn't want you, you'd be dead by
    now. I'll decide when it's time to go. Okay, let's go. Hoof it.
    I'm not carrying your sorry butt anymore.
    Orion: Parker, Gryphon, over here. We're here to take Gryphon to
    Parker and Gryphon: Thank god.
    Orion: Well, whatever. Let's get moving before security shows up.
    (Parker follows Gryphon) Not you, Parker, just the weasel here.
    Eos will contact you.
    Gryphon: Well, thanks, Parker. And good luck. (To Orion) And 
    don't you start calling me weasel, too.
    Parker: Great. Screwed again.
    Eos: Parker, you're not far from Ultor's science and medical labs.
    Hendrix: The labs are heavily guarded, and Capek is a very nasty
    Hendrix: There's a vent that leads to the labs, but you're not
    going to like it.
    Hendrix: It's inside the disposal pit. There's an access ladder
    that leads down to it.
    Medical Research
    Hendrix: You're somewhere above the med labs now, Parker.
    Hendrix: Try to pick a quiet spot to come down out of the vent.
    Hendrix: You need a lab coat or you'll have every guard in here
    down on you.
    Hendrix: Don't count on that disguise too much though.
    Hendrix: Anyone who gets a good luck at you could recognize you.
    Eos: Parker, Gryphon's told us a lot more than we ever wanted to
    know about the Plague.
    Eos: You have to grab Capek. He's the key to the whole thing.
    Eos: Don't kill him -- hundreds of miners' lives depend on it.
    Hendrix: Capek'll be in the science labs, past the med labs.
    Capek's Lair
    Hendrix: Parker, I've been studying the labs' security system.
    Hendrix: There's a security door you have to pass to reach Capek's
    Hendrix: The medical lab administrator should have a passcard.
    Hendrix: His office is in the middle of the complex.
    Hendrix: The OR is up this ramp.
    Capek's Lair (Next part)
    Capek: Parker, how nice to see you. I must thank you for starting
    this little diversion. It has made my work so much easier.
    Parker: What does that mean, you half-mutant freak?
    Capek: These trumps have given me the perfect excuse to accelerate
    my experiments. Who will notice a few more vanishing miners in 
    all this...confusion?
    Parker: To hell with orders! Die, Capek!
    Capek: Congratulations, Parker. You're the first to see my 
    nanotech shield in action. Now I must return to my work. Enjoy
    what little time you have left...you and your friends.
    Cavern Entrance
    Hendrix: Capek headed out that way, Parker.
    Hendrix: I can't see into this area. There aren't any security
    cameras here.
    Capek: I see you, Parker. I will deal with you later.
    Capek: Perhaps you might even be persuaded to join one of my
    Underwater Cavern
    Hendrix: Orion got Gryphon to the Red Faction base, Parker.
    Hendrix: Eos should be picking his brain right now.
    Capek: Still there Parker? Your persistence is beginning to annoy
    Capek: No matter. Very soon you will be irrelevant.
    Capek: "Where could we be going?" I hear you wonder. Soon you 
    will know, Parker.
    The Artifact
    Eos: Parker, Gryphon says Capek knows how to cure the Plague.
    Eos: I'm coming up there to help you.
    Hendrix: Parker, I have an idea where Capek is headed.
    Hendrix: For years, they've been rumors of some sort of secret
    facility deep underground.
    Hendrix: It's not in the main Ultor security network, so I don't
    know what's there.
    Hendrix: I'm going to try to hack into the facility's systems from
    Capek: Ah, Parker. So you made it past my little guards.
    Capek: Welcome to my zoo, Parker. Feel free to pet the animals.
    They won't bite.
    Capek's Zoo
    Capek: You have arrived at an excellent time, Parker. Feeding
    Capek: Look closely, Parker. Do you recognize any old friends?
    Capek: Not every specimen reacts favorably to nanotech injections.
    Capek: But, no matter, even the failures teach us something.
    Capek: In the advance of science, anyone, even you, Parker, can
    serve a useful purpose.
    Icy-Underwater Cavern
    Capek: I must be going now, Parker. Enjoy your stay among my
    Capek: Maybe you will have the honor of joining them someday soon.
    Capek: Perhaps we will meet again, Parker. You should hope not.
    Icy Sub Bay
    Hendrix: Parker, I did it! I cracked into the security network for
    Capek's secret labs.
    Hendrix: That's where he's heading, Parker. There's a huge 
    research facility down there.
    Hendrix: I can't reach Eos. I left a message with Orion, in case
    she checks in.
    Capek: Ah, I see you have reached my submarine bay. Go ahead, 
    Parker. Take a ride.
    Worm Food
    Hendrix: You won't believe the things that've been going on in 
    this lab, Parker.
    Hendrix: This is the source of the Plague, that's for sure.
    Hendrix: Capek has been working on nano-technology, testing it's
    effects on living beings.
    Hendrix: Animals or humans -- Capek doesn't care. The Plague is
    his creation. Be careful, Parker.
    Capek: This is the feeding chute, Parker. Something is hungry.
    Capek: Come Parker, I am waiting for you.
    Nanotech Lab
    Capek: Who knows, Parker? These might have once been friends of
    Capek's Inner Sanctum
    Capek: You're entering my Inner Sanctum now, Parker. Enjoy your
    last few minutes of normal life.
    Capek: Ah, together again, Parker. This time, I shall not be so
    Eos: Capek! Give us the antidote for the Plague and we'll let you
    Capek: Alas, my dear, you have no say in who lives or dies here.
    Capek: Fools! You cannot begin to understand the forces I control.
    Eos: Parker, stop! Don't kill him.
    Parker: Don't kill him? He's killed hundreds of miners.
    Eos: And hundreds more will die unless we find a cure for the
    Plague. We can't save the miners who are dead already, but we
    might save those who are dying. He's their only hope.
    Capek: Hope? Who has hope? If you have hope, you just don't
    understand yet. All my work...all gone!
    Eos: Capek, the Plague. There's got to be a cure!
    Capek: It's simple, really. Stop the replicators.
    Eos: But how? How do you stop the replicators?
    Capek: Antidote, of course.
    Parker: C'mon, Eos. Let's finish him and get out of here.
    Eos: We need that antidote, Parker. If you're not going to help,
    shut up! (To Capek) Where is the antidote?!
    Capek: Why help you? I hope you all die...
    Eos: Damn! The formula has got to be in his computer files. Maybe
    Hendrix can help. Parker, you've got to get out of here. One of
    us has got to survive!
    Parker: No! I'm not going to leave.
    Eos: There's no time to argue. Go out the way I came in. Someone's
    waiting outside for you. There's something you need to do for me.
    He'll explain -- I don't have the time.
    45 Seconds: You're wasting my time and yours. Just go!
    30 Seconds: Don't be a fool. if you don't go, we'll both die here!
    15 Seconds: There's no time now! Run!
    Grand Canyon
    Hendrix: Parker, Orion says Eos was planning to bring a computer
    disk to Ultor's Communications Center.
    Hendrix: Eos had contacts in the Earth Defense Force. She though
    they'd send a rescue fleet if we put out a distress call.
    Hendrix: The Comm Center's at the end of this canyon. Let's deal
    with the canyon first, then look for a way up to the Comm Center.
    Hendrix: Somewhere down there is a natural tunnel that Ultor used
    as an outflow pipe for the sewage system.
    Hendrix: That's the only way up from the Canyon floor.
    Hendrix: It was blocked by a landslide about six months ago, but
    Ultor cleared it off.
    Dry Tunnel
    Hendrix: I've got some bad news for you, Parker.
    Hendrix: Orion still hasn't heard from Eos, but that's not the
    really bad news.
    Hendrix: Once you've sent the message from the Comm Center, we
    still have to get the fleet in here.
    Hendrix: Ultor has a system of laser satellites orbiting Mars.
    They'll tear the fleet apart unless we disable them somehow.
    Hendrix: There's a space station that controls the satellites.
    We've got to get you up there.
    Hendrix: Still no word from Eos. I don't think she made it.
    Hendrix: First Eos is lost, and now Ultor's sent in reinforcements.
    Hendrix: They've kept a regiment of mercenaries in reserve. Now
    they're coming out.
    Hendrix: The mercs are lead by Colonel Masako, a real nasty piece
    of work.
    Hendrix: They're all butchers, and she's the worst of them.
    Communications Center
    Hendrix: You're in, Parker. Now for the hard part.
    Hendrix: The console you need to reach is at the highest level of
    the Comm Center.
    Hendrix: Parker! There are mercenaries in the Communications
    Hendrix: They're starting to appear all over the complex, taking
    over from security guards.
    Hendrix: They're killing every miner and guard they see.
    Communications Tower
    Hendrix: The console you want is under the windows that look out
    onto the transmission dish.
    Hendrix: The airlock at the tower's base is open now. I hacked
    into the security system and overrode its locks.
    Shooting Gallery
    Hendrix: Remember the miners on the shuttle that got blown up?
    Hendrix: To get you in the space station safely, we need to take
    out Ultor's missile defense system.
    Hendrix: The tramm tunnels go to Missile Command. There's an
    entrance to the tunnels through the canyon.
    Hendrix: The mercs have fortified this area. Keep moving and keep
    your head down.
    Tramway Tunnel
    Eos: Parker, Eos here.
    Eos: I found the antidote formula and got out of there. Glad to
    see you made it too.
    Eos: We've got people synthesizing the antidote now. Then we'll
    see if it works.
    Eos: But you've gotta get up to that space station and disable the
    laser satellite network.
    Eos: If that defense system is still working when when the EDF 
    fleet shows up, they'll get blown out of the sky.
    Missile Command Center
    Hendrix:  The Command Center's at the back of this building. Hurry!
    Hendrix: I've jammed the missile bay doors closed. All you have to
    do is send the launch signal.
    Hendrix: The missiles will explode in their launch bays and 
    destroy that part of the complex.
    Hendrix: Run, Parker! Get to the tram and get out of there!
    Hendrix: That whole area's gonna blow!
    Hendrix: Parker, are you still there? Stop standing around and get
    Hendrix: I'm putting a countdown timer for the shuttle liftoff on
    your HUD.
    Hendrix: That's how much time you have to reach it. You can still
    make it, if you hurry.
    Hendrix: This looks like some kind of motor pool. Check around --
    a vehicle would get you to the station a lot faster.
    Eos: The mercs are coming out hard. My squads are pinned down all
    over the complex.
    Eos: Most of the miners outside our base are dead or hiding.
    Ancient Riverbed
    Hendrix: Don't stop for anything, Parker. You don't have much time
    Hendrix: The merc commander, Masako, is sending out a heavy weapons
    squad to stop you.
    Eos: Parker, please hurry. Our outlying guard posts are reporting
    skirmishes with merc squads.
    Eos: If the EDF doesn't get here soon, there's going to be nothing
    Unexpected Cargo
    Hendrix: Hurry, Parker! They're starting to seal up the shuttle 
    Hendrix: This is the cargo loading system.
    Hendrix: You might be able to sneak in through the loading docks.
    Hendrix: Hurry, they're sealing the doors into the loading dock!
    Hendrix: Parker -- find a place to hide before the shuttle takes
    off. Hurry!
    Space Station Hub
    Hendrix: You've gotta disable Ultor's planetary defense system
    before the fleet reaches Mars, or they'll be toast.
    Hendrix: Parker, the mercs are all over the mining complex now.
    Hendrix: The command center is up this shaft. The escape pods and
    labs are down the shaft.
    Satellite Control
    Hendrix: Parker, Ultor has received a message from the incoming EDF
    Hendrix: It was encoded, so I don't know what they said, but 
    they're panicking down here.
    Hendrix: They're destroying documents and computer systems. And
    the merc docking bays are swarming with activity.
    Hendrix: Look for overrides to open the station's doors.
    Hendrix: That did it! The station's lower section should be open
    Living Quarters
    Hendrix: Parker, I've lost contact with the Red Faction base.
    Hendrix: I can't raise Eos, Orion, or anyone else up there.
    Hendrix: There are miners scattered all over the complex. I'm
    trying to contact them and gather them together.
    Crash Site
    Hendrix: Parker, you still alive? I've sent some miners to the
    crash site to find you.
    Hendrix: They'll try to guide you to the merc base. We're in big
    Hendrix: The mercs have orders to evacuate the base and destroy the
    entire mining complex.
    Miner: Parker, follow me. We've got an assault team waiting for us.
    Hendrix: The mercs didn't have to go after the Red Faction base.
    That was Colonel Masako's idea -- Payback for all the trouble the
    miners caused.
    Hendrix: She led the assault. I overheard her radioing the merc
    base, reporting complete success.
    Miner: Ambush!
    Merc Prison Cells
    Hendrix: Parker! I found your cell and sent down some miners to 
    free you.
    Hendrix: Once you're out, head up to the mercs' HQ. We need your
    Merc Barracks
    Hendrix: Parker, I'm in the merc command center. I can see you on
    the monitors.
    Hendrix: There's a squad of miners with me, but the whole base is
    crawling with mercs.
    Merc Command Center
    Hendrix: Parker, I didn't think you would make it. Things look 
    really bad. I've got just a few miners left with me. Orion has 
    more, but I've lost contact with him. We're trying to reach Masako
    before she sets off the bomb, but the doors to the merc docking bay
    are sealed. I need access to these mainframes, but I can't hack 
    into it. If you shut down there power source, I can hack into their
    mainframes and open the door. Take the elevator in the hall. Once
    you're on the upper level, the generators are to the left.
    Merc Power Plant
    Hendrix: The emergency shutoff should be on the lowest level of the
    generator room.
    Hendrix: Good work, Parker. The mainframes have powered down. 
    They should come back up when the emergency generators kick in.
    Hendrix: Here they go...I'm hacking in....
    Hendrix: Got it! I overrode the door locks. We're coming up --
    wait outside the generator room for us.
    Docking Bay Entrance
    Hendrix: Hurry, Parker -- run for the far doors. I'm going into
    the control room to help open things up for you.
    Masako: Well, look at this. Hendrix has finally come out of hiding.
    Masako: Here's what mercs do to traitors, Hendrix.
    Hendrix: Parker, stop them! Don't let Ultor get away with...
    it all...
    Masako: You seem to be almost out of friends, Parker.
    Masako: Here come some of my friends to entertain you.
    Merc: Fan out and secure the hangar!
    Merc: he's in the ventilation system. Flush him out!
    Masako's Lair
    Masako: Maybe I'll visit your parents when I get back to Earth.
    They won't even have a body to sob over. You and the rest of the
    scum will be vaporized in the blast!
    6. Credits
    CJayC: For posting this FAQ
    You: The reader
    THQ and Volition: For making a great game!
    GameFAQs: For being the best site ever!
    If you want to see more of my work in the future...
    "This Document is Copyright 2003 Craig Molyneux"

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