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Multiplayer FAQ by wayalla

Updated: 01/21/2003

         "This document is copyright Aaron Baker 2003"

A Multiplayer guide for Red Faction for the Playstation 2

        - T A B L E  O F  C O N T E N T S -

                1. Introduction
                2. FAQ Intro
                3. Game Modes/Starting
                4. Setting up
                5. Characters
                6. Levels
                7. Level Descriptions <-----[CONTAINS MORE]
                8. Weapons
                9. Alternative Fire
               10. Hints & Tips <------[MUST READ]
               11. Surviving
               12. Damage
               13. Heads up Display
               14. Statistics
               15. Weapon Preferences
               16. Secrets
               17. Frequently Asked Questions
               18. Credits/Copyright/Closing

Red Faction Multiplayer FAQ, for the Playstation 2.

Written by Wayalla (Aaron Baker) Email: Wayalla1(at)yahoo.com.au

Version 1.5 of the guide.


First release, posted on GameFAQs. Added allot of things including most 
of the levels, weapon descriptions and very fast kills with them along 
with things such as: Characters, setting up, hint's and tips and all 
that stuff. Some things are still missing though; they will come 
sometime this week if possible.

Added about 3 more tips to the Hints and Tips section. Just done some 
minor updates on sections throughout the guide. added the updates 
section and also put the credits section.

Red faction is a great game, and not just because of the actual story 
line game. I admit the storyline of the game is pretty good, but I have 
found something better that I like about this game, the multiplayer 
mode. I think it is great because of the intense action, and you 
actually don't have to verse someone else, you can just verse the 
computer-controlled bots. Also, the enemies have the same amount of 
health and armour as you, and their intelligence is absolutely 

This is my favourite multiplayer game on the Playstation 2. (I only have 
8 games though) and it also beats all my other Playstation 1 games in 
the multiplayer section. All things listed above are why I like it. And 
because I think this mode is so good, I have decided to just write a 
quick Multiplayer guide for www.gamefaqs.com. All the information in 
this guide is written by me, unless the credits say otherwise.

                  SECTION 2: FAQ INTRODUCTION
This guide contains things like the Characters, Levels, descriptions, 
basic tips and an in-depth guides to the best weapons to use for killing 
people all based on facts. If you have any questions about Red Faction 
Multiplayer mode (Only this) or any contributions of tips, anything I 
have missed out etc. please feel free to send me an e-mail. My e-mail 
address is: Wayalla1(at)yahoo.com.au But make sure you replace the (at) 
with the '@' sign. The reason I didn't just put it above is that I like 
to keep my e-mail Spam free and this tactic works.

Please, when E-mailing me though, abide by a few rules: Put a title in 
the subjects line, Anything like "Red Faction" or "Multiplayer R.F" will 
do fine, but anything such as "No Subject" will be deleted on site and 
not replied to. Don't get mad at me if your e-mail isn't replied to and 
it has no subject. Think before you e-mail. And also, once again, don't 
send me Spam or viruses; I already get enough of that.

If you can't contact me via e-mail, I am on the gamefaqs message boards 
as wayalla, but don't expect to find me on the Red faction boards. I can 
be commonly found on the FAQ Contributors board, or the Cricket 2002 
board for Playstation 2.

Also another few notes: The only site that can host/use this FAQ is 
http://www.GameFAQs.com As far as i know, that is the only site that 
takes in depth FAQs. If you see this on any other site though, it has 
been used without my permission and is an illegal copy, if you see this, 
please e-mail me, and you will be credited. Oh, and for those stealers 
out there, would you rather risk being called a criminal over 1 FAQ and 
your reputation-gone sour and everyone spamming your e-mails so that no 
real messages will come through? I have friends you know. Basic rule, 
don't do it.

This Document Copyright Aaron Baker, 2003.
This Document Copyright Wayalla, 2003.

It may be used for Personal and private use only, and can't be put in a 
magazine, put on a site that you need to pay money to acces this FAQ or 
just generally sold. This guide is sole property of Aaron Baker. Only 
authorized websites can have this FAQ, but must not alter the copyright 
notice at all, or any of the text inside. This guide is availabe free of 
cost from sites authorized, and I am taking time out of my busy life to 
write this, so be thankful that I am helping you and writing this. Do 
not rip off this guide in Part or Whole, that is illegal and the 
appropriate steps will be taken if nessecary. I didn't wirte this guide 
so that someone could just come and rip it off.

                    SECTION 3: GAME MODES/THE START
Battle a fried/family memeber, or someone to see who is the best at Red 
Faction. If you want to, you can keep it as you vs someone else with the 
second controller, or add some computer bots in as well to make it more 
fun. It is split screen, but your hud and all is still up.

now this is one reason why th multiplayer game is so cool, you don't 
have to vs a friend or someone if you don't want to, you can just verse 
a certain amount of enemy bots. HUD (Heads Up Display) is same as the 
one player game.

I really shouldn't explain this, but what the hell! You can enter your 
name in by selecting the letters and pressing X. Bakckspace by pressing 
rhe O button. Go to 'Accept' when you are done.

Press left and right to switch between characters and press the X button 
to pick which one you want. For more info, see the characters sectio 
below for the names and things like that.
                    SECTION 4: SET UP 
Select how many bots to verse. In a one player game, 6 bots are 
available to verse, meaning 7 people on the field in total. On a 2 
player game, 5 enemy bots are allowed, meaninign 7 in total once again. 
It would be cool if you could have like 10 enemy bots on the field, that 
would be a massive blood match.

Select the difficulty for you of the game. The four different 
difficulties are: Easy Normal Hard Impossible. If you are new (or just 
want an easy win) select easy, if you think you are getting skilled, go 
to Normal. If you think your pretty good at this, select Hard. If you 
think your a professional at this game and are very expirienced, then 
play on Impossible difficulty. 

Select what kill limit to play to. For example, if you want to play to a 
kill limit of 20, select 20 and then when you playu, the first player to 
kill 20 people wins the match. You can have it unlimited if you want. 

This cannot be turned off, you have to play to a certain amount of time. 
If you want your match to go for 10 minutes, select 10 minutes and a 
timer will appear. If you only want to play to a certain amount of 
kills, lets says 40, put the time limit on 30 minutes so that you will 
reach the kill limit before the time limit.

Select all different options that make the game easier to play with your 
preferences. See the options section about that.
                SECTION 5: CHARACTERS
NOTE: the characters have no difference as their stats goes, they all 
fight the same, get the same weapons and have the smae health and 
armour. So this is just a list, not about their stats and all.


Thats it, all the ones that you can play as. I will say it again: None 
have special stats, and they are all the sma ein that region. The onyl 
thing that will make you select your character is probably the look of 
them. The name that you entered will appear above the characters 
picture. So really, decide for yourself who you want to pick.

                      SECTION 6: LEVELS 
A really basic level, it aint that big at all, and is good for a nice 
simple battle. Not really many places to hide, but there is one really 
good sniper spot. Good for all out attacks with only afew weapons really 
available for use. Run around the rocks or whatever for a good game of 
cat and mouse.

This level is pretty big, not really many hiding spots, but the level is 
big enough that it can sometimes happen that you can never find an 
enemy. By the look of the level, I thought it would be under water with 
the vehicles, but obviuosly it's not. This was a research centre, but 
apparently has gone under water.

If youhave started playing th Red Faction storyline missions, then you 
will know where this came from. This place where you play is under mars 
in a mine. This doesn't have that many hiding spots, but afew good 
ambush locations as well. Also, you can find the rare Fusion Rocket 
Launcher in this level. A great place for a normal game.

This is just two fortresses opposite each other, with land in the 
middle. Seriously, this is best for one on one action. One player will 
take the first fortress and the other player will take control of the 
other one. It's great for hiding, as you can just peep through the holes 
of the fortress and sniper off your foe. Will you stay in your base or 
boldy assault your foe?

<Spoilers> In the real one player game, you have to cpature osmeone in 
the Ultor building, this is where this level comes from. It has a great 
snipering spit as well as the same locations to hide. If you want all 
out attack, go to the bottom floor, that will keep you busy for awhile, 
if you are a sniperer, garb a Rocket Launcher and stand up top shooting 

This is a deep martian canyon, shrouded in fog. There are alot of paths 



The two places where you start are absolutely great for sipering down on 
your enemies with the Rocket Launcher. Fro where you start, you can see 
down out onto the canyons. The enemies are too busy with fighting each 
other to usually bother about getting you. The odd Bazooka bullet will 
come up now and again, but that can be avoided. Aim at the ground with 
your Rocket Launcher and pick off the people as they come around.

There are only 2 in this level, and they are both up high looking down 
over the blasted canyon. The blasted canyon is like symmiterical, whcih 
means it is the same on both sides. The only difference between these 
re-spwaning locations is that one has a rocket launcher and a precision 
rifle, and the other has no weapon up there ate all. The main respawn 
location is the one with the bazooka, but I guess it is where you die 
that decides the respawning point.

ROCKET LAUNCHER: You will start up in a little room thingy, straight in 
front of you will be it. This is just by 1 of the re-spwning locations 
so when you die, you can just get one of these from the start.
ROCKET LAUNCHER: From the seoncd re-spawn location which is the one 
without the the rocket launcher at the start, jump down out the room and 
run behind the second canyon on the right.
PRECISION RIFLE: From the first re-spawn location (The one with the 
bazooka) strafe to the right and you will collect it.

                    SECTION 8: WEAPONS 
This is just the basic pistol that you first get in the game. It is also 
the first weapon you obatin in multiplayer and you start off with this 
as well. The accuracy is excellent because of the lock on method. Fire 
rate is excellent if you know the trick and this can kill very easily 
and quickly. To get a quick kill, keep tapping SHOOT while locked onto 
someone and fire away. This will kill so quickly, this is why this 
weapon should be in your top 4 preferences because if you weigh up these 
facts, this weapon is better than the rail driver AND the rocket 
launcher. The bullets that are fired don't take away massive amounts of 
health, but keep firing and you will kill easily without losing much 
health. A great weapon, enemies have this weapon as their default as 
well, but may find other weapons on their travels, so when you kill an 
enemy, garb their weapon.

A short looking machine-gun that looks quite nice when your carrying it 
also, but the look doesn't make it good, it's what it does that makes it 
good. Ammo for this is large, and the weapon itself is available in most 
of the levels playable. The accuaracy is excellent just like the pistol, 
as it locks on to the enemy bot. And the fire rate is better than the 
pistol because, well it's a machine gun. Machine-guns fires rapid 
bullets. The only real problem with this weapon is that it can take just 
a tad more time than the pistol to kill someone, but is still right up 
there with that if you weigh up the facts. Also, this weapon should be 
up there in the top 5 of your preferences because of all these great 
things. Should defently be used if you feel like a change from the 
pistol, or run out of pistol ammo. There are better weapons, but this is 
still quite relyable.

Sniper Rifles are really ment to be for long distance kills and aiming 
looking through the scope, but the action packed multiplayer doesn't 
give you time to get a good shot like this because you will probably get 
shot and killed while aiming to perfection, and also because the speed 
of the enemies and you doesn't allow you for a decent shot. The fire 
rate is ok, ok meaning not real great, but not terribly bad as well. The 
only things worse than this in the fire rate section and the heavy 
weapons. Accuracy is bad as well, as it isn't lock on. The bullets can 
kill very quick though, but you will probably die by enemy gunfire 
before you can get the shot in the right place. To get a instant kill, 
you must get someone in the head, and with the speed of the game, this 
can be hard. If you want to continuos fire, hold down SHOOT, the bullets 
that come out are the fastest they can go.

Don't be folled by the name, this is easily the best weapon with all the 
facts weighed up. Lest start with the facts shall we? The fire rate is 
excellent, continously tap the X button to spurt out alot of bullets. 
This acts basically like the pistol in it's fire rate, but actually a 
bit better. Next, we will move onto the accuracy: Excellent, absouletly 
great, it is lock on, whcih gives it a big edge over someof the other 
weapons, and now the main reason you will want this weapon is for how 
fast it can kill. Lock on and fire about 4 or more bullets, the person 
will be dead, bang, gone! They die very quickly, and the sound of the 
bullets is nice for me. Weigh up all of these facts, and you will see 
that this is the best weapon to use. I guess no one gives a rats about 
my opinion, but I say that this weapon should be in the top 2 of your 
weapon preferences. Think about it: Excellent Fire Rate, Excellent 
accuracy, Excellent damage.

Just a basic assault rifle, the Fire Rate is good, yes thats right, only 
good, and it's a machine gun. The only reason that i said it is good is 
because that after every about 5 bullets, it has to stop for about a 
second before shooting out some more bullets, this really lets it down, 
because in those seconds you can be shot to bits. Accuracy is the simple 
lock on method that most weapon have. The bullets damage isn't anything 
special as well, the bullets take ages to kill, and that stop in the 
middle (Which isn't the reload) is annoying and will most liely get you 
killed because those bullets in the time before the stopping wont kill 
the enemy. Easily, this should be avoided unless you like machine-guns 
or you just want a change from a different weapon or just run out of 
ammo on other weapons. This isn't high on my preferences list at all, I 
can tell you that.

Yes, the weapon of mass destruction. We all know this weapons from just 
about every other shooting game out there, it is also called a Bazooka 
or a RPG which stands for Rocket Propelled Greande. Also if you are 
interested, Bazooka is called a Panzerfaust in German (And they say 
Video Games teach us nothing!!). On with the facts: The fire rate is 
bad, but what do you really expect from this weapon. The accuracy I 
guess you could call ok, it isn't lock on or anything, but the edge is 
that when you fire, the explosion can spread abit. And now to the main 
part, the damage: Excellent, aim, fire near the ground and everyone 
within a certain distance of the explosion will be dead. Even when you 
fire, a hole will be left in the ground where the bullet struck. Do not 
shoot someone who is right in your face unless you want to suicide 
yourself as well. Also don't hit the ground below you with it. I think 
you know why.

This weapon is basically what they use in the war in those bunkers, if 
you have every played something like Medal Of Honour 1, 2 or 3 you will 
know what I mean. Lets start with the facts. Fire Rate: Well, what do 
you expect from a machine gun, because it's called a heavy machine gun, 
this weapon has the best fire rate in the hole Multiplayer game. The 
accuracy of this weapon is nothing sepcial, it isn't lock on, so you 
have to do the aiming yourslef, damn, I'm too lazy though. The bulets 
from this really don't do much damage, but what would be the fun of a 
quick kill with the best fire rate stat in the game, it would kill too 
quick, which would be good, but obviously the makers don't think that. 
If you want to get a qucik kill, aim for the head. Reloading really lets 
it down as well, as you can waste ammo very quick, and then get drenched 
with bullets while reloading. It's still an alright weapon, but the 
accuracy and reloading let it down. 

The name doesn't sound like this is a powerful weapon, but really it can 
be if you get it on the right spot. In all games, the rail driver has 
been a really powerful wepaon, and one that kills instantly once the 
bullet hits, same with this game. The fire rate is nothing spectacular, 
as you fire 1 bullet, then you need to reload another rail, so it takes 
ages. The accuracy is crap, buut what do you expect from a heavy weapon. 
The damage it does is the thing to rave about, fire 1 bullet and if it 
hits someone, there gone, dead. But getting the accuracy staright on 
someone is very hard due to no auto aim and the game is so fast paced 
that the bots move too quickly to get a good shot on them. Also, while 
your reloading after every shot, it takes ages and you will probably get 
shot to bits while doing it. Avoid this weapon, unless you just want to 
have some fun.

I think we all know what a shotgun is. A shotgun is a big gun that when 
it fires a bullet, that bullet breaks up into several other little 
bullets that in real life can kill instantly. The shotgun here is 
bascically like it, except automatic. Automatic means it can fire 
quicker than a normal shotgun, but for me, it doesn't seem that way. the 
fire rate is nothing to rave about, but still better than some other 
weapons. The accuracy is the standard lock-on thing which I guess is 
good enough. The damage it causes is slightly good. 2 body shots at 
someone and they are dead. But once again, reloading is a pain in the 
ass. After every shot you have to reaload, which makes you vulnerable 
for attack, this is a let down to the weapon, but everyw weapon has 
something bad about it right? This should be low on your preferences.

Any person who loves the action fighting games and shoot em ups will 
know what this weapon is. It's a flamethrower, which the name suggests 
it "Throws" flames, but it actaully shoots them out. Fire rate is great, 
hold down SHOOT and flame will come out excessively. Reloading time is 
excellent as well, meaning that you really don't need to reload at all. 
Every time you pick up one of these, the clip has 10 in it, and when you 
wate the 10 seconds of flame, then you lose it, so really there isn't no 
reload time. Accuracy I guess you could say is ok, because just aim and 
fire and the flames will spread around about, catching on to people 
around. Damage is ok, because just you fire, and it catches on and they 
start running around on fire. I guess you could say this is a good 
weapon, you decide for yourself where it is on your preferences.

The big mamma, this is just like the rocket launcher, instead way bigger 
and packs more of a serious punch. Don't worry, you will find out what 
this is capable of when you obtain it in the game. Fire rate is Not 
Applicable, as the gun can only hold 1 bullet, so you can't continuous 
fire with a weapon with 1 bullet, so I really can't say. But if you did 
obtain 2 bullets, I would say that the fire rate would be the same as 
the Rail Driver, in another words: Poor. The accuracy type is the non-
lockon, which means you have to aim yourself, which I guess is good with 
this weapon of mass destruction. The damage is the great thing, as you 
would expect for a weapon of mass destruction. If you see a pack of 
enemies, fire a bullet into the ground next to them, and make sure you 
stand back. Watch the explosion, it looks cool. This weapon is only 
available in about 2 levels, so it's rare really. But remember make sure 
you shoot it into the ground by a pack of enemies, otherwise the 
destructive bullet will be wasted. 

                 SECTION 9: ALTERNATIVE FIRE 
N/A, in the actual 1 player storline, it is used as a silencer, hbut you 
can pick up a silencer in the multiplayer game anyway. Even if you did, 
what would be the point of a silenced pistol.

One of the best, the sub-machine gun takes two types of ammunition. Pres 
the alt fire button and you can swtich between these bullets, thus 
guvung you plenty of ammo to swap between. Defently one of the better 
uses. Really, there is no difference between the bullets damage, but I 
guess it is just for if you run out of ammo.

Use to aim, aiming is pretty weak for the reason that the game moves too 
fast to get a good sniper shot on someone, so this is basically useless. 
It may be good if you want to ct sniper and sit somewhere and try and 
pick of people.

Same as above, it scope aims, but for some reason it always aims ahead 
of you at the ground, so you need to look up quickly to get the shot on 
someone. Press the fire button to fire alot of rounds and hope someone 
comes into the line of fire.

Better than the other use for it, press the alternatie fire button, and 
this just keep on shooting rounds, not stopping. Better than the other 
use, but the accuracy goes down about, which is the only fault, but once 
again, still better than the other use.

Apparently in goes into heat seeking mode, heck if I know what that 
means, maybe it is ock on or something or you can view enemy's through 
walls. If you know the correct thing for what this does, please e-mail 

Fires slower, but more accuracy. This can also be uised for the sake to 
conserve some ammunition.
                     SECTION 10: HINTS AND TIPS 
This section is probably what people will mots read this FAQ for, the 
tips to win the multiplayer game. It includes tips to win, avoid dying, 
and all that sort of things.

An importent tip: If you grab a weapon that you like and is capable of 
mass destruction, use it. There is no point saying something like: "A 
wanna conserve ammo for this weapon" because if you don't use it and 
it's good at killing, you will probably die and lose the weapon, so use 
it while you have got it, and it may just bring your kills up. Whats the 
point of conserving ammo if you lose the weapon?

The most importent thing to do in Red Faction is to kill (Duh) To easily 
kill with a lock on weapon, get the lock on of an enemy, and then 
continuously tap or hold the fire button (Depends on the weapon). Thats 
how you kill, easy. If you have a non-lockon non heavy weapon (Like the 
Heavy machinegun for example) then aim for the enemies head, that will 
kill very quickly indeed.

Afew tricks with the Rocket Launcher here: Always fire it into the 
ground ahead of you, theres no use trying to hit someone full on with 
the rocket launcher, as you will defenetly miss your opponent. If you 
fire into the ground, the explosion may get to the enemy, giving you a 
better chance of killing someone.

Next trick is that sometimes you wanna act like a ambusher or sniper 
with the rocket launcher, and due to the explosion, it is well used like 
this. But sometimes bots can be just beneath you or if you fire, you 
will probably hit the edge. What you can do is jump inthe air and fire 
down, because jumping will let you see abit more over the edge below. 
This can also avoid the explosion if you happen to fire the rocket into 
the groumd.

The main tip for staying alive is to race along. yes, thats right, 
speed. Speeding along is good for many reason, but the main fact is that 
you avoid enemy gunfire. Thats importent. Try to keep moving all the 
time, unless you know you are safe where you are positioned. But if your 
in the middle of the warzone, this will dodge gunfire. If the enemy 
carries a lock on weapon, bullets still MAY hit you.

Sometimes in the levels you see posters and drawings on the wall. Ever 
thought those were suspicious? Well you were right. Get something that 
causes an explosion (Like the remote chargers) and fire at the poster. 
Make sure you stand back, and then blow the hole in the wall. The poster 
will uncover a secret area, if you can't get in there, throw another 
remote charcge to destroy the wall abit more.

A really useless tip, but still good for fun. If you find an enemy 
unaware to your presence, place a  remote charge on his face or 
somewhere like that, so they are running around with a remote charge on 
them. If you want to, you can wait until the enemy approaches more 
enemies an then set it off in the group for a series of kills. This can 
be done to your firens game face as well. Place it on there, and they 
can't see whats going on. Plus, if the remote charge is shot, then it 
explodes, right in his/her face.

When you kill an enemy, they drop ammunition or the weapon from the last 
weapon they had selected before they died. For example, fi you die with 
a pistol selected, the pistol will appear above your body for taking. 
This is a great way to get some more ammo, if they ahve a rail driver 
and die, pick it up.

Anothing importent thing to use often, is strafing. Strafing is 
basically walking side to side while looking in the one direction. To 
strafe, use the analog stick left to move arond. this is good for many 
things, just to name afew 1: Avoiding bullets, by keep moving, 
somtetimes the enemy wont get a lock on and it will make it harder to 
hit you, and also, 2: use it while going around corners so you get a 
good lock around the corner. Otherwise, if you turn it normally, you 
will be wide open for shots before you get your view centered around the 

I never see any of my friends or anyone doing this in this game, but 
reload when you have the time to. If you have 1 bullet left in your clip 
and no enemies are around, thn reload while you have the time. there is 
no use going into a battle with 2 bullets left in the clip, because 
while your fumbling trying to reload, you will be dead. Try to keep a 
decent amounf of bullets in your clip.

Simple enough, try not to do it. If you happen to waste the entire clip, 
then hide somewhere, don't stay out in the open, otherwsie you will 
probably be shot to pieces. If you can't hide, just simply strafe and 
keep moving so the enemy wont have time to shoot you. If you are using a 
heavy machine-gun, that has alot of ammo in it's clip, so don't bother 
about reloading until it is nearly empty.

                 SECTION 11: SURVIVING 
These are the people with guns to avoid and not to avoid. So this next 
bit is how to survive someone with a weapon.

you see anyone with this, back off and pick a fight with someone else, 
only ever attack the bot if they are distracted by someone else. If you 
do find yourself looking at a rail gun, keep on moving to duck the fire 
and fire your, pistol at the same time. If the enemy fires and misses 
you, quickly fire back at the opponent before they have time to load 
another shot.

Talk about easy, hit head on no troubles at all. They pistol shots of 
yours can kill quickly, they are too dumb to realise this and there 
bullets take ages to even get to you. Easily can be avoided, and once 
again, alright to fight head on.

Once again they are pathetic with this weapon. If you see someone with a 
rocket launcher, don't be afraid to go to them head on. The reasoon for 
this is the rocket launcher isn't accurate, so if an enemy bot fires, 
just move a little to the left or right and the bullet will miss you, 
leaving the bot open for a good attack by you.

This can seriously pack a punch, try and aviod head on fighting. Pop 
around corners if you must and then quickly fire and kill the opponent. 
Also you can just wait to the enemie's back is pointed towards you and 
then shoot them quickly. The accuracy with this weapon is off abit, but 
when thewy do get it right, it can hurt.

Pretty easy this, just keep on moving while shooting the enemy. the 
flames don't go far at the accuracy isn't the best either. Just avoid 
the flames and shoot and you will be right. 

Believe it or not, they pack a serious punch. 1 bullet and you havwe 10 
health left, another bullet from any gun and your dead. Defently avoid 
head on fights, and try and kill the enemy with a pistol or a sub-
machine gun or something like that. Make sure the enemy is distracted by 
another bot, and then kill them both with the weapon. 

For an Assault Rifle, do the same tactic as the Heavy Machine-gun, 
because they are actually the same. If someone has a Automatic Shotgun, 
then keep on moving away while firing. I have never seen an enemy with a 
precision rifle, so I really couldn't include it here. 

                     SECTION 12: DAMAGE
Ever wanted to know how much damage a certain weapon does so you know 
what weapon to pick for the best kill? some stats are here:


One bullet takes away 19 health and 21 armour



One bullet takes away 36 health and 39 armour






                SECTION 13: HEADS UP DISPLAY 
The weapon is at the bottom of the screen, as your player holds the 

Your ammo for the weapon appears in the top right hand corner of your 
secreen. The first slot is how much ammo in the clip, and the second 
slot is how much is left in total

                    SECTION 14: STATISTICS
Statistics come up at the end of the game, they show the information 
that happened, for example, look at this table:
| Aaron         35      10        10          32.00%  |
| Willis        27      21        9           27.50%  |
| Tyler         15      25        3           21.00%  |
| Myles         8       29        2           26.00%  |
| Abriham       2       29        1           30.00%  |

Displays the name of your character and all of the other people that you 
played against.

How many times you killed someone, to get a kill, be the last shot on a 
person that dies.

How many times you died yourself, including if you kill yourself.

Your biggest amount of kills before being killed

How many bullets hit a traget. This is always in-accurate because you 
are probably still shooting someone when they are dead, but you don't 
know it.

Look at this table below:

Aaron   6     5     2     20.00%
Willis  5     4     2     40.00%
Tyler   5     5     2     30.00%  
Myles   5     5     1     60.00%
Extra   5     5     1     10.00%
Abraham 4     6     1     40.00%

The first row is the kills of course, and then the next row is the 
deaths and then the next is the longest killing spree and then finally 
the accuracy. This chart was made just to show you waht would happen if 
a draw occured.

Lets start off. No matter what, whoever has the best kils wins. It 
doens't matter about anything else, the kills  are what matter to win. 
But if there is a draw in the kills for different places as you can see 
in the table. Willis, Tyler, Myles and Extra all drawed wih the kill 
amounts. So to determine who comes the better position, it moves into 
the next row, which is the deaths. Here, the lower the better. Willis 
was killed less times than Tyler, Myles and Extra, so he nabs second 
place. But Tyler, Myles and Extra all drawn with the kills and deaths. 
So next, it moves into the Killing Spree section. Tyler has a better 
number than Myles and Extra, so he nabs thrid place, but Myles and Extra 
drew again. It moves into the next colum and Myles has a better 
accuracy, so he gets a higher position.

It all might seem a bit comlicated, but you will get it soon enough.

                   SECTION 15: WEAPON PREFERENCES
Go to options and select Weapon PReferences. Then go to change prorities 
for the weapon. Here you can put your favourite weapon first, so that 
when you pick it up in the multiplayer game, it will automatically 
switch to it. 

Lets say this is your preferences:

1: 12mm Pistol
2: Sub-machinegun
3: Precision Rifle
4: Rocket Launcher
5: Fusion Rocket Launcher
6: Rail Driver
7: Remote Charge
8: Heavy Machine-gun
9: Assault Rifle
10: Automatic Shotgun
11: Sniper Rifle

Lets just say that you have a Sniper Rifle selected (Which is your worst 
priority) and then you pick up a 12mm Pistol, it will automatically swap 
to your newly aquired 12mm Pistol. If you are carrying a 12mm Pistol and 
you pick up a Precision rifle, then it wont swap, but just add the 
Precision Rifle to your inventory for later use. 

One more example: if you have a Sniper Rifle, and you pick up a Shotgun, 
then it will change. I think you get it know. You can change all of 
these settings by prssing X and moving the weapons upand down. Note that 
the Control Batton isn't used in the Multiplayer mode.
Here are my top weapons to use in the Mult-player mode:
here are my top weapon category choices:

(Out of: Fusion, Rocket, Remote, Driver)
1. Fusion - Due to the power
2. Rocket - Great for explosions
3. Remote - Only good for opening secrets
4. Driver - Poor accuracy, bad with the game speed

(Out of: Sub, Assault, Heavy)
1. Heavy Machinegun - Can kill in one shot with the 'alt fire' button
2. Sub - Easy to use, great accuracy 
3. Assault Rifle - Great weapon

(Out of: Precision, Sniper, Shotgun, Pistol, Shield)
1. Precision - Great accuracy, VERY quick kills
2. Pistol - Great accuaracy, very quick kills
3. Shotgun - Not good, but still ok for killing
4. Sniper - Bad weapon, kills quick, but accuracyu is a problem
5. Shield - Useless

                       SECTION 16: SECRETS 
The roof in the Lobby level can be accessed using Geo Mod. Ge Mod in 
case you don't know lets you destroy part and ulter the enviroments 
around you. You can see a ramp on one fo the sides up the top. Grab 
yourself the bazooka that appears there and start blasting away at the 
posts there. Keep blasting away with you rocket launcher, uncovering 
spaces where you can jump through to the roof. You must shoot the wall 
alot though to get up there. Up top on the roof there is Rail Driver and 
also a Fusion Rocket Launcher. You can walk all over the plave because 
of the glass to protect you, but once it is broken, then you will fall 
down. If you shoot a fusion rocket-launcher bullet at the glas, it will 
shatter the glass, and the bullet will keep on going. 

The Fusion rocket launcher is capable of mass destruction, so only use 
it good when LOTS of people are below you, otherwise the bullet would be 
wasted, and you only get about 1 so then you have to wait for it to re-
spawn. the other weapon up here is the Rail Driver, which can shoot 
through walls, but otherwise due to the crap accuracy of it and the 
speed of the game, it is useless. Better take more weapons up withyou 
here if you want some kills. Also, if you don't feel like fighting, you 
can come up here for a look down and watch some of the killing that goes 
below on the main floor of the lobby. 

Alot of the time during the multi-player levels, you will find some 
posters on the wall. Most of them say something about ultor or something 
else, but did you ever think there was something suspicious about them, 
well you were right. Grab yourself a rocket launcher or a Remote charge. 
Approach any of the posters that you want a secret area to uncover, then 
fire at the wall.

Make sure you stand back with either of these weapons, because the blast 
can sometimes get to you, and that is bad. Once the poster is blown up, 
the wall will blow up. If the wall isn't blown up enough to get it, hit 
for another spot in the wall to destroy that, this will destroy more of 
the wall, leaving more space to get in. Hidden ereas usually contain 
explosives. The secret areas can also be used for great sniper spots. If 
someone comes around the corner, pick em off.

Go to the area called the blasted canyone Multi-player level. 
Personally, this is a great level, because it is just basic and great 
for some quick kills. Anyway, when you start, you will notice that you 
are up high, deserted from the rest of the people below. In order to get 
down, you have to jump, and you are up high. If you fall from a high 
spot, you will know that you lose health.

Violition have made it that you have to lose health before you are 
actually in a battle. Maybe this is just to make it harder or something, 
who knows?! This can also be used as a sniper spot if you want. And i 
guess if you really don't wanna lose health everythime you re-spawn, 
there is a rocket launcher there, so you can use Geo-Mod to your 
advantage. Really, it's not worth it.

Man, that heading took longer than usual. I thought I should bareviate 
it, but then people would think iot's something to do with the guide not 
the game. FAQ has several different meanings. The most common one is 
Frueqently Asked Questions, but it can mean alot of things, one of those 
things is called a strategy guide. So tmy guide and the F.A.Q are 
different. Frequently Asked Questions are deigned to reduce the amount 
of mail that I get, as most questions about Red Faction Multi-player can 
be answered here. If the question cannot be answerwed here, then feel 
free to e-mail me (See above "FAQ Intro") If the question is in here 
that you sent me, I will probably not reply, or just say the answer is 
in  the F.A.Q section. 

QUESTION: Can you use the vehicles of the game in teh Multiplayer mode?

ANSWER: No, no you can't. I can't see the animation of the enemy bots in 
Vehicles driving around shooting in things like the APC and such. Also, 
there would really be no fun at all with it, because of your vehicle was 
destroyed, you wouldn't be killed yet becuase you can just get out. 
Vehicles have much armour, and it would be hard to kill them. So, I 
really would like this multiplayer better without vehicles.
QUESTION: How do I complete the X section in the Multiplayer mode?

ANSWER: This is a Multiplayer guide. Here are afew guides that will help 
you with these questions. Here are the links to any 1 player walkthrough 
information and al those sorts of things:

http://db.gamefaqs.com/console/ps2/file/red_faction_a.txt ~ TCovert's
QUESTION: Can I add stuff to the guide, as in Tips and Secrets?

ANSWER: Yup, of course. My e-mail is Wayalla1(at)yahoo.com.au Just 
replace the (at) with @. As long as the information is true, then you 
will be credited and the Information will go into this guide.

	               SECTION 18: CLOSING

Volition: For making this Kick Ass game. This is one of my favourite 	    
games, and will probably remain that way. You have done well.

CjayC:    The webmaster on gamefaqs, thanks for posting my guide on 	    
your great site. Gamefaqs is alos the host of all of my 	    guides. 
Once again, well done for being my favourite site for 	    Guides, 
Reviews, Cheats and the message boards.

Wayalla:  Thats me, for creating this guide. Pretty good don't you 	    
think :) Anyway, I deserve some credit in this section too.

Inferno:  He who was going to work on a joint guide with me, 	    
but then it didn't turn out. 

This section just describes to you what you will find in later updates 
of this guide. I still have many more things to do, and it isn't 
finished yet.

- The rest of the level descriptions, I'm mission only afew
- The last of the weapon descriptions, only the ones in the multiplayer 
mode, cos that is what this guide os for.
- More tips, I find usefull tips every day
- The rest of the damage of bullets section done
- Might add a section labelled something like "Weapon Locations" and 
list the locations of the weapons in the level

This Document Copyright Aaron Baker, 2003.
This Document Copyright Wayalla, 2003.

It may be used for Personal and private use only, and can't be put in a 
magazine, put on a site that you need to pay money to acces this FAQ or 
just generally sold. This guide is sole property of Aaron Baker. Only 
authorized websites can have this FAQ, but must not alter the copyright 
notice at all, or any of the text inside. This guide is availabe free of 
cost from sites authorized, and I am taking time out of my busy life to 
write this, so be thankful that I am helping you and writing this. Do 
not rip off this guide in Part or Whole, that is illegal and the 
appropriate steps will be taken if nessecary. I didn't wirte this guide 
so that someone could just come and rip it off.
I say goodbye.

Like my work? Check out this link to see other FAQs/Guides written by 
me, Wayalla.


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