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Guide and Walkthrough by Croco

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 06/11/2001

______   _____  _____    _______ _     _____ _______ _   ____   _    _
|  ___ \ |  ___||  _  \  |_______|_\   /___  \_    __| | / __ \ | \  | |
| |___) )| |___ | | \__|  _____  ___   __  |__||__| |  || /  \ ||  \ | |
|   ___/ |____/ |_|   _  |   __|/ _ \ |  |      __  |__||_|  |_||   \| |
|__/ ___  _      _   | | |  |  / /_\ \|  |  __ |  |  __  _    _ |_|\___|
 __  \  \| |___ | |_/  | |  | /  ___  \  \_|  ||  | |  || \__/ | _   __ 
|__| |__||_____||_____/  |__|/__/   \__\_____/ |__| |__| \____/ |_|  \_|

############################_________________########\   \##############
###########################/ _______________ \########\   \#############
##########################/ / __ __ __ ___  \ \########\   \############
#########################/ / /  /  /  /  /|_ \ \########\   \###########
###### _________________/_/_|  |  |  |  |_/ |_\_\________\   |##########
######|                     |__|__|__|__||  |             \  |]#########
######|_________________________________/   |____________ /  |]#########
#########################\ \ |             / / /#########/   |##########
##########################\ \_\           /_/ /#########/   /###########
###########################\___|         |___/#########/   /############
###############################|         |############/   /#############
###############################|         |###########/___/##############

                 ~An FAQ/Walkthrough Created By: Croco~  


This Document is Copyrighted 2001 by Croco. Reproduction of this document in 
part or in whole without the author's consent is strictly forbidden. If persons 
wish to use the FAQ for their personal and private use only, then a copy may be 

This Extensive FAQ/Walkthrough to the PlayStation 2 game Red Faction Includes 
the Following Features:
     *A Detailed Walkthrough To The Single Player Mode
     *A Comprehensive Look at the Multiplayer Levels and Strategies
     *Complete Lists of Weapons, Vehicles, Characters, and Others
     *More! Read On...

Contact Me: croco64@yahoo.com (See Part 4, Section 3 for details)

This FAQ/Walkthrough for Red Faction is currently in Version 1.1, Created June 
11th, 2001 by Croco.

Version 1.1 - 6/11/01
The first update is here, and will hopefully start to make up for the lack of 
completeness found in the first version. Now that Summer's here and school's 
out, I'll have more time to update. Of course, Black and White has gotten me 
rather addicted, so the effects may cancel out. Nonetheless, expect to see 
another update in a few days. As for this update, I've included Areas 5 - 8 in 
the Single Player Walkthrough, as well as new additions and descriptions to the 
Weapons and Enemies sections. By the way, I've gotten a new (kickass) computer 
and wanted to gloat about it.

Version 1.0 - 6/3/01
FAQ Number 11 hits the streets today in the form of Red Faction, and it couldn't 
be at a happier time. You see, this week I will experience the favorite time 
period of every student: final exam week. Not only do the exams count for an 
insane portion of your grade, you get to spend all your free time studying for 
them! Like the geek I am, I'm going to be holed up pretty soon scrounging for 
ways to boost my exam grades. For you, the reader, this means it will be over 
week before my next update comes out. Couldn't have submitted this FAQ at a 
better time, huh? Well, I wanted to get it out while Red Faction is still all 
the rage. Anyway, what's here so far is Parts 1 and 5, most of Part 2, and the 
beginning of Part 3 has been started on. In short, this FAQ is rather 
incomplete, but don't worry, it'll be updated... in a while.



NEXT UPDATE: Expected 6/15/01



I. Part 1: Introduction
   1. Introduction
   2. The Story Behind This FAQ
   3. The Story of Red Faction
II. Part 2: Basics and Lists
   1. Controls & Play
   2. Characters
   3. Weapons*
   4. Vehicles*
   5. Enemies*
III. Part 3: Game Walkthrough
   1. Area 1: Live Mines
   2. Area 2: Mine Maintenance
   3. Area 3: Mine Entrance
   4. Area 4: Barracks Entrance
   5. Area 5: Barracks
   6. Area 6: Elevator to Registration
   7. Area 7: Miner Registration**
   8. Area 8: Registration Lobby**
   9. Area 9: Docking Bay**
IV. Multiplayer Levels & Strategies
   1. Arenas Guide
     A. The Lobby**
     B. Installation XJ5**
     C. Waste Disposal Plant**
     D. The Badlands**
     E. Hangar 18**
     F. Blasted Canyon**
     G. Waterlogged**
     H. Mine Warfare**
     I. Warlords**
   2. General Strategies**
V. Part 5: Miscellaneous
   1. Additional Tips
   2. Frequently Asked Questions
   3. Contact Info
   4. Credits/Other
   5. Closing Statement


*: This symbol indicates that this section has been started on, but is currently 
under completion. Expect more in future updates.
**: This symbol indicates that this section has not been started on at all. When 
it will be started on is usually based on the order it is found on the Table of 
 : No Marks indicate the section has been completed.


 ______                                                        ________
|  ___ \    _______________________________________________   |________|
| |___) )==/_______________________________________________\== ______
|   ___/ /\       ======= PART 1: INTRODUCTION =======      /\|   ___|
|__/ ___ \/_________________________________________________\/|  |
 __  \  \==\_______________________________________________/==|  |
|__| |__|                                                     |__|

              =============== INTRODUCTION ===============

     Garnering quite a bit of attention before its release, the fate of Red 
Faction was uncertain. It looked good, sounded good, and seemed to be good. Yet, 
with all the hype surrounding it, one was uncertain whether or not it would 
ultimately live up to it. Recent PS2 releases such as Oni had been incredibly 
hyped, but didn't live up to expectations. Would Red Faction manage to be as 
good as it claimed to be?
     Red Faction was said to change the FPS genre. Its biggest feature was the 
Geometry Modification Technology used throughout. Players could blast holes in 
walls, see glass shatter at the point of impact, and take out bridges swarming 
with enemies to send the evil-doers plummeting to their doom. Volition and THQ 
were also reiterating that the game also was a blast to play.
     The hype was perhaps a bit too much; Red Faction hasn't changed FPSs, and 
though the Geo-Mod technology is very cool, it is really more of a gimmick that 
adds to the experience, instead of defining it. However, one thing was certainly 
lived up to what was expected was that it was fun. Red Faction is one of the 
best additions to the PS2 library to date, and will certainly entice players of 
all kinds.


        =============== THE STORY BEHIND THIS FAQ ===============     

     Last year at the end of May, we were treated to what is widely recognized 
as the best console FPS around: Perfect Dark. When I heard of Red Faction coming 
out at the same time in 2001, I was quite excited. I didn't know if I was going 
to like it more than Perfect Dark, but I was looking forward to having a similar 
experience of playing an FPS then writing up an FAQ for it.
     Having completed this game and played the multiplayer, I still leave the 
crown on Perfect Dark's throne, but Red Faction certainly isn't a bad game. In 
fact, it's quite fun to play.
     OK, enough sappy crap about how the game is good. Now it's time for me to 
talk about the one thing that matters in the universe: me. I'm writing this FAQ, 
I made that cool ASCII art up top (isn't it cool? It's my first decent picture 
in my FAQs), and learn about the many ways you can give me money for my 
brilliance by e-mailing me. Yes, that last thing was about you. Aren't I caring? 
Well, let's get on with it. Roll that beautiful bean footage! 


        =============== THE STORY OF RED FACTION ===============     

     One of Red Faction's big plusses is its intense story. Half of the exciting 
part is building up to it. Therefore, having some background makes it all the 
more interesting as it develops. Below is the story from the start, as told in 
the instruction manual.

"Mars in the near future.

Mars is the planet of opportunity, its mineral wealth feeding the insatiable 
needs of Earth, a planet stripped of raw materials and minerals. Ultor 
Corporation, aptly named after the ancient Roman temple dedicated to Mars the 
god of war, owns all the mining rights on the planet. The company is an expert 
at maximizing profits while minimizing costs. Fortunes are made as cargo ship 
after cargo ship return to Earth filled with precious Noachite.

Mine workers, misled by promises of adventure and easy money, arrive on Mars by 
the shuttle load. Few even make it back to Earth. Conditions in the Ultor mines 
are brutal. The work is dangerous and the miners' living quarters are 
disgusting. Environmental suits and bunks are shared between miners on different 
shifts. Food is lousy and in short supply. And beatings from Ultor guards are 

Worst of all, a mysterious, disfiguring Plague is running rampant through the 
mines. As the death toll rises and Ultor remains complacent, the miners' fear 
and discontent grows. Pamphlets and posters from an underground organization 
begin showing up all over the mining complex. Signed by the mysterious Eos, the 
pamphlets tell of bizarre deaths and missing comrades and urge the miners to 
take action against Ultor. Tensions run high. The mines are wired like a powder 
keg. All it will take is a spark...

During a shift change, a young man is brutally assaulted by an Ultor guard. 
Another miner, Parker, witnesses the brutality and is quickly caught up in the 
chaos. He has no choice. Kill or be killed. A rebellion explodes across Mars.

Can you live long enough to become a hero?"

                                         -Red Faction Instruction Manual


 ______                                                        ________
|  ___ \    _______________________________________________   |________|
| |___) )==/_______________________________________________\== ______
|   ___/ /\     ======= PART 2: BASICS AND LISTS =======    /\|   ___|
|__/ ___ \/_________________________________________________\/|  |
 __  \  \==\_______________________________________________/==|  |
|__| |__|                                                     |__|

            =============== CONTROLS AND PLAY ===============

     Red Faction's control style uses the Dualshock controller to its advantage 
rather than hinder its play. I've heard it's rather similar to the control in 
TimeSplitters. One of the great things about Red Faction's controls is that you 
can customize it exactly to your liking. I prefer to have the left stick control 
moving forward and turning, and I was able to switch to just that. Pretty handy. 
Below are the default settings.

- Left Analog Stick: Walk Forward/Backward, Sidestep Left/Right
- Right Analog Stick: Look Up/Down, Turn Left/Right
- Directional Buttons
   Up: Fine Aim Mode
   Down: Center View
   Left: Draw/Put Away Weapon
   Right: Display Past Messages
- X Button: Action Button (open doors, hit switches), Confirm Menu
- O Button: Cycle to Next Weapon
- Square Button: Cycle to Previous Weapon
- Triangle Button: Reload, Cancel Menu Selections
- L1 Button: Jump
- R1 Button: Fire (Primary Mode)
- L2 Button: Crouch
- R2 Button: Fire Secondary Mode/Switch to Secondary Mode
- Start Button: Pause Game
- Select Button: Access In-Game Menu (Save, Load, Options, Quit) 
- L3 Button: No Use 
- R3 Button: No Use


In the upper left corner of the screen, you'll see a little human figure with a 
circle around him. This is where you can check on your Health and Envirosuit 
Armor. The number on the left displays your health, while the number on the 
right your armor. Armor will shield the brute force of an attack, saving much of 
your health. However, armor is much less abundant than medical kits and other 
health-replenishing items. The circle around the human also displays your 
current Envirosuit Armor level.

The weapons you find in your battle across Mars, obvious, are used to take out 
the enemy. Most weapons have primary and secondary functions, sometimes aiding 
you with the weapon and sometimes dealing damage in different forms. All weapons 
have their advantages and disadvantages. Ammo can be found on dead guards and 
throughout the locations you visit.

While not really civilians, these guys are considered innocent bystanders and 
will not hurt you. If you have a weapon drawn in their presence, they will cower 
in fear. Unlike other FPS games, there is no penalty for killing them, and, in 
fact, they many times will drop medical kits when they die.

The famous Geo-Mod Engine performs some functions that we already have seen in 
other games, like enemies reacting to shots in specific areas on their bodies 
and bullet holes in walls. However, such things like blasting through rock and 
walls with explosives and shattering glass at the point of impact, and 
ricocheting bullets are new innovations in the realm of FPSs. It's quite fun to 
test these things out, and you'll be sure to notice it as you play.


               =============== CHARACTERS ===============     

     While few and far between, Red Faction's handful of characters prove to be 
quite interesting and each develop their own unique personalities. Below is some 
background information on all the significant people you'll meet up with on your 

Status: Ultor Miner
Role: Heroic rebel that fights Ultor for the liberation of Mars
Description: You are Parker, a miner employed by Ultor. One day you
   witness a guard brutally attacking another miner and you are left
   with only one choice - kill or be killed.
Quote: "It's getting tense around here. We're all scared and angry. 
   Angry at Ultor for the conditions we work in and scared of the
   Plague. Miners are getting sick. Not flu-sick but something worse.
   Every day, dozens of miners collapse, in the mines and in the
   barracks, without warning. One minute they're fine, the next they're
   on the ground, writhing in pain or sometimes unconscious even before
   they hit the floor. And there's something wrong with their faces too.
   They seem... puffy or stretched. Some say that they've seen sick
   miners whose faces are bulging or pulsating. Everyone is on the verge
   of panic." 

Parker is the hero, the guy you'll control in all of Red Faction. He goes to 
Mars with the vision of excitement, adventure, and good money that most other 
prospective workers see as well. However, when he arrives, he finds that the 
mines are much different than he expected. He is quite well-educated (recently 
being accepted into Harvard), but his arrogance and short temper can sometimes 
get the best of him. He is definitely a key figure in the events and tactics of 
Red Faction.

Status: Ultor Security Technician
Role: Helps Red Faction and Parker by hacking into Ultor Security
Description: During the game you will hear messages from Hendrix, and
   Ultor security technician sympathetic to the cause.
Quote: "For years, I've existed in two worlds. The physical world that I
   share with everyone else here is the daily drudgery of this hellish
   mining complex. But the virtual world of Ultor's computer net is mine
   aline. I've never talked about it with anyone, and I've never spotted
   another human presence among the autonomous programs that run the 

Hendrix will be your eyes throughout the game. He'll notify you of things you 
need to do, problems up ahead, and other things. He hacks into Ultor's security 
systems, finding out vital information for Parker and Red Faction. He's a key 
part in the fight for freedom, and his help will definitely be appreciated.

Status: Leader of the Red Faction
Role: Guides the rebellion and helps the miners attain victory
Description: Eos is the leader of the resistance movement on Mars. 
   When Parker and a few brave miners fight back against the guards'
   brutality, the Red Faction triggers a full-scale revolt.
Quote: "The next few days are going to make or break us. Four years of
   planning and plotting are either going to pay off or get us all
   killed. Getting rid of Ultor is the goal for everyone else in Red
   Faction. But I want more. I want to know who's behind the Plague. And
   I want them to die."

Eos is the person in charge of Red Faction and has led the progress towards the 
rebellion. She has personally been hurt by the Plague, which took the life of 
her parents. Ever since she was a child, she wanted to destroy Ultor. After much 
cunning and secret planning, Red Faction is now ready to strike, with Eos 
leading the way. She'll contact Parker and inform him of the general situation 
of the miners and Mars.

Status: Deputy Administrator of Ultor Corp.
Role: Ultor employee that may prove helpful in the rebellion
Description: None
Quote: None

Deputy Administrator Gryphon was the person that allowed the Red Faction to 
start meeting in the first place. Whether this was intentional or not is 
unknown. While he works for Ultor, he seems to be willing to further the rebel 

Status: Scientist for Ultor
Role: Unknown
Description: None
Quote: None

Capek is a scientist working for Ultor. He seems to have a lot of power within 
the corporation, and may be behind some of the unrevealed secrets. He has 
created many new technologies for Ultor recently.

Status: Mercenary Leader
Role: Unknown
Description: None
Quote: None

Not much is known about Masako other than that she leads the mercenary forces 
that were brought to Mars shortly before the uprising begun. She and her 
mercenaries are ruthless warriors, and are not to be trifled with.


                 =============== WEAPONS ===============     

     Weapons, like in all first-person shooters, are the items that decide 
whether you'll kill the next enemy or be killed by him. None of the weapons are 
perfect; all have their advantages and disadvantages. Most of the weapons not 
only has a primary function, but also a secondary one. The secondary might be as 
little as a scope or as big as an alternate form of attack. Read below to find 
out everything on the weapons in this game.

---~WEAPONS LIST KEY~---------------------------------------------------
1. Name: The name of the weapon.
2. Manufacturing Name: Ultor's Official name for the weapon.
3. Ammo Type: What kind of bullets/ammo the weapon uses. This is helpful
  to know because some weapons use the same kind of bullets.
4. Primary Function: The standard form of attack for the weapon.
5. Alternate Function: The secondary fire or mode for the weapon. Some
  weapons do not have a secondary function.
6. Clip Size: How many rounds you'll be able to use before you must
7. Maximum Ammo: The maximum amount of ammo you can hold at one time.
8. Pick-Up Ammo: The maximum amount of ammo you can receive from a
  dropped weapon.
9. Power: How much the weapon hurts the enemy, either Very Weak, Weak,
  Medium, Strong, Very Strong, Explosive, Fusion, or Lethal (in
  ascending order of power).
10. Range: The most effective range that the enemy should be at while
  firing, either Very Short, Short, Medium, Long, or Very Long. 
11. Rate of Fire: How quickly the weapon fires, either Slow, Medium,
  Fast, or Rapid.  
12. Reload Time: How long the weapon will take to reload, either Slow,
  Medium, or Fast. Some weapons do not reload as they are expendable.
13. Description: The instruction manual's description of the weapon.

Manufacturing Name: USP-16 Ultor Semi-Automatic Pistol
Ammo Type: 12 mm bullets 
Primary Function: Fire Single Round 
Alternate Function: Attach/Detach Silencer 
Clip Size: 16 Rounds
Maximum Ammo: 125
Pick-Up Ammo: 24 
Power: Weak
Range: Short to Medium
Rate of Fire: Medium/Fast
Reload Time: Fast
Description: This basic semi automatic pistol packs a serious punch
  against unarmed targets. The pistol can penetrate body armor but with
  significantly less impact. This weapon is standard issue for Ultor 
  security guards. The pistol can be fired underwater.

The 12 mm Pistol is your basic weapon and the first real weapon you'll find. 
Though not very powerful, it provides a good rate of fire and a quick reload 
time. Though there are better weapons to be found, it gets the job done and does 
it well. The Pistol's alternate function is putting a silencer on. While the 
silencer is helpful for remaining quiet while in stealth areas.

Manufacturing Name: UCB-24 Ultor Control Baton
Ammo Type: Battery Cell
Primary Function: Swing Baton as Club
Alternate Function: Electric Shock Mode
Clip Size: 1 Battery Cell
Maximum Ammo: 10
Pick-Up Ammo: 1
Power: Strong
Range: Very Short
Rate of Fire: ?
Reload Time: Medium
Description: This crowd control weapon can serve as a truncheon or a
  stun gun.

Functioning as a powerful weapon, the Control Baton is generally used by Ultor 
Guards to keep rowdy Miners under control. However, after stealing one of these 
for yourself, you too can use it. While it is quite powerful and will down most 
enemies in one of two swings, you must stand right next to an enemy to use it. 
When they're firing powerful guns at point blank range, it isn't a good thing. 
You'll more than likely lose health if you use the Control Baton, so only take 
it out as a last resort.

Manufacturing Name: UBS-4 Ultor Riot Body Shield
Ammo Type: N/A
Primary Function: Swing Shield
Alternate Function: None
Clip Size: N/A
Maximum Ammo: 1 
Pick-Up Ammo: 1 
Power: Very Weak
Range: Very Short
Rate of Fire: Slow
Reload Time: N/A
Description: A body-sized translucent shield that is used by the riot
  guards of Ultor. The riot shield is lightweight but can withstand
  blast and gunfire damage for a brief period of time.

The Riot Shield's main purpose is to block enemy fire. While it won't entirely 
protect you from bullets and explosions, it will block some of the force and 
reduce the overall damage you take. Use the shield when you need to get through 
an ammo quickly but can't afford to take out a ton of enemies (for example, if 
you have low health or ammo). The Riot Shield can also be used as a weapon by 
swinging it. This is not a desirable form of attack, as it's very weak and you 
must be standing right next to the enemy to use it. Use the Riot Shield as a 
shield and leave the weapons to the guns.

Manufacturing Name: UAS-10 Ultor Automatic Combat Shotgun
Ammo Type: 10 Gauge Buckshot Shells
Primary Function: Fires Double Shot (Pump Action)
Alternate Function: Fires Single Shot (Continuous Fire) 
Clip Size: 8 rounds
Maximum Ammo: 48
Pick-Up Ammo: 12
Power: Strong
Range: Short to Medium
Rate of Fire: Medium
Reload Time: Medium
Description: This weapon is a military-grade shotgun capable of semi-
  automatic and full automatic fire. Recoil in semi-automatic mode is
  slightly less than a civilian 10-gauge shotgun. Fully automatic fire
  is more difficult to control because of the recoil compensator's
  response time.

The Shotgun has some advantages (particularly its power), but its disadvantages 
make it a rather clumsy weapon to use. Its accuracy is awful, and you'll need to 
be rather close to your enemy to hit them. If you want the power this gun gives, 
you'll need to use the double shot. However, the double shot also eats through 
ammo much quicker and requires you to pump after every shot. While one of the 
most powerful normal weapons, the shotgun has too many disadvantages to make it 
a stable addition to your repertoire.

Manufacturing Name: URC-15 Ultor Remote Mining Charge
Ammo Type: Remote Mine
Primary Function: Throw/Detonate Charge
Alternate Function: None
Clip Size: 1 Mine
Maximum Ammo: 20
Pick-Up Ammo: ?
Power: Explosive
Range: Short
Rate of Fire: Slow
Reload Time: N/A
Description: This is a medium-sized, high-explosive remotely detonated
  charge. It has a kill radius of 10 meters. Only one charge can be 
  detonated at a time. They are effective against unarmored and armored
  personnel as well as light vehicles.

Remote Charges are explosives that stick to pretty much anything. Just throw it 
on the desired object that you want to blow to kingdom come, run away a safe 
distance, the press the big red button to make it go boom. While not as helpful 
for fighting purposes, Remote Charges are safe ways to blast through walls and 
set up traps for guards.

Manufacturing Name: UAR-42 Military Assault Rifle
Ammo Type: 5.56 mm High Velocity Armor Piercing Bullets
Primary Function: Fire Three-Round Burst
Alternate Function: Continuous Automatic Fire
Clip Size: 42 rounds
Maximum Ammo: 200
Pick-Up Ammo: 63
Power: Medium
Range: Short to Long
Rate of Fire: Fast/Rapid
Reload Time: Fast
Description: This weapon is designed to offer all the benefits of a
  full-length rifle in a compact design. It is capable of firing three
  round bursts or full automatic fire. Compared to fully automatic fire,
  three round bursts offer increased control and aim but potentially
  decreased force, unless fired at close range. The high-velocity armor-
  piercing shells inflict massive damage in unarmored targets and will
  penetrate body armor easily. This is the standard rifle issued to
  Ultor soldiers.

The Assault Rifle is one of the best weapon choices throughout the game. Not 
only are its three-round bursts very potent and effective against the enemy 
forces, a continuous stream of automatic fire can be used for even more power. 
Add to that its good range, fast reload time, and large clip size and you've got 
yourself a winner. 

Manufacturing Name: URL-6T Ultor Tactical Rocket Launcher (AKA Big Earl)
Ammo Type: 15 cm High Explosive
Primary Function: Fires "Dumb" Rockets (normal fire)
Alternate Function: Engages Heat-Seeking Mode
Clip Size: 6 rounds
Maximum Ammo: ?
Pick-Up Ammo: ?
Power: Explosive
Range: Medium to Long
Rate of Fire: Slow
Reload Time: Medium
Description: This weapon is capable of firing its rockets in "dumb" or
  "homing" (i.e., heat-seeking) mode. Once homing mode is selected, it
  takes approximately 2.75 seconds for the thermal imaging sensor to 
  achieve target lock. The weapon beeps when locked onto a target. Once
  fired the rocket tracks the target until contact or until it runs out
  of fuel.

The Rocket Launcher shoots out rockets at a powerful speed. In the primary mode, 
they fly straight through the air until they hit something. In the secondary 
mode, they'll lock onto the target, but it'll take a little while to get a lock-
on. A very powerful and very useful weapon with a good blast radius.

Manufacturing Name: UAP-32/20 Ultor Submachine Gun
Ammo Type: 12 mm bullets
Primary Function: Automatic Fire
Alternate Function: Toggle between 12 mm and 5.56 mm rounds
Clip Size: 30 rounds
Maximum Ammo: ?
Pick-Up Ammo: ?
Power: Strong
Range: Short to Medium
Rate of Fire: Automatic
Reload Time: Fast
Description: This weapon is slightly larger than the pistol and is
  capable of full automatic fire. Heavier than the pistol, the
  submachine gun offers better control in full auto mode, though it
  remains inaccurate at medium or long range. Ultor officers (the guard
  commanders) are issued assault rifles as standard weapons.

Another rapid-fire weapon, the Submachine Gun is quite can be quite powerful if 
you get close to your foe. From further away, it's not as effective. The reload 
time is very quick and the 30 round clip is a decent size. Overall, it's a good 
choice for heading into battle with.  

Manufacturing Name: UFT-1 Ultor Flame Thrower
Ammo Type: Fuel Tank
Primary Function: 4-Meter Flame Shot
Alternate Function: Incendiary Bomb (throw Fuel Canister)
Clip Size: 1
Maximum Ammo: ?
Pick-Up Ammo: ?
Power: Strong
Range: Short to Medium
Rate of Fire: Continuous
Reload Time: Medium

The Flamethrower is a powerful weapon, as it ignites whomever it hits on fire. 
The main concern with this is that you must be rather close to your victim and 
make sure they stay put for a second (it's harder to maneuver with the flame). 
After you've set the enemy aflame, watch out for their erratic running or you 
could be subject to burns, to. Throwing a fuel canister (the alternate function) 
isn't the best explosive attack, especially considering that you don't throw it 
too far and it may cause damage to yourself if you aren't careful. The 
Flamethrower is more of a cool weapon than a useful weapon.

Manufacturing Name: USG-50 Ultor Sniper Rifle
Ammo Type: .50 Caliber Armor Piercing Bullets
Primary Function: Fire One Round
Alternate Function: Activate/Deactivate Scope (Hold R2 to Zoom Further)
Clip Size: 6 rounds
Maximum Ammo: ?
Pick-Up Ammo: ?
Power: ?
Range: Short to Very Long
Rate of Fire: ?
Reload Time: ?
Description: Capable of semi-automatic firing only, this sniper rifle
  comes standard with an UNVS-8 scope that provides the user with up to
  12x zoom. The rifle also features a wind velocity offset that corrects
  for wind conditions. This weapon is capable  of inflicting critical
  damage when a head or torso shot is achieved. It is also capable of
  penetrating light armored vehicles.

No first-person shooter is complete without a Sniper Rifle, but you could 
actually do without one in Red Faction. Very rarely are you given a situation 
where a guard is far away and they don't notice you right away. Even then, 
precise aiming is rather clumsy. Still, the Sniper Rifle can be useful in some 
situations, but they don't come up enough to fully utilize the coolness of this 

Manufacturing Name: UHG-90 Ultor Offensive Hand Grenade
Ammo Type: N/A
Primary Function: Toss as an Impact Grenade
Alternate Function: Toss as a Timed Grenade (4 seconds)
Clip Size: 1 Grenade
Maximum Ammo: ?
Pick-Up Ammo: ?
Power: Explosive
Range: Short
Rate of Fire: Slow
Reload Time: N/A
Description: This weapon is a high explosive anti-personnel device with
  a kill radius of 5 meters. The grenade has a 4-second timer that
  starts when thrown. Hand grenades are highly effective against
  unarmored personnel and moderately effective against armored

Grenades are the alternate to Remote Charges. Instead of having to detonate 
them, Grenades either explode on impact or after four seconds. Grenades are 
rarely more useful than Remote Charges, as you need to be close to the enemy to 
hit them with a grenade, but also need to be far away to avoid the blast. Only 
use them when your Rocket Launcher ammo is used up and you need a quick 
exploding device.

Manufacturing Name: MK/SG-1 Defender Precision Rifle
Ammo Type: 5.65 mm Explosive Ammo
Primary Function: Semi-Automatic Fire
Alternate Function: Activate/Deactivate Scope (Hold R2 to Zoom Further)
Clip Size: 20 rounds
Maximum Ammo: ?
Pick-Up Ammo: ?
Power: Strong
Range: Long
Rate of Fire: Medium
Reload Time: Fast
Description: A favorite of mercenary grunts, this rifle fires a single
  explosive round with precision accuracy.

The Precision Rifle is another excellent choice for top weapon. While it is only 
semi-automatic, it is a powerful gun with good accuracy. Its better accuracy 
allows you to stay back where the enemy's accuracy is diminished. This gun 
doesn't appear until after halfway through the game, but it will have abundant 
ammo supplies afterwards and will always be a good choice.

Manufacturing Name: JF60-HMG/BF Heavy Suppression Machine Gun
Ammo Type: 7.62 mm Caliber Bullets
Primary Function: Full Automatic Fire
Alternate Function: Slower Automatic Fire (with increased accuracy)
Clip Size: 99 rounds
Maximum Ammo: ?
Pick-Up Ammo: ?
Power: Medium
Range: Long
Rate of Fire: Automatic
Reload Time: ?
Description: A terribly inaccurate, but fast firing weapon. Holds tons
  of ammo and best used when raw firepower and maximum suppression is 

*Comments Coming Soon*

Manufacturing Name: FCA-26 Magnetic Rail Driver
Ammo Type: Metal Slug
Primary Function: Fires Metal Slug
Alternate Function: Engages Infrared Scope
Clip Size: 1 round
Maximum Ammo: ?
Pick-Up Ammo: ?
Power: Lethal
Range: Medium to Long
Rate of Fire: Slow
Reload Time: Slow
Description: This weapon was brought to Mars by Col. Masako's
  mercenaries. Capable of firing metal slugs at ultra-high velocity,
  the rail gun can penetrate walls.

*Comments Coming Soon!*

Manufacturing Name: F-1TL Fusion Rocket Launcher
Ammo Type: Fusion Shell
Primary Function: Fires Single Large Shell
Alternate Function: None
Clip Size: 1 round
Maximum Ammo: ?
Pick-Up Ammo: 1
Power: Fusion
Range: Long
Rate of Fire: Slow
Reload Time: Slow
Description: Huge shoulder-mounted weapon that fires a single powerful
  shell capable of massive amounts of damage.

The Fusion Rocket Launcher is one of the most powerful weapons in the game that 
mercilessly tears through enemies in an instant. The blast radius is humongous, 
so be sure you're well out of the way if you decide to use this weapon. Nothing 
works better against bosses and large groups of enemies, so long as you're 
careful. Ammo is rather rare, however, so you'd be wise to save these shots for 
only when it's needed.


                =============== VEHICLES ===============     

     One of Red Faction's biggest features are the incredible vehicles that you 
can climb into and control. There are a total of five vehicles, each with their 
own unique stats and weapons. The one thing they all have in common is that 
they're a blast to try out.

Found: Mine Maintenance
Armor: Unknown
Primary Fire: Drill
Alternate Fire: None
Primary Fire Ammo: N/A
Alternate Fire Ammo: N/A
Speed: Slow
Power: Weak
Description: The Driller is a relatively slow but heavily armored
  vehicle that allows you to slowly dig through the environment. It is a
  great source of protection for Parker but does not possess any form of
  fire-power. Use the Primary Fir button to engage the driller bits. 
  Pressing the Alternate Fire button will cycle through the four points
  of view: Front, Left, Rear, and Right.

The Driller is less a useful vehicle than a vehicle that is an interesting 
vehicle to try out and explore the Geo-Mod technology with. With its dual drill 
bits, the Driller allows you to dig into walls, structures, or anything else you 
can find around. Digging a deep tunnel around a door is rather fun, but not very 
useful. After a short while, the drill bits will need maintenance and your fun 
will be ended. Too bad.



                 =============== ENEMIES ===============     

     Red Faction features a variety of enemies. Sometimes all that distinguishes 
them is the weapon they use, while other times armor, appearance, and even if 
they're among the human race may be brought into the mold. Read below to find 
out about them.

First Found: Live Mines
Weapon: 12 mm Pistol
Armor: None

The standard guard in Ultor's system is the fittingly named Ultor Guard. They 
carry around the rather ineffective 12 mm Pistol. They wear no armor, and are 
not particularly skilled in fighting. Your basic enemy.

First Found: Live Mines
Weapon: Control Baton
Armor: None

The Riot Guard can be a big pain. They dash at you at top speed, then 
continuously swing their Control Baton at you. Many times you won't even notice 
them approach and will start to take a lot of damage. If you ever notice health 
draining repeatedly, look around for a Riot Guard. If you're ready for them, a 
quick shot or two will take them out before they can get to you.

First Found: Mine Maintenance
Weapon: Rocket Launcher
Armor: None

The Rocket Guard is similar to the standard Ultor Guard, but instead of Pistols 
they wield the much-deadlier Rocket Launcher. Be sure to keep your distance so 
you have time to move out of the way of the rockets they shoot.

First Found: Mine Entrance
Weapon: Chain Gun, Mortar
Armor: Heavily Armored

Also a vehicle that you can get into later in your quest, the APC is quite a 
formidable foe. If you want to take it out when an enemy's in the driver's seat, 
you'll need to use some cunning tactics rather than brute force.

First Found: Barracks Entrance
Weapon: Automatic Shotgun
Armor: None

These enemies are promoted from the normal Ultor Guards and are given the more 
powerful Automatic Shotgun as their weapon. This weapon is definitely more 
annoying (and harmful) than the pistol. 

First Found: Barracks
Weapon: Automatic Gun
Armor: Heavy

Planted Guns are stationary weapons that don't require a person to man them to 
fire. They are very dangerous and are quite heavily armored. These guns are also 
many times placed in strategic locations, making it harder for you to destroy or 
surprising you when you walk by. Use a rocket or two to take them out quickly.

First Found: Miner Registration
Weapon: Assault Rifle
Armor: None

Assault Ultor Guards are rather self-explanatory. They're just like the other 
Ultor Guards. The difference is that they carry the more deadly Assault Rifle 
than a 12 mm Pistol or Automatic Shotgun.

First Found: Registration Lobby
Weapon: Automatic Gun
Armor: Light

Similar to Planted Guns, Drone Guns are stationary, but instead of bein gon the 
ground, they're found on the wall or the ceiling. Their armor is much weaker 
than that of the Planted Gun.



 ______                                                        ________
|  ___ \    _______________________________________________   |________|
| |___) )==/_______________________________________________\== ______
|   ___/ /\     ======= PART 3: GAME WALKTHROUGH =======    /\|   ___|
|__/ ___ \/_________________________________________________\/|  |
 __  \  \==\_______________________________________________/==|  |
|__| |__|                                                     |__|

     The third part of this FAQ takes you into the Walkthrough, where all the 
information you need for completing the game is found. I've divided it up into 
areas for convenience. Each area is usually found after the game loads, and 
you'll be able to tell by a new name appearing on the save game menu. In many 
places in the game, there are multiple routes you can take. I'll usually 
describe the easiest or most beneficial one to take (or perhaps both). Anyway, 
look below to find coverage to the game's single player mode.

 | /                                                                \ |
 ||        =============== AREA 1: LIVE MINES ===============        ||

     The Live Mines are the places where Miners dig. They are the areas deep 
underground where Drillers and humans hack away at the soil in search of 
precious raw materials. Parker's shift has just ended, and you gain control of 

WEAPONS: 12 mm Pistol, Control Baton, Remote Charges, Rocket Launcher
ENEMIES: Ultor Guard, Riot Guard

========== LEVEL WALKTHROUGH ==========

The game begins with a message notifying you that your shift is over. Head down 
the tunnel and you'll encounter a Riot Guard and a Miner getting in a fight. 
Guards in the background are too quick to the trigger and open fire, and both 
the Miner and the Ultor Guard are taken down. A firefight continues, and you'll 
have to kill the guards if you want to live. Pick up the Riot Guard's Control 
Baton and rush over to the firing Ultor Guard and take him out with a quick 
swipe or two. 

There are many paths to take through the mines, so I'll guide you through one of 
the easiest. Keep in mind that other routes work, too. Head through the tunnel 
that's to the left of the point of conflict between the Miner and the Riot 
Guard. You'll soon arrive at a door. Right before it on the right wall of the 
tunnel is a small cave with remote charges in it. Pick them up and go back 
through the door. 

Continue down the tunnel, being wary of guards. Keep on the lookout for a 
"Active Mine M-4" sign on the left wall. If you go to the right of this sign, 
you'll find a small tunnel. At the beginning is a dead Miner with a Rocket 
Launcher. A little further down the tunnel is a miner (alive, if you can believe 
it). He'll inform you that a shuttle is taking off, and he'll take you along if 
you go with him. Unfortunately, the Miner will die shortly (there's nothing you 
can do to save him), and you'll have to find the shuttle yourself. Kill the 
guards and enter the large door up ahead. 

 | /                                                                \ |
 ||     =============== AREA 2: MINE MAINTENANCE ===============     ||

     As you make your way further up the mines, you'll come to the area where 
the mine tools and drillers are fixed. You'll need to traverse across this area 
if you want to make it out of the mines, but don't expect Ultor's forces to let 
you by easily.

WEAPONS: 12 mm Pistol, Control Baton, Remote Charges, Rocket Launcher
ENEMIES: Ultor Guard, Riot Guard

========== LEVEL WALKTHROUGH ==========

As you open the doors from the Live Mines, you'll be immersed in a fight 
spanning across a large pit. There are two guards on the other side, one with a 
Pistol and one with a Rocket Launcher. Kill the one with the rockets first, as 
he poses more of a threat, than the other. It's easiest to take them out with 
your own Rocket Launcher. If you dawdle too long after the fight, more guards 
may come in from the other side or even the doors behind you.

After killing the enemies, jump down into the pool of water below and swim to 
the other side. You can climb up the steep slope. Go out the doors on the other 
side and head up the tunnel. Soon you'll be in a room with several platforms and 
guards. Quickly take them out. Continue through the doors on the other side of 
the room, up the tunnel, and into a chamber with a Driller machine in it. You 
can also get here by taking the lift in the platform room up to a conveyor belt 
that leads to the Rock Crusher. Jump over the Rock Crusher and into the Driller 

Defeat the guards in the Driller room, then take the Driller for a quick spin. 
When the novelty (or drill bits) have worn off, continue through the next set of 
doors and to the Guard Station. Shoot the guard through the electric fence, then 
enter the building on the left. Quickly take out both the Ultor Guard and the 
Riot Guard through the glass. On the other side is a chest containing a Medkit 
and some Envirosuit Armor. Head out the back door and go into the small door on 
the far wall.

 | /                                                                \ |
 ||      =============== AREA 3: MINE ENTRANCE ===============       ||

     Finally making your way out of the mines, this is the last step you'll take 
to be free of the depths of Mars. The entrance is heavily guarded though, so 
watch your step.

WEAPONS: 12 mm Pistol
ENEMIES: Ultor Guard, Armored Personal Carrier

========== LEVEL WALKTHROUGH ==========

As you go through the small tunnel, Hendrix will contact you for the first time. 
Listen to his message, the go outside to a walkway above a long land bridge 
below. It's best to keep back until the guards have passed, though you'll have 
to face them later. If you want to dispose of them now (along with the powerful 
Armored Personal Carrier), take out the Rocket Launcher and blast holes on two 
sections of the bridge, causing the middle to fall into the pit below. 

In either event, when you continue down the passage, you'll be greeted in the 
next room with the slaughtering of another Miner. Give the guards a little 
welcome with your Pistol, then head to the elevator in the back of the room and 
out of the mines.

 | /                                                                \ |
 ||     =============== AREA 4: BARRACKS ENTRANCE ===============    ||

     The Miners' Barracks is at the mouth of the Mines. As you exit, you'll need 
to make your way through it to proceed. Here you'll experience the awful 
conditions that the Miners are forced to live in. First however, you'll need to 
make it inside.

WEAPONS: 12 mm Pistol, Control Baton, Automatic Shotgun
ENEMIES: Ultor Guard, Riot Guard, Advanced Ultor Guard

========== LEVEL WALKTHROUGH ==========

As you exit the mines, an Ultor Guard will run by on fire. Watch out and be 
careful not to get burned and head out of the tunnel and into the area in front 
of the barracks. Kill the abundance of guards out front, then walk into the 
entrance booth and hit the button in the front. This will open the doors.

Walk inside the barracks and terminate the waiting guard. In a room on the right 
wall is lots of Medkits, Envirosuit Armor, and ammo. Pick up as much as you need 
then enter the Airlock to continue on into the Barracks.

 | /                                                                \ |
 ||         =============== AREA 5: BARRACKS ===============         ||

     The Miners are forced to live in horrid conditions inside these barracks. 
Since the rebellion started, the Miners have either fled or been killed, so you 
won't find many still lingering around. In their places are many Ultor Guards.

WEAPONS: 12 mm Pistol, Control Baton, Automatic Shotgun, Riot Shield,
   Rocket Launcher
ENEMIES: Ultor Guard, Riot Guard, Advanced Ultor Guard, Planted Gun

========== LEVEL WALKTHROUGH ==========

The first hallway in the barracks seems eerily calm... too calm. Don't be 
fooled, as on the balcony above are a couple guards. Go to the left wall and 
jump up into the air to be able to hit them. Go into the showers and kill the 
two guards there. In the lower barracks in this hallway are two Envirosuit Armor 
suits. In the right chamber is a Riot Guard, too, so enter with caution. In the 
upper chambers is a Medkit in the left room and Envirosuit Armor in the right. 
If you want to find a supply of armor, health, and ammo, go into the door on the 
left right before the large doors leading to the next area in the barracks. Be 
forewarned, however, that this place is also swarming with enemies and you could 
likely loose health (especially on higher difficulties).

If you choose to go there, head up the stairs. The room halfway up has an Ultor 
Guard waiting inside. Take him out then go up all the way. You'll soon run 
across several rooms with a large, central room with many windows. In the middle 
of this room is a stationary explosive launcher. You can use it to trash the 
oncoming guards, but it may be easier just to use a gun. Whatever you choose, be 
prepared to fend off a lot of them. After you're done, you can search around the 
area for health and ammo. Head back downstairs afterwards.

Exit the first are of the barracks through the lower, elongated doors at the far 
end. As soon as you enter the second area of the barracks, there's a Planted Gun 
directly to the left. It has a good deal of armor, and the easiest way to 
destroy the machine is with a rocket. In a room to the right is a imprisoned 
Miner, but setting him free will do little more than provoke several guards to 
appear and kill him. At the far end of this part of the Barracks are the 
elevators. Unfortunately, they're not operating. You'll have to take an 
alternate route.

Go back into the second barracks area (watch out for several guards that may 
have appeared) and into the doors on the right (it'll be the left if you're 
coming from the first barracks area). When you enter you'll come across a fork 
in the hall, the left way leading to the Medical Treatment center and the right 
path to the Cafeteria. If you're hurt, a trip to the medical treatment center 
will do you good. There are two Medkits and a Medic there. Be sure to put away 
your gun if you don't want to frighten the diligent healer. Whenever you're 
fully healed, head on down to the Cafeteria.

When you open the doors to the Cafeteria, the Ultor Guards inside will kill all 
the Miners waiting there out of panic. Quickly give your dead friends justice by 
continually moving about the large area. Head into the kitchen when you're done. 
In the storage beyond it are two Medkits (and a guard), but the exit to the next 
area is through the vent. Jump up next to it, crouch down, and slither through 

 | /                                                                \ |
 || =============== AREA 6: ELEVATOR TO REGISTRATION =============== ||

     You're now on your way past the Barracks and to the first place Miners see 
when they come to Mars: the Miner Registration area. The elevators that make the 
trip a piece of cake, however, have been destroyed, and the journey to the next 
area will be more difficult than first planned.

WEAPONS: 12 mm Pistol, Automatic Shotgun
ENEMIES: Ultor Guard, Advanced Ultor Guard

========== LEVEL WALKTHROUGH ==========

As you come out of the vent from the kitchen, you'll hear the call of fighting 
Miners. They're not too far ahead, but you won't catch up for the fights. Jump 
out of the vent and make your way down the hall. Around the last bend is a 
guard. Walk on over to his corpse after killing him and climb up the ladder on 
the left. Right next to you is Elevator Shaft 1. Be careful when you enter, as a 
guard is waiting right above you to the right. Enter and take him out quickly 
from his little perch. Climb up the ladder to the third platform up. Quickly 
jump off the ladder to the right and turn around to kill the guard in the 
passage between the elevator shafts.

Jump over to the passage where the guard was and go into Elevator Shaft 2. The 
elevator is also out in this shaft and you'll need to do some more climbing. Go 
up two platforms and quickly leap to the right again. Across the shaft are two 
guards in the Miner Registration area. Jump into the hole in the shaft and kill 
them quickly. 

 | /                                                                \ |
 ||    =============== AREA 7: MINER REGISTRATION ===============    ||

     The Miner Registration Area is a rather small, but an elaborate place. A 
big firefight will ensue once you enter, but you'll be out of this place before 
you know it.

WEAPONS: Assault Rifle, 12 mm Pistol, Automatic Shotgun
ENEMIES: Assault Ultor Guard, Advanced Ultor Guard, Ultor Guard

========== LEVEL WALKTHROUGH ==========

There's a security checkpoint heading into the Miner Registration area, but 
Ultor has stupidly only assigned one guard to the post. You can literally drop 
in on him by heading through the vent on the left wall near the start of this 
area. Climb through the tight passage, kick out the vent cover on the other 
side, drop down, and blast away. To open up the checkpoint, simply click the 
green button on the control panel. The door will open. Watch out for a 
patrolling guard below while you enter the Miner Registration. 

Security Cameras will notify the guards in the area of your precense and the 
alarm will sound. There are guards up the stairs, on the platforms above to the 
left and right, and behind the desk in the front. Keep on the move to take them 
out most efficiently. When all is taken care of, proceed up the stairs and down 
the passage to the right.

 | /                                                                \ |
 ||    =============== AREA 8: REGISTRATION LOBBY===============     ||

     The last obstacle between Parker and the escaping shuttle is the Miner 
Registration Lobby. Just beyond is the docking bay that could very well lead 
Parker to his freedom. Just a little ways further...

WEAPONS: 12 mm Pistol, Assault Rifle, Automatic Shotgun
ENEMIES: Assault Ultor Guard, Ultor Guard, Advanced Ultor Guard, 
   Planted Gun, Drone Guns

========== LEVEL WALKTHROUGH ==========

Head into the hallways and lobby leading to the Miner Registration room and 
you'll soon arrive at an intersection. Take the path to the right to proceed to 
the docking bay, or continue on ahead to go to the trams.

If you choose to go to the trams, let me warn you that they're not running. 
Hendrix will also inform you of this. Still, there's a little health and ammo, 
but more risk than it's worth. Be careful of the Drone Guns and guards found in 
the tram loading area. Inside the tram itself is a Medkit and Fuel Canister for 
the Flamethrower, but if you enter, the door will lock behind you. Hendrix will 
free you, but several guards will come while he works to set you free. To 
confuse the guards, stay near the back of the train. They won't come near you, 
allowing you to go out and surprise them.

The right path, with the sign above notifying it as the way to Docking Bay East, 
is the path you need to take to progress. Right down the beginning of the hall 
is a Planted Gun. Use a rocket to destroy it. Run down the hall, up the stairs, 
and kill the chatty guards in front of the elevator. Enter the elevator and go 
up to the top by pressing the button inside. Waiting as the top is a guard. Kill 
him and press on to come to a lounge area. Inside the door is a Medic, but watch 
out for two approaching guards that may come. When you're ready to go onto the 
next area, walk down the ramp.


 ______                                                        ________
|  ___ \    _______________________________________________   |________|
| |___) )==/_______________________________________________\== ______
|   ___/ /\ === PART 4: MULTIPLAYER LEVELS & STRATEGIES === /\|   ___|
|__/ ___ \/_________________________________________________\/|  |
 __  \  \==\_______________________________________________/==|  |
|__| |__|                                                     |__|

     One can tell that a significant portion of the time spent developing Red 
Faction went into producing a good multiplayer mode. It is not in vain either, 
as this part of the game can be quite entertaining. So, I've decided to devote 
and entire part of this FAQ simply to covering it. Below you'll find 
descriptions and strategies for each level, along with general tips for any 

*Part 4 is currently incomplete. Please check for newer versions in the future 
for updates to this part.*


 ______                                                        ________
|  ___ \    _______________________________________________   |________|
| |___) )==/_______________________________________________\== ______
|   ___/ /\      ======= PART 5: MISCELLANEOUS =======      /\|   ___|
|__/ ___ \/_________________________________________________\/|  |
 __  \  \==\_______________________________________________/==|  |
|__| |__|                                                     |__|

             =============== ADDITIONAL TIPS ===============

     Below are some basic tips that give you hints or clues on how to generally 
find or complete things in the game. Instead of specific things found in the 
walkthrough, these entries give you tips on how to improve your game.

Red Faction is naturally very dark. If you play in a room with windows and 
glare, this can make the problem even worse. Sometimes things are literally 
impossible to see. Fortunately, the game allows you to change the brightness by 
selecting Audio/Visual on the options menu. A brighter screen can make things 
much much easier.

By pressing left and right on the left analog stick (or elsewhere if you've 
adjusted the controls), you'll strafe to the left and right. Strafing is a handy 
technique because it'll make you a harder target to hit. However, it'll also be 
harder to aim at your target while on the run, so be sure to practice this often 
until you get the hang of it.

Jumping and crouching are two helpful methods for avoiding enemy fire. Jumping 
makes you harder to hit, while crouching makes you a smaller target. If you can 
find some object to hide behind, crouching can shield most of your body, 
sometimes even leaving you with enough room to peer over and attack.

The fine aim mode is pretty difficult to use, and I don't really recommend using 
it. It's more trouble than it's worth with the touchy controls. Try to use the 
on-screen targeting crosshairs when possible instead.

If you're ever alone, it's a good thing to make sure you enter the next area 
with a full clip. Some weapons take quite a while to reload, and it's not 
something you want to do in the heat of battle. However, make sure you're safe 
when you're reloading; you don't want to be caught off guard.

The general rule for accuracy is that the closer you are the more likely you'll 
hit the enemy. It also helps if they're not moving. Be careful about getting 
close, though, as the enemy will be more accurate as well. Decide what's best 
for each situation, taking into effect how much ammo and life you have to spare. 

Volition is intent on steering us down the wrong path, so they're made sure that 
killing anyone and everyone will be helpful. Most characters drop something when 
killed, be it medical kits, envirosuit armor, or ammo. This is the same for 
civilians and miners. By killing these innocent people, you may often find a 
reward. Thanks, Volition, for teaching us the right thing to do!

Medics are just like other civilians; if they see a weapon, they'll freak out. 
Since medics are the best source of health recovery (not only because they'll 
heal you to maximum health, they'll do it as many times as you need), make sure 
not to frighten them. Always put away your weapon before entering a room with a 
medic, if possible.


       =============== FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ===============

     I get loads of mail each day from readers wondering how to do something. 
Most of the times it's "How do I start my computer?" or "Where in the world in 
Carmen Sandiego?", but every once in a while I get a worthwhile question that 
isn't answered in the rest of the FAQ. If several people end up asking it, then 
I deem it "Frequent" and put it in this section. Thus the title "Frequently 
Asked Questions". Oh yes, and there are answers here, too. I'm not cruel enough 
to not include them... but close.

Q: How do I lure that stupid robot to the incinerator?
A: That stupid robot has about the worst AI of any video game creature I've ever 
seen... or maybe not, perhaps he's just too smart to follow you to its doom. 
Anyway, this guy doesn't like to follow you. Firing, running, or making the 
corridor bigger with rockets help much. You'll just have to get lucky and let it 
follow you. You can get it to the conveyor belt without much trouble (open the 
door that's right down the hall from it), but getting it near the incinerator is 
harder. Try running up the ladder and further down the passage up there. This is 
how I've gotten him to go into the incinerator area, but it doesn't work all the 
time or even consistently. Be patient, very patient, and eventually he'll follow 
you. Using a Riot Shield to defend yourself is a good idea, too.

Q: How do I defeat the giant worm creature in "Worm Food"?
A: If you can blast through this guy fast, it won't be able to take off much 
damage. If you have the Fusion Rocket Launcher with a rocket, use it. This will 
take off a good portion of the worm's life. If you don't have the Fusion Rocket 
Launcer or you run out of ammo, switch to the normal Rocket Launcher. Shoot a 
continuous stream of rockets at it. Most importantly, continually strafe. Stay 
as far back as you can in the room and strafe back and forth to either side. Try 
to avoid the worm's acid fire by switching directions as the worm shoots it 
out.Good luck.


              =============== CONTACT INFO ===============

Have some questions about the game? Comments about my FAQ? Know something I left 
out? See info I got wrong? If there's something you need to know or say about my 
FAQ, be sure to: 

E-mail me Questions or Comments: croco64@yahoo.com


1. Try to find what you need in the FAQ first. I've spent hours and hours 
writing all this, and for a reason, so look here to try to find the answer to 
your question(s). If the information you ask for is already in the FAQ, I will 
likely just direct you to where it is in the FAQ.

2. Put the words "Red Faction" or similar phrasing as the title of your e-mail. 
This makes things a lot easier for me.

3. I am very happy to have you contribute to this FAQ, and by all means send in 
what you know. However, I do not want you to send me information on any of the 
incomplete sections of the FAQ. What you send I probably already know. However, 
if I miss something or something you know of doesn't fit anywhere else, please 
send it in. Be sure to include a name or alias for the Credits section. If you 
do not, I will assume that you wish to remain anonymous (unless you send one at 
a later date).

4. I respond to 99.9% of the e-mail I get. If yours is in the lucky .1% that 
doesn't get a response, it may be that your e-mail is dated for a past date and 
is buried in my old e-mail, you didn't send it to the right address, you wrote 
it in some crazy language, or I just feel lazy or don't want to respond to your 
question. Even if your question is moronic or your e-mail incomprehensible, I'll 
still probably respond to mock you.

5. Do not send me any spam, "chain" type e-mails, or pictures. These are 
annoying and take up unnecessary space in my inbox. Also, don't send multiple e-
mails asking the same question. It will just make me hate you more. Oh, and 
asking me to respond ASAP won't affect the response time at all.

6. If you are the webmaster of a site and wish to use my FAQ, you must contact 
me requesting permission. In this e-mail, be sure to include your site's URL. I 
will tell you right now that I do not give permission to everyone who asks. Only 
the sites that I think have good quality will be granted permission. A quick 
reminder: using my FAQ without permission is illegal, and appropriate legal 
action can and will be taken if you steal this document. I do check around the 
web to see where my FAQ is.

INFORMATION REQUESTED: None currently, thank you very much.

READER POLL: What weapon is your favorite? It could be for its power, or just 
how cool it is. Below are my favorites, send yours in too.

1. Assault Rifle
2. Precision Rifle
3. Submachine Gun
4. Rocket Launcher
5. Fusion Rocket Launcher

*Awaiting Results...*


              =============== CREDITS/OTHER ===============


- None currently. Send stuff in.


- The Red Faction Instruction Booklet: For the Story, Character
   descriptions and quotes, weapon descriptions, and vehicle


- Volition: Nice game, guys. Good work.
- THQ: For publishing this game.
- E3: Wow, what a show it was this year! Can't wait for all the new
   games. Perhaps I'll actually get to go some year.
- ESRB and Movie Ratings: For protecting kids from reality. Way to go!
   We don't want them to see sex and gore... for some reason.

                               *   *   *

The following sites have been given permission to use my FAQ:
     * GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com) 
     * Neoseeker (www.neoseeker.com)
     * Happy Puppy (www.happypuppy.com)

No other sites have been given permission to use this FAQ. Please contact me if 
you see this FAQ anywhere else. 

Check www.gamefaqs.com for the most recent version of this FAQ. 

                               *   *   *



            =============== CLOSING STATEMENT ===============

     From my last closing statement (in my Onimusha: Warlords FAQ), I noticed I 
used the word "Spanish". Therefore, I think do this entire closing statement in 
Spanish. True, it would help if I was actually familiar with the language, but 
that's not gonna hold me back! Here goes nothing... Adios! Uno, dos, tres! Si, 
amigos! Wow, that was pretty good if I do say so myself. Isn't that little Croco 
logo cool? Yeah, it certainly is. 

                      This FAQ Has Been                      _______
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