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Weapons FAQ by Gillermo69

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 05/31/2001

Red Faction Weapons Guide
~Created on May 28, 2001~
Version 1.1

What's new
I changed my email address so that's updated
That's all!

I. Red Faction Copyright stuff
II. What this FAQ is about
III. Red Faction Default Controls
IV. Controls I use
V. The Weapons and Tactics
VI. FAQ of the FAQ
I. Red Faction Copyright Stuff
Red Faction-Game and Software (C) 2001 THQ Inc.  Devolped by Volition, Inc, Red
Faction, Volition, Geo-Mod, THQ and their respected logos are trademarks and/or
registerted trademarks of THQ Inc.  All rights reserved.

II. What this FAQ is about

I will explain the weapons and how to use them for the best results and raw
power.  I tell you a description of the weapon, what it's functions are, and
how to use it the best (Tactics.)  I will also show the controls and the
controls I use.  They are the controls for maximum control, in my opinion.

III. Red Faction Default Controls
~Menu Controls~

Highlight menu item - Directional button or left analog stick
Select/Advance - X Button
Cancel/Return - Triangle Button

~Default Controls~

Fire - R1 Button
Alternate Fire - R2 Button
Use - X Button
Jump - L1 Button
Crouch - L2 Button
Holster/Unholster Weapon - Left D-Pad Button
Reload - Triangle Button
Next Weapon - O Button
Previous Weapon - Square Button
Fine Aim Mode - Up D-Pad Button
Center Crosshair - Down D-Pad Button
Walk/Sidestep - Left Analog Stick
Pitch/Turn - Right Analog Stick

These are the default controls for Red Faction.  By accessing the Options Menu
and choosing Controls you can customize the controls.

IV. Controls I use
~Menu Controls are the same as default~

~My Controls~


Fire - R1 Button
Alternate Fire - R2 Button
Use - X Button
Jump - L1 Button
Crouch - L2 Button
Holster/Unholster Weapon - Left D-Pad Button
Reload - Triangle Button
Next Weapon - O Button
Previous Weapon - Square Button
Fine Aim Mode - Up D-Pad Button
Center Crosshair - Down D-Pad Button
Walk/Sidestep - Right Analog Stick
Pitch/Turn - Left Analog Stick

V. The Weapons and Tactics
~Weapons and Tactics~

Control Baton (UCB-24 Ultor Control Baton)
Description: This crowd control weapon can serve as a truncheon or a stun gun.
Ammo/Clip Size: Battery Cell
Range: Short
Primary Fire: Swiing baton as club
Alternate Fire: Electric Shock mode
Tactics: Now, I don't use this very much unless I have it and I'm out of ammo.  
Since it's like a bat you can just run around in circles and swing it around.  
Or you can just run up to some guy, hoping he doen't shoot you in the head, and
tazer him to death.  I don't suggest using this at all.

Riot Shiled (UBS-4 Ultor Riot Shiled)
Description: A body-sized translucent shield that is used by the riot guards of
Ultor.  The riot shield is lightweight but can withstand blast and gunfire for
a brief period of time.
Ammo/Clip Size: N/A
Range: N/A
Primary Fire: Swing shield
Alternate Fire: N/A
Tactics: This can acutally be very useful.  If your out of ammo for weapons and
there are 5 guys in front of you and there is some ammo close by, then you can
use it.  You need to make sure you keep the enemy in front of you (the shield)
so you don't get shot from behind, this only covers the front of you.  I have
survied Rail Gun shots from this thing.  I've never survived a head on attack
from a Fusion Rocket Launcher but I have survied ranged attacks from it.  If
there is no ammo close by, start swinging it!  Kill the cheese heads!

12 MM Pistol (USP-16 Ultor Semi-Automatic Pistol)
Description: This basic semi-automatic pistol packs a serious punch against
unarmored targets.  The pistol can penetrate body armor but with significantly
less impact.  This weapon is standard issue for Ultor security guards and
officers.  The pistol can be fired under water.
Ammo/Clip Size: 12 mm. bullets/16 rounds
Range: Short to Medium
Primary Fire: Fire one round
Alternate fire: Attach/Detach silencer
Tactics: This is a very useful weapon.  Though it may seem like a basic weapon
that sucks and you never want to you use it, IT ISN'T!  If you think that, your
a darn fool!  I suggest using this more than using a heavy machine gun!  The
pistol is more accurate and can kill faster.  Press the trigger as fast as you
can for best results.  I've beaten people with larger weapons with this from
pulling the trigger faster and faster.  Use this if you can.

Submachine Gun (UAP-32/20 Ultor Submachine Gun)
Description: This weapon is slightly larger than the pistol and is capable of
full automatic fire.  Heavier than the pistol, the submachine gun offers better
control in full auto mode, through it remains in accurate at medium or long
range.  Ultor officers (the guard commanders) are issued assault rifels as
standard weapons.
Ammo/Clip Size: 12mm. bullets/30 rounds; 5.56 mm high velocity armor piercing
bullets/20 rounds
Range: Short to Medium
Primary Fire: fire rounds, automatic
Alternate Fire: Toggle between 12mm and 5.56mm rounds.
Tactics: I love this thing.  The 5.56mm rounds are more deadly but you don't
have as many of them.  Use them first but don't go nuts firing them.  Only fire
when you have a clear view of the enemy or your just wasting ammo.  Use the
pistol if you can't get a clear shot.  Machine guns aren't very effective
becuase the recoil makes them inaccurate.  Very good weapon though.

Automatic Shotgun (UAS-10 Ultor Automatic Combat Shotgun)
Description: This weapon is a military-grade shotgun capable  of semi-automatic
and full automatic fire.  Recoil in semi-automatic mode in slightly less than a
civilian 10-gague shotgun.  Fully automatic fire is more difficult to control
because of the recoil compensator's response time.
Ammo/Clip Size: 10 gague buckshot shells/8 rounds
Range: Short to Medium
Primary Fire: Fires a doule shot, pump action
Alternate Fire: Fires a single shot every 0.15 seconds, continous fire
Tactics: I hate this weapon in multi-player mode.  I stay away from the damn
thing.  Becuase the buck shot hits everything BUT the enemy.  In story mode it
is very good though.  One shot from this baby and you can lay down some guards!
 Don't always use the primary fire.  Press that alternate fire as fast as you
can and the enemy WILL die!

Assault Rifle (UAR-42 Ultor Military Assault Rifle)
Description: This weapon is designed to offer all the benefits of a full length
rifle in a compact design.  It is capable of firing three round bursts or full
automatic fire.  Compared to the fully automatic fire, three round bursts offer
increased control and aim but potiently descreased force, unless fired at close
range.  The high-velocity armor piercing shells inflict massive damage on
unarmored targets and will penetrate body armor easly.  This is the standard
rifle iussed to Ultor soldiers.
Ammo/Clip Size: 5.56mm high velocity armor piercing bullets/42 rounds
Range: Short to Long
Primary Fire: Fires a single 3 round burst
Alternate Fire: Continuous automatic fire
Tactics: This has to be my favorite weapon...maybe.  It is very effective.  Use
the primary fire for long range becuase it is more accurate, but use full auto
when the guy is close.  42 rounds is a lot to fire...the enemy should die
quickly.  The bullets are very powerful and can take down enemies very fast.  
Use it when you can, but don't waste ammo, you may pay for it.

Sniper Rifle (USG-50 Ultor Sniper Rifle)
Description: Capable of semi-automatic firing only, this sniper rifle comes
standard with an UNVS-8 scope that provides the user with up to 12x zoom.  The
rifle also features a wind velocity offset that corrects for wind conditions.  
This weapon is capable of inflicting critical wounds when a head or torso shot
is achieved.  It also capable of pentrating light armored vehicles.
Ammo/Clip Size: .50 caliber armor piercing bullet/6 rounds
Range: Short to Very Long
Primary Fire: Fires one round
Alternate fire: Activates/deaactivates the scope, hold down for zoom
Tactics: Don't use this unless you have to or you know that anyone can't shoot
you.  Becuase it is very hard to shoot someone with it and ammo is limited the
gun is very unbalacned.  When you hear the loud thud of the gun chasing you,
run like hell!  2 shots from this gun can kill you, with full armor and health.
 But since it doesn't fire as fast as it can, use something that is fast firing
to take down the shooter.  But, if you have it, use it at long range where you
know the enemy will take a while to get there.  This way you get a nice shot at
him.  Remember that bullets aren't instant impact, they take a little while to
get somewhere at long range.

Remote Charge (URC-15 Ultor Remote Mining Charge)
Description: This is a medium-sized, high-explosive remotely detonated charge.  
It has a kill radius of 10 meters.  Only one charge can be detonated at a time.
 They are effective against unarmored and armored personnel as well as light
Ammo/Clip Size: N/A
Range: Short
Primary Fire: Throw and detonate charge
Alternate Fire: N/A
Tactics: EXPLOSIONS!  I love them.  The remote charge is an exellant weapon for
taking out masses of guards.  You got a fight to pick with someone in
multi-player, find these!  This weapon has a good splah effect (Blast radius)
so you can use them to take out lots of people, or someone close by.  These can
also take out walls and stuff with the Geo-Mod technology so it's purely kick
ass.  The main thing I use them for is taking out guards when they are bugging
me and when they are close together.  Use them wisely and don't kill your self
with them.

Gernade (UHG-90 Ultor Offensive Hand Gernade)
Description: This weapon is a high explosive anti-personal device with a kill
radius of 5 meters.  The gernade has a 4 second timer that starts when thrown.  
Hand generades are highly effective against unarmored personel and moderately
effective against armored personel.
Ammo/Clip Size: N/A
Range: Short
Primary Fire: Toss an impact generade
Alternate Fire: Toss a generade with a 4 second timer
Tactics: The generade the basically the same as the remote charge except it's a
little more deadly becuase of the timer and impact factor.  With a remote
charge if you throw one and die it won't detonate, but with a generade you can
die and take the enemy down with you.  These are also good for taking out walls
but becuase you have to be careful they can be deadly.  I suggest using remote
charges before using these, but if you don't have any make sure you use the 4
second timer for taking out walls.  But for guards on the other hand make sure
you wack them with the impact thing.

Flame Thrower (UFT-1 Ultor Flame Thrower)
Description: This weapon is based on the Ultor Defoliator, used for clearing
plant growth.  It shoots a flaming stream of fuel that sticks on contact and
burns for up to 30 seconds.  This weapon has been modified to shoot a flame
twice as far at the cost of fuel consumption.
Ammo/Clip Size: Fuel Tank
Range: Short to Medium
Primary Fire: Shoots a 4 meter flame
Alternate Fire: Remove and throw fuel canister as an incendiary bomb.
Tactics: I LOVE THIS DAMN THING!  You can light people on fire!  Then they run
around screaming, it's so funny.  Now that I got that out, here is a good way
to use this.  Only use this for close combat.  The flame doesn't go far.  And
when you run the flame backs up on you.  Make sure you get a direct hit on the
guy, he will run around on fire untill he dies.  If you only clip him with it,
it will only "damage" him.  He can die from it, but whatever floats your boat.  
But since you can detach the fuel can and throw it, it makes a good
lighter...lol.  This is very good if you throw it up high on some guards.  
Anyone in the blast radius is now on fire.  Make sure your not close to it
becuase you'll be running around on fire with them.  Also, if you catch your
self on fire make sure you put away the flame thrower becuase the fuel will
disappear for some reason.

Rocket Launcher (URL-6T Ultor Tactical Rocket Launcher, AKA "Big Earl")
Description: This weapon is capable of firing its rockets in "dumb" or "homing"
(i.e., heat-seeking) mode.  Once homing mode is slected, it takes approx. 2.75
seconds for the thermal imaging sensor to achieve target lock.  The weapon
beeps when locked onto a target.  Once fired, the rocket tracks the target
untill contact or untill it runs out of fuel.
Ammo/Clip Size: 15 cm high explosive rockets/6 rounds
Range: Medium to Long
Primary Fire: Fires "dumb" rockets, automatically fires a rocket every 2
Alternate Fire: Engages heat seaking mode
Tactics: The good ol' blow up **** gun.  This is good for knocking out walls
and stuff, but for killing people it is very good.  Many people make the
mistake of trying to hit the person dead on with the rocket, STUPID!  I never
try to do that.  You want to aim at a wall or the floor near them.  And you
most likly take out someone else near them.  The as for the heat seaking
rocket, I've never gotten it to work becuase it takes almost 3 seconds to lock.
 Count from 1001 to 1003 in your head.  In that amount of time you could be
dead.  Good luck living for 3 seconds against 2 or 4 guards.

Rail Driver (FCA-26 Magnetic Rail Driver)
Description: This weapon was brought to Mars by Col. Masako's mercenaries.  
Capable of firing metal slugs at ultra high velocity, the rail gun can
penetrate walls.
Ammo/Clip Size: Metal Slug/1 round
Range: Medium to Long
Primary Fire: Fires a metal slug
Alternate Fire: Engages the scope and allows to see enemies through walls
Tactics: This is a good weapon if you know how to use it.  When I got the game
I thought it was really cool, but when I found how hard it was to use I didn't
like it much.  But I learned how to use it.  Never chase some guy around with
it.  You WILL die before you hit him.  To use this weapon in multi player your
also going to need a rocket launcher and this gun.  First find a steep hill
that is made of rock and that can have a hole put in it.  Take the rocket
launcher and make a hole in the hill (hole in a hill...lol) so the guys get
stuck in it.  Then go make your self a REALLY big hole in a wall, big enough so
people can't shoot you in it.  This could take 13 rockets to do.  But get in it
and take on the rail gun.  Find out where you made that hole in the hill and
use the scope to kill anyone that gets stuck in there....

Percision Rifle (MK/SG-1 Defender Percision Rifle)
Description: A favorite of mercenary grunts, this rifle fires a single
explosive round with percision accuracy.
Ammo/Clip Size: 5.56 explosive ammo/20 rounds
Range: Long
Primary Fire: Semi-automatic
Alternate Fire: Activates/deactivates the scope, hold down for zoom
Tactics: This is a very effective weapon.  Basiaclly you use it like the
pistol.  Fire as fast as you can and your target should die with in seconds.  I
don't use the scope very much because I feel that trying to hit people with a
sniper rifle isn't a good idea in this game.  They will most likly kill you
before you kill them.  So use it carefully.

Heavy Machine Gun (JF60-HMG/BF Heavy Suppression Machine Gun)
Description: A terribly inaccurate, but fast firing weapon.  Holds tons of ammo
and best used when raw fire power and maximum suppression is required.
Ammo/Clip Size: 7.62 mm caliber/belt fed, typically 99 rounds
Range: Long
Primary Fire: Full auto
Alternate Fire: Slower firing rate but significantly more accurate
Tactics: Now this is a gun I really like.  The thing is a lot bigger than a
rocket launcher and holds 99 rounds per clip or "belt."  Use the full auto for
close range the alternate fire for long range.  Because it is so inaccurate
full auto on a long range target with only a few hits, if your lucky, is a dumb
gamble.  Just hold down that alternate fire button and you got your self a nice
cooked guard.

Fusion Rocket Launcher (F-1 TL Fusion Rocket Launcher)
Description: Huge shoulder-mounted weapon that fires a single powerful shell
capable of massive amounts of damage.
Ammo/Clip Size: Single Shell
Range: Long
Primary Fire: Fires a single large shell and has a long reload time after each
Alternate Fire: N/A
Tactics: Now this a big ass gun.  NEVER and I MEAN NEVER try a suicide attempt
with this gun.  Becuase you will most likly kill your self and not the enemy.  
The blast usually doesn't kill people behind walls and stuff so don't waste the
ONE rocket you have.  Find a bunch of people and launch one from a safe
distance.  Even by the time they start to run, they are dead.  So use it with
care, you don't wanna loose this baby.

VI. FAQ of the FAQ
Q) Can we use this FAQ on our sites?
A) You have to email Will, the creator, at Gillermo69@msn.com

Q) Where did you get the information?
A) The names, descriptions, and other stuff about the weapons I got from the
Red Faction book.  The tactics are from my personal expereances in the game.

Q) Why did you make this FAQ?
A) Well one day I was sitting at my lake house and I wanted to do something for
Red Faction that would help people, but I can't write a strategy guide for my
life so I did a weapon guide.  It helps people kill guards and enemies better
and I did something about Red Faction.

Q) Does the creator have a Red Faction web site?
A) Yes I do, but when I wrote this it is under construction,
http://redfaction.topcities.com  I'm proably not going to  get a
www.whatever.com address becuase I run a lot of web sites and after a while no
one will play Red Faction after a few years or something.  Check out my site, I
should have it done soon. (Written on 5/29/2001)

Q) Will you write another Red Faction FAQ?
A) If I find something to write a FAQ about, sure!

Q) How can I contact the creator of this FAQ?
A) My email is: Gillermo69@msn.com ~ My AIM Screen Name is: Gillermo69 ~
My ICQ number is: 97717350

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