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Guide and Walkthrough by TCovert

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 08/24/2001

     ____           __   ____           __  _
    / __ \___  ____/ /  / __/___ ______/ /_(_)___  ____
   / /_/ / _ \/ __  /  / /_/ __ `/ ___/ __/ / __ \/ __ \   ____________
  / _, _/  __/ /_/ /  / __/ /_/ / /__/ /_/ / /_/ / / / /  /_____/_____/
 /_/ |_|\___/\__,_/  /_/  \__,_/\___/\__/_/\____/_/ /_/

                        FAQ and Walkthrough

              by: Trevor Covert <covert@newsguy.com>

                           Version 2.0

This document is copyrighted 2001 by Trevor Covert.  Reproduction of
this document in whole or in part without the author's consent is
strictly forbidden.  If the reader wishes to use the FAQ for their
personal and private use only, then a copy may be made.

This extensive FAQ/Walkthrough to the Playstation 2 game Red Faction
includes all of the following elements:

* A complete walkthrough to guide you through the game from start to

* A full guide to the game's weapons, including statistics, tips, and
strategies for their use.

* A full guide to the game's five vehicles, including a brief
description and tips and tactics for using them effectively.

* Background information on the game's main characters, including
Parker, Hendrix, Eos, Orion, Gryphon, and Capek.

* A list of the game's enemies, their characteristics and how to
effectively make each one die as quickly as possible.

* Layout and strategies for each of the game's nine multi-player levels
as well as general tips and tactics for multi-player.

* Secrets and Game Shark codes.

* Frequently Asked Questions that answer the most common questions asked
when help is sought in completing Red Faction.


############################# I. Introduction ##########################


I've been planning to do this FAQ for quite awhile now, and it will be
my first published FAQ.  I've been following the game since Volition
began dropping hints about it leading up to its official announcement at
E3 2000.  Since I used to do work in the game biz, I've had the
opportunity to meet and interview several members of the development
team at Volition, and most of them have a lot of experience in game
development and really know their stuff.  So, I knew Red Faction wasn't
about to disappoint.  I'm writing this FAQ using the Playstation 2
version of Red Faction, but most of the information here should be quite
relevant for the Mac/PC versions when they ship later this year.  Enjoy.

You can reach the author at: covert@newsguy.com.

Feel free to send in questions, comments, information, suggestions, etc.
However, my day job is fairly demanding so don't expect an instant
reply.  I will try to respond to all e-mails that are polite,
respectful, understandable and contain the words "Red Faction" in the
subject line.

The following sites have been given permission to publish this FAQ
without alteration in any way whatsoever:

- GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com)
- Neoseeker (www.neoseeker.com)
- Psxcodez.com (www.psxcodez.com)
- Red Faction @ Tscentral (redfaction.tscentral.net)
- PSX Extreme (www.psxextreme.com)
- GameSpot (www.gamespot.com)
- About.com (vgstrategies.about.com)
- GameWinners.com (www.gamewinners.com)
- GamePower (www.gamepower.com)
- RedFactionFiles.com (www.redfactionfiles.com)
- Cheat Code Central (www.cheatcc.com)
- SonyWeb.com (www.sonyweb.com)

All other parties should contact the author for permission before even
thinking about using this FAQ for their own site.


######################### II. Version History ##########################


Current Version: 2.0

Version 2.0 - 8/24/2001

Corrected some mistakes in the Table of Contents.  Added locations to
the Vehicles section.  Updated Colonel Masako in the Main Characters
section.  Added Enemies section.  Updated Items section.  Made
miscelleneous changes to the single-player walkthrough to better clarify
certain instructions.  Updated Frequently Asked Questions.  Updated
Secrets / Cheats section.  Removed Idle Motion from Weapons section.
Updated list of sites with permission to host this FAQ.  Updated Credits
section.  Continued Multi-player Level Guides section.

Version 1.9 - 6/22/2001

Provided some additional help for exiting the Executive Suites after
reaching Gryphon (courtesy of a tip from Cevin Key).  Added instructions
for getting a sniper rifle in Abandoned Mine (courtesy of a tip from
Kevin Gavioli). Completed the single-player walkthrough.

Version 1.8 - 6/18/2001

Added Tactics for the Armored Personal Carrier (APC) to the Vehicles
section.  Updated Frequently Asked Questions.  Made some spelling
corrections.  Made some miner changes to Abandoned Crusher and Capek's
Inner Sanctum in the single-player walkthrough.  Updated element listing
at the top of the FAQ.  Continued single-player walkthrough through the
Merc Command Center.

Version 1.7 - 6/15/2001

Made some more formatting changes.  Updated Frequently Asked Questions.
Continued single-player walkthrough through the Communications Center.

Version 1.6 - 6/13/2001

Made some additional formatting changes for the section titles.  Added
Orion, Gryphon, Capek, and Masako to the Main Characters section.  Added
Controls / HUD section.  Added Items section.  Updated Frequently Asked
Questions.  Added list of multi-player characters to Multi-player:
General Tips and Tactics section.  Continued single-player walkthrough
through the Grand Canyon.

Version 1.5 - 6/11/2001

Made extensive formatting changes.  Updated list of sites with
permission to host this FAQ.  Updated Secrets / Cheats section.  Updated
Frequently Asked Questions.  Updated Sub Bay section in single-player
walkthrough with additional options for travelling to the underwater
research lab.  Added Tactics for the All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) to the
Vehicles section.  Continued single-player walkthrough through Capek's
Inner Sanctum.

Version 1.4 - 6/6/2001

Made some formatting corrections to the Weapons section.  Updated list
of sites with permission to host this FAQ.  Added some additional notes
to the single-player walkthrough introduction.  Added Secrets / Cheats
section.  Continued single-player walkthrough through the Cavern Entrance.

Version 1.3 - 6/4/2001

Made some formatting changes.  Updated list of sites with permission to
host this FAQ.  Added a Frequently Asked Questions section. Updated
Credits with some thanks for the free Red faction t-shirt.  Added an
introduction to the single-player walkthrough.  Added Tactics for the
Heavy Machine Gun and Grenade in the Weapons section.  Added Tactics for
the Submarine and Aesir Fighter in the Vehicles section.  Continued
single-player walkthrough through the Refuse Disposal Plant.

Version 1.2 - 6/1/2001

Added idle motion to riot shield in Weapons section.  Continued
single-player walkthrough through the Barracks.  Updated list of sites
with permission to host this FAQ.

Version 1.1 - 5/29/2001

Made some formatting changes.  Updated "The Lobby" and added
"Installation XJ5" to Multi-player: Level Guides section.  Added
Multi-player: Tips and Tactics section.  Updated Weapons section.
Started single-player walkthrough.  Added Credits.

Version 1.0 - 5/27/2001

Initial version of FAQ. Includes Background Story, Main Characters,
Weapons (some parts incomplete), Vehicles (some parts incomplete), and
Multi-player Level 1.  More multi-player levels and single-player
walkthrough in the next update.


######################### III. Table of Contents #######################


I.    Introduction
II.   Version History
III.  Table of Contents
IV.   Background Story
V.    Controls / Heads Up Display (HUD)
        1. Controls
        2. Heads Up Display (Single-player)
        3. Heads Up Display (Multi-player)
VII.  Main Characters
        1. Parker
        2. Hendrix
        3. Eos
        4. Orion
        5. Gryphon
        6. Capek
        7. Masako
VIII. Enemies
        1. Ultor Guard
        2. Riot Guard
        3. Shotgun Ultor Guard
        4. Rocket Ultor Guard
        5. Assault Ultor Guard
        6. Turret
        7. Ceiling Turret
        8. Reaper
        9. Mutant Creature
       10. Worm
       11. Sniper Mercenary
       12. Rail Driver Mercenary
       13. Fusion Mercenary
IX.   Weapons
        1. Control Baton
        2. Riot Shield
        3. 12 mm Pistol
        4. Submachine Gun
        5. Automatic Shotgun
        6. Assault Rifle
        7. Sniper Rifle
        8. Remote Charge
        9. Grenade
       10. Flame Thrower
       11. Rocket Launcher
       12. Rail Driver
       13. Precision Rifle
       14. Heavy Machine Gun
       15. Fusion Rocket Launcher
X.    Vehicles
        1. All Terrain Vehicle (ATV)
        2. Driller
        3. Aesir Fighter
        4. Submarine
        5. Armored Personal Carrier (APC)
XI.   Single-Player Walkthrough
        1. Idle Cinematic Narration
        2. Opening Cinematic Narration from Parker
        3. Live Mines
        4. Mine Maintenance
        5. Mine Entrance
        6. Barracks Entrance
        7. Barracks
        8. Elevator in Registration
        9. Miner Registration
       10. Registration Lobby
       11. Docking Bay
       12. Exit from Docking Bay
       13. Abandoned Mine
       14. Crevasse
       15. Abandoned Smelter
       16. Abandoned Ore Hopper
       17. Ventilation Shaft
       18. Abandoned Crusher
       19. Plant Entrance
       20. Geothermal Power Plant
       21. Sub Bay
       22. Underwater Research
       23. Administration Entrance
       24. Corporate HQ
       25. Executive Suites
       26. Maintenance Entrance
       27. Fighter Docking Bay
       28. Fighter Testing Grounds
       29. Refuse Disposal Plant
       30. Medical Research
       31. Cryogenic Storage
       32. Capek's Lair
       33. Cryogenic Storage (2)
       34. Capek's Lair (2)
       35. Capek's Lair (3)
       36. Cavern Entrance
       37. Underwater Cavern
       38. The Artifact
       39. Waterfall!
       40. Capek's Zoo
       41. Icy Underwater Cavern
       42. Icy Sub Bay
       43. Worm Food
       44. Lab Entrance
       45. Nanotech Lab
       46. Capek's Inner Sanctum
       47. Grand Canyon
       48. Dry Waterfall
       49. Grand Canyon (2)
       50. Communications Center
       51. Communications Tower
       52. Shooting Gallery
       53. Tramway Tunnel
       54. Missile Command Center
       55. Stranded!
       56. Ancient Riverbed
       57. Unexpected Cargo
       58. Space Station Hub
       59. Satellite Control
       60. Space Station Hub (2)
       61. Living Quarters
       62. Space Station Hub (3)
       63. Living Quarters (2)
       64. Crash Site
       65. Sniper Alley
       66. A Bridge Too Far
       67. Merc Prison Cells
       68. Merc Barracks
       69. Merc Command Center
       70. Merc Power Plant
       71. Docking Bay Entrance
       72. Masako's Lair
       73. Disarming the Bomb
XII.  Multi-player: General Tips and Tactics
XIII. Multi-player: Level Guides (work in progress)
        1. The Lobby
        2. Installation XJ5
        3. Waste Disposal Plant
        4. The Badlands
        5. Hangar 18
        6. Blasted Canyon
        7. Waterlogged
        8. Mine Warfare
        9. Warlords
XIV.  Secrets / Cheats
XV.   Frequently Asked Questions
XVI.  Credits


######################### IV. Background Story #########################


Mars in the near future.

Mars is the planet of opportunity, its mineral wealth feeding the
insatiable needs of Earth, a planet stripped of raw materials and
minerals.  Ultor Corporation, aptly named after the ancient Roman temple
dedicated to Mars the god of war, owns all the mining rights on the
planet.  The company is an expert at maximizing production while
minimizing costs.  Fortunes are made as cargo ship after cargo ship
return to Earth filled with precious Noachite.

Mine workers, misled by promises of adventure and easy money, arrive on
Mars by the shuttle load.  Few ever make it back to Earth. Conditions in
the Ultor mines are brutal.  The work is dangerous and the miners'
living quarters are disgusting.  Environmental suits and bunks are
shared between miners on different shifts.  Food is lousy and in short
supply.  And beatings from Ultor guards are commonplace.

Worst of all, a mysterious, disfiguring Plague is running rampant
through the mines.  As the death toll rises and Ultor remains
complacent, the miners' fear and discontent grows.  Pamphlets and
posters from an underground organization begin appearing all over the
mining complex.  Signed by the mysterious Eos, the pamphlets tell of
bizarre deaths and missing comrades and urge the miners to take action
against Ultor.  Tensions run high.  The mines are wired like a powder
keg.  All it will take is a spark...

During a shift change, a young minder is brutally assaulted by an Ultor
guard.  Another miner, Parker (the main character, you), witnesses the
brutality and is quickly caught up in the chaos.  He has no choice.
Kill or be killed.  A rebellion explodes across Mars.

Can you live long enough to become a hero?

(Taken from the Red Faction PS2 Instruction Manual.)


########################## V. Controls / HUD ###########################


 1. Controls

The beauty of Red Faction's controls is that you don't have to accept
what Volition gives you.  Customizing every last control is an option,
as well as choosing from several different presets and setting the
sensitivity of the analog control sticks.  Set it up the way you like
it, and save to your memory card! (For my personal preferences and
recommendation for controls, see Frequently Asked Questions.)

- Left Analog Stick: Walk Forward, Walk Backward, Sidestep Left,
  Sidestep Right.

- Right Analog Stick: Pitch, Turn.

- Directional Buttons:

   - Up: Fine Aim Mode.

   - Down: Center View.

   - Left: Holster Weapon, Unholster Weapon.

   - Right: Message Log.

- X Button: Use (open doors, hit buttons, open crates, etc.), Confirm
  Menu Selection.

- O Button: Next Weapon.

- Square Button: Previous Weapon.

- Triangle Button: Reload, Cancel Menu Selection.

- L1 Button: Jump, Climb.

- L2 Button: Crouch, Descend.

- R1 Button: Fire.

- R2 Button: Alternate Fire, Zoom.

- Start Button: Pause Game.

- Select Button: In-Game Menu (Save, Load, Options, Quit).

 2. Heads Up Display (Single-player)

- In the top left corner of the screen is your health (left number) and
  envirosuit integrity (right number).

- In the top right corner of the screen is your ammo, including rounds
  remaining in additional clips (left number) and rounds available in
  current clip (right number).

- As you cycle through weapons using Next and Previous Weapon, they will
  appear in an illustrated list along the right side of the screen.
  Weapons with no ammo available will be dimmed, although still

- Throughout the game, you'll receive messages from several different
  people--primarily Hendrix--which will appear in a box at the top of the

 3. Heads Up Display (Multi-player)

The Heads Up Display (HUD) in multi-player games contains the same
elements of the single-player HUD (except for messages) as well as a few
additional pieces of information:

- On the left side of the screen, your player name will be shown as
  entered in the "player name" menu.

- Under the player name, the HUD will display how many kills you have

- Under kills, your current rank will be shown. For example, if you're
  first in a game with five players, the HUD will show 1/5.


######################### VII. Main Characters #########################


 1. Parker

You are Parker, a miner employed by Ultor. One day you witness a guard
brutally attacking another miner and you are left with only once
choice--kill or be killed.

"I can't believe how stupid I was.  Yeah, 'Come to Mars, Help Make A New
World!'  How could I have believed that crap?

"I always thought I was different, better than most.  Mom and Dad--Dr.
and Dr. Parker, if you please--had my life all scoped out.  Private
schools, tutors, prep school, Ivy League for undergrad, then grad school
and on to a glittering career in academia.  They had me running their
little maze.

"I just couldn't take it anymore.  Never being able to separate what I
really wanted from what they'd trained me to want.  Not knowing where I
began and where they ended.  No achievement was praiseworthy.  When the
acceptance letter from Harvard came, they took it like no big deal, just
an expected turn in the maze.  I went nuts.  I ripped up the letter and
stormed out of the house, hardly able to see straight.  I wanted to do
something that wasn't another item to mark off on their progress chart.
Signing up for Ultor's mining operations on Mars sure fit that bill.  I
drove downtown, saw one of their recruiting offices, and it just

"The next thing I knew, I was on a shuttle bound for Mars.  That's when
it hit me.  What was I doing?  The other recruits lost their lunch
during takeoff and it floated about the cabin for the whole ride.  I
dodged it during freefall, but when gravity returned on Mars, the mess
fell over all of us.

"Once we left the ship, it didn't get any better.  We were stripped
naked and then fire-hosed from sprayers in the walls and ceiling.  It
was humiliating--Ultor was showing us who was boss.  With the showers
over, they issued us uniforms.  None of them fit.  One new recruit tried
to complain. He got beaten by the guards and was hauled off to the
infirmary.  The rest of us kept our mouths shut.

"The barracks are a nightmare.  The narrow bunks are stacked in dank
rooms. Trash covers the floors and graffiti covers the walls.  It
wouldn't be so bad if the bed was ours, but we share them.  While we're
out in the mines, the previous shift uses our bunks.  It's gross.

"Once you're down in the mines, it's pure grunt work.  We smash the rock
out of the walls trying to follow a vein of noachite.  I'm not sure why
they just don't use bots to do the work.  Ultor has them all over the
place here.

"It's getting tense around here.  We're all scared and angry.  Angry at
Ultor for the conditions we work in and scared of the Plague.  Miners
are getting sick.  Not flu-sick but something worse.  Every day, dozens
of miners collapse, in the mines and in the barracks, without warning.
One minute they're fine, the next they're on the ground, writhing in
pain or sometimes unconscious even before they hit the floor.  And
there's something wrong with their faces too.  They seem...puffy or
stretched.  Some say that they've seen sick miners whose faces are
bulging or pulsating.  Everyone is on the verge of panic.

"Lately, there've been pamphlets slapped up on the barracks and
cafeteria walls.  They're calling for miners to go on strike against
Ultor, to refuse to work.  Some of the flyers even urge us to attack the
guards, to get back at them for all the years of mistreatment.  No one
knows who writes them. The pamphlets are signed 'Eos.'  Some say it's
the name of a group; some say it's the name of a woman who's trying to
stir up the miners.

"The security guards tear down the pamphlets as soon as they see them,
but the damage has already been done.  Dozens of people read them.  In a
few hours, hundreds of miners are talking about the latest pamphlet.
People are grumbling, glaring at guards, and openly muttering about a
strike or worse. It gets uglier every day.

"I don't know what to think or do.  I just want to get out of here
alive, somehow.  Harvard sounds better all the time."

 2. Hendrix

During the game you will hear messages from Hendrix, an Ultor security
technician sympathetic to the cause. Press the Message Log button (right
on d-pad by default) to view them.

"Growing up, I never heard anything negative about Ultor.  Mom and Dad
gave their lives to the corporation, in more ways than one.  They blamed
the Plague on bad luck, a Martian virus, or bad air--anything but Ultor.
 When you're in the belly of the beast, you shy away from wondering if
it has your best interests in mind.

"They wanted to keep me out of the mines in the worst way.  They pushed
me to excel at my studies and glowed with pride at every achievement.
As long as I did well in Ultor's schools, I could stay out of the mines.
 I took all of the tech courses I could.  Not just the mechanical stuff
that Ultor pushed on all of us, but comp sci, physics,
chemistry--everything they'd let me into. Even that didn't stop me.
When they wouldn't let me into a certain class, I just borrowed the
tapes from someone who was.  I wasn't going to wind up in the mines.

"As I grew older, I started to hack into Ultor's systems.  At first, I
was extremely cautious.  A friend of mine, Danny, his father supposedly
stole something.  After Ultor found out, Danny's whole family was gone
overnight. I made sure I wouldn't get caught, and started by breaking
into unimportant systems like the lock controls on the door to our
apartment or the lights.

"It took me a long time to get up the courage to crack a system outside
our apartment.  I kept picturing Danny and his family.  I finally
screwed up my nerve and started to hack into the grading records for our
complex's school. I figured security would be pretty lax there, all
things considered.  It took me about two weeks of cautious trial and
error, but I finally got in.  I made sure I just looked around.  When no
one came knocking at our door over the next few days, I went back in and
made some small changes to tests scores for a couple of my friends.  I
was afraid to do more, as the teachers might notice.

"When I finished the tech program at age 15, they put me to work in the
robot maintenance division, working on bot electronics.  For the past
ten years, I've worked long and hard at it, rising from maintenance to
SciLab support and now to security technician.

"All that time, my real work has gone on at home.  One of the first
subsystems I looked for was Ultor's snooper/tracker programs. By
watching them work, I figured out how to avoid detection on my nightly
forays.  They're not that smart, so it wasn't hard.  I felt safer then
and began to explore further. I cracked hundreds of Ultor systems, never
touching data or code, never leaving a trace (at least I hope not).
Over the years, I've broken into almost every important system in the
mining complex.

"The exceptions are certain areas within the SciLabs' computer
subnetwork and the medical facility subnetwork.  Incredible security and
layers of complex encoding surround all files within these areas.  When
I first encountered the SciLab section of the network, over two years
ago, it scared me to death. Every few months I work up the courage to
look again, but I always stop short.  I'm not even sure I really want to
see what's inside anyway.  I've got a bad feeling about it.

"Those network sections are under the personal security of Dr. Capek,
the head of Ultor's Science Labs.  He's the scariest person I've ever
met.  He looks like he's half robot, with implants all over his body.  I
think most of my fear of the SciLab subnet centers on running into
Capek, even in a virtual arena.

"For years, I've existed in two worlds.  The physical world that I share
with everyone else here in the daily drudgery of this hellish mining
complex.  But the virtual world of Ultor's computer net is mine alone.
I've never talked about it with anyone, and I've never spotted another
human presence among the autonomous programs that run the complex.

"The irony of my current position doesn't escape me.  Here I am, a
security technician, entrusted with observing and maintaining a roomful
of security monitors and data analysis equipment.  I can watch activity
in dozens of areas throughout the mining complex.  I can also switch a
monitor to show the view through any miner's helmet cam, giving me a
choice of thousands of mobile cameras.  And yet, I might be Ultor's
single greatest security risk.

"With what I know about the systems here, I could probably bring the
entire mining operation crashing down.  But they'd be sure to find me
then, and I don't even want to think about that.  I can help out anyone
who wants to fight Ultor, though, whatever I can do without much risk.
Maybe keep the rebels one step ahead.

"There are some miners who're willing to start a revolt against Ultor.
The one making the most noise right now goes by the code name 'Eos.'  Her
group has been posting flyers urging miners to rise up against Ultor.

"I know who Eos is.  Worse yet, Ultor knows too.  That's how I found
out--by looking through Ultor security files.  I want to warn her, to
tell her that Ultor's on to her and is biding its time for some reason.
But I can't bring myself to contact her.  I can't risk exposure.
They're watching her and they might catch me.

"So I sit and watch too, hoping things turn out OK.  I've been watching
for years now, as things slowly fall apart, as the miners and Ultor get
closer and closer to a final confrontation.

"That's the way I've always dealt with the world--by sitting and
watching. Even when my parents died.  They both seemed like they'd live
and work forever.  One day, a little over a year ago, we had just
finished dinner when Dad started shivering and twitching, more violently
every second.  He flopped onto the floor before Mom or I could reach
him.  His face was bulging and stretching like it was made of rubber.
Lumps were moving around under his clothes too.  Mom freaked out.  I
called the medics, but he was dead before they got here.  They said it
was the Plague and had no idea what caused it.

"I'd heard of the Plague, of course.  Lots of people on Mom and Dad's
shifts had been hit over the last few years.  It always struck suddenly.
 Sometimes the victim died within minutes and sometimes he was still
alive when the medics took him away.  None of the miners taken away ever
came back, so I'm pretty sure they died too.

"After Mom got over the shock of Dad's death, she got mad, really mad.
Dad had been in for his annual checkup at our section's medical facility
just a week before and she thought they should have found it then.  She
railed on and on, night after night, about the medics' incompetence and
how they could have cured him of the Plague.  She went in for her annual
four months later and came back ticked off all over again.  Turns out
she gave them a piece of her mind the whole time she was in there.
Three weeks after that, my supervisor came into the monitoring room and
told me Mom had collapsed in the tunnels and died before they could get
her to a medfac.

"My annual checkup is in two weeks; I'm not going."

 3. Eos

Eos is the leader of the resistance movement on Mars. When Parker and a
few brave miners fight back against the guards' brutality, the Red
Faction triggers a full-scale revolt.

"There's no going back now.  We've finally made a move, after all these
years of planning and talking.  With last night's attack, we're finally

"Orion rigged the bomb.  Once he was clear, I hit the Alert button
outside the cafeteria.  When the security guards ran out of their
barracks, the blast took out six of them.  That should stir things up.

"I can't think of them as people.  There's too much at stake here.  They
work for Ultor, helping the company kill miners.  They're the enemy.
Too many of my friends have died to feel pity now.  We need to harden
attitudes on both sides, to make conflict inevitable.  Once miners
realize they have no choice, once they know their lives depend on
defeating Ultor, then they'll fight. And we'll win.

"I can't believe it took this long.  Ultor's made us live like animals
for so many years that we've forgotten we're human.  People have been
beaten down, physically and mentally, and it's going to take a strong
shock to get them back up.  We're going to provide the juice, even if it
kills us.  But no matter what, the miners here will never go back to
lurching through life like zombies.  We're going to make sure of that.

"Mom was one of the early Plague victims, over four years ago.
Something about the reactions of the docs and techs in the medical
facility made me wonder what was really going on.  When she died, I saw
guilt burn across a doc's face.  I started screaming, blaming Ultor.  My
Dad dragged me back to our apartment and locked me in my room until I
stopped yelling.  He refused to hear it.  But I knew.  I just shut up
and churned inside.

"That night, I decided to rid Mars of Ultor.  I had to do it for my Mom,
for what they did to her.  It began with getting Orion on board.  We'd
grown up together and I knew I could trust him.  And that is where it
all began.

"As our core group grew, it got harder to meet without arousing
suspicion. Orion and I decided to create a smoke screen of athletic
competitions between miner barracks.  Each barracks could field one or
more teams to meet in weekly contests.  We submitted a proposal to
Gryphon, Ultor's Deputy Administrator. It made my skin crawl to ask him
for something, but he quickly approved the idea.  A good morale booster
is what he thought.  It's pretty funny that Ultor is helping cover up
our activities.

"It was Orion who came up with the name Red Faction for our team.  He
thought the political sense of "Faction" would have meaning only for us.
 And the "Red" symbolized that we represented all of Mars.  The name
clicked with everyone, and Red Faction became the first team to join the
new league.

"Once the league got underway, we met several times a week for
"training" sessions.  We couched all our planning in sports terms.  This
gave a light- hearted feel to a frightening undertaking.  Our meetings
were also less dangerous because Ultor had to spread its monitoring
efforts among the many teams in the competitions.

"We all took code names to use within the group.  It probably doesn't
provide all that much protection, but it makes us feel a little safer.
We'll see. Keeping the group small should help too.  There are 23 of us
now, plus a few probational recruits.  Few enough to be fairly certain
there are no leaks, but more than enough to rally groups of miners
against Ultor when the time comes.

"Sometimes it bothers me how much the others look to me for leadership.
What if I get captured or killed?  I'd hate for everything to fall apart
if something happened to me.  Orion's the only one with any initiative.
Maybe I've been too forceful, but someone had to do it.  We'd still be
sitting on our butts complaining if I hadn't taken charge.

"Last night's action might have gotten the ball rolling.  The security
goons are freaking out.  I heard they dragged some miners off the third
shift and beat them.  Everything's primed for the rebellion to start.
All it needs is a spark.

"And once it gets going, we'll be there to lead it.  For weeks now,
we've been blanketing the barracks with pamphlets condemning Ultor and
blaming them for everything wrong on Mars.  The writings are signed
'Eos.'  I would have preferred to have them from us as a group, from Red
Faction, but that would have given us away immediately.  Orion also said
the miners needed someone to believe in and follow, not another faceless
group.  Once the rebellion begins, though, everyone's going to know that
Red Faction is the driving force behind it.  There'll be no more hiding.

"We've been stockpiling weapons for months now.  We've quietly stolen
weapons from a bunch of weapon lockers at guard barracks and posts.  We
had to break into only the first couple we raided.  After that, we found
the doors unlocked to every post we tried.  The weapon cabinets were
unlocked too.  It freaked us out the first time it happened.  We figured
Ultor was on to us and backed off pretty quickly.  But when we found the
door to another weapons locker open a few nights later, we took some
weapons and boxes of ammo and got out fast.  The doors have been
unlocked every time since.  We still have no idea why.  We don't know if
Ultor's doing it or someone else, but we're going to grab weapons as
long as we can.  They won't know miners are armed until the bullets are
coming out the backs of their skulls.

"We've cached the stolen weapons throughout the mines and barracks.
When the rebellion starts, Red Faction members will head to the nearest
cache and hand out weapons to any miner willing to fight.  The security
guards are used to bullying unarmed miners; they're in for a big shock.

"I don't know what to do about the mercenaries that Masako brought here,
though.  They're tough, and so is she.  We'll make some feints at
important installations around the complex, maybe get the mercs dug into
defensive positions.  If that doesn't work, we're in trouble.  The mercs
will slice right through us if they go on the offensive too soon.  If we
move fast enough, they won't hit us until we've settled with the guards
and gotten everyone armed.  Our sole advantage is numbers, but I don't
want to waste thousands of miners in human wave attacks.

"The next few days are going to make or break us.  Four years of
planning and plotting are either going to pay off or get us all killed.
Getting rid of Ultor is the goal for everyone else in Red Faction.  But
I want more.  I want to know who's behind the Plague.  And I want them
to die."

 4. Orion

Orion could have easily been the leader of the Red Faction, but instead
deferred leadership to Eos and chose to become one of the main tactical
forces of the rebellion.  As Eos' "right hand man," Orion is called on
time and time again by Eos to perform some of the most important
missions to the success of the rebellion.  If Parker wasn't around,
you'd have to assume that Orion would have been the one put in the line
of fire more often, and he'd have a damn good chance of doing just as
good as Parker did.

 5. Gryphon

As Deputy Administrator of the Ultor Corporation's mining operations,
Gryphon holds a lot of power within the giant that the Red Faction is
fighting against.  The sheer amount of security that surrounds his
office alone is proof enough of that.  While he does work for the enemy,
he seems more than ready and willing to help the rebel cause by leading
them to the person that may know the cure to the Plague.  Parker will
have to keep Gryphon alive throughout a portion of the game, and Gryphon
will help Parker get past security checkpoints and locked doors and
gates as they try to meet up with Orion.

 6. Capek

Capek is the chief scientist for the Ultor Corporation and has no regard
for human life.  Using miners as his personal pool of scientific
specimens, Capek heads research on projects that wouldn't get off the
ground under the watchful eye of the government back on Earth.  But on
Mars, Ultor governs itself, and Capek is let loose to do as he pleases
in order to help Ultor's cause toward world domination.  Capek has
become such a powerful figure within the corporation that his ego grows
larger than the short man that he is, and ends up relying too much on
his technological advances in order to protect his life from the
onslaught of the rebellion.  Perhaps too caught up in his life's work to
see the error of his ways, Capek never has the opportunity to fully
explain all of the damage caused by his research.

 7. Masako

Colonel Masako is the leader of the mercenaries, a group of cold,
lifeless killers that don't flinch in the face of blood, death, and
destruction.  As Hendrix puts it, she's "a real nasty piece of work" and
"a butcher".  She enjoys the thrill of killing the defenseless and
innocent and does her best to take you down using an onsluaght of her
faithful mercenaries.  Her favorite weapon, the Rail Driver, will
ultimately be her downfall.


############################# VIII. Enemies ##############################


At a first glance, Red Faction's enemies appear to just be hordes of
Ultor security guards.  But after playing through to the latter portions
of the game and getting a taste of different foes, you'll realize that
there are more enemies besides just guards, and even they come in a
variety of different flavors.

 1. Ultor Guard

This is your standard guard that you meet often in the early levels of
the game.  He only carries a 12mm pistol and wears no armor.  He can be
easily taken down with a couple of blows from the baton or a few shots
from a pistol.  You'll be begging to have these guys back when you get
to later levels in the game.

 2. Riot Guard

Rather than maintain a line of defense as you'd expect a riot guard to
do, Ultor Riot Guards attack in a kamikaze frenzy and smack you up-side
the head with their control baton and/or riot shield.  Back up as you
take them down with a pistol or automatic shotgun so they can't get
close and dish out some serious damage with their melee attacks.  Many
times, they'll attack from the side or behind and you won't even realize
what's taking your health and armor levels down.  Strafe and look around
to locate them and take them out.

 3. Shotgun Ultor Guard

Ultor Guards armed with automatic shotguns are often found around
corners or behind doors; places where you're most likely to be caught
off guard.  To combat them, be prepared.  Never round a corner or open a
door without aiming your weapon at about where their torso would likely
be if they do end up appearing.  If you have some room to maneuver,
circle strafe around them to avoid their infrequent shots.  Take
advantage of the shotgun's slow loading time to take them down quickly.

 4. Rocket Ultor Guard

The best defense is a good offense, especially when it comes to guards
armed with a rocket launcher.  Try not to let them get any shots off,
and if they do, take advantage of the weapon's long loading time to take
out the guard immediately after he fires.  If you're not comfortable
throwing caution to the wind and striking full-force, use objects such
as large boulders and walls as cover.  However, keep in mind that rocket
launchers make holes through many objects, and your cover might not hold
up forever.

 5. Assault Ultor Guard

Depending on the difficulty level you're playing at, an Ultor Guard
armed with an assault rifle won't have very good aim, especially at a
moving target.  As with most well-armed enemies, the best option for
dealing with him effectively is to take him out quickly, such as with a
shotgun at close range, or a precision rifle or sniper rifle at long
range.  If that isn't an option, go with your best automatic weapon,
such as the heavy machine gun or submachine gun, and keep moving while
you take him down.

 6. Turret

When you have no interest in using the enemy turrets to your advantage,
the best approach to destroying a turret is using an explosive weapon,
such as a rocket launcher, remote charge, or grenade.  Try to use a wall
or other cover to set up your aim before moving into a position where it
can fire upon you.  Then quickly move into position, throw or fire the
weapon, and detonate if needed.  See the Barracks section of the
Single-Player Walkthrough for an example of how to effectively take out
a harmful turret.

 7. Ceiling Turret

Ceiling turrets can often go unnoticed until you're in range to be fired
upon by them.  If such an occasion arises, seek cover as quickly as
possible and then figure out whether you need to take it out and how
you're going to take it out.  There's no reason to waste precious ammo
on a ceiling turret that doesn't pose much of a threat to your target
location, but many will hang directly in your desired path.  You can
take them out with a couple of shots from the precision rifle, but a
more effective approach is using an explosive weapon, such as a rocket
launcher, remote charge, or grenade.  As with the ground turret, only
move into its firing range when you're ready to fire your chosen weapon
of destruction.

 8. Reaper

These over-sized slug-like mutants will quickly become one of your most
despised enemies in Red Faction.  They're quick, annoying, and have a
despicable knack for taking you by surprise.  The best approach is to
keep some distance between you and the reaper while you take it down
with shots from an automatic weapon, such as the heavy machine gun or
submachine gun.  Because the reapers like to attack in groups, you'll
probably have to take backsteps as you kill them.  Be aware of where you
are at all times; you don't want to take a plunge over a cliff or end up
backing yourself up against a wall.

 9. Mutant Creature

Often paired with a group of reapers, the mutant creature will quickly
take your attention away from the smaller creatures.  Several burst
rounds from the heavy machine gun will be needed to take one down.  As
with the reapers, keep some distance from the mutant creature, because
it does dish out some serious damage in close-range.  Make sure not to
ignore the reapers just because a mutant creature appears in the
background; take out the mutants that are closest to you first so you
have the best chance of keeping every enemy at a safe distance.

 10. Worm

The worm is the tall, plant-like creature that is first encountered in
the level "Worm Food."  Its poisonous spray can easily be avoided by
strafing left and right.  While many (including myself) assumed that the
worm could only be taken down by rockets into its mouth, it can actually
be taken down with any weapon; it just takes longer.  The best approach
is still to unload several rockets down its throat and send it crashing
to the ground.  If rockets are unavailable, your best option is your
best automatic weapon, such as the heavy machine gun or submachine gun.

 11. Sniper Mercenary

Mercenaries are quite skilled in using the most deadly weapons, so
you'll find some perched up on high mountain regions and cliffs taking
shots at you from afar.  Your only chance to take them down is to be
better than them at their own game.  Use a precision rifle or sniper
rifle to take them down.  It's best to use cover and inch forward until
you get a clean shot.  You might even get lucky and find a perfect spot
where the target sniper doesn't seem to be able to hit you, but you can
fire upon him just fine.  Be aware that the sniper may retreat for his
own cover when he discovers that he's being fired upon, but he'll
eventually come back into range.  Be patient and make sure to take a
clean shot to the head.

 12. Rail Driver Mercenary

There's one simple rule to follow when taking on a mercenary armed with
a rail driver: don't let him get off a shot.  While you move to avoid
his potential aim, use your own rail driver or a precision rifle to take
him down before he can take aim and fire.  Also, because the rail driver
can fire through walls, you may have to take some preemptive action and
take out mercenaries with your rail driver before you meet them
face-to-face.  Nine times out of ten, if you let the mercenary get off
his rail driver shot, you're dead.  On the off chance that he misses,
absolutely don't let him get a second chance.  I've never seen a
mercenrary miss twice with the rail driver -- on any difficulty level.

 13. Fusion Mercenary

You may not realize it as a large ball of plasma slowly drifts toward
you, but you're currently being attacked by a mercenary armed with the
mother of all Red Faction weapons, the Fusion Rocket Launcher.  Run as
far away as possible to reduce damage from the blast, and then use
anything at your disposal to take the mercenary out as quickly as
possible.  Remember that the weapon delivers a large radius of splash
damage, so don't expect to walk away from the experience completely


############################## IX. Weapons ###############################


The weapons available in Red Faction are diverse and varied, and
understanding them is the first key to success in both single- and
multi-player.  Below you'll find all of the important information on
the game's fifteen weapons.

Idle Motion = The action that the player performs when wielding that
weapon and stands idle for 30 seconds.

 1. Control Baton (UCB-24 Ultor Control Baton)

Description:      This crowd control weapon can serve as a truncheon or
                  a stun gun.

Ammo/Clip Size:   Battery cell.

Reload Time:      1 second.

Range:            Short

Primary Fire:     Swing baton as club.

Alternate Fire:   Electric Shock mode.

Tactics:          Use it only at very close range and when you're taking
                  an opponent by surprise.  Running blindly up a hill
                  towards a group of Ultor guards wielding your baton is
                  not the smartest move.

 2. Riot Shield (UBS-4 Ultor Riot Body Shield)

Description:      A body-sized translucent shield that is used by the
                  riot guards of Ultor.  The riot shield is lightweight
                  but can withstand blast and gunfire damage for a brief
                  period of time.

Ammo/Clip Size:   N/A

Reload Time:      N/A

Range:            N/A

Primary Fire:     Swing shield.

Alternate Fire:   N/A

Tactics:          The riot shield can be an effective tool if used
                  properly.  Only use it as a weapon if you get caught
                  off guard with it equipped.  In most cases, you can
                  probably strafe or find some cover to switch weapons.

 3. 12 mm Pistol (USP-16 Ultor Semi-Automatic Pistol)

Description:      This basic semi-automatic pistol packs a serious punch
                  against _unarmored_ targets.  The pistol can penetrate
                  body armor but with significantly less impact.  This
                  weapon is standard issue for Ultor security guards and
                  officers.  The pistol can be fired underwater.

Ammo/Clip Size:   12 mm. bullets / 16 rounds.

Reload Time:      2 seconds.

Range:            Short to Medium.

Primary Fire:     Fire one round.

Alternate Fire:   Attach/detach silencer.

Tactics:          This is one of the first weapons you get your hands on
                  and you'll use it often.  It's pretty effective for a
                  low-level weapon, but as the description notes, it
                  works best against unarmored opponents. As always,
                  keep strafing or use cover when firing this weapon.
                  It will take at least a few shots to bring the
                  opponent to his knees.  Don't waste your ammo by
                  trying to use the pistol at long range; it just
                  doesn't work.

 4. Submachine Gun (UAP-32/20 Ultor Submachine Gun)

Description:      This weapon is slightly larger than the pistol and is
                  capable of full automatic fire.  Heavier than the
                  pistol, the submachine gun offers better control in
                  full auto mode, though it remains inaccurate at medium
                  or long range.  Ultor officers (the guard commanders)
                  are issued assault rifles as standard weapons.

Ammo/Clip Size:   12 mm. bullets / 30 rounds; 5.56mm high velocity armor
                  piercing bullets / 20 rounds.

Reload Time:      3 seconds.
Range:            Short to Medium.

Primary Fire:     Fire rounds, automatic.

Alternate Fire:   Toggle between 12mm and 5.56mm rounds.

Tactics:          The submachine gun is extremely effective at taking
                  down guards (or at least making them run for their
                  lives and stop shooting).  Use it at short to medium
                  range to mow down enemies. Make sure to keep strafing;
                  just because you're firing an automatic weapon doesn't
                  mean that the enemies will stop firing at you.  If you
                  have auto aim off, be careful not to pump tons of
                  rounds into walls and other areas (which is pretty
                  easy to do).  It's much more effective if the rounds
                  pierce the skin of Ultor guards.

 5. Automatic Shotgun (UAS-10 Ultor Automatic Combat Shotgun)

Description:      This weapon is a military-grade shotgun capable of
                  semi-automatic and full automatic fire.  Recoil in
                  semi-automatic mode is slightly less than a civilian
                  10-gauge shotgun.  Fully automatic fire is more
                  difficult to control because of the recoil
                  compensator's response time.

Ammo/Clip Size:   10 gauge buckshot shells / 8 rounds.

Reload Time:      2 seconds.

Range:            Short to Medium.

Primary Fire:     Fires a double shot, pump action.

Alternate Fire:   Fires a single shot every 0.15 seconds, continuous

Tactics:          The automatic shotgun is my weapon of choice for short
                  ranged fights.  It usually goes something like this:
                  I'm taking cover and switching to the shotgun.  I wait
                  for a break in the fire, come out from behind the
                  cover, rush the opponent and fill him with lead, which
                  makes him fly backwards into the air with a hole
                  through his stomach. It usually only takes one shot to
                  take 'em down with the shotgun, so it's very effective
                  in keeping yourself healthy.

 6. Assault Rifle (UAR-42 Ultor Military Assault Rifle)

Description:      This weapon is designed to offer all the benefits of a
                  full-length rifle in a compact design.  It is capable
                  of firing three round bursts or full automatic fire.
                  Compared to fully automatic fire, three round bursts
                  offer increased control and aim but potentially
                  decreased force, unless fired at close range.  The
                  high-velocity armor-piercing shells inflict massive
                  damage on unarmored targets and will penetrate body
                  armor easily.  This is the standard rifle issued to
                  Ultor soldiers.

Ammo/Clip Size:   5.56mm high velocity armor piercing bullets / 42

Reload Time:      1 second.

Range:            Short to Long.

Primary Fire:     Fires a single 3 round burst.

Alternate Fire:   Continuous automatic fire.

Tactics:          When the shotgun runs out of ammo, I switch to the
                  Assault Rifle.  One or two 3 round bursts is all it
                  takes to bring a guard down.  It's also very effective
                  when taking on multiple opponents at once, because you
                  can spread the fire easily or shoot straight through
                  one guard and hit the one behind him.  You can also
                  get away with using it at long range, although it's
                  not recommended because you'll likely waste ammo.

 7. Sniper Rifle (USG-50 Ultor Sniper Rifle)

Description:      Capable of semi-automatic firing only, this sniper
                  rifle comes standard with a UNVS-8 scope that provides
                  the user with up to 12x zoom.  The rifle also features
                  a wind velocity offset that corrects for wind
                  conditions.  This weapon is capable of inflicting
                  critical wounds when a head or torso shot is achieved.
                   It is also capable of penetrating light armored

Ammo/Clip Size:   .50 caliber armor piercing bullets / 6 rounds.

Reload Time:      2 seconds.

Range:            Short to Very Long.

Primary Fire:     Fires one round.

Alternate Fire:   Activates/deactivates the cope, hold down for zoom.

Tactics:          If you're a veteran sniper, then this weapon is for
                  you.  For those not familiar with using the weapon in
                  other games, it can take some getting used to.
                  Basically, use the scope to zero in on opponents.
                  Sniping is best done while undetected and from medium
                  to very long range. Also try to put some distance
                  between yourself and your target, so if you are
                  detected you can switch out of the scope view,
                  retreat, and switch to a more suitable weapon for
                  closer range melees.

 8. Remote Charge (URC-15 Ultor Remote Mining Charge)

Description:      This is a medium-sized, high-explosive remotely
                  detonated charge.  It has a kill radius of 10 meters.
                  Only one charge can be detonated at a time.  They are
                  effective against unarmored and armored personnel as
                  well as light vehicles.

Ammo/Clip Size:   N/A

Reload Time:      2 seconds.

Range:            Short.

Primary Fire:     Throw and detonate the charge.

Alternate Fire:   N/A

Tactics:          I mostly use the charges for blowing off chunks of
                  wall or terrain.  It can be used effectively in some
                  instances against guards, but in most cases it's not
                  worth the risk while you wait to throw the charge and
                  then detonate.  I'd recommend placing the charges by
                  hand on walls rather than trying to throw them, so
                  that you get the placement that you were looking for.

 9. Grenade (UHG-90 Ultor Offensive Hand Grenade)

Description:      This weapon is a high explosive anti-personnel device
                  with a kill radius of 5 meters.  The grenade has a
                  4-second timer that starts when thrown.  Hand grenades
                  are highly effective against unarmored personnel and
                  moderately effective against armored personnel.

Ammo/Clip Size:   N/A

Reload Time:      2 seconds.

Range:            Short.

Primary Fire:     Toss as an impact grenade.

Alternate Fire:   Toss grenade with a 4-second timer.

Tactics:          The flexibility provided by the two modes of
                  detonation on the grenades is fantastic.  Grenades
                  come in very handy as the single-player game
                  progresses.  From taking out walls to taking out
                  command post guards, the grenades have a ton of uses
                  and you'll find yourself using them whenever they
                  become available.  If you're trying to throw the
                  grenade into a tight area, it shouldn't be difficult
                  to get the grenade into the area you were aiming for.
                  However, be careful of the grenade bouncing back
                  towards you on the 4-second timer mode of fire; you'll
                  discover first-hand just how harmful grenades are.

 10. Flame Thrower (UFT-1 Ultor Flame Thrower)

Description:      This weapon is based on the Ultor Defoliator, used for
                  clearing plant growth.  It shoots a flaming stream of
                  fuel that sticks on contact and burns for up to 30
                  seconds.  This weapon has been modified to shoot a
                  flame twice as far at the cost of fuel consumption.

Ammo/Clip Size:   Fuel Tank.

Reload Time:      1 second.

Range:            Short to Medium.

Primary Fire:     Shoots a 4-meter flame.

Alternate Fire:   Remove and throw fuel canister as an incendiary bomb.

Tactics:          The flamethrower has decent range, but fuel (ammo)
                  burns quickly and before you know it, your tank is
                  empty.  You also have to make sure to not accidentally
                  use the secondary fire, because that basically tosses
                  the whole tank altogether.  You'll probably only get
                  to use the flamethrower one or two times per tank.
                  When you do use this weapon, make it count, and make
                  sure you leave yourself some space, because the target
                  enemy will run around screaming a bit before he falls,
                  and you may get caught on fire.

 11. Rocket Launcher (URL-6T Ultor Tactical Rocket Launcher, AKA "Big Earl")

Description:      This weapon is capable of firing its rocket in "dumb"
                  or "homing" (i.e. heat-seeking) mode.  Once homing
                  mode is selected, it takes approximately 2.75 seconds
                  for the thermal imaging sensor to achieve target lock.
                   The weapon beeps when locked onto a target.  Once
                  fired, the rocket tracks the target until contact or
                  until it runs out of fuel.

Ammo/Clip Size:   15 cm high explosive rockets / 6 rounds.

Reload Time:      2 seconds.

Range:            Medium to Long.

Primary Fire:     Fires "dumb" rockets, automatically fires a rocket
                  every 2 seconds.

Alternate Fire:   Engages heat-seeking mode.

Tactics:          Watching enemies appear on the rocket launcher's
                  thermal imaging sensor display is very cool, although
                  a little impractical.  As in most first-person
                  shooters, the rocket launcher is a great weapon for
                  taking out opponents quickly.  However, the game's
                  designers have restricted the amount of rocket ammo
                  available because of the weapon's other main purpose
                  in Red Faction: blowing holes in walls and the
                  terrain.  You'll probably find yourself using the
                  rocket launcher more for taking out walls than killing
                  opponents, because of the general shortage of rocket
                  ammo.  This obviously isn't really the case in
                  multi-player, unless your opponents are hogging it all.

 12. Rail Driver (FCA-26 Magnetic Rail Driver)

Description:      This weapon was brought to Mars by Col. Masako's
                  mercenaries.  Capable of firing metal slugs at
                  ultra-high velocity, the rail gun can penetrate walls.

Ammo/Clip Size:   Metal Slug / 1 round.

Reload Time:      2 seconds.

Range:            Medium to Long.

Primary Fire:     Fires a metal slug.

Alternate Fire:   Engages the scope and allows you to see enemies
                  through walls.

Tactics:          The Rail Driver is a lot like the rail gun from the
                  Quake series of games: near instantaneous fire and
                  very lethal.  The difference in Red Faction is that
                  you can use a scope to zero in on enemies and see
                  through walls.  In the single player game, you won't
                  come across this weapon until late in the game.
                  However, you can find it in abundance in multi-player,
                  and that's really where you'll probably be using it
                  most.  Using the Rail Driver can be very difficult at
                  first because it requires precise aim, but with
                  practice you can become adept at using it effectively
                  and really clean house.  Using the scope, you can
                  locate enemies through multiple walls and shoot them.

 13. Precision Rifle (MKISG-1 Defender Precision Rifle)

Description:      A favorite of mercenary grunts, this rifle fires a
                  single explosive round with precision accuracy.

Ammo/Clip Size:   5/65mm explosive ammo / 20 rounds.

Reload Time:      1.5 seconds.

Range:            Long.

Primary Fire:     Semi-automatic.

Alternate Fire:   Activates/deactivates the scope, hold down for zoom.

Tactics:          The Precision Rifle is basically a slightly less
                  powerful version of the sniper rifle.  It also has a
                  little shorter loading time, and its ammo seems to be
                  more plentiful.  I'd even go as far to say that the
                  precision rifle and sniper rifle are interchangeable;
                  one doesn't seem to be all that different from the

 14. Heavy Machine Gun (JF60-HMG/BF Heavy Suppression Machine Gun)

Description:      A terribly inaccurate, but fast firing weapon.  Holds
                  tons of ammo and best used when raw firepower and
                  maximum suppression is required.

Ammo/Clip Size:   7.62 mm caliber / belt-fed, typically 99 rounds.

Reload Time:      2 seconds.

Range:            Long.

Primary Fire:     Full auto.

Alternate Fire:   Slower firing rate but significantly more accurate.

Tactics:          The Heavy Machine Gun performs a lot like a mobile
                  turret; you can easily mow people down with this
                  monster.  It can be tough to control if you need
                  precise accuracy, so it's better for sweeping attacks
                  across a wide area or taking out multiple opponents.
                  Since it's such a powerful weapon, it eats ammo fast
                  and you'll probably run out of ammo quickly.  So, make
                  sure not to waste any by unloading a surplus of shells
                  into an enemy as he falls to the ground.

 15. Fusion Rocket Launcher (F-1TL Fusion Rocket Launcher)

Description:      Huge shoulder-mounted weapon that fires a single
                  powerful shell capable of massive amounts of damage.

Ammo/Clip Size:   Single shell.

Reload Time:      2 seconds.

Range:            Long.

Primary Fire:     Fires a single large shell and has a long reload time
                  after each shot.

Alternate Fire:   N/A

Tactics:          This weapon packs one serious punch.  Make sure you're
                  well away from the target impact zone before launching
                  it.  Any human within close proximity will die upon
                  impact.  Also, don't plan on running around with this
                  weapon equipped, because it blocks about half of your
                  viewing area.  Choose carefully when deciding when to
                  use it, because you'll probably only get one shot.


############################## X. Vehicles ###############################


Red Faction offers five vehicles that you'll come across during the
single-player game.  Each has different strengths and weaknesses, and
learning more about them will better prepare you for when you're dropped
into the driver's seat.

 1. All Terrain Vehicle (ATV)

Description:      The ATV is unique in that it offers you two separate
                  points of entry and control.  Entering the ATV near
                  the front of the vehicle allows you to drive through
                  the environment.  Entering the ATV towards the rear of
                  the vehicle allows you to control the mounted machine
                  gun.  Fairly fast for getting around, the ATV is not
                  as durable as most of the other vehicles available to
                  Parker. Note: If Parker is driving the ATV, he will
                  not be able to fire the mounted machine gun.
                  Similarly, if Parker is in control of the machine gun,
                  he will not be able to drive the ATV.

Location(s):      Capek's Zoo, Icy Underwater Cavern, Grand Canyon.

Tactics:          As the fastest ground vehicle in the game, I think the
                  ATV is the most fun to drive.  It's great plowing over
                  Ultor guards, and when that isn't an option then you
                  can always hop into the back and man the mounted
                  machine gun.  Note that when you exit the driver's
                  seat, you'll be on top of the vehicle and facing the
                  mounted machine gun (this can be helpful if you've
                  parked the ATV in hostile territory and need to get
                  behind the machine gun quickly before getting
                  injured).  Considering its agility and
                  maneuverability, the ATV can take quite a bit of
                  damage and should hold up quite well when it's needed
                  in the single-player campaign.  Because the mounted
                  machine gun has so much ammo, you can feel free to
                  really spray the fire and not feel so much pressure to
                  make every round count.

 2. Driller

Description:      The Driller is a relatively slow but heavily armored
                  vehicle that allows you to slowly dig through the
                  environment.  It is a great source of protection for
                  Parker but does not possess any form of fire power.
                  Use the Primary Fire button to engage the driller
                  bits. Pressing the Alternate Fire button will cycle
                  through the four points of view: Front, Left, Rear,
                  and Right.

Location(s):      Mine Maintenance.

Tactics:          There's not much to using the Driller.  Just drive it
                  forward, keep it straight, and take the opportunity to
                  crush any Ultor guards that stand in the way.  You
                  shouldn't take any damage when in the vehicle, due to
                  its heavy armor.

 3. Aesir Fighter

Description:      The Aesir Fighter is an extremely agile craft used in
                  aerial combat.  It offers both heat-seeking missiles,
                  which are the alternate fire, and a Gattling Gun,
                  which is the primary fire.  Use the Jump and Crouch
                  buttons to slide the vehicle up and down.  These
                  buttons are essential to master in aerial combat with
                  Ultor-controlled fighters.

Location(s):      Fighter Docking Bay, Fighter Testing Grounds, Docking
                  Bay Entrance, Masako's Lair.

Tactics:          As the description implies, the Aesir Fighter is
                  extremely agile and you'll find that it's quite easy
                  to maneuver the ship quickly.  However, precise
                  control takes some practice.  Unfortunately, the only
                  way to practice is in-game use, so you'll just have to
                  learn as you go.  The heat-seeking missiles come in
                  relatively short supply, so you'll probably find
                  yourself using the Gattling Gun eventually.  Also, if
                  you haven't quite mastered precise control with the
                  ship, it can be a better alternative to use the
                  Gattling Gun over the missiles in close-range
                  situations, since then you can at least get some
                  partial hits in rather than the "all or nothing"
                  target that the missiles provide.

 4. Submarine

Description:      The Submarine offers heat-seeking torpedoes for
                  fire-power.  To discharge a torpedo, use the primary
                  fire button.  Like the fighter, the Jump and crouch
                  buttons will slide the Sub up and down and are
                  essential to learn in combat with other subs.  Be
                  careful--Ultor subs are also armed with heat-seeking

Location(s):      Sub Bay, Underwater Research, Icy Sub Bay, Worm Food.

Tactics:          You can practice maneuvering the submarine as part of
                  the training.  When you come across Ultor subs in the
                  single-player game, you'll find that it's extremely
                  difficult to dodge any of their torpedoes and that
                  your sub is not very well armored.  Maneuverability is
                  only moderate, but your best shot at dodging a
                  heat-seeking torpedo is to use the elevation controls
                  to quickly move up or down.  It would also be wise to
                  try and find cover that the torpedo will slam into
                  rather than your sub.  There is a slight wait between
                  firing one torpedo and the next, but luckily the enemy
                  subs have the exact same delay so you're on a level
                  playing field.

 5. Armored Personal Carrier (APC)

Description:      The APC is a heavily armored and powerful vehicle that
                  offers a mortar, which is the alternate fire, and a
                  Chain Gun, which is the primary fire of its weaponry.
                  Although not as quick as the ATV, the APC is quick
                  enough to run down a fleeing mercenary.

Location(s):      Mine Maintenance, Stranded!, Ancient Riverbed,
                  Unexpected Cargo.

Tactics:          The APC's biggest weakness is its lack of
                  maneuverability, so help yourself by not forcing
                  yourself to manuever much to line up your aim.
                  Instead, try to take wide corners and generally keep
                  the vehicle centered where you expect mercenaries to
                  appear.  The APC's high defense is very deceptive when
                  you're up against mercenaries armed with rocket
                  launchers and rail drivers that can obliterate the
                  vehicle with a few hits.  So exercise caution and take
                  the necessary precautions so you're not left
                  maneuvering around while a merc drains the integrity
                  of the vehicle.  As with the ATV, feel free to use
                  ammo carelessly as needed.  There's a lot more in the
                  vehicle than you really need, so there should be no
                  fear of running out early.


###################### XI. Single Player Walkthrough #####################


As the majority of people who read this document are coming for this
section alone, I've decided to really explore each level and experiment
with different strategies to offer the best approaches when multiple
options are available.  So, in many places, I played the level over and
over again rather than just running through it once and assuming that it
was the best approach.  Hopefully, this will result in a more thorough

These instructions are for the Medium difficulty level, which is what
the game is set on by default at the beginning.  I'm sure if you can
beat it handily on Medium difficulty and want to run through it again,
you can bump up the difficulty setting and still use these instructions
with successful results.

 1. Idle Cinematic Narration

Mars.  A distant crimson orb that has always signified war and bloodshed
for mankind.  On this forbidding planet, The Ultor Corporation
established mining operations far from Earth and its authorities.

Lured with promises of riches and a quick return to an easy life on
Earth, miners quickly realize that the reality is very different:
violence, aggression, and a forbidding plague.

But not all are willing to endure this living hell.  An underground
resistance is forming.  All it needs is a spark.

When freedom is at stake, survival is not enough.

 2. Open Cinematic Narration from Parker

Mars.  I always thought of it as a romantic place.  A planet of mystery
and adventure.  I came here six months ago thinking it would be an
escape from Earth.  I wanted some time to think, to figure out what to
do with my life.  A year in the mines sounded like a great way to
straighten myself out.  Man, was I a fool.

Life in the mines is hell.  I haven't had a minute to myself since I got
here.  You're jammed eight to a room, time-sharing your bunks.
Conditions are barely liveable.  And the guards are everywhere.  Ultor
doesn't care if we live or die.  We're at the breaking point.

And then there's the plague killing off miners left and right.  When the
guy next to you dies before your eyes, and your turn could come any
minute...it freaks you out.  No one knows what causes it or how to cure
it; at least the miners don't.

Someone named Eos is putting up pamphlets in the barracks, claiming that
Ultor is responsible for the plague.  The pamphlets urge miners to be
ready to revolt against Ultor.  A lot of miners are muttering, but
nothing has come of it yet.

As bad as things are in the barracks, things are brutal down in the
mines.  You spend ten hours drenched in your own sweat in your
envirosuit, mining away at rock walls.  The guards make sure you work
the whole shift.  If you ask me, we work way too much.

When you get out of your drone when your shift's over, all you've done
is dug yourself in a little deeper.  I don't know how long I can keep
doing this.

 3. Live Mines

* Second work shift has ended.  Miners, return to barracks. *

Walk forward and you'll begin to hear a confrontation between a fellow
miner and an Ultor guard.  The guard goes to strike the miner (one of
those commonplace beatings), but the miner isn't going to take it and
promptly flattens him.  The courageous miner is then shot by a nearby
guard.  Pick up the baton and battery from the fallen guard, run over to
the pistol-carrying guard nearby and clobber him.  He'll drop his
pistol; pick it up then approach the guard firing near the door around
the corner to the left.  Begin firing once you're in decent range and
you get a lock.  You should find some armor, a medkit, and 12mm ammo on
the fallen guards and miner in this area.

Before proceeding through the door up ahead, jump over the barricades on
the right side and head up this shaft, avoiding the steam at one point.
At the end of the shaft, you'll find a miner beating a guard senseless.
Walk up behind him and grab the ammo.  If you're not full on armor,
switch to the baton and smack the miner over the head, taking his armor.
 We'll just forget this unfortunate incident ever happened.  Head back
down and go through the door.

An explosion to the right may startle you, but ignore it and continue
on.  Enter the first hole on the left.  You'll have to take on a guard
in here, but you should end up with more ammo for your pistol and a few
remote charges.  Head back out to the main corridor and continue up.

A guard will charge you with a baton while another fires at you with his
pistol.  Take out both then continue upward.

= Eos: Miners!  This is Eos, leader of the Red Faction.  Our time has =
= come!                                                               =

= Eos: Workers in Mine M-4 have started the rebellion.  They're       =
= fighting and dying for you as I speak!                              =

= Eos: Find the Red Faction members among you.  Join us and strike    =
= back at Ultor!                                                      =

= Eos: Together, we can...                                            =

Another two guards will attack up ahead.  A third will run out from the
shaft to the left.  Take them all out, then go into the left shaft where
the guard ran out.  You'll find some medkits in a crate, a few remote
charges, and some armor.

Head back out and go back down the hill to the small shaft that was
passed earlier.  Go to the bottom for a few remote charges, then head
back out to the corridor and continue up.

You'll hear some screaming for help, and then you'll see a miner being
chased by a guard.  Take out the guard with a single bullet, then stop
for a minute to hear the miner's plea for help.  (He's about to die, so
listen closely to his last words.)

"Hey, come with me.  A bunch of miners are heading up to the docking bay
to steal a shuttle.  We're going to get off Mars and back to Earth.  You
help me get to the shuttle and I'll make sure they take you along."

Follow him for a little bit, keeping your distance because an explosion
is about to take him out.  After the explosion, a few guards attack with
pistols up ahead.  After you take them down, you should receive some
12mm ammo and a medkit.

 4. Mine Maintenance

Proceed through the door, but be prepared to dodge your first rockets.
Quickly drop down and cross the water.  Take out the enemies that you
can from down here, but don't try so hard that you're wasting ammo.
Then stick to the right and head up to the top, eliminating the guard
with the rocket launcher and anyone else that remains.  Grab some ammo,
and most important, the rocket launcher.  Then go ahead through the

A guard or two attack with pistols up ahead.  Resist the temptation to
use the rocket launcher on them and instead stick with the pistol.

As you head through the next door, be prepared to take out a guard
straight ahead and one on an elevated platform to the right.  Once
they're dead, run up to the platform and crouch down.  From here, take
out the guard on the opposite side, then take out the three guards that
attack from the door that you just came through.  Head over to the
other platform and find a box with an envirosuit inside.

Near the box, locate the crusher conveyer belt.  Get on the platform
below and hit the button to the left to elevate yourself to the
conveyer belt.  Run down to the end of the conveyer belt, and quickly
take out the guard to the right.  Jump over to where he was standing and
continue forward.

You'll come out to the left of the driller.  Take out a guard to the
left and another on a platform across the room.  Be prepared for two to
three more to come in through the door to the right.  Once everyone in
the area is dead and you've collected medkits, ammo, and armor
(including the box next to the platform), jump into the driller
(approach it from the front and press X).

Drive it through the door and up the hill to another door.  Once you go
through it, a guard will begin launching rockets at you.

= Eos: Remember every dead miner, every injustice, and strike back!   =

= Eos: The Red faction will lead you to freedom.                      =

Drive full speed ahead and run him over (activate the drill on the front
for extra effect).  Before driving through the electrical fence, jump
out of the vehicle (press X) and take out the single guard on the other
side with your pistol.  Then hop back in the driller and drive through
the electrical fence.  Be careful not to keep pressing forward after
driving through, because it forces you out of the vehicle and you'll run
straight into the drill, killing yourself.

You'll notice two doors side-by-side in this area.  Approach the right
one, and two guards will attack from inside.  Take them out, then head
inside to loot their corpses and the box for ammo, medkits, and armor.
Proceed back outside and open the door on the opposite side of the area.
 There should be a guard standing down the hall.  Take some shots, then
back up to let the door close.  Then step forward and finish him off.
Run down the hall.

 5. Mine Entrance

= Hendrix: Parker, you don't know me but my name's Hendrix and I want =
= to help you.                                                        =

= Hendrix: I'm a security technician with Ultor.  I have my own       =
= reasons for hating them and wanting to help you.                    =

= Hendrix: I've been watching the riots on these security monitors.   =
= You're the only miner from M-4 to make it this far.                 =

= Hendrix: Be careful, Parker.  Ultor's rushing forces in to block    =
= the mines and keep the rebellion from spreading.                    =

Continue quickly through the corridor until you reach a grated catwalk
that turns to the left.  Run down this catwalk, and hop along as the
escorts for the APC spot you from below and begin to attack.  You'll
enter a tight hallway at the end.  Proceed up until you see a fellow
miner being shot.  Take out the guard who killed him, then quickly a
second to the left near the elevator.  Once he's dead, go over to the
elevator and hit the button on the left side to bring the elevator down.
 It will take about 10-15 seconds, so in the meantime take out guards
and dodge bullets.  Once the elevator arrives, hop on, hit the button,
and ride it to the top.  Exit the elevator and run forward.

 6. Barracks Entrance

Walk forward until you see a flaming miner running towards you.  Step
back and wait for him to die and for the flames to extinguish.  Then run
up to him and grab his envirosuit.  A guard will attack up ahead, so
take him out.  As you round the corner, a couple more guards attack from
up head: one has a flamethrower and the other an automatic shotgun.
Keeping your distance, take them down then proceed forward to collect
the new weapons.

You're now at the entrance to the barracks, but both doors are locked.
Head into the control room up ahead, grab the riot shield, and hit the
button, opening the door.

Head through the left door, and taunt the guard up ahead a bit by
jumping around.  Then retreat and go over to the right door.  Stick to
the right wall until the guard comes around the corner, then take him
out with the pistol.

Before going through the door straight ahead, go into the door to the
right.  In here you can find medkits, armor, and ammo on both sides.
Once you have what you need, head back out to the door.

Center your aim on the door, because a guard will be firing straight
ahead when you hit X to open it.  Once he's dead, proceed forward to
open the locker on the right to find an envirosuit.  Continue on into
the barracks.

 7. Barracks

Go forward towards the door until you hear the woman over the
loudspeaker call for reinforcements in this area.  Then back up, switch
to your shotgun, and wait about 5 seconds.  When you open the door, you
should see a guard up ahead who's patrolling forward.  Run up behind him
and put a buckshot through his back.  Then immediately open the door to
the right and fire a shot into a guard in here who's finishing off a
fellow miner.  Pick up the shotgun shells then proceed into a door
across the room.  You should be in a bathroom area, and take out the
guard who's relieving himself to the left.  Grab the shotgun shells,
then proceed forward into the shower area where a guard is killing a
fellow miner.  Wreak revenge by moving into the center row and killing
him with your shotgun as he attacks. Exit the bathroom, go to the right,
and enter the door on the left that leads upstairs.

Be prepared to meet a guard either at the top of the stairs or on the
catwalk up above.  Once he's dead, enter the first door on the right to
grab an envirosuit.  Go into the next room on the right for shotgun
shells and a medkit.  Proceed through the door at the end and switch to
your rocket launcher.

Open the next door, and take a quick peek over the left edge to locate a
turret that is firing at you.  Stand back, aim down, jump, and fire at
it, taking it out.  Switch to the shotgun and head towards the door at
the end.  You should meet another guard at close range; take him out,
then head downstairs.

(A quick note:  There's an emergency room in this area with a medical
technician.  It's through the large doors that's labeled with Emergency
Room and Cafeteria and to the left. Whenever you need a heal, head
through the double doors and put away your weapon (left on the D-pad)
before entering the emergency room.  Walk up to the medic and hit X to
bring your health back up to full.  If you happen to forget about
putting away your weapon, you can either run to the back room and grab
the medkit, or put it away and then wait about a minute for the medic to
calm down and realize that you've put it away.  If you do go into the
back room, you can hear a dying miner talking about how you should be
getting yourself to the shuttle.)

Run into the middle of the room until you trigger the sound of a miner
screaming for help in a room nearby.  Turn around and run back up the
stairs, preparing to take on two guards with your shotgun at the top.
Once they're dead, go back downstairs.

Head through the door that says Detention Area.  A fellow miner is being
held here, and he's asking for some help.  If you need a medkit, grab
one in the box here.  Then grab the key card on the desk and open the
door.  The miner begins to run out, but he's going to die regardless so
just let him go.  If you can lure the attacking guards over in front of
the detention area door, it'll be easier to just pop the door open and
put a buckshot in their stomach.  If you can't lure them, strafe around
and take them out.  (Don't forget about the emergency room if you need

Go through the double doors towards the emergency room, but go right
towards the cafeteria.  You'll see a miner being shot at the corner.
Around the corner is the armored guard who shot him, so round the corner
and take him out.  Before heading into the cafeteria, go get healed if
you need to.

As you enter the cafeteria, you'll be attacked by three guards.  Keep
moving and unload with your shotgun on each one at close range.  Once
they're dead and you've collected the loot, head through the next door
into the kitchen.

If you need a medkit, go into the back storage room and take out the
guard in the back left corner.  There are two medkits on the shelves.
Then head back out to the kitchen and crawl in the shaft.

 8. Elevator in Registration

= Hendrix: There's a back route into the docking bay up ahead, if     =
= it's not blocked.                                                   =

Drop down from the ventilation shaft and head through the door to the
right.  Continue on through this room and through the next door.  As you
approach the corner up ahead, be prepared to meet a guard on the other
side.  Strafe to the side and take him out, then pick up his shotgun

= Hendrix: The escaping miners came this way, too.  The elevators     =
= ahead were destroyed in the fighting.  You'll have to climb up.     =

Climb up the ladder with your shotgun equipped.  When you enter the next
area, a guard up above will begin attacking, so quickly get up the
ladder and kill the guard on the first platform on the left.  Grab the
medkit next to him.

Continue up the ladder until you hear some shots from a guard behind
you.  Turn around and take him out, then drop down to the platform and
head through the door.

You'll find yourself in another elevator shaft.  If you need a medkit,
there's one down below.  Climb up the ladder until you approach the top.
 Turn to the right on the ladder so you can fire at two guards through
an entryway.  Take them out, then head in there and collect a medkit.
Continue down the hallway.

 9. Miner Registration

Shoot out the grating on the ventilation shaft to the left and climb in.
 You'll reach a hole in the floor that will drop you next to a guard and
a control console.  Turn to the left, then drop down, grab the assault
rifle, take out the guard, and hit the button on the control console.
Break one of the glass panes with a pistol shot, drop down, switch to
the assault rifle or shotgun, and proceed ahead.

You'll meet two guards up ahead.  Take them out then round the corner
where you'll meet a third.  Once he's dead, proceed into the main
registration lobby.  Take out the guard in the lobby, then target the
guard behind the desk.  Ignore the nurse running around in fear; you can
approach him when needed for a heal.  (He may end up out in the

On the desk you can find a medkit if needed.  Crouch down behind the
desk area until two guards make their way down the stairs.  Then jump
over the front desk and take them out with the shotgun.  Run up the
stairs, take two rights and approach the double doors.  Get ready to
take out two guards directly behind the door, then pick up the 5.56mm
rounds and proceed down the hallway.

 10. Registration Lobby

As you enter the next door, you'll notice a hallway to the right labeled
"Docking Bay East".  Switch to your rocket launcher, then strafe to the
left and take out the guard manning the turret.  Once he's dead, switch
to the shotgun and run up the hallway towards the turret.  Take out an
attacking guard, then quickly get behind the controls of the turret (hit

Two guards will attack from down in the lobby.  Take them out with the
turret, then run down to collect their loot.  Then head back up and
blast a hole in the wall behind the turret.  Drop down into this area
and climb the ladder.  Quickly get through this area, but listen to the
guards up above as you go through.  Then climb to the top of the next
ladder and pop open the lid at the top.

As you get out, a guard will attack from the right.  Once he's dead,
proceed down the hallway and enter the medical room.  You can get a
heal here, but you'll probably get attacked by a couple of guards during
the process.  Open the door and take them out, then get another heal if
needed.  Exit the medical room and proceed down the hallway.

 11. Docking Bay

= Hendrix: Hurry, Parker.  The miners are at the shuttle.             =

As you proceed forward, the door ahead will close and the shuttle bay
door will open up.

= Hendrix: There they go.  If only you'd been faster....              =

You can then watch the shuttle take off and promptly explode from the
impact of a swarm of missiles.

= Hendrix: Maybe being slow isn't such a bad thing.                   =

Proceed through the door and take out a guard that attacks from the

= Hendrix: That explosion blew out the docking bay door.  Before you  =
= can enter, you need to activate the emergency room doors from the   =
= control room.                                                       =

Run forward upward and take out the guard around the corner, then pick
up the medkit.  Proceed into the control room, pick up the envirosuit
from the dead guy in front on the console, then hit the button on the
console, which closes the docking bay doors.

= Hendrix: That did it.  Once the docking bay's pressurized, the      =
= containment door will retract.                                      =

Head out of the control room and take the first right.  Enter the
elevator and hit the button to head down to the lower bay.

Exit the elevator and proceed to the right.  Open the next door to get
the guard's attention, then back up and wait about 5 seconds for him to
approach the door.  Then open it again and take him out.  Proceed inside
and take out a second guard who drops an envirosuit.  Enter the large
door and take out the two guards up ahead.

 12. Exit from Docking Bay

Get on the elevator and hit the button on the back to start your trip
down.  At the bottom, proceed into the docking bay and immediately take
out the guard down the ramp to the left.  Another two will attack out of
the shuttle's cargo bay.  Take them out, then enter the cargo bay of the
shuttle to collect a medkit and armor in the box, and 5.56mm ammo if you
need it.

Exit the shuttle and head back up the ramp that you came down when you
entered.  Continue around the corner to the left and exit the door to
the right.  Kill the guard up ahead, then strafe around the corner to
lure a second guard towards you.  Kill him, then switch to the rocket

Before you round the corner and begin taking damage from the
ceiling-mounted turret, aim your rocket launcher upward so you can take
it out as quickly as possible after turning the corner.

As you continue forward to doors on the left and right, two guards will
attack from further up ahead.  Take them out, then collect their medkit
and envirosuit.  Switch to your rocket launcher, proceed around to the
left, jump the gap and enter the door.

Your first priority here is to take out the combot floating up ahead.
It will take multiple rockets, and the combot will return fire, so use
the pillar as cover.  Once that's taken care of, switch to your assault
rifle and take out the guard up above.  Then enter the small door on the
right, climb up the ladder, and head all the way around the catwalk to
the console room at the end.  Hit the button on the console.  Proceed
back down and enter the opened door.

 13. Abandoned Mine

= Hendrix: The elevator ahead should take you down to Level N-17,     =
= fairly close to the Red Faction base.                               =
Head forward and get on the elevator.  As it takes you down, locate the
ladder on one side.  When the elevator stops prematurely, hop on the
ladder.  You can then watch the elevator take a plunge.  Climb up the
ladder to an opening in the rock wall to find the sniper rifle on a
ledge.  Climb back down and enter the door, then immediately take out
the guard to the right.

Once he's dead, proceed into the mine and take out two more guards.
Collect the envirosuit off one, then head up into the control station
and grab another envirosuit in the box.

= Eos: If you can stay alive until we fight our way back up, we'll    =
= find you.                                                           =

Exit the control station, head to the opposite side and enter the
storage shack.  In here, you'll find a bunch of equipment including
medkits, armor, riot shield, fuel canister, and remote charges.  Exit
and approach the door to the left.  Try to hit the button on the right,
but it's broken.

= Hendrix: The door's jammed.  Blast around it if you can.            =

Run around the area a bit while you wait for Hendrix to help you out.

= Hendrix: I'm trying to override the door's circuitry to force it    =
= open for you, Parker.  Give me a minute....                         =

Wait for Hendrix to open the door, then proceed inside.

= Eos: There are squads of miners somewhere ahead of you, Parker.     =
= Try to link up with them.                                           =

Proceed down the mine shaft.

 14. Crevasse

= Hendrix: Careful down here, Parker.  This mine section was          =
= abandoned years ago, and it's none too stable.                      =

As you walk forward, you'll slide down the side of the cliff into the
shallow water below.  Wade forward to the shore and head up the hill.
Turn around and continue up ground-lighted path.  Turn around a second
time and take out the guard up ahead with your assault rifle.

As you continue upward, you'll reach the end of the path and two guards
attacking from below.  Pop up to take some shots, then duck back down.
Repeat until they're dead, then drop down to collect some ammo and a

= Hendrix: There are more groups of miners moving ahead of you.  Eos  =
= must be after something important.                                  =

Continue down the mine shaft.

 15. Abandoned Smelter

= Eos: Parker, we need your help.  We're trying to knock out an Ultor =
= geothermal power plant in this sector.                              =

= Eos: If the power's knocked out, we can launch a major attack.  But =
= our squads are running into stiff resistance.                       =

= Eos: If you can help them take out the power plant, I can send more =
= miners up to join you.                                              =

All you have to do here is take a nice jog through the area.  As you
pass the boulder to the right, you'll hear a fellow miner say, "C'mon,
before the guards catch up!"  Head up the ramp, then go right, right,
left, right, right.

 16. Abandoned Ore Hopper

As you go forward and turn the corner, a guard will be attacking from up
on the left side catwalk.  Get out there with your assault rifle and
kill him, but maintain cover in the hall.  Once he's dead, kill the two
guards attacking from below on the right side.  Run over to the first
guard you shot to collect an envirosuit, then you should notice a
portion of the catwalk that has been destroyed, leaving a large gap.
Run and jump across that gap.

Next, jump up to the left to get above the pipe.  You'll notice a large
fan to the left.  Make your way over there with a remote charge.  Your
goal is to blast your way inside from the side, so place the charge
accordingly.  It should only take three or four charges at most, and
you'll probably have to some jumping and crouching in order to squeeze
your way into the pipe.

= Eos: Parker, one of my squads is pinned down inside the ventilation =
= system.  Can you help them out?                                     =

Proceed down the pipe.

 17. Ventilation Shaft

= Hendrix: There's a route past the old rock crusher that should get  =
= you to the power plant, Parker.                                     =

For this fan, you can just crawl between the wings of the fan and take
out the guard attacking from the right.

= Eos: Parker?  I've lost touch with everyone else up there.  I think =
= you're all we have left.                                            =

Walk to the left and make your way up the ladder.

= Eos: Until the power's cut to Ultor's monitoring systems, they know =
= every move we make.  We're getting mowed down.  I hope you can do   =
= it, Parker.                                                         =

As you reach the top of the ladder, take out the guard there, then grab
his envirosuit.  Make your way up the next ladder, then take out the
guard up on the opposite side with your assault rifle.

Once he's dead, descend the ladder and hit the button on the platform
below.  This will temporarily shut off the ceiling fan, but you'll have
to hurry before Ultor turns it back on.  Rush up the ladder, run across
one of the wings, jump to the middle, then run or jump across to the
other side.  Descend the ladder and make your way behind this fan into
the ventilation shaft.  As you proceed forward, take out the guard up

 18. Abandoned Crusher

As you go forward, you'll see a miner sucking in his last breaths on the
floor of the shaft.  "Tell Eos we tried, but sniper...<cough>...on
crusher," he says before going limp.  Quickly move forward and take out
the sniper perched up on the rock crusher.  Then take out the guard down
to the right.  Pick up his envirosuit.

Make your way around to the side of the crusher and pull the large
switch.  Head up the ladder on the side of the crusher and grab the
sniper rifle and ammo on top.  Then continue around to where a light
shines down near the wall.  Continue down that path into the next

Shoot down the two to three guards who are trying to flee on the other
side of the retracted bridge.  Shoot the switch on the other side to
extend the bridge so you can get across to collect the medkit.  Continue
into the narrow passageway to a door on the right.  Shoot the guard
inside, then pick up his sniper rifle.  Open a locker on the left for an
envirosuit, then open the next door.

 19. Plant Entrance

As you continue forward, you'll hear two miners discussing the progress
of the revolt.  Take down two guards and collect their loot.  A third
guard will attack with heavy fire behind a wall around the corner, so
switch to your rocket launcher and take him out.  Continue forward and
locate the grating in front of the wall that says "Service Tunnel".
Place a remote charge on it, stand back, detonate it, then drop down

Proceed to the left.  Descent the ladder and continue forward past the
large pipe below on the left.  Climb another ladder and then another.
In the door immediately to the right is a security monitoring room.
Take out a guard and a security technician here, and grab a medkit from
the first aid kit on the wall.  Exit this room and enter the door on the
left labeled "Geothermal Plant #4".

 20. Geothermal Power Plant

As you enter the plant, the guys on the right are your miner friends.
There are two guards to the left mowing them down.  Take out the two

= Eos: Hendrix says you made it into the geothermal plant.            =

= Eos: There are five facilities to sabotage -- turbines, water       =
= control, water reclamation, lava control, and the main controls.    =

As you go forward, two guards will attack from around the corner to the
right.  Take cover if needed, but take them out.  Then proceed forward
and take the first left.  Enter the lava control room.  Head through to
the back area (where lava is flowing) and head to the left to find a
valve.  Turn it to sabotage that system.  Two guards will subsequently
attack.  Take them down, then loot  a medkit from one.

Next, proceed down the hall to water control.  A guard will attack from
down below.  Take him out, then pick up his medkit and 5.56mm ammo.
Find a button on one of the consoles and hit it, sabotaging the water
system.  Another two guards will attack from up above.  Take them down
with your assault rifle, then climb up the ladder to exit this area.

Take a left when exiting the water control room and head all the way to
the wall.  Then take another left to head down towards the turbine room.
 Two guards will be waiting in front of the turbine room.  Take them
out, then continue on past the turbine room to meet three more attacking
from behind a barricade.  Take them out, then head up to collect some
ammo and medkits.

= Eos: The tech in the main control room is on our side.  Once you've =
= sabotaged the other four systems, get in there and he'll know what  =
= to do.                                                              =

Proceed back down the ramp and enter the turbine room.  Kill the
technician in here, because he's holding a medkit.  Proceed inside the
generator room and kill the guard directly to the right when you enter.
Grab some ammo off of him, then grab a medkit and envirosuit from up by
the generators.

Go back to the main turbine room and find a valve labeled "Manual Valve
Closure".  Turn the valve, then exit the turbine room and head up past
the barricade.  Take a left at the intersection to go to water

As you enter the water reclamation room, kill the unarmed technician.

= Hendrix: Destroy both pump stations.  That will force even more     =
= water into the system.                                              =

Place a remote charge on one of the pumps, stand back, and detonate.
Repeat the process with the second pump.  Switch to the assault rifle or
shotgun before exiting, because you'll meet two guards in the hallway.
After killing them, turn the corner to meet one more guard on your way
to the main control room.  The guard will drop a medkit after you take
him down.  Enter the main control room and take out the guard straight

The friendly technician then warns you to not shoot him and asks that
you come down the stairs.  Go down there to meet him.

"Go to the other control panel and find the override button."

Turn to your right to go to the second row of consoles.  Locate the

"You see that button?  You have to press it while I press this one.
Ready?  3...2...1...Go!"

Press it just after he says, "Go!" rather than anticipating it and
pressing it exactly while he says it.

While the plant is ferociously shaking, run to the right corner
underneath the entrance door.  Wait for two guards to come down, then
take them out.

"The rest of the plant is probably rubble.  You'll have to go out
through the sub bay."

Exit the main control room and enter the door ahead marked "Restricted
Access" (first door on the right).  Proceed down the twisting hallway to
the submarine bay.

 21. Sub Bay

After entering the door, proceed to the left and kill the guard.  Switch
to the rocket launcher and blast a hole into the control room next to
the door.  Go inside and hit the button to release the submarine.  Also,
grab the sniper rifle and ammo in the back corner.  (See Frequently
Asked Question #5 for additional options for travelling to the
Underwater Research Lab.)

Head outside, jump in the water, and enter the submarine (hit X).  Pilot
it straight down and out of the plant.  Continue forward until you're
attacked by an underwater creature.  Take it out with some torpedoes.

= Eos: Ultor has an underwater lab somewhere down there.  If you can  =
= get inside, I've got a job for you.                                 =

Proceed forward.

 22. Underwater Research

= Hendrix: You should see the research center in the cavern ahead.    =

You should see another Ultor sub up ahead.  Fire a few torpedoes in its
direction to take it out.  (Remember that the torpedoes are
heat-seeking.)  There's another sub back behind the complex, but since
the entrance is down below on the front, you can just ignore the second
one and proceed into the underwater lab.

Two guards will begin attacking once you're in the docking area.  Bring
the sub up then exit it as soon as possible, especially if it's low on
health (it will explode, taking you with it).  Take out the two guards,
then kill the unarmed technician.

Climb down the stairs to level 1 and wait for the tram carrying two

= Eos: There's a miner waiting for you by the stairs to Admin.  Put   =
= on the suit he gives you; it's the only way you'll reach Gryphon.   =

Take out the guards, then get on the tram and hit the button to get it
moving.  Be prepared to shoot two attacking guards when it reaches the
next stop.  Once they're dead, go inside and pass the stairs.  Hiding
back here is the miner who takes your weapons, gives you a suit to wear
as a disguise, and hands you a pistol with a silencer attached.  Put the
gun away (left on D-pad), then head up the stairs.

 23. Administration Entrance

(Note: This area requires stealth in order to complete it.  I'd
recommend saving it right here, because if you get caught before meeting
up with Gryphon, you can just about call it Game Over.  Keep your
distance from guards whenever possible, and keep your face hidden (look
up, down, or away) when you do come in close proximity to one.  I
provide some pretty specific instructions below, but you may have to
alter them slightly in order to make them work for you.)

= Hendrix: This is a high-security area.  Be careful.                 =

= Hendrix: Keep your weapon hidden, and don't get too close to        =
= anyone.                                                             =

= Hendrix: Watch out for cameras.  If you get too close, a tech might =
= recognize you.                                                      =

= Hendrix: And if you have to kill someone, hide the body!            =

Walk into the office area and head right into the main hallway to the

= Eos: Remember, Parker, we want Gryphon alive.                       =

= Eos: Miners are dying of the Plague down here.  If Gryphon knows    =
= anything about it, we have to get it out of him.                    =

Follow the two guards, but keep your distance.  You'll come to a large
room with stairs straight ahead.  Go to the left of the stairs and
crouch down to hide while still keeping an eye on the door on the other

= Hendrix: Gryphon's office is on the third floor of the Admin area,  =
= Parker.                                                             =

A guard should enter the door; go in behind him and take the first
right.  You'll walk in between two office workers chatting away as you
take the next left.  When you approach a group of guards up ahead, slip
into one of the cubicles on the right.  Keep your back to the hall until
the guards patrol their separate ways.  Peak out towards the open
elevator at the end of the hall.  Once it's clear, walk inside, turn
around and hit the button.

 24. Corporate HQ

(Note: This area requires stealth in order to complete it.  I'd
recommend saving it right here, because if you get caught before meeting
up with Gryphon, you can just about call it Game Over.  Keep your
distance from guards whenever possible, and keep your face hidden (look
up, down, or away) when you do come in close proximity to one.  I
provide some pretty specific instructions below, but you may have to
alter them slightly in order to make them work for you.)

Proceed forward towards the lower hallway, but hide to the right behind
the pillar while the guard clears out of your way.

= Hendrix: Take the lower hallway that leads to the left.  I have a   =
= surprise for you, but hurry up!                                     =

Once the guard has left, proceed into the lower hallway to the left.

= Hendrix: Go through the door to your left.                          =

Walk behind the guard, keeping your distance, then quietly slip into the
door on the left to meet Hendrix in person.  After he's seen you and
you've seen him, check out the door to make sure it's clear, then head
left down the hallway.  Before entering the end hallway that leads to
the second elevator, you'll probably have to hide over in the left
corner behind a pillar while some guards get out of the way.

= Eos: Parker, do you have Gryphon yet?                               =

= Eos: I'm sending a squad to meet you and bring Gryphon down         =
= here.                                                               =

Once it's clear, get into the elevator and hit the button to head up to
floor 3.

 25. Executive Suites

(Note: This area requires stealth in order to complete it.  I'd
recommend saving it right here, because if you get caught before meeting
up with Gryphon, you can just about call it Game Over.  Keep your
distance from guards whenever possible, and keep your face hidden (look
up, down, or away) when you do come in close proximity to one.  I
provide some pretty specific instructions below, but you may have to
alter them slightly in order to make them work for you.)

Cautiously move forward to the left corner of the wall straight ahead.

= Hendrix: This is exec land.  Be extra careful in here.  Security is =
= very tight.                                                         =

Watch the hallway to the right until a guard comes down to the end, then
turns around.  Follow him, but as always, keep your distance.  As you
approach stairs up ahead to the left, duck over to the right lobby area
against the wall and wait until you see another guard come in from the
right then turn around.  He's not going to leave that corner area, so
you'll have to slyly slide by him against the wall while keeping your
back to him.  Once you've passed and gone through the door, enter the
first door on the right.  Ignore the warnings of Gryphon's secretary and
rush into his office, which triggers a cut scene.

Gryphon:  Stop, don't shoot.  I can help you.

Parker:   You're Gryphon, right?

Gryphon:  Deputy Administrator Gryphon?  Yes.

Parker:   Why do I need your help?  I'm the one with the gun.

Gryphon:  I have vital information.  You must take me to see Eos.

Parker:   What do you know about Eos?

Gryphon:  Ultor knows all about her.  They set this whole thing up.  You
          must take me to her.

Parker:   What do you mean, "They set this whole thing up"?

Gryphon:  No time to explain.  Take me to Eos.  I'll tell her everything
          I know.

Parker:   Explain it to me first.

Gryphon:  I'll tell you what I can on the way, but more guards are going
          to show up soon.

Parker:   I'm right behind you.  Betray me or try to run, and you'll be
          the first to die.

Gryphon:  Put that gun away.  If the guards see you with it, we're both

Gryphon:  You lead the way.  You've got the gun.

(Note:  If Gryphon dies from this point forward, it's Game Over and
you'll have to start from your last save.  Luckily, he'll help you out
by generally staying out of the way.  However, it helps to save often
and not entice him into gunfire.)

Exit Gryphon's main office to the lobby area with his secretary.  Go
around to the left of the fountain and into the women's bathroom.  Get
out your pistol, and wait for the guard nearby to come in, then shoot
him, holster your gun, pick up his medkit and body, and carry it into
the bathroom.

As you go through the door and round the corner to the left, take out
another guard and pick up his 12mm ammo.  Run down the left side ramp,
strafing back and forth a bit to dodge fire.  You'll have to take out
one or two more guards at the bottom, then ignore the elevator on the
left and run down the hallway to the right.  Hit the button to open the
door, then get inside.  Grab medkits, armor, ammo, and a shotgun in this
small room, then continue through the next door.

 26. Maintenance Entrance

(Note:  If Gryphon dies, it's Game Over and you'll have to start from
your last save.  Luckily, he'll help you out by generally staying out of
the way.  However, it helps to save often and not entice him into

Proceed forward past Gryphon to the electrical fence.  A cut scene then
commences, which shows Gryphon having the fence turned off.  Once it's
down, proceed ahead with your shotgun armed.  As you approach a wide
open area, rush up to the guard ahead and take him out with the shotgun,
then take out the one behind the electrical fence.  Finally, take down
the one to the right.

= Hendrix: This guy's playing some angle, Parker.  Don't let your     =
= guard down.                                                         =

Hit the button on the control tower to reveal the ladder leading up to
the control room.  Take out the guard up the ladder, then grab the
submachine gun and a first aid kit out of the box on the wall.  Finally,
hit the button on the right side of the console to disable the
electrical fence.

Climb back down and proceed to the left.  You'll meet a guard in the
doorway leading to the next area; take him out, then proceed into the
next room.

= Hendrix: You're in the bot repair shop now, Parker.  Eos's squad    =
= should meet you soon.                                               =

Proceed through the next door to a short passageway and into the next
door.  Some technicians will run for cover, but focus on taking out the
two guards on the left side.

= Eos: My squad's almost reached the maintenance area, Parker.  Keep  =
= Gryphon alive until you meet them.                                  =

= Eos: Orion, my best lieutenant, is leading the squad.               =

Once they're dead, head through the next door and take out the guard
straight ahead.  Then head left over to an elevator and hit the button
to bring down the car loaded with a guard or two for you to kill.
Before going up the elevator, head to the opposite corner and go in
front of the closed door.  Gryphon should then catch up to you and
reveal a portion of what he knows.

Gryphon:  Ultor's behind the Plague.  They've been running
some...experiments.  It's all Capek's fault.  He's the head of Ultor's
Science and Medical Labs on Mars.  I'll tell Eos all about it.

Now go over to the elevator, get on, and hit the button inside to begin
your ascent.  Turn to the right (when facing the back wall of the
elevator) to prepare to take down a guard in the control room.  Then
grab his submachine gun, four grenades, and a couple of fuel canisters.
 Finally, hit both buttons on the console and head back down the
elevator.  Head back over to where Gryphon is waiting, then go through
the door and up the walkway.

 27. Fighter Docking Bay

(Note:  If Gryphon dies, it's Game Over and you'll have to start from
your last save.  Luckily, he'll help you out by generally staying out of
the way.  However, it helps to save often and not entice him into

Proceed ahead until you come to a compartment on the left.  It will
open, revealing a guard waiting inside.  Take him out, then grab his
submachine gun.  Climb the ladder to the right and take out a guard in
the control room, then grab a first aid kit from the wall.  Hit the main
door button on the back wall, then climb back down and proceed to the

Run quickly into the next area, and take out the guard on the ground
floor to the left.  Then run around the boxes to the back behind the
stairs.  Gryphon should then join you and open the secret door.  Proceed
forward, but turn around and take out the one guard who tries to follow
you.  Continue ahead until it breaks to a cut scene where Gryphon opens
the next door, but a ceiling turret then drops down and begins firing at
him, forcing him to retreat.

Switch to grenades and proceed into the next room.  Strafe left and
right as you throw a grenade (primary fire) into the front of the control
station, creating a hole to get inside.  Crawl in, then take out the two
guards.  Hit the two buttons on the right wall to disable both ceiling
turrets, then grab a first aid kit from the box on the wall.

Hit the button on the other side of the control station to open the
door, then wait for Gryphon to run through.  Once he's inside, hit the
button again to open the second door.  Follow Gryphon on to the

As it descends, crouch down to try and avoid taking fire through the
glass panes towards the bottom.  When it reaches the bottom, run forward
and board the Aesir Fighter.  Ignore the attacking guards and fly
straight up through the roof.

 28. Fighter Testing Grounds

As you exit the docking bay, fly to the right and you'll soon come to
your first enemy fighter.  Take it out with either gattling gun fire or
a few missiles.  Continue forward and you'll come across another fighter
down below.  Take it out, then continue forward.

As you round the corner, another fighter will take aim at your ship;
take it out.  Continue forward and down to the right until you meet
another fighter.  After that one is taken care of, another fighter is
waiting just ahead to lure you around the corner.  Round the corner to
the right to take it out, then proceed forward.

You'll come to a clearing with guards shooting rockets and machine gun
fire from seemingly every direction.

= Hendrix: Parker, clear out this area before you try to land.        =

Begin by taking out the towers with missiles, and then kill the guards
inside.  Locate enemies in the thick fog by tracing their machine gun
fire or the origin of their rockets.  Once everyone is dead, fly into
the middle area and the game will land the Aesir Fighter for you.

Once you're out of the fighter, hit the elevator button.

 29. Refuse Disposal Plant

Open the elevator door by hitting the button to the right.  Head
forward, and Gryphon will run up ahead to the incinerator controls.

= Hendrix: This is Ultor's main trash disposal facility.              =

= Hendrix: That's an Ultor Personnel Suppression combot.  I didn't    =
= know they had any on Mars!                                          =

= Hendrix: I can't see Orion's group on my monitors anymore.          =

While Gryphon takes the first left, go forward up the ramp and through
the door.  Climb the ladder up ahead, then climb a second ladder to get
to the roof.  You'll be shot at by the combat as you climb, but just
ignore it and get up there.  He'll have a tough time hurting you while
you're up here. Follow the instructions and you shouldn't lose a single
point of health, despite the holes he might create with his rockets.

As you look around the outer edge of the massive roof, you'll see
several groups of ammo crates.  Make your way around the outer edge as
you make your way to each one to find ammo, medkits, armor, and a rocket
launcher.  Make sure to snuggle up to each crate and jump on top of it
to make sure you get every last piece of ammo and equipment that you
can.  Once you're done, equip the rocket launcher and climb back down
using a ladder away from the one you climbed up.  The combot should be
shooting at you, so begin making your way to the lower level door.  Most
importantly, keep moving and take some shots at the combot with the
rocket launcher while you can.  Keep taking shots at the combot and
luring him out the large door on the ground floor until Hendrix cuts in.

= Hendrix: There's a disposal pit at the lowest point of this level.  =

= Hendrix: Try to lure the bot out onto the pit's covering, then open =
= the doors from the control room.                                    =

At this point, you've damaged the combot enough and he's really ticked
off.  Now just turn around and run back to the disposal pit.  Once the
combot approaches the last corridor leading to the pit's covering, run
to the right and climb the ladder to the control room (where Gryphon is
cowering in fear).  The combot will be unloading everything he's got at
you, but ignore it and quickly hit the right button to open the pit,
then hit the left button to turn on the ceiling fan to blow the combot
down into it.  Rather than waiting and watching to make sure it happens,
run down the hallway and around the corner to protect yourself from
further harm.

After about five to ten seconds, you should hear and feel a large boom,
and then a cut scene will commence.  If that doesn't happen, it means
that the combot didn't get sucked in.  Run back out, hit the right then
left button again, then run back to the hallway again.  Keep doing this
until he gets sucked in, explodes, and the cut scene kicks in.

Gryphon:  Yeah, yeah, Parker.  Great job.  You can pose for pictures
          later.  We've gotta keep moving.

Parker:   Shut up, weasel.  If Eos didn't want you, you'd be dead by
          now.  I'll decide when it's time to go. <brief pause while
          Parker looks around>  Okay, let's go.  Hoof it.  I'm not
          carrying your sorry butt anymore.

Orion:    Parker, Gryphon, over here!  We're here to take Gryphon to

Parker and Gryphon together:  Thank God.

Orion:    Well, whatever.  Let's get moving before security shows up.
          <Gryphon moves forward, then Parker begins to follow> Not you,
          Parker, just the weasel here.  Eos will contact you.

Gryphon:  Well, thanks, Parker.  And good luck.  <To Orion>  And don't
          you start calling me weasel, too.

Parker:   Great.  Screwed again.

= Eos: Parker, you're not far from Ultor's science and medical labs.  =

= Hendrix: The labs are heavily guarded, and Capek is a very nasty    =
= creature.                                                           =

= Hendrix: There's a vent that leads to the labs, but you're not      =
= going to like it.                                                   =

= Hendrix: It's inside the disposal pit.  There's an access ladder    =
= that leads down to it.                                              =

Before making your way towards the labs, we'll need to fill up on armor
and health.  Climb back down to the disposal pit, then make your way
down the corridor on the conveyer belt.  Take a right, then a left, then
a right through the door and immediately through the door ahead.  There
might be a mini-combot in here who looks ready to attack, but simply
ignore it and run over to the right side wall to grab some full length
suits and medkits.  Then make your way back to the disposal pit.

You now have to open up the incinerator door, climb down the ladder,
locate the ladder inside, and climb down to the vent.  To take the safe
route, open the incinerator door first then head down and simply locate
the ladder.  Then, go up and hit it again and this time get on the
ladder inside the pit and climb down before the pit's covering closes.
When you get to the vent, crouch and jump to get inside, then proceed
forward into the vent.

 30. Medical Research

Continue forward through the vent.

= Hendrix: You're somewhere above the med labs now, Parker.           =

Proceed ahead and slowly pass over the first vent opening.

= Hendrix: Try to pick a quiet spot to come down out of the vent.     =

Continue around the corner towards the second opening.  While you hear
the nurse talking about the deteriorating condition of the patient,
switch to your 12mm pistol and put on the silencer.  Now listen for the
door to open and close, then shoot a single bullet into the vent opening
and drop down.

= Hendrix: You need a lab coat or you'll have every guard in here     =
= down on you.                                                        =

Put away your pistol, then head out the door.  Go through the door to
the right to get your lab coat (and lose your armor and all your weapons
but the pistol in the process).

= Hendrix: Don't count on that disguise too much though.              =

= Hendrix: Anyone who gets a good look at you could recognize you.    =

Put away your pistol again and stand in the doorway until you see a
guard enter the hallway from the door on the left (he may already be
walking down the hallway).  Follow behind him around the corner and
through the door.  He'll then pause for a moment, look around, then head
through the door on the left to complete his patrol circle.

Once he's through the door, proceed through the left side of the
entryway ahead, keeping your back to the guards on the right as you head
through the door.  Then immediately enter the door to the right to get
out of eyesight of the guards up ahead.

= Eos: Parker, Gryphon's told us a lot more than we ever wanted to    =
= know about the Plague.                                              =

= Eos: You have to grab Capek.  He's the key to the whole thing.      =

= Eos: Don't kill him -- hundreds of miners' lives depend on it.      =

Go down the ramp and enter the door on the left.  Then go up the ramp to
the door.

= Hendrix: Capek'll be in the science labs, past the med labs.        =

Go through the door, then go through the door to the right.  A doctor
will approach you and say that you're late.  You should see a nurse
making her way towards the door.  She's going to lead you down to get
the organs.  Follow her closely, and the guards won't notice you as you
walk right in front of them.

Once you get to the front desk, go to the back of the room and grab the
organs sitting up on the shelf.  Then exit this room, heading back down
the hall to the left.  Instead of going back up the ramp to the right,
head straight through the door and around the corner to the right.

 31. Cryogenic Storage

Save your game here.  Go through the door and quickly enter the door on
the left.  Climb the ladder, enter the door on the left, and head to the
right and through the door.

Through these next few areas, you'll have to check which side the guard
is walking on--left or right--then quickly walk down the opposite side
to the next door.  If you get spotted, start over from the beginning of
the level.

 32. Capek's Lair

= Hendrix: Parker, I've been studying the labs' security system.      =

= Hendrix: There's a security door you have to pass to reach Capek's  =
= lab.                                                                =

= Hendrix: The medical lab administrator should have a passcard.      =

= Hendrix: His office is in the middle of the complex.                =

Drop down to the bottom floor and head through the door.  Proceed to the
left side and up the ramp to the door.

= Hendrix: The OR is up this ramp.                                    =

Head over to the left and board the elevator, then hit the button to
descend.  Once you reach the bottom, head straight ahead through the
medical door, through the sterilization room and into the operating
room.  Approach the group of doctors; one will take the organs and give
you a nano cannister.  You may have to move around a bit to trigger the
exchange; don't leave until the doctor says, "Thank you.  Now take this
one to Cryo."

Once you have the nano cannister, head back to the elevator and ascend
back up.  Head out of the area, down the ramp, back through the door to
the right and down the corridor towards Cryogenics.

 33. Cryogenic Storage (2)

Head through the door and enter the first door on the right.  Head to
the right and up the ramp to the nurse at the desk.  She'll inform you
that you need to obtain the administrator's signature before she can
accept it.  This provides a plausible excuse for you to enter the
administrator's office, get his authorization signature, quietly kill
him with your silenced pistol, and walk away unnoticed with his keycard.

Head out of Cryogenics and down the corridor to the left.  Go through
the door and proceed ahead.

 34. Capek's Lair (2)

Go through the door ahead and proceed around to the right.  Go forward
to the other end and through the door towards the administrator's
office.  As you approach the receptionist's desk, she should buzz you
in.  Head up the stairs and turn around, where you should notice a
single guard stationed outside of the administrator's office.  Go
forward, then detour around to the right in order to not get within
reasonable eyesight of the guard.  Go into the administrator's office.

Approach the administrator's desk, where you should receive signed
authorization.  Get out your pistol, making sure it has the silencer on,
and kill the administrator with a single shot.  Grab his keycard, then
put away the pistol and make your exit.  Head back down the stairs and
out of this area.  Once you exit the room, go to the right and through
the Restricted Access door.  Proceed forward.

 35. Capek's Lair (3)

Go forward and run past the guard.  Enter the elevator, then hit the
button inside to descend.

When you get out, a guard will be walking around the corner to the
right.  Get some shots in, then he'll probably grab some cover and be
joined by a second guard from nearby.  Pop out to take some shots at
them, then duck back behind the wall.  Repeat until they're both dead,
then pick up their 12mm ammo.

Head up the stairs around the corner and open the door, but don't go
through.  Instead, take some shots at the guard then retreat back to the
bottom of the stairs and strafe to dodge heavy machine gun fire.  Two
technicians may run out to find cover; shoot them both (or whoever runs
out) and pick up the medkit (only one of them has one).  Then use the
left wall as cover to take out the two guards with machine guns.
They'll both drop medkits; once you have them, head up the stairs to the
science lab, then up the stairs on the left to meet Capek.

Capek:   Parker, how nice to see you.  I must thank you for starting
         this little diversion.  It has made my work so much easier.

Parker:  What does that mean, you half-mutant freak?

Capek:   These...trumps have given me the perfect excuse to accelerate
         my experiments.  Who will notice a few more vanishing miners in
         all this...confusion?

Parker:  To hell with orders!  Die, Capek!

<Parker then unloads a clip at Capek, but a protective blue shield forms
around the mad scientist.>

Capek:   Congratulations, Parker.  You're the first to see my nanotech
         shield in action.  Now I must return to my work.  Enjoy what
         little time you have left...you and your friends.

<Parker then switches modes on the gun and unloads more rounds at Capek,
but the shield remains intact and Capek turns to leave through the

Run forward through the door where Capek retreated.  Enter the door up
ahead, then at the next door hit the button to open it and enter.  Open
the locker on the left to grab an envirosuit and shotgun shells, then
grab the sniper rifle, automatic shotgun, and ammo in the corner before
continuing forward.

 36. Cavern Entrance

Proceed forward into the cavern.

= Hendrix: Capek headed out that way, Parker.                         =

= Hendrix: I can't see into this area.  There aren't any security     =
= cameras here.                                                       =

As you round the corner to the left, turn around with your shotgun armed
to prepare for two guards.  You'll have to back up towards the exit of
the cavern to trigger their appearance.  Once they're dead, grab their
medkit, assault rifle, and ammo.  Turn back around and continue on to
exit the cavern.

As you exit the area and head to the right, you'll catch a glimpse of a
shielded Capek rounding the corner.  Inch forward slowly with your
assault rifle armed until you see a reaper crawling quickly towards you
on the ground.  Take it out with a single burst from the rifle.  Inch
forward some more to take out another reaper followed immediately by a
worm, which will take two to three rifle bursts to take down.
As you proceed forward past the mutants' corpses, turn around and go
back a bit to find two guards trying to sneak up behind you.  Take them
out, then turn back around and continue forward.

You'll then by charged by another worm.  Kill it, then turn back around
and trace your way back to take out two more guards.  Grab their ammo,
then continue backwards until you find the guard holding the rocket
launcher.  Take him out and grab his weapon, then turn back around and
head forward to where you took out that last creature.  Round the corner
to the right and continue along the path.

= Capek: I see you, Parker.  I will deal with you later.              =

= Capek: Perhaps you might even be persuaded to join one of my        =
= experiments?                                                        =

Continue along the path and into the next corridor.

 37. Underwater Cavern

Switch to grenades and head forward.  You'll see a clearing up ahead,
but don't exit just yet.  Instead, stand at the corner between the
clearing and the corridor with your back to the clearing.  Throw a
grenade with a 4-second timer (alternate fire) up the corridor, then
quickly back up.  As you pass the trigger at the exit of the corridor,
two guards will appear inside the corridor and promptly die from the
resulting explosion.  Head back up to grab their ammo and a medkit.

Continue back down to the clearing to watch Capek exit up above to the
left.  Get in the water and wade to the right to the next shore, then
enter the water again and continue forward.

= Hendrix: Orion got Gryphon to the Red Faction base, Parker.         =

= Hendrix: Eos should be picking his brain right now.                 =

As you continue forward, you'll reach a point where you're forced to go
underwater.  Dive under and quickly swim forward.

= Capek: Still there, Parker?  Your persistence is beginning to annoy =
= me.                                                                 =

= Capek: No matter.  Very soon you will be irrelevant.                =

You'll eventually be able to emerge from underwater and see some shore
up ahead.  Be ready with your shotgun to take out the two guards up
ahead, then grab their ammo, medkit, and submachine gun.

= Capek: "Where could we be going?" I hear you wonder.  Soon you will =
= know, Parker.                                                       =

When you reach the opening up ahead and a cliff edge to the left, stick
to the wall and switch to your sniper rifle.  Use the zoom and the edge
as cover to take out the two guards down below.  Then proceed into the
next corridor and take out two guards.  Grab their loot, then continue

 38. The Artifact

= Eos: Parker, Gryphon says Capek knows how to cure the Plague.       =

= Eos: I'm coming up there to help you.                               =

Continue along the path to the right of the steam vents and then down
the tunnel to the right.  Watch out for three reapers sitting quietly
below.  Take the closest one out with a burst from the assault rifle,
then take the other three.  Descend to the ground floor and grab the
5.56mm ammo to the left.  Proceed to the right and down towards the
steam vents.  As you approach the first vent, take out the worm that

While avoiding the steam vents, head over to the left and take down two
more charging worms.  Grab the loot off the dead guard. then continue
forward until you reach a small corridor leading up to the left.  Take
the three to four reapers that charge, then proceed forward to find a
nearly empty flamethrower on the fallen guard.  Continue forward into
the next corridor.

 39. Waterfall!

Continue through the corridor and take out the worm that charges from
the left area.  Head into the cavern to grab an envirosuit, then proceed
forward.  As you approach the clearing with the waterfall, a reaper will
attack.  Take it out, then inch forward until another reaper charges
from the cave on the right.  Back up a bit as you take him out, being
careful not to back yourself right over the edge of the cliff.  Inch
forward a bit more to trigger two more attacking reapers.  Once they're
dead, continue forward to take out two more reapers then round the
corner at the end of the path to kill yet another reaper.

Inch to the middle of the cave to trigger a reaper attack.  After it's
dead, inch forward to trigger two more reapers; take them down.  Then
slowly exit the cave to trigger a charging worm; kill it.  Then inch
forward to trigger another reaper and worm, then inch forward slightly
more to trigger two charging reapers from across the bridge to the left.
 Head straight ahead and kill one more reaper.

= Hendrix: Parker, I have an idea where Capek is headed.              =

= Hendrix: For years, there've been rumors of some sort of secret     =
= facility deep underground.                                          =

= Hendrix: It's not in the main Ultor security network, so I don't    =
= know what's there.                                                  =

= Hendrix: I'm going to try to hack into the facility's systems from  =
= here.                                                               =

Continue down the corridor and kill the reaper that charges from the
cave to the right.  Continue forward past two caves to the right, then
proceed down the narrow corridor to the right.  As you reach the river
at the bottom, head to the left and take out two worms, then grab the
medkit, envirosuit, and 5.56mm ammo off the dead guard.  Then proceed
forward into the tunnel behind the rock structure and the waterfall.

As you round the corner, quickly take out two Ultor bots that attack up
ahead.  Continue forward to take out a slightly tougher bot.  As you
head into the clearing, take out two more bots by staying in motion as
they prepare to fire.  Continue forward to the right of the large door
ahead to grab a couple of medkits, then activate the button to open the

= Capek: Ah, Parker.  So you made it past my little guards.           =

= Capek: Welcome to my zoo, Parker.  Feel free to pet the animals.    =
= They won't bite.                                                    =

 40. Capek's Zoo

Keep going forward until you approach a clearing.

= Capek: You have arrived at an excellent time, Parker.  Feeding      =
= time!                                                               =

Quickly run over to the All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) and get in the
driver's seat (approach it from the front and hit X).  Before chasing
down the guards that retreat down the corridor to the left, head into
the cave to the right and run over reapers and a worm.  (Make sure to
drive straight through the worm or it will attempt to flip the ATV.)
Then exit the cave and drive down the other corridor, crushing half a
dozen guards along the way.

When you reach the clearing and all of the guards are dead, hop out of
the ATV and run back up the corridor to collect ammo from the guards you
killed.  Then head back down and through the "T" structure that prevents
the ATV from continuing forward. Kill the scientist over by the door
button and grab the shotgun shells sitting to the right.  Hit the
button on the console.

= Capek: Look closely, Parker.  Do you recognize any old friends?     =

= Capek: Not every specimen reacts favorably to nanotech injections.  =

= Capek: But, no matter, even the failures teach us something.        =

= Capek: In the advancement of science, anyone, even you, Parker, can =
= serve a useful purpose.                                             =

Get a lock on one of the mutants through the glass and take him out,
shattering the glass in the process.  Head inside and kill the two
remaining mutants.  Proceed forward through the open door and to the
left.  Hit the button to open the door, then hop in the ATV and drive
back through the door you just came through.  Run over two guards up
ahead, then jump out and grab their ammo.  Hop back in the ATV and drive

 41. Icy Underwater Cavern

Drive forward and follow the path of attacking guards.  Run them over
until you reach a broken bridge with a few guards shooting from the
opposite side.

= Capek: I must be going now, Parker.  Enjoy your stay among my       =
= exhibits.                                                           =

= Capek: Maybe you will have the honor of joining them someday soon.  =

= Capek: Perhaps we will meet again, Parker.  You should hope not.    =

Back up the ATV until it's out of firing range of the two guards across
the bridge.  Get out of the vehicle and trace your way backwards to pick
up the ammo from the guards you ran over.  Watch out for a series of
explosions around the fenced area if you missed one of the guards.  Once
the explosions have ceased, head over to the right side of the fence to
grab remote charges and an envirosuit.  Head back to the ATV and jump in
the driver's seat.

Drive forward to the edge of the bridge.  If the ATV still has plenty of
defense left (100 or more), get out of the driver's seat and quickly get
behind the mounted machine gun on the back of the vehicle.  Take out the
three guards on the other side, then exit the ATV and switch to your
submachine gun or assault rifle.  Take out the creature in the water
below, then dive in and swim down into the underwater tunnel.

 42. Icy Sub Bay

Switch to your pistol as you continue swimming forward.  You should
notice a creature sitting in the clear area ahead.  The trick to killing
it without taking damage its projectile fire is to circle strafe around
it in the water as you take shots at it with the pistol.

= Hendrix: Parker, I did it!  I cracked into the security network for =
= Capek's secret labs.                                                =

= Hendrix: That's where he's heading, Parker.  There's a huge         =
= research facility down there.                                       =

= Hendrix: I can't reach Eos.  I left a message with Orion, in case   =
= she checks in.                                                      =

Switch to the assault rifle or submachine gun and swim straight up to
the roof of the cavern, behind the ladder leading up to the submarine
bay.  Quickly make your way around to the other side of the ladder,
climb up, and take out several guards around the room.

= Capek: Ah, I see you have reached my submarine bay.  Go ahead,      =
= Parker.  Take a ride.                                               =

Once the guards are dead and you've collected the loot, hit the button
right in front of the pool to drop the submarine.  Get in the sub and
dive down. Head into the right cavern (when looking into the area from
the unlit cavern where you entered).  Take out the enemy sub up ahead
with a few torpedoes, then continue forward and take out the creature up
ahead before continuing forward.

 43. Worm Food

Continue forward.

= Hendrix: You won't believe the things that've been going on in this =
= lab, Parker.                                                        =

= Hendrix: This is the source of the Plague, that's for sure.         =

= Hendrix: Capek has been working on nanotechnology, testing its      =
= effects on living beings.                                           =

= Hendrix: Animals or humans -- Capek doesn't care.  The Plague is    =
= his creation.  Be careful, Parker.                                  =

As you exit the narrow part of the passage, head upward and around to
the left to find an opening where you can emerge from underwater.  Jump
out of the sub and take out several guards around the area, as well as a
scientist that drops a medkit.  Head up onto the land to grab another
medkit, then continue past the first main area on the right until you
come to a white cavern to the right with two bars in front.  Head
inside, and switch to your rocket launcher as you make your way down.

= Capek: This is the feeding chute, Parker.  Something is hungry.     =

When you reach the bottom, you'll be thrown in front of a huge
plant-like creature.  Strafe back and forth in front of it to avoid its
harmful spray (make sure not to change directions while it's spraying).
As it gets closer, unload rockets into its mouth until it goes down.

You'll find the corpse of the last person that came down here nearby.
Grab his 5.56mm ammo and envirosuit, then continue past the fallen
creatures and hit the button on the console to open the floor.  Drop
inside and continue forward.  As you round the corner, take out another
of the large worms in similar fashion to the last.

Past the creature is a glass pane.  Break it open with one of your
weapons and head inside.

= Capek: Come, Parker.  I am waiting for you.                         =

Continue forward.

 44. Lab Entrance

As you continue forward and approach a corner to the left, you should
hear two guards talking about Capek just running through this area.
Crouch down and switch to the sniper rifle, then stay crouched, round
the corner, and use the zoom on the scope to take them out.  If
positioned correctly (far to the right side), it's possible to take both
guards out with a single shot.  Once they're dead, pick up their ammo
and envirosuit.

Inch forward until another guard charges from up ahead.  Take him out
with the sniper rifle, preferably before he fires a rocket.  Continue
forward to pick up his rockets and a medkit.  Switch to the assault
rifle or submachine gun, then proceed forward to the ladder and climb up
to the top.  Hit X to open the hatch, then climb up and take out the
guard right in front of you.  Open the locker on the right for a medkit.

Switch to the sniper rifle and open the door on the left to find a guard
standing just in front of the door with his back to you; take him out.
Switch to the rocket launcher and take out the ceiling turret to the
right, then continue forward to take out a second ceiling turret.
Switch to the assault rifle and inch forward until three guards attack
from up ahead.  Once they're dead, switch back to the rocket launcher
and take out two more ceiling turrets around the corner to the right.
If you need health, there are two medkits by the nearby lockers.

Continue forward to the door and switch to the assault rifle.  If the
elevator goes down before you can get on, just let it go down rather
than jumping down on to it and injuring yourself.  Hit the button to the
right of the door to bring it back up, then get on and hit the button to
the right to descend.

When you reach the bottom, a door will open on the opposite side of
where you entered, revealing two shotgun-wielding guards.  Take them
out, then collect their shotgun shells and continue towards the next

 45. Nanotech Lab

As you enter, take out the two guards attacking from above on the right
side.  Enter the door on the left, and use cover-and-fire tactics to
take out three to four guards, including one on the catwalk just above
the door.

= Capek: Who knows, Parker?  These might have once been friends of    =
= yours.                                                              =

Continue through the next door and take out another two guards around
the corner to the right, then head through the next door.  Take out one
guard straight ahead and then another up above right in front of you.
If you take damage, both scientists in this area will drop medkits.  if
you need armor, head up the ramp to the right and continue around to
enter the first door to the left.  A miner envirosuit is sitting just to
the left of th elevator.

From in front of the door where you entered, head left and through the
next door.  Switch to the automatic shotgun as you head up the ramp.
When the next door opens, take out a guard straight ahead and second
that charges from behind him, then pick up their ammo and a medkit.

Continue forward and take out a guard just ahead then get under the
catwalk that the second guard is standing on.  He doesn't shoot you when
you're down here, but you can take him out by shooting straight up at
him through the catwalk.  Grab the envirosuit from the miner you killed
on the ground floor, then head through the door straight ahead.  Take
out the two guards inside, then grab their loot and hit the button on
the left to open the elevator.  Get inside and hit the button, then move
forward towards the door.

 46. Capek's Inner Sanctum

When the door opens, two guards immediately attack from the left.  Take
them out, then approach the next door.  Open it once, then back up a bit
and aim your shotgun at the door.  Let the three attacking guards open
the door, then put a buckshot in each of their stomachs.  Once all three
are dead, the glass panes in the next area should be covered by
protective metal barriers.

Proceed forward to the next door.  Open it, then back up and wait ten to
fifteen seconds to let the two guards bunch up in front of the door,
then open it and take them out.

= Capek: You're entering my Inner Sanctum now, Parker.  Enjoy your    =
= last few minutes of normal life.                                    =

As you head down the ramp, you should be chasing a scientist.  Let him
run to the bottom, then kill him with a single shot from the pistol as
he cowers in front of the door.  Make sure not to get close to the door,
or it will slide open and leave you vulnerable to heavy fire from the
four guards inside.  Switch to grenades, then quickly go to the door and
subsequently back up, hopefully giving yourself a glimpse of where the
guards on the main floor are standing and where you should throw your
first grenade.

Now, what we're going to do is attempt to soften up the guards on the
ground floor with the grenades that we have available.  Use the primary
grenade fire, because the guards are smart enough to run away from the
time-delayed explosion.  The trick is to begin the process of throwing
the grenade while you're well away from the door, then be in front of
the open door by the time you actually throw it.  (In other words, it
takes some semi-precise timing.)

Once you're out of grenades, switch to the shotgun.  Head inside and
take out the guards on the ground floor.  Keep moving, because there are
one or two guards up above that are taking aim at you.  Don't panic if a
guard doesn't drop on the first or second shot; just keep circle
strafing to minimize the damage that you take.  One of the guards will
drop a first aid kit.  Grab it before heading up the ramp on the back
wall to the left.

There should be one more guard up in the far corner.  Head up towards
him to take him out with the shotgun.  Now, the real fun begins.

Eos breaks through the wall nearby, and Capek floats down from the
ceiling; nanotech shield still intact.

= Capek: Ah, together again, Parker.  This time, I shall not be so    =
= merciful.                                                           =

= Eos: Capek!  Give us the antidote for the Plague and we'll let you  =
= live!                                                               =

= Capek: Alas, my dear, you have no say in who lives or dies here.    =

Head down this ramp (away from where the last guard died and where Eos
entered) to the slightly lower area below.  Strafe back and forth here,
and use the shotgun to take shots at Capek's shield.  The shield will
gradually begin to lose its energy.

= Capek: Fools!  You can not begin to understand the forces I         =
= control!                                                            =

Translation:  I'm about to die.  Hurt Me Plenty.  A few more shots
should be all it takes to bring him down and trigger the cut scene.

Eos:     Parker, stop.  Don't kill him.

Parker:  Don't kill him?  He's killed hundreds of miners.

Eos:     And hundreds more will die unless we find a cure for the
         Plague.  We can't save the miners who are dead already, but
         we might save those who are dying.  He's their only hope.

Capek:   Hope?  Who has hope?  If you have hope, you just don't
         understand yet.  All my work...all gone...

Eos:     Capek, the Plague.  There's got to be a cure!

Capek:   It's simple, really.  Stop the replicators.

Eos:     But how?  How do you stop the replicators?

Capek:   Antidote, of course.

Parker:  C'mon, Eos.  Let's finish him and get out of here.

Eos:     We need that antidote, Parker.  If you're not going to help,
         shut up! <To Capek> Where is the antidote?!

Capek:   Why...help you?  I hope you all die... <Capek dies.>

Eos:     Damn!  The formula has got to be in his computer files.  Maybe
         Hendrix can help.  Parker, you've got to get out of here.  One
         of us has got to survive!

Parker:  No!  I'm not going to leave!

Eos:     There's no time to argue.  Go out the way I came in.  Someone's
         waiting outside for you.  There's something you need to do for
         me.  He'll explain -- I don't have the time.

At this point, a 60-second detonation timer has begun.  You have to get
out of here quickly, or you'll end up at a disgraceful "Game Over"
screen and end up at your last saved game.

Here are your warning signs for how much time you have left, in addition
to the computer announcing 45 seconds, 30 seconds, and 15 seconds
remaining, as well as a final 10 second countdown.

45 seconds

Eos:     You're wasting my time and yours.  Just go!

30 seconds

Eos:     Don't be a fool.  If you don't go, we'll both die here.

15 seconds

Eos:     There's no time now!  Run!

Just to be clear: the preceding lines are simply guidelines to help you
determine how much time you have left.  Don't wait for them to be said
before you begin hauling out of here.

Run down the ramp where Eos and Capek are located and head up the other
ramp to the left.  Exit through the hole where Eos entered and grab the
stash of goodies straight ahead (continue forward along the left wall to
grab everything).  Proceed forward to the door ahead.  Open it and
proceed inside, then you'll have to wait for the previous door to close
to open the next door.  As soon as it's closed, hit the button to open
the next door.

 47. Grand Canyon

= Hendrix: Parker, Orion says Eos was planning to bring a computer    =
= disk to Ultor's Communications Center.                              =

= Hendrix: Eos had contacts in the Earth Defense Force.  She thought  =
= they'd send a rescue fleet if we put out a distress call.           =

= Hendrix: The Comm Center's at the end of this canyon.  Let's deal   =
= with the canyon first, then look for a way up to the Comm Center.   =

Continue through the tunnel and out into the canyon.  Head left to meet
a fellow miner sitting in the driver's seat of an All-Terrain Vehicle

"Are you Parker?  Eos said that if she didn't come out, you would.  And
she said to give you this computer disk.  I don't know why.  We need to
go to the far end of the canyon.  I'll drive -- you hop in the back and
man the gun."

Approach the vehicle from the back and hit X to man the mounted machine
gun.  The ATV will then begin its journey through the canyon, and it
will be your job to keep Ultor's guards at bay.  Far more dangerous than
the guards are the Aesir Fighters that show up.  Make sure to focus on
them as soon as you see them, because they can dish out the most damage.
Hopefully you haven't increased the sensitivity too much, because it
will take some precise and steady aiming to keep your crosshairs
centered on them.  Don't worry too much about ammo consumption, because
it will take you firing nearly non-stop to run out prematurely.

= Hendrix: Somewhere down there is a natural tunnel that Ultor used   =
= as an outflow pipe for the sewage system.                           =

= Hendrix: That's the only way up from the canyon floor.              =

= Hendrix: It was blocked by a landslide about six months ago, but    =
= Ultor cleared it off.                                               =

When the ATV stops, take out the last remaining guards in the area and
exit the vehicle.  Run forward to the fallen guard to grab a medkit and
envirosuit.  Run back behind the ATV to grab a precision rifle off the
guard, then take out an attacking guard and grab his precision rifle

Up the canyon wall you'll see two large boulders.  Climb up behind them
and enter the tunnel.

 48. Dry Tunnel

Exit the tunnel to the right and dive into the water.  Swim underwater
and through the tunnel.  When you reach the shore, be prepared to take
out three attacking reapers.  Continue up along the path to the right
and take out another reaper.  Head forward into the tunnel.

= Hendrix: I've got some bad news for you, Parker.                    =

= Hendrix: Orion still hasn't heard from Eos, but that's not the      =
= really bad news.                                                    =

= Hendrix: Once you've sent the message from the Comm Center, we      =
= still have to get the fleet in here.                                =

= Hendrix: Ultor has a system of laser satellites orbiting Mars.     =
= They'll tear the fleet apart unless we disable them somehow.        =

= Hendrix: There's a space station that controls the satellites.      =
= We've got to get you up there.                                      =

Proceed through the tunnel to the exit.  Take out the reaper on the
other side of the gap, then back up to get a running start and jump

= Hendrix: Still no word from Eos.  I don't think she made it.        =

= Hendrix: First Eos is lost, and now Ultor's sent in reinforcements. =

= Hendrix: They've kept a regiment of mercenaries in reserve.  Now    =
= they're coming out.                                                 =

= Hendrix: The mercs are lead by Colonel Masako, a real nasty piece   =
= of work.                                                            =

= Hendrix: They're all butchers, and she's the worst of them.         =

Grab the ammo, medkit, and envirosuit, then head to the right edge and
hit X to open the grating to the sewage pipe.  Crawl inside, and proceed
through the tunnel for awhile before reaching the end.  You should hear
some guards chatting nearby.  Climb the ladder, then peak over the edge
to spot them.  Take them out from up here, then jump down and grab the
first aid kit off of one.  Head up into the corridor.

 49. Grand Canyon (2)

Head forward and take out the civilian.  Go up the stairs and hit the
button outside the transport to send it across empty.  Switch to the
sniper rifle and head over to the far edge and zoom in over to the other
side.  Take out the guard that you see, then head back up the stairs and
hit the button again to bring the transport back.

Board the transport and hit the button inside to get it moving.  Switch
to the automatic shotgun and crouch down.  When it gets to the end, get
out and take out the two remaining guards, then grab their ammo and head
into the tunnel.  Proceed to the right and hit the button on the right
to open the door.  Hit the button inside to open the next door.

 50. Communications Center

Head through the next door, then hit the next button to open the
elevator door.  Board the elevator and hit the button to begin your

= Hendrix: You're in, Parker.  Now for the hard part.                 =

= Hendrix: The console you need to reach is at the highest level of   =
= the Comm Center.                                                    =

With your shotgun armed, quickly run out of the elevator and take out
the two guards up ahead.  Grab the submachine gun and ammo, then head
through the door on the left.  If you need health, take out the civilian
and grab his medkit.  Otherwise, remember him as you proceed ahead and
come back to kill him if you end up needing health.  Open the box in the
corner for some 5.56mm ammo, and feel free to check out the "WANTED"
poster on the wall.

Head out of the station and towards the next door with your shotgun
armed.  Pop out of the door, take out the guard to the immediate left,
then retreat back through the door.  Step back quite a bit and wait
about ten seconds for a second guard to approach the door.  Open the
door and take him out, then step back a bit to let the door close again.

Switch to the sniper rifle and inch forward to the door, then zoom in on
the guard in the station ahead and take him out.  Run forward and around
the right side to behind the station.  Switch to remote charges, then
continue around and throw a remote charge up by the ceiling turret.
Detonate it to take it out (just get the charge anywhere in the ceiling
or high up on a surrounding wall and the turret is toast).

Head into the station, crouch by the lockers, and switch to the shotgun.
 A guard should open the door; take him out, then kill the guard over to
the left.  Open the box in the station to grab a medkit, and you can
find first aid kits in the box on the wall.

Head towards the door where the ceiling turret was and switch to the
sniper rifle.  Inch forward to open the door and take out the two guards
behind the sandbags.  Grab their loot, then continue through the next

= Hendrix: Parker!  There are mercenaries in the Communications       =
= Center.                                                             =

= Hendrix: They're starting to appear all over the complex, taking    =
= over from the security guards.                                      =

= Hendrix: They're killing every miner and guard they see.            =

Switch to the automatic shotgun and run straight along the right side
wall to take out a guard around the corner.  Turn back around to take
out a security guard on the left, then grab the ammo and medkit.  Walk
out on the overhang to trigger a pack of mercenaries through the door on
the left down below.

Switch to the precision rifle and situate yourself well back from the
right side corner and wait for them to come to you.  Take them out as
they come around the corner.  Once they're all dead, head along the
walkway and down the stairs.  Head into the station straight ahead and
into the back room for an envirosuit and some medkits.  On your way out,
you'll be greeted by a guard with a rocket launcher and an assistant.
Take them both out, then go back out, up the stairs, and into the room
on the walkway that you passed.

Take out two guards in this hallway, then enter the first door on the
left and proceed forward.

 51. Communications Tower

Head forward and open the elevator door.  Board the elevator, then hit
the button to begin your ascent.  Switch to the shotgun on your way up.

Once the door opens, take out the guard to the immediate right.  Run
quickly over to the station on the right.  Take out the one guard
inside, then switch to the assault rifle.  There's an envirosuit and
medkit in here if you need it, but my suggestion would be to crouch in
the doorway of the inside door and prepare to take on an onslaught of

Once the first major wave of six to eight guards are dead, you'll have
to wait about thirty seconds for another pair of guards to approach.
Once they've been killed, another final pair of guards will approach the
station shortly thereafter.

Switch to the sniper rifle and head back into the main area of the
station.  You should notice a sniper taking shots at you when you get
close to the left window.  Crouch down and inch forward.  There's a
point at which you can see him through the scope of the sniper rifle,
but he apparently can't see you.  Take your time and kill him with one
clean shot.

Exit the station and proceed to the left side of the tower.  A ceiling
turret up on the tower stairs should take aim at you when you enter a
certain region.  Take it out with the sniper rifle, then switch to the
shotgun and go around to the other side to head up the stairs.

You'll meet a guard around the first corner on the stairs; take him out,
then quickly run to the very top and through the door.

The technician that flees around to the left as you enter is holding a
medkit.  Chase him down and kill him with your pistol if you need it.
There's also a medkit in a box around the outer edge and an envirosuit
lying on a table.

= Hendrix: The console you want is under the windows that look out    =
= onto the transmission dish.                                         =

Switch to the precision rifle and head over to the console under the
windows.  Hit the button on the console.

After the brief cut scene, strafe to avoid fire as you take out the three
guards with the precision rifle.  Wait for two more guards to come
through the door.  Once they're dead, head down the stairs.  You'll
probably meet one more guard along the way.

= Hendrix: The airlock at the tower's base is open now.  I hacked     =
= into the security system and overrode its locks.                    =

At the bottom of the stairs, run to the right and through the main door.
 Enter the airlock and open the locker on the right for an envirosuit.
Hit the button to the right of the next door.

 52. Shooting Gallery

= Hendrix: Remember the miners on the shuttle that got blown up?      =

= Hendrix: To get you in the space station safely, we need to take    =
= out Ultor's missile defense system.                                 =

= Hendrix: The tram tunnels go to Missile Command.  There's an        =
= entrance to the tunnels through the canyon.                         =

Move forward through the door.

= Hendrix: The mercs have fortified this area.  Keep moving and keep  =
= your head down!                                                     =

Crouch just around the other side of the boulder on the left side and
switch to the sniper rifle.  Zoom in on the action and try to pick off a
merc or two.  If you're lucky, once the mercs are done killing miners,
they won't notice you and simply stand around waiting to be killed.  If
this is the case, zoom in very closely and take the three mercs out with
single shots to the head.  Otherwise, take them down as they charge;
especially the one holding a Rail Driver who won't hesitate to take you
down in a heartbeat.  Once they're dead, run forward to pick up what
they dropped, including a rail driver, heavy machine gun, remote
charges, grenades, and an envirosuit.

Use the boulders as shields against the turrets as you make your way to
the base up ahead.  When you get in front of the door, switch to the
rail driver and use its secondary fire to find a guard standing straight
through the door.  Once he's dead, go a couple of steps inside the door
and use the rail driver's secondary fire again to locate two more guards
at about 10 O'clock (through the left wall).  Run forward around the
corner to the left and hit the button to open the airlock.  Grab an
envirosuit from the locker on the right, then hit the button on the next

 53. Tramway Tunnel

Go forward through the door and head left along the wall to a couple
steps before the second light on the wall.  Switch to the rail driver
and take out a guard through the left wall just ahead.  An alarm will
then go off.  Using the rail driver, find a merc through the wall in the
same general area where you took down the last guard.  Once the merc is
dead, switch to the precision rifle and quickly run forward and into the
bathroom on the left.

Prepare to take out an onslaught of mercs as they approach the door on
the right.  Be especially careful when taking out the merc with the Rail
Driver; if you let him get a shot in, you're almost guaranteed a Game
Over.  Once they're dead, head through the door straight ahead to find a
medkit in a small box.  Then board the tram.  Crouch in the corner to
the immediate right and switch to the Rail Driver.

= Eos: Parker, Eos here.                                              =

= Eos: I found the antidote formula and got out of there.  Glad to    =
= see you made it too.                                                =

= Eos: We've got people synthesizing the antidote now.  Then we'll    =
= see if it works.                                                    =

= Eos: But you've gotta get up to that space station and disable the  =
= laser satellite network.                                            =

= Eos: if that defense system is still working when the EDF fleet     =
= shows up, they'll get blown out of the sky.                         =

When the tram stops, stay crouched and use the Rail Driver's secondary
fire to locate and kill four mercs to the left.  Then stand up and move
forward a bit to get the tram moving again.

Now start strafing left and right a bit, because your tram is about to
pass another tram that has a merc on board with a rail driver and
another carrying a heavy machine gun.  Avoid the rail driver and machine
gun fire, and take out the merc with the rail driver as the other tram
travels alongside.  Since you can see him through the window, there's no
need to use the secondary fire.  Once he's dead, crouch next to the wall
and use the rail driver's secondary fire to locate and kill the guard
with the machine gun.  Then get back in your original corner and crouch.
 The other tram will eventually break off, while yours continues forward.

 54. Missile Command Center

= Hendrix: The Command Center's at the back of this building.  Hurry! =

= Hendrix: I've jammed the missile bay doors closed.  All you have to =
= do is send the launch signal.                                       =

= Hendrix: The missiles will explode in their launch bays and destroy =
= that part of the complex.                                           =

Stay crouched and use the rail driver's secondary fire to locate and
take out three guards to the left, including one that's running around
in a noticeable pattern.  Once they're dead, switch to the precision
rifle and head out of the tram.  Take out a merc coming through the door
on the right, and take out two more behind him.  Rush forward towards
the door into the station ahead and take out another two guards.  Before
going in the station to hit the button that opens the door, grab medkits
and an envirosuit out of the boxes nearby.  Then hit the button in the
station to open the door.

Head out of the station and take out the ceiling turret using the
precision rifle.  Continue into that hallway until the alarm sounds and
the voice over the intercom alerts everyone to an intruder.  Retreat
back a bit, and hopefully you'll lure a guard or two from around the
corner to the left.  If not, head around there and take out the guards
with quick succession shots from the precision rifle.

Two guards will probably attack from the door on the right; take them
out and head inside for some medkits.  Head out of the room and to the
right.  Continue until you reach the main door.  Hit the button to open
it, then quickly take out a couple of guards inside.  Hit the large
button on the console to activate the launch.

= Hendrix: Run, Parker!  Get to the tram and get out of there!        =

= Hendrix: That whole area's gonna blow!                              =

Quickly make your way back to the tram, taking out only those guards
that get in your way.  It's possible to kill everyone and still make it,
but it's a very close call.  Just make sure that you're on the tam by
the time the intercom voice says, "Launch!"  Then hold on for a bumpy

 55. Stranded!

= Hendrix: Parker, are you still there?  Stop standing around and get =
= going!                                                              =

= Hendrix: I'm putting a countdown timer for the shuttle liftoff on   =
= your HUD.                                                           =

= Hendrix: That's how much time you have to reach it.  You can still  =
= make it, if you hurry.                                              =

Run down to the front of the tram and jump and crouch through the broken
window.  Proceed to the left; while the miner is being shot down, take
out the ceiling turret with the precision rifle, then retreat back
around the corner.  Your next major concern is the merc armed with the
rail driver.  Take him out, then it should be pretty easy to take out
the rest.  Continue forward to grab their medkits, envirosuits, and

Hit the button to open the next door and quickly shoot at the large tank
to the left; it should explode, injuring or killing the guard in front
of it.

= Hendrix: This looks like some kind of motor pool.  Check around --  =
= a vehicle would get you to the station a lot faster.                =

Head to the top of the stairs and hit the button inside to open the two
garage doors.  Two guards will attack out of the right one, so quickly
get outside and take them out.  Grab some medkits out of the box on the
right before jumping in the Armored Personal Carrier (APC).

= Eos: The mercs are coming out hard.  My squads are pinned down all  =
= over the complex.                                                   =

= Eos: Most of the miners outside our base are dead or hiding.        =

Drive through the airlock door and run over the merc inside.  Once the
APC is completely in the airlock, jump out of the vehicle and hit the
button on the right side.

 56. Ancient Riverbed

= Hendrix: Don't stop for anything, Parker.  You don't have much time =
= left!                                                               =

= Hendrix: The merc commander, Masako, is sending out a heavy weapons =
= squad to stop you.                                                  =

The trick to getting through this area alive is to kill everyone and not
leave a single merc behind to take off damage as you drive by.  Be
especially careful of mercs armed with rail drivers that are hiding
behind several boulders on the sides.  As a general rule, expect a merc
to pop out from behind every boulder as you approach it.

= Eos: Parker, please hurry.  Our outlying guard posts are reporting  =
= skirmishes with merc squads.                                        =

= Eos: If the EDF doesn't get here soon, there's going to be nothing  =
= left.                                                               =

When you get to the end and you see the merc firing from up on the roof,
that's a decoy to distract you from the merc on the ground to the left
armed with a rail driver.  Since the APC has probably taken a lot of
damage after getting so far, a rial driver shot would probably be fatal.
 Once you've taken out that merc and the one on the roof, drive into the
airlock, jump out and hit the button on the right side.

 57. Unexpected Cargo

= Hendrix: Hurry, Parker!  They're starting to seal up the shuttle    =
= bay.                                                                =

Jump back in the APC and drive forward.  You'll see a miner being killed
up ahead.  Turn the corner and take out the two mercs.  Rather than
driving up to the large door up ahead (which is sealed), jump out of the
APC and head through the small door behind you.

= Hendrix: This is the cargo loading system.                          =

= Hendrix: You might be able to sneak in through the loading docks.   =

As you descend the ladder, center your aim on the area where the
conveyer belt comes in; two mercs will attack from there.  Hop on the
left side of the conveyer belt and run forward.  Take out another merc
up ahead, then continue forward into the main cargo bay.

= Hendrix: Hurry, they're sealing the doors into the loading dock!    =

Jump off the conveyer belt and take out a couple more mercs.

= Hendrix: Parker -- find a place to hide before the shuttle takes    =
= off.  Hurry!                                                        =

Head forward onto the cargo lift and hit the button on the right to
bring it up to the second level.  Head to the right and locate two
mechanically-operated doors in the floor.  Drop down into the crawl

 58. Space Station Hub

= Hendrix: You've gotta disable Ultor's planetary defense system      =
= before the fleet reaches Mars, or they'll be toast.                 =

Climb out of the crawl space and head right to drop down to the lower
level.  Note that it's a low gravity environment, and you float somewhat
while in midair.

Run to the right and take out the technician cowering down below.  As
you enter the door, jump around as you take out the merc up above to the
left with your precision rifle.  Quickly run up the ramp on the right
side, taking out the glass on your way up, and turn right to take out
another merc.  Strafe left and right as you continue towards the small
room to avoid fire from another merc behind you.

In this small room are ammo crates loaded with precision rifle ammo,
medkits, and envirosuits.  Once you're loaded up, take out another merc
firing from down the hallway.  Run forward to collect his precision
rifle ammo, then go back down the ramp and through the small port hole
to the right.

Head around to the lefr side away from the next port hole and switch to
the rail driver.  Use the weapon's secondary fire to locate and kill a
merc down the hallway through the port hole, then go through the port

= Hendrix: Parker, the mercs are all over the mining complex now.     =

Use the rail driver's secondary fire again to locate and kill a merc
through the left door.  Be careful not to waste a shot on the technician
standing next to him.  Then proceed forward past that door on the left
(the reactor section) amd through the next port hole.

= Hendrix: The command center is up this shaft.  The escape pods and  =
= labs are down the shaft.                                            =

Climb the ladder to the top, then go through the port hole and proceed

 59. Satellite Control

As you enter the door, look straight up and destroy the bot attacking
from above.

= Hendrix: Parker, Ultor has received a message from the incoming EDF =
= fleet.                                                              =

= Hendrix: It was encoded, so I don't know what it said, but they're  =
= panicking down here.                                                =

= Hendrix: They're destroying documents and computer systems.  And    =
= the merc docking bays are swarming with activity.                   =

Climb to the top of the ladder and enter the door on the left labeled

= Hendrix: Look for overrides to open the station's doors.            =

Enter the door up ahead on the left, then enter the second door on the
left to find the override button on the right side of the console.  Hit

= Hendrix: That did it!  The station's lower section should be open   =
= now.                                                                =

Now head back out to the ladder, climb down to the very bottom, and
proceed back through the door.

 60. Space Station Hub (2)

Head forward through the port hole and down the ladder to the very
bottom, then proceed through the port hole.

 61. Living Quarters

Go forward through the door.

= Hendrix: Parker, I've lost contact with the Red Faction base.       =

= Hendrix: I can't raise Eos, Orion, or anyone else there.            =

= Hendrix: There are miners scattered all over the complex.  I'm      =
= trying to contact them and gather them together.                    =

At the top of the stairs, use the precision rifle's scope to zoom in
down below and take out the bot.  Descend the ladder to the very bottom,
and turn around and switch to the rail driver.  Take out the three mercs
behind the door labeled "Escape Pod".  Head inside to collect their ammo
and familiarize yourself with the right escape pod.  Exit back to the
ladder, climb to the top, and go through the door.

 62. Space Station Hub (3)

Head through the port hole and climb the ladder to the first port hole
on the left.  Enter it, then enter the first door on the left labeled
"Reactor".  Head through the next door and kill the cowering technician.
 Descend the ladder just ahead to the bottom, but before entering the
hazrdous liquid, jump on to one of the walkways behind you.  Walk around
to the other side and activate the button.

Go back to the ladder and climb up to the top.  Turn around and activate
the button, then get ready to run back to the escape pod.

Climb down the ladder one level and head out the two doors to exit the
reactor section.  Go left through the port hole and down the ladder to
the bottom.  Go through the port hole.

 63. Living Quarters (2)

Go forward through the door and quickly descend the ladder to the
bottom.  Enter the escape pod door, go to the back and hit the button on
the right escape pod.

 64. Crash Site

= Hendrix: Parker, you still alive?  I've sent some miners to the     =
= crash site to find you.                                             =

= Hendrix: They'll try to guide you to the merc base.  We're in big   =
= trouble.                                                            =

= Hendrix: The mercs have orders to evacuate the base and destroy the =
= entire mining complex.                                              =

Jump out of the escape pod and grab the medkit if needed, then approach
the miner to the right.

"Parker, follow me!  We've got an assault team waiting for us."

Follow the miner across the first bridge and around to the second one.

= Hendrix: The mercs didn't have to go after the Red Faction base.    =
= That was Colonel Masako's idea -- payback for all the trouble the   =
= miners caused.                                                      =

Continue to follow the miner to the ground level and towards a tunnel up

= Hendrix: She led the assault.  I overheard her radioing the merc    =
= base, reporting complete success.                                   =

As you continue through the tunnel, the leading miner will suddenly yell
"Ambush!" before he's killed by a pack of mercs flanking each side.
Take out the three on the left and one on the right, then collect their
ammo, envirosuits, and medkits and head into the right passageway.

Take out a merc or two up ahead, then you should notice an open area up
ahead where mercs are firing in from a perch up above.  Keep your cover
as you switch to the sniper rifle.  Zoom in on the four mercs up above
and take them out one-by-one.  Once they're dead, continue forward.

 65. Sniper Alley

The next area is under heavy fire from snipers up above.  You could try
to snipe them with your sniper or precision rifle, but I've found it
much easier and cost effective (in terms of health and armor) to run
straight through without taking time to snipe anyone.  As you continue
up the next path, a merc will fire the fusion rocket launcher from up
above.  Just keep running through until you come to an open area with
Red Faction miners fighting from across the bridge on the far side.

Take out a merc around the corner to the left, then take down the one
fighting near the bridge.  A miner should then tell you to continue on
to meet Hendrix in the merc base.  Make sure to grab the pile of medkits
and envirosuits nearby before continuing into the next corridor.

As you continue forward, you'll meet two attacking mercs up ahead.  Use
the left wall as cover and take them out with the precision rifle.  Grab
their ammo, then proceed ahead.

 66. A Bridge Too Far

Switch to the rocket launcher and run forward.  Up ahead is a bridge
with a merc armed with a fusion rocket launcher perched up above it.
Run quickly across the bridge and into the next corridor.

The next area you approach will be the merc base.  In front of the base
are two walls -- one on the left and one on the right -- that flank two
turrets and another merc armed with a fusion rocket launcher.  Avoid as
much fire from the turrets as you can by veering off towards the right
wall and unloading rockets into the wall as you approach it.  Then crawl
through the hole that you've created and make a mad dash for the front
door of the base.  Once you're safely inside, continue forward until you
come to an airlock.  Once inside, hit the next button.  The last thing
you hear is a wicked laugh before everything fades to black...

 67. Merc Prison Cells

You'll wake up in a cell, being detained by the mercs.  A miner in a
cell across the hall sees you wake up and starts up a conversation.

"Hey buddy, you awake over there?  You were a sight when they brought
you in -- all blood and puke.  The medics worked you over and cleaned
you up.  I don't know why they bothered; they're just going to kill us
all anyway.  Something big is happening.  Lots of mercs running around,
moving stuff.  I don't know what it is, but I bet --"

The miner is interrupted by a scream of "Red Faction!" from down the
hall.  As your cell opens, a miner asking for you is killed.  Run
forward and grab his precision rifle, then continue to the right and
take out the merc manning the turret.  Two miners will be fighting to
the right, but they'll die in short order.  Take out several mercs
beyond them, then continue forward into a station on the right.  Open
the box to collect a medkit and envirosuit.

Exit the station and kill a couple more mercs in the area.

= Hendrix: Parker!  I found your cell and sent down some miners to    =
= free you.                                                           =

= Hendrix: Once you're out, head up to the mercs' HQ.  We need your   =
= help!                                                               =

Enter the elevator in front of the station and hit the button inside.

 68. Merc Barracks

= Hendrix: Parker, I'm in the merc command center.  I can see you on  =
= the monitors.                                                       =

= Hendrix: There's a squad of miners with me, but the whole base is   =
= crawling with mercs.                                                =

Step out of the elevator.  Switch to the rail driver and use its
secondary fire to take out four mercs in the room to the right.  Rush
inside the room and use it as cover; take out mercs with the precision
rifle as they approach the door and it opens.  Once you're satisfied
with your health and envirosuit levels, run straight down the main
hallway and through the door at the end.

 69. Merc Command Center

Open the door and shoot the merc straight ahead.  Go into the first door
on the right and take out the two technicians; one drops a medkit while
the other drops a submachine gun.  Exit the room and proceed down the
hallway to the right.  After some miners are killed by a rocket launcher
down the hallway, take out the two mercs that you can see down there.
Then enter the first door on the left and make your way past fellow
miners to Hendrix.

"Parker, I didn't think you would make it!  Things look really bad.
I've got just a few miners left with me.  Orion has more, but I've lost
contact with him.  We're trying to reach Masako before she sets off the
bomb, but the doors to the merc docking bay are sealed.  I need access
to these mainframes, but I can't hack into it.  If you shut down their
power source, I can hack into their mainframes and open the door.  Take
the elevator in the hall.  Once you're on the upper level, the
generators are to the left."

Continue through the room to the second doorway leading out into the
hall; the elevator is straight ahead.

 70. Merc Power Plant

= Hendrix: The emergency shutoff should be on the lowest level of the =
= generator room.                                                     =

Step out of the elevator and turn to the left.  Switch to the rail
driver and use its secondary fire to first locate and kill a guard in
the room to the right, and then two guards to the left.  Once they're
dead, head into the room on the right.  Collect precision rifle ammo
from the fallen guard, and kill the technician for a medkit.

Proceed back out into the hallway and continue down to the generator
room on the left.  Take out the guard just inside the door, then take
out the ceiling turret to the left.  After you pick up the envirosuit,
continue along the catwalk to the right and climb down the ladder.  Take
out a security guard and grab his ammo, then kill the technician nearby
for a medkit.  A box nearby contains a medkit and envirosuit.  Once
you're loaded, find the main power button in one of the corners and hit

= Hendrix: Good work, Parker.  The mainframes have powered down.      =
= They should come back up when the emergency generators kick in.     =

= Hendrix: Here they go...I'm hacking in....                          =

= Hendrix: Got it!  I overrode the door locks.  We're coming up --    =
= wait outside the generator room for us.                             =

Shoot down the guard who's up near the door; otherwise, he may hurt you
with his grenades.  Climb up the ladder and around the catwalk to grab
the grenades and exit the generator room.

You should meet Hendrix and an escort miner running by to the left.
Follow them, and the miner will be killed as the next door opens.  Take
out the two guards to the left, then Hendrix will open the next door.

While he's doing that, continue down to the left and take out a couple
of mercs.  Watch out for the rail driver shot from one of the mercs.
Once they're dead, open the three boxes in the area to collect a medkit,
envirosuit, remote charges, rockets, and a rocket launcher.  Head back
to the door that Hendrix has opened and proceed inside.

Take out the first ceiling turret with the rocket launcher, then retreat
back behind the door.  Switch to the rail driver and take out the two
mercs hiding behind the pillars on each side of the hall.  Switch back
to the rocket launcher, then continue forward and destroy the second
ceiling turret.  Then switch back to the rail driver and take out
another two mercs hiding behind the next pillars.

Hendrix should then run forward to the control panel on the left and
open the next door.  Be prepared for a merc armed with a heavy machine
gun when it opens.  Once he's dead, grab his weapon and continue forward.

 71. Docking Bay Entrance

= Hendrix: Hurry, Parker -- run for the far doors.  I'm going into    =
= the control room to help open things up for you.                    =

Switch to the precision rifle and run straight into the room and take
out the merc just ahead that fires at you with a rail driver.  Pick up
his ammo, then continue straight forward and take out another merc armed
with a rail driver.  Pick up his ammo and run up the ramp to the right.

= Masako: Well, look at this -- Hendrix has finally come out of       =
= hiding.                                                             =

= Masako: Here's what mercs do to traitors, Hendrix.                  =

Hendrix then sets off the trap in the control room and several
explosions bring Hendrix to death's door.

= Hendrix: Parker...stop them...don't let Ultor get away with...      =
= it all....                                                          =

= Masako: You seem to be almost out of friends, Parker.               =

= Masako: Here come some of my friends to entertain you.              =

Continue around to the right and jump past the burning technician and
through the door.  Head to the left side and climb in the ventilation
shaft, then crawl forward.

As you quickly pass the first opening on the left, you should hear, "Fan
out and secure the hangar!"  At the next corner, stop and you should
hear, "He's in the ventilation system!  Flush him out!"  Switch to the
rail driver and use its secondary fire to take out the two mercs in the
room to the right. Crawl forward and drop down, then approach the next
corner, but don't turn the corner.

Use the rail driver's secondary fire again to locate a merc patrolling
back and forth and a technician standing still.  Take out the merc, then
kill the technician, who should now be cowering.  Then find two more
mercs up on the roof of the next area.  Once they're dead, head into the
station and hit the button on the right side of the console.  Wait for
the Aesir Fighter to be lowered onto the left loading platform.  Run
forward and board the fighter, then fly through the door straight ahead.

 72. Masako's Lair

This next area consists of several long hallways filled with lots of
mercs; many are armed with rail drivers, fusion rocket launchers, and
heavy machine guns as well as several enemy fighters.  Stay low to the
ground and tae out the mercs a hallway at a time, although feel free to
fly upward if you see a fusion rocket launcher blast or you see the
unmistable headlights of an Aesir Fighter up above.  Once you make it
down several hallways, you'll come to a large hangar.  Ignore the mercs
and fly around the ship to the left and through the next door.

As with the last area, the next hallways are filled with mercs armed
with rail drivers, fusion rocket launchers, and heavy machine guns.  If
after completing the first hallway, your fighter's health is still above
400, go ahead and fly straight forward and enter a door on the right in
the last hallway.

When you enter the area, you'll meet two fighters.  Once they're dead, a
brief cutscene showing Masako's entrance ensues.

"Maybe I'll visit your parents when I get back to Earth.  They won't
even have a body to sob over.  You and the rest of the scum will be
vaporized in the blast."

You'll now have to take out Masako's fighter.  Stay low to the ground
and take it out with some missiles and machine gun fire.  Once you
destroy her fighter, yours will also be destroyed and you'll drop to the
ground. Masako, on the other hand, will be floating up above with a
nanotech shield protecting her.  Use the nearby crates for cover and use
your heavy machine gun to damage and take out her shield.  Keep moving
in order to avoid Masako's rail driver.  Once her nanotech shield has
been destroyed, quickly switch to the rail driver and crouch down behind
the crates.  Locate her and kill her with a single shot.  If you miss
and/or run out of ammo, you can kill her with whatever else you have

Once Masako's dead, head over to the large platform nearby and hit the
switch to descend into the room below.  You'll find Eos tied up to a
bomb...with a 30-second timer that it already running.  You have that
much time to disarm the bomb.

 73. Disarming the Bomb

It requires two codes to disarm the bomb: a four digit code and a seven
digit code.  I can't give you the exact codes, because it's randomized
every game.  The code can be comprised of any of the four main buttons:
X, square, triangle, and circle.  When you hit the correct button, it
will appear on the screen.  When you hit an incorrect one, the puzzle
will reset and you'll have to start from the beginning.  Simply use
trial and error until you find the right two combos.  It's best to pause
as you go so you can write down what's worked so far.  Once you've
successfully disarmed the bomb, you can count yourself among the few
that managed to complete Red Faction.


################## XII. Multi-player: Tips and Tactics #################


There are some tips and tactics that can be applied to any multi-player
game in Red Faction:

- Always Keep Moving.  This is one of those basic rules that veteran FPS
  gamers know well by now.  It's engrained in their heads, and it should
  be in yours, too.  Always keep moving and looking in every possible
  direction for enemies or signs of an enemy.

- Learn to Strafe and Circle Strafe.  When you approach a corner or a
  curve, rather than running forward and then turning, first turn
  towards the direction you'll be facing around the corner and then
  sidestep (strafe) to move yourself into position.  This way, you'll be
  ready to fire as soon as you see an opponent.  Similarly, if you're in
  a melee fight in an open area with one or more opponents, circle
  strafe around the room so as to keep your opponent in your sights and
  keep yourself moving sideways in order to make yourself a difficult
  target.  Both snipers and rocket launcher aficiandos will hate that
  you have your basic FPS skills down, although it shouldn't surprise

- Protect the level's treasures and use them as bait.  In this case,
  treasures are the best weapons, medkits, and armor.  For instance, if
  you know that your opponent is hurt, try to keep him from getting any
  medkits.  If that's not possible, try to stalk him and take him by
  surprise while he goes to grab the medkits.  You also might start to
  notice that your opponent has patterns, such as always going after
  certain weapons and camping in certain locations.  Use this knowledge
  against him by preparing an assault when he turns a corner, or even
  setting up a remote charge and pulling the trigger when he passes by.

- Aim for the floor under your opponent with the rocket launchers.
  Rather than aiming for their mid section or head and going for the
  direct hit, aim at the floor so you can at least incur splash damage
  on every rocket that you fire.  Otherwise, a likely scenario would be
  you firing 5-6 rockets at the wall behind your opponent while he kills
  you with bullet rounds from an automatic weapon.

- Jump when up against a rocket launcher.  If an opponent is firing an
  onslaught of rockets in your direction and you don't think you can
  dodge it, jump in the air.  Since he's probably aiming at the floor,
  by jumping you'll incur only splash damage from the explosion since it
  didn't hit you head on.  The best case scenario is to never be in a
  position where it's just you up against a rocket launcher, but if it
  comes up, you know what to do.

- Destroy walls at posters, wall markings, and anything that looks out
  of place.  There's most likely a secret area behind those markers with
  goodies abound.  Also, it doesn't hurt to play around with the GeoMod.
  Explore various ideas that you have for creating sniping tunnels and
  new ways for travelling from one point to another.

- Learn the level before you play it.  Start up a bot game with no bots
  and a 30-minute time limit.  Just cruise your way around the level,
  get a feel for it, find where the weapons are located, and where you
  need to go if you're hurting in the health or armor department.  Or,
  if you're short on time, just read below for all pertinent information.

There are thirteen characters that can be selected when playing
multi-player Red Faction:

1.  Miner Parker
2.  Envirosuit Parker
3.  Scientist Parker
4.  Exec Parker
5.  Miner
6.  Envirosuit Miner
7.  Ultor Guard 1
8.  Ultor Guard 2
9.  Envirosuit Guard 1
10. Envirosuit Guard 2
11. Elite Guard 1
12. Elite Guard 2
13. Riot Guard 1


################### XIII. Multi-player: Level Guides ###################


Red Faction's GeoMod technology really shines in multi-player mode.  I'll
try to cover each of the game's nine included multi-player levels, their
overall layout, and some suggested strategies for living the longest and
claiming the top prize.

 1. The Lobby

Description:      You're an unwanted visitor inside this Ultor complex.
                  Do you have what it takes to storm the lobby?

Players:          Two, three or four.

Layout:           Around the outside walls of the main lobby area are
                  pillars.  On each side of the lobby area are two ramps
                  that twist around and up to the second floor catwalks.
                   On each side, one ramp twists left and up and the
                  other twists right and up. By destroying the wall
                  behind the 4 posters in the lobby, you'll discover 4
                  hidden rooms with 3 different weapons.  Each of these
                  secret rooms also contain the level's only armor and
                  medkits (2 medkits and 1 envirosuit in each).  In
                  addition, each of the four rooms can be accessed a
                  second way by destroying the wall on the twisting
                  ramps where graffiti is written.

                  Here are the four graffiti markings / posters and the
                  weapon that waits inside each:

                  1. Black graffiti: "The Plague Is Coming For You!",
                  Poster: "Prestige, Pride, Profit" -- Rail Driver.

                  2. Red graffiti: "Beautify Mars -- Kill Guards",
                  Poster: "Preserving Tomorrow, Protecting Today" --
                  Flame Thrower.

                  3. Purple graffiti: "Eos Rules!", Poster: No text --
                  Fusion Rocket Launcher.

                  4. Orange graffiti: "Die Later!", Poster: "High Risk,
                  High Pay, High Adventure" -- Flame Thrower.

                  Also, it's possible to get to the roof of the
                  building.  Fire rockets at an upward slope along the
                  edge of the wall on the catwalk.  You should be able
                  to make a hole to the roof and a stepping ladder of
                  sorts to jump your way up there.  Once you make it to
                  the roof, on one side is a Fusion Rocket Launcher and
                  the other is a Rail Driver.  From up here, you have
                  full sight of the main lobby floor through glass panes
                  (which are easily shattered).

Weapon Locations: Submachine Guns: Both ends of main lobby floor.

                  Automatic Shotgun: "Die" graffiti ramp.

                  Assault Rifles: Entrance to the two ramps on one side
                  and on the "Plague" graffiti ramp on the opposite side.

                  Flame Throwers: "Beautify" and "Die" graffiti rooms.

                  Rocket Launchers: Middle of main lobby floor and the
                  middle of both catwalks.

                  Rail Driver: "Plague" graffiti room and roof.

                  Precision Rifle: "Eos" graffiti ramp.

                  Heavy Machine Guns: Entrance to the two ramps on one
                  side and on the "Beautify" graffiti ramp on the
                  opposite side.

                  Fusion Rocket Launchers: "Eos" graffiti room and roof.

Strategies:       First, I'd grab a rocket launcher and bust open as
                  many of the secret rooms (from both sides) as possible
                  and stock up on weapons and armor.  To make the areas
                  as accessible as possible, destroy the wall from the
                  bottom up so you can run straight in without
                  struggling to jump over an awkwardly created bottom
                  edge. Remember not to make yourself an easy kill while
                  you destroy walls.

                  One strategy that I've found effective is to create a
                  tunnel in the wall at one or both ends of the second
                  floor catwalk.  Unload about 8-10 rockets into the
                  wall, then climb to the back and get situated.  You'll
                  probably find that you can crouch to hide within this
                  tunnel and pop up to shoot when you see an opponent
                  running on the second floor.  I like to make a tunnel
                  next to where the Precision Rifle is and just pick off
                  people running from both sides using the scope. Aim
                  for the mid section, and two hits should be all it
                  takes. Definitely don't stay in this tunnel once
                  you've been discovered (by a human opponent), or you
                  can expect to be killed when a rocket comes flying in
                  or someone decides to fill your tunnel with a stream
                  of flames. Bots don't seem to handle
                  tunnels/caves/etc. well, so you can probably get away
                  with staying there for extended periods of time if the
                  strategy is successful for you.

                  For snipers and those who like some easy kills with
                  the fusion rocket launcher, the roof is for you.  Grab
                  the precision rifle and then head up there by using
                  rockets to blow your way upwards through the catwalk
                  wall.  Grab the fusion rocket launcher first and fire
                  it down upon whoever awaits in the main lobby area.
                  Then grab the rail driver and go to work on whoever
                  you want.  (Watch for places where bots slow down or
                  pause for a moment so you can get a clean shot.)

                  Another solid tactic is to hang around in one of the
                  secret rooms and pick people off in the lobby.  (If
                  you only open the Rail Driver room from the back, you
                  can shoot people in the main lobby area through the
                  wall and they won't be able to shoot back.) If someone
                  begins to take notice of you and decides to begin
                  attacking, you can always retreat back, grab some
                  medkits and armor, then escape out the back entrance
                  and up the ramp.  The bots don't seem to be
                  persistent, so you can probably just get away with
                  retreating behind the wall and waiting a few seconds
                  for them to forget about you.  You can also run up the
                  ramp, across the catwalk, down the opposite ramp and
                  enter the other secret room from the back.  You can
                  keep switching like this to keep your opponents
                  guessing as to where you are located.

Fun Tip:          Stand in the middle of the main lobby floor with a
                  loaded rocket launcher and look straight up in the
                  air. Fire a few shots through one of the glass panes.
                  Enjoy the visual effects of individual broken glass
                  pieces falling on top of you.  Then learn the
                  realities of the phrase, "Whatever goes up, must come

 2. Installation XJ5

Description:      Fast-moving action inside an industrial complex nestled
                  within a crater on the Martian surface.

Players:          Three, four or five.

Layout:           Installation XJ5 has many similarities to The Lobby,
                  but it's slightly more complex and offers more
                  opportunities for creative strategies.  The main lobby
                  area is where most of the action will likely take
                  place.  From there, there are multiple ramps leading
                  up to the second floor (including one that must be
                  created by busting open both sides of a secret room
                  behind the "High Risk, High Pay, High Adventure"
                  poster). On the outer edge of the second floor on each
                  side are ramps that twist around up to a third floor
                  that mainly consists of a catwalk connecting the two
                  sides. The ramps between floors 2 and 3 offer armor,
                  medkits, rockets, and shotgun shells.  Since this
                  level's medkits and armor are more openly available
                  (rather than stuffed into rooms), it's much more of a
                  viable strategy to roam freely in search of easy kills.

                  This level contains three secret rooms that each offer
                  some of the better weapons, medkits, ammo and armor:

                  "High Risk, High Pay, High Adventure" poster: Heavy
                  Machine Gun, Remote Charges.

                  Sun symbol in lobby: Fusion Rocket Launcher, rockets,

                  "Tell your Friends...Ultor is the Place to Be!"
                  poster: Flame Thrower, fuel tank, Precision Rifle.

Weapon Locations: Submachine Gun: In doorway on the opposite side of the
                  poster in the main lobby.

                  Automatic Shotgun: In doorway to the left and slightly
                  above poster in main lobby.

                  Assault Rifle: Ramp from main lobby that leads to
                  outside windows.

                  Remote Charges: Behind poster in main lobby.

                  Flame Thrower: Behind "Tell Your Friends..." poster.

                  Rocket Launcher: In doorway next to sun symbol.

                  Rail Driver: Middle of third floor catwalk.

                  Precision Rifle: Behind "Tell Your Friends..." poster.

                  Heavy Machine Gun: Behind poster in main lobby.

                  Fusion Rocket Launcher: Behind sun symbol in main

Strategies:       If you spawn on the main floor, it's not such a bad
                  idea to first bust your way through the "High Risk,
                  High Pay, High Adventure" poster and grab the Heavy
                  Machine Gun and Remote Charges.  The remotely
                  detonated charges certainly open up some new
                  opportunities for creative killing.  Also, you'll
                  probably want to grab the rocket launcher in the
                  doorway next to the sun symbol.  When you grab the
                  rocket launcher, it wouldn't hurt to go ahead and bust
                  your way through the sun symbol to get the Fusion
                  Rocket Launcher. Although you only get one shot, it's
                  usually a guaranteed kill.

                  For snipers, your perch will be located on floor 3.
                  Grab the Precision Rifle and/or the Rail Driver.  Then
                  make sure to get the rocket launcher so you can set up
                  your sniping position.  On either side of the catwalk
                  on floor 3, you can use the rocket launcher or remote
                  charges to create a perch in the wall that overlooks
                  the entire main floor. Try to create it so that you
                  have a little movement within the tunnel to get cover
                  or retreat if detected.  If you take some damage, back
                  out and run along the ramp down towards floor 2 to
                  grab some medkits and armor.

                  If you have the opportunity, a tunnel can be made from
                  the main lobby under the doorway to the left of the
                  sun symbol. Shoot rockets under the doorway at a
                  slightly upward angle, so that when you crawl through,
                  you can jump up to the second floor on the other side.
                   This can be a safe alternative to taking one of the
                  many ramps, where you may be taken off guard by a
                  heavily armed opponent when you turn a corner.

                  Roaming between floors 2 and 3 is probably the safest
                  approach, since you're always in close proximity to
                  medkits and armor when needed.  You should try to
                  avoid taking on opponents one-on-one on the main floor
                  unless you're heavily armed, have full health and
                  armor, and have confidence that you can win a
                  circle-strafing battle.  Even then, you'll have to
                  watch out for sniper fire from floor 3 or anyone up
                  there grabbing the rail driver.

 3. Waste Disposal Plant

Description:      Radioactive contaminants are the least of the dangers
                  that await in this sewage treatment plant.

Players:          Four, five or six.

Layout:           Coming soon.

Weapon Locations: Submachine Gun: On lower grated platform.

                  Automatic Shotgun: In open, mid-level ramp area.

                  Assault Rifle: On upper grated platform.

                  Remote Charges: In corridor below isolated Water
                  Reclamation pillar.

                  Grenades: Secret room behind upper Water Reclamation

                  Rocket Launcher: Behind isolated Water Reclamation
                  Rail Driver: Secret room behind lower Water
                  Reclamation sign.

                  Precision Rifle: In corridor near lower Water
                  Reclamation sign.

                  Heavy Machine Gun: Inside isolated Water Reclamation

                  Fusion Rocket Launcher: Underwater beneath grated

Strategies:       The most effective weapon in this level is the rocket
                  launcher, because the narrow corridors provide little
                  space for your targets to dodge splash damage.
                  Therefore, I've found it most effective to roam the
                  hallways with the rocket launcher looking for prey.
                  It's best to keep near the rocket launcher spawn point
                  so that other players or bots don't give you a dose of
                  your own medicine.

                  If you're not particularly comfortable on the run, a
                  good place to lounge around and wait for opponents to
                  arrive is on the mid-level ramp area.  Since there's
                  only two entrances to this area and they're close
                  together, you can watch both of them without moving
                  your viewpoint.  Good weapons to have are the
                  precision sniper rifle and rocket launcher, so you can
                  take out opponents as they come into view before they
                  know what's going on.

                  If you're feeling adventurous, you could go after the
                  fusion rocket launcher underwater.  Be careful not to
                  let yourself sink to the very bottom level where the
                  radioactive contaminants settle, because you'll be
                  dead in the blink of an eye.  This generally isn't
                  suggested unless you're only playing a human opponent
                  that doesn't know the level very well.  The bots will
                  almost instantly see you underwater and recognize it
                  as an easy kill situation.

                  Another option you'll likely want to avoid in this
                  level is relying heavily on the rail driver.  Because
                  the level is filled with winding corridors that change
                  elevation frequently, it's difficult to get a hit
                  using the weapon's infrared scope.

 4. The Badlands

Description:      A deep Martian canyon, shrouded in fog, makes an ideal
                  setting for sudden death.

Players:          Three, four or five.

Layout:           Coming soon.

Weapon Locations: Submachine Gun:

                  Automatic Shotgun:

                  Assault Rifle:

                  Sniper Rifle:

                  Remote Charges:


                  Flame Thrower:

                  Rocket Launcher:

                  Rail Driver:

                  Precision Rifle:

                  Heavy Machine Gun:

                  Fusion Rocket Launcher:

Strategies:       Coming soon.

 5. Hangar 18

Description:      Within the narrow confines of an abandoned aircraft
                  hangar, lightning fast reflexes are required to

Players:          Two (One on one).

Layout:           Coming soon.

Weapon Locations: Submachine Gun:

                  Automatic Shotgun:

                  Assault Rifle:

                  Sniper Rifle:

                  Remote Charges:


                  Flame Thrower:

                  Rocket Launcher:

                  Rail Driver:

                  Precision Rifle:

                  Heavy Machine Gun:

                  Fusion Rocket Launcher:

Strategies:       Coming soon.

 6. Blasted Canyon

Description:      Play a deadly game of cat and mouse in this canyon.

Players:          Two, three or four.

Layout:           Coming soon.

Weapon Locations: Submachine Gun:

                  Automatic Shotgun:

                  Assault Rifle:

                  Sniper Rifle:

                  Remote Charges:


                  Flame Thrower:

                  Rocket Launcher:

                  Rail Driver:

                  Precision Rifle:

                  Heavy Machine Gun:

                  Fusion Rocket Launcher:

Strategies:       Coming soon.

 7. Waterlogged

Description:      This undersea research center is now a deathtrap at
                  the bottom of a Martian ocean.  Will this be your
                  watery grave?

Players:          Three, four or five.

Layout:           Coming soon.

Weapon Locations: Submachine Gun:

                  Automatic Shotgun:

                  Assault Rifle:

                  Sniper Rifle:

                  Remote Charges:


                  Flame Thrower:

                  Rocket Launcher:

                  Rail Driver:

                  Precision Rifle:

                  Heavy Machine Gun:

                  Fusion Rocket Launcher:

Strategies:       Coming soon.

 8. Mine Warfare

Description:      Deep under the surface of Mars, this mine is littered
                  with munitions.

Players:          Three, four or five.

Layout:           Coming soon.

Weapon Locations: Submachine Gun:

                  Automatic Shotgun:

                  Assault Rifle:

                  Sniper Rifle:

                  Remote Charges:


                  Flame Thrower:

                  Rocket Launcher:

                  Rail Driver:

                  Precision Rifle:

                  Heavy Machine Gun:

                  Fusion Rocket Launcher:

Strategies:       Coming soon.

 9. Warlords

Description:      Two mighty fortresses face each other across a deadly
                  battlefield.  Will you stay in your base or boldly
                  assault your foe?

Players:          Two (One on one).

Layout:           Coming soon.

Weapon Locations: Submachine Gun:

                  Automatic Shotgun:

                  Assault Rifle:

                  Sniper Rifle:

                  Remote Charges:


                  Flame Thrower:

                  Rocket Launcher:

                  Rail Driver:

                  Precision Rifle:

                  Heavy Machine Gun:

                  Fusion Rocket Launcher:

Strategies:       Coming soon.


######################### XIV. Secrets / Cheats ########################


1.  There's a Summoner poster located in the sterilization room outside
    of the operating room in Capek's Lair. (For those who are not
    familiar with Summoner, it was Volition's first game for the
    Playstation 2, a role-playing game that shipped with the launch of
    the console in Fall 2000.)

2.  On "The Lobby" multi-player level, it's possible to get to the roof.
    From the catwalk, you should be able to see that one end of the roof
    has a ramp.  You can shoot some rockets into the wall to make your
    way onto the ramp and onto the roof.  Once you make it to the roof,
    on one side is a Fusion Rocket Launcher and the other is a Rail
    Driver.  From up here, you have full sight of the main lobby floor
    through glass panes (which are easily shattered).

3.  In Mine Entrance, after entering the corridor following the grated
    catwalk, locate the position where there's a bulge in the wall.
    Blow a hole in the ground at that point to find an underground
    tunnel leading to behind the elevator.

4.  Game Shark codes for Red Faction are as follows:

    Master Code (Must be on)                     EC8E9778 1456E60A

    Infinite Health                              1CBF6618 1456E7A5
                                                 1CBF661C 1456E7A5
                                                 1CBF6620 1456E7A5
                                                 1CBF6624 1456E7A5
                                                 1CBF6928 1456E7A5

    Infinite Ammo                                1C84CA68 15F6E79D
                                                 1C84CA6C 1456E7A5

    Infinite Ammo and All Weapons (1/2)          1C84CA68 39A1B0E5
                                                 1C84CA6C E19FE7B5
                                                 1C84CA70 E1A6E7A5
                                                 1C84CA74 E45669BD
                                                 1C84CA78 0456E7A0
                                                 1C84CA7C 1456E7A5
                                                 1C84CA80 2054E7BF
                                                 1C84CA84 28947065
                                                 1C84CA88 909AE7A5
                                                 1C84CA8C E65601BD
                                                 1C84CA90 3858EBA5
                                                 1C84CA94 2054E7AF

    Infinite Ammo and All Weapons (2/2)          1C84CA98 28940215
                                                 1C84CA9C 1496AF9E
                                                 1C84CAA0 1456E7A5
                                                 1C84CAA4 3A46E7A6
                                                 1C84CAA8 2E53E7B7
                                                 1C84CAAC 0876B011
                                                 1C84CAB0 1456E7A5
                                                 1C84CAB4 DD9FE7B5
                                                 1C84CAB8 DDA6E7A5
                                                 1C84CABC 39A1E765
                                                 1C84CAC0 15F6E79D
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##################### XV. Frequently Asked Questions ###################


1.  What is "Geo-Mod"?

    The following excerpt was taken from a June 1, 2001 interview with
    Volition Programmer Dave Baranec at Tempest Tek

    "Geo-mod (or just simply, geomods) is a technology which allows the
    player to arbitrarily and dynamically change the world he's running
    around in. All the world structures in a given level are treated as
    "solids", with a given hardness. Using explosives or drilling tools
    you can simply blow up or tear out chunks of the world however you
    want. The system is also intimately tied into the physics system so
    that if you were to, say, blow out the legs of a tower, the whole
    thing would come crashing down." -- Dave Baranec, Programmer,

2.  I can't lure the Combot into the disposal pit area.  What should I

    Keep firing at him until Hendrix pipes in with what you should
    already know; you have to open the incinerator pit door and turn on
    the ceiling fan to blow him down to be destroyed.  Check the
    single-player walkthrough for more specific instructions.

3.  Have you found any cheat codes yet?

    Red Faction for the Playstation 2 has no cheat codes.  As the Mac
    and PC versions are still in development, it's too soon to say
    whether they will have cheat codes included, although not putting
    any in the PS2 version is certainly a hint that the other versions
    will be the same.

4.  Are you sure it's possible to make it to Gryphon in the
    administration area without being caught?

    Yes.  Follow the instructions provided in the walkthrough, and you
    can do it, too!

5.  I'm in the Sub Bay, and I see the submarine hanging up in the air.
    Shooting the rope doesn't drop it in.  What should I do?

    You can do one of three things: a) Blast your way into the control
    room and hit the release switch.  b) Climb the support grids and
    jump on top of the sub, then activate the manual release switch.  c)
    Swim to the underwater research lab using your pistol and speed as

6.  What controller configuration do you use and recommend for Red

    I use the default configuration and highly recommend it.  It took me
    very little time to get accustomed with the setup, even though I've
    played very few FPSs on consoles (I usually play with a keyboard and
    mouse on a computer).  I assume that this is exactly what the
    development team at Volition was shooting for, and I think the
    default controls they put in place are a nice fit.  Give the default
    controls a fair chance (go through training and play some
    multi-player levels against bots) before going in to change them.

7.  I found another way to get past x level from the way you described
    in your walkthrough.  Which one is the right way?

    Often times throughout the game, there are several ways of doing
    things and it's up to the player to decide what to do and how to do
    it (one of the things that make a game an interactive experience
    rather than a slide slow or movie).  As mentioned in the
    single-player walkthrough introduction, I played through many of the
    levels many, many times and decided on the way that I felt was the
    easiest, provided Parker with the best chance of survival with as
    little damage as possible, and retained the most ammo for the
    battles that waited ahead.  I can't tell you how to play your game,
    so make up your own mind about how you want to complete a level if
    you know how.

8.  I just blew up the station, but now I'm stuck in the tram.  How do I
    get out?

    Go to the front of the tram and jump and crouch to get through the

9.  When I jump in the water in the Icy Sub Bay, I begin taking damage
    seemingly from nowhere.  What's going on?

    You forgot to take out the creature in the water below before coming
    up to the submarine bay.  Follow the instructions in the walkthrough
    more closely next time!

10. Why do walls suddenly become indestructible after playing a certain
    level on multi-player for awhile?

    Individual levels can only be destructed so much before the game
    stops any further destruction in an attempt to limit memory usage.
    In other words, don't be surprised if rockets, remote charges, and
    grenades suddenly no longer penetrate walls, although you can always
    count on the Rail Driver.

11. How many walls can the Rail Driver shoot through?

    Seemingly an infinite amount.  You can track how far the shot
    travelled by looking at wall marks.  For instance, in the
    multi-player level "The Lobby," you can shoot through an entire row
    of pillars and see marks showing where it travelled through each one.

12. Have you found any places in single-player where I can take out
    enemies with falling rock debris using Geo-Mod?

    Yes.  I found two good locations thus far where you can perform this
    mesmorizing feat: 1) In "Abandoned Crusher," as you're taking out
    the guards who are trying to flee on the opposite side of the
    bridge, you can use your rocket launcher to shoot the ceiling above
    them in the corridor.  2) In "Plant Entrance," you can kill the
    guard who's using the sandbags as cover by shooting a rocket into
    the ceiling above him, sending debris down onto him and hopefully
    killing him.

13. Gryphon won't follow me when I exit his office.  What's wrong?

    You're going the wrong way.  Until you go the right way, Gryphon
    will stay behind.  Follow the instructions in the single-player
    walkthrough for help.

14. I'm at the end of "Unexpected Cargo," the clock is ticking, and I
    can't find the crawl space.  Where's it at?

    I can't really make it any easier than what I've described in the
    single-player walkthrough.  Stand on the cargo lift, hit the button
    to ascend to the upper level, and locate the mechanically-operated
    doors in the floor.  They'll open automatically when you approach
    them.  Drop in and move forward to end the level.


############################# XVI. Credits #############################


- Volition for creating such a fantastic game.

- THQ for a solid marketing effort and funding the talented staffers at
  Volition.  Also, I've won prizes in your contests for both Summoner
  and Red Faction.  Thanks for the t-shirts and other free swag.

- George Tanner for the tip on accessing the roof in "The Lobby"
  multi-player level.

- Cevin Key for the tip on luring the guard in Executive Suites to the
  women's bathroom.

- Kevin Gavioli for the tip on grabbing the sniper rifle in Abandoned

- Cheat Code Central for the Red Faction Game Shark codes.

- Shane Martin for the tip on organ transportation in Cryogenic Storage
  / Capek's Lair.


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