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Scandal is an interactive anime movie, which puts you in a role of a freelance photographer, Saki Kitazawa. While your father was a professional in the same line of work, you go on a day-by-day basis with whatever job comes your way. This time, it includes a famous rock musician. All enthusiastic about your next gig, you were glad to enter the prestigious private part under a guise to look for your next scoop. But what you didn't know is that your next photo is going to change your life and put you in a dangerous turmoil of murder and mystery.

The game moves one video scene at the time, where you can progress as in visual novels, by clicking the button after each event, or leave it in auto mode so it moves like an anime movie. You can select a difference choice in certain dialogues which will move the conversation one way or another, although some of the answers will have to be selected quickly within a time limit for your reaction.

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