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Reviewed: 12/06/03

TimeSplitters: An FPS title that isn’t so great.

Timesplitters isn’t that bad either. It just lacks in the storyline mode and other elements that want you to keep playing this over and over. This game is brought to you by the makers of the acclaimed title: Golden Eye for the Nintendo 64, thus making the standards even greater. Play as several different characters in over 10 futuristic levels, as you try to stop the evil race of TimeSplitters from exterminating mankind. Oh shoot, not another game when you have to save the world from evil space invaders.

This game has an alright fun factor but has no replay value. You will start in Egypt, trying to eliminate wardens and mummies in your path to gather the specific item that you need. Then you will run back to the beginning of the level as the Timesplitters chase you. This is what it is like every single level, and when you do this over and over it gets slightly boring. Sure it is fun, especially shooting from your wide array of weapons, like shotguns, rocket launchers, sniper rifles, and much more, but at least Free Radical could have put more effort into the story mode. It is sad that all these weapons and other accessories go to waste due to this mode.

In addition to that, the story mode doesn’t have any story at all. The characters never really talk, there are no movie sequences or cutscenes, and even worse you don’t get to see what happens when you beat the game. (Which takes like 30 minutes to do) That’s not much of a problem though. You will enjoy the levels even though they are a bit small. They have gorgeous scenery and it is set up well for gameplay. Venture through an old spooky mansion, a space station, a Chinese restaurant, and an old town filled with plenty of mummies and more.

There will also be plenty of levels and characters to unlock. It is fairly exciting to unlock levels, while unlocking characters is almost pointless. All the characters will have the same attributes; the only thing that changes is the way they look. You will unlock some funky characters, like a gingerbread man, a lobster, and even a robot with a fishbowl as a head. You can even unlock another mode, Challenge Mode. It is nothing special you just have to do a bunch of tasks that are rather unique. It’s also very hard, I barely make it past events, like shooting off 30 zombie heads in 2 minutes.

The graphics are excellent, the characters, weapons, and scenery is well designed. There is no glitches, even though the game does slow down some time if you are in some heavy melee action, otherwise, the graphics are outstanding. The sound is pretty notable too. There are remarkable sound effects, the pistol sounds like a pistol firing in real life. The soundtrack is awesome; it flows excellent with the game. The Chinese level music even got me rapping like Tai Mai Shu!

The game also has a fun arcade mode. Run around trying to shoot other people in more than a dozen levels with up to four people. This mode will definitely offer you the most enjoyment. Settle for some classical deathmatches or capture the bag, and it is even nice to try the innovative Escort and Knockout modes. Also, have it your way, choose what weapons you want, and the characters you want to fight against! If you want to be against a whole team of Pamela Anderson like characters (Ravelle Velvet), or a bunch of ducks and gingerbread men, so be it! You can even set the matches to how many kills you have to do! Feel free to set it to 1-427592487! However you will get tremendously bored along with a fried Playstation... Unfortunately, you won’t be able to unlock anything here. Sorry TS2 fans...

There is even a mode that lets you create your own levels! Then you can test them out in arcade mode, or even make your own single player levels. You can place where the weapons are, where the health is located, and even where your foes patrol. The mapmaker even gets detailed as what the tiles look like, the lighting, or if you are in arcade mode, character spawning points. Though mapmaker is pretty difficult to use, you can make some fairly nice levels that look professional with this.

The game has some good points and some bad points. Timesplitters 2 features a great soundtrack, swell graphics, weapons that can blow stuff up, and exotic levels. The controls are also very peculiar and it will take a while to get used to, but it is worth it in the end. (You will use one analog stick to move around while the other to look around, and then the shoulder buttons to shoot.) The gameplay (the part that matters) for the first time is entertaining, and will bring fun, especially if you have a friend, but then it gets extremely repetitive. The storyline mode is also way to short, and it’s not good to have that combination, right?

Overall, I rate this game so-so with a score of 6/10. This game would have been much better if Free Radical would have messed around with storyline mode and made the objectives different. Don’t bother buying this game or renting it (If it was a game you played at an arcade though, I would say to save up your quarters ) , but get the TimeSplitters 2 instead. That game has SO MUCH MORE to offer, but I won’t explain it, because this is a Timesplitters 1 review after all. Therefore, make sure to pick up a copy of TS2 for 29.99$ when you get the chance. Trust me, it is worth it.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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