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Reviewed: 11/17/01 | Updated: 11/17/01

Well, the game was fun for 5 or six minutes...

OOOOh, first person shooter at its finest they said. Console gamer must have tehy said. Well, i was anxious to get my PS2 up and running and this is a game i happened to rent. Disapointing is one way to describe it, pretty crappy is another. For starters, while the graphics being of descent caliber, teh level design was downright horrible, and the gameplay while being fast, wasn't coordinated, it was just dumb. The sounds were okay i guess, but the music was mind-numbing. Also this game will most-definitley succeed in giving you a headache. It was a descent idea, but just a mess of an execution.

Graphics 8/10- They were pretty good, simplistic but well done. The textures could have been better, or existed where the game needed them. I have very few complaints here, it just could have been better.

Sound 4/10- The sounds were generic but by no means bad, but the music was downright horrible. Listening to the sound track was like pulling a wounded woodchuck through your head, in one ear and out the other. It hurst the back of you neck and makes you want to rip your teeth out with a crowbar, whcih i did do, but look a the bright side, i gor two dollars from the tooth fairy. So if you as optomistic as i am, maybe yuo'll do okay with teh music, if not, thatnk god for the mute button.

Control 7/10- Descent, but it can get a little hectic sometimes. And even if you get the hang of it, the madness will make your skull split. The best thing is the capability to change the controls if you wish. Also a great thing in the programmed interface was ricochete bullets; fun to eat.

Story ?: If there was one, i didn't get it, but you still manage to play as a whole bunch of loony characters, and jump around to different points in time. If this game has much to do with anything drop me a line.

Gameplay 2/10- The gameplay was weak. While alsays keeping you occupied, the maps were really dumb, making me cry for more perfect dark. The level layouts were pretty linear in most cases. And the generic weapons left me desiring what inevitably never came. And you died to easily! uh-oh someone shot my big toe, i lose 21% health? Um, yeah.

Replay 5/10- There is potential for some descent multiplayer action, but i never got around to it. Maybe some others might have had more fun with this area of teh game. As far as i know, it was hard to play the game in the first place, much less to replay it.

Overall 3/10- Pretty much a waste of my money and time. Unless your sheltered and need a violent game, or maybe a big fan of crappy games, i would not recomend this title to you.

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

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