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Reviewed: 08/27/01 | Updated: 08/29/01

The most challenging FPS I've ever played.

TimeSplitters. One of the reasons why I bought a PlayStation 2. This is an unusual FPS (First-Person Shooter) in several ways.

Story (4/10)- Ouch. Since it's nothing you haven't read on the back of the jewel case, I won't even bother. (Maybe I will.) It has to do with some evil race of monsters, called TimeSplitters. They are evil time-travelling creatures that wish to enslave humanity. You must collect certain items to defend humanity against these evil monstrosities. (Get the hint: TimeSplitters are evil.) Well, since it is intended to be a multiplayer style deathmatch game, you really don't need a story.

Graphics (9.72/10)- (Picks jaw up off from floor and wipes puddle of drool off carpet.) OK, so they may not be better than Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec, but for a first-gen PS 2 game, they kick butt. This game boasts something that no other game has: it runs at a constant, blazingly-fast 60 FRAMES PER SECOND! AYE! That is incredible, especially with 10 CPU players. It doesn't slow down with any amount of people, although the anti-aliasing occasionally takes a shot. Still, the light bounces off the nicely-crafted guns with such detail you'll gawk.

Audio (8/10)- It doesn't get too bad when you've got an ex-Rare composer doing the tunes. (Remember Graeme Norgate, composer of the Blast Corps tunes?) This game has creepy music that fits the atmosphere perfectly. From high-powered rock to creepy Gothic tunes, it sounds sweet. Character voices are nicely done, from the enemies' moaning to Captain Ash's ''Cheers!''. Some of the voices are slightly slurred, though.

Gameplay (7.94/10)- The reason I gave THAT score is because sometimes the game is a bit too hard. They could have made some looser time limits. However, welcome to Arcade mode, the deathmatch mode of the year (aside from Perfect Dark, that is). Up to 4 players and 10 bots can compete, with zany weapons (like a blunderbuss and the required rocket launcher) in odd arenas. Not enough? Create your own arena. Yes, that's right. Create your own arena. You can edit the lights (patterns, colors, and phases), the items (placement and types), and the map itself. Whoo-ho!

The main game has you going through levels spanning a 100-year time period, trying to return various items to your starting point while TimeSplitters try to kill you (how nice).

Challenges are, well, challenging. (The manual tells you how to unlock them.) I won't reveal too much, but watch out for a king of his trade...

The bad part: the controls. A very unique but challenging setup is used as the default, but you can customize them. The default: Left Stick moves forwards, backwards, and controls sidestepping, the Right Stick makes you turn and look up and down, L1 crouches, L2 aims (you can aim while moving!), R2 triggers the Primary Fire Mode, R1 triggers the Secondary Fire Mode (sound familiar?), and the D-Pad makes you change guns. Triangle reloads and X is your ''activate'' button.

Replayability (8/10)- You'll want to go through the levels on different difficulties to earn cheats and unlock various things. The game keeps track of times, too. (coughtimedcheatscouugh)

Overall (8/10)- It falls short in some departments but is still a winner.

Splits three points off of being perfect with a seven out of ten.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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