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Reviewed: 04/18/01 | Updated: 04/18/01

Free Radical and Eidos team up to do the first PS2 FPS, is their effort worth it or just another mediocre game.

Free Radical and Eidos team up to do the first PS2 FPS, is their effort worth it or just another mediocre game.

Considering that devolpment house Free Radical is composed of old Rare devolpers one can assume that they know a thing or two about making a successful console First Person Shooter. Then when you find out they worked on the successful Golden Eye 007 one can assume that their new PS2 effort Time Splitters will be a top notch game. While Time Splitters is a good game that is a blast to play, it seems as though it lacks the depth, story and control that made Golden Eye a successful game.


Free Radical sure knows how to pump out an amazing set of visuals. Especially for such an early game. Time Splitters utilizes the power of the PS2 to create an entertaining an amazing atmosphere. Guns are detailed and shell out bullets as they fire, enemys are rendered in detail with a special comical flair. Visually Time Splitters is a feast that uses its amazing graphics to further fulfill its action oriented kill or be killed gameplay.


As the graphics are good so is the sound. Although not quite as good as the graphics. While all the weapons have realistic sounds to accumpony them the music gets a little repetitive. It consists of repeated techno and drum beats that do accumpony the style of the level you are playing. Al l the characters have a unique accent and voice that shows the style and time they come from. Altogether Time Splitters has good sound to help keep the action fresh.


Time Splitters is an interesting game to play. While its not a story driven FPS like Deus Ex or Unreal, it is more of an arcade FPS like House of the Dead 2 although it allows for total control of movement such as any FPS game does. While the game includes a story mode it is really just an arcade style get an item, fight the enemys that get in your way type play. It contains no cut scenes, FMV segments or character dialogue to move the story along. Then there is the arcade mode that contains Death Match, Bag Tag, Capture the Bag, Escort and more. These modes keep the game fresh since you can customize everything like in Unreal Tournament or Perfect Dark. While all these modes are fun, they are not really innovative and the control hinders gameplay a lot. When you first begin playing Time Splitters the control makes it hard to aim and shoot enemys. Although after some time with the game you learn the scheme a little better.

Time Splitters is a fun game that really is not that bad. While it has its own share of flaws control being a major one the game has some fun if your willing to take the time to learn the style. While it has more weapons, modes, and arcade mission style levels then Quake III or Unreal Tournament it’s lack of Online Play and a great control scheme make it the under dog in the FPS genre. If you want a multiplayer FPS experience that has some good replay value Time Splitters will deliver the goods.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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