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Reviewed: 02/22/18

What you'd get if you mixed Leauge Of Gentleman & Unreal Tournament

This is potentially the craziest FPS game I have ever played. One of the first games I got for the PS2 and I was very unnerved by the strange characters that you choose to be as your main characters throughout the missions. The on that will stay in everyone's mind is the Mansion with the zombies where only headshots will kill them, with the mutated priests with sawn of shotguns ready to take you out from afar, difficult on easy and almost insane to try it on hard.

The main missions in the game are fairly simple, reach this part of the level, kill the people on the way and grab the item to return to the start and survive the Timesplitters trying to kill you. They do have their own settings with the Mansion as mentioned a big one, you have one in China and Docks which are pleasant and again the characters are great when you select them to see their mini monologue. The problem being these levels are short and to tie in with the frantic gameplay a lot of this game is really smash and grab and certainly luck based in some sense depending how you play it, the nine levels will be completed fairly quickly initially but you will have to complete a time limit and certain difficulty to unlock them.

The graphics of the game were fine for it's time as well, it certainly has it's own unique blend but it looks good and the frame rate didn't drop considering how much can be going on screen, some weapons are useless mind looking at the blunderbuss and no one in their right mind would use a sniper rifle in this game
The meat of the game I found is multiplayer that I played countless hours, you have the basic maps and weapon select with few other options but the biggest one being a map editor which was rarer at the time. Bots are allowed and fairly useful but slightly mental you really can die very quickly , very easily, sound effects get ridiculous and you just try and get back into it.

Overall I still have a good time playing this game, I would love this as a remake as mine and a lot of other people's favourite, it could do with a bit more polish though but overall a solid game.

Pro Neg
+ Frantic, Fun Shooting - Story Mode Overshadowed
+ Interesting Characters - Sometimes Too Frantic
+ Map Editor

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: TimeSplitters (EU, 11/24/00)

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