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Reviewed: 03/28/01 | Updated: 03/28/01

A must have game for any console FPS fan!!!

I recently purchased a PS2. I immediately fell in love with my brand new and shiny PS2. I got 2 games with the system. The same night I got the system I went to my local Blockbuster. I rented Timesplitters and instantly fell in love with this game.
This is the most essential part to any FPS (first person shooter). I find the gameplay superb in every respect. This game is extremely fun. The game runs at a blistering 60 fps (frames per second). This game ranges from pretty easy to almost a frustratingly hard level. You have three difficulties to choose from: easy, medium, or hard. These are pretty much self-explanatory. The easy mode is relatively hard to other FPS games that I’ve played. The hard mode is extremely difficult to complete. It takes anywhere from five to ten tries to beat the hard mode. Now we come to the most important part to any game: the control. The control is very good, if not excellent. Almost all of the buttons are used to control your character. The left analog stick moves you forward, backward, and strafes left and right. The right analog stick lets you move around your character’s head so you can look up and down. Also you can use this in connection with the aim button (L2) to aim. The L1 button makes you crouch. The R1 and R2 buttons are the primary and secondary fire buttons. Most weapons only have one fire mode, but some weapons like the Sci-fi Autorifle have two fire modes.
Gameplay – 10/10
This is going to be a very short section. There is NO story in this game whatsoever. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. You have a total of nine levels each with three difficulties. That is it. No dialog or FMVs or anything for a story. The story mode does though take up the majority of the game. You need to complete the story mode for the challenge mode and to unlock new levels and characters. You do this by just beating the level or beating the level in a certain time limit.
Story – 410
Audio and Video
The audio and video in this game are absolutely beautiful. These are some of the best audio effects that I’ve heard in a game for awhile. Everything from the gunfire to the death noises to the background noises are very well done. I wish there was dialog between the characters, but I’ll hope for that in Timesplitters 2. The graphics is this game are pretty good. They aren’t bad, but they aren’t what the PS2 is capable of. The textures on the characters, buildings, and everywhere else are well done. I wish for more detail in some of the backgrounds. I definitely wish that there was blood in the game though. That would add a lot to the game. Overall a very good audio and video presentation.
Audio and Video – 9/10
This is the most important part to any FPS. You’ll be happy at me for saying this game has excellent replayability. First of all there is the story mode, challenge mode, and the arcade mode. The story and challenge mode will take many weeks to complete. The arcade mode is where this game shines. With the option of playing in any of the levels that you’ve unlocked you can also play as any character that you’ve unlocked. You can have as many as 12 people playing at one time. There are many different options from Bag Tag, Capture the Bag, Deathmatch, Escort, and many, many more. All with customizable options, such as deaths, time, weapons, and bots. The most exciting feature is the level editor. You can make massive levels spanning up to eight floors. You can fully customize everything. Including were guns, ammo, health, and armor are. You also have control as to if there will be any lights and what color and effect that they have. It is a first on a console FPS. In my opinion in makes a very excellent contribution to the replay value of the game. You will be playing this game for a very long time.
Replayability – 10/10
Buy or Rent??
This is definitely a game you should go pick up and buy if you like FPS or action games. You will not be disappointed at all in your decision. The only way you should not buy this game is if you want a FPS with an engrossing story and memorable characters. Otherwise buy this game right now.

Gameplay – 10/10
Story – 4/10
Audio/Video –9/10
Replayability – 10/10
Overall – 9/10

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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