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Reviewed: 10/22/15

Trigger happy timesplitting

Ah yes, Timesplitters. A first person shooter created by Free Radical who contained several former members of Rare. Anyone who knows their games knows how Rare totally revolutionised the FPS genre with GoldenEye on the N64. An awesome combination of strategic, mission based one player gaming and barnstorming, split screen multiplayer chaos. Add a spiritual successor in the form of Perfect Dark and you have some great pedigree. So, you can understand the excitement when a group of guys involved in the creation of GoldenEye came to the new beast called the PS2.

In many ways the hype was justified. As a multiplayer game it was as good as any of its time. Certainly the best split screen FPS of the era. Pretty much everything in the multiplayer game is customisable all the way down to a level editor. It is obvious that Free Radical's focus is on the multiplayer side of things. The reasons are obvious as multiplayer games are great money spinners. Extra controllers and a Multi Tap certainly add up. It doesn't matter how cynical you get though because it doesn't change the point that multiplayer Timesplitters is awesome.

The problem launch games have is that certain things get left out or slimmed down to make deadline day and that seems to be the case with Timesplitters in one player. Only nine levels are available and, even with 3 difficulty modes, story mode won't last you long. To be honest, calling it a "story mode" isn't really accurate as the plot is pretty much nonexistent. Timesplitters harks back to the days when all the storyline was contained in the manual. There's no story progression in the game but perhaps that's missing the point. After all, Timesplitters is all mindless fun.

There's not much to the missions. It's just a case of collecting an item and taking it to an end of level point. It works well enough but it is pretty shallow. Compared to the varied missions in GoldenEye you can't help but be disappointed. Truth is though that with more time I'm sure Free Radical would have put more time into creating a deeper single player mode. That been said, there is Challenge Mode which is a nice addition. Finish Story on easy to unlock it. Challenge Mode is variety of high score shooting sections. A good bit of additional fun. There's also plenty of multiplayer characters to unlock via Story.

All in all Timesplitters is just too shallow in one player to make it an essential purchase but if you fancy a round of split screen madness then Timesplitters is a worthwhile purchase.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: TimeSplitters (EU, 11/24/00)

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