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Reviewed: 02/18/01 | Updated: 02/18/01

The best console based FPS to date, in my opinion.

During a Christmas, I was worried. I knew I'd get my copy of TimeSplitters, but how would I know if it was any good? Later that day, I was surprised with my PS2. I set it up, popped TimeSplitters in, and what I was playing blew me away.

This game is insane. What you do is, is go around, get an item in each stage, and return to base. Sound like nothing? Well, the enemy AI, the guns, the settings...everything is done very well.
1.1 Control
Some people despised the control of this game, simply because it takes waaay too long to learn. Well, I learned the controls, and I haven't played a first-person shooter where you could run and target at the same time. I like that feature, as this game weaned me off of Perfect Dark, a game where you must stop to aim. I beat PD 100%, and the only major hindrance was having to stop to fire accurately. This game fixed that in spades. One of my fondest memories of this is in the level Mansion...You can only completely kill zombies by shooting off their heads, which some consider tough. I remember running by about 6 zombies, and targeting their heads with ease.
1.2 Fun Factor
This is where the game shines brightest. From the weapons, to the challenges, this game is very fun. This game was built for one thing; Carnage. This game isn't about bein' all's about runnin' in, and gettin' all the enemies before they get you. I love that.
1.3 Difficulty
This game can be reeealy tough at times. Insanely tough. I just recently beat it on Hard. There is no final boss, but the enemies are smart, deadly, and when you kill them all, before you grab that artifact at the end of the stage, prepare... That's when the TimeSplitters attack. While weak when it comes to amount of life, I think they respawn infinitely. Not sure. But, anyway, the TimeSplitters are fast, and they shoot green energy shots which will hurt you very badly. Not to mention their physical attack. That's pretty bad, too..
This game has almost no story. But what story it has is, the human race discovers a way to traverse time, and this piques the interest of the TimeSplitters...the TimeSplitters want complete control, and you gotta save the world. I know that was pretty much in the instruction book, but that is really all the story to the game! Fun games like this need no story, IMHO.
CD format. Works wonders with sounds. I cannot believe the amount of detail that was put into the sounds and music. Granted, the guards don't talk, but, then again, who cares? They die; Just like good guards do.
3.1 Sound
Everything from the gunfire to the glass panes shattering is done perfectly.
3.2 Music
The techno soundtrack really fits this game well.. It's hard to explain, so I think I'll not try.
3.3 Graphics
They almost always run at 60 Frames per second, the lights make the guns different colors, and every animation is smooth. What more could you want?
I don't see how anyone could get sick of this game. I could play it all day, and I do. Frequently.
Buy or Rent?
Rent it if you can't afford it, and learn the controls. You will most likely buy it after you learn how to move, look around, et cetera. But if you can afford it, this game will not disapoint if you give it some time to learn.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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