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Reviewed: 02/09/01 | Updated: 03/04/02

The lack of story really hurts this game.

Timesplitters is a game that I enjoy playing, playing only with friends. The game really doesn't even have one....

The gameplay of Timesplitters is great.It makes nice use of both analog control sticks on the PS2's controller. It is a little tricky to get the hang of and in the beginning you will find yourself missing your mark a lot. There is a swift learning curve here.

The best mode of gameplay is easily the vs games. The one player game is pathetic. The vs games have tons of options allowing you to add bots and customize just about anything. You can even make a level! The level editor is pretty cool. Once you get the hang of it, you will be making levels in no time flat.

The characters are a complete riot. I would go as far to say they are stupid if they weren't so darn funny. You can play as a spaceman that thinks he's all that, a drunk detective and many other ''unique'' characters.

As far as the actual combat goes, it is a blast. You will have tons of fun kicking the crap out of your friends/enemies. Each weapon is unique and offers a different blast. The level designs are pretty good too. The game definitely scores well in the gameplay department.

The game makes nice use of both of the PS2's control sticks, one is used for forward, backward, and strafing movement, and the other is used for looking up and down and turning left and right.

Ohh...wahh...?? There is a story? Where, where!!! All kidding aside, Timesplitters story is a joke, the joke being it practically has none. I am the type of gamer that LOVES a good story in a game. Timesplitter's story does NOT impress me. It is basically about aliens that can time travel. However there aren't any cut scenes or any dialog. Just text. Text. Yup, just text. It basically explains just what's going on in each mission. Aside from not telling it well, it just isn't interesting. Not in the least. The story is Timesplitters worst feature.

Very impressive, very impressive indeed. The detail level is astronomically high. Everything looks marvelous, but then again, this is the PS2 we are talking about here. The game running at a sweet 60 fps is amazing. You move so fast, it is easy to blur right by your enemy. There is absolutely NO slowdown. Every level texture is nicely done and the character models are very good looking and very lively. The weapons and explositons themselves are highly detailed. The maps are also very easy to get lost in as they are huge.

This game has TONS of replayability but only in the vs mode. You will spend hours fragging your friends and so on. The level editor also adds some nice replay value there as well. If it wasn't for that horrid story mode.....

I would rent this game unless, 1.) You have a big family or have friends over a lot because the best part is its vs mode. 2.) Don't mind playing with bots in vs.

Overall, Timesplitters has very well designed gameplay and could have been a very solid title if it weren't for the lack of story.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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