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Reviewed: 02/02/01 | Updated: 02/02/01

Ever try driving a car without a steering wheel? Thats sorta what this game is like....

Well, when I first got my PlayStation 2 I was actually really looking forward to a great FPS (first person shooter). When I saw TimeSplitters advertised in a magazine I got really anxious to see how this game would turn out. As soon as I got the chance I rented and well thats where the story begins.....

Graphics - 9/10

I've seen better...but not much better. This is pretty much as good as they get. The guns look clean and realistic. Backgrounds, buildings, everything is rendered in real-time and it especially looks great. When you go through the Egyptian tombs on the first level you can almost read the hieroglyphics, if you knew how that is...

Sound 8/10

Nothing that really stands out, its just, well, there.
Although the guns sound extremely realistic. The moans add a nice effect when you shoot someone but thats expected as the gunshots are, also. The music is nothing that will stick in your head but it does add a nice effect to the game.

Controls 1/10

This is where the game fails, HORRIBLY. Most FPS's use one of the analog sticks to move or the d-pad. Thats basically what I was expecting here also. But no, we have the most unheard of control scheme on any console anywhere. The controls use both analog sticks to control your guy. One is to just basically hold forward like the gas pedal and the other is to I guess represent a steering wheel. Sounds like a racing game to me!? All of this ''driving'' in conjunction with shooting...forget it! And to say they are customizable!? Pathetic... The game literally would been the best FPS I ever played but because of the controls to me its the worst.

Replay Value 7/10

If you can actually in some way get used to the controls then I guess you could play this game a little more. The only thing that saves the game from getting a 1 is that the graphics are nice and shiny plus there's a very cool death match mode that you can kill your friend (or your enemy) on.


Graphics - 9/10 WOO! NICE AND SHINY!

Sound - 8/10 Nice but not great...

Controls - 1/10 Now which one makes him go right, I mean left..err, well, uh, never mind?! They suck anywayz....

Replay Value - 7/10 Thank God for multi player gaming...
Well the game had an extreme potential but it definitely went the wrong way. Because of the controls I wouldn't even rent this game.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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