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Reviewed: 12/30/00 | Updated: 12/30/00

Hmm. Not a bad start for PS2 FPSers.

When I got my Playstation 2 I decided that I wouldn't be plagued by the cruddy FPS stinking like cottage cheese thrown off a building and let to rot in a rat motel virus, so I steered off this game. My friend rented it, I liked it, I bought. The only thing I cant get used to is the awkward controls. Most people say what they mean, it should be the same in a game. If I wanted to control my player like I would an Remote Control car, then I'd ask. Oh, well. The Duke 64 like controls are kinda easy to get used to, don't worry. But with this coming from the same team that made Goldeneye, can't the controls be exactly the same. But I don't want to come off as the idiot who made you not purchase a great game, don't mind my picking. The graphics are delightful, just the best. The gameplay isn't something new to fans of the genre, but it isn't a clone or anything. The replay is high, can you say, ''Multi-player party at my house?'' Very much like the Goldeneye days, and more recently the endless fun of Perfect Dark. Ha, ha, ha, I feel a song coming on. But no, I have to continue my review. Also adding to the replay is the level editor. It may seem a little funky at first, after all most ppl can't remember all the buttons and their assigned functions, but fret not! It's all covered in the manual, my friend.So if you and your pals were sick of fragging it up in the archives over and over, then why not make an exact copy of your own house? Or your school? You just can't get better than that. Heck, you could even just make a big maze, there's nothing better than the fact that you might be 45 rooms away from you enemy or 1 room away. Wow! This is like the FPS shooter for PS2. There's currently only 2 though...

The Scores
Sound-6-No good tunes here.
Graphics-9-Excellent, takes advantage of the fact that we're dealing with the ps2 here.
Gameplay-7-Controls awkward, that's okay.
Replay-10-Level editor, multiplayer.
Final Score-8-Yummy for my tummy.
If you got Unreal Tournament and weren't surprised by the fact that you got the same game you've gotten on your PC, just repackaged, then Time Splitters is your knight in shining armor. Rescue me, rescue me! Thanks Free Radical Design, keep it up.

Peace out- Agent X

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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