Review by JonWood007

Reviewed: 09/04/07

Great concept, but way too short.

Timesplitters is a game which can be picked up cheap nowadays. It is basically a first person shooter where you can go through time and fight monsters, aliens, and people in different eras of time (between 1935 and 2035). It is a decent game, however, it is way too short.

Graphics- 4/10

I'm not a big graphics person, however, the graphics on this game are not very good. If this game was on my DS, I would say "oh wow, this game has great graphics!" However, it is not on DS. This is a PS2 game and it looks more like something from the N64 era.

Audio- 7/10

The audio is decent. The gunshots sound decent and the music is good. Nothing special here, but it isn't bad neither.

Controls- 11/10

To all game developers: THIS IS THE WAY TO DO CONTROLS! The controls on this game are fully customizable, which is good, because most game developers on console games do not give you that option and make you play with whatever crappy schemes they give you. But not Timesplitters. With this game you can use any button to do anything you want. Since this is so rare, I give a perfect score and a bonus point here.

Game Play- 16/20

The game play in this game is very diverse. As I mentioned in the introduction. This is a shooting game where you fight aliens, monsters, and people in different eras. You can go back to 1935 and shoot up mummies with a Tommy Gun or go into the future and shoot up aliens with energy weapons. There is even a Resident Evil-like mode where you shoot zombies in a mansion with a shotgun. This diversity keeps the game play new. This game has an arcade feeling to it, and levels usually follow the pattern of get an object and return it to the starting point. Sometimes this deviates a little bit, but it is usually like that. After you get the object, the level gets harder because then there are aliens teleporting out of nowhere. Overall, this game is very well executed. Do not expect a classic, but it is a good game nevertheless.

Fun Factor- 18/20

This game is pretty enjoyable.

Game Length / Replay Value- 10/20

This game is not very long at all. It is only 9 levels. On easy mode this game can be beaten in under an hour. On harder modes it takes longer, but it is still far below average. On the bright side, you get a map editor where you can make your own levels. This saves it from getting a truly horrible rating for replay value.

Difficulty- 7/10

My problem with the game when it comes to difficulty is it is either too easy or too hard. On Normal mode this game is tough, especially for newcomers. You need to go all the way through a level and back without dying. If you die, you start over. Health is somewhat scarce and certain enemies can hurt a lot. Sometimes you walk into a room to have 5 enemies shooting at you and you die quickly. However, easy is far too easy. On easy you can practically cruise through the levels with little to no effort. The levels are far shorter on easy mode too. Easy is too easy and normal is too hard.

Overall- 73/100

Overall, this is a decent game which is worth picking up for $8-10 or so. You can find it used almost anywhere, and if you are looking for a cheap game, feel free to pick it up.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: TimeSplitters (US, 10/23/00)

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