Review by Doomian

Reviewed: 01/05/07

The Great Invasion has begun! And, naturally, you need to save us!


Let's see, this is a first person shooter where you , guess what, shoot people. IT was developed by Free Radical Design and was released in 2000 in the US. It's a Science-Fiction game which has many modes, but I'll get those later...

Plot: 8.3/10

It's pretty simple and only applies to Story Mode (Oh wow!) so here it is; the "TimeSplitters" (who obviously gave their name to the game) are an alien race who want to conquer the world/universe. And it's up to a group of valiant humans across the stretch of history to save everyone (how people the 1940's learn of it at the same time as people in the present day is beyond me.)

Gameplay: 9.0/10

It's pretty decent with a variety of weapons, enemies and landscapes. The reason it loses a point is it's initial and incredibly predictable AI. At first they run to the same old spots to hide and shoot but the game saves itself from losing more points when the AI starts to team -_-. Just to clear it up, after awhile the AI starts to focus on the player(s) and also realize strategies and hideouts.

The Story Mode will have you running around desperately for a certain item to retrieve and run away with. Overall, it will keep you hoping a guy you thought you killed to come up right in the middle of a shootout and shoot you in the back.

Arcade Mode is just that an, arcade game. You chose from an unlocked landscape (from story mode) and an unlocked character (from guess where, story mode!) Choose the enemy and even customize the weapons selection. Now, pit yourself in last man standing kind of game or even play a not-so-friendly game of capture the flag (bag.) Basically, you try to obtain objectives, may it be escorting a guy or killing him, and you'll be running around trying not to get shot by a constant splurge of enemies.

Challenge Mode gives you a bunch of challenges (oh my!) Naturally, they get tougher and tougher, but, they unlock greater and greater *looking* character. Not much to say here but it's pretty nice.

Sound: 8.6/10

This game has a pretty nice sound department. I don't think you can change the area-specific back round music, but it's pretty much not-needed with it's fast-paced rhythm. Other sounds include spawning sounds, death moans, guns shooting and things going boom ^_^. Not much, but it's all-around great.

Graphics: 9.9/10

Wow... this is what I said about the graphics when I first saw them. The walls are cleanly designed, especially in the Chinese arena. The characters look dark and violent, even with no blood. The guns look pretty nice with the exception of the futuristic weaponry. The explosions look really nice, even when they go off in front of your face. They really make you get involved in the game.

Multi-Player: 9.5/10

This is where it hits the spot, you can make a player vs player kind of game or 2 vs the world! It's really heated when you play a Deathmatch game because each player has their agenda. Whether it's to protect and serve or backstab for a laugh. You can also play story mode with 2, 3, or even 4 people but it gets harder to unlock the next set of areas. Shooting at people has never been so much fun!

Extras: 9.5/10

This game isn't really full of extras, I mean, the closest thing to an extra is new characters in the arcade mode, but there is one big exception...

Map Maker!!! It may have been done before, but I certainly have never seen one. In this mode, you literally create a map. You have a bunch of tiles and you can use them to customize your own masterpiece of destruction. Along with the customization of lighting, weapons and spawn spots, you'll be left in awe. You can choose from different themes, from Gothic to Alien, from Industrial to Virtual (ya, lots of lines and figures made out of them.) Basically, the possibilities are endless in this feature of a lifetime.

Replayability: 9.0/10

As I said before, the possibilities, are endless in Map Maker, also you'll spend a long time gaining all the characters and other bonuses. Not much to say except for die, die, die!

Rent or Buy?

Since there is no time to get anything out of a rental, this is a definite buy, so go out there and kill those aliens!

Final Score: 9.1 rounded down to 9

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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